no one will ever love you like i do

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I read a post from some one and and he/she said that they feel like Natsu tell Lucy that they will be together for ever is his way of confessing. What do you think

I read that to and I honestly think that’s the best confession we will ever get out of Natsu. He’s not a man of words, but a man of action. He doesn’t know how to act around women (especially Lucy). And as much as I wanted a kiss and an I love you, that’s just not NaLu.

If Natsu really did say “we’ll be together forever” or “we’ll be together from now on” that’s just… NaLu ❤️

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Hey there! First: your music is amazing and you, and everyone who works on the OST for Star VS are geniuses. Thank u for your fantastic work!! I've got important questions though. 1st) Will the OST ever be available for purchase? Physical CD or download, either way. 2nd) what are the odds of a Love Sentence CD? because i honestly love the Love Sentence songs and i want their CD. 3rd) (and most important) Will Ruberiot ever do a collab with Love Sentence?

Thank you! I get these questions a lot and so I shall take this opportunity to answer all three at once.

1) Not as far as I know. SVTFOE merch has only been trickling out so far (and I think has just been books?), and OSTs are usually pretty far down the list of profitability, so I’m not holding my breath.

2) Less likely than a SVTFOE OST, but the songs are likely to be part of an OST should one exist, given Love Sentence’s prominence in the show. I’m glad you like their oeuvre.

3) No idea! But your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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Hello! I have an idea for this one Camp Camp AU/comic idea that I would love to see! Unfortunately I don't have a good artskill, so I wanted to know if you can take the idea yourself? It's something I like to call "Camp Camp : The musical AU"! Basic idea is that you give each Camp Camp character a musical note (it can be original or change the lyrics of other musical songs like Disney to match the chracter traits) and you draw the scenes out! What do you think?

Anon, this is the most beautiful AND fantastic idea I have ever read! How did you know I was dying to see a musical episode of Camp Camp?! Even though it will not be in motion but comic would still be nice! I am so honored that you want me to take the idea ;u; I will definetly work on this as soon as I get all my art trades done, and try my best not to let this idea to be a waste!

But it WOULD be hard for me to choose all the songs for each character so I might need a lil help from you or my followers with that! Feel free to send me a character with a MUSICAL song that you think it might go well! Heck i guess it’s time for me to have a disney marathon -

if i could sit across myself as an 8 year old we would talk about three things

1) the attention of men comes with a catch
of subservient milquetoast tongue.
why shave years off your life
worrying about how soft you can be 
when all you ever wanted
was a mind like the sharpest knife in the drawer?
you were born
already enough. you’re the full tang.
stainless steel. armed at the hip and maybe
no one will love it,
but it is you.

2) the gifted classes will NEVER
AS MUCH as they do right now.
you will cry yourself to sleep
picking threads out of your scalp and sheets,
haunted by the voices of adults who expected
“so much more [suffering] from you”.
well, in the end
your diploma looks the same as everyone’s 

3) you will never be this small again.
say it to yourself
so that the words stay stuck in the throat, you will NEVER
be in a position so pushed around and formless,
you will NEVER have to ‘train’ a bra again,
you will never return 
to the state of powerlessness you found
only in the darkness of your heart beating hard at 3 AM.
no more dreading morning. no more traps.

and i will pour him tea
and i will hold her hands
and i will tell them that all the world’s love
will never belong to any one person,
and to worry less about conquest
and more about joy.

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dude I know right when my mom told me I was heartbroken I couldn't believe that it's so crazy I hope he's doing better now tho

he’s not doing anyhow..which can’t be said about his wife, 6 children, bandmates, family members, friends and many, many other people who loved him… I don’t know what led him to it (no one will probably ever know) but suicide was NOT the solution

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"If I made Stefan a human it would be extremely bittersweet" How so? Would you have him struggle with his past actions as a vamp or leave town / everyone like in s8 or would it be another challenge? Internal struggle or external & how does Elena play a part in that? Sorry I'm very impressed by your narrative skills

LOL I got so many asks like how would you make it bittersweet. I would do something like give Stefan and Elena the house and kids but diagnose Stefan with something that gives him 5 years to live and he doesn’t tell Elena because he wants to live a happy life so he basically secretly wastes away and one day they go to Elena’s parents cabins for a family getaway and it’s the best weekend ever and the kids are sleeping in the room and Elena and Stefan are cuddled on the couch and Stefan says he loves her and she says she loves him and then says it’s ok. And he looks at her and knows she knows and they fall asleep but he doesn’t wake up in the morning and a few weeks later she and the kids receive postcards from the cabin of his goodbye. That’s, like, one idea.

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Hey! How're you doing! If you wouldn't mind doing it, I'd love a fic with Shiro x reader, and the reader is super into the theatre and plays, and she assumes she's alone and is just belting out a song to one of her favorite plays, while shiro is secretly watching. Thank you so much, and if you don't want to do it, I totally understand! Have a wonderful day/night!~ <3

I’m doing great! Thank you sm!! I’m sorry this took so long and I’m sorry it’s very short!! If you’d ever like me to I could extend it!

You stood in your bathtub, the legs of your pants rolled up to your knees as you scrubbed away. If Shiro wasn’t away with his friends, perhaps he’d help. But, no matter how much you begged him to come home early, he let you down. You couldn’t be mad at him though, after all. He was your roommate for the time being. And a very very close friend.

You stood up, rubbing at your back and forehead as you groaned out in agony. Why today? Oh, right, because a realtor happened to be coming over tomorrow to check the place out. But Shiro? Your boyfriend that still hasn’t answered your text message. You just wanted to know how long he’d be. You reached over to your phone to check again, but sighed deeply in disappointment. So instead, to cheer yourself up or course, you turned on a playlist. One that just happened to be filled with every song you’ve loved since getting into theatre.

You swayed and bounced lightly, eyes occasionally closing gently as you hummed to the song. You even stopped cleaning at one point just to sing out loud. The background ambiance of the running water bothered you, and made the song harder to hear, you twisted your body quite uncomfortably to shut off the tap. The sink grew quiet, and so did you.

“Hello.” You said, staring at Shiro who stood with his arms crossed over his chest. An eyebrow raised as both of yours did.

“Uh. May I help you, Takashi?” You said, still leaning on the sink. You were frozen in time, your hands were still on the handle, water droplets dripped into the sink. You were very close to slipping any second now, your knees doing nothing to support you against the tub and your bare feet not being much help either.

“Well, I mean, you’re already helping me.” He chuckled.

“Oh. Okay. And how’s that?”

“Well, for one, you’re cleaning up the bathroom for the first time in what feels like a year. Oh, and your singing voice is super nice.” You coughed, choking as your legs failed you. You held your hands out to stop yourself from hitting the ground too hard. And now, there you were, shins burning with pain as you lay face down in a brown carpet.

“You heard that?” You asked, turning your head to look up at him.

“Yep. I’ve been here for 20 minutes.” He grinned, placing his bag and phone down before stepping over you.

“Cmon get up, the tub isn’t gonna finish cleaning itself. I’ll get started on the shower.” He said, grabbing his own pair of rubber gloves and a sponge. His feet placed on either side of you as he crouched down to kiss your cheek. You groaned, slapping your face lightly and sitting up. Time to get to cleaning, you guess.

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Ok so I saw the miles rough sex imagine and o was like damn girl so can we do a miles wants to cuddle and no ones gonna tell him no like the reader evades him and it's just a big chase until he catches like a cute kinda thing! Thank you! Love ya work!

OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER YEEEEESSSS A CLINGY MILES IS THE BEST THING EVER xD I just imagine him finally catching her and not letting go, resting his head against her back tightly as he pulls her towards their bed XD 

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Do you have any headcanons on Newt's relationship with his parents? I have one but I'm always curious about other people in the fandom. <3

ahh I don’t really have a fixed headcanon cause like-
I really like the idea that Newt comes from a very loving, protective family that dotes on him because he’s their little angel baby boy. They refused to believe their child would ever hurt another student, and although Newt wouldn’t tell them the truth, they were very understanding and supportive. They know it has something to do with that LeStrange girl, knows that Newt obviously loves her enough to protect her. Although they’re upset that someone would dare frame their boy, they respect Newt’s decision and are even closer to him for it.
His mother is overjoyed that Newt decided to take a profession related to Magical beings and rubs it in her husbands face all the time. She brags that their boy obviously takes over her and it frustrates her husband to no end. Not wanting to lose to his wife in terms of Newt’s affection, he teaches Newt how to fight, duel and defend himself like a proper auror! he’d laugh, patting Newt on the back. Theseus doesn’t mind that his parents dote on little Newton instead of himself, but he does get irritated when they steal his baby brother away from him. Newt’s mother is constantly coaxing him to add more information on the hippogriff chapter
When Newt’s book becomes a success, they couldn’t be more proud.


I also kind of like the idea of Newt’s parents being very awkward and stiff when it comes to affection. That Theseus is the favorite child and Newt is always being compared to his brother (who loves him, may I add, and loathes that so many people put Newt down using his name). Maybe not quite abusive, but- cold. Distant. Newt got expelled, he’s a disappointment. He’s become even more so -in the eyes of his father- when he decides to pursue magizoology instead of becoming an auror. His mother is more understanding and doesn’t disapprove. Because of this he is closer to his mother, but other than their love for magical beasts, their relationship is still stiff. I imagine that when Newt’s book became a success, their ire towards him lessened- but what’s a best-selling book in the face of his war-hero brother who’s also a powerful and well respected auror?
They’re on speaking terms at the very least. But that isn’t saying much.

So. These are my two headcanons.
I tend to opt for the first one, but I also think that the second one allows for a good deal of character development as well as hurt/whump, which I’m a sucker for

so ya

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How do I choose between two people who I love? One treats me like I deserve and is everything I've ever wanted, and the other hardly noticed me until I broke up with him. But I love them both, I'm stuck and need some advice please 😕😭

Well re read what you just sent me and I think it’s clear what you should do.

Aries: We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.

Taurus: Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Gemini: Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again?

Cancer: Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.

Leo: Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.

Virgo: “I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.

Libra: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.

Scorpio: How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?

Sagittarius: Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. And more loved than you’ll ever know.

Capricorn: Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my favorite day.

Aquarius: A friend is one of the nicest things you can have & one of the best things you can be.

Pisces: I think we dream so that we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams we can be together all the time.

—  A Winnie The Pooh quote for every sign.
band members as things i've heard at school
  • patrick: i may be "tiny," but i can still kick your ass. don't try me bitch.
  • brendon: i'm not gay but i do have a major man crush on nick jonas, not gonna lie
  • someone: i thought it was ryan reynolds?
  • brendon: oh yeah. him too. also harry styles, justin bieber...
  • pete: i haven't slept in three days but i should be fine, ill grab a coffee at lunch
  • pete: *falls asleep on his desk literally 10 minutes later*
  • ryan: sorry i took so long, i was having a breakdown in the bathroom
  • gerard: *whispering* oh my god what the fuck is she thinking? double denim? what is this, the fucking 80's?
  • andy: i love you guys but can you please, please not?
  • someone: build!that!wall!
  • joe, loudly: HOW ABOUT NO, THANKS?
  • dallon: i'd literally rather be dead than hang out with you tomorrow
  • dallon: so yeah sure we can hang out, when?
  • frank: i'm a simple man, i love dogs and i like boobs
  • tyler: you ever come to the realization that school is kinda like prison? we're forced to do things, we have to eat at certain times, we're forced to interact with each other..
  • josh:
  • josh: you just blew my fucking mind

kim taehyung is limited edition vinyls and hidden thrift shops. black and white pictures and jazz music. he’s late night adventures and 3am giggles while dancing in the middle of an empty street. mischievous schemes and inside jokes that only you two can understand. he’s rain kisses after sneaking out of a formal party and random beach outings that leave you breathless from all the laughters. he’s the melting ice cream that drips down the palm of your hand and the cotton candy that makes your fingers sticky. kim taehyung is the summer love everyone wants to have and the heartbreak that no one could really ever move on from. 

I’m super grateful and so excited to play for an audience that would never necessarily know who our band is, because Harry Styles and Warpaint are not necessarily in the same genre of music. I’m not a snob, when it comes to that. I do like his solo record. I think he’s rad. I watched the One Direction documentary on the plane years ago and I fell in love with all of those boys and how hard they work. It’s not the same genre, but fuck it, all music should be like that. I think there should be more shows like that, where it’s eclectic. Introduce people to different kinds of music. It doesn’t just have to be one thing. He actually asked us to go. He’s a really big fan of Stella — he really loves her drumming. So he was like, ‘Hey, do you guys wanna open up?’ And it was like, 'Fuck, yeah, that sounds amazing.’ In Asia, crowds we have never ever played in front of. I’m stoked.

I just think it’s important to be open and it’s important to not be a snob. It’s especially important to support your comrades, even if they don’t play the same music as you. That’s boring, to be closed-minded — I don’t like that attitude. I think having gratitude and being so excited, that we even have this job — it’s a dope job! I’m not singling anyone out…if I don’t like some band because it’s not my taste, then I might say 'You know what, I’m just actually not into it.’ Not gonna mention any names, but we have gotten some offers before…I don’t have any qualms with [Styles’] music. I think what he’s doing is great. It’s not on heavy rotation at home, but I like it.

What’s cool is that he actually asked us. He asked us, which means he’s into our band. I don’t think booking agents would’ve ever paired us together. It was a personal request, so I’m even more flattered that he’s giving us that opportunity to play in front of other people. And that shows what kind of person he is, where he’s like, 'Oh, I want them to open up, I want the world to hear them.’ He’s kinda supporting us, which is cool. That’s what tour support should be.

headcanon: after even drew that heart for the first time in 3x08, it became a thing™. ever since that fredag whenever one of them is waiting, the other draws a heart onto the glass upon arriving. it’s totally a thing™

dating peter parker would include...

Dating ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker Would Include… || Peter Parker x Reader

a/n: not like my usual imagines but i thought this would be fun! :-) also this is pretty dumb but i enjoy it!! SORRY THIS WAS LONG BUT I HAD FUN and i didn’t want to leave too long of a break before the next imagine

  • before you were dating though peter would’ve been so scared to even approach you tbh
    • “there she is, go talk to her! hey (Y/N)!”
  • and then, when pete finally got the balls to ask you out, he would almost cry out of happiness when you said yes
  • like when you say yes, peter is already waiting for rejection, so he flips his shit
  • he would also be so awkward while asking it, fiddling with his sleeves
    • “hey (Y/N), I was wondering if…I dunno maybe…if…you would…”
    • “are you okay peter? Is there something you want to say??”
    • “will you go out with me?!?”
    • “yes!!”
    • (internally) “HOLY SHIT FUCKING FUCK YESSSSS!!!! HELL YEAH!!!”
    • (externally) “ok cool, yeah see you tonight (Y/N)”
  • then when it’s time for the date peter takes you out to dinner bc he’s classy
  • he’ll take you somewhere expensive and nice because he needs to impress
    • “hey peter!! you look great!!”
    • he just stutters and is like “ look great too..damn”
  • then the date goes perfectly and leads to loads of other dates
  • and he’s super respectful and treats yOU RIGHT!! GET YOU A MAN LIKE THAT!!
  • when he asks you to be his girlfriend he’s just as nervous as asking you out
    • “hey (Y/N)…”
    • “what’s wrong peter??”
    • “will you be my girlfriend?”
    • “yes!!”
  • and when you guys are official he still asks for your permission to do things
    • “can i kiss you?”
    • “oh my god of course you can we’re dATING”
  • whenever you’re insecure about whatever your man is THERE
    • “i swear, you are the most amazing person i’ve ever met”
  • and he tells you that he’s spiderman after you’ve been dating for about 2 months
  • you (understandably) freak the fuck out for his safety and general well being
  • him assuring you that he’ll be safe, and that because of you he’ll be even more careful because if he gets hurt you’ll have to date someone that’s not him
  • which is “unjust” and “practically a crime”
  • also peter is always so ecstatic when you do literally anything
    • “yes babe! good job!!”
    • “babe all i did was finish this worksheet wtf”
  • also that boy has a fucking great body is all i’m sayin
  • and i’m just saying that y’all would have great sex
  • like kinky shit because peter deffo has a few kinks
  • not a daddy kink though he probably thinks that shit’s weird but deffo a hair pulling kink
  • also can we talk about hOW HIS AUNT LOVES YOU
  • she literally was so happy for both of you that you guys are dating
  • after she met you the first time she was just smiling
    • “so may what did you think?”
  • peter always going to may for advice too
  • him saying the first “i love you” on accident
  • like you two are just on his couch eating pizza and he just says it
    • “god, i love you”
    • “what??”
    • “I mean…you know what? I really do love you.”
    • “I love you too Peter”
  • also peter isn’t big on pda but you love showing him off (who wouldn’t)
  • whenever you initiate pda, peter always holds your hand or kisses you back
  • not fighting that often but when you do it’s BAD
  • and you both end up crying tbh because that’s how much you love each other
  • always making up though
  • being the school’s lowkey/chill/cutest couple
  • and sometimes being fake excited to make peter happy
  • just making each other happy
  • loving each other unconditionally

also if u like this pls tap that little heart over there bc it really motivates me to write more and i appreciate every single one of you and if you ever have an issue (spelling/grammar or even the concept) just dm me!

They’re watching baby animals videos

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