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To SHINee ❤️: To Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin and to Jonghyun, an angel who is no longer with us. There are so many things I want to thank you all for but I am terrible at expressing myself and so I will try to keep this short and simple. I just want to say that I am so thankful for your existence in my life. As someone who has been your fan since the start, I grew up listening to your music and have watched your growth not only as people but as artists from your music as SHINee to your music as solo artists. You have all worked so hard and this is shown through you and your music as well as through your awards and achievements. And I am so proud of each and every one of you. Thank you so much for your music. Your music has helped me more than you’ll ever know. Whether I’m having a bad day or a good day, there’s always a SHINee song playing as background music. You have made me so happy and I only hope that you all are happy always. Thank you. Also, being your fan since the start, I feel like I have gotten to know you all as people. You have all become such lovely people. This might sound silly but growing up with you over the years doesn’t really feel to me like a fan watching their favourite group but feels more like a friend watching over their other friends and going through the good times and the bad times with them. I have always admired you and have aspired to become like you. There’s something about each of you that I really love. You’re all amazing individually but even more amazing as a group. Thank you for making me happy. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for making me laugh. And thank you for making me cry. Thank you for everything. I’m proud of you. You’ve worked hard. I will always support you with whatever you do. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Thank you to the five of you. This is for you. Sincerely, a Shawol. 

To Jonghyun ❤️: Thank you for everything. You’ve worked so hard. And I’m so proud of you. I love you and I miss you. I will never forget you. I will remember you as Kim Jonghyun, the man overflowing with talent. From your lyrics to your compositions to your heavenly vocals, you were so talented. You loved music more than anyone else and I am so happy that you got to achieve so much through your music. I hope that you know that your music has given me and so many others so much happiness. Thank you. I will remember you as Kim Jonghyun, my favourite human. You are someone who I have always wanted to be like. You stood up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. You spoke out for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves. You were an angel on earth and now an angel in heaven. You were an inspiration to me and to many others. From the way you treat your members, your friends and family, your fans and anyone around you, I can say that you’re really a good person. Thank you for the music and the memories. Jonghyun, I’m so sorry that you suffered so much. I hope that you are finally free from the pain and that you have found your happiness. You’ve worked so hard. I am so proud of you. Rest well. I’ll always love you and I’ll always miss you. I will never forget you. Though you are no longer here, you haven’t really left. You are the stars, the moon, the sun, the light. I can always look up and see you there looking down on me. You will always be in our hearts and our minds. Thank you and I’m sorry. 

To Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin ❤️: I don’t know what else to say except that I’m sorry. I can’t sit here and act like I understand what you are going through because honestly, I will never understand what you are going through. But I do hope that you do whatever you need to do to get through this. I know that it’s not easy to lose someone that you love, especially through this way, but I like to think that Jonghyun is finally free somewhere up there smiling and resting on top of a cloud. It’s going to be hard and no one can say if it will get better or worse but I do hope that you get through this. Above everything, your health is the most important so I do hope that you take all the time that you need to heal. Take care always. I will support you with whatever you do. Thank you for everything. You’ve worked hard and I’m proud of you. Thank you and I’m sorry.

Getting Jealous

Summary: The reader was supposed to be Steve’s tutor, but Steve walks into the library to see her helping Billy. Does he really get the right to be jealous if they’re just friends?

Word Count: 3519 

Authors note: I cannot believe how smutty this is guys…holy shit…get ready for smutty angsty Steve!! Lmk what you think:)

You were chewing on a pen, focusing on the paper you were currently reading. Your concentration was broken, however, when you felt someone staring.

Bringing your head up you saw Billy looking down at you, to be fair you were grading his paper, but to also be fair he was giving you the most sinful look ever.

Normally you’d be helping Steve with his papers, but he’d become weirdly distant lately. So you distracted yourself, and how much you missed him, by helping Billy. 

Billy licked his lips, “What’s the damage sweetheart?”. You tried not to blush from all the attention. Looking away you said, “Well I can’t exactly read when you’re staring at me like that”.

You laughed lightly, trying to ease the situation. His smirk only grew, “Sorry, I just badly want-”. Billy paused briefly, wanting to see how you’d react. Letting out a breath he finished, “To do good you know?”.

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That Mouth of Yours

Summary: Loki takes full advantage of Tony’s costume party to let the reader know exactly how he feels. 

Word Count: 3380

Song paring: Gods and Monsters- Lana Del Rey (

Authors note: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Enjoy some good ole Loki smut to get you through the night;) 

Tony clapped his hands together, “ Alright people, so that pretty much sums things up, now don’t forget the party tonight”. Bucky, who was sitting directly across from you, raised his eyebrows at you.

He was of  course hinting at the fact that the party would give you an excuse to be around your favorite raven haired trickster. How could you not be madly in love with the Asgardian?

You balled up a sticky note and threw it at him, hitting him right in the face. You started to laugh until Steve bumped your shoulder. Steve gave you his best dad look, until Bucky threw a balled up sticky note at him.

Tony cleared his throat, “ Is the peanut gallery done?”. You didn’t know what to say, but Bucky chimed right in. Smirking he said, “Yeah, (y/n) here was just asking if everyone would be there…you know like-”.

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Honestly. We need to talk about this scene. This scene right here is, at least for me, one of the biggest Bechloe scenes in the movie.


I get that this scene wanted to show the Bellas (or those that are there) as Chloe’s family, since Chicago is talking about this subject. But I couldn’t help but notice that it kind of only focuses on Beca. That is due to Amy giving her a cookie? I guess? 

Whenever I look at this scene, my eyes are automatically drawn to Beca, because Ashley and Flo are just standing there, doing nothing, while Fat Amy and Beca are interacting, which makes our brain immediately focus on them. It immediately finds Amy’s hand with the cookies, and follows it to Beca’s mouth, where she accepts it. After I watched this scene for the first time, I honestly could not recall who gave Beca the cookie. I only remembered that Beca has been given a cookie.

So, Chloe is basically watching Beca since we’re watching the Bellas from Chloe’s POV. Chicago is talking about family and Chloe is looking at Beca. Chloe sees Beca as her family.

Whether it was intentional or not, this is one of the strongest subtexts of the movie. I sat in the cinema and my heart melted at this scene. The little smile Chloe gives just shows how much she agrees with Chicago on the family thing, and how much she loves her girls, especially Beca. It makes Chloe tear up and emotional. 

She loves Beca so much, she sees her as family and doesn’t want to let her go.

Until My Last Moment

Summary: Thanks to Bucky, during a game of truth or dare the reader is put into a compromising position..which may or may not lead to more fun positions with a certain super soldier later on. 

Word Count:  6028

Author’s note: Guys…SMUTT SO MUCH SMUTT! The reader also has a past with Wade this is kinda a dead pool imagine too? ( but not in the way you guys will think;)~ the reader also has powers!!)

Sam laughed, “ And that was how I lost my virginity..but if that story leaves this room y’all are cold”. The entire room laughed along with him, even though there was only five other people in it.

You all had been bored in between missions and decided to play a game of truth or dare. When alcohol was thrown into the equation, things got dirty real fast. Steve laughed, “ God after hearing that story I don’t think being a virgin is too bad”.

Bucky and Natasha threw you knowing glances, but the blush on your cheeks made things pretty obvious anyways. How could you not have a crush on the most well liked man in all of America?

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🌺 Spoonie Mobile! 🌺

I’ve posted this before on my blog, way back in I think 2015 and in never got much attention. Needless, I remade it! Basically, it’s a decorative charm to promote “spoons” and ample calm energy in your home!

🌸 Items Used 🌸

Small Wreath
Fake Flowers
Glue (optional)
Small Glass Bottles

🌻 Instructions 🌻

Basically all you need to do is cut your flower stems to desired lengths and weave or hide them in the wreath. Tie your yarn in a knot around the spoons about ¾ up. I recommend wrapping and tying a few times, but here is where you could opt for super glue.

I used three spoons, but regardless you’ll want to tie each one on the wreath in equal parts away from each other for balance. I then took extra yarn and tied bows over the knots to make them look a little nicer. You can stop here and charge your mobile for energy and comfort as you wish, but I added spell jars to help me out. I hung these in between the spoons in the same manner.

🍃 Spoonie Jars 🍃

🌱 Egg Shells - Protection & Cleansing
🌱 Lavender Buds - Calming & Soothing
🌱 Raspberry Leaf - Pain Relief
🌱 Mugwort - Restful Sleep
🌱 Chamomile - Relaxation
🌱 Rose Hips - Self Love & Healing

Spin your mobile clockwise to promote spoons and energy. Spin it counter-clockwise to reduce pain and exhaustion. I anointed mine with full moon water for extra energy, and rose water but you can use whatever methods are best for you! Consider cleansing it monthly.


Power Trip

Summary: Someone decides to give Chris Evans too much power during an interview, which he of course uses to tease the reader. As things escalate, and a new side of Chris is shown, the reader is forced to finally take action. 

Word Count: 3342

authors note: this is totally inspired by the fact that during a live game of telephone Chris said, “I like fucking girls up the butt” and they had to bleep it out aka this is extremely dirty guys 

From the moment Jimmy had first explained the game you’d be playing you knew you’d be in for it. You and the team were doing press for infinity war, which meant an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

You were currently sitting between Chris Evans and Sebastian, which was trouble enough. Jimmy clapped his hands together, “Alright folks, we’re going to play telephone Marvel Style”.

Looking to your left you saw the grin on Chris’s face, and immediately you shook your head. With a smirk he turned to you, “This will be fun huh (y/n)?”. His body was nearly on top of yours, and you were staring right into his blue eyes.

Needless to say, it was pretty freaking hard to suppress all your feelings for him. For the sake of the fact that you were all going to be on national television you just smiled, “I’m already scared Chris”.

He laughed, and while doing so gripped your upper thigh. Although it was innocent, you couldn’t help yourself from having extremely dirty thoughts. While trying to calm yourself down you turned to your right, and were met with Sebastian’s wiggling eyebrows.

You sighed, god you weren’t going to catch a break today. Jimmy smiled, “Round one starts now”. He turned and whispered into Chris’s ear, and Chris nodded his head. He winked at the camera before turning to you.

He covered his mouth with his hand as he whispered into your ear, “Sebastian, I want you to fuck me up the ass”. Automatically you burst out laughing, it only took two seconds for Chris to make things dirty.

Although the world knew him as America’s sweetheart, the real Chris Evans was a lot dirtier. He held up his hands, “Come on (y/n) you gotta pass it along!”. You rolled your eyes before saying fuck it to yourself.  

You turned to whisper in Sebastians ear, “Sebastian, I want you to fuck me up the ass”. For effect, you rested your hand on his upper thigh. As you leaned back you watched his eyes widen, and even a light blush form upon his cheeks. Mackie looked at you both, “Oh god, whys Stan blushing”.

Sebastian swallowed before turning to whisper in Scarlets ear. He of course changed it, you could tell by her reaction. As you turned again you saw how happy Chris looked. He leaned towards you, “The hand was a nice touch (y/n), looks like you’re not too innocent either”.

You just bit your lip, trying to stop a blush from forming upon your cheeks. When it finally got to Robert he held up a finger, “I don’t know which one of you idiots changed it but…I want you to buy me a new cat?”.

Seb pointed to Chris, “From what (y/n) said…this has Evans all over it!”. Everyone turned to look at Chris, who was doing his best version of puppy dog eyes. Jimmy laughed, “It was; the avengers are on the show tonight”.

Chris shrugged, “that’s exactly what I said, right (y/n)?”. Everyone could see right through him, all agreeing that he was obviously lying. Laughing you said, “I think you might have a hearing problem Chris”.

Jimmy poked his shoulder, “Alright maybe if we start with Evans it won’t get messed up, you start and I’ll sit out this round”. Instantly you got butterflies in your stomach, knowing full well that giving Chris all that power was a mistake.

He grinned, “You know man, I like the way you think”. Biting your lip you braced yourself for whatever he was going to come up with. He thought it over for a second, before grinning like a madman.

Chris and you had flirted for the entire past year, but he was using this little game to take it to the next level. From how close you’d been getting to him, you knew that there was a lot he kept hidden about himself.

As you turned to look at him, you knew you were right. He was looking at you as if it was just you and him in the room, as if there weren’t cameras rolling, it was a total power move.

There had always been certain moments where this other side of Chris peeked through, but you seemed to be one of the few people who could pick up on it. His tone would be slightly more demanding, he’d look at you as if he was just begging you to make a move.

It was clear that he loved to be in control, and he’d constantly be teasing and testing you. So you swallowed hard and just prepared yourself for whatever was going to come out of that man’s mouth.

Just like before he blocked what he was saying with his hand, making it hard for the cameras to pick up. His voice was low, “I love how easily I can turn you on (y/n)”. Your heart stopped for a moment, his words making your core ache.

Luckily you covered the moan that left your lips but saying, “Oh….god Chris”. All your friends looked to you both, but Sebastian was the only one who knew about the feelings Chris had for you.

You couldn’t help yourself, so you turned to Chris and said, “Can you repeat that I’m not sure I heard you right?”. Chris licked his lips while nodding his head, turned on by the fact that you were encouraging this game he was playing.

Sebastian laughed, Seb knew full well that Chris was using this game to tease you, and part of him wanted to laugh….but the other part was weirdly excited to see what would happen.

Seb was close with the both of you, and in all honesty was tired of you both being all talk and no action. So he smiled and played along with you guys.

Chris leaned in again, “After this is over I’m gonna make that pretty little pussy of yours cum so hard”. This time you covered your reaction by laughing, and luckily enough the only person who saw through you was Seb.

You nodded your head before turning to Seb, “Robert sleeps with a teddy bear and nightlight”. It was the first thing that came to mind and although it was stupid, you knew it would be a good enough cover.

Sebastian quickly turned to Scarlet, but not before winking at you. You rolled your eyes, he was just as smug as Chris was. Finally it got to Robert, “Alright Evans…I told you that in confidence!”.

Jimmy excitedly asked, “What was it?”. Chris looked to you resting his hand on your thigh, “Why don’t you tell the man (y/n)”. You quietly said nice save to Chris, your voice low enough for only him to hear, and he was proud of his own cover up.

“Robert sleeps with a teddy bear and nightlight” you said while laughing. The entire room burst out with laughter. Jimmy looked into the camera, “And that was Telephone Marvel Style, thanks for joining us tonight!”.

You all waved goodbye to the camera before getting up. Thanking Jimmy and then going your separate ways. You’d have some time to yourselves now. As you were leaving Chris came up behind you, “My dressing room, now”.

His voice was extremely demanding, and to make matters worse he squeezed your ass while walking by. You just stopped in your tracks, both nervous and beaming with excitement.

Quickly you turned around to see if anyone else had been in the hallway and saw what had just happened. You were only met with a very smug looking Sebastian. He brought a finger to his lips, “Secrets safe with me (y/n)”.

You looked down and to the left while blushing, “You’re really gonna keep this one from Mackie?”. Sebastian laughed loudly, a grin now on his face. He held your gaze, “You’re right…you might owe me for this one (y/n)”.

After rolling your eyes you said, “Pizza, my place, later? You get to pick the movie?”. Sebastian nodded his head, opening the door to his dressing room.

“You got it (y/n), consider us even! Oh but extra cheese this time!” he said while leaving. While walking away you called, “Alright Stan, you got it”. You smiled to yourself, thankful to have such incredible people in your life.

Finally you were standing outside of Chris’s dressing room, your heart beating rapidly. You took a breath in and then out, summoning up the courage to open up the door.

Chris was leaning against the vanity, undoing his buttoned shirt. His tie was hanging loosely from his neck, one leg crossed slightly over the other. When he saw you enter the room he looked up, “I was scared you wouldn’t come”.

Instantly you laughed thinking to yourself; how the fuck could I not? Smirking you said, “Let’s just hope you’re one to keep your promises Evans”. You watched his entire expression change, for a moment he laughed but seconds later the mood shifted.

His shirt was completely unbuttoned now, “You have no idea princess”. Chris looked to you with lust in his eyes, his perfect plump lips slightly pursed. You couldn’t fight your feelings any longer.

You walked over to him, his lips becoming intertwined with yours. He tugged at your bottom lip, making your lips part. It was only a kiss but his tongue felt so good, and it instantly made your mind wander.

The kiss was feverish, his hands running all over your entire body, your hands tangled in his hair. Within seconds you were completely lost in eachother, no control left in either of you.

To your surprise Chris picked you up placing you on the vanity. He moved his mouth to kiss down your jaw, leaving marks all over your skin. You tugged at his hair harder making him moan, “fuck doll”.

His hands slid up your thighs, bringing the dress you’d been wearing up. Smirking you pushed him back, and he looked up at you like a lost puppy. While leaning back you took off your dress yourself, “Thought you’d enjoy the show”.

His smirk only grew as he watched you, admiring your nearly naked body. As his eyes ran up and down your body he groaned, “So fucking sexy princess”. You bit your lip, bringing your hands behind your back to undo your bra.

Within seconds you felt his large hands massaging your breasts, unable to wait any longer. Your breath hitched as he pinched one of your nipples, making you arch your back. Chris licked his lips, “So eager for my touch huh (y/n)”.

You nodded your head, nearly screaming when his tongue flicked over your nipple. He brought it between his lips, sucking on it. You tangled your hands in his hair again, “Oh Chris”. Within seconds he could have you right on the edge, melting into his touch.

Wrapping your legs around him you brought his body closer to yours. His mouth was working wonders against your skin, and he loved how easily he could make you come undone. Breathlessly you begged, “I need more”.

You felt him smile against your skin as he teased, “So wet for me and I haven’t even started”. He brought his head back up, kissing up your jaw this time. His lips were grazing your ear, “I bet you’re just dripping doll”.

You felt his hands part your legs, and he leaned back with a devilish smirk. Licking his lips he held your gaze, “Tell daddy what you want”. Your eyes widened, trying to make sure you’d heard him correctly.

When you saw how lust blown his pupils were you knew he was serious. Softly you said, “I want daddy to fuck me”. Chris smirked when he realized how easily you submitted to him, you didn’t even hesitate to call him daddy.

He felt himself becoming more lost in his power trip, “good girl”. You tried to hide it, but a moan escaped your lips. As Chris kissed you again, one of his hands teased up and down your slit. You moaned against his lips, and he loved every second of it.

He was teasing you through your panties, driving you wild. You bucked your hips forward, and he groaned. He continued to tease you for awhile, making you beg for his touch.

Finally he slid your panties to the side, “that’s it baby girl”. His fingers teased your clit, rubbing it in all different directions. Chris wrapped a hand around your neck, making you hold his gaze.

His fingers went faster, and you felt your orgasm building. His hand around your neck felt so good, “Fuck Chris-”. His grip tightened a little, and your breath hitched. You loved how in control he was, and it was bringing you closer and closer.

To your surprise one of his fingers darted inside you, making you moan loudly. Your breathing became more rapid, “Chris oh..shit-”. He started kissing your neck again, leaving various love bites all over your skin.

“So tight…so fucking tight” his voice was so low. Your moans were becoming louder, and he knew you were close. Chris pulled his fingers out, making you snap your eyes open. While holding your gaze he brought them to his mouth, sucking on them.

While moaning he said, “You taste so good doll…but I wanna feel you cum around my cock”. His words were bringing you right back to the edge. Quickly Chris pulled down his pants, and when you saw how large his member was you moaned.

His expression was smug, “I always keep my promises (y/n)”. He pulled your body forward so you were now pressed against the vanity. You brought your hand down to stroke him, making him moan loudly.

You went to get down on your knees but Chris stopped you, “Next time doll, and trust me there’s gonna be a next time”. You found yourself smiling, and for a moment the happy go lucky Chris was back.

He turned your body so your back was to him, and you could feel his member pressing into you. Once again his large hands parted your legs, and his member teased your entrance. Chris ran a hand up your back before grabbing a fistful of your hair.

With his other hand he finally entered inside of you, throwing his head back and groaning. His voice was so low, “Fuck doll you feel so good”. You bit your lip as you adjusted to his size and the feeling of him filling you up.

You couldn’t help yourself, slowly you moved your hips backwards taking more of him inside of you. Chris was smirking, “So impatient baby girl”. You were smirking too, and Chris pulled your head back to rest in the crook of his neck.

Looking up to him you said, “and you fucking love it”. He started to roll his hips forward, picking up the pace. In between thrusts he said, “You’re fucking right I do”. The room was soon filled with the sounds of your moans.

Chris was moving his hips rapidly, his full length entering in and out of you. With each thrust you felt yourself getting closer, “Holy shit Chris”. You thought you’d faint as you felt one of his hands slide down your body, stopping right above your clit.

What’s my name baby girl” he was teasing you. You knew what he wanted to hear, “Daddy”. His hand finally massaged your clit, moving as fast as his hips were. Grinning he said, “Oh fuck yeah”.

The moment was ruined when you heard knocking on the door, “Mr. Evans five minutes until we’re back on set, is everything okay?”. He took his hand out of your hair and brought it to cover your mouth.

He didn’t stop thrusting, “Everything is fucking wonderful”. You saw his reflection in the vanity, and he looked so blissfully happy. The Stage hand didn’t leave yet, “Are you sure Mr. Evans can I get you something?”.

You felt the knot in your stomach again, meaning your orgasm was extremely close. He went even faster, “Oh- I got just what I need right here- right fucking here”. His words were pushing you over the edge, not to mention the fact that at any moment you could be caught.

The stage hand waited for a second before saying, “Okay Mr. Evans, have a good day!”. Chris was pounding into you relentlessly while his hand was working wonders over your clit. He still looked so smug, “this is the best fucking day ever”.

You heard the footsteps slowly vanish, leaving you two alone again. He moved his hand, letting your moans escape your lips. His chest was moving up and down rapidly, “Such a good girl for daddy (y/n)”.

Breathlessly you said, “I’m so close”. You could feel that his thrusts were getting sloppier, his moans louder. Chris was just as close, “Cum for daddy babygirl, fucking cum for daddy right now”.

His words sent you right over the edge, and you closed your eyes letting your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. It felt like every single nerve was erupting with pleasure as you let yourself go.

Chris was right there with you, his own orgasm taking over. He held onto your hips tightly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him. The only sounds in the room were your moans and his growls.

You felt him empty himself inside of you, and you nearly came again. He threw his head back, letting himself become completely lost in the pleasure you were giving him.

You watched as his chest heaved rapidly, and his cheeks became flushed. His whole face contorting with pleasure was a beautiful sight. Chris became so lost in the moment, so lost in you.

Seconds passed as you both came down from your highs, riding out your orgasms together. Slowly he pulled out of you, and as you turned around to face him you saw the biggest smile on his face.

That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done (y/n)…holy shit” his words almost made you blush. Smiling you said, “Well you promised a next time didn’t you?”.

He walked over to you, cupping your face in his hand, “Didn’t you just learn I always keep my promises?”. The biggest smirk formed upon your lips, and you nodded your head. Before bringing your lips to his you said, “So next time it is”.

There was rapid knocking on the door again, and you both struggled to get dressed. This time the door swung open, and there of course stood a very happy Anthony Mackie. He was beaming with excitement, “YOU DIRTY BIRDS!”.

You saw both Sebastian and Robert standing behind him. Seb shook his head, “I swear he figured it out all by himself (y/n)!”. Looking at how proud Mackie seemed you knew Sebastian was telling the truth.

Robert was smirking, “I didn’t know you had it in you (y/n)…very naughty of you…I’d expect it of Evans but-”. He was cut off when Chris slammed the door shut. Chris looked back at you, “Let’s just say I don’t like to share”.

You laughed, “Does that mean I’m all yours now?”. Chris matched your smile as he walked over to you again. He rested his hands on your hips, “All mine (y/n)”. You smirked before kissing him one last time.

Taking his hand you teased, “There might not be a next time Evans if we both lose our jobs”. He nodded his head while laughing, leaving the room with you. As you walked down the hall he smacked your ass one last time.

Turning your head to the side you said, “Hey unfair!”. Chris walked backwards for a moment, looking to you with a huge smirk. He winked, “You know you love it”. Before joining him you said, “Yes I do”.

Dec. 1st | Tree Topper 🎄

Synopsis: When everyone else leaves you to decorate the Christmas tree, Loki steps up.

A/N: Today begins the 25 Days of Christmas series! I’ve been so excited to share these one-shots with you guys, and I just want to thank you for all the support (and 800+ followers!!)! I was really unsure when I started writing again, especially since I’d never written about Loki before, but the love and support I’ve seen has been overwhelming in the best ways. So here’s to you! 

Words: 1294 (these were supposed to be short)

Warnings: None

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Desc: Can you do a Kai imagine where he meets a girl who has the same past as him (except the whole killing family thing was in self defense) & well shy and quiet she seems to be the only one who sees something in him & stands up for him & laughs at all his jokes & he doesn’t understand why he loves bringing her out of her shell & seeing her laugh at his dorky jokes & basically a imagine where they, two people who have been scorned by love, fall in love & learn to understand it ❤

gif not mine

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She ran into him by accident. It was around two in the morning, and the stars dotted the black canvas in the sky like sprinkles of golden fairy dust. It was cool out, the gentle breeze just enough to bring goosebumps to her skin, and it smelt of the fresh pine trees of the forest she was running through. Her hair was pulled atop her head in a loose and messy knot, oversized sweater hanging over her palms, her eyes hooded and lips chapped. The girl’s battered combat boots smacked against the leaf strewn ground, her breath heavy, leather bag dangling off her shoulder as she sprinted like her life depended on it. 


The girl slammed face first into something, her hands coming up to massage her face as she groaned out in pain. She inhaled a raspy breath, blinking around in bewilderment when she realized there was nobody and nothing there.

“Hello?” she uttered into the desolate forest.


The voice was almost inaudible, so faint and nervous she almost missed it. It seemed to come from directly in front of her, and yet when she stared in the direction of the voice, all she saw was the dark outline of a faded oak. Suddenly, a boy melted from the shadows, literally seeping out in human form. He was tall and lanky, with ruffled brown hair and shining blue eyes that were filled with hurt. The moonlight cast shadows across his sculpted facial curves, full lips, and faint stubble. He’d been cloaking himself with an invisibility charm, smart.

“You have magic,” the girl stated in disbelief, tilting her head and looking the boy over with curiosity.

“And that doesn’t scare you?” his voice rumbled low.

She narrowed her eyes, “no.”

The girl raised a hand towards the boy, and a golden wisp of light erupted from her pale fingertips and engulfed the two in an orb of glimmering light so they could see only each other in the folds of the dark night. The boy stared at the girl in awe, his mouth hanging open a little. He looked her over, impressed.

“You too,” he breathed.

“Me too,” she responded, feeling suddenly shy when he looked her over with those startlingly blue eyes.

“And what are you doing running through the forest in the middle of the night?” he asked, brow arched.

“I could ask you the same,” she says, folding her arms over each other.

“No, really,” he asks sincerely.

“You wouldn’t get it,” she clenches her jaw, and he picks up on the little pulse and crinkle in her eyebrows.

“I might just,” he whispers, his eyes flickering back and forth between hers.

She twirls a long curl of hair around her fingertips, eyes planted to the brown soil, heart sinking. The memories pain her to think about, and when she does, the golden orb around them falters momentarily. 

“I’m running,” she admits with a heavy sigh.


“My family,” she swallows hard at the lump in her throat, eyes coming back to the boy’s. He doesn’t seem phased at all, but he frowns when he sees her looking so fragile and hurt.

“Anyways,” she shakes her head, snapping out of her trance. “I can’t keep up too long or they’ll find me. So…goodbye, stranger.”

She moves to sidestep the boy, but he grabs at her wrist, shaking his head, “Kai.”

“Kai?” she breathes.

“My name,” his lips twitch faintly.

Her body relaxes, maybe she can stay another minute.

“Well, it’s actually Malachai,” he stumbles softly. “Malachai Parker.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” she says bashfully.

Kai scoffs, “yeah, right.”

“I mean it,” she smiles sympathetically, seeing the look of disgust he has for his own name.

Kai chews his rosy lower lip in disbelief, thinking she’s joking at first, but her facial expression holds still. A breeze swoops gently over them, and he catches a whiff of her sugary perfume, it’s intoxicating, and he wants to move closer to her but he doesn’t.

“Sorry,” he apologizes, letting go of the knit sweater he clung to.

She tells him her name, and asks what he could be doing at such an early hour.

“Running,” he mimics her.

He sees her facial expressions soften, lips bending downwards and eyes saddening. She’s so precious and delicate, nothing like himself.

“From your family?” she whispers, taking a step closer to him.

He couldn’t bear to drag such a fragile girl into his messy life, so he decided to scare her off now rather than later, since lying would only hurt her. And he didn’t want to see her more hurt than she clearly was already. Something about her…he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he only knew she didn’t deserve to be with a disaster like himself.

“No,” he said icily, stiffening his back. “I killed them all.”

The girl froze, heart hammering, instinctively taking a step back.

Good, she was scared. 

“Why?” her voice trembles.

“Because I’m the black sheep,” he laughs bitterly. “I was an outcast in my family my entire life, the broken one, the ‘faulty gemini’. My sister Jo was the perfect one, oh, everyone loved Jo. But not me. No, I was isolated from my own family,” he spits with anger. “I bet it was really nice to stand around and judge me, while they got everything out of life.”

“Why?” she asks again, sounding more curious than frightened now.

Kai cuts her off and draws closer to her, “you should go,” he growls.

“Tell me,” she demands, standing her ground despite every part of her body urging her to run.

She was clearly terrified, but was stubborn enough to try and hide it.

“What makes you think I won’t hurt you?” he says with dark eyes.

“Because I know what it feels like,” she snaps, her face inches from his malicious one.

That expression on his face melted off like ice, and he steps back, “what?”

“Show me,” she responds nervously.

“Show you?” he questions, unable to hold the facade.

He hated the feeling of control the girl seemed to hold over him. Why wasn’t she running yet? Everyone else would have…

“Show me your ability,” she demands quietly, rolling up her lavender sweater and shoving her wrists out to the boy.

“H-how did you know?”

“We’re not so different, you and I,” she says, “just…do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he admits with a shake of his head. Funny how quickly he switched from selfish and psychotic to caring and compassionate.

“Kai,” she begs.

He takes a rattled breath, his hands clammy as he approaches the defiant girl. He can feel energy radiating from her bloodstream, and he wants it, needs it, like a drug. She doesn’t look afraid as his slender fingers lock lightly on her wrists, the cool rings that decorated his fingers pressing into her skin. Her beautiful eyes hold to his own, and he keeps them locked to hers as the orange glow burns into her flesh. Her magic oozes into his bloodstream, but it’s different than usual, stronger, he thinks. His mouth tips open as he groans from the feeling he’s missed so much, her energy diffusing throughout his body, and he can’t help but close his eyes from the pleasure. Any second now she should be gasping out for him to stop, crumpling from the pain of his siphoning, but she doesn’t. Then he drops her wrists, snapping back to reality, feeling more alive than he has in ages.

“Why didn’t that hurt you?” he breathes, still on a magic high.

“I don’t run out,” she responds flatly.

“How is that not a gift?!” Kai gasps.

“Because when I have so much it makes me overwhelmed, and I- I can’t control it. My emotions tip even just a little, and my magic comes spilling out of me. The rest of my family thought they could just fix me, because I was some sort of threat to out coven. A-and sometimes I only wanted to help, but it makes me do bad things…hurt people,” she mutters, eyes to the floor. “It’s darker magic, watch.”

The girl stoops low to the ground, where a small pink flower blossoms innocently from the ground. She brushes her fingers to the soft petals, and Kai watches as the plant dissolves into black ash under her finger pads.

“My mom came after me one day,” she shudders, “I didn’t mean to, I was just trying to protect myself.” Her wrist quickly swiped away a falling tear, and she cleared her throat, pretending it was all alright.

He wanted nothing more than to wrap that girl in his arms that instant.

“You don’t scare me, Malachai Parker,” she stands, her body alarmingly close to his.

Nobody ever called him by his full name, this was new.

“You’re not as twisted as me,” he denies. “I’m bad news, a psycho, or sociopath, if you will.”

He runs a hand through his chestnut locks, overwhelmed by the closeness of the girl.

“Stop trying to scare me,” she says. “You’re not like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“You’re not bad, you’re just…broken. I know that feeling.”

Her eyes reflect the golden sparkles around them, hair cascading across her perfect face. Her ability to care confused him.

Kai scoops down to the ground, touching the pile of ashes where the flower was moments ago. His eyes close as he uses his siphoned magic to revive the flower, and soon he’s plucked the rosy thing from the ground and is facing this girl again. She looks at the flower with admiration, the faintest of smiles on her little lips. Kai picks off the stem, and brushes back the girls hair affectionately, sliding the pink flower into the crook of her ear; it suits her wonderfully. Her cheeks blush noticeably, and she chews nervously at her lower lip. He can’t help but trail his fingers across her perfect skin, surprised that she didn’t pull away; nobody ever let Kai touch them. He liked that feeling a lot.

“Look at us,” he says, “two broken pieces.”

“Maybe two broken pieces make a whole one,” she laughs suddenly.

He loved that tinkling bell-like laugh so much, he wanted to hear it again and again.

“You know you’re like, really pretty,” Kai blurts without thinking.

She smiles a radiant smile up at him, “don’t tell me Malachai Parker is actually feeling,” she jokes.

He shoves her playfully, but grabs each of her arms afterwards so that she’ll stay close to him. When he pulls her back, her chest goes thudding against his, and she instantly resumes her nervous stance.

“Hey,” he says, his fingers crawling under her chin and lifting it up so their eyes meet. “You have too much power contain, and I don’t have any at all, maybe if we work together we could balance each other’s faults, you know?”

“Work together?” she blinks up at him. “Not, alone?”

He bends over her, the electric currents of her skin against his driving him crazy with longing. Her lips were so close, begging for his.

“Not alone,” he breathes.

The evolution of Dick Grayson

Ho god, I love this character and his different costume (I know he has more than those one, but I choose my favorites ;) ) and I like to experiment my style on this one, add some details OwO

Also I take the opportunity here to annonce that I’m opening another tumblr page where I will reblog the stuff that I like and answer a lot more questions!
I do that because I always forbid myself to reblog on this blog, so people who comes won’t get lost between my art and the other’s.
Plus, that kind of annoys me to mix my art and just some post where I talk, I have the feeling that it can annoy people who just want to see animation ><
But I think it’s quiet sad to not help people to have some views or reblog or struggle with answering questions :(

So I will do it on this blog!

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See you soon :D

S A V I O R (B. Barnes x Reader)

Word count: 2688

Warnings: Kissing, some Russian and this is shit, but whatever.

Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight car
Тоска, проржавевший, семнадцать, Рассвет, печи, девять, доброкачественная, встреча выпускников/корпоративы, один, грузовых автомобилей

My hands sting and I can already feel the bruises beginning to form.
I sit to catch my breath, in the deafening silence I hear a drop of my blood hit the scuffed wooden floor.

Looking back, not wrapping my hands was a bad idea.

I get onto my feet and hook another bag up. This time, being careful to wash and wrap my hands.
Letting out years of pent up anger felt good after a long day of dealing with idiotic people.

“You should probably take care of that first.” Steve comments just as I knock the bag off its chain, accidentally spilling sand across the floor.
“If it isn’t the star-spangled man with a plan, why are you here? What do you want?”
“I don’t want anything -” he says obviously finding humour in his joke. My patience is running thin and I shoot him a glare.
He clears his throat, regaining his composure. “Fury wanted to see you.”
“Fury? Nick Fury, the one that relieved me of my title as field agent?-” Steve tries to cut me off
“-All because yours truly made one little mistake-”
“You almost got us killed.” He cuts in
“But I didn’t! I came in and saved your ass, again!”
“You wouldn’t have had to save us if you stuck to the orders!”
“It was my brother! What would you have done! I fixed my mistake, but Fury didn’t give me my second chance, why should I give him his?”
“Y/N I-” he sighs “I need your help.”
I shoot him a questioning look. “My silence is your cue.”
“Do you remember Bucky?”
“Bucky. Barnes?…The Winter Soldier? Yeah, why?”
“S.H.E.I.L.D wants to recruit him”
“Why? He tried to kill us. You were his mission-”
“I was his friend.”
“Steve, Bucky was your friend, the Winter Soldier, he’s your enemy. You can’t save him. He’s long gone. And he tried to kill us.”
“He remembers.” Steve argues “H-he’s still the Bucky I used to know, deep down.” He clears his throat again.
“Fury said that if you brought him back successfully-and alive- he’ll give you your job back.”
“Fine, but I’m doing this for me, and only me, not for you or your issues with your broken boyfriend.” Steve barely contained his excitement as we walk to the jet waiting outside. After a short flight to Stark tower and many questioning glances, we’re sat around a table discussing the terms of the mission.

“There are tracking devices in all the weapons in case you decide to go rogue.”
“Stark, I take my job very seriously.”
“Don’t flatter yourself, it’s just a precaution.”
I glance over the weapons layed out in front on me and pick a few, stuffing them in my duffle bag. I pause when I see an unfamiliar weapon. “Hey, Stark, what’s this?”
“Turn it away from you, press the green button, it vaporizes whatever its aimed at.” He demonstrated on a vase sitting on the table and it turned to a pile of ash.
“Woah. That’s awesome!”
“Thank you.”
“Tony, if only you were as big as your ego, maybe you’d be able to reach the top shelf.” Although he was a few inches taller than me I still liked to tease him about his height compared to the others.

I sat back down looking over the Winter Soldier’s case file once again, taking in all the details, adding them to what I already know. In his military picture he looks young, determined, sweet, definitely handsome, probably a ladies man with his hair neatly cut and gelled.
In the other two he looked different. There’s one of him in cryo. Even in his frozen state you can still make out the crease in his brow, he looks like he’s… in pain. The one of him in action, a majority of his face is covered by a black mask, his hair long and messy. His metal arm stood out against his black uniform. The vibranium caught the sun and made the red star stand out even more. The way I recognized him best, as the Winter Soldier.

“What?” I say snapping out of my stupor

“You spaced out, it’s time for us to leave, you’re headed to Shelbyville, Indiana, that’s where the target was seen last.”

“He’s not a target.” Steve yelled from down the hall, slamming the door.

“Actually, Sam? Wilson, right? Alright bird-boy. I say we head to Washington. I was thinking metal-man grew up in Indiana, maybe he went looking for answers he couldn’t find. If you’re a fossil who doesn’t know how to properly use a computer, where would you go to search for the past?”

“The Smithsonian.” Bruce chimed in when we walked past him lab. I shot him a smile, seeing as he was the only one who sided with me when I almost got them killed, he’s one of my favorites. Him and Natasha that is. Agent Romanoff was always one of my favourites.
“Exactly, there’s a big plaque dedicated to Barnes there. I say we check it out. I don’t think Barnes would stay in one place too long, he knows he’s wanted.”
“You really think he’s there?”
“Wilson, I’m a spy, its my job to know where people are.” I send over my shoulder on my way into the quinjet. I’m met with a light chuckle from Mr. Patriotism himself. “What’re you laughing at?”
“You know, you’re quite funny, agent Y/L/N.” I’m slightly startled by the title, not being used to it anymore. Does he just have that much faith that I’ll succeed? Although, I’ve only failed one or two missions. “Alright Rogers, we’ve got three hours on the jet, try to behave.”

Three hours later I’m dropped off at one of Stark’s safe houses a few blocks from the Smithsonian.
“Call when you’ve got him, we’ll send a jet. And Y/N, please, don’t hurt him unless you absolutely need to.” A quick nod and a small smile from the Captain is my parting, from here I’m on my own. I head into the small rundown house, it’s bigger on the inside, cleaner and brighter too. There’s a bed to one side and a bathroom on the other.

“There’s no place like home.”

I drop my duffle and slip a gun into the waistband of my pants. I also grab a knife and slip it into the holster in my jacket, you can’t be too careful.

I decide to take the small ‘getaway’ car in the garage. Its not as great as Steve’s bug though.

The first few days go by with no sign of the infamous soldier. I’m caught off guard to finally see the one and only sporting a baseball cap, jeans and a sweatshirt. He has gloves on too, it seems. Its not too cold, it’s only late October, he’s most likely trying to hide the metal that could set civilians into a panic and most certainly give him away. He’s standing near the plaque dedicated to the one James Barnes of the 107th.

I stand and observe him for a little while. He reads the words over and over again. Its a good ten minutes before I finally walk over, careful not to startle him. I stand next to him and read the plaque for myself.
“Bucky seems like he was a great person, definitely someone you’d want to befriend.” He seems caught off guard by my words and he takes a second to comprehend my sentence.
“Yeah I bet he was a great person.” He says. “Was.” He says. I don’t comment on it because I know I wasn’t supposed to hear it. After another few minutes of silence I start again.

“You know, Steve really misses you.” His head shoots up and his eyes are dark and guarded. He recognized the name.

“He remembers.” Steve’s words play over in my head.

“Who sent you?” He questions obviously ready for a fight.
“S.H.E.I.L.D.” the look on his face tells me he doesn’t believe me.
“They want to recruit you.” No response.
“Bucky-” recognition crosses his features, but is gone almost immediately and his eyes soften, barely. He looked like he was thinking hard, remembering.
“-Steve wants you back, he wants you to remember and I can help.” I show him my S.H.E.I.L.D badge for proof
“Let’s go because that guard hasn’t stopped watching you since you came in.” We head towards the street making our way to my car.
A tall man blocks our way. I pull out a gun and shoot. I clip his shoulder and he gets my leg, I collapse, but shoot again, this time its a head shot. The car’s gone and I can’t walk.
“How’d you get those through security?”
“Same way you got your arm through. Can you carry me, I can’t walk.” He picks me up as if I weighed nothing while I made a makeshift tourniquet.
I call Steve and then Romanoff and Banner, but none of them answer. He sets me down in a chair when we reach the safe house.
“Well, Earth’s mightiest heroes aren’t answering, I guess we’ll spend the night here. I’ll take first watch. You rest.” He hesitates, obviously not trusting me.
“If Steve trusts me, you can too. I promise.” He gets up and heads towards the bathroom. I hear the water start to run. I decide to make something light to eat for us, assuming he hasn’t had much lately. I hear the door click open.
“Hey, I made us dinner-” he standing in the doorway with only a towel wrapped around his waist. “I uhm, left my clothes.”
I hand him his clothes and try to keep my gaze from wandering. The door clicks shut again and I let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding in. I sit on the bed and begin eating my sandwich. Bucky comes out, fully clothed with his hair neatly combed. I hand him his plate.
“You know, if there’s anything you want to know about yourself, I could try to answer, the basics at least. You’ll have to ask Rogers on the rest.”
“You know, that wasn’t me. None of it was me, I killed… So many people b-but, it wasn’t me.”
“I know Bucky.” I say taking his plate as he lays down.

He tosses and turns for hours. And when his breathing finally evens out I’m relieved to know he’s at least resting. I know what torture can do to a person. He sleeps for about an hour before he wakes up, immediately on guard. He wraps his metal hand around my throat
“Кто тебя послал?” Who sent you?
I’ve never been caught like this before, I could get out easily, but that would only make him more nervous,
“Bucky.” I choke out. “Its me, no one sent me.” His eyes soften and he drops me.
“I’m so sorry.” He says softly, glancing at the forming bruises.
“Its okay, I have them too, you know.” He looks surprised,
“You do?”
“Mm.” He looks at me for another second before going and sitting on the bed. He mutters quietly in Russian, but I can’t make out the words. I sidestep my bag and go to the sink.
“Drink.” I say handing him the glass. “What were you just mumbling?”
“Пытки равна прочности.”
“Torture equals strength.” We say together.
“ It was written on every surface back at Hydra.” I sit on the bed next to him, a bit closer than necessary.
“Все это будет нормально.” It’ll all be okay
He looks up at me and for the first time I see the ghost of a smile grace his features.
My phone rings interrupting our conversation.
“I’m sorry, we had a mission, I’ll come out to pick you up now.”

Thanks Clint, see you soon.“

“Katniss will be here soon, just throw your stuff in my duffle, I got it.” He does as he’s told, obviously confused, and goes back to his spot on the bed. It kind of set me off that he was trusting me. I knew well enough that it was an act. That he would try something. It was almost too easy.


Bucky became my new partner on all my missions and he’s remembering more and more.
With the help of Steve of course.
Its been about 2 years. I’ll fill you in on the details.

I was right, when Clint came, Bucky tried to escape. To kill us. He didn’t succeed. He was locked up for a while, with only minimal visits from me or from Steve. Steve helped him to remember, I was like a therapist. Maybe it was because I didn’t remind him, maybe because I was, in a sense, a stranger, but nevertheless, we grew closer. Eventually, I got Fury to agree to let Barnes roam, with me as an escort. Once he was stable enough, he began training, which, in my opinion, he didn’t need. And then he was recruited.

“Hey, Buck, we gotta go, we’re on our way to Vegas, remember?”
Finally, a mission in a nice place. We drop down and check into a nice hotel, that’s a new one. There’s a Hydra base under one of the abandoned casinos in town and its our job to take it down.


“Hey Buck, we’re in Vegas, we should do something fun.”
I say as we walk away from the burning building, cliché am I right?

“Why don’t we go back to the hotel and order room service? Watch a few movies, I’m still not caught up with the 21st century.” I laugh and nod my head in agreement.
I collapse on the bed and bury my face in the pillow.
“Are you tired, Мой ангел?”
I feel a rush of warmth at the name. Did he just call me his angel?
“No, just getting comfy.” I reply, my voice muffled my the pillow.
“I can make you comfy.” He says climbing in beside me and pulling me to him. He trails kisses up my neck to my jaw. I turn over to face him and give him a puzzled look. I’m not denying my feelings, everyone knew they were there, we’ve just never… confronted it, or even talked about it. And he’s never this carefree.

He smiles and captures my lips with his, a soft, yet hungry kiss, like he’d been waiting to do it. He wanted me just as badly as I wanted him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he instinctively put his hands on either side of my head to hold himself up. I tuck my hand up under his shirt and he pulls away only long enough my me to slip his shirt off and throw it across the room. I trace the skin where the metal meets, its still red, but not as bad as when I caught him watching his own reflection. As if he were a monster, a few weeks after I brought him to S.H.E.I.L.D. he slipped my shirt up over my head and trailed kisses down my neck, to my chest and onto my stomach, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. He brings his mouth back up to mine and his tongue skims my bottom lip. The moment ends when my phone rings insanely loudly. Bucky curses under his breath.
“What?” I snap at the person on the other line.
“Did I interrupt?” Comes the snarky voice of Tony on the other end.
“Why are you calling, Stark?”
“I sent Natasha to come get you guys, she’ll be there in a few hours.”
I end the call without a goodbye and look to the soldier piercing me with his blue eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He just chuckles and places a light kiss to my forehead.
“We’d better get dressed.” He muses a playful smirk on his face.
“To be continued, Кукла.”


The Perfect Time

Summary: Loki deicdes to flirt with the reader during battle, which can only lead to fun

Word Count: 517

Authors note: THIS GOES AGAINST THE PLOT OF THE MOVIES! this is just a lil smut to hold you over until Tuesday night when I can post my halloween imagine!

You caught Steve’s shield, using it to block the swarm of bullets coming your way. Thor smashed his hammer into the ground, making your assailants extremely unbalanced.  

Smirking you threw the shield back while simultaneously hitting three armed chitauri, “Well this sure takes catch to the next level”. You saw Steve smile as he moved to take down the next fleet.

Tony flew overhead, “Try this one on for size (y/n)”. Suddenly a huge chitauri dropped to the ground in front of you, quickly getting to it’s feet. You shook your head, “Wow Tony you shouldn’t have!”.

You ran at him, until he was suddenly knocked out from behind. Your favorite raven haired prince stood behind him. Loki smirked, “Hello love, miss me?”.

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hello everybody! after its success last year, i’ve decided to host yet another community Secret Santa! with just over 100 participants in 2016, it’s an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit and meet members of the communities.

for those of you who don’t know, a Secret Santa is a fun holiday gift exchange; essentially, you are secretly assigned a person and you give them a gift. since this is tumblr though, “gifts” consist of things such as positive messages, gifs, fan art, fan fiction, icons.. etc! that’s entirely up to you as a Secret Santa.


the event will be open for entry until November 30th. at that point i will close the form and use its results to send you your person on December 1st in your tumblr IMs/messages.

once you get your person, you are responsible for sending them one “gift” on 12/25, at which point you can reveal your identity. although it is not required this year, i highly recommend interacting with your person on anon throughout the month. get to know them and what they like… it’ll help you choose your gift!

full rules & details can be found in the form itself, the Guide, and the FAQ. please read & review those before sending me any questions.

have fun guys! happy holidays
- megs

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If by Some Miracle

Summary: The reader and Loki decide to keep their relationship hidden from Thor. It isn’t until Thor claims Loki isn’t worthy enough to rule that things escalate, making everything make or break. 

Word Count: 1019

Authors note: I wanted to give you guys a little something because I know I won’t be able to write for a little bit! Let me know what you think! Also, this turned out so cute!

You were in the compounds kitchen with Bucky when in stormed an extremely angry Loki, followed by an annoyed Thor. Bucky looked to you, “I wonder what that’s about doll”. You nodded your head, your heart racing.

Tensions between Thor and Loki had been a lot higher lately, and it broke your heart. You loved Thor, he was your closest friend, but you’d also grown extremely close to Loki. The only reason that was a problem was because Thor had an apparent crush on you.

It was so obvious that everyone knew about it, but you knew it was merely just a crush. Part of you thought he was just confused after everything that had happened with Jane, so regardless you’d kept just how close you’d gotten to Loki a secret.

By now their bickering had caused nearly everyone to come into the kitchen. Steve stood next to you, “How’d this all start (y/n)….(y/n)”. When Steve repeated your name it caused you to finally look up at him.

Through furrowed brows he asked, “Is everything okay doll?”. Before you could answer him you heard your name again, but this time it was leaving Thor’s lips. Suddenly all eyes were on you, and you didn’t know why.

Thor repeated himself, “You’re sleeping with lady (y/n) Loki!?”. There it was, out in the open and no taking back. Softly you heard Sam say, “Shittt man..”. You stood there unable to say anything as you watched Thor’s anger grow.

Bucky quietly asked, “Is that true (y/n)”. All you did was nod your head, part of your heart breaking as you saw how angry Thor was. Loki was going crazy with madness, “Is that so wild brother? Someone choses asgard’s disappointment over asgard’s promise child?!”.

You shook your head as you saw Thor extend his hand, summoning mjolnir. Loki could tell he’d struck a nerve, “It drives you mad to know it is my name that falls from her lips like a prayer…although it is nothing but sinful”.

Your cheeks went red from the looks the entire room was giving you now that the true nature of your relationship with Loki was out. Thor spun mjolnir in his hand, but you’d had enough.

Loudly you said, “Stop this..the both of you”. While both in their battle stances both men now looked to you. First you looked to Loki, “I expect more from you Loki….I know you’re so much more than these mind games”.

Then you turned to Thor, “And Thor although I know you love me….I know it’s not the way you still love Jane”. His whole expression softened and he parted his lips to speak, but instead just nodded his head.

Finally you said, “So now more fighting okay? If you both kill each other neither of you can have me at all”. Both men tried not too, but they found themselves smiling.

Loki moved towards you but you held up a finger, “Oh I’m not done with you just yet”. He licked his lips but listened to you and you heard the men behind you snicker. Thor let mjolnir fall to the ground as he took a step towards you, “I’m sorry lady (y/n)…and I’m afraid you’re right…”.

He smiled, “Although my love for you is strong, it is not the way I love Jane…I don’t know why I-”. Shaking your head you finally hugged him. Softly you said, “Go find her”. Thor squeezed you tightly before grabbing mjolnir, going out onto the balcony, and flying off.

There stood Loki, looking to you with his best version of puppy-dog eyes. Laughing you said, “Oh it’s going to take a lot more than that for me to forgive you”. You heard Sam make a remark, something to do with sex, and you rolled your eyes.

Loki’s hands were behind his back, “Pet if you let me-”. Again you heard Sam’s voice say, “Pet” in a suggestive tone. You opened your mouth to speak but before you could Loki snapped his fingers, teleporting the both of you to his room.

He shrugged, “I couldn’t listen to their remarks any longer love”. Your arms were crossed over your chest. Loki stepped towards you, “Can I atleast explain my pet?”. You nodded your head and Loki began.

His voice was soft, “Thor and I had gotten into a disagreement where he said that I am still unfit to rule and that-” you eased up, knowing how that must’ve hurt Loki very badly.

You knew full well that Loki still seeks approval from Thor. Loki continued, “He said that I still wasn’t worthy…that I still cannot be trusted… so I had said that I was worthy enough for you”. Your lips parted, and you realized he now stood in front of you.

Loki lifted your chin up, “You have taught me how to believe in myself (y/n)…it was you that first saw the man I have always wanted to be and believed in it”. All your anger melted away as you smiled.

Loki licked his lips, “I couldn’t help myself (y/n)…I wanted everyone to know that someone as remarkable as you has chosen me…chosen me when no one ever has”. You felt yourself begin to be flooded with emotions.

Resting a hand against his chest you softly said, “I will always chose you Loki…I love you”. His eyes widened, Loki had never thought you’d feel that way about him. You words were like a prayer, and he felt the pain in his chest begin to ease as he heard them.

His forehead pressed against yours as he breathlessly said, “I shall love you until my last breath (y/n)”. Finally Loki crashed his lips against yours, wanting to make sure this all had been real.

When Loki felt your soft lips against his, your hand tugging at his hair innocently although the effect it had on him was sinful, he knew that by some miracle this was all real. You were all he truly needed to feel complete.

1993 - FOREVER