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I wanted to go to college for astronomy. No colleges in my area did astro majors so I found myself in an astrophysics program, despite not being so great at the physics part. Fast forward a year. A friend told me one of the profs in the department was looking for researchers, I’m poor and want a pretty resume. Within 45 minutes of hearing about this job, I had been interviewed (while having green hair and sweatpants and no less than 5 piercings on me), I had gotten the job, and the keys to the basement labs. I get invited now to all the fancy seminars. I meet people from around the world and make connections (and may have accidentally mouthed off to one of the fancy boys from JINA-CEE but I didn’t know it was him at the time I swear he was just an awkward bump on a log how was I supposed to know ((he was impressed at my ballsy-ness so it all worked out))). My research job is the hot-topic cutting-edge Thing of The Month and so I get to meet fancy boys from science clubs a lot which helps my recognition. One of the profs is a fan of the research I’m doing and offers to put me under the wing of his former advisor, Mr. Bump On A Log from JINA. I have been sucked into the rabbit hole of nuclear astrophysics despite most of what I’ve been doing is Networking and not hardcore research because fucking hell I’ve got classes too you know this was supposed to be a summer job I just started early because I needed gas money.

I have managed to get myself a Respectable For My Age reputation.

All either on accident or by sheer bullshit luck.

I just wanted to look at the stars.


IF you listen to this album all the way through, it tells a story.  A story u can definitely feel.  Hallelujah money wasnt popular on its own when it first came out, but with this album it is SO powerful and made me a little emotional.  I hear a lot of things about how slow pace the album is and honeslty i dont know how fast u want it to be? lol It had a nice flow going from one song to another. There were more than one song that I really loved.  Gorillaz is the only band that can do that for me.  They are here at a very good time when 2016 was shit, and the uncertainty of our future is scary right now.  Gorillaz coming with this album is great with a positive finish at the end of the album ^^

as a TINY, LITTLE TEENAGER, Mickey Milkovich was SHOT by a sexual predator who was mad that Mickey was having a sexual relationship with said predator’s TEENAGE VICTIM, and then Mickey had to go to juvie because of it, BECAUSE HE GOT SHOT, because to tell the truth about what happened would mean to risk BEING LITERALLY MURDERED by his abusive piece of shit neo-nazi father.


I don’t want to hear SHIT coming out of anyone’s mouth about Mickey unless you’re willing to acknowledge the amazingly brave and loving and giving and strong SURVIVOR that Mickey is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN. SINCE SEASON ONE. OKAY, GOODNIGHT. 

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Tfw your father makes you feel like shit bc he thinks one of your special interests is "stupid" and "you shouldn't want to be like your hippie grandma", (for the record, its astrology, witchcraft, and the occult. He considers himself a man of science and doesn't consider he might be hurting my feelings, although he gives the "empathy" lecture to me all the time.) I should not be angry at myself for this.

Ugh, I’m sorry to hear that. For what it’s worth, I believe strongly in science, but I also have an interest in the occult and have considered myself pagan for about as long as I’ve known I’m autistic. You’ll find that many witches and pagans are very science-positive and environment-conscious, as there are a number of earth-based practices that fall under the pagan umbrella. Indeed…there are many pagans who study/work in scientific fields for this very reason!

It’s easy for a lot of people to dismiss the occult/metaphysical as “bunk,” but there’s actually a lot of science behind some of it–crystals (a particular interest of mine!), herbs, healing work, and more. On top of that, interests in the metaphysical can lead to interests in scientific fields too (crystals and geology, astrology and astronomy, etc.). No matter what anyone else might say, your interests are allowing you to learn more about the world around you, and I think that should count for something.

- Auntie Cat

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markjin was a ship i didn't really care about until I started following your blog. it soon had me watching endless markjin videos on YouTube 😩 but I'm curious as to what your fave recent (over the past year or so) markjin moments have been? I LOVE your blog btw! :)

haha omg!! I’m happy to hear that ^^ heehee ❤️️ tbh every markjin moment is my fave moment LOL and there so many, but I’ll try to pick maybe 7 most recent ones?

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Well, maybe Snow did sorta recognize him in 'The Doctor.' Maybe there was more to her reaction to hearing the nickname of 'Hook' than just remembering his reputation and the stories about the 'dastardly pirate with a hook for a hand.'

Absolutely, I think it can definitely be seen that way.  Can I be honest, though? I don’t care. If the show wants Snow to have seen Hook before, fine by me. Cause… does it matter? Would it change the plot? NOPE. 

I’m not one of those people that gets upset by details like this (especially before I’ve seen if there is an explanation on the show or not.) 

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Hi M.! I read Villains over my school's April vacation and absolutely adored it. I already want to re-read it, but I can't right now because I've lent it to one of my (high school) students. She reads for character particularly well so I thought she would like it -- and indeed, she has been so enthusiastic about it that I have three more students fighting over who gets to borrow it next. And they all want to read more Shakespeare! Thank you so much for such an incredible reading experience.

I am so, so happy to hear this! (Literally nothing makes me feel more like I’ve done a good thing than hearing that people–especially students–are reading more Shakespeare because of it. Indoctrinate them while they’re young!) Thank you so much for reading and for sharing it.

April 29, 2017


Montana; Iowa; Idaho; New Jersey; California. We have not settled on a place, though I do not think we should settle on one just yet. We are still being searched for; there are still demons that want harm upon this world and angels that want to kill an innocent. I have lost too many times—This way is the only way for no one else to be hurt. If there is one that is hurt, the only casualty will be me and me alone. A path of destruction and sorrow will open your eyes to what you care about the most. I have lived it, and I have lived it far too many times to have only just begun to put that lesson into practice now.

Kelly tries to ask questions or make small talk. For the most part, it is rather enjoyable to hear her, though I do not know if she is listening to that which she speaks. I do not know if I listen to that which I speak either. My words and my mind seem in a haze, though I am forcing myself not to dwell on that further than that initial phrase. Kelly, for her part, appears to be fighting a similar battle.

This child will need absolute protection and a place where he will not harm others while he is learning. His powers will go haywire before he learns to control them, and he will be even more powerful than angels when we first learn of our control or lack thereof in this world. When you are young you are inevitably foolish, though age is not the factor in which I am targeting here. When I refer to young I refer to the experience and years of wisdom one only gains as they progress through life. It is first making those mistakes when you are young that cause you to grow, which is why when I still find myself making mistakes today in all of my time is when I call that foolish.

This child will have an effect on the world. What that effect is will depend on who he sees first in this world. I see that now.




Kara and her friends

One of the sad things about Kara’s friendships is that her friends tend to lash out at her when she confronts them with things they don’t want to hear. When she told Winn that she didn’t like him in a romantic way he threw a tantrum and stopped talking to her. When she told James that she couldn’t support his attempts at being a vigilante because it would get him killed he got mad at her and then went and nearly got himself killed. When Supergirl told Lena about her mother she got a vicious and angry response

So I think when Kara walked into Lena’s office she fully expected the same experience as before. The anger, the accusations….she probably even expected to lose Lena as a friend. Instead…her friend understood. Understood that she didn’t mean to her, that she was just doing her job. Even after Jack died in her very arms she didn’t blame Kara or lash out at her instead she sought comfort and support

I think this was a mind blowing and very needed experience for Kara. A friend who sticks by her even when she confronts them with things they don’t want to hear.  And I think….I think Kara might probably be ready to reveal her secret to Lena. I think a big part of her hesitation had been her bad past experiences but now… after leaving Lena some time to grieve I think she might be ready

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If you could request one piece of art/fic, of/about absolutely anything you wanted, what would it be? Your absolute dream fanwork, I love hearing about people's preferences the passion is fantastic

Mod Mellow:

I want! Listen, this isn’t Undertale-related so just bear with me–I want a fic/comic/something where Ganondorf has to relinquish his quest to conquer Hyrule to join forces with Link & Zelda against a higher threat. I want it to be a Found Family-type situation that focuses on them slowly learning to work together, & maybe even start to care about each other. 

I want Ganon to be developed as more than a one-note villain, & for those multi-faceted parts to come into play as the story develops & his bond with Link & Zelda grow. I want the power of the Triforce to finally be unleashed as these three finally learn to work as a team. I want. Redemption Arc Ganon. & found family Ganon, Link, & Zelda.

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I don’t…. think I’d ever be able to ask for anything? Just, hear me out ok? I can give suggestions and stuff for others, give the praise and motivation, but I don’t ever expect anything in return? I’m happy as is. If something is made as a gift, ok, I’ll take whatever it is, but I won’t? Ask for anything??? I just… I don’t know. I just want everyone to be happy.

sometimes i’m not really sure if i actually want a relationship or if i just feel like i just should because it’s “”“normal”“” and some of it is just seeing and hearing things about relationships and i just don’t want to have to miss out on getting to go on dates and having a first kiss or whatever but like do I actually /want/ to do those things??? i have a lot of conflicting feelings
and maybe i want to feel this way bc it’s easier to be alone by choice than bc no one wants to be with you but who knows, not me for sure


I woke up still sort of hungover to this BLAST of texts from my collaborator friend telling me about HO-LY-SHIT everything that had happened in the fandom over night. But mostly, Sin wanted to write the story, because once you hear it, you HAVE to write it, right? 

So here you go: our take on #Chihoko

Or read here:

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I’ve wanted to talk for So Long about the portrayal of anxiety in YOI but I’ve been having so much trouble putting together what I want to say in the most effective manner. I kept trying to come at this in a more analytical fashion, but considering that this is such a personally important topic to me, I’m going to try a more emotional approach. Something I don’t normally do.

So really, to start off, I wanna say that I’m so damn thankful for the way Yuuri is written. Really, seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had the ability to relate more to character; Yuuri is close to a mirror of my own experiences with anxiety and it’s so fantastic to have a model of development and growth for me and people like me. I found the portrayal to be frighteningly accurate, from types of thoughts, behaviors, mannerisms… I think the episode that stood out to me the most in terms of Yuuri’s anxiety was ep7, aka Yuuri’s on-screen panic attack episode. 

The first thing I noticed was this: 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself in that exact position. I bounce my legs when I panic, just like Yuuri is doing here. Head in his hands, breathing heavily, bouncing and jostling limbs. This isn’t the Mary-Sue cutesy portrayal of anxiety–this is a real anxiety disorder. It’s not pretty. It’s not easy. It can’t be fixed with a single word or a touch or a person. Quite frankly, it’s ugly and you lose control of your body. 

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Why the Rolling Stone's Fansplaining of Harry Styles Misses the Point
Saskia Postema, Contributor

It is safe to say that almost the entire world has recently been exposed to the solo debut of Harry Styles, member of the band One Direction. While he was not the first one to start up a solo project – Zayn Malik left the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career, whereas both Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson released solo material in 2016 – he was, perhaps after Zayn’s dramatic departure, the most hyped and anticipated artist out of the original bandmembers.

It’s been two weeks since Harry released his incredibly successful #1 debut single, Sign of the Times, which leads his self-titled LP that will hit stores on the 12th of May. Subsequently, critics have been quick to write their reviews, labeling the rock anthem as an epic song that establishes Harry as a credible artist. Part of the promotional roll-out of Harry’s debut seems to be centered around the cultivation of that notion: Harry Styles is to be seen as an authentic, honest, yet mysterious, credible musician. Given the fact that Rolling Stone profiles itself as the market-leading music magazine when it comes to crediting such artistry, it was to be expected that a profile and cover issue of Harry Styles would follow suit.

In a companion piece, Rolling Stone published a so-called ‘fansplaining’ column on their website – delving into the fanbase that has supported Harry Styles throughout the years, probably aimed at gauging their reaction to his debut. An interesting take, given the fact that the journalistic lens of Rolling Stone seems to focus mostly around discrediting the opinion of young women, particularly those who have been avid fans of the music that One Direction has put out in previous years, and who have supported Harry and his peers throughout that time. Aside from the fact that such an understanding of music is abhorrently misogynist, as it values the middle-aged white male’s opinion as somehow more legitimate than those of women (even when those women were able to recognize the artist’s talent years prior to those men who were blinded by their fragile masculinity), the article also failed to do what it intended: Explain what makes these fans so loyal to their idol.

There seems to be a deep-rooted misunderstanding of the relationship between fans and the artist they support, starting with the idea that all fans are the same. They are not. As such, many internal disagreement can exist within a fandom, while all maintaining the same admiration for the artist. It should be clear that fans are perhaps, aside from the artist themselves, the most critical of the output provided. People might find that contradictory, but I have found this to be true amongst many different groups of fans. It is similar to having a best friend that loves you unconditionally, but that will set you straight and call you out on your mistakes when you stumble. Fans are there to help the artist along, but that doesn’t mean they will not hesitate to analyze, criticize and educate their idol as well as their peers if they feel this is necessary. Such criticism stems from the expectations they have formed about said output products. Most fans will distinguish between music on the one hand, and image on the other hand. This is separate from the expectations and perception fans have from their idol’s personality. However, they will expect both music and image to reflect the personality of the artist – this is where the honesty comes into play.

For those who have been following One Direction’s career and musical development, the style of music chosen by Harry did not come as a surprise. In fact, while many reviewers seem to shy away from making the comparison, it seems that Harry’s music seems to progress most naturally out of the latest albums of One Direction. Songs like Walking in the Wind, If I Could Fly, or the slightly older Ready to Run and Where do Broken Hearts Go all reflect similar soft-rock vibes. It also fits the fans’ perception of what Harry’s personal taste in music is like, as he’s always hinted at big artists from the 70s and 80s as his big musical influences. His continuous rejection of explaining his lyricism is also consistent with the Harry fans have come to know and love over the years – he’s expressed many a times how much he values music as art. And art is interpreted by the person observing the artpiece, he likes that a song might give different people different perspectives, as long as it resonates, it’s enough.

This links back to image. In my view, many fans see Harry as fiercely protective of his private life. And with good reason, given how he had to grow up in the limelight – starting off on the X Factor, a reality show that is as much a storytelling drama series as it is a singing competition. However, this is also where there is a deep dissatisfaction amongst fans. Part of celebrity culture is providing the public with certain glimpses into your private life, and fans are quite ambivalent in their appreciation of this. On the one hand, fans want to see their idols be happy and have the opportunity to talk to them, or get to know them. On the other hand, fans recognize the flagrant violation of privacy in terms of stalkers, paparazzi and ‘inside sources’ speaking to the press.

In Harry’s case, this is where the dichotomy is most apparent. While he himself never speaks out about his private life or relationships, not even his friendships with other celebs such as Ed Sheeran, Alexa Chung or Nick Grimshaw; his private life has quite possibly been most speculated about and most prominent in tabloids out of all the One Direction members. Rolling Stone does an abysmal job at respecting the same mysteriousness they hail Harry for trying to uphold by filling in the blanks and pushing him to talk about relationships he’s chosen not to address in the past. Their leading title for their profile does not focus on the music, or him as a new solo artist, but rather on him ‘opening up about famous flings’. It is a common misconception that fans want to hear him say that he’s single, or want to know the ins and outs of who he beds. Rather, fans want to hear what makes Harry happy. They don’t want to marry him, they want to know if he’s hydrated and well loved by his family and friends – if he’s taken enough holidays and if there’s anything in particular he still wants to achieve or cross of his bucket list; that is if he has one. They want to hear him honour the fundamental friendships that underpin the appreciation and adoration fans carry for all One Direction members. They want to know what inspires him – not who. Does he order a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, or does he enjoy a Big Mac on cheat days? 

Similarly, many fans will find the sudden recognition by Rolling Stone and other acclaimed music reviewers to be bittersweet. While they will feel proud of Harry at seeing him succeed and get this approval, they also call it for what it is: a thinly-veiled rejection of One Direction and the Harry Styles prior to his solo debut. It is an honour to be hailed as the next David Bowie or Mick Jagger, but the line between inspiration and imitation is thin, which makes fans wary. What is more – the celebration of Harry’s apparent ‘new honesty and authenticity’ (again a rejection of his previous work) is rather awkward, when the reviews do not seem to provide Harry Styles with the room to be iconic as himself. They make sure to draw comparisons with a multitude of icons from the past, as if every choice he’s made has been infused with the mentality to emulate his predecessors. Fans want Harry to succeed by being true to who he is, and while his music gets recognition, it’s still not perceived as being something that is only fully Harry’s.Finally, it is important to not just address what fans expect from their idol, but also what they take away from them. In Rolling Stone, Harry Styles shared that what hurts him are fundamental issues that are lacking in today’s society – things like ‘equal rights, for everyone – all races, sexes, everything’. He’s a feminist, has been involved in the HeforShe campaign, and has expressed his support for LGBTQ+ as part of One Direction. He was frequently seen waving a rainbow flag in concerts, stated that ‘here at One Direction, we love love. Love is love,’ and has worn rainbow bracelets – most recently even a rainbow pin proudly fastened on his shirt. Moreover, he’s taken great care in answering questions about partners, favouring the word ‘spouse’ and always using gender-neutral pronouns. Harry is proud of the fact that he wears 26inch women’s skinny jeans, and continues to present himself as vulnerable in photoshoots, and to break gender norms by not shying away from the colour pink, silk and sheer, glitter boots, or wearing nailpolish. While some might not see the significance in this, these moves are incredibly powerful and can help people of all ages feel more accepted and comfortable with being who they are – it makes them feel normal and safe in a heteronormative world that is dominated by gender stereotypes. What is more, it reinforces their love and support for the artist, as they agree with their worldview – it’s a connection on a more fundamental level, that is not fueled by romantic love interest, or aesthetically pleasing faces and outfits.

Moreover, it inspires fans to change their views on society, and to extend the same charity and empathy as their idol does. In this respect, One Direction and its individual members have - unfortunately - been grossly underrated. Only recently did Steve Aoki note the incredibly power held by this fanbase in particular, calling the fans ‘an institution, like an army of bees’, recognizing how Louis Tomlinson’s fans were mainly responsible for his debut single’s smash success – creating and coordinating their own promotional campaigns, creating merchandise and posters, and requesting the song on radios. But this dedication does not limit itself to seeing their favourite artist succeed. Inspired by the great amount of charity work that One Direction has done itself, ranging from participating in Comic Relief and being patrons of numerous charities to Louis Tomlinson spending over 3 million pounds to organize a fundraiser in the form of a Princess Ball for ill children, the fans have bolstered this attitude to give to those in need and started charity drives in honour of the multiple members. The popular account 1DFansGive encourages fans to donate money to the charities that Harry and his peers are patrons of or have expressed their support for – with unparalleled, consistent success.

These positive aspects of the unique relationship between Harry Styles/1D and the fanbase are entirely lacking or even erased in media representation, which further fuels the dichotomy and love-hate relationship that fans have with media outlets. They stigmatize his fans as being teenage girls who fantasize about a relationship with him, and therefore are obsessed with his sex life – when this is frankly an insulting and gross overgeneralization. It is off-putting that fans are shamed for behavior they do not demonstrate, all the while the press engages in exactly that same behavior. It is not fans who force the idea of Harry Styles dating Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner down anyone’s throats – it’s the press. It is not fans that prioritize his romantic relationships over his musical abilities and interests – it’s the press. On the other hand – it’s not the press that makes an artist successful, it’s the fans. And most importantly, it’s not the press that annually raises thousands of dollars inspired by an artist’s activism - it’s the fans. And the press doesn’t even report it; not even when they attempt fansplaining.

My advice? Don’t try something if the verb is derived from a harmful, toxic, divisive, humiliating and belittling behaviour that takes away someone’s voice and agency. Fansplaining is just as appreciated by fans as mansplaining is by women - not at all.

Then suddenly, you met someone who told you the same story. Who told you about the same path you’ve walked through. And this time, you truly listened. You looked at them in the eyes while all the memories started coming back from the past. Suddenly you were like listening to an old song. You were like seeing an old scene you thought you have already forgotten. You were like in the darkness again. A darkness that was surrounded by voices you thought will never exist again. You were like watching an old movie. The one you don’t want to witness anymore. You’re hearing the same story from a different person. This time, the tears and sobs were not coming from you. It’s from someone you haven’t known when the same story happened to you. It was the same, yes, but still different. Because this time, you already understand. This time, you knew why it has to happen that way. This time, you were different. Because you already learned the lessons behind that story. And it’s time for you to try telling that someone how you overcome passing along that obstacle you thought you can never get through.
—  ma.c.a // Make them know, how brave you are

i’m trying to learn how to be okay with being second. i tell myself at least you text me even if you text him first. i tell myself that i can fit all of my problems on the head of a pin, not having a best friend is hardly big enough to qualify as one of them. i tell myself that it’s easier this way anyway; i tell myself i’m busy with life and work or figuring out my shit. it’s just that sometimes i get lonely and i can’t really put my finger on why. it’s just that when it’s two in the morning i have no one to text about the nightmares. nobody wants to hear about them. it’s just i’d like to be special once. i know that’s selfish. but i feel like if i forgot to scoop myself out of bed and rotted here instead nobody would notice i didn’t show up. i feel like nobody cares if i show up. isn’t that terrible of me. isn’t that fucked up.

Draco Malfoy Crush Headcanons


Gryffindor Reader

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

- Omg people would totally ship you two as the love/hate relationship and/or the sexual tension relationship

- Cliche, but start off as total rivals

- If you played Quiddich you would make it your top priority to always distract Draco

- Shameless teasing tho??

- “Hey Malfoy, nice ass”

- ///blushblushblush “Excuse me?!”

- “You heard me!”

- Shameless catcalling purposely in front of everyone including Snape and his friends

- But one day you are genuinely upset and on the verge of tears but you, being stubborn, refuse to cry in front of him

- “Didn’t you hear me?! Go away, Malfoy!”

- Offers you a handkerchief, an awkward hug, and sweets

- A messy, tear stained and shaky smile

- “Since when did you go soft, Malfoy?”

- “I should be asking you the same thing, (Last Name)

- So obviously you two are pretty close friends now

- He can basically trust you with anything so he comes to you when he has problems

- But both of you are extremely stubborn so usually the other person will have to confront the other about their notice in their change of attitude

- You having to confess first

- He’d totally try to confess but end up getting too nervous and backing away

- “Hey Malfoy, you be interested in going to Hogsmeade this weekend?”

-//smirksmirk “You wouldn’t be asking me out, would you?”

-”Pffftttt as if????”

- You totally were asking him out

- He said yes in the most teasing way with a signature smirk

- You were very proud of your relationship because there was no denying Draco was just hot

- But like he was a complete sweetie

- If you were sick he would always freak out and if he saw you were struggling in classes he would discreetly leave you his study notes in the most unexpected ways like “accidentally” mixing his 100% amazing notes up with your slightly pitiful ones

- And ugh he was just an amazing partner to have???

Slytherin Reader

Originally posted by tisbaylee

- Not gonna lie you two were already friends

- Like you would gang up on people you shared a hatred for always

- Sometimes people would even avoid you two in fear of being completely roasted™

- It was like “o shit here they come rUN BITCH RUN N Y O O M

 - But no seriously you two would diss whoever and whatever if they got on your nerves 

- And obviously he would ask you to the Yule Ball

-“You’re asking me, Malfoy…?”

-“Of course. Who else would I ask? Parkinson?”

- And like whenever the two of you would enter the ballroom all eyes would immediately just turn to you two

- Because lets face it, the two of you could stop traffic 

- You would both sneak off after some stuff had died down in a dark and empty corridor 

- The two of you would just be chatting by a windowsill whenever out of nowhere he would just kiss you

- You were like talking about class or something and he would just press his lips against yours

- And you just melted

- Because you could feel how shaky and nervous he was

- But he was so gentle

- And omg you cuties

- Tbh no one is surprised when you enter the Great Hall hand in hand

- Blaise catcalls

- Pansy snarls

- Crabbe and Goyle don’t really care 

- But you and Draco are too absorbed in the little world that has formed around you to notice

Ravenclaw Reader

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- The only reason he knew you is because you were the person who always just happened to score one or two points above him on every. single. assignment.

- Like he would be bragging in class about his grades when the teacher would speak up like 

-“Obviously I have the best test scores in here but that’s not surprise—“

-“aCTUALLY Mister Malfoy, Miss (Name) (Last Name) scored just one point above you…! So you’re wrong lol”

- And he would just be appalled

- And then he would basically track you down and discreetly ask about studying techniques

- And you’d just be like “So Mister “I scored one less point than someone” wants to hear about my studying techniques? I don’t think so, Second Place.”

- He’d do an unintentional dramatic gasp and like press an offended hand to his chest

- And you’d just walk away with the most smug smirk ever

- After that incident he’d badmouth you almost as much as he badmouthed Potter

- Almost

- Because after doing some “researching” (snooping) and learning more about you from observations and sources he’d find out that you’re actually really intriguing 

- And he might have had the smallest, tiniest crush on you

 - But he’d deny it of course

-the little bastard

- But like he actually finds the small things you do entertaining

- For example, he might have ‘accidentally’ showed up at the library every day you did and just happen to notice how you would play with your hair or doodle whenever you studied 

- One day, he discreetly bumped into you playing it off as he was too busy reading

- You decided not to tell him that his book was upside down

-“Oh, watch where you’re going… Anyways, if you’re here, mind helping me with this subject?”

-“Draco Malfoy? Asking for help? Who would have known?”

- But you did end up helping him 

- And after taking multiple deep breaths, he finally got the courage to ask you out

- And you told him “maybe if you can score higher than me on the next potions test”



 Hufflepuff Reader

Originally posted by wellwailingwhale

 - Tbh he had no idea who you were

 - And honestly he didn’t even care

- But that all changed when this happened

- So you were focusing on anything other than him while walking down the hallway,

- And accidentally you bump into him

- All of your stuff falls to the ground

- And he just shoots you a nasty glare and continues walking

- You are simply picking up your things when you hear “Lousy Hufflepuffs. Can’t do anything. No wonder that Diggory died. As if a Hufflepuff is brave enough to enter that tournament and come out alive.”

- You stop dead in your tracks. “What did you just say..?”

- He turns back to you with a scoff 

- You run up in front of him and get in his face. “What the hell did you just say?! Tell me!” 

-”I said that all of you Hufflepuffs are weak and pathetic. Diggory never had what it took to enter the-”

- But he was cut off by a punch to the face. His nose was bleeding

-”Don’t you ever start saying shit like that when you, yourself, will never be better than Cedric! At his worst, he is still better than you at your best. Maybe you should think about this before speaking unless you want to be bloodied by a “lousy” Hufflepuff again.”

- He is left in sh o ck

- From then on, whenever he sees you his entire face goes red and he hides himself

- Because maybe your courage and great left hook made him form a crush


- He leaves a note on your desk which is from “your secret admirer” (cause he’s cheesy like that) telling you to meet him outside at night

- Your first reaction when you see him is not a positive one

- He explains that he only said that about Diggory is because he tries to look impressive in front of his friends (Which isn’t a lie) and that he sincerely apologizes and mourns for your House’s loss

- After some coaxing, he is forgiven 

- You sit and chat for a while and you are pleasantly surprised when you find out he’s actually pretty cool

-At the end of the night, he asks you on a date

- And with a hesitant yet bright smile, you accept