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Vacation, part 2

I know you guys have been waiting to hear what else happened on vacation, and I want you to know that I rushed through all my chores and errands this morning so I could get on here and share with you.  A girl has to keep her priorities straight, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So, not much happened in the days after the drunken elevator ride, as there really wasn’t any time with my son that didn’t also involve my husband.

On Friday night, though, my husband and I got dressed after dinner and went out to one of the nighttime hot spots in town.  Not much to tell about it, but my husband got me drink after drink, knowing well that drunk = horny for me.  Not that he needs alcohol for me to have sex with him; I think he just likes that I get a little wilder about it.

It was pretty late when we returned to the room, and I was plenty drunk.  And the way my husband was feeling me up in the elevator and hallway made it clear that we were definitely going to fuck.  He said it was too bad our son was there, or he’d fuck me out on the balcony.  I pointed out how late it was, and said that if he was sleeping already, we could probably still get away with it.

The lights were off when we opened the door, but there was enough light coming in from the windows to see our way around.  I went over to the sofa bed our son was sleeping on for the week.  I leaned over him, and while he stared right into my eyes, I loudly whispered to my husband that he was definitely asleep, and we should be fine out on the balcony.  My son looked very confused, but took the hint and closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep as my husband tried to sneak by and quietly open the sliding door to the balcony.  I followed him out and closed the door behind us.  As I suspected, the lighting outside made it impossible to see back into the room, unless you did that thing where you cup your hands around your eyes.  Anyway, the point is that from the balcony, we couldn’t see our son, but I was sure he could see us.

We started kissing by the railing, but almost immediately I dropped to my knees and pulled my husband’s cock out of his pants and started sucking it eagerly.  That didn’t last very long until he stood me up and bent me over the railing, lifting my dress and pulling my panties down my legs.  I was dripping wet, so he easily slid into me as he stepped up behind me.  While he fucked me, he unzipped my dress and pulled it down, then took off my bra so that my tits were hanging out over the railing.  After a couple minutes, he let me stand up and shimmy out of my dress and step out of my panties.  I had already cum twice thinking about my son watching me getting fucked, but when my husband pushed me against the living room window, it seemed like I couldn’t stop cumming over and over imagining my son jerking off to the sight of his mother’s tits smashed on the glass while getting fucked fast and hard.  I finally had to beg my husband to stop because my legs were shaking and I thought they were going to collapse.  He pulled out of me, and told me to grab my clothes and meet him in the bedroom.  After I closed the sliding door behind me, I stopped for a moment at my son’s bed; I bent down and kissed him briefly, but deeply.  I was tempted to find and grab his cock, but my husband was telling me to hurry up.  I told him he couldn’t make my legs all wobbly and then expect me to move fast in stripper heels.  Then I gave my son another quick kiss before stumbling into the bedroom.  My husband shut the door before he tossed me onto the bed and made me yelp and moan my way through three more orgasms before he finished inside me.

I don’t know if it was real or my imagination, but I definitely felt like my son was looking at me very differently the next day.  Nothing happened on Saturday, but yesterday (Sunday) I had my seat reclined in the car when we stopped for gas.  After my husband had filled the tank, he went in to use the restroom and pick us up some snacks and drinks.  As he was walking away from the car, my son (who was sitting behind me) started rubbing my shoulders.  I sighed a little and told him how good that felt. He asked if I was sure I didn’t mind his hands on me, and I told him I didn’t mind at all, and that I would love to feel his hands on me anytime he wanted.  I was well aware of the unspoken subtext of the brief exchange, and even knew what the conversation was leading to, but I was far less prepared than I thought when during a similar stop that afternoon I felt his hands slip under the straps of my sundress and then down into the dress itself to cup my breasts.  My nipples instantly hardened, and his fingers easily found them and started playing with them.  Any resistance I had was gone in a moment, and I pulled up the hem of my dress and started rubbing my clit while I gave my son instructions on how to better tease and pleasure my nipples.  I was really deep into it when my son said my husband was coming.  I opened my eyes and could see him through the window at the checkout counter.  As my son started to pull his hands back, I grabbed one of them with my free hand and begged him not to stop yet because I was so close.   I could tell he was nervous, but he grabbed my nipples again and started squeezing them and rolling them between his fingers.  “Harder,” I gasped right on the edge, and as I watched my husband start walking toward the door, my fingers on my clit and my son’s fingers on my nipples pushed me over that edge, and I moaned and shook my way through a surprisingly powerful orgasm.  My son pulled his hands out of my dress as the gas station door opened, and I pulled my dress back down over my legs, set my seat upright, and tried to settle myself as my husband walked back to the car.

A little ways down the road, I sent my son a text that said, “Thank you! That was… intense! Felt wonderful! I love you!“  And while I berating myself for being a silly little schoolgirl for sending a text like that, I got back a text that said, “Luv u 2″ which turned me into a huge pile of mush for the next 50 miles or so.

So now I’m really nervous and flustered to think about what might happen this afternoon when he gets home from school.  Speaking of which, is going to be pretty soon.  Guess this took longer to write out than I thought it would!  Maybe if I was typing with two hands more often than with one hand. Hee hee!  OK, time to change into my exercise outfit!  I’ll try to get some asks answered and respond to some messages while I do it.

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Hey, I've seen you make up a team of heroes using members of past sentai teams. Who's the dream team of baddies they'd be protecting the Earth from?

The easiest answer would be to make a team of all the villains Machiko Soga ever played but that would be TOO Easy.

So, let’s get down to an ultimate alliance of Super Sentai evil.  We’ll start with who would have brought them altogether and I can think of only one massive evil that would want to destroy ALL Super Sentai everywhere, Black Cross Fuhrer from Himitsu Sentai Goranger.

For the sake of this let’s say he gets brought back from the dead, probably with Sorcery.  So, if magic is involved, I am definitely going to go with Bandora from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  She did vow to return some day and would have done just about anything to get her magic back… 

So, we’ve got magic covered.  Let’s get a villain who can bring the tech side of things.  I would go with Bacchus Wrath from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger but he really doesn’t play well with others. So, instead I will take Dr. Man from Choudenshi Bioman.

Now we need a physical threat, someone who brings muscle to the table.  So, let’s go with a martial artist and that brings me to Rio from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger.

He might be kind of hard to recruit but the promise of coming back from the dead and to actually become stronger on his own -might- be enough to convince him.  Maybe.

Lastly (since we really only need one Mastermind and four ‘minions’) in the main villains we will go with a true monster.  Something utterly inhuman and totally alien.  Let’s go pirates!  Captain Zahab from Seijyuu Sentai Gingaman!

Each of the resurrected villains could take turns sending out their themed monsters to attack whatever group (or groups) of heroes would come against them.  Of course, because they are evil and all have their own agendas, they would clash with only the threat of being sent back to death to keep them in line.

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Not only are you amazing as a writer but you're also amazing as a person because I can see how mature and nice you are to others. Your current/future partner will be really lucky to have you! Anyways, good luck with your stories! I'll keep supporting you no matter what!

I try! I try very hard. I’m hitting my mid-twenties and coming out of this weird stint where I know I could’ve been softer on people and less self-involved. Maturity is weird, folks. I won’t get too into it, but it’s one of the reasons I abhor call out culture outside of people who are actually abusive in the very real sense of the word. There’s a big difference between truly problematic people who are harmful and that teenager who upset you one (1) time for being young, ignorant or simply liking things you don’t like. 

If we want to be real here: I look back on the gross and terrible things I did as a teenager entering adulthood, and I see tons of people doing the same embarrassing shit, and my sole comfort in life is knowing that one day several of them will be just as embarrassed as I am for myself. Not only embarrassed, but they’ll probably be embarrassed as relaxed, decent human beings just trying to get by and have fun within their own age spectrum. 

Whenever people do things I might have a right to be unkind toward, I do my best to understand age and individual experience. This context hunt is tiring, but I think it’s worth it to consider. I had a few adults in my life who really paved the way to my better self because of their high tolerance for who I was, and I find it important to emulate that. A lot of times, self-involved people, especially teenagers and isolated young adults, tend to be incapable of seeing outside themselves because they’ve literally never had to look beyond their person or the safe perimeters of the internet they’ve built for themselves.

Boy, does paying bills, college and hard work change the hell out of a person. I know it sucks to hear, but you really change priorities when money matters. Your parents weren’t wrong there, but it’s okay! It’ll be fine. You can just now buy your expensive anime merch and have drinks with your friends while crying over your OTP. I hate that this is literally my life. Adulthood is an abstract lie.

But going on. 

There’s also the fact there are people who are never going to like you no matter how neutral and good you try to be, and at some point (I’m still learning how to do this), you’ve got to learn to pick your battles and let things roll off your back. Recently, the one thing someone could say about me is that I was being too humble when I know for a fact if I was the opposite way, then I’d be dragged for being pompous. It was a surreal moment for sure, but it definitely solidified how I feel about treating people and knowing when your feelings are valid or projections of some kind complex that needs self-reflection.

I don’t know. This means a lot. I’ve worked so hard to not turn into some bitter asshole jaded by how unfair life is. Staying inspired and working to make things people can enjoy and find solidarity in will always be my utmost priority. I think this really doesn’t become genuine and real until you know how to treat people.

TLDR; I’ve worked very hard at being a kind and good person, even if I’m not remotely near perfect. No one is. Being a decent person is a choice you have to make, and I think this website has really muddled what a Good Person is. Thankfully, we grow out of it, and that’s fine. We grow out of a lot of things. I firmly believe that in order to make work that helps people you have to know how to be good to people first (or at least make a strong attempt). 

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Regarding the Bodhi vs Jyn nonsense I've only seen one post that compares the two in an attempt to address the large amount of hate Jyn gets and even in that post the OP prefaces it by saying they absolutely love Bodhi. I didn't read the whole thing, so maybe the delivery wasn't the best, but even so I've seen a number of posts about Bodhi needing to be defended, so unless I've missed other posts I think this infighting might be (and hopefully is) bigger than it seems.

idk anything about it and i don’t want to get involvED LIKE AT ALL but regardless of who said what and who replied to who or whatever’s happening, i just wish ppl on this site could take a step back and be like “yo both of these characters are good and liking one doesn’t cancel out the other” or if u don’t like the character don’t hate ppl who do for no reason, etc. etc.

fandoms are dumb and i want to become a walrus

BUT THANKS FOR TRYING TO CLUE ME IN i’m just a grandma tryin to make my way downtown
In jokes and Pettiness - Chapter 1 - preciousbunnynoiz - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 2 of Silliness!!! on Ice!

I just wanted a fic where Domestic Victuuri get into petty arguments because it’s funny and fun to do. None of the fights are serious and just involve being petty as fuck at each other.

feeling a bit overwhelmed with possibility here

i could do so much but what do i have the courage to do? what if i can’t keep up with my own ideas? what if i get people involved and i let them down just like other plans have dragged people down with me?

it’s like I want to start at square one but I already started on it years ago and now it’s about getting my shit together because I’m on square 5 or 6 of running around senselessly

I dunno its like I want to start exciting new things but I also don’t think I can take another failure or letting people down with my broken nonsense plans and ideas but i’m feeling a tremendous amount of pressure to just START. i need to devote more time to blueprints and planning i guess but my brain is not a nice place to set down the initial stages of something because it’s so full of doubt and anxiety and fear. I feel like everyone I talk to about this is just like gosh just START just GO just DO IT but I’m like look you can’t just jump headfirst off a cliff and expect a pile of pillows you have to make a parachute and sew all the pillows first but its like all i have to use are broken needles and real thin threads. if that makes any sense.

this might sound very vague but really this feeling applies to pretty much every area of my life right now so it’s really not about anything specific. it’s just all overwhelming

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What is the point of them having to keep their relationship a secret any longer if they are in fact together, i mean if before it was because it would hurt the fanbase in terms of profit/revenue them coming out would not hurt it more than them taking a hiatus. Their is no benefit to them having contract to keep it a secret unless they in fact want to keep it that way, no one can make you keep it a secret if you dont in fact want to

Well you see Cowell decided he was just obsessed with punishing Louis for 1D going on hiatus and blamed him for the band not resigning with him, even though Louis and Harry are still on Sony, but Cowell decided the only way to handle him was to launch a smear campaign and oppress him by forcing him to raise a child. He somehow managed to get Louis to agree to a contract involving baby faking with him specifically even though Louis refused to resign the band onto them! That tricky Cowell!

And a question that seems really important now is that knowing Harry’s solo stuff is coming and they can see for a fact that this hiatus is a REAL hiatus and not a “fake” one the way their original theories started off with, so there really was no band to “resign” on with, so why would Louis be punished for them not resigning onto him? Hmm! Gosh!

But yeah, we’re constantly inundated with what a terrible father Louis is in the press, it’s just everywhere you go, and everyone knows that everyone in Hollywood is always being forced to fake babies when they’re being punished for not resigning onto contracts. It’s just how Hollywood works. We know this because there’s no proof Hollywood doesn’t work like this.

Though Louis DID resign to extend his Babygate contract from March last year effective up until the Larries predict the next Mayan Apocalypse through colored shirts, so apparently he can sign himself onto contracts for Cowell and then resign onto them quite easily, but he’s also being punished for not doing the same thing!

Hope that clears everything up!

“Mario and I had been friends since the age of six. We were from the same small town in the countryside. We always kept in touch. We’d occasionally get coffee together. I knew he was gay but we never talked about it. It just didn’t come up. He never volunteered the information and I never asked. I felt that I was being respectful. At one point, I began to notice that his face was changing. He started to get very thin. But I never asked about it. Maybe I thought that he’d feel I was invading his privacy. Mario could get offended very easily. He was like a volcano. Maybe, subconsciously, I just didn’t want to get involved. When I finally knew for sure, it was too late. I visited him at the hospital the day before he died. I could only look at him through a glass window. He was covered in blankets. I felt like such an idiot. I could have asked him at any time. I could have said: ‘What are you hiding from me? Are you sick? Are you afraid I will reject you?’ Then we could have hugged each other and cried together. We could have maybe even laughed at the situation. But we never got to do that. Because I never had the balls to ask.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Jordan Carlos, Comedian

What inspired you to get involved with The Ally Coalition?

The lineup itself is amazing and to be asked to do it and I was like “duh” that was my answer… I just feel like especially now after the election, things like this are so important. The forces that have been unleashed by the election need to be met in kind by standing up, by vocalizing, and not passively saying, “well looks like our side lost.” I feel like with that said, lending whatever talents I have, I’m glad to do it.

What’s a piece of advice you have for people who want to get involved post election?

Don’t miss an opportunity. It could be at home. It could be people saying things at home. You don’t have to be friends all the time with your loved ones. I’ve had plenty of kitchen table conversations with my parents about LGBTQ issues. It gets real sensitive in the African American community and just like, “hey you raised a generation of kids that don’t feel the same way, sorry.” Just knowing that there’s still love there and even though I might not have changed my parents minds to be exactly like mine, it doesn’t matter. They still respect my point of view and their mode of thinking, event though their openminded and fought for civil rights, it’s 2000 new. So that’s my own personal experience. Don’t be afraid to have your thoughts, feelings, or ideas in front of your family. I know people talk about being in a bubble in public, but really I feel like people always say that Thanksgiving dinner was awkward with my family, it’s all about your relations and your friends. And don’t just unsubscribe or unfriend people because they have different points of view, keep them on, say “you know what, I’m here too.” And just by you being here, your existence is a form of resistance. 

I got to thinking recently and I realized that Yuri on Ice is the first anime I’ve felt passionate about in years.

It’s the first anime in a long time for me, where I wanted to get involved with the fandom, write fanfiction, support artists and their beautiful art, analyze scenes from the anime and create theories, share memes and jokes and just have fun with people who love the same show.

The new YOI episode is always the highlight of my week, it’s the one thing I look forward to. It’s what I get excited about for 6 days and rave about for the next 6 days until the new one is out.

I probably haven’t felt like this for any anime since 2014.

And finding love for anime when I was beginning to think that I might never find a new favorite, might never enjoy something the way I did at the when I first encountered the medium is a beautiful thing.

I also think that I’m not alone with these feelings. I think this anime means a lot to many people, whether it’s because of the characters and the narrative, the animation, the sport itself, the representation and diversity within the cast, or just their love for their ships and memes and fun.

I know there are many people out there who are already tired of hearing about Yuri on Ice all the time, whether it’s from their friends, on their dash, in the anime community in general or wherever else. I know there are people out there who see the fans of the show, see how much they talk about it and soon label them as ‘stupid’ or ‘childish’ or ‘insane’ or whatever else. But please, try to understand that the reason we pay so much attention to it is because it’s important to us.

I know it’s tiring, I know you may not agree with us on many issues, but please bear with us. All of this will only last for another 7-8 weeks. Please let us enjoy this short period of time with all the fangirling/boying we wish to give it without making us feel guilty for it. As long as no one is getting hurt, I am rather certain that we do not deserve to feel bad just for being excited and enjoying an anime.

Yuri on Ice allowed me to meet a number of great people, it made me want to return to ice skating even though I quit the sport years ago, it made me want to return to playing piano even though I gave up years ago, it gave me hope in the anime industry as whole, and most importantly it made me love an anime even though I thought I stopped being capable of that years ago.

I’m just a queer woman from Eastern Europe but Yuri on Ice made me feel like I matter. I will never be ashamed of being a fan of the show.

listen if tango is argentinian and whiskey is brazilian and chilean.... listen
  • “when you make empanadas they’re bad” “what?” “i don’t know. they’re just bad.”
  • whiskey realizes that tango’s argentinian, like, day two of orientation. the rest of the team finds out that tango is argentinian because bitty says something about a recipe on pinterest for “south american cookies with caramel in them” and tango fucking falls down the stairs trying to get to the kitchen fast enough
    • “i didn’t……….. think i was talking that loudly”
  • cannot go more than four minutes without making fun of each other’s dialects
    • whiskey’s tango impression doesn’t even involve english, it’s just him yelling “qué HACÉS” and then cackling
  • they can pick out each other’s cursing from opposite ends of the rink
    • whiskey can also pick out tango across the rink because he fucking chants “andrés andrés ANDRÉS” whenever he wants something and no one else pronounces it like that
  • the team thinks they’re stoned all the time because tango brings mate on the bus at 7am and everyone else is like “tango…… isn’t it…….. early….”
    • so many fights about whether you can or cannot put honey in mate
    • listen…. can you imagine the first time they let Eric “Tea Is Just A Way To Wash Sugar Into Your Mouth” Bittle try mate
    • they become known around campus as The Thermos Twins
    • related: tango isn’t that hyper, he is just coming down from the affects of an extremely caffeinated childhood
  • weird but abiding love of latinx tv shows in like, absolutely any form. whenever one of them is sick they’ll hide in their room and watch Ugly Betty for hours
    • “we only fight when our teams play against each other”
      • their teams play against each other in the world cup, the copa america, the copa libertadores, champions league, la liga, the madrid derby, the manchester derby, international friendlies, club friendlies, the olympics (??), THEY FIGHT EVERY WEEK
    • they play FIFA as their teams to recreate certain matches and then if Tango loses he takes it as an insult against the entire country of argentina
      • when they play fifa they pretend that germany as a country does not exist, in the name of peace and continued prosperity
        • ransom tries to play as Bayern one (1) time and they don’t speak to him for a week
    • they are marginally respectful of each other’s national teams
      • marginally.
      • tango refers to a bad loss in the Frozen Four as “getting brazil’d” so whiskey buys a life-size cutout of Claudio Bravo to put in their room
        • “i can’t sleep with that man here. why is he looking at me like that?”
      • whiskey’s favorite petty joke is to complain that tango’s national team never sings along to their own anthem because they’re unpatriotic
        • “CHUPAMELA it’s not MESSI’S fault that it has A SEVEN HOUR LONG MUSICAL INTRO”
        • “kun wouldn’t remember the words anyways [the sound of whiskey being bludgeoned with a pillow]”
  • nursey splashes out for steak for the Haus’ back-to-school barbecue one year and they lose their goddamn fucking minds
  • dex yells at them about proper diet once so they move their standing papas fritas al caballo date to 4 AM on sundays
    • someone finds them and they look so pleased but like………. what the fuck
    • “is that poutine” “no it’s…… fries… a la…. horse?” “W     H     A     T”
  • The Stockpiling of the Goya Products
    • do they know when they’re gonna use eight pounds of dulce de guayaba? no. do they need it? yeah.
  • they have their own little music routine before games but they don’t tell anyone else what they’re playing
    • it’s their seventeen favorite shakira songs followed by Gasolina by Daddy Yankee
    • ransom steals their ipod and reads their playlist but he doesn’t say anything because he thinks it’s Ironic
      • it is not ironic
  • constantly cracking jokes about how the other one has never seen ice before (”they don’t have ice cubes in Miami” “listen, BRAZIL”) but if anyone else tries to get in on their joke they’ll never ever forgive them. it’s theirs.
/ˈdignitē/ noun

1. The moment you realize that the person you cared for has nothing intellectually or spiritually to offer you, but a headache.

2. The moment you realize God had greater plans for you that don’t involve crying at night or sad Pinterest quotes.

3. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others because it undermines your worth, education and your parent’s wisdom.

4. The moment you live your dreams, not because of what it will prove or get you, but because that is all you want to do. People’s opinions don’t matter.

5. The moment you realize that no one is your enemy, except yourself.

6. The moment you realize that you can have everything you want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and a willingness to risk it all. If it is not yours, it is because you really didn’t want it, need it or God prevented it.

7. The moment you realize the ghost of your ancestors stood between you and the person you loved. They really don’t want you mucking up the family line with someone that acts anything less than honorable.

8. The moment you realize that happiness was never about getting a person. They are only a helpmate towards achieving your life mission.

9. The moment you believe that love is not about losing or winning. It is just a few moments in time, followed by an eternity of situations to grow from.

10. The moment you realize that you were always the right person. Only ignorant people walk away from greatness.

—  Shannon L. Alder
Wolfstar Masterpost

(( OOC: This post is a compilation of all posts involving Sirius and Remus… including old (REALLY OLD) threads. ;) ))


Don’t Sell Yourself Short 1

Sirius finds Remus fretting over a new scar after the full moon.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short 2

Sirius has one more thing to say…

The Shunned 1

Sirius made a big, big mistake, and now he’s paying for it.

The Shunned 2

Sirius has a hard time apologizing. His pride tends to get in the way… but this time is different.

Merry Christmas Werewolf McWerewolf

There’s a full moon on Christmas, and the Marauders want to spend it with Remus… but after Remus uses every form of persuasion he can think of, begging his friends to enjoy Christmas with their families, they begrudgingly agree to head home for the holidays.

However, as Sirius gets ready for the Potter’s Christmas party, he can’t stop thinking about Remus.

Remus Doesn’t Know Shit About Quidditch Part 1

Looks like something is going on between Remus and Sirius… and Lily is going to get to the bottom of it.

Remus Doesn’t Know Shit About Quidditch Part 2

After failing to get answers from Remus, Lily decides to poke some fun at Sirius.

Truth or Dare (Wolfstar):

Sirius gets wrapped up in a game of Truth or Dare… and ends up biting off more than he can chew.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Can’t Sleep

Remus and Sirius are no strangers to nightmares… and after a particularly frightening one, Remus can’t get back to sleep.

Wallflower 2

The Yule Ball has come again, and Remus isn’t attending… or at least, that’s what Sirius thought.

The Black Plague:

Sirius doesn’t get sick very often… but when he does…


Part 1

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Freaky Friday (NSFW):

After an terrible potion mix-up, Remus is going to have to survive a few days walking around in Sirius Black’s body…

Alright… he can handle this.

What he can’t handle is the fact that Sirius is now in his body… and embarrassing Remus seems to be his top priority.

Part 1

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Mirror, Mirror (Extra):

Part 1: Remus

Part 2: Sirius

Joining The Order 2

Now that Frank is part of the Order, it’s his job to welcome new recruits… but he certainly wasn’t expecting to greet THESE recruits.

The Hunted:

Sirius and Remus find themselves in a trap… and Remus isn’t prepared to face the person who set that trap… his very own monster under the bed.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Dream A Little Dream Of Me Part 1

The fear is growing… and now it’s starting to seep into Sirius’s dreams.

Nothing To Lose… Everything To Lose…

The war is taking its toll, and with mortality at the front of everyone’s minds, Sirius can’t hold back anymore.

The Downward Slope

Remus crashes at the Potter’s for the night, but he didn’t know Sirius was going to be there as well. Things have… changed… since the last time they met.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me Part 2

Sirius has been cold and distant. Now he’s made his way into Remus’s dreams.

What Do You Want?

The war is destroying everything… including Sirius’s faith in Remus. But his feelings are still conflicted… and when Remus confronts him, which path will Sirius choose?

Thrice Defied:

The war is taking its toll on the marauders, and James and Lily narrowly escape Voldemort’s clutches for the third time.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

A New Era

Remus has been trapped in Hell since the fall of his closest friends, the people he loved… and now, after years of struggle, he’s on his way back to Hogwarts.

Never Be The Same:

After escaping from Azkaban, Sirius goes into hiding with Remus. However, twelve years apart, twelve years of false accusations, twelve years of torture… have left gaping wounds that may never heal.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I Open At The Close

The Marauder’s final moments.


Snap Chat

Remus receives a bizarre snap from a total stranger… turns out that stranger has a pretty face framed by some nice, black hair. He might be okay with this.


Remus is working as a bartender at a Gay Club. He’s witnessed a lot of… interesting stuff… But nothing has come close to Sirius Black.

Part 1 (Video):



Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Bloopers (Video):



God Save The Queen:

Sirius has been acting strange lately… he keeps taking off at night, and Remus could have sworn he was wearing makeup… Sirius Black is hiding something.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


The Morning After (A continuation of “Can’t Sleep”)

Sirius has a bad habit of unconsciously stripping when it gets too hot at night… and apparently Remus does too. This may become a problem if they keep sharing each other’s beds after nightmares wake them up.

The Morning After The Morning After

Remus is starting to have a hard time falling asleep… weird things seem to happen when he falls asleep in Sirius’s bed.

The Morning After The Morning After… The Morning

It’s time for Remus to get even… maybe.


Remus is having a hard time paying attention in class with Sirius sitting across from him.


Things just got a little awkward in Potions class.


Sirius can be such a brat… but so can Remus, especially when chocolate is involved.

Part 1

Part 2


Damn you auto correct…

Wrong Place, Wrong Time 1

James recalls walking in on a not-so-pleasant scene.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time 2

Remus and Sirius are having a moment… but they forgot to lock the door.

Midnight Meetings

It’s getting harder to have some alone time in the dorm… so the boys take their shenanigans to McGonagall’s classroom. Bad move.

Long Hair Don’t Care

Remus grows his hair out, and Sirius can’t handle it.

What Doesn’t Kill You, Leaves A Scar:

Remus has always found his scars ugly… but Sirius is determined to show him otherwise.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If You Wannit Come n’ Get It:

Sirius stole Remus’s hat… and Remus is trying to get it back… creatively.

Part 1

Part 2

Freudian Slip

Uh………… Whoops!

That Awkward Moment When…

You end up accidentally comparing dick sizes with your best mate.

Never Give a Werewolf Alcohol

James is going to be a father! Sirius and Remus have stayed up to celebrate… but Remus has had one to many drinks, and Sirius is enjoying his drunken companion so much… that he might just let something slip.


After getting very a little tipsy, Sirius receives an unexpected… and very unwelcome… visitor.

Bellybutton Ring (NSFW):

Sirius has had a little too much to drink… As a result, he may be showing off more than Remus is comfortable with.

Part 1

Part 2


Sirius just got a new camera, and Remus has become an unwitting model.

Sleepy Pups

Sirius can’t help it… he just loves to cuddle.

Candy Cane

It’s Christmas and Sirius is enjoying his new candy cane a little too much. That insufferable git.  

Up or Down? (NSFW)

Sirius revels in the fact that he can make Remus flustered… using nothing more than his hair.

Don’t Play With Fire (NSFW):

Remus always becomes more aggressive as the full moon draws closer… He has always struggled to control it. But what happens when Sirius decides to threaten that control?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Never Be The Same (Alternative Ending):

After escaping from Azkaban, Sirius goes into hiding with Remus. However, twelve years apart, twelve years of false accusations, twelve years of torture… have left gaping wounds that may never heal.

Part 1

Part 2

Moving On 1

Remus has found someone who makes him happier than he’s ever been… someone who makes him feel safe.  

Moving On 2

Sirius has been locked in a cell for 12 years… and now that he’s out maybe things can pick up where they left off… or, maybe, nothing will ever be the same.


Ginny Weasley

James Potter

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Frank Longbottom

Part 1 (James and Sirius)

Part 2 (Sirius and Remus)

Part 3 (Sirius, Frank and Alice)

Progression Of Wolfstar

Why the Signs are Still Single

Aries: No one can handle your extremeness

Taurus: Will you ever love someone as much as food? (No)

Gemini: People don’t know what to make of you

Cancer: Too guarded

Leo: You’re looking for someone who loves you more than you love yourself

Virgo: So shy, everyone thinks you hate them


Scorpio: You intimidate the living daylights out of people

Sagittarius: You don’t want to get seriously involved with anyone

Capricorn: You don’t smile often and it scares some people

Aquarius: You seem unapproachable

Pisces: You sometimes overdo it

Reasons not to hire Seventeen for a heist

The handsome one will trip a booby trap just to look cool running in front of an explosion 

told you

They will expect matching spy outfits


They will get stuck in the elevator… and for some odd reason can’t press the call button for help

Think they are bad ass and do unnecessary things to complete the mission 

Lets not forget the hacker who is pretty much in charge of everything and isn’t paying attention because HE IS BUSY EATING… and leaves the one who can’t find the call button in the elevator

Sleep on the job

They will probably refuse the job if disguises aren’t involved 

Lastly there is that one kid who just really wanted to come along so they let him be the look out guy but he got bored and didn’t realize the cops were coming until they were there


Do not pat a stranger on the back

Do not touch anyone’s hair

Do not tug on anyone’s clothing

Do not give anyone a hug without asking


If you’re tight with someone that’s one thing but there is literally NO REASON TO TOUCH A STRANGER WITHOUT ASKING

They could have sensory processing disorder, they could have a phobia or trauma involving physical contact, they could be having pain in whatever area of the body you’re about to jab them in, they could, idk, not want to be touched by strangers?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if they get upset or uncomfortable or you put them in pain that is 100% entirely your fault for putting your hands on them without asking.

I don’t care if you’re a “huggy person” I don’t care if you’re kind and well intentioned you could be hurting someone.

This has been a PSA.

I was bullied a lot throughout middle school and high school. I remember there were times I had to eat alone in the restroom because I had no one to sit with in the lunchroom. It was tough but I feel very blessed. My mom was always very supportive.  I’m also an only child so I didn’t have any brothers to go to. My mom is my best friend and she always encouraged me to be the best person I can be. I always took that to motivate me… to prove everyone wrong and to fight harder for what I want. I think getting involved with other activities helped a lot.  Try and get away from anything negative and direct your mind in a positive way… do that the best way you can.

Living with Sherlock Would Involve
  • Looking after him, or rather, making sure he looks after himself.
  • Being his contact with John, because John still wants Sherlock to be okay, even if he doesn’t want to talk to him.
  • Being woken up by Sherlock searching through your clothes, throwing everything on top of you on the bed until he finds a silk scarf, which he takes out with him into the kitchen, slamming your bedroom door behind him.
  • “Oh did I wake you up? My apologies.”
  • Mycroft keeping an eye on you. You get annoyed at him for this until one day he sees you walking home in the pouring rain and picks you up. You say he can come in for tea but he declines and quickly leaves.
  • Sherlock playing the violin very loudly when he wants you to wake up. “Oh good you’re up, read this.” 
  • Locking your bedroom door so Sherlock can’t get in. He quickly picks it so you install several different locks and puzzles to stop him from getting in. It turns into a little bit of a game so you don’t really mind when Sherlock shows up lying at the end of your bed one morning after spending the whole night trying to unlock your door. “I did it.” He says groggily.
  • Playing cards late at night. Sherlock insists on staying awake to wait for news so you stay up with him. Cards is the only way for him to keep you awake and focused (since you’re so competitive) so Sherlock is happy to play card games with you.
  • You invent games, puzzles and tricks to entertain Sherlock because a confused Sherlock is entertainment to you. Sometimes he pretends he knows the answer but won’t tell you (even though he doesn’t know). 
  • Screaming at him when you’ve had enough, when you’re fed up of his attitude because you care about him and he usually acts indifferent. This ensues. 
  • On the days when it’s too much for you and you’re crying and screaming at him to go away, Sherlock stays and tries to comfort you. Even though you appreciate the effort, Mrs Hudson’s tea and biscuits are much more helpful.
  • Sherlock telling you he actually does like having you around, even though you can be “a smug pain” sometimes.
  • “Ditto.”


Being Neighbours with John and Sherlock Would Involve is similar and here

Avengers Preference ➣ Secret Relationship

Request: Could you do an avengers preference for having a secret relationship and how everyone finds out?? I’d love you forever! -Anonymous

A/N: This is the first time I’ve ever done preferences, so I hope everyone likes them! You weren’t specific about who you wanted involved but if you’d like me to add anyone let me know! I’d love to get some more requests :)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif(s) below. If you would like it removed/given credit please message me & I will do just that! Also this contains cursing so be prepared for that.

Bruce Banner-

You were sitting on a table in the lab, watching Bruce and Tony work on one of their newest projects. They had been bickering about the best way to approach the enhancements all day and you couldn’t help but smirk anytime Bruce one upped the other man. You also didn’t miss the proud grins he would flash in your direction when Tony focused back on the machinery. You picked up the book you had brought with you and decided to read while the two worked, quickly getting invested in the story. You had barely heard when Tony called it quits and left the lab with a quick goodnight. A pair of hands pluck the book from your grasp and placed it next to you on the table before softly spreading your legs so Bruce could stand between them and place hands on your waist. Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and you couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“And I thought he’d never leave.” You teased, brushing your nose against his which earned you a soft chuckle. The two of you had been keeping your relationship a secret for about two months, and you were both very careful to keep it going. 

Bruce reached between the two of you and removed his glasses, placing them atop your book and leaning in to place a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Neither did I.” He mumbled right before you turned your head and caught his lips with yours. His hands tightened on your waist ever so slightly as he returned your kiss, tilting his head so he was able to deepen it.

Your hands began to tangle in his hair, giving it a slight tug which earned a groan from him. You didn’t think the two of you could get any closer than you were in that moment. Feeling his tongue brush against your bottom lip you eagerly opened your mouth for him, loving the feeling of having him so close-

“Holy shit!” A voice echoed through the lab, causing the two of you to quickly break apart. Tony stood in the doorway, eyes wide as he glanced between you both. You tried your best to catch your breath, noticing Bruce doing the same as everyone waited for someone to speak. 

“Tony,” Bruce spoke up first. “I thought you went to bed.”

The man snorted at the comment, walking towards the table they were working on earlier. “Forgot my phone.” He said, picking the device up and wiggling it at you both. “Now I’m going to pretend I didn’t see any of this because quite frankly it’s too much to deal with at-” he glanced at his watch, “2 in the morning.” With that he stuffed his phone in his pocket and exited the lab for the second time.

Bucky Barnes-

Your back hit the mat with a loud smack, causing you to let out a groan in the process. It was late in the afternoon and you had been practicing with Natasha for the past hour. To your surprise you had been keeping up with her until you heard Bucky, Steve, and Sam walk into the training room. “You got distracted.” Nat commented, reaching a hand out to help you up. You gladly took it and jumped to your feet. 

“I know, I blame them.” You quipped, nodding your head towards the where the boys were now standing.

Bucky was the first to speak up, “it’s not our fault you can’t keep up with Nat.” A smirk was planted on his lips and you had to fight the urge close the space between the two of you. Before you got the chance to reply Steve brought up the idea of sparring, which everyone agreed to.

The five of you went back and forth between each other, Bucky making remarks every time you set foot on a mat with someone. You knew why he was doing it, he had to keep up appearances and he always tried to get under your skin before the two of you became more than just teammates, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. 

“Since you’ve got so much to say about her skills, you get in there with her.” Sam said after you and Steve finished. Before he got the chance to shrug it off he was being pushed in front of you by Natasha.

A slight smile graced his lips as he gave you a once over, but it quickly dropped from his face when he glanced over at the rest of the group. You both got into position and began sparring. It was clear that he was going easy on you the entire time. It wasn’t until about five minutes in that things began to get rough, you were too quick for him and he was too strong for you. The both of you were drenched in sweat as was the mat, which is why when you went to dodge the swing of his metal arm, your leg slipped in the wrong direction causing your face to meet his elbow.

The second after you made contact you hit the mat, blood instantly oozing from your mouth as you tried to understand what had happened. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You could clearly make out Bucky’s voice, blinking a few times you could also make out his face hovering about yours. “Y/N, Doll, I’m so sorry.” He grumbled, cupping your face in his hands. 

“I’m okay.” You grumbled, wiping the blood from your mouth with the back of your sleep before reaching up to touch his face. “Honestly, I’m fine.” 

Just as he was about to reply he was cut off by Steve, “huh if I didn’t know any better I’d say you two were in love.” There was a sound of thud, which you knew was Natasha hitting him. “What- ohhh.” He said, causing both you and Bucky to laugh.

Tony Stark-

Music was echoing throughout Stark Tower as you danced around the kitchen with multiple ingredients in your hands. The Avengers had left early that morning for a mission located somewhere you had already forgotten the location of, which meant you were alone in the building, with the exception of F.R.I.D.A.Y. of course. The only way you could keep yourself for worrying was to listen to music while cooking dinner, with the mission tonight involving the entire team you needed to be extra distracted.

You hadn’t even heard the door open as a very grumpy and exhausted billionaire made his way into the loft half of his building. Even in the state he was in Tony couldn’t help but smile as he watched you dance around the kitchen. “Honey, I’m home.” He announced in an over dramatic voice, causing you to drop the plate in your hands to the ground. 

“Crap, Tony.” You whispered trying your best to step over the broken glass and hissing when a sharp piece came in contact with your foot. The second he heard you express pain he was walking across the glass, his shoes crunching it as he lifted you up and walked towards the couch, sitting you down softly. “I’m fine.” You said, flashing him a smile, but he had already went to get the first aid kit. 

Once he came back he picked up your foot and placed it on the coffee table before he started patching you up. “How was the mission?” You asked, leaning on your elbows so you could be closer to him. 

“Fine.” He said with a shrug, “the rest of the team stayed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. sort things out.” He placed a band-aid over your wound before standing up and taking a seat beside you on the couch. “I just wanted to get home in time to see you.”

You had to fight the urge to smile as you curled into his side. The two of you had decided it was best to keep your relationship a secret from everyone, Tony didn’t want to drag you into the chaos and you didn’t want to be interrogated by Fury since the first thing he had said before putting you on Avengers duty was to be professional.

His arm wrapped around your shoulders and he leaned back to get a better look at your face, “don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re an awful cook.” The second the words left his lips you opened your mouth to protest, but he quickly cut you off with a kiss. You melted into his lips, your hands fisting his shirt as you tried to move closer to him.

“Well excuse us.” The familiar voice of Bruce Banner came from behind the couch, causing both you and Tony to break apart. Looking behind you the entire team was staring at the two of you with smirks on their face.

Natasha Romanoff-

The reason behind all of the secrecy was simple: Natasha wanted to keep you safe. While she trusted the team with her life, she definitely didn’t trust anyone with yours. Overall she was glad the two of you got to spend time together, since Fury had decided to assign you to the Avengers base in order to give missions and keep them all in check. 

It had been two weeks since you’d seen Nat. She’d left with Clint to complete a mission that not even you were permitted to know of. You were curled up in bed, watching TV, drifting in and out of sleep in the process. You hadn’t even heard you window slide open, but you noticed the figure clad in black and immediately knew who it was.

“Oh my gosh.” You mumbled, throwing the blankets off of you and rushing over to throw your arms around her in a hug. She let out a soft hum and wrapped her own arms around you. Without giving her a chance to speak you quickly pressed your lips to hers. Natasha eagerly kissed back, tangling her hands in your hair as she began backing you up towards the bed.

The two of you fell back onto the mattress, letting out a laugh before connecting your lips together for another kiss. “I thought you were going to be gone for another week?” You mumbled after breaking the kiss.

“We got done early and I needed to see you.” She said coolly, pressing a kiss to your shoulder before leaning back so she could examine your face. For the first time in her life Natasha had something that she was excited to come home to, hell, for the first time in her life she had a home. 

She connected your lips in a kiss yet again, but it was cut off by the sound of the door flying open and hitting the wall. “What the hell?” You yelled, snapping your head to the side to see both Tony and Steve bursting into the room.

“We-um..” Steve began, looking between the two of you and Tony who seemed to be at a loss for words as well.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed me that there was an intruder.” Tony pipped up after several moments of silence. 

Finally having enough of the two gawking at the two of you, Natasha growled at the two of them, “clearly it’s being handled. You can leave.” You had to stop yourself from laughing as the two quickly shut the door and hurried away from your room. “Where were we?” She asked, turning her attention back to you.

Steve Rogers-

The mission had gone bad very quickly. In the beginning the team was doing great, kicking the ass of everyone of the guys that they were targeting, that was until they pulled out the bombs. Everyone was separated in an instant, the only form of communication being the headpieces. A gasp left your lips as you took off into the woods, three men on your trail. “Y/N, are you there?” The usually calm voice of Steve Rogers seemed almost panicked as it rang in your ear.

“I’m fine!” You said quickly, pulling a knife from your boot and slinging it at one of the men behind you. You never missed a target so without surprise the blade lodged into the mans chest.. “I’ve got two behind me, but I can handle it.”

Just as you were about take out the last two men there was a soft click under your boot, causing your eyes to go wide. The second you took your next step there was an ear splitting boom and you felt yourself being flung through the air, only stopping when you made contact with a tree. All you saw was black and while you could hear the yelling coming from your ear piece you couldn’t seem to make out the words being side.

You couldn’t be sure how long you were laying there before the sound of branches being crushed and moved reached your ears. Two small hands wrapped around your body and lifted you to your feet, you could make out what you assumed to be Wanda’s voice, and tried to peel your eyes open to be sure.

Sure enough the young woman to your side was your friend and you let out a relieved sigh before taking in your surroundings. You clearly stepped on a mine. “She’s okay, I’ve got her.” Wanda said, slowly sitting you down on one of the fallen trees. The bodies of the men the team had been fighting were scattered around the snow and you fought the urge to make a joke about you had saved everyone.

“Y/N!” You glanced over and saw Steve rushing down the snowy hill, tossing his shield to the ground before wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you up off the ground. His hug was almost bone crushing, but you didn’t mind as you quickly hugged him back. After he released you you began to speak, but were quickly cut off by him crashing his lips against yours.

You didn’t pull away until you heard someone clear their throats and you cursed under your breath. The two of you had done very well at keeping your relationship under the radar up until this moment. “Would you like us to give you some space?” Clint asked, a smirk planted on his face.

“Shut up.” You and Steve grumbled before breaking your embrace and heading back to the quinjet.