no one wants to hear me ramble

I’ve been on tumblr in the fanfiction realm (reading and writing) for years now, and these are the things I’ve noticed over the years.


  • If you read it, say something. It doesn’t matter if you drop as an ask or a message, reblog, like or reply in a post. WE DON’T CARE. Say something. It can be insanely detailed to an incoherent rambling such as “fbdhsfbdfabasdhfb.” Most anything will make us smile. There are some days where one of these messages will give us the desire to continue writing. I get it if you don’t want to reblog because it doesn’t fit the “aesthetic” of your blog, or you don’t want to like it because (like me) you have this thing about keeping your likes organized, but  replying to a post leaves literally no evidence on your end and will make the writer smile.
  • Don’t offer advice if they haven’t asked for it. Although it shouldn’t, hearing people say that they would’ve done something differently, or whatever scenario wouldn’t work, or a straight up insult, or whatever it happens to be, will bother us more than it should. If something about a piece is really bothering you, ask the writer if you can offer something constructive - and by constructive, I mean, offer a solution, don’t tell me I suck balls. :) In my case, when this happens, I delete your ask. 
  • This is a BIG ONE, and a very simple one. WE ARE NOT MACHINES. We have lives, and we also like to write. We do so for free and on our own time, so don’t complain if you don’t get an update when you think it should be up. (This isn’t an issue for me thankfully, but I see this a lot with multi-chapter fics. People want what they want when they want it with no regard for the writers feelings.)
  • While many writers, myself included, desire recognition for our work, the majority of us write because we have too many feelings inside us and need to get them out in some way. We write for ourselves and your enjoyment of those pieces is a happy accident, so when you look at a story and think it should’ve gone differently, that’s because you weren’t the one writing it. We wanted it to go a certain way.


“I have… died before, Dean.”

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” Dean stared back at him. They had gotten back to the bunker in two cars, Mary having diverted to meet with another hunter friend. Castiel’s car remained back where they left it because Dean didn’t want him to drive. It was too soon since he had nearly watched Castiel die right in front of him…  Sam could sense Dean’s unease the minute they made their way to the Impala and Dean tossed Sam the keys, opting instead to sit in the backseat with Cas.

“Dean…” Castiel shifted his weight at the base of the stairs in the war room, looking anywhere but the hunter in front of him. Sam went to return the weapons they had brought on them for the hunt. If Dean was gonna say his piece the last thing he could use was an audience.

“Don’t ‘Dean’ me, Cas!” Dean moved to grab Castiel’s attention, his wall starting to crumble. Cas was gonna die. He was gonna flatline right in front of Dean and there was nothing Dean could’ve done before Crowley snapped the lance. I can’t watch you die, Cas.

Castiel saw Dean’s expression change then, the layers unfurling. This was him breaking down. He took a step forward to help steady Dean’s weight as it shifted, both hands on Dean’s shoulders. 

“… There was black goo coming out of your mouth. It smelled like acid, man.” Dean knew he was rambling, shaking, but right now he really didn’t care. “I’ve been through shit. We’ve been through shit, but the last four hours of my life… were the worst I’ve ever had.” He moved to put one of his hands over Castiel’s on his shoulder, this time looking at Castiel head on. “I’ve made ‘I’m gonna die’ speeches, but never once did I say the one thing that I wanted… that I needed you to know. And just,” his voice broke then. Castiel felt Dean’s hand push against his own, grounding himself. “Hearing you say that part made me realize I never said it to you.”

Castiel said nothing, letting Dean have a moment to collect his thoughts. His body was fine, but his mind would need a few days to recover, he knew. Seeing Dean like this, seeing him so broken by the very idea; it was more than Cas could bare. Slowly, he closed the space between them until they were chest to chest, Dean’s face buried in Castiel’s neck as his other arm came around Castiel’s back.

“I’m alive, Dean,” Castiel spoke slowly against Dean’s hair as the other man’s grip tightened. “We’re alive, and what I said was still true.” 

“I can’t lose you, Cas. I refuse to. You’re family. You’re more than that,” Dean raised his head, his eyes red and his lip quivering. “I need to say it. I need you to know,” Dean swallowed hard.  “I love you, Cas. I can’t lose you.”

Castiel gave him a small smile. These were words he never thought he would hear and had come to terms with that, but the tide was changing. “You won’t lose me. Not ever.”

They didn’t separate for the rest of the night. 

BTS - Wings Inspired Jackets

Jeon Junkook - Begin

“You Make Me Begin”
If you look close the word “hyung” is written in one of the 6 tears. A tear for each of his brothers. The small sprout is meant as his young days as a rookie and then growing up, growing wings that are strong despite the scratches and struggles.
Model: (AKA ME ) 

Park Jimin - Lie

“Caught In A Lie”
I always pictured it as you know crossing your fingers behind your back and then being tied as you were “caught” in the lie …a snake and a appel going back to the trailer that was posted.

Kim Taehyung - Stigma

”Are You Calling Me A Sinner?” 
I had honestly a hard time with this one … while trying to “picture it ” I must have drawn 10 different designs that changed…having my sister listen to my rambles sure helped. I wanted to somehow also get the the whole wingless angle part in it. 

Min Yoongi - First Love 

“So Don’t Let Go of My Hand”
Legit this song makes me wanna cry…having had to read the lyric and hear it so many times has made it to one of my favorite in the album (EVEN THO ALL ARE GOOD OK 

Kim Namjoon - Reflection 

“I Wish I Could Love Myself” 
This was yet another song that was hard to picture and too a lot of going back and forth…until i woke up in a cold sweat with the idea. I wanted all the jackets to have some kind of “call back” to the BS&T MV or the small trailers they did for each of their songs. 

Jung Hoseok - Mama
“I Learned Passion And Sincerity”

This song despite its fast beat is super deep… and in a lot of ways it’s easy to understand what he means. Most of us want to be able to give back to those who believed and supported us when nobody else did. We’re all dreamers right?

Kim Seokjin - Awake 

“I Want To Run, Just A Bit More” 
THOSE VOCAL OK MORE OF JIN AND RESPECT HIM MORE OK PLZ. So yeah  I kind of had to somehow try to get his face on this jacket..idk why …I dont always qustion my brain when it get’s indeas. (SO GOOD ) 
Model: MY ROCK 


My main inspiration in fashion is music….and since I’ve loved BTS for so long and the “WINGS” album got released I got this idea. “Why not make a jacket for each song? All of them black and white but with different cuts and one different paint color that stands out ?” So that’s EXACTLY what I did ..I can’t say it was easy each jacket took me about a month (outside school and work ) to design, sew and paint (YES THEY ARE ALL HAND PAINTED WITH FABRIC PAINT)

Honestly doing something like this is scary as AF…cause we all understand and Imagine the lyric differently and this is only my take on it might be totally wrong…BUT I thought that since the boys are in USA now I would show my support as well as how they really do inspire others! (WELP IM OFF FOR A ALL NIGHTER FOR SCHOOL WORK WISH ME LUCK RIP SEE YA )

Richie’s Eulogy

Hey Eds,

I have never been a man of faith, so I’m not really sure if you can hear me wherever you are, if you are anywhere. I hate you. You were such a stupid fucking idiot and I hate you! You didn’t have to save me! You didn’t have to die for me! It should have been me instead. You just left me here! You left me here to learn to live without you. To exist without you. 

I haven’t spoken in three days. I haven’t made a joke in three days. Not since you left me. I’m afraid that if I start, if I say anything, I won’t be able to stop. I won’t know when to shut up, because you were the one that always told me when to stop talking and now I’ll just keep rambling on and on! Beep! Beep! Richie! I just wanna hear you say it one more time. I just wanna hear your voice one more time. 

Everyone thinks that I told those stupid jokes to get attention from whoever I could, because my parent were so fucked up and never gave me any. Maybe it started out that way. The truth is, I only said those joke to make YOU laugh. All I wanted was YOUR attention. Since the first day I met you, you were my motivation. So now, what’s the point? Everything is pointless. 

Everyone likes to say that love is hard, or that love is pain. That’s not true. Love is easy. Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I ever did. I loved you before I even knew what love was. Being loved by you was beautiful. It soothed me, healed the wounds in my heart, and gave me purpose. No, love is not hard or painful. Life is!

Our lives were shit and we had to fight for one another over and over and over again and even then you kept getting stolen from me. Whether it was at the crackhouse at Neibolt, or for those 27 years, or now. Forever. Its all bullshit! I don’t understand why God,, or the Universe, or whatever, would taunt us like this. To bring us into each others lives and provide us with so much love, just to rip it violently from our hands. No matter how much we tried, we were always destined to be comets in each other’s lives. You deserved better. Better than me! A better mother! A better life!

The others have been telling me to think about the good times, as if it would bring me some solace or comfort. That just makes everything worse. Eddie, I want to forget. Leave this town and let the memories fade away again. Would you be mad? Would you hate me? I just hurt so much without you! Am I pathetic? I don’t wanna leave because you deserve to be remembered! I just don’t think I could ever recover from this. Not if I don’t leave. Not if I don’t forget. I’m weak. I’m sorry, baby boy. 

I don’t know if there is an afterlife, but god I hope there is so you can hear me. Wait for me! Wherever you are, wait for me! I will join you no matter where you are, I promise. Until then, I want you to know this. No matter where I go….no matter who I become… no matter how much time passes… Even if all my memories fade and I can no longer remember your name… You’re gonna live forever in me. I love you Eddie Spaghetti. 

Owari no Seraph Chapter 56 TRANSLATED

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Translations by: @panadabro (( Thank you for bearing with me LOL ))

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope (( I’M SORRY FOR MISSING LAST MONTH AAAAAAA ))

(( Okay okay I was really worried I was going to miss this month again bc I was on a three day tour trip on the weekends, BUT HEY NO I’M HERE AND I MADE IT LOLOLOL - also onto more pressing matters, I sincerely hope Kagami doesn’t pull what I think he’s gonna pull with Shinoa and Yuu bc God forbid this fandom was chaotic and toxic enough when the series first started out with the godddamn MikaYuu and YuuNoa ship wars. Don’t start it up again, please, for the sake of all that is holy. ))



Okay but talking about the chapter…again there’s not really much I think of it because I wanna see more of the vampires so…

BUT I honestly love Aoi and Kureto and their relationship /SOBS LOUDLY AT THEM 

Also I want to guess that either Tenri IS the First Progenitor reincarnated over and over OR his weapon is the first progenitor - I DUNNO BOTH CAN BE WRONG BUT I JUST KNOW THAT TENRI HAS /SOMETHING/ TO DO WITH THE FIRST PROGENITOR AND OH BOI AM I READY FOR THIS AAAAAAA

Also off topic sort of, in earlier chapter when Crowley was peering into one of the tanks, and Yuu was asking him if it was someone he knew, most considered that it was the boy back from Crowley’s human years that was always by his side [Jose was it? idk LOL] but like…OKAY JUST HEAR ME OUT! What if…WHAT IF instead of the boy…it was either Horn and Chess? I MEAN OKAY THAT SEEMS MORE FAR-FETCHED THAN THE BOY BUT JUST THINK ABOUT IT?? WE HAVEN’T SEEN THOSE TWO IN A WHILE SO ??? I DUNNO MAN I’M JUST SAYING W H A T I F TH O U GH ???

Alright I think I’ve rambled enough honestly lololol please enjoy reading the chapter and I WANT TO SEE MORE OF LEST KARR PLEASE THANK YOU KAGAMI.

Lance dropping casual observations about Keith is a pure and good thing.

They’re on a new planet and Lance is trying out the food at a local festival. He’s thankful for the green goop and Hunk has done wonders in experimenting with the flavor, but sometimes a guy needs a little more variety. Or at least something that tastes like coconut. He grabs some sort of kabob looking thing and takes a small bite. As soon as the flavor hits him, he’s bounding across the room waving the dish excitedly in Keith’s face shouting, “Dude you HAVE to try this, you’re gonna love it.”

It’s hot pink with green stripes an….fuzzy? Keith raises an eyebrow at the striped mammalian horror for a moment, then narrows his eyes at Lance. “It’s not going to turn me green or make me throw up is it?”

Lance rolls his eyes. “That was one time, get over it already. Nothing weird is going to happen, I just know you have a sweet tooth so I think you’ll like it.”

Keith is blindsided by the statement. How does Lance even know that? What the quiznak? He doesn’t realize he’s silently staring at Lance until the blue paladin is waving the food in his face once again. “Are you gonna try it or what?”

Keith brushes the surprise off; he’ll think about it later. “Um… yeah, sure. Stop trying to stab me in the face with it, jeez.”

Keith ends up eating 11 of the seussian skewers before they go back to the castle for the night.

“What are you nervous about?”

Keith’s posture stiffens. He didn’t even hear Lance enter the common room. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Lance climbs over the back of the couch to seat himself on it - because he can’t just be normal and walk around to sit like a normal person - before answering. “You’re staring off into space, ha, and messing with the Velcro on your gloves. You only do that when you’re nervous about something.”

“How do you even know that?!” The question tumbles out of Keith’s mouth without explicit permission.

Lance pulls his legs up to cross them and raises an eyebrow. “I pay attention, obviously.” He looks away before adding “So….what’s wrong.”

They talk for a while. It’s not a magic cure, but Keith doesn’t feel like the universe is completely falling apart afterwards. It’s…nice.

Pidge finds the t-shirt on one of their trips to the space mall. It says something along the lines of “Edge Lord” on it in an alien tongue and Pidge thought it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen an immediately bought it. Keith wrinkles his nose at it, but leaves the room to pull it on anyways. He’s never really had a family, but Pidge is so much like a younger sibling and they looked so proud of the gift. He doesn’t want to let them down. So, he slips it on and marches back into the training deck, determined to not be embarrassed. Which meant that Lance had made his way into the room just before Keith returned, of course.

Lance actually does a double take before he’s consumed with laughter. Keith pouts. When the full body howling finally dies down to more of a giggle, Lance looks over at Pidge. “Is THAT the shirt you bought him?”

They grin, “Yup.”

“God bless you Pidge. I can’t believe you got him to wear it though, Keith hates the color orange.” There’s no time for Keith to wonder how it is that Lance became privy to that information because Lance gives him another look over and grins. “With good reason too. It’s definitely not your color dude.”

Keith immediately pulls the boot off of his left foot and chucks it at Lance’s head. He doesn’t actually throw it hard, but he also doesn’t miss. 

Hunk finds a shop that sells space candy on another trip to the space mall a few weeks after the t-shit incident. They look and taste like jelly beans and even come in a myriad of assorted colors. Everyone on the ship is basically obsessed with them. No one brings it up, but the space jellies, as lance loving calls them, remind everyone on the team of home. It’s bittersweet and Coran makes sure the kitchen is well stocked with them. 

It’s the middle of the night and Keith can’t sleep, so he drags himself to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Lo and behold, he notices a certain Cuban boy sitting on the counter tossing space jellies in the air and trying to catch them with his mouth. Lance’s antics are ridiculous, but they’re also kind of…. endearing? Keith shakes the thought from his head and rolls his eyes for good measure before making his way to the pantry. 

If it had been anyone else, there would have been at least three boxes left and a cold juice sitting there waiting for the taking. BUT it’s Keith, so that means the last box of space jellies is currently being consumed by Lance who rattles a half finished box and says, “Looking for these?”

When Keith turns to face him, Lance is grinning from ear to ear. It’s definitely not cute. “You took the last one.”

Lance’s smile doesn’t falter at Keith’s grumpy tone. “Sure did.”

Keith huffs and turns back to the pantry, resigns himself to grabbing a bag of little pea shaped things that taste like banana at first, but leave a burnt toast aftertaste. Pidge is obsessed with them, Keith doesn’t really get it but he needs something to snack on so he sits a the table and tears opens the bag.

A few minutes go by and the silence is only broken up by Lace humming a few bars of some song Keith has never heard before. He likes it though and he’ s almost tempted to ask Lance to hum it a little louder. But that’s weird. So he just stares at his pea things and occasionally places one in his mouth.

A box is suddenly placed in front of Keith as Lance slides onto the seat directly across from him smiling. “You like the black ones, right?” He says it with an air of confidence that only Lance possesses but there’s some sort of undertone to it that Keith can’t quite identify. Fondness maybe?

Keith shifts his gaze from the boy in front of him back down to the box of space jellies. There are quite a few of Keith’s preferred jellies in there and it almost seems like Lance had planned on saving all of them for Keith before he even came into the kitchen. Keith pushes the thought away and looks back up at Lance to mutter a thank you. When Lance smiles this time it’s blinding and genuine. Keith has to avert his gaze yet again, because when Lance gives him that specific brand of smile… his heart starts to do weird things.

The humming starts again and when Keith is done with his jellies they clean up and Lance walks him to his room. The “Goodnight” Lace utters before heading to his room is accompanied with a small wave and a soft smile. Keith falls back to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. 

They’re sitting side by side on the floor of the bridge staring upwards at the holographic image of Earth’s sun and all of the stars surrounding it. It doesn’t happen every night, not that there’s really a night or a day in space, either way they should both be asleep at these time none the less, but it’s not uncommon for one of them to find the other sitting by a window looking out at the endless space that surrounds them at all times now.

Sometimes they just sit together in comfortable silence. Sometimes they make up stupid constellations to make one another laugh. Occasionally they’ll both lay down next to each other as they look out a window at an unfamiliar planet and talk about all kinds of things in muted tones. 

Tonight though, there was something about the look in Lance’s eyes that made Keith take him by the wrist and lead him to the bridge to look at the familiar stars they’d both grown up staring at. 

Keith smiles as he points to another cluster and says, “That’s Lyra.”

Lace looks up. “It’s small.”

“Yep.” The red paladin nods. “It’s the 52nd constellation in order from largest to smallest, but Vega is part of the constellation and that’s the fifth brightest star in Earth’ s night sky.”

Lance pulls his legs to his chest and rests his chin on his knees. “Isn’t there a myth behind it about a musician or something?”

“Yeah, Orpheus. The story is pretty sad actually.”

Lance spares Keith a glance paired with a smirk before looking back at the hologram. A half smile shouldn’t twist Keith’s stomach like that, but it does. “Greek mythology usually is Keith.” There’s a brief pause before Lance turns back to Keith again and asks “Will you tell me the story?” 

This time Lance doesn’t look away. His gaze is fixed on Keith and the expression he’s making and the tone of voice he’s using isn’t quite as unfamiliar to Keith anymore as it was four months back. In fact, he gives Keith that look every night they sit together under the stars, and sometimes throughout the day when he thinks no one is looking, or when he catches Keith laughing at one of his jokes. Lance looks at Keith like precious, like he’s the most beautiful thing in the universe and it never fails to make Keith’s mouth go dry or increase his heartrate.

“You don’t want to hear me ramble about some random Greek tragedy.” He can’t look away from those eyes. Who awarded Lance the right to have such perfect blue eyes? They’re the pools of water you land in when you’ve followed the river down the waterfall and Keith has never been a strong swimmer. It’s not fair.

“I do.” Lance sounds so sincere. Why does he have to sound like that? Why is his voice so soft and fond? Two syllables came out of that mouth. Simple words, three letters, one space between the first and the last two when written down, and they still manage to knock the breath from Keith’ s lungs. 

When it’s just him and Keith, Lance is different. The obnoxious jokes, and the issuing of lame little competitions between the two of them, and the occasional bickering are all still there even when they’re alone. Keith just feels like there’s something…extra. Like bonus content you only get when you’ve purchased the collector’s edition of a game or something. Lance’s edges get softer and he’s more honest about what he’s feeling when no one else is in the room. He’s  a little more sincere, more prone to being serious, and it’s stunning.

“Please? I like to hear your voice.” Keith still can’t manage to tear his eyes away from the boy sitting next to him, and he knows. He knows that he’s beat red. It’s so, so embarrassing, but he still takes a deep breath when his lungs figure out how they’re supposed to work again and he starts telling the story. 

“So, you were right. Orpheus was a musician, but not like any run of the mill musician, he was the best harpist in all of Greece, even the gods acknowledged his talents.” Lance whistles and Keith tries very hard to not be distracted by the way his lips pucker to make the sound. “Umm…. So, on his wedding day his wife, Eurydice, got separated from the wedding party and got bit on the heel by a snake while she was running away from a Satyr with… less that pure intentions and died.”

“That’s awful.” It’ s almost a whisper.

“Yeah, it really is.” Keith pauses for a moment to silently mourn a fictional nymph. Which, okay yeah it’s probably dumb, but whatever. If Keith had learned anything in the last six months of constant warfare, it’s that patience yields focus and you should always respect the dead. He continues, “Anyways, Orpheus was so heartbroken that he decided to take a journey to the underworld to strike a bargain with Hades to get her back. So when he got there he just started playing this song, and it was so beautiful that even the stones around them start crying and it moved both Hades and his wife Persephone’s hearts or whatever, so Hades cut him a deal.”

“He told Orpheus that if he started walking to the gates of Hell Eurydice would follow behind him and be returned to the world of the living, but only if he didn’t look back at her until they were both out of Hades’ domain. So he walked and walked and had to keep reminding himself that no matter how much his heart told him to, he couldn’t look back. So, when he reached the upperworld he finally looked back, except he forgot to account for the fact that Eurydice could be farther than a foot behind him. She hadn’t reached the entry yet, so she was dragged back down to stay in the world of the dead.”

Lance makes a small sound, whining sound. It’s the same sound Lance always makes when he hears something sad or sees wounds on a comrade after a battle. Keith reaches a hand out to push Lance’s bangs back partly because he knows it’s the easiest way to sooth the blue paladin, and partly because it was an excuse to touch him.

He pulls his hand back, not without reluctance but he still has the rest of the story to tell and being mesmerized by Lance melting under his fingertips would be a little too distracting for Keith to remember how words work. “After that he only ever played sad music. There are a few different versions of how the myth ends, but the one that’s told most often is that in his grief he didn’t pay tribute to the god of wine and he was torn limb from limb as punishment. The muses carried his harp into the sky to form Lyra and immortalize Orphus’s tragedy in the night sky.”

All at once there’s a weight on Keith’s side that was not previously there. Lance had closed the small space between them so that he could rest his head against Keith’s should and lean into him. 

Lance makes an amused sound. “Of course your favorite constellation in the sky would be the one with the with the most depressing love story behind it.”

Keith furrows his brow. He’s been pointing out different constellations all night and he just doesn’t get how Lance picked out his favorite one so easily. His heart does something weird again. It’s painful and also…  pleasant? warm? nice? 

Keith does it too, though. Off of the top of his head he could tell you that Lance hates everything remotely flavored like cooked carrots, but will eat anything that tastes like raw ones. He could write poems about how Lance always worries his bottom lip with his teeth when he’s not quite sure what to say. He could almost list all of the names of the people in Lance’s absurdly large family in alphabetical order and tell you at least two facts about each one of them. Keith could tell you all about how Lance mumbles under his breath in Spanish when he’s scared or exhausted. It wouldn’t sound as pretty, but he could hum you all of the songs Lance sings when he’s happy.

Keith know without a shadow of a doubt why he remembers every tiny detail that Lance has ever revealed to him. There wasn’t a specific moment he realized he was in love with Lance, it had been happening slowly for a long time now. And, yeah, Keith thinks he has an idea as to  why Lance knows so many small truths about him too. He’s just… never asked for confirmation. So he plays with the velcro on his gloves for split second before deciding to take them off completely and setting them aside. He burns a hole in the projected image of Earth’s sun and bites the bullet.

“Why do you keep doing that?”

Lance lifts his head from Keith’s should and settles his chin in it’s place so that he gets a better view of Keith’s profile. “Doing what?”

Keith musters up the courage to turn his face and look directly into Lance’s eyes. Their noses are almost touching now. “Noticing all of these… I don’t know, these like, obscure little things about me that no one else notices. Like knowing I like black space jellies when I’ve never actually vocalized anything about that, or remember when Hunk tried to shove that plant in my face so I could smell it and you swatted it out of his hands because it looked like a tulip and you remembered I was allergic to them. Or knowing that my favorite color is blue and that my least favorite is burnt orange.”

“To be fair burnt orange is an awful color in general.”

“Okay, yeah, but you always know when I’m upset, or nervous, or happy because of some weird hand gesture that I usually don’t even know I’m doing until you point it out. Why do you know all of those things Lance? Why do you remember them?”

One of Lance’s eyebrows quirks up and he teases, “Do you really want to know?”

Keith let’s out an exasperated breath. “Well, I asked didn’t I? So yeah Lance, I want to know.”

The smirk falls off of Lace’s face and he shifts himself to sit on his feet so that his body is facing Keith’s. Lace keeps his eyes trained on the floor, looking like he’s waging some sort of internal battle, and when he finally looks back up at Keith there’s determination burning in his expression and maybe a little fear. 

Lance opens his mouth to speak…and then he closes it. He does this four times before bringing his folded hands up from his lap to cover his face. Lance complains into his hands in hushed Spanish. 

When he peaks out from between his fingers and then drops them uselessly back in his lap, his cheeks and ears are an adorable shade of red and he smiles at Keith sheepishly. “You know, for someone who talks so much, I’m really not all that great with words when it comes to stuff like this.” 

The words are accompanied by a self deprecating laugh. Keith frowns and tries to make his voice sound encouraging when he says “Take your time.”

Lance smiles, but there’s a bitter edge to it. “That’s the thing though, all I’ve been doing is taking my time. I’m kind of sick of it honestly. I keep trying to find the exact right words to say to you and I practice in my head and then as soon as I consider opening my mouth to say it, I just forget how to talk or I say something dumb. And it’s just so ridiculous, you know? Because it doesn’t have to be some drawn out dramatic speech like I keep telling myself. It’s actually just so stupidly simple and I don’t get why I’m so scared to mess it up. But really, how hard is it to say “because” and follow it up with three words? I look at you an I just…” Lance stares at him. “I just…” Lance lifts his hands and places them on either side of Keith’s face. 

Keith’s heart is trying to make its great escape by bludgeoning it’s way out of his chest. He’s pretty sure his entire rib cage is turning to dust and his body is down a set of lungs. They’ve just ceased existing. What are lungs? No clue, never heard of them.

“Keith.” Lance’s voice cracks just a little when he says the name and he swallows and starts again. “Keith. Keith Kogane. My buddy, my pal. I know that you have a sweet tooth, and that you love a good hug but don’t know how to ask for one when you need it. I know that you’re smart, and talented, and think butterscotch candies are the sole creation of the devil himself.”

Keith can’t help the laughter that escapes him and it makes Lance smile the way he always does when Keith so much as chuckles.

“I know that you have the best laugh I’ve ever heard. You have no idea how much I love that laugh. Seriously. I know you collect snow globes, and love conspiracy theories-”

“They’re not all just theories Lance, there’s a lot of evidence out -”

“Shhhhhh, you asked me a question and I’m trying to answer it and I’m kind of on a roll after mumbling for five minutes about how this wasn’t going to be some drawn out thing. But I’m just focusing on you instead of some practiced speech and I’m actually forming mildly coherent sentences, so be quiet. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

“I know a bunch of tiny little facts about you, and yeah sure part of that is because I’m super observant and totally cool,” he winks, “but I notice all of those things specially about you because…” Lance swallows hard and takes a calming breath. “I lo-”

Keith has been told many times that he gives into impulses too quickly, that he’s too impatient. And…yeah, it’s true, absolutely, and he’s working on it. No, really, he is! Try as he might though, he couldn’t handle another second of wanting to kiss Lance and not doing it when the opportunity clearly presented itself. 

It’s not the smoothest first kiss, but it’s not all teeth and bumping noses either, and it leads into soft drawn out kisses, and kisses that can barely even be called that because the two of them are grinning so wide. 

When Keith pulls away a faux pouty expression take over Lance’s face. “You didn’t even let me finish.” He starts to waggle his eyebrows in the most obnoxious way possible and says “These lips were just irresistible huh? I guess I’m just too smoochable.”

How the hell does Keith find this so cute? 

“Hey, Keith?” 


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Okay look everyone’s got their own opinions about the CP characters at Hogwarts and I love hearing all the arguments for one house or the other but I hate when people get so aggressive with “they could never be in this house ever” because it’s so wild to me because there literally isn’t a right or wrong answer because the coolest shit about Hogwarts houses is it’s all subjective and the majority of characters can fit in any of the four houses (if you’re not a COWARD about it) because your house is all about what you feel and where you want to go in life and I’m rambling but THE BOTTOM LINE IS…any character can fit anywhere and that’s the beauty of it.


My boy Bitty

  • Hufflepuff - BOY IS HERE FOR HIS FRIENDS. He would drop anything for them and has occasionally been known to take on the role of Haus Mom (occasionally). He’s loyal to the death and would definitely fuck up a LAX bro if it was in defense of a teammate. He’s also such a hard worker! Like damn boy joined this college hockey team and he was scared in the beginning but he gave it his all and met with Jack at ass o’clock in the morning every day to get better and help his team and half of what he does is for other people honestly he’s the actual best friend you could have.
  • GRYFFINDOR - Do you know how brave this tiny Georgia gay boy had to be to move across the country into a different climate zone to spend all of his time with COLLEGE ATHLETES? Especially after everything he went through with his high school football team like damn my boy is tough as hell. He’s scared so much in the beginning but he doesn’t give up, he keeps going forward, no matter what Jack or the coaches say against him and honestly that’s the definition of bravery. 
  • R a v e n c l a w - Everyone can get up on out of here with that bullshit about ‘being good in school = Ravenclaw’ I will not stand for it. Ravenclaw is about ingenuity and creativity and you cannot tell me that Bitty isn’t creative as hell. With all his new pie recipes and ability to create any kind of dessert in less than an hour with any supplies available, Bitty is a creative mastermind. Does everyone remember the first pie he created with nothing but a cabinet full of Sriracha??? He would be a legend in Ravenclaw.
  • Slytherin - This one was actually a little hard for me, but I’m sure some of you could come up with a better argument. But Bitty is a determined and ambitious and there’s no way that can be denied. I actually think Slytherin would have been a good place for Bitty, because the houses are a whole lot about figuring things out about yourself, and I think Slytherin would have taught Bitty how to stand up for himself more. He obviously has strong opinions about his friends and others, and he’s determined and driven as all hell (again, fuck o’clock morning training sessions and ignoring everyone who made him feel like he didn’t belong on the team), but I think he has a bad habit of trying to put everyone else first. Bitty isn’t the most obvious Slytherin to me, but I can definitely see it as an option for him and think he would have made his fellow Slytherins proud (and very full of pie).

In conclusion: You can do this with any character, I love Harry Potter so much, and this post had no point thank you for your time.

So, that moment in episode 11, “Snuffnut”, where Hiccup and Astrid are talking to Tuff in the Clubhouse about Ruff and Throck? Welp, here’s a quick scene of what happened after Tuff left… ;) (This is for you @superfandomz :D)

The Very Near Future

Hiccup watched as Tuffnut shuffled out of the Clubhouse, Chicken waddling along behind him. The poor guy looked downcast, but with a slight bit of confidence in his step. No doubt he had a plan to put in motion.

But Hiccup’s mind was far away from that topic, for Astrid’s hands were still resting on his shoulders. Thor, he wished he didn’t have his stupid armor on, it would feel so much better without it. Her fingers rubbing a massage through his shirt and…

He gave a little grunt when her hands disappeared, and he couldn’t help the little pout of disappointment. Astrid missed the look though, for she sidestepped around him to slide onto the bench beside him.

Her fingers slipped into his hand, and he responded by gripping her hand lightly. He smiled at her, leaning in for a quick peck on the lips, pulling away with a sigh of contentment.

“You think Tuff will ever marry?” Astrid spoke, voice on a playful level. “Or perhaps he’ll marry Chicken?”

“Now that would be… interesting.” Hiccup chuckled. “But very much like Tuff.”

She hummed in agreement. “Makes you wonder what will happen to all of us, huh?”

Hiccup blushed warmly, thoughts wandering further then they probably should. “Ah… er, yes. Yeah…” 

“Like Fishlegs… maybe him and Heather? But somehow I can also see him with Ruff.” Astrid mused.

“What about poor ol’ Throck?” Hiccup reminded, finding it difficult to distract his mind from… ah, other matters.

Astrid smiled, “Him and Mala.” She said thoughtfully. “…And then… then there’s Snotlout. Will he ever find someone who can put up with his antics?”

Hiccup snorted and grinned, finding it to be an odd picture. Snotlout would have to find a very patient woman, or someone who just loved him enough to put up with the dufus no matter how mature he was. 

Silence fell for a few relaxing moments, and once again Hiccup’s mind wandered. That covered everyone in the gang… but what about him and Astrid? He thought about voicing his thoughts, but was hesitant… sure, they were betrothed… but…

“And then of course, there’s us.” Astrid murmured with a smirk. Hiccup’s heart rate picked up ten times the pace, and he prayed Astrid couldn’t hear it.

“Mhm… us…” He repeated, liking the sound of that one word rolling off his tongue. “Betrothed… to be…” he nearly coughed in his nervousness to say the word, “to be married.”

Astrid nodded in agreement, leaning further into Hiccup’s grasp. He wrapped both arms around her, hand clasping over hers as she leaned her back against his chest. 

“Hiccup,” her voice was quiet, sounding almost tired yet he could tell she was just shy about this certain topic- much as he was. “…do… would you like children?”

Hiccup nearly choked on his tongue. Did she just say what he thought she just said!?

Basically his exact thoughts!?

“I-I’m sorry…” Astrid rambled, trying to push herself away. “That was very straight forward I had no right to-”

“No, no, no…” Hiccup babbled, holding her close to keep her from escaping. “No… uh, I-I wanted to… ask you the same thing…” He admitted with a blush, ears turning scarlet. 

She relaxed, much to Hiccup’s relief. He didn’t wish to make her uncomfortable. 

He cleared his throat, wondering if he should continue or drop the conversation. But Odin, he really didn’t want it to just… end like that without any answers.

“…so..?” Hiccup asked in a whisper, half hoping she’d hear it and half hoping she wouldn’t. 

“So what?”

Darn it she heard. Was his last-minute thought. 

“So… kids? I mean… you know if we- get married and if everything’s secure and-” he found himself rambling nonsense, wishing he’d just shut the heck up but finding himself unable to. When he’s uncomfortable or shy, he tended to ramble and stutter at every turn. He thought he’d outgrown that, obviously not. 

“Hiccup!” Astrid interrupted, twisting around and placing a finger over his lips, causing his eyes to widen and his hearing to tune. “Uh… I… I would love to have some kids.” She whispered, face hesitant, a small smile faint on her lips. “…But… what about you?”

He swallowed thickly. “Dad would kill me if we didn’t.” he murmured sarcastically, hoping to lessen the awkwardness. He tweaked a smile, to which Astrid laughed and swatted his shoulder.

“So you want one just to please your Dad and give Berk an heir?”

That string of words scared him. Him… being chief. Him, being the father of the heir of Berk. All words that he thought wouldn’t happen until… years and decades. Yet, now he realized that it could all be so soon.

“No.” He whispered, shaking his head as he remembered the rest of her words. He wrapped his arms around her a bit tighter, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. “I’d love to have some kids. Imagine teaching them to ride dragons? Or teaching them to Blacksmith- and you could teach them about weaponry. And… uh… I’ll teach them to cook.” He added snarkily.

“Oh you…” She laughed, giving him another swat, this time on the head. She tilted her head, opening her mouth to say more but hesitated a second longer. Finally she murmured under her breath, “How many… do you… uh…”

“How many do you think you’d like?” Hiccup replied in question. In his mind, he was thinking a whole house full. As many kids as the gods blessed them with. But somehow he didn’t think Astrid would be up for that. She was independent, and having a bunch of kids ground her would probably kill her. Yet, he could so see her with children tagging behind her, little tykes dragging axes and weapons as they tried to be just like their mommy. Astrid would make a wonderful mother.

She snuggled against his chest, letting out a sigh. “I guess I never thought about it.” She murmured.

Hiccup smiled and pressed his lips against her hair, trailing kisses down to her ear and cheek, causing her to giggle. She twisted her head as he gave another kiss to her cheek, and she met him halfway with her lips.

“But that’s the future, we can worry about that after… things are figured out.” Hiccup reassured. “We have lots of time to think on it…” And with that, he kissed her again. 



If you happen to see this Taylor, thank you for October 13 2017 and thank you for all the ways in which you inspire me every single day. Thank you for wanting me there to hear the album and for wanting to meet me. It’s honestly one of the kindest things anyone’s ever done for me. I don’t know why you wanted to meet me, I just know I’ll be eternally grateful. I hope you know how thankful I am, Taylor, and how much I love you. Thank you for holding my hands because I was shaking and sharing how your music helps me. Thank you for listening to my rambles. Thank you for caring so much about your fans. Thank you for being the kind of artist and person who’s on first name basis with your fans. Thank you for bringing so many wonderful people into my life. Thank you for this and so much more.

I’m so happy you’re so happy! Seeing you literally glowing and being so confident was such a beautiful reminder that happiness and confidence truly are the most beautiful things you can wear.  You remind me to be kind to myself, and for that I´m so immensely thankful. Meeting you has made me realise that I want to learn how to be a stronger and more confident person. Thank you for being YOU.

I love you so much!

Your rambling friend and sparkling nail polish twin,


About Undertale and Underswap

If you don’t want to hear me ramble about Undertale, block the tag “#ALOS does Undertale“. If I publish more ideas about this thing, I’ll try to remember to properly tag it.

Anyway, recently I’ve been going through a lot of Undertale and Undertale AU stuff, tons of comics, animations n stuff. It’s pretty fun, there’s sooo much content. But there’s one thing in particular that I have NEVER ever seen anybody cover, and I’m here to fix that mistake.

So, we have original Undertale story and Underswap, where everybody’s personality is swapped. I’ve seen tons of stuff with different versions of Sanses and Papyruses hanging out together, but nobody ever covered this question:

Who’s the best - The Great Papyrus or The Magnificent Sans?

I mean, won’t they argue about it if they get into the same room together?

Here’s how I envision it rolling out:

Please note, that the point of this question is not the answer to this question, I think they’re both amazing, but the interactions and arguments that could arise from this question between Papyrus and US!Sans.

The What Ifs

Description:  You would be able to handle the relationship between Namjoon and your best friend if it weren’t for all those damned “what ifs”

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader x OC

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,149

A/N: This was just supposed to be a quick drabble created because I was deep in some angsty readings but instead it kind of grew…?  Anyways, there’s not really a point to it, I suppose.

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anonymous asked:

I want (need) you to expand (tell me everything) about that post about It and the 2016 Creepy Clown Crisis. (Really, if you have anything else to say about it I want to hear it)

Yes, take my hand and join me in what will probably be an incoherent ramble about something that is most likely not true, my love.


I’m sure we all remember those #iconic Creepy Clowns™, but as a refresher- Creepy Clown sightings are actually something that have been like, an urban legend phenomenon for Y E A R S. Like, a very long time. I used to do a lot of reading on the subject seeing as I was that kid™, but now you just get a million and one results from 2016 and I’ve had too much wine to wanna bother fighting through that. But anyway, this has always been a thing. Just, like, sometimes you’d see a creepy clown in the dead of night, but the clown doesn’t fucking do anything and you move on with your life. I actually saw one in like, 4th or 5th grade? Didn’t die, it wasn’t a huge deal. But anyway, in 2016 things just SPIRALED THE FUCK OUT OF CONTROL. Personally, I maintain what happened was that your average urban legend phenomenon was happening but since social media is so prevalent now a lot of creeps got inspired and the whole thing got blown up because of that…but that’s not the theory we’re focusing on in this post, so whatever. 

Now, as I’m sure you’ll also remember, there were HUNDREDS of conspiracy theories swirling around the whole clown crisis- everything from demonic possession, to a ‘clown purge’, to people thinking Hillary Clinton had hired the clowns to freak out America even more so she could get fear votes. I’m not shitting you, those were all things I heard daily. But another, tamer, theory was: this was all a mass promotional stunt for the IT reboot. 

The IT reboot was highly anticipated and very debated- fans of the work were well aware that they had been trying to get this movie made for years but kept running into issues. When they finally started filming, they shot from June to September in 2016. The clown sightings ran from August to October 2016. This theory made sense- it’s not hard to believe that a studio would pull something like that, thinking it’d be a fun publicity stunt but then not really wanting to take credit once it got out of hand. That’s literally happened before, like the Montauk Monster and that Dear Charlie ghost thing.  Anyway, a lot of people thought this couldn’t possibly be a coincidence- like, I’ve even seen the actors asked about it in interviews (like they’re on the marketing team??), but none of them had much to comment. This will be the theory we focus on…just with a bit of a twist. 

Now, if your reading this and you’ve only seen part one of the 2017 movie and don’t know much about the book or miniseries 1) you’re a valid fan, I love you bitch, and 2) I’m sorry, but spoilers are coming immediately and every time I try to put one of those ‘read more’ cut offs my screen glitches and I loose all my writing bc someone out there is against me. So read at your own risk. 

Okay, as part of the ‘adult’ storyline, they go back into It’s lair in Derry and find out that It has laid eggs and set to work destroying them. There’s a whole fuck lot going on with this plotline, like Eddie and the Turtle™ are dead and Bev’s barely doing shit and Ben’s smashing babies while Bill’s trying to get inside the monster and Richie mourns his bf, it’s all a Mess okay, but the point is: eggs

Now, the notion that not all of the spawn were destroyed is actually…not new at all and somewhat debatably relevant in some of King’s other novels, but stick with me here. As far as the Losers know, they killed everything. The scars on their hands go away. It’s all very symbolic and they forget everything, whatever. 


The 2017 reboot wasn’t exactly…that close to the book. Like, they kept enough in there, and they had a bunch of really small things that were Fun Little Call Backs For Book Fans (all the turtle stuff, Bev throwing that rock in slow motion with awesome precision, Pennywise taunting Richie with that decaying doll, stuff like that, you know?). But so it’s not completely out of left field to assume that Chapter Two would be very different as well? It’s not crazy to assume that the movie would end with like, a dramatic ass lingering shot of a few hatching eggs…Or even, say, a subplot that sounds like ‘the eggs hatched around the same time It woke back up out of hibernation and now there’s crazy attacks all over the place instead of Derry, but maybe if we kill the Main Beast that’ll kill them all’ (like a hive mind. you know what I mean.).

It’s not crazy to assume that. My wine glass and Shitty Writer Imagination That Never Lets Me Rest And Makes Me Over Analyze Works Of Fiction have 100% assured me of that. 

So, remember that theory that the clown sightings were just a fun promotional stunt that got out of hand…? What if- it was a promotional stunt, and setting the scene for the sequel (that still got out of hand bc humans are garbage people actually got hurt)

I don’t think anybody getting hurt was ever in the intention, but making headlines because Creepy Clowns are lurking outside schools, in cemeteries, seen trying to lure people into the woods, going out of their way to scare people and be seen as threats even if they don’t actually do anything wrong?? I can absolutely buy that as a promotion stunt…and I can absolutely see, oh, I don’t know, maybe the movie including some recycled Actual News Clips covering the events, taking advantage of all the crazy videos people posted online, stuff like that. Like, in the book and miniseries and 2017 part one, no one outside of Derry knows shit about what’s going on…but you can’t really justify something like that flying under the radar in the age of social media. You can’t. Kids would start turning up dead left and right and you’d sign onto tumblr and see a fucking ‘since the media doesn’t care enough and no one’s talking about this, let me tell you what’s going on in my town’ type post. You’d absolutely hear about it. There’d be twitter campaigns and all types of shit, there’s just no way around it. That Creepy Clown Crisis went viral for a reason

But Molly, you say, It didn’t always appear just as a clown! People weren’t harassed by anything other than the clowns in 2016! 

Well, my love, let me point something out to you- It is millions of years old. It’s got shapeshifting and fear manipulation down pat. Could you possibly hold new born babies to that standard? No. Do we know for a fact that It literally prays on children and likes to take the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown simply because it’s easier? Yes. 

People weren’t that afraid of the clowns when the sightings first started. But then more and more kept popping up, and do you know what we had on our hands? Mass hysteria. Mass hysteria sounds like a perfect way for a bunch of inexperienced little hive mind monsters to get the hang of the hunting with fear thing

Not to mention Georgie died in September/October…which means It probably usually wakes up out of hibernation around then…I’m just s a y i n g. And the sightings mysteriously stopped around November…a good timeline for the Loser’s to have killed It and thus stopped the clown crisis…I’m just s a y i n g.

Like, can I definitely prove that the studio was behind that mess as a means to set the stage for the sequel while getting some fun promotion out of it? No, I can’t, and honestly I doubt it’s true, this was just a fun thought that came to me lol. But honestly…it’s so easy to see how well a type of plotline like that would work with the film, so at the very least, if they don’t take advantage of the Clown Crisis…I will severely Judge Them, because like, it’s all right there. It’s writing itself. Damn. 

The end, until, 2019, I guess. 

What Are The Odds? - Part 4 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,308

Summary: Before the reader left for college, she had a one night stand with Dean. Eight years later, Dean learns that he has a daughter in an interesting way.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“I didn’t realize you felt that way. I mean…I knew you liked me because I’m awesome but…” You ramble on.

“I know. I kept it to myself.” Dean chuckles making you blush.  

“Weird how things turn out.” You say quietly.

Dean nods his head and watches you sitting at his kitchen table.

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BTS Reaction to What He Loves Most About You


Your kindness.  It was an attribute he immediately saw from you and clung to because may I may was it beautiful.  When you helped a stranger by picking up something they had dropped.  When you smiled as you walked past people because you always thought that a simple smile could help someone’s say, Seokjin’s love for you grew stronger.  There was no evidence in the world that could explain Seokjin’s bright smile other than you, your kindness.  In fact, Seokjin sought to be a better person as well, to match your level of kindness.

It was your wedding when you learned of this knowledge.  It plagued his vow to you.  “Jagiya, your kindness is what makes my amazing life perfect.  I do not seek for you to remain kind every day and I know you may be irritated and snap at me, but none of it matters.  I love you solely, and your smile towards everyone, your gentle hands, and caring nature.  I may ramble on about you for hours, but I will cut it here, because it is hard to describe love in words besides painful and magical and worth it because if this is the end game, then I have years of happiness to ensue.


Your passion was a driving factor in your life.  His passion was one in his.  It may have been difficult when the other wanted attention, but it was all worth it.  He loved hearing you speak about your passions.  How excited you’d get.  You would start to talk faster and stumble over your words, but your smile never left your face and his never did either.  Hearing you ramble on about things you loved was something he could do all day and something he definitely looked to when he was stuck on song lyrics or having a bad day.

It was all written down in a song.  One that very member had hear, one that his parents, brother, and manager had listened to.  Now, it was you turn.  He took you into his studio, a place you had been into many times and sat you down in the small chair he bought when your visits became frequent.  “Uh, just listen okay?”  You nodded as he handed you his bulky, expensive headphones.  You slipped them on and gave Yoongi a thumbs up when you were ready.  Within seconds, a best began playing that captivated you fully.  It reminded you of all the songs you loved combined into one.  Once done, you had a new understanding of Yoongi’s love for you.


Your smile, or more simply your happiness.  Seeing you smile over anything, animals, a joke, a kind action, made him happy.  Your glowing smile radiated over everything else and to Hoseok, was a gift to nature.  Hoseok would always be cracking jokes and giving you little gifts in order to see your bright grin and hear infectious laugh.  The way your eyes got smaller and cute wrinkles would appear was something Hoseok loved.  He could stare at your smile all day, every day, and he has.  Photos cluttered his gallery of you smiling.

Hoseok woke up to the buzzing of his phone in his hand.  He had fallen asleep the night previous in his hotel room with him phone, texting you.  When he woke up,  the time read noon and he looked up to see Taehyung and Jimin getting ready.  He unlocked his phone to see a text from you.   It was a selfie of you smiling with a cute shirt on that had your favorite anime on it.  Your caption read “Woke up to a shipped gift from my boyfriend who is in Japan, how lucky~ <3”  Your grin was so large and made Hoseok smile back.  Totally worth it.


There was no personality trait that Namjoon loved most about you.  However, Namjoon loved greatly how easily he could talk to you.  From the moment he met you, conversations came easily.  He knew that he could talk to you for hours and about everything, anything, and nothing.  Hearing you voice in real life was the best, it was warm and comforting.  Hearing your voice over the phone couldn’t hold a candle to the beauty of your voice in real life, but it was still wonderful and sufficed for when he couldn’t go see you.  Overall, Namjoon loved talking to you and hearing your voice.

It was late at night when Namjoon finally got back from his studio.  When he walked into your home, he could hear you in the kitchen.  He walked into the kitchen and hugged you from behind.  “Welcome home, sweetie” You spoke.  Namjoon hummed a response.  “I’m making us hot chocolate.”  Namjoon kissed your cheek, tiredness evident.  When done, the both of you made your way to the couch and cuddled under the blanket that was already there.  You moved to turn on a movie, but Namjoon stopped you.  ‘Let’s just talk, okay?”  He asked and you obliged, gladly talking him to sleep.


Jimin loves how you make him feel better about himself.  It seems almost like magic how you can encourage him so greatly.  Your words of kindness and encouragement are amazing and always want make him work harder and makes him feel better.  Jimin has hidden insecurities, but he feels so accepted by you, looks now meaning nothing because you didn’t care about them.  Jimin’s height, muscles, and large cheeks meant nothing because you didn’t care about them.  Jimin knew that he could always come to you if he was ever feeling bad because you were always there for him.

It was late at night already when Jimin told you he would be spending the night in the dance studio and when you asked him why he responded with “Because I need to get better.”  Quickly, you packed up snacks and healthy food.  You grabbed blankets and anything else before making your way to the dance studio.  There you were met with Jimin doing crunches and sweating incredibly.  You pulled him into a wet hug and told him, “You’re already perfect, but if you insist on staying here, I will be with you to make you eat and sleep well.”  You then sat there and talked with him about why he felt the need to be better.


Taehyung loved your warmth.  Your personality, looks, and actual temperature was always warm and comforting and Taehyung loved it so much.  He loved knowing that you would be there when he got home.  He loved knowing that he would be able to cuddle up to you after the long day.  It felt wonderful to have a caring person next to him, someone who was there for him, his number one fan.  No blankets, hot chocolate or fire places could beat you in his arms, there for him.  It was a pro when it came to your relationship that Taehyung could no longer do without.

It was when he came home from a long night that he realized how goddamn much he wanted to see you.  And yet, the house was quiet and all the lights were off and he knew that you must have already gone to bed.  Taehyung made his way to your shared bedroom, shedding his jacket and bag.  He quietly opened the door to see you resting.  He put his things to the side and changed into something less smelly.  He crawled into bed and immediately smiled.  You were so warm and he fell asleep within minutes, fully aware that you meant the world to him.  


Your humor.  Jungkook is the type of person to push himself in every way.  However, it is your humor and laugh that brings him back down to Earth.  It is you who helps him to know that you need to have fun every now and then or else you will tear yourself down.  He knows full well that you were the person who keeps him grounded so when you joke around it reminds him of how much you help him.  You seem to have everything figured out and your humor is the thing about you that makes Jungkook think so clearly that you are perfect in every way and much too good for him.

Jungkook had a concert today.  A big concert.  And he was beating himself up about doing well.  He was running through the performance in his head over and over.  He refrained from speaking to save his voice, but still went of the lyrics in his head to make sure he wouldn’t mess up.  And yet, you were sending him memes.  Stupid memes that he shouldn’t be laughing or looking at, but he was.   You were distracting him.  He should turn off his phone.  But he didn’t.  And he did great at the two songs they performed for the world.  And he knew full well that it was because you distracted him from his nerves.  And he knew that he was thankful.

A Slight Wobble

“You’re wrong on this Y/N. He’s definitely still dreaming.”

You sighed again. Four hours on the plane with Spencer and the test of the team, the best part of those four hours arguing with Reid about a sodding film. 

“Spencer, can we not just agree to disagree here. Please?” You’d had enough. 

“No because I’m right. The totem doesn’t wobble. I’ve just watched it ten times. He’s still dreaming.”

“Spencer, it’s meant to be ambiguous. Why do you think it ends right after the slight wobble? To keep us guessing.”

“There is no wobble.”

Geez, he really hated being disagreed with. Normally, you’d have to agree with him because normally he was right. But this was one of your favourite films that he was talking about, a film you’d watched forty seven times. A film you’d spent an alarming amount of time reading up about after you’d first watched it. 

You looked around at the rest of the team who’d been watching you, arguing back and forward. “Guys…Help, please?" 

JJ leant forward in her seat, "Show me the clip.”

Spencer reset the clip, JJ leaning in to get a better view of the laptop screen. She replayed it once more when it had finished. 

“Spence, it wobbles,” she declared, sitting back in her seat. 

He glared at her. “Well you would agree with Y/N wouldn’t you. Girl power and all that.”

JJ raised her eyebrows at Reid. “How many times do I agree with you Spence? You might be a genius but you’re not right all of the time. I agree with Y/N. It’s meant to be ambiguous, and I see the wobble.”

The rest of the team gathered around his screen ready to cast their opinions on the matter. He replayed the clip again. 

“I dunno Y/N, I don’t see it. I’m with the boy wonder here.” Prentiss sat back down, Spencer flashing a grin at her. 

“Sorry kid, I see it. I’m with the pretty lady.” Morgan punched his shoulder lightly, Reid rubbing his arm at the contact. 

Agent Rossi asked for the clip to be played for a third time, before sitting back down in his seat as the plane started it’s descent. 

“Well?” Spencer asked him. 

“I’m thinking about it.”

Fifteen minutes later, he asked to watch it once more, Reid handing the laptop over to him. Rossi studied the screen once more, as the plane touched down. 

“I don’t see it. I think he’s still dreaming.”

You were two for two now and there was no way Spencer was going to let that happen. 

Spencer turned to his supervisor who was sat beside him. “Hotch, what do you think?" 

"No,” The older Agent replied. 

“See, he agrees with me. I’m right,” he smirked at you, gloating. 

“I’m not agreeing with you Dr Reid, I’m saying no to taking part in this discussion. I’m tired and just want to get off the jet and go home. You’ve rambled on about it for the last few hours. Just agree to disagree. If I hear anymore on the matter, I’ll give you a formal warning.”

“You can’t do that, we’re having a discussion about a film not a case.” Spencer’s tone was one of a child that was being told off. 

“I can and I will. You’re having this discussion on the BAU’s time. And Agent Y/N has already asked you to drop the subject once. She may choose to say that you’re harassing her.”

Haha, you liked that. 

Spencer shut his mouth and turned away from his boss. Aaron Hotchner caught your eye giving you a quick smile to let you know he was joking. 

The jet rolled into the hanger coming to a stop a few moments later. You all stood, gathering your belongings and starting to make your way to the exit door. 

Spencer was stood behind you, sulking at being told off. You heard him mutter under his breath. 

“I still say he’s dreaming.”

“Oh for the love of God!” You spun around to face him, putting your hands out on his chest to stop him walking into you. “Did you not hear Hotch? Shut the hell up already! You may a genius, but you are not always right. For once, either let someone else have an opinion or agree to fucking disagree.”

His eyes were watching your mouth as you continued on your rant.

“The director himself has said the ending is up for debate, it’s meant to make the viewers question what they’ve just watched. It’s meant to make you go home and think about it. Some people see the wobble, some people don’t. But until the director or writer confirm it either way, just accept that you are neither ri……. ”

You would have continued but a pair of lips were suddenly on yours. 

The very lips of the man you’d just been yelling at to be precise. 

And they felt nice. Soft. They moved, applying pressure against yours, a hand snaking out around your waist. You started to match them, your lips parting slightly. 

Just when you felt the tip of a moist tongue slip between your lips you heard cheering and clapping. 

“Way to go pretty boy! Didn’t know you had it in ya!”

You pulled away suddenly remembering where you were, your cheeks flushing red. 

Spencer’s own face was flushed as he opened his mouth, closing it again seconds later as he struggled to think of what to say. 

“What the hell Reid?” you chuckled at him, you were shocked but pleasantly surprised. 

“Erm…. I don’t really know what came over me Y/N. Fuck, I’m so sorry.“ He looked sheepish, awkwardly shoving his hands into his pockets. 

The rest of time team started to exit the plane, Morgan and Prentiss looking over their shoulders at you both as they did. 

"If you wanted me to stop yelling, all you had to do was agree with me Spence. You didn’t have to stick your tongue in my mouth.”

“I….. Erm….. I…. Um…… Shit. Please don’t slap me! ” Oh he was so awkward and cute right now, you almost forgave him for the past four hours. 

You started walking up the short aisle to the exit, turning around when you realised he wasn’t following you. 

“Come on Spence. I’ll give you a ride home……Also if that’s how you stop me from getting angry at you, maybe I’ll have to yell at you more often…..just saying.” You grinned at him seeing his eyes light up as he started to follow you. 

“Just next time you do that, maybe wait until we don’t have an audience. Okay.”

“Okay…..Do you….do you wanna yell at me now?”

You burst out laughing at him. “Let’s get away from the team first genius.”

He grinned at you, “Okay.” 

I’ve seen a few comments on various platforms about wanting to see Leia “finally use the force” and I’m like…She does? 

The force isn’t always about picking shit up. The moment in ESB where Leia hears Luke call out to her is one of my favorite moments in any SW film, and I’m pretty sure her telepathic/empathic link with Kylo will destroy me in TLJ. 

The force isn’t always projective. It’s receptive as well. And just as powerful and meaningful. 



Don´t you dream (im)possible things? 

Taylor, thank you for October 13th 2017 and thank you for all the ways in which you inspire me every single day. Thank you for wanting me there to hear the album and for wanting to meet me. It’s honestly one of the kindest things anyone’s ever done for me. I don’t know why you wanted to meet me, I just know I’ll be eternally grateful. I hope you know how thankful I am, Taylor. 

I was a bit nervous and rambled a lot when we met, and I forgot to tell you two very important things:


Your rambling friend and your sparkling nail polish twin,


Never Normal-Part 3

A/N: This was done for @revwinchester‘s Y1K Challenge, and in typical “me” fashion, I got a bit long winded. So without further ado, here is the final part of my Never Normal mini-series. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thank y’all! 

If you want to catch up: Part 1 Part 2

Summary: When the Winchesters found Y/N the moment after her world fell apart, she never expected they’d be the ones to help her put it back together…but that’s exactly what they did. From friends, to brothers, to the possibility of something more–their lives together were far from normal, which was exactly how she liked it.

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader (Romantic); Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Warnings: Swearing, Kissing, Fluffy, a tad Angsty (Maybe? If you look really closely?)

Word Count: 2100-ish

Gifs: Found on Google. All credit goes to original creator. 

You couldn’t help but smile when you entered the garage and saw a pair of bowlegs sticking out from underneath the Impala and heard a slightly off-key version of Traveling Riverside Blues floating through the air. Zepplin and Baby. The two things guaranteed to calm him down when he was all twisted up over something or another.

Only, this particular time the thing doing the twisting up just so happened to be you, a realization which filled your gut with both a healthy dose of excitement and more than a little fear. Still, what Sam had said was true, so you told those worries to go to hell, mentally pulled up your big girl panties, and a took another step.

Keep reading