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you are the moon that breaks the night (TEASER) - reddie werewolf au

note: okay dudes, this is a fic im working on and hoping to make it a pretty long one so! it’s based off of an old wives tale, i won’t say which bc i dont want to spoil the whole thing BUT i hope you like it!! it’s definitely not perfect/edited/the final vers. but i just wanted to post a little thing to see if you guys were interested! let me know! ♡
words: 1245

Derry had always been a strange town; from the witch coven that ran it in the 1800s, the harpy infestation in 1926, that small period of time around the 40s when their town was actually overrun with godling creatures, it goes on. Derry’s had no shortage of supernatural experiences. Apparently, that’s not the case anywhere else, but as unusual and frankly, dangerous, their town was, no one ever seemed to leave.

Eddie Kaspbrak was born, raised, and making a life in Derry, just like he always promised himself he wouldn’t. He tried, he really did. Moved to a whole other state and everything, but after a month he couldn’t stand how boring the whole thing seemed. Living in Derry was a gamble on your life every day, but at least it was entertaining.

The latest disturbance, according to a group of game hunters in the area, has been a werewolf the size of a mack truck.

“Ain’t hurt ‘nybody far as I know, but the farmers are gettin’ real upset 'bout their livestock.”

Eddie put his fork down, the clink of silverware loud in the near-empty diner. “Where’d you see it?”

The hunter who spoke turned around and inspected him. “By the clearin’ behind the quarry. I wouldn’t go out there if I was you, boy. Skinny thing like you-’ll be nothin’ but a light snack to that beast.”

Eddie forced himself to laugh. “Yeah, no of course not. I’m not an idiot.”

He was an idiot.

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Okay guuys… I really need to say, machine gun kelly is one of the best writers I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s with no doubt the best friend of words, and he’s always so good at expressing himself, I’m so grateful for somehow he to be always expressing myself and filling my soul with good feelings and energies with his incredible voice and magical capacity of composition. Home is just perfect, the worst part of that song is that it ends. I’m very proud, as always, he deserves the world just for being my world.

You had never seen something so beautiful before, not in your centuries of living. He caught your attention as you passed through town one night and you instantly ran to hide. You knew there was no chance for something so perfect would ever be with a monster like you.
Each night then on, you watched him from the rooftops, shrouded in shadows, his beauty only matched by the stars. You learned his routine from sunset to sunrise; on Mondays he went to the markets as they shut; Tuesday evenings were dedicated to the library; he spent the late hours on Wednesdays giving soup to the poor; you watched him through the windows each Thursday as he stayed in; his friends lured him away to the ale house for Friday night drinks; Saturday nights are filled with the sound of his glorious voice as he sings round town; Sundays were reserved for hours in deep and silent prayer.
His routine soon became yours as you flitted across the rooftops as he went across town. His life became your life as you dedicated every waking hour you had to watching over him, as an angel would. But you are no angel and you knew you could never run your hands through his golden curls or stare longingly into his deep sea eyes or feel the warmth of his mortal embrace.
So you stay in the shadows and the cloak of night, expressing your affections in anyway you can.
On Monday, a rose on his doorstep.
Tuesday, poetry scratched into his door.
Wednesday, a home cooked meal waiting for him on the table.
Thursday, any disturbances are kept from his peace.
Friday, his drinks at the bar are already paid for.
But on Saturday, he is nowhere to be found, his melody absent from the sounds of the streets.
Sunday you begin to worry and pray for his safety. You wait on the roof opposite his bedroom window for hours waiting for him to appear and reassure you. You sit there all night until the sliver of dawn appears on the edge of town. Moments before you begin to tear down the town in monsterous rage,
You feel hands cover your eyes and a smile stretch across your face.
“Guess who” a familiar voice said.

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Lets be honest she never mentioned Joe by name in the ss the songs are about Karlie ..... Does Abigail and all her other friends even know Joe ? I even feel sorry for Joe ....a lot of other fans here make fun of him same as they did with CH (i know CH was shitty to Taylor) ...Tay knows that and did she ever defend one of her Bfs ? does she write all songs about him if she started writing long before Joe was in her life ?

First she told everyone at the secret session the songs were about Joe.

Second I don’t even think she’s friends with Karlie anymore since she is too busy hanging out with kk.

Third do you really think that after one year Joe hasn’t met Tay’s friends? Just because you don’t have pictures of it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Fourth, she started going to the studio last September. She met Joe in May at the MET. Even though she dated Tom, she and Joe were friends before and I believe they were ‘friends with benefits’ by late September early October.

Fifth get the fuck out of my blog if you’re here to insinuate Taylor and Joe’s relationship isn’t real. I’ll get back to you in a few years when they’re happily married with kids.


Raw Meat ((Random Katsudeku plot))

Katsuki Bakugou. If anyone who ever knows who Katsuki Bakugou was then they would say that he was–

“terrifyingly quiet.”

He was also the very definition of perfection. Everything he does must be precise, on point and mistakes are forbidden in the process. He was a peculiar man indeed. One thing for sure was that Katsuki loves to cook. That was his specialty. He adores it when it’s incredibly


Raw and fresh.

Midoriya Izuku was a man who suffered from severe depression. He was jeered at, hurt at, by multiple people in his life.

With no will to live, no drive to go on anymore, Midoriya Izuku decided that, he couldn’t take it anymore and hoped for the best in his next life but

He was a coward.

The prospect of getting hurt scares him away from doing it.

Until one day he was whisked away into the darkness by somebody that–

“Eeeeh? You want my meat? Hahaaaa– Ah yeah sure. Whatever do it quick. I don’t like pain”

Okey wait what? This is NOT how it was supposed to go for Katsuki. Where’s the thrill in that?

((This is random? I’ll delete soon))

Fun Fact

Mattie has a bed in his house but he doesn’t actually use it. It’s just the most pristine and perfect IKEA display bed ever. It’s only ever really used for one thing but Mattie’s been a little lonely in that department

I Will Always Love You The Most - Chapter Three

You can find previous chapters here

“When I’m with her, I finally understand what people are talking about when they talk about love.”

The past few weeks had been the best ones Mor had ever had.

Because – for the first time in her life – she could be herself. Well, at least to one person. But it was the one person Mor didn’t care about seeing that side of her. The side that was messy, the side that wasn’t perfect.

 And with Andromache, Mor found that she didn’t have to be perfect. Or that who she was – who she really was – didn’t have to be the girl everyone thought she was.

And that felt great.

She felt great.

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Music Tag

I got tagged by @agingphangirl to list 10 songs I’m listening to in no particular order. This is mostly stuff I’ve just had stuck in my head or that it is on my Perfect Phil Lester or Pure Phan Sap Spotify playlists.

1. Havana - Camila Cabello

2. Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (not the Bieber version)

3. Object of My Affection - Lily Juniper (reminds me of phan)

4. A Capella - Chase Goehring

5. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney (reminds me of Phil)

6. Pocketful of Poetry - Mindy Gledhill (reminds me of Phil)

7. Can’t Help Falling in Love - Twenty One Pilots (my favorite version of this song I’ve ever heard)

8. Beautiful Thing - Grace VanderWaal (reminds me of phan)

9. Better Together - Jack Johnson (reminds me of phan)

10. Thunder - Imagine Dragons

I invite (because tagging from me is always an invitation rather than an obligation): @jorzuela @blackteelester @sweetcharite @p-hantasticpheels @9990zara @semolinacello

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Oooookay. First off, that whole Balem, Eddie, reader and Newt lunchroom exchange was the best thing ever. Annnnnd I totally forgot you named Newt's sugarlider Jacob. I laughed when my mind conjured up a legit image of a sugarglider and then Jacob Kowalski's head on it XD lol! Girl, you are just slaying it with these series! xx And that Stephen scene :D Yes pleaseeee

Thank you for the feedback! 💗 You’re one of the few who leaves me some, and I adore you for it. Truly.

And yesssss, I’m going to now visualize Jacob like that lol It’s perfect. A new creature haha. I’m so happy you enjoyed this chapter!!!

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Thruce + tenderness

Their fingers brush.

“Hey.” Bruce smiles, a soft, gentle smile, and it lights up the dimmed room. “ Uh, thanks for everything. I know I’m not much to look at, and I’ve nothing really to offer. But thank you for never giving up on me. I appreciate it. No one has ever really done that for me before.”

Thor shifts closer to Bruce’s side, stroking his cheeks with his thumb. “My love, I will always treasure you. I’ll be a fool to let you go. I know you hate these foolish sentiments, but I do mean them. You’re perfect, and I’m a lucky man to have you in my life.”

Bruce relaxes into his touch, moving his free hand to his face, enclosing Thor’s thumb in his palm. “I don’t,” he says softly.

Thor smiles and presses his forehead against Bruce’s. “You do,” he begins, leaning in closer, “and I treasure you for it.”

Bruce closes his eyes briefly. “Mhmm.” He opens his eyes again. “This is a very awkward position. Think my limbs are all twisted and bruised.”

Thor laughs quietly. “Aye, my sweet Bruce. Would you like for us to move into a more comfortable position?”

Bruce laughs softly. “Nah, I’m good. I like this. I like the heat that your fingers bring when they brush against mine. I like the calmness that washes over me by just hearing your voice. I like — damn!” Bruce pauses for a moment. “I can’t do this. It isn’t me.”

“I know, love,” Thor lets out. “And I adore you for it. I don’t want to hear sweet words from your lips.” Thor presses even closer against Bruce, his mouth inches away from Bruce’s. “I don’t want to be reminded of your love for me. I have it already, Bruce, and I love it in its simplicity and beauty. I don’t need anything  from you. I just want to always be given the chance to love and be loved by you, as long as you would let me.”

“You’re definitely a prince” Bruce says, blushing.

“Not anymore,” Thor puts out. “If I were a prince again, I’d still treasure you for being the beautiful, kind, brave man you are buried beneath this cool, damaged exterior.”

Bruce blushes. “Oh, Thor, you know I can’t tell you anything like that. I’m just bad at it. But I do like having you in my life. I like just having you there, and waking up and still finding you there.”

“And I’ll never ever leave you, this I promise, with all my heart and soul,” Thor says solemnly, bringing his lips down on Bruce’s.


Bruce lies peacefully in Thor’s arms, eyes closed, lips drawn in a content smile. Thor lies awake, hand combing through Bruce’s thick, luscious hair.

This is just wonderful, he thinks, everything he needs and so much more. He can’t imagine a world without this sweet, kind, caring man currently resting peacefully and contently in his arms.

Happy birthday to this perfect little giant angel of mine💛

I hope today is good to you my precious one. Thank you for being a ray or light in this world that can be so dark my Yugy💛 your pure kind loving nature makes the world go round. I have honestly never in my life come across anyone as thoughtful and loving and caring as you the pureness of the way you love and your passion and the way you live and spread joy truly leaves me in awe. heaven really gave us their most perfect angel💛 I know i call you my baby and my son but you have honestly taught me more about life and living then anyone years older then me. You are truly wise beyond your years💛 Your exsistance alone makes my heart do gymanstics you are so precious to me my lil nugget honestly truly my life would be pretty dull if you werent in it. You deserve all the love and happiness this world has to give Kim Yugyeom and so so so much more considering just how much love and happiness you give the world. Happy Happy birthday Baby Yugy I Love You💛💛


If you ever feel Sad™ please look at the difference between Lucas’s, Dawn’s and Barry’s icons.

Man of sophistication. Looks as though he’s standing at the bus stop on his way to his 9-5 office job. He smiles at you politely as you pass. 

She’s beauty, she’s grace. She’s a literal model. They got the fan going offscreen and everything about the scene is perfect. Easy breezy beautiful.

And then there’s this asshole.

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Could you write 5 VI with Ohmtoonz? Considering how much they've talked about Toonzy's shower while playing R6S I feel like there are way too few fics about it

If there was ever a perfect prompt for them, it would be this one holy hell yes I will gladly write this! Also there really isn’t too many fics about the whole shower thing is there?? Anyways this is amazing and I’m hyped to write it! 

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I was wondering if you could please do this quote for Jooheon or Kihyun " I can't go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. " — Alice In Wonderland 🌹💕

To Mari, who finally got her wish - Admin Bee

“Jooheon, wait!” Your voice echoed off the walls of the room, dust taking flight off of the forgotten machines at the shift in vibration. The man in question was currently crouched in front of the open window on the other side of the room, his shoulders squared in practiced perfection as one arm rested on the windowsill, the other supporting the sniper rifle in his hands. He barely flinched at your voice and he refused to turn his head.

“Go home, Y/N,” was his stern answer that you refused to listen to.

“Jooheon, please,” you begged. It was only when you took a few steps toward him that he whipped around, his grip ever firm on the weapon, “don’t do this!”

“I told you to leave!” He growled, quickly looking back to see if he had missed his target. You took the distraction as an opportunity to leap towards him, grimacing when your skin skidded against the floor, but you tried to focus on wrapping your arms as tightly around him as possible. However, he stood strong.

“Please,” you whimpered into his shirt, digging your fingers in. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes but you continued to squeeze, trying to become a deadweight to knock him off balance.

“Get off.”

“This isn’t you, why can’t you go back to being yourself?”

He sighed, “I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

“Please, Jooheon, he’s my brother.”

Your boyfriend glanced at you for only a second before lowering his eye to the viewfinder, shifting the weapon in his hands ever so slightly as to line it up with the man six stories below on the street, the one he’d been patiently waiting on for three hours. Your fingers dug into his ribs again but if he allowed himself the distraction now, he’d surely fail the job. And failing the job meant putting you in far more danger than you already were.

“I know.”

He pulled the trigger.

send an idol + a Disney quote/song and we’ll write a drabble based on it![no more please!]

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Why do you think they're scary?? (Talking about F6)

{It’s completely a matter of taste honestly, I’ve just never liked bishounens… My aesthetics lean towards rounded shapes, very expressive faces and big eyes with life-filled pupils, so it kind of clashes with the placid, angular image bishounens give off.

…That and compared to matsus they’re just freaking perfect which feels off. But as a joke, it’s one of the show’s best jokes, and the first one ever no less, so the F6 are kind of a thing I love to be scared of. It’s a gud.}

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Okay i agree with that marco posts you made about marco but i gotta say that i know coco its not a perfect movie but you know there was actually mexican people involved in it? The visual deployment artist of the movie is mexican?? As well other involved in it,i dont trust disney at all but pixar did a decent job with the movie in many ways because well mexicans were involved they consulted them so the movie could feel relatable w/ us ,the plot was predictable but still was as good as TBOL

This is one of the most stupid asks ive ever received. Like first things first Disney OWNS Pixar,just like it owns Marvel and Star wars, okay? I have about as much trust for Pixar as i do Disney because Pixar is OWNED by Disney.

Anyways, if you’re honestly expecting me to like this shitty movie just because the visual development artist is Mexican, you’re an idiot. That’s like expecting me to excuse all the blatant racism in Star Vs just because one of their background designers is Mexican. Which one is. They named Marcos dad after him and guess what? That show’s still an insult to me as a Mexican and I’m not gonna like it just because they got a Mexican on board.

Fuck off.

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I just finished rereading Alt-Ed and it was as lovely as I remembered. I couldn't help noticing how much you've grown as an author, your style, your quirks and everything that makes me reconnect what I read to what I know about you as a writer, it was already there obviously, but you're perfecting it and building a really strong writing identity. Also, I love how you started showing your true colours in the chapter notes, you appeared to be much more serious back then ;)

Holy crap, thank you so much! This is honestly one of the sweetest and most thoughtful messages ever, and I’ve been smiling all day just thinking about it!

Alt Ed was so much fun to write. It was my first chaptered fic and I had no freaking idea what I was doing. I loved (over)thinking about how Remus’ absence from Hogwarts would have changed all of their personalities and relationships.

I’m giggling a bit that I was able to pass myself off as “serious” at any point, but I’m glad you’re enjoying my increased lack of chill. ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my ramblings and supporting my shitposting <3 <3 <3

In Your Footsteps: Part 14

You’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to you. You had everything…your dream job, a loving boyfriend and the perfect life. But, all that would change with one note and your life would become a living nightmare.

Masterlist (x)


“Feeling better?”

Your lips curved upwards into a small smile as Luke wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing an affectionate kiss onto your shoulder. A soft sigh escaped your lips as you lent back into his hold, lacing your fingers through his and squeezing his hand gently.

“Thank you.” You whispered, turning your head slightly to capture him in a tender kiss.

He smiled against your lips as his grip tightened around your waist, pulling you even closer as you allowed him to deepen the kiss.

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This “lil peep” subject is very important to the 5sos fam. Not because of Arzaylea, but now people can stop pretending being in a relationship cures depression AND PRINCIPALLY now people can see that depression is not some kind of joke and basically no one that is depressed is gonna beg for attention, they will show they need help by their actions and how they changed People gotta open their eyes and see that nothing is as perfect as they seem. If someone changes or seem weird someth is going on

Yeah, and people gotta learn that being sad and having depression or even being depressed are two totally different things. You get sad when you do bad on a test, or hear about a celeb you like has cancer, or someone in the family is sick. Being sad isn’t a good thing what so ever, and if I had my way I would keep everyone happy, but sadness is being supper bummed. Depression is a sadness that isn’t necessarily about an event, but can be triggered by one. It is internal, something that eats away at the person and they turn it on themselves. There’s a deep self hate, and a confusion on how to live or if life is worth living anymore. It’s an awful place in your head that can resemble ones own personal hell, and people abuse drugs to get out of that place for a second or two, bc they can’t just magically cure their depression and are looking for any out they can get.

This is a topic that bothers me a lot, and you are right about the relationship part. People say “omg crystal has healed michael with her love” and bs like that when that just isn’t how fucking depression works. I hope this is a wake up call to every and anyone who knows the situation.