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Title: The Ways He Cares
A/N: idk these aren’t connected at all except by the fact that they’re different ways virgil shows he loves the others idk

It wasn’t often that Patton fell asleep in the commons room, even less often that he awoke to the smell of something sweet.  But as he laid there on his stomach trying to pinpoint this smell, he saw Virgil coming out of the kitchen with a mug in his hands.

…Patton’s favorite penguin mug…?

“Oh,” Virgil said, stumbling slightly when he saw Patton’s eyes. “You’re awake…”

Patton groaned as he sat up, stretching and yawning.  “Hey, kiddo…what’re you doing?”

Virgil averted his eyes, looking anywhere but at the moral side. “You were asleep out here and you seemed like you were kinda exhausted…I just – got you a cup of hot chocolate. Since, y’know, you like that a lot. Yeah.”

Patton felt his face break out in a grin, cooing escaping his throat as Virgil hurriedly put the mug down and made haste towards the staircase. “Seeyoulater, Dad!”

“Lo, what are you even looking at?” Virgil asked, making Logan jump.  

The logical side sighed and held up his phone, screen displaying notes and complicated math-y looking stuff.  Gross.

“You’ve been staring at your phone for, like, an hour…You should probably put it down for a while.”

“In a minute, I’ve almost got this,” Logan said, waving off Virgil’s concern.

“Logan, seriously, put the phone down.”

“I will in just a minute.”

Virgil grumbled mainly to himself, quickly reaching over to snatch the device from Logan’s hands.  “You gotta put it down, Lo!”

“Virgil, give it back!” Logan fussed, practically pouncing for his phone.  Virgil simply pushed him back down, keeping Logan at bay with his foot.  Logan huffed, eyes narrowed at the anxious side.

Virgil smirked and put the phone in his back pocket, getting up and grabbing a handful of movies.  He tossed the DVDs down on the coffee table.  “Choose.”

“OK, what about this,” Roman started, hand gestures already far too wild, “swash-buckling pirates on a quest for a mer-“


“What?  Not a good idea?”

“It’s been done, like, a million times.  Not to mention mermaids are killers, not exactly Ariel.”

“Fiiiiiiine,” Roman whined, rolling his eyes.  “What about a centaur-“

“There’s no way you’re facing off against a centaur, Princey. Why don’t you just stick to fighting with the dragon-witch?”

“That’s gotten so boring!” Roman sighed dramatically, flinging himself across Virgil’s lap, one hand dramatically over his forehead.  “I need a challenge!”

“Yeah, and then you’ll get hurt…” Virgil mumbled quietly.

“What was that?”

“Why are you laying on me, by the way?”

“Oh no, you’re worried about me!” Roman popped up instantly, finger pointed accusingly at Virgil.  “You’re wooooorried!  You caaaaaaare!” he teased in a sing-song voice, giggle slipping out.

“What, no, shut up!”  Virgil felt his face grow hot as he got to his feet, stomping out of the room and up the stairs to his room.  “Fine, fight pirate or whatever, see if I care!”

Roman determined when he came home that night and saw Virgil sitting in his chair that the anxious side did, in fact, care quite a lot. And his wounds would agree.

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hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize why Bernie supporters care so much about internal DNC micro-politics. The fundamental, axiomatic belief among Bernie supporters is that Hillary won because her cronies in the DNC made her win. They don’t really believe the primary counted for anything, they believe she was selected. So of course they care about who’s on the executive committee or the at-large committee or whatever the hell thing no one has ever cared about, because to them, that’s how the nominee gets decided. And since the second axiomatic belief is that Bernie is the only person physically capable of beating Trump, a lack of Bernie people in the DNC means Trump wins again. Alright, I get the logic now. It’s incredibly stupid, but I get it.

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh ikhwān wa akhawāt.

Forgive me, this is the last time you’ll hear from me. Before I leave, I want to give you a few words of advice-

take care of your souls, and look after each other ok? Be there for one another. Don’t let anyone feel like they’re alone. Be that shoulder for them. Let them know you’re there for them and do what you can to help them.

Fear Allāh wherever you may be and keep your duty to Him. Know, that death will catch up with you, so prepare for it. This dunyā is not worth even the wing of a mosquito, so don’t let yourself get attached to it or whatever is in it. Work for your ākhirah. Work for your place in Jannah. Work to make your eternal home- gardens beneath which rivers flow.

Sisters, by Allāh I’ll miss you, every single one of you. You’ll always be in my thoughts and you’ll never be strangers to my duʿāʾ just remember that. I’m out there, somewhere, and I’m thinking of you, always. I love you for His sake, and I hold onto the hope, that Allāh shades us on the Day there is no shade but His, because of this. ♡

If you need me for anything, you can contact @al-akhirattalab and she’ll tell me In ShāʾAllāh.

I learnt so much from all of you here, and I’m so grateful for that. JazākumAllāhu khayr, for every reminder, every piece of advice, every little benefit I could take. I’ll forever keep it with me.

I leave you in the care of Allāh, the One Who created you and me, the One to Whom you and I will return. fī amānillāh, wa assalāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh.

Your sister in Islām, Umm Turāb al-Banghāliyyah.

like I just think about myself and my life and whatever the hell im supposed to do with it and I don’t even care anymore. I feel like I’ll never be proud of myself or entirely happy with where I stand so what’s the point? It doesn’t matter if I start doing good because it’s never fucking real my mind just fucks with me and fucks with me and I have zero control like one day I can feel so fucking good and it can all change in minutes. when I go to sleep at night I never know who I’ll be when I wake up, if I’ll be painfully fueled for life or if I’ll feel so down I’ll want to die or if I’ll be in the awful suspense in between and I just hate it I can’t take it anymore I’m always waiting and terrified for the next wave to hit and I would rather just be dead

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Hey so I couldn’t exactly find the post but the one about Lance being sad about Keith leaving? Yeah ALLURA AND PIDGE HAD THE SAME LOOK. Also, you think Klance is already canon. I respect your... whatever but did YOU SEE HOW LANCE LUNGED FORWARD FOR ALLURA ON THAT EPISODE?? OR HOW HE TOLD HER SHE WAS THE HEART OF VOLTRON. AND HOW SOFTLY THEY THANKED EACH OTHER. OR HOW IN SEASON 3, ALLURA WAS HELPING LANCE WITH HIS LION PROBLEM. I’m not saying Allurance is canon. But it’s pretty damn close.

I could definitely see it tbh, considering the way they started out with Allura not really caring too much about Lance and Lance only flirting with her, but now it seems like she’s grown a pretty large amount of mutual respect for him and THANK GOD he isn’t flirting with her anymore either. Tbh Lance is really beginning to mature, that was pretty visible in season three. I honestly do think Allurance has a strong chance of being canon (since it’s pretty clear he still likes Allura), but it’s still safe to ship other people in the show considering it hasn’t ended we have no idea what will happen right? Keith and Lance’s relationship has developed so well and there are definitely some potential romantic elements there, so if they do decide to go in that direction that’d really be awesome too. 

The thing about me for Lance though that I discovered recently is, would he choose someone in space to stay and be with as his love over going back to Earth where he’s been missing for so long? I think if he does have a canon end game romance, that’s going to be the biggest challenge he has to overcome. I don’t think they introduced his homesickness story line for no reason. I just feel like in the end Lance might choose someone closer to home for him, because it only makes sense. 

That’s why many of his “romances” in space didn’t last too long, because they were just flings. In the end he’s going to have to make the ultimate decision. And if he did have to make that choice, especially if it came to Allura, I feel like she would push him to go back to Earth, because they both have these totally different lives they need to go back to once the Galra empire is defeated. Allura was fighting for Arus and Lance was fighting for the safety of Earth, they’re both going to want to return to those separate places once this fight is over. That I feel is the only thing that might divide them if they did end up together. 

Anyway I love all of you, you’re all gorgeous and beautiful and sexy and super talented and I’m envious of all of you. Y'all inspire me to be a better person, and without you guys, I would still be a loser with no goals or aspersions and I have y'all sexy butts to thank for it.

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If you're still talking requests, can you draw The One True Morty holding Egg Morty and going like 'your going to be a great Morty someday', but Egg Morty is just like, 'whatevs yo, as long as long as you let me have all naps I want I can be your god damn paper whit for all I care'.

can he even talk? 

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What’s the wildest thing you’ve done with your hair?

All of High School can be considered “wild” and also several of them “regrettable!”  Let us settle in for a photo essay, shall we?

Up until high school, this was very much me. My hair would be trimmed to my chin for summers, but you were lucky if I took a brush to it at all during the day. I was always in oversized t-shirts, baggy cargo shorts, and I had never even attempted girl jeans. I was one of the guys, and I had no intention of reminding them I was a lady. 

The summer before high school, I lost like 20 pounds and decided I should try caring. It was like an overnight switch, I bought fitted jeans, went from 2x-3x t-shirts to Mediums. I started wearing makeup every day, and I began the journey of “do whatever I want to my hair” lololol I changed my hair every 6-12 months for the next 5 years or so.

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Something I've noticed is that whenever Louis' laughing or gonna laugh, whatever Harry is doing at the moment, he's gonna pause and look at Louis and smile then continues. Look at the last gif you reblogged. They're so in love, it hurts to look hahaha

He always checks, like habit, even if it’s to the TV monitors. It’s something we notice and other people dismiss. Like Louis whispering “43!” when asked how many push-ups Harry can do. He could’ve said NOTHING. And no one would’ve cared, including Harry. And yet…

unfold [harry styles teacher au] pt. 2

ok this part is really short and probably shit but i apologize, i’ve been dealing with some things and yeah. also i didn’t proofread this so sorry for any mistakes. i hope y’all enjoy it! :-)

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So, what do you think drove Esteban to make that deal with Shuriki? There's a line in SIWND that goes "Years ago I did not know just how much they care for me" which has interesting implications.

 I think this is the ask I’ve been waiting my whole time here to answer, haha! So, my sincere apologies, this might be the longest thing I’ve written so far. I’m taking this pretty seriously. 

Well, just like most people in this fandom, I don’t think Esteban just decided one day “ Hey, I’ll make a deal with a witch that will overthrow my uncle and invade my kingdom in exchange of political power” and the show seems to imply otherwise too . So, I believe there were many different factors  that drove him to make the deal with Shuriki, making his case rather complicated. 


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Dress in whatever you want but please take good care of yourselves that night!!

-Drive safely
-Watch what you drink and eat
-Make sure no one follows you
-If someone does follow you,call for help or run to the closest crowded place!
-Make sure you aren’t lost and you know exactly where you are going!

Have a fun and safe Halloween night everyone!

Hey guys, apropos of a lot of you struggling right now, please know that I love you and want to be there for you in whatever way I can.

Please don’t feel like you are alone or that no one cares what happens to you. Trust me, you aren’t, and someone does.

i’ve noticed that people who ask to repost art, at least for me, don’t acknowledge the source. they don’t reblog or even like the original post

what does that say? it shows me that they don’t really care about the artist and only do what they believe will get THEM more notes, more followers, more whatever. its not exposure if no one even pays attention to the source in the first place

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Quick question. How do you think the egos (markiplier or jacksepticeye.) Would react to having a S/O who cries when ever they get in fight or more, cry when they are shouted at? I do this a lot and most people say its because i hate conflict like that. How do you think they would react to it?

I think it would depend on the ego. I know exactly how you feel, nonny and I’m sorry :( 

Chase would instantly regret anything he even said to you, and always paranoid about raising his voice whenever he got excited because he hated making you cry. 

Anti I think wouldn’t care. He’s kinda of a reckless person and I don’t think he cares about anyone’s emotions besides his own.

Dr. Schneeple I think would be the best, he’s a doctor so I think he would dedicate one of his studies to at least trying to help you with whatever condition you have or find ways to make it better for you because he may yell a lot but he never wants to raise his voice at you

I think Robbie would burst into tears the second he saw you about to cry. He would raise his voice when you two were arguing and the second your eyes start welling up- he couldn’t help himself. 

The Host would definetely regret raising his voice with you the second he hears you sniffling. It could be him yelling at you about how you treated him after work one night and the second he starts yelling back at you you start to sniffle and his heart breaks

Dark I think is sensitive to that kind of stuff. He sees it as a weakness, a way to get inside. A way to manipulate you into thinking that he cares about you in ways he shouldn’t, like using his voice voice then completely doing a 180 turn almost 50 seconds later after hearing your tears fall 

(ps send more of these drabbles in oh my god i love writing these things) 

Idk unpopular opinion or something but? This idea that what Keith did was wrong or bad or that the team will yell at him for it??

Like uhhh what was he supposed to do? He had to try even if it was (imltho) a stupid plan.

Keith is struggling with who he is and where he belongs but the obvious argument still stands that Voltron’s survival is more important than his own and idk what to say is y'all think/ if the team does argue that’s not true: cause it is. It absolutely is. Hell, Keith and the others would risk their own lives for one individual because they are all heroic and self-sacrificing.

The rest of the team shouldn’t look at what he was going to do and yell at him for… Whatever they wanna yell about. Does Keith need to confronted about his lack of self-worth? Ye. But his internal issues were not all that drove that dive bomb: he loves the others & he cares about the fate of the universe so yeah, dude will give it his all regardless of the risk to himself and even if he didn’t have whatever internal fuckery is happening he’d very likely had done the same thing.

I can see the team yelling at him if only because this could fuel more drama and drive him even further from them but! They shouldn’t because what the fuck guys what would you have done? Not try everything you could in order to stop the entire rebel force from being wiped out?

Also, reminder that they had no idea what was happening with the Rebels end at the time so unless Matt or Lotor say something or they go through recordings of the flight log they’re not gonna know that Keith was ready to give his life to just create a chance that Voltron, his friends, the coalition, and everyone in 10 fucking solar systems might, just might survive.

maybe a weird hill to die on but maybe some community terminolgy just belongs in that community for example if youre not actually a lesbian maybe you shouldnt label yourself butch/femme or throw around the d slur but like yknow whatever i guess because identities are meaningless titles and the suffering of a community isnt worth getting in the way of crappy tungle posts that no one even cares about

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Hi! I was wondering, how do you change the plantsim's hair? Thank you for the help!

In a general sense, I have this mod, which makes Sims keep their regular hair if they get turned into plantsims as adults rather than getting the leaf hair, or if they’re born as plantbabies, they get a regular hair instead of the leaf one. But, you still can’t change their hair even with the mod in place. So in order to change their hair, if I want to, I temporarily cure them, then change their hair to whatever I want, and then “re-plant” them. I use the Sim Transformer to make the curing and re-planting quick and painless. This does give them a couple extra memories, but since I don’t care about memories that doesn’t bother me.