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BTS Reaction #24 - They hear their s/o singing in their mother tongue for the first time

anon asked: Hi! Can you do a BTS reaction to they hearing their girlfriend sing in her mother tongue (Spanish) for the first time? (I requested this when the reactions were closed, I’m sorry!)

Seokjin: He listens along to your song, not understanding what you’re saying, but loving the melody nonetheless. Afterwords he’ll ask you about the song and what it meant. He’ll probably ask you to sing in your native language more often

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Yoongi: He laughs softly as he hears you singing your favorite childhood song to him as he’s falling asleep in your lap.

“Babe, you’re going to get me so pampered that I won’t be able to fall asleep without your voice anymore”

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Hoseok: “Woah, woah, woah, woah!! I’ve never head anything so beautiful before!! Is that your native language? Jagi! You have to teach me that song!!”

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Namjoon: *surprised that he actually doesn’t know what language you’re singing in”

*laughs* “Well, this just means I get to master another language, right? If you teach me that language, I’ll teach you one that I know”

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Jimin: “Damn if that is not the sexiest thing you’ve ever done jagi… Damn.” *it’s up to you what happens from here on, but this man is turned on AF*

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Taehyung: *gets emotional* “It sounds so heartfelt and meaningful… It’s so soulful and heart wrenching. You’re amazing.”

You: “Tae…It’s a song about a bunny from my childhood…”

Tae: “So. Freaking. Soulful.” *clutches heart dramatically*

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Jungkook: He would cutely pout at you until you finished, and when you asked why he was pouting like that he would only say:

“Stop being so much cooler than me, okay?”

Then he would playfully (and softly) hit your arm as you laughed at him

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A/N: That’s okay sweetie!! Thank you so much for coming back and requesting it again! I really hope you liked it ^.^

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PLEASE WRITE THIS "Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”"


im making this r27 and u cant stop me

from this post

Flower shops were always serene and peaceful and full of life. That’s why Tsuna wanted to work in one. the only thing he was good at was making arrangements and picking up flower’s meanings. Thankfully there was a smaller shop near the heart of Namimori he could work at. 

The lady that owned the building was nice but was too old to do much around the store. Not very many people came in so it was an easy job to arrange the orders that were phoned in without being backed up too much.

Thanks to it not being very busy, Tsuna remembers a lot of the visits he’s been given. Probably the most hilarious one was when somebody walked in and slammed a bill on the counter.

It wasn’t some mysterious and dark day. It was an average overcast. Tsuna didn’t have anything to do as the store was dead as always. He ended up playing with his hair and braiding his bangs idely.

The door opened and the bell rang happily. Tsuna ran his hands through his hair to disperse the braid and smiled in his custom, “Welcome to the store”, smile. The person was the tall and mysterious type so Tsuna had to keep his smile glued into place.

“Hello, what can I help you with today?” He said cheerily. 

The man looked up, slapped a bill onto the table and said, “How can I passively say, ‘fuck you’ in flower talk.”

“What-” Tsuna stuttered in surprise. He wasn’t sure if he heard that right.

“Did I stutter?” The man grumbled. Tsuna blinked before his smile was glued back into place.

“Alright then, please follow me.” Tsuna walked around the counter and the man followed him around the store. Tsuna tried to remember what flowers they had that meant what. For such a small store, they had a surprisingly vast collection of flowers.

Finally Tsuna nodded and started telling the man about the different flowers to use. “So, really, all you need are five flowers. First is geraniums. This is the flower that means stupidity.”

The man snorted. “Accurate.”

“Foxglove means insecurity. Meadowsweet is a good pairing with yellow carnations too as it means uselessness and you have disappointed me, respectively. Lastly, you’ll need orange lillies as they mean hatred.”

Tsuna grabbed all the flowers he had listed and put them on the counter. 

“Is that all?” Tsuna asked.

The man thought about it for a minute before shaking his head. “Do you have any black roses?” 

“We just got a new shipment of roses yesterday. How many would you like?” 

“Three. Put one in the bouquet. The other two can be left alone.”

“Alright. Would you like a card or message put in the bouquet?” Tsuna looked up and the man nodded.

“Put on a card, ‘For Sicily.’”

Tsuna blinked but didn’t question it. His job was almost done so that was enough.

“Can I ask who the flowers are for?” Tsuna couldn’t help but asking. He didn’t care about the card but the bouquet was a lot of work.

“Somebody messed up my job. I’m a freelancer so I rely on these jobs. But this idiot came in and messed it up.” The man closed his eyes and his blank face cracked into a grimace of anger.

“That’s a lot of work put into somebody you hate.”

“I’m a man of actions. Plus he’s allergic to flowers.” 

Tsuna snorted laughter, pressing his hand to his mouth to stifle it. The man leaned against the counter as Tsuna was writing the card out.

“Here’s your card. Please, enjoy your bouquet. Would you like to pay in cash, credit, or debit?”

“Cash.” He handed more bills to Tsuna. “And keep another rose for me. Name’s Reborn.”

Tsuna blinked not sure how to take that. But he was already gone.

Tsuna thought that was the end of it. 

Nope, Reborn was back the next week. He seemed smug about something as he walked into the dead as always store. Tsuna was just finishing up another bouquet for a phone in order when he heard the bell. He looked up with the same fake smile until he saw who it was.

“How did it go?” Tsuna called.

Reborn seemed mildly surprised that Tsuna remembered. “He took a hissy fit and burned them. I didn’t think you’d remember me.”

“It’s not everyday that somebody asks for a passive way to tell somebody off in flowers. Did anybody else appreciate it?”

“Of course, I’m hilarious. Everybody else laughed when they figured out what the flowers meant.”

‘At least it’s a funny story.” Tsuna said quietly. “What can I do for you today?” 

“A red rose, a white camellia, two oleander, and two purple peonies.” The man said. He looked at Tsuna as he wrote down the order.

“Who’s the lucky one to receive these flowers. Must be special.” Tsuna asked as he gathered the flowers.

Reborn waited until Tsuna was wrapping up all the flowers.

“The flowers are for my date tonight.” Reborn said idly.

“Oh? Anybody I know?” Tsuna said jokingly. He knew he wouldn’t as this man was probably cooler than Tsuna would ever be.

“You know him very well. He’s your height, age, and even looks like you.”

“What’s his name? I think I might have went to school with him if he grew up in town.”

Reborn laughed a little bit. Tsuna handed the bundle over but Reborn shook his head. “They’re for you. Hopefully it isn’t any trouble asking you out at work.”

Tsuna dropped the bouquet he had in his hands onto the counter and fumbled trying to pick it up. His neck burned red and he tried to hide it as he finally stabilized the bundle of flowers onto a counter.

“U-Um, wouldn’t it be weird. We’re both guys. And not very many people like that stuff around here.’ Tsuna stuttered out. “Like are you sure you want to take me out?”

“I wouldn’t spend this much effort if I wasn’t sure.”

Tsuna breathed in heavily, trying to calm down, He pulled gently on his ear as he thought.

“Am I going to have to give these flowers to somebody else tonight then?” Reborn asked.

Tsuna jerked a little. “…No, no um, thank you. I’d love to go out with you.”

“Alright I’ll meet you at the bridge at seven. Hopefully you enjoy the flowers. This time I hope they won’t be burned.”

Now, this comic book I know was purchased for my brother Ken, as at this point I was still an avowed Marvel-hater, and even reading SUPERMAN VS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN had not swayed me. It’s worth noting that this issue still cost a quarter, whereas DC’s books were going for thirty cents at this time. This was a consistent pattern all throughout the 1970s, another way in which Marvel kept up a competitive edge over DC: when a price increase was in the offing, DC inevitably would raise theirs first, and Marvel would hold the line for approximately another three or four months. This gave them a huge window in which prospective buyers were more likely to pick up a Marvel mag, and contributed to the company’s growth throughout this period.

I was familiar with the basics of Spider-Man from the 1967 cartoon, which ran daily on Channel 5 at 4:30, and which I seldom missed. I’d also look for the wall-crawler on episodes of the Electric Company, the PBS series that I was absolutely addicted to at the age of nine. But still, I wasn’t a Spider-Man fan. He seemed entirely too put-together, entirely too with-it to me. He was definitely way cooler than I was, and I simply couldn’t relate. It would take reading the early Stan Lee/Steve Ditko stories for me to “get it” and become a fan. But at this stage of his development, Spider-Man was about as far from that original conception of nebbishy Peter Parker as he ever got.

This is another action-heavy entry in the canon, one that features no Peter Parker moments at all, just the smart-mouthed wall-crawler. It opens, as most Marvel books of this era did, in mid-story, as Spidey and his enemy Doctor Octopus were confronted by a resurrected Hammerhead. I was familiar with Ock from the aforementioned SUPERMAN VS book, and Hammerhead didn’t seem like much of anything to me, a gangster with a steel-hard head. Even by Flash Rogues standards, that was pretty lame.

So Spidey, Ock and Hammerhead get into a three-way skirmish, the end result of which is that all three of them wind up knocked out. Hammerhead’s goons use the opportunity to grab up their leader and take a powder, also taking Spidey’s Aunt May along with them. Waking up, Doc Ock proposes a truce with his web-headed arch-enemy so that they can rescue “that dear old woman”, which Spidey, of course, is all for. From there, we move into subplot land, where a pair of shadowy figures is rebuilding the Spider-Mobile and intend to use it to destroy Spider-Man (which, again, doesn’t seem especially threatening.) From there, we cut back to the Daily Bugle for an out-and-out comedy moment, where J. Jonah Jameson drives another of Betty Brant’s replacements as his secretary to quit through his abuse. This is the sort of fun moment that doesn’t contribute to the plot but is all about the characters and fun that you don’t really see anymore.

Back at the ranch, Spidey and Ock follow Hammerhead back to his warehouse headquarters, and begin an infiltration–again, played with a certain amount of comedy as much as drama. This is an old base from a previous story, not that I was aware of it, and the entire inner chamber revolves–so when Spidey and Ock burst in on Hammerhead and his captive Octogenarian, he summons an army of gunsels into the room and sets it to spinning, creating some action pandemonium.

Spidey and Ock beat the hell out of the goons, but Hammerhead takes advantage of the chaos to escape–and Ock deserts Spider-Man to go after Hammerhead, obsessed with revenge. Spidey eventually disables the equipment that is spinning the room–but when he does so, the window exit that Ock and Hammerhead went through is facing a blank wall, so he cannot follow. Perhaps that’s just as well, as by the time Ock gets to the roof, Hammerhead is making his getaway in a helicopter. Undaunted, Ock picks up a bunch of garbage cans with his tentacles and hurls them at the escaping copter, one of them disables the flying rotors, and the whole mess crashes down into the Hudson River.

By this point, Spidey’s been able to get himself and the unconscious Aunt May out of their spun-room prison, but he can’t pursue Ock as he needs to get her to medical attention. Which he does, closing the issue by swinging off into the night. I can see why this didn’t work for me at the time–there’s nothing to grab onto. Spidey is Spidey 100% of the time, and nothing in this story makes me care a whit for Aunt May and her fate. Plus, frankly, for all that he’s clever and sharp, Spidey doesn’t really accomplish much in this episode. He gets knocked out, he fights a bunch of guys, he lets Doc Ock escape and Hammerhead get killed because he misjudged the room-spin. Sure, this could all be in illustration of the idea that Spider-Man is a fallible, human hero, but that’s not really what came across to me. He seemed more like a goon. Combine that wit the fact that the plot for the issue was pretty much just an excuse to string some fight scenes together, and none of this made me want to give the Marvel books another go–not yet. That was still to come. This was, it must be said, not the finest period in Spidey’s long publishing history.

The issue also had a Marvel Bullpen Bulletins page, but rather than interesting me or exciting me about stuff that might have been coming up, it did the opposite–it made me feel like an outsider. Whoever wrote this particular page (apart from Stan’s Soapbox, which would have been by him) filled it with in-jokes and references, and spoke as though the readership knew who all of these characters and creators were. I certainly didn’t, and so I was lost. And the tone was so aggressively hype-filled, it was like an assault on my senses. The one bit I can remember enjoying was Stan’s gag about the third ORIGINS paperback being titled MOTHER-IN-LAW OF MARVEL ORIGINS. Even there, though, he’d provided enough context for the joke by listing the two previous titles first. Stan knew what he was doing.

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Jungkook reaction to when you're Team Capitan 😂😂😂💙

I think I might have gone a bit overboard with this, but… xP And this was meant to go up yesterday, since the movie came out yesterday, but………… >.<  Ah, but I hope you enjoy it!

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Title: Civil War
Genre: Fluff that pretends to be angst
Members: Jungkook
Words: 1643

You hated having secrets, especially when you were keeping that secret from your boyfriend. You were always afraid that it would slip out, especially since Jungkook brought up the topic so often. He was starting to wonder what was going on with you, since it was getting harder and harder for you to keep that secret. He could tell you were uncomfortable or nervous every time he brought it up, and though he didn’t want to ask directly, he was determined to find out why.

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Clumsy Comfort

A03 Fanfiction

Rated Teen, 1500 Words, KakaSaku Prompt:  Under the Weather

The first time Kakashi and Sakura slept together, it was a complete accident. When he couldn’t find her at the hospital, the man had stopped by her apartment. Their last mission had been a particularly grueling one in the Land of Iron, and they’d only returned to the village the night before. Sakura hadn’t answered his knock, so Kakashi slipped through the window she always left open for him. It was unlike his normally disciplined kunoichi to sleep past noon, but Kakashi found her in bed, blankets cocooned around her.

Her mouth fell open at the sight of him. “Wh-wh-what are you d-d-doing here?” Kakashi reached Sakura’s side in moments, surprised to see her trembling despite the heavy blankets. Without thinking, Kakashi peeled the glove from his right hand and pressed it to her forehead. Her flushed skin burned like fire under his fingers.

“Sakura, you’re ill.” When worried, Kakashi had a penchant for stating the obvious.

“Observant,” Sakura mumbled before squeaking out several sneezes in rapid succession. It was the most adorable sound Kakashi had ever heard. Her eyes narrowed at his expression. “If you say anything about me being cute, I’ll-” Another chill wracked Sakura’s body, preventing her from completing her threat.

While Sakura looked pathetic, and undeniably cute, Kakashi valued his life more than sharing his thoughts. “Do you need me to take you to the hospital?”

“That wouldn’t cause any rumors,” Sakura snorted, then shivered again. Though the pair had been dating for a couple of months, they had yet to go public with their relationship. “It’ll pass, but you could bring me a wet rag from the bathroom.”

Sakura must have been feeling unwell on the way back from their mission as well. Her dirty uniform was piled on the floor, which meant she’d stripped and gone right to bed when she got home. Kakashi scooped up the clothes, dumped them into the hamper, and tossed a washcloth beneath the running tap.

Sakura sighed when he placed the rag across her forehead, then squawked and pushed it away. “Kakashi, you have to wring it out first.” She complained as it soaked the pillow beside her, water running in tendrils down her face. “Now I’m miserable, and I’m wet.”

An inappropriate comment was on the tip of his tongue, but Kakashi didn’t say it. “You didn’t tell me it needed to be wrung out first. Maybe you wanted to clean up, or something. How was I supposed to know?”

“Clean up?” Sakura’s voice dropped an octave lower, to the tone Kakashi had learned long ago to associate with danger. “Are you saying I look bad?”

“Of course not,” the man responded quickly. While he was still figuring some things out, Kakashi had learned that white lies were sometimes necessary in relationships. The trick was knowing when. Sometimes, being an elite shinobi was far easier than being a boyfriend.

Kakashi pressed a soft kiss to Sakura’s forehead as he took the dripping rag from her hand. Being in a relationship did have some perks, after all. After getting the cloth wet again, and wringing it out thoroughly this time, Kakashi performed a summoning jutsu. Pakkun glanced around in confusion, then met Kakashi’s eyes.

“Boss? Where am I?” The pug’s gravelly voice echoed in the small bathroom.

“Sakura’s apartment,” Kakashi answered as if that were perfectly normal. He squeezed every, last drop of water from the rag before turning.

Pakkun had padded across the floor and was glancing up at something hanging from the handle of the door. To his horror, Kakashi realized the item in question was a very lacy, very red bra. A flush crept up his cheeks as Pakkun barked out a laugh. “I didn’t think that was yours. So what am I doing here?”

“You’re going to help me take care of Sakura,” Kakashi reasoned, trying not to look at the undergarment that drew his eyes like a beacon. Kakashi gave Pakkun a serious look. “It won’t kill you. I’m going to get supplies, and you are going to keep an eye on her while I’m gone.”

Before the pug could argue with him, Kakashi left the bathroom and moved back to Sakura’s side. She was snoring softly, mouth agape as a ribbon of drool ran onto her pillow. Somehow, against common sense, Kakashi still found her endearing. When he whispered her name, Sakura jumped and opened her eyes.

“You could have just put it on my head and let me sleep,” Sakura complained hoarsely. Kakashi could tell she was trying and failing not to be angry with him, though he wasn’t entirely sure what he’d done.

“I brought you Pakkun,” Kakashi said by way of reconciliation. He scooped the dog up and placed him on the bed, deftly avoiding the sharp teeth that tried to close around his hand. Sakura managed to arch one eyebrow. “I’m going to the store. No, don’t argue, just let me take care of you. Pakkun can find me if you need something while I’m gone.”

The pug grumbled and curled up near Sakura’s feet as Kakashi left. By the time he reached the store, the man realized he had no idea what he needed. Oranges, some helpful memory surfaced in the back of his mind. More tissues. He grabbed two boxes of those, just to be safe. Soup. Kakashi stood in that aisle longer than he would care to admit, looking at the varieties. In the end, he bought half a dozen different ones and made a mental note to find out which was her favorite.

It was early evening when Kakashi got back to Sakura’s apartment, arms full of things she probably didn’t want or need. Pakkun must have been putting on a tough dog act for Kakashi. When the man peeked into the room, Pakkun was snuggled against Sakura’s chest instead of her feet. One of her hands rested on the pug’s ribs, as if she’d fall asleep petting him. Pakkun peeked one eye open as Kakashi approached, then showed his teeth. It was an unspoken warning that if anyone ever found out about this, Kakashi would never be forgiven.

“Sakura,” Kakashi touched her cheek, which felt cooler than before, though still warmer than it should have been. Green eyes opened slowly, and she frowned. “Are you feeling any better?”

Kakashi lifted the strip of cloth from her forehead. The heat had dried it, even as its dampness left pink curls around her temples. Kakashi pulled his mask down and pressed his lips to her forehead again. She made a breathy sound in her throat that was half-sigh and half-groan.

“Kakashi, I really appreciate this, but you’re kind-of driving me crazy,” Sakura said gently. “I don’t need to be babied.” She pushed herself up in the bed and Kakashi saw that she was wearing a pair of plain black sweatpants with the leaf symbol on the left hip and a grey sweatshirt that had slid off her shoulder. Messy pink hair stuck out in all directions and fever flushed her cheeks.

“You’re beautiful,” Kakashi breathed suddenly, even as Sakura attempted to work out a tangle. She shook her head at him and rolled her eyes. But there was a slight smile on her lips as well. Kakashi kicked off his sandals then crawled up toward her, returning the expression.

“You’ll get sick too,” Sakura warned, half-heartedly attempting to stop him.

When Kakashi leaned in to kiss her, Sakura turned her face away. He had predicted the movement and lightly brushed his lips against her shoulder instead. “Then you can take care of me,” he murmured against the hot skin as Pakkun covered his eyes with a paw.

Sakura chuckled and bumped against Kakashi softly. “Do you really want to make me feel better?”

“Of course,” he responded instantly, pressing another faint kiss to her partially exposed collarbone. As distracted as he was, Kakashi didn’t think to worry about a trap.

“Watch tv with me?” Sakura asked, gesturing toward the small tv on her dresser. When Kakashi nodded, she flipped it on to something that looked like the terrible romance she had been giggling about with Ino the other day. Kakashi balked at the idea. Reading Jiraiya’s novels was one thing, those were golden; cheesy romances about soulmates were quite another.

In the end, though, Kakashi couldn’t refuse Sakura anything, so he curled up in bed beside her. The movie’s plot lacked the fire and passion of Icha Icha but the woman in his arms more than made up for it. He brushed his fingers tenderly through her hair and held her burning body against his cooler one. Long before the movie ended, they were both lulled to sleep by the drone of the tv and the safety of each other’s arms. It wasn’t exactly the way he thought that their first night together would go, but he couldn’t complain either.

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A wedding scenario of a captain of your choice!

I went with Bokuto, because I can’t get enough of this owl lately. And it’s pre-wedding jitters, I hope that’s okay!

There was a good chance Bokuto would be throwing up today.

Akaashi watched from his spot against the back of the building, eyes following the pacing captain as he walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

“Bokuto-san, you’re wearing a path in the sidewalk,” he noted.

“Akaashi!” Bokuto wailed, freezing mid-stride. “I don’t think I can do this?”

“Are you getting cold feet?” Akaashi asked.

“No, it’s… It’s not me… I mean, it is me, but…” Bokuto was rambling, hands moving erratically. “I’m not good enough, you know? I’m never gonna be good enough, and… And this… She deserves way more… She deserves more than I could ever give her.”

“Bokuto-san, that isn’t true and you know it,” Akaashi corrected.

“It is, though!” he exclaimed, wide and terrified eyes turning on the setter. “I’m a mess, and she’s… She’s perfect. She’s everything, and I’m just… A big nothing.”

Akaashi sighed. There was only one person who could pull him from this kind of slump, and he’d hoped to avoid that. But desperate times called for desperate measures. He pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped out a quick message.

“Akaashi, I can’t… I can’t go through with this,” Bokuto murmured. He was fading quickly. “Just… You marry her instead.”

“She doesn’t want me, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi noted. “That’s why she’s marrying you.”

“Well, she’s obviously mistaken, then.”

“I’ll bet she’d love to hear you say that,” Akaashi couldn’t help his chuckle.

“Akaashi, I’m serious!” Bokuto cried. “This is a mistake, I—“

“Are you saying that marrying me is a mistake?”

The sound of your voice nearly made Bokuto leap out of his skin. Slowly, he turned his head. God, you were so beautiful. Your makeup was only half on, your hair was pinned up in a thousand different directions, and you were in jeans and a t-shirt.

He never loved you more than he did right now, looking just like that.

“That’s not what I meant,” he croaked.

“That’s sort of what it sounded like,” you countered, drawing up to him.

You’re not a mistake,” he corrected himself. “I am.”

“Don’t talk about the man I love that way,” you chided. You reached for one of his hands, fingers twining with his own. Slowly, you brought it to your lips, planting a gentle kiss over each knuckle.

“(Name), I’m serious,” Bokuto tried again. “You’re… The most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Like, you’re cooler than Akaashi and Kanye West and that dog that lives down the street, combined.”

“Wow, those are big shoes to fill,” you bit back a laugh.

“You’ve met Kanye West?” Akaashi asked.

“You’re so cool, and awesome, and beautiful, and amazing,” Bokuto pressed on. “And I’m just… I’m a mess. And you don’t deserve that.”

“All those things you just said that I am? I think that about you too,” you said, squeezing his hand tightly. “You’re so cool, and awesome, and handsome, and amazing. I love you so much. That’s why I’m here, in front of everyone we know, probably about to embarrass myself a thousand times. Because I want them to know how much I love you.”

Bokuto’s mouth moved around a wordless protest, and you took the opportunity to lean up on your toes and press your lips to his. It took a moment, but eventually, he kissed back. The fingers of his free hand threaded through your hair, pulling you closer.

“Kou,” you murmured as you pulled away. “I love you more than anything in the world. So please don’t call yourself a mistake.”

“Okay,” he nodded.

“Now, let’s get married.”

“You got it.”

You squeezed his hand one more time for good measure before letting it go. You’d made it about 20 steps before he called out to you.

“Hey! How did you know to come out here?”

You glanced back at him over your shoulder, a smile pulling at your lips. “You’ve got a pretty good best man.”

The last thing you heard before you made it back inside was the sound of Bokuto weeping with joy, and Akaashi’s pitiful struggle to extricate himself from the captain’s vice-grip.


There’s a man who is cooler than water and hotter than fire. He’s funnier than any comedian I’ve ever seen. He has a heart of gold and compassion of a true lover.

He would be the one you could show off to mom and not worry about angering dad. He would be the one to hold you up, when you’re really sad. 

Don’t ever worry about feeling down and alone, he has got you covered. He may not be able to move mountains for you but he will still be there forever.

Tulips, Dandelions and a Lone Daffodil

Title:Tulips, Dandelions and a Lone Daffodil

Summary: The moment Dan walks inside the record store he can’t seem to take his eyes of the cashier with the most beautiful flower tattoos.

Genre: Fluff/slight angst

Word count: 2K+

Extra’s: punk!Phil, cause who doesn’t love that.

A/N: It has been quite a while since I last wrote a fic, I had some personal issues to take care of.. but yeah enjoy!! Also thanks canyounottroyler forr beta-ing this for me :)


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i was going to this interview today and i was wearing a jacket over my shirt. i didn’t know it was going to be kind of warm out and on the subway i noticed i was kind of sweating. i unzipped my jacket and i checked, i had to look for pit stains. i think if you ever think you have pit stains then, man you got them bad. that’s something you can’t misdiagnose. no one ever thinks they have pit stains and then end up looking cooler than they thought. it’s tough looking inconspicuous in a crowded place when you’re trying to check to see if you have them though. i pulled open one side of the jacket slowly, like in an action movie when a character is getting something cool out of an inside pocket or revealing to the camera that he’s been wounded fatally and is bleeding out. there was a liquid spreading through the fabric of my shirt, but it wasn’t really the dramatic kind. knowing you’re sweating like that just makes it worse too, it’s a dumb psychological thing. it’s like your brain is caught in quicksand and struggling to get out and that’s just making it sink faster. brains, man. your brain makes sure your blood never stops moving through your body and keeps your organs running, but then the same dude’s like, “alright, it’s a little warm. sweat til you die, shithead.” it has no social skills.

anyways when i got off the train i had ten minutes before my interview so i took the jacket off and tried to air myself out. i’ll admit, i have no prior knowledge of ten minute pit stain removal techniques, but, man i sure did come up with some winners on the fly. the first thing i thought was “if only i could make it rain, then stand in the rain, and then it’d all look like rain.” my first idea was to control weather itself, you know, like a god. the second one also hinged on harnessing the power of nature, this time by standing still in the sun and kind of angling my body toward the light to evaporate moisture, which turned out to make me sweat more because the sun is an asshole that always does the thing you don’t want it to do. another idea was to stand over a subway grate and let the air rushing out quickly dry me off like a giant blow dryer, this was also a terrible idea that didn’t work and i don’t know what’s worse, showing up to a place sweaty, or smelling like hot subway air. eventually the thing that worked the most was kind of, like, putting my hands on my hips and hunching my shoulders to reduce shirt to undershirt to skin contact, and then walking into the wind, changing direction to meet it. and i looked weird walking to the interview, like a really angry, directionless, confident mannequin, but boy did it sure kind of work almost.

Sid  & Ovi Good Omens

because hat’s been yelling about it for ages apparently? and she just now tracked me down to yell one-on-one.

may I quote her? 

“I def see Ovi as a werewolf BUT ALSO now I want a Good Omens AU where in a surprise turn Ovi=Aziraphale” 

“Listen to me because this is the most beautiful idea I’ve ever had: Sid as Crowley.”

and she got what she wanted.

“Really?” Crosby said. “Pigeons?”

The pigeons cooed and fluttered their wings, disinterested in the machinations of God or man, which was interesting because they certainly had not existed until fourteen seconds ago, and they weren’t made by any man.

“Somebody have to do something,” Ovechkin said. He shrugged. “Pigeons okay.”

Pigeons were, in fact, okay, by a variety of standards and measures: pigeons were okay if you needed a charming mat of down-feathers and bird dung spread over whatever ground they were occupying; pigeons were okay if you wanted all normal and civilized people to assiduously avoid a given area; pigeons were okay if you wanted any sort of street signs, public art, or floral decorations immediately and thoroughly defaced.

In short, if you had a problem with a small gateway to Hell opening up in Regent’s Park, pigeons were a swell fix.

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Title: Chances Are
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: AsaNoya
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Chapter Word Count: 8K
Total Word Count: 61K
Summary: Mind-boggled” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Nishinoya feels in the aftermath of Asahi’s post-graduation parting gift. But after a few mishaps, he begins to wonder if he’s missed the opportunity to find out the what ifs or if there’s really such a thing as second chances.
Chapter Summary: Noya gets a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more of other things he doesn’t quite expect.
A/N: life and other writing things got in the way, so this is so much later than I wanted, but I hope you guys enjoy the fluff anyway. :D special thanks to @makariaartsabout for being my extra pair of eyes. ♥

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Multichapter | Previous Chapters | CH8

“Are ya plannin’ on goin’ to the festival in sweats?”

Tanaka and Ennoshita arrive at Noya’s house at half past six, excited and ready to go just as Noya finishes up the video game he’d been playing with Takeshi. Noya glances at Tanaka from his peripheral before he turns back to the screen and manages to get in the final hit to the level boss, hands shooting up triumphantly. Takeshi whoops at the victory and swipes the controller from Noya when he pushes himself off the floor with a grunt. 

“I’m mostly ready! Look,” Noya argues, pointing to his hair with a proud grin, “even got the most important part done before you got here!”

“I can’t believe you guys are going without me,” Takeshi grumbles, glowering at Noya. “Azumane-san’s brother gets to go. Why can’t I?”

“Hey, don’t take it out on me,” Noya says with a fond ruffle of Takeshi’s hair. “You’re the one who didn’t study and failed your last math quiz. You know how mom is with that stuff.”

With a scrunch of his nose, Takeshi rolls his eyes. “You’re one to talk. You fail quizzes all the time! It’s so unfair.”

“But I’m also older and awesome and don’t ever tell mom about those failed quizzes that don’t exist.”

“I still call unfair.”

Tanaka laughs, takes a knee, and slings an arm around Takeshi’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, little man. We’ll bring you back somethin’ so you don’t feel totally left out.”

At the offer, Takeshi’s eyes light up and he grins. “My brother lucked out with you, you know,” he says solemnly, cupping a hand and dropping down to whisper, “you’re so much cooler than he is.”

“I heard that,” Noya says.

“I meant for you to,” comes the response, which only serves to bring out more laughter from Tanaka with Ennoshita joining in.

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