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MERRY CHRISTMAS BABES! As promised here is my gift to all of you, partly a christmas gift and partly a thank you because today I git 1K followers! If you want to hear more about my journey to 1K you can read this post but I know a lot of you probably don’t want to hear me ramble on about that so I’ll cut to the present.

I have created the ULTIMATE Dolan twins masterlist. Basically it is all the most popular/best/my favorite/some of my own (had to) Dolan twins imagines/blurbs/preferences etc. The idea behind it was to have a post for any one in the fandom who loves imagines that showcased all the incredible writers we have in this fandom. This post will be added to constantly so if there are any writers/posts that you want added to this list, inbox/message me and I’ll add them on. So favorite this page, like the post, reblog it, whatever you want and then whenever you are wanting some good writing or need to satisfy your feels you can come back to this. If you ever lose it it will be under the tag ‘dirtydolan masterlist’ or in the description of my blog.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the support on this blog, it means the world to me! Merry Christmas! I hope you love it xoxo

-Sofia xxx


Here is my list of favorite imagine blogs, these are the ones that are pretty active. Click their name to go to their blog, if they have a masterlist I have linked that beside it. Enjoy! 

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Here are all the Grayson Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Grayson imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


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Here are all the Ethan Dolan imagines some older and some newer ones. They are split into most popular (most notes) and then some of my favorite Ethan imagines. The post is linked, along with the blog and that blogs masterlist (if they have one) so that if you really like their writing style you can read more. Enjoy!


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These are a collection of imagines that include both twins (mainly bsm) and preferences. Enjoy!

Imagines (mainly bsm):

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Here are a bunch of lists, some are the same idea just written by different people. I thought I would include them all though because the more the better in my eyes. Enjoy!


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Both/preference list:

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Stephen Colbert’s Live Show

You know, you always have that one person who you look at when there’s a crisis. And you know that if they’re doing okay, somehow you’ll pull through too.

Stephen Colbert was my person this election. And to see him so visibly shaken and so close to breaking down last night (into tears, or anger or whatever) legit terrified me, and broke my heart.

I enjoyed the show though, cuz it was honest, and real, and I enjoyed hearing Stephen speak. But I think the show was when it finally sunk in that this was not some terrible terrible nightmare.

But it’s all gonna be alright guys. Don’t worry. We’ll pull through. And to any one who wants to talk or ramble or vent - I’m here.

hat films are my special interest, and this fandom is not dying

I know that this isn’t a huge fandom like Supernatural or whatever. 

There’s so many people leaving, or that have left, that made good content and added to the numbers of us that are still around. Now it seems like the same content is shared over and over in our little bubble on media, which again, is good - we all have the same interests - and there isn’t a lot of variety in the content on tumblr that’s new, or there’s just not loads of it. 

Being a small fandom isn’t a bad thing, at all in fact. We’re still standing, we still have the same liking of those three that keeps us laughing and loving each video. 

The amount of times people have told me (in other fandoms that I’m in) that there really isn’t any point in loving these guys so much when the fandom is “dead” is really too much to put down in figures, and I’ve stopped counting anyway - it just goes over my head. Why? Because Hat films are my special interest. 

It’s a term in the autistic sort of group here on tumblr that I’ve seen it being used- it basically is just something we, as autistic persons, can get very attached to and excited about. We can talk about our s.i’s for hours on end and be very happy to do so! Every autie could have a different one, it could be an animal specie, a person in their lives, a tv show, literally anything. And since about 2012, mine has been Hat Films. 

Today, that means I have loads of ideas on the daily about aus and fic ideas, I love watching them and talking about them - heck, the whole reason I’m on tumblr was because I love the idea that there’s other people like me that also like them as much, maybe more, and won’t be like people outside of fans who don’t know what I’m talking about when I babble on and on about them so much. 

So when someone initially told me not to bother anymore about them or the fandom (since it’s “dead), I was initially upset. I wouldn’t have anything to be excited about- no one to share that with. 

But I realise that now, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Like I said before, the fandom is coming back from where it had a little downturn, and there’s more of us coming back or joining in. 

But personally, I don’t think I’ll be agreeing when people say this fandom is dying or is dead. I have met so many good people here - so many good creators, writers, artists, heck, I met the love of my life through watching three guys on the internet insult each-other and play video games. 

I’m going to try to be a better creator here - more fics and that, more activity. I like talking about and liking Hf in general, and if I can spread that, I’ll try to. 

Thank you to so many creators in this fandom - @threeplusfire, @blithe-bee, @marblellous, @lukadarkwater, and so on. If you read this and you are a creator - whether you write novel-length fanfiction or draw tiny sketches - I owe you so much thanks. You keep us going. 

A small fandom is still a strong one. And we’re a good one. 

My theory is that Chloe is still human. Now hear me out. Amenadiel said he was sent to bless the couple. Bless. Which means she is still the product of two mortals. I think God just wanted John and Penelope to create Chloe so she could meet Lucifer.  

If she stays human, like we were always lead to believe, it gives the couple a yin and yang dynamic. One an angel and the other a human. Opposites in a way. 

I feel like something would be lost  in their relationship if they made her out to be an angel. 

yes yes, another follow forever. i wasn’t going to do one but then i couldn’t think of anything i wanted to do for hitting 500 followers so i was like hey let’s jump on the follow forever bandwagon and now here we are!

special mentions:

@squidwithelbows: oh heath bar…my big foot enthusiast. you are the first friend i made on here and i am so grateful for our friendship <3 i love yelling at you about books i read and hearing you ramble about random book theories. i didn’t think anyone could be nerdier than me but boy i was wrong. i love your art so much and we need to read another book together! 

the foxhoes court: even though you pick on me a lot…*cough* syeda *cough* becoming friends with you guys was one of the highlights of 2016. i’m glad you tolerate my ramblings about my ocs and i love hearing about yours. did you know i adopted them? bc i did. anyway thanks for making my crappy 2016 and always being there to make me laugh and smile ily :)

@petalloso: i am so glad you decided to randomly message me about eyewitness a couple of months ago bc i cherish you my twin. sometimes i ask myself “what would i do without salami??” bc hello who would i torture with my oc angst ;) jk ily a lot <3

@jeanmoreos: i can never get over the fact that we’ve got matching urls??? it’s crazy. but hello you are my wife and the loml i love talking to you every day it makes me v happy and i’m so glad we decided to talk about ocs that one day bc if we hadn’t cabe wouldn’t exist and just!!! that’d be heartbreaking. thank you so much for tolerating me and always being there when i have breakdowns bc it means a lot

@wesnenski: pear good lord i am so glad i messaged you that one day bc hello i’d be lost without you. you are such an awesome friend and the greatest guru ever ;) thank you for introducing me to sid and the world of hockey and enabling my love for everything kent parson. LOVE YA

@reneewvlkers: al!!! you are my gal pal and i love u a lot (did you know i just recently found out what gal pal meant? yup i’m smart) i love bonding with you over chrimbus and occasionally arguing over things (maturely ;) ). i still cry over the fact that my sister thought you were my girlfriend when you sent the christmas card. anyway grilled cheese and ‘merica thanks and gnight

@richargdansey: laur you are literally the cutest ever and i love talking to you! can you believe we live forty minutes away from each other?? bc i still can’t.

@hemmicknicky: sur…you are the discourse king and i love that. also your drunk nights when you answer random questions are the best. we seriously!!! need to talk more!!!!! okay ily

@spaceboyandrew: i love screaming with you about skam and more specifically herman tommeraas why is he so pretty ;____; i’m glad we are Weak together it gives me life

@josteninski: yooooo you are my fellow fuck boi and sinner and wow that’s just too great. thank you for keeping my slow ass up with skam bc apparently i live under a rock

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Hey hi hello I’m Jordan Witzigreuter and I’m glad my phone just automatically fills out my last name cause my fingers get tired of typing it out, but try pronouncing it and tell me how fun that is. Any who, I’m mostly known for that one hit single Love Like Woe and I tend to produce music as well as make my own so if anyone wants to talk bout that hmu on google hangout @ come be my friend and hear me ramble about pointless things like screaming birds.

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Wha t happened-- You're a really great person with amazing talent who I can't match even half of, someone who I know inspires me to keep drawing. I come back after a bit and now you're doubting yourself despite all of our agreements on how much of an awesome person you are, and we can all unanimously agree that self doubt is a demon that shouldn't try to exist in such a pure person :v

(What am I talking about? That’s only one reason and there’s still a shit ton left.

I’m in to stuff they’re not, I’m quiet ever so often cause I don’t want them hearing me rambling on about my interests or problems, shit, I’m so self conscious and easily embarrassed that I had a few breakdowns in the last few weeks during few presentations, I takes me long to accept positive compliments and jokes but one negative comment can make me feel like crap for the rest of the day and so on…)

If these things apply to you, you might be an asshole...

I hear blogging can be therapeutic so here goes nothing, just letting off a little steam. Let me just start out by saying I’m a waitress… Aaaand I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Yes I deal with assholes (and you quite possibly may be one of them) all day. I’m usually a very happy go lucky, free spirited kind of chick, but lately I just want to flip the shit out of someone else’s table everyday. I could literally go on for days about the things customers do that really grind my gears, but I’ll just try to stick to a main few.
1. When I take the time to properly great you and you cut me off, 🖕🏻. I don’t just speak to hear myself talk
2. Do not flirt with me. Especially while wearing a wedding ring 😾 when I ask you a question like “can I get you anything else to go with it?” The correct answer is ketchup, mother fucker. Don’t be that guy that says some corny shit like “you for dessert”. It’s awkward, it’s annoying, I’m not flattered, and now your not getting a refill because I’m about to avoid your table at all cost 👋🏻
3. If you feel the need to pre apologize for your behavior in advance, just stay home. Do not give me a hard time and think you’re being hilarious. This isn’t magic time machine, bitches. I do not get paid to be here for your entertainment. Food and drinks, that’s all I wanna talk about.
4. What’s up with splitting the tab on two cards and only tipping on one? Fuck me, right? I didn’t even want tip on the other 50% of your bill……….. -_______-
5. Why do people even think it’s okay to sit in our sections for hourrrrrrs, drink maybe a beer every couple and tip you $3.00 because their bill was really cheap? But likeeee, what about all the time and space I wasted on you? This is actually my way of making a living. One time I was told I’m lucky if I get tipped at all, because it isn’t mandatory *silent moment while birds fly around* R U FUCKING KIDDING ME? I’m not just bringing you 9 refills of sweet tea out of the goodness of my heart. You came out to eat, because you chose not to wait on yourself. Thats a service, and like any other service, you have to pay for it. Just because it’s up to your discretion doesn’t mean be shitty to someone. People think we’re making so much money, but the truth is, we don’t make nearly enough for how belittled we get treated.
6. I can’t stress how annoying it is to drop something off for a table that isn’t yours and have everyone start handing you empty glasses and shouting out different beers and cocktails…. I’m sorry, when the fuck did I become your waitress? I have my own tables to take care of, as well as every other server that isn’t yours. None of us can put in an order for another employee, so that fucks up my groove if I have to go find your server, when chances are if you just wait a damn minute you could tell them yourself.
7. Do y'all even look at us? I mean damn you don’t gotta remember my name or anything and I get the occasional “oh I thought you were another girl” but the other day I had a table stop me and ask if I was there waitress that had clearly been there for a while snacking on appetizers and having drinks. Obviously I was not their server, so like always I went on a quest to find the girl I’m being mistaken for. Turns out the table belonged to Chris, a 6" tall, bearded Hispanic male… I’m a 5"4 blonde high lighted GIRL!!!!
8. I’m kind of over ranting but I feel like I should just have 8 points so, Here we go: If your kids make a ridiculous ass mess, I want like an extra dollar for every minute I’m gonna have to spend cleaning that shit up. You may think we don’t bus our own tables, but we do a hell of a lot more than the customers pay any mind to

Respect and kindness go a long ways
That is all

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One thing I want to know: what's a funny story that's ever happened to you? Thanks ^_^

Oh~ Good question! Okay, so this is something that happened to me and @nightkunoichi a couple years ago!

I was spending a couple nights at her house while her parents were out of town, and we were taking turns typing up our parts of a roleplay in her room. So she’s writing a creepy part, and we hear this glass breaking kind of crash out in the house. We both exchange “WTF?” looks and she shuts the door, hands me her phone, and has me call the police. After all, it sounds like a home invasion.

So, I’m on the phone with the dispatcher, and NK’s listening, and she gets this thoughtful look on her face before giving me a pencil and saying for me to go for the eyes if anyone else comes in there. Then she goes out…and comes back a minute later pissed off as all hell.

“It was the fucking cat!”

Her cat knocked some makeup into the glass bowl sink she had, then onto the floor…and it sounded like breaking glass because of what the containers were made of. It was creepy as hell when it happened, but I kind of laugh my ass off thinking about it now.

Originally posted by everything-everythingsmagic

I want...

I want to rail.
I want to scream at the top of my lungs.
I want to yell out horrible things about him
and make him feel as useless
and broken as I do.

I want his arms around me.
I want him to stroke my hair
and tell me it will be okay.
I want to believe it will be okay.
I want to be safe.
And secure.

But no one hears my wants
as they fall directly
into the blackness
which was once my heart.

Time again to box it all up.
Put it away.
Pretend I don’t feel.
Time to lose myself in mundanity.
Hide from passion.
Give up on hope.

To My Next Lover:

Tell me you love me when you fall in love with more than my body and the way my body curves where my legs start. Fall in love with more than the way my stomach lays flat on my body. Fall in love with more than the way I can dance.

Fall in love with my laugh that becomes really loud and obnoxious after hearing it for a while. Fall in love with the way I ramble on about being a famous singer one day. Fall in love with the way I can never decide what I want to eat at a restaurant.

Don’t fall in love with the surface, fall in love with my waves and the sand at the bottom of my ocean.

—  dive in

anonymous asked:

Hey. I was looking for some help. Im sorry if this is annoying and you probably dont want to hear some teenagers problems but i think im bisexual but im not sure. I mean ive liked girls before but im 15 and i dont know whether this is just a phase or im actually bi or just pretending to be bi. Im sorry im rambling but im just scared. If you could help me out that would be the best. Thank you x

Hey anon

If you’re attracted in any way to more than one gender then you can call yourself bi. There’s no age restriction on it, 15 year olds can be bi. And so what if it’s a phase? That doesn’t make it any less real right now. If you find you’re not attracted to girls five years from now, that doesn’t mean you weren’t attracted to them now. If you feel attraction then that’s what it is. It’s not fake. You may be bi forever, or years from now your sexuality may shift to gay or straight. Either way, you can still be bi now. It’s chill, anon. You should never worry about labels or other people’s biphobic opinions. Just be you and call yourself what you want :)


EDIT (that’s what you get when Max and I are typing a reply at the same time. double the advice):


first of all you are never annoying. This blog is here to help people with exactly the problems you are describing.

The main thing you have to understand is that even if it ~is just a phase, that doesn’t invalidate the feelings you have had or still have right now. Even if one day you wake up and from this day on only ever fall for guys, it doesn’t mean that your feelings for girls in the past were any less real.

Bisexuality is described as the potential to be sexually and/or romantically attracted to people of two or more genders. This doesn’t have to happen all at the same time or in the same intensity or quantity. You can like one girl and a thousand guys and it would be more than enough to call yourself bisexual if that’s what you want. It’s about what label you feel the most comfortable with and if one day you feel like another lable suits you better, then you can always change it. You don’t have to live by a certain set of rules to be allowed in the bi club and nobody is allowed to scrutinise you in case you go by “bisexual” for a while and then by another label.

The experiences of young queer people often get swept under the rug by saying “it’s just a phase” which is inherently fucked up because it is based on the (wrongful) moral judgement that having “a phase” is something negative. It’s especially harmful to young people by treating the exploration of sexual identity as something shameful and/or invalid.


that-one-catbird  asked:

please tell me about the oc(s? im not sure if there are multiples?) i want to hear about themmmm they look great!!


So this is my child, Ashland Addie Rouse, more commonly referred to as Ash.

She deals with Disassociative Identity Disorder and has 4 main personalities

The most dominant one is Ash, represented by purple eyes when I draw her. She acts bubbly and happy but she has a lot of issues, mostly surrounding her abandonment issues. She’s very impulsive and gets in a lot of trouble

Another is Ashland, represented by blue eyes. She’s like a perpetual 10 year old as she never got the chance to grow up and mature properly due to Ash becoming the dominant personality.

The third is Unspoken, represented by pale grey eyes. Unspoken is completely mute, thus their name. They’re down to earth and rational as apposed to Ash. They communicate through sign language or texting.

The last is Unnamed, represented by red eyes. They don’t have any clear personality as they only act upon the last strong emotion Ash felt. Since Ash is kinda messed up, they’re usually negative emotions. Unnamed has no sense of boundaries or empathy, causing problems.

Now, their “vessel” {the body that they share}.
Biologically female
5 foot 1
Purple hair reaching just below the shoulder blades
Missing right leg
Has naturally blue/purple-ish eyes
Normally wears a black and purple hoodie, grey jeans, and simple slip-on vans
Always wears a red string bracelet with a single black bead on it {husband/boyfriend has a black string with a red bead}
Sensitive stomach


That took longer than I thought it would.

But here!

Basic information on my darling baby Ash.

Any other questions are welcome!

people love in different ways, and i don’t think that’s even slightly sad. there is so much in the sunshine to see: flowers and puppies and long walks all by yourself down familiar streets – there has never been anything wrong with being alone. 

brief moments of human connection, and longer ones: the skinned-knee girl on the playground who smiles at you like a rush of summer wind, the barista who starts your double mocha espresso the moment you jingle-bell enter, how happy your mother sounds when you finally call her back. none of these have anything to do with romance, yet they fill your heart with quiet warmth. you are here. you are recognized. you are loved.

others speak of long burning fires that consume everything they are, of giving everything you are to another person to keep their fire alight. you smile and cup your hands around the shine of fluttering sparks, infinite in their freedom, a cloud of fireflies lighting your way through the night. you are alone, but you are not lonely.

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More than once Elisa has secretly turned off her hearing aids while Ollie is rambling about one of his crushes. At first he gets really offended " 'Lisa what the hell! You were supposed to be listening to me!" She just rolls her eyes "I zoned out around the time you started describing their arms. Did you really want me to hear all of this?" "Yeah you're right never mind" Ollie is like Sonny and will go on and on about the people he likes in embarrassing detail

Omgggggg, I love!!!

Ollie going on and on about how hot/handsome/beautiful his crushes are in this embarrassing amount of detail that scarily resembles how Sonny used to talk about Rafael before they got together.

First he starts talking about normal stuff, like how they have really good hair, or how they have pretty green eyes that sparkle. But then he’ll start looking out into space and describing to Elisa the forearm muscles that’ll pop out whenever the guy that he’s crushing on crosses his arms, and that’s when Elisa knows it’s her cue to tune out.

Because Elisa really, really does not want to hear her little brother describe, in detail, how his crush’s legs look in this one particular pair of pants that he always wears, or how the pants get tighter whenever he sits down.

A sensation akin to panic filled him. He dreaded coming back to school ever since Zane told him. He desperately wanted his old school in his sight, to see familiar faces and feel the excitement of seeing them again. Only Zane was firm, repeating he could never go back to his former school, that he must accept this one.

He fidget in his seat, his eyes on the chalkboard as the teacher rambled about a subject he scarcely could listen to. The looks from his other classmates were hardly welcoming. He bit down on the bud of his eraser, trying to smother this uncomfortable feeling.

I can sense your distress. What is bothering you?

He stiffened, eyes darting around. Zane couldn’t possibly be in this room!

You forget we have this connection. No one else can hear me, only you. Now tell me what is wrong. I do not want to invade in further.

His very voice and presence in his mind was domineering and daunting, almost as if he was in the very same room. But it was a comfort to know someone was watching over him.

Everyone is looking at me funny…, his quiet thought aimed back to the link. Ever since he entered, he received more than just unfriendly looks, some even with scorn.

And you have not wronged them in any way?


Ignore them. They have nothing else to do but try to make your time miserable. Focus on why you are there. You are there to learn, not to make friends.

Isaac shuddered. He sounded so cold, as matter of fact about it. But I want to make friends.

So they can distract you from your studies? Now his voice sounded angry. In the beginning, he sounded annoyed, now Isaac could hear the distinct bite to his tone, I did not enroll you so you can make friends. You are there to study. Any other attachments are unnecessary and detrimental.

Isaac bit harder on the eraser. How he wanted to desperately wanted to shout how he knew nothing of what he needed. He remained silent, trying to focus.

But you think you are alone in this, know you are not. Look outside.

Unable to stop himself, he did as he was told. He barely restrained his gasp, pencil falling out his hand at the sight of Zane merely hovering outside the window. How?! No one else noticed he was there.

You thought I would let you attend your first day without me? a chuckle in his mind.

You were never alone in this. I may have been a tad harsh on the issue of friends but if these children are harsh towards you for no given reason then they are not worthy for your friendship. Understand?

Isaac was still trying wrap his mind around this. A small smile touched his lips. Yes.