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Might I ask, what, in your opinion are least well written parts of svtfoe, I'm not talking about fillers, just the overall show. What parts do you think are poorly written and could have been portrayed better.

I think that one of the main flaws the show has is an apparent reticence in getting the main characters involved with the plot. They get attacked by a bounty hunter sent by Heinous? Meh. They see that Ludo suddenly has a wand? Meh. As soon as the immediate danger is over Star and Marco never worried about it, never looked into it. Sure, it’s something most TV shows do, to an extent, not to make the plot progress too fast, and it somewhat fits the series and the characters: Star runs away from problems and just wants to have fun, especially in S1 and early S2, they’re not heroes, they’ve always been passive. But sometimes it felt like they overdid this a bit too much, cracking the viewer’s (or at least mine) suspension of disbelief. Nothing tragic, but one of the main flaws I think the show has. S3 started changing it a bit, since Star is now done running, but there’s still a lot of work to be done because, as she said, she doesn’t know anything, and this is also her fault in part, because she barely asks anything! Again, this is to slowly drip lore and plot, but there’s a tipping point in this “it makes sense for the character to act like that” and “it’s an unrealistic way to drag out things”.



I may, before next liveblog, if I am so lucky to get to do it again, ACTUALLY pick up a tarot guide to study these credits, because it’s pretty obviously heavily involved with the general thrust of this show, or at least the credits, which I will study obsessively until the end of time. 


We begin between the Priestess and the Three of Swords,and zoom into the world. The world thing seems pretty straightforward as they are taking it, with glimpses of the world we’re in now, in the thirties, what is happening around the world and specifically in America. 

We exit through the Ace of Swords, and enter into Death. I have been lectured by enough tarot sharps to know “Death doesn’t stand for death you guys!!!! It’s about a new beginning!!!” but we’re shown the KKK and Mussolini and shit, so idkif this show got the memo. 

We exit through King of Swords (ALWAYS A SWORD DON’T THINK I DO NOT NOTICE THAT FRIENDS) and go into Temperance, ONE OF MY FAVORITE WORDS, and it’s interesting to me the images they chose for a semi-old fashioned word referring to restraint and moderation. Babe Ruth is the one I picked, but there was also Jesse Jackson and dancing. ALSO don’t think it escapes my notice that depending on what year exactly this is (remember, we don’t know if the images are meant to be the future) Prohibition, fueled by the TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, is either in the middle or near the end. 

Then we exit through the Magician, and enter the Tower, which is pretty clearly, based on chosen images, meant to stand for government. 


Please remember I am watching this spoiler free! Please don’t spoil me for anything, whether through outside knowledge, items from future episodes, and even stuff I missed in past episodes! I promise we’ll all get there.


I took notes watching the stream! Let me know if there’s anything integral that I missed– and you can bet SERIOUS MONEY that I’ll be piecing together more theories in the next few days!


  • “Bonjour” was an homage to ADWM.
  • Each character Mark plays has different quotes about “Life” (i.e. Life is for the living, life is ours to choose, life needs a bit of madness).
  • The Damien keg stand meant to signify that he’d be stuck in “the upside-down”, and when he tried to wake us up, that told us he was the only one who really wanted to help us!
  • The Mayor turning gray means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
  • Mark tried to make it obvious we would die, yet we were all still surprised (lmao).
  • CONFIRMED: In Mark’s own words, Damien is the only one with a “human” reaction to the death.
  • The Colonel was based on the hunter from Jumanji!
  • The Chef is scary, but inherently harmless.
  • Little Buddy’s “kill” mode is insignificant to the story and WAS an homage to FNaF.
  • And the dick on the body tape was 100% Ethan’s idea!! LMAO


  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel DOES “pop in and out of existence”, but he is NOT the only one to do so– just the most obvious.
  • Mark tried to make it “painfully apparent” that the Colonel was the one who did it.
  • Detective and Asshole Mark were friends at the same time he, Damien, and Colonel were friends– but the two did NOT know the Detective.
  • The long winding hall sequence with Detective was intentional– so we could get oriented with the house…
  • … because the house “does not follow the laws of physics”.
  • When following the Colonel out of the bedroom on the second floor, we warp with him to the first floor patio (with the pool).
  • The crib in the room was not a planned detail in the story.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Celine ran off together, and that’s what made Asshole Mark hate him.
  • CONFIRMED: The Colonel and Asshole Mark grew up together in that house, which is why the Colonel knows it so well and refers to it as “his own”. Mark even considered making those two characters be brothers!


  • “Hence the guns” is one of Mark’s favorite scenes in the series.
  • The cane is a sign of Damien’s high-class status as Mayor.
  • CONFIRMED: Celine and Asshole Mark were married.
  • Quote from Mark himself: “[Celine] wants what she wants, and she won’t let anyone get in her way”
  • Another quote: “She also has a temper… like someone else we know”
  • Mark’s original inclination was to make Damien and Celine be siblings, hence Celine’s adamant refusal of Damien’s help. (I caught onto this notion, but it didn’t really resonate with anyone else I talked to about it.)
  • Mark said that Celine wanted to use the viewer in the ritual because she saw them as expendable, since she didn’t know them personally.
  • There are no lightning strikes when George says “murder” because he hasn’t been inside the house for many years.
  • CONFIRMED: The house is cursed. (Make of that what you will.)
  • CONFIRMED: In the final door shot of Celine, she is possessed– because she messed with power beyond her control, and Damien was in the room with her at the time.


  • The Colonel looks out for Celine and Damien– but NOT Asshole Mark.
  • The odd glowy room-walking sequence was supposedly a small view into another world– “the upside-down”, it was dubbed (but there’s debate about whether that region specifically was “the upside-down”)
  • There is debate as to whether this is how the Colonel “pops in and out of existence”.
  • We don’t see the Detective’s investigation room until that chapter because the house hid it from us.
  • In that room, there are post-its reading “DON’T TRUST THE SEER” (which I caught, but it was a very minor thing I had to watch multiple times to see)
  • The Colonel owed Asshole Mark A LOT of money.
  • As we fall, William says, “It was an accident, I swear!”
  • The original idea for the final gun scene was that Damien would walk in and be the one the Colonel shot, NOT us.
  • CONFIRMED: Asshole Mark had killed himself many times before, but returned to his body from “the upside-down”. That’s why he was stabbed 37 times, poisoned, beaten, strangled, drowned, AND shot– none of those happened on the same day. Asshole Mark tried his hand at the dark arts to achieve this.
  • CONFIRMED: The black eyes we see when Asshole Mark’s body speaks to us after we die is NOT his own spirit– it’s the spirit of someone else trapped there.
  • CONFIRMED: Damien had every intention of helping us! He did! Mark confirmed it– he wasn’t manipulating us at all, he just wanted the best for us!
  • CONFIRMED (!!!): William/the Colonel spent ten hours watching our body overnight and cradled Damien’s cane the whole time. (THE FEELS ARE REAL, GUYS! THEY’RE CANON!!)
  • CONFIRMED: The reason Wilford Warfstache’s suspenders are pink is because they used to be red, but they faded over many, many years.
  • Mark didn’t realize how tragic the ending really was until he was editing it. In his own words, it’s “terrifyingly sad”.

And, finally, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

  • CONFIRMED: DAMIEN PUSHED US OUT OF THE BODY. But he wasn’t manipulating us for that… he did it because he cared for us and didn’t think we deserved the true hell of what resurrection really meant. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.
Summary of Anime’s

Fairy Tail: Sexy mages

Naruto: Believe it!

Boruto: The reincarnate of Naruto

D.gray-man: Innocent children get involved with scary war

Mob Psycho 100: Countdown to Shigeo’s insanity

One Punch Man: Everything dies in one punch!

My Hero Academia: Young nerd wants to become a hero

Noragami: Girl gets weird tail

Nanatsu no Taizai: Op pervs

Full Metal Alchemist: Guy with metal arm and guy that’s all metal

Gintama: Anything can happen

Blue Exorcist: Satan’s son wants to kill him

Owari no Seraph: Vampires vs exorcists, lots of gay along the way

Madoka Magica: Don’t let the first couple episodes fool you

Inuyasha: Collect the shards, time traveler!

Soul Eater: People can turn into weapons and get wielded for killing witches

Your Lie in April: Angsty instrument players

Tokyo Ghoul: The kid just wanted a date

Fruit’s Basket: Hot guy gets turned into animal when hugged by girl

Yuri on Ice: Gay ice skaters

Black Clover: Orphan boy yells all the time

So far in the show, Lapis has:

– Stopped the Ruby ship from (ostensibly) capturing Peridot and expressed interest in Peridot’s well-being afterward.

– Participated in the baseball game despite her distrust of and past anger toward the Crystal Gems.  Ended up enjoying herself and interacting positively with them.

– Chose to give Peridot a chance and share the barn with her, which meant, at the very least, working through her distrust, anger, and fear of Peridot.

– Pushed herself to spend time out on the ocean, despite all her negative associations with it.

– Made a kind gesture to Greg out of the desire to be helpful.  Accepted his rejection gracefully.

– Admitted to her actions and culpability in a toxic relationship.

Refused to re-enter that relationship, where it’s highly likely she would’ve engaged in those behaviors again.

– Offered Peridot encouragement and help when the One Gem Metal Band fell apart, under her own initiative and with a smile.

– Expressed disappointment that her farming project with Peridot wasn’t going to result in a horde of new vegetable friends.  Tried to ease Peridot’s disappointment over Pumpkin’s initial rejection by reminding her of the pumpkins they did grow together.

– Worked alongside the Crystal Gems to win over Andy and host a family get-together.

– Chose to give Navy a chance and share the barn with her, despite her doubts and instinctual suspicions of the gem.

– Made an effort to be sympathetic and understanding of what she imagined would be Navy’s struggles in integrating to life on Earth, and offered advice on what she’d learned from her own experience.

– Expressed real, genuine distress that she wasn’t falling in love with Earth as quickly and easily as Navy seemed to be. (Which meant she’s been sincerely trying to.)

In short, Lapis has spent her time on Earth learning to be more trusting and forgiving; taking emotional risks and confronting uncomfortable feelings and memories; finding enjoyment in Earth-related activities, and making kind gestures.

Has she been a shining ray of sweetness and light and consideration while doing so? God, no.  She can be sullen, dramatic, sarcastic, and dismissive.  (Much like Peridot…exactly like Peridot.  Peridot’s saving grace is that she’s funny.)  Lapis deflects, avoids, and bottles up her guilt and insecurities until she pops or finally tackles them.  When interacting with new people, she’s awkward at best and at worst, she’s a cactus.  She’ll try new stuff and eventually get into it, but oh boy, she is not going to be enthusiastic about it.  Lapis is one leather jacket and some gum away from the quintessential Disaffected Youth.

And that’s what makes her so interesting.  That she can be a stand-offish grouch who still wants to be involved, friendly, and giving.  She’s a hit a roadblock in her development, but she’s been growing and she’ll grow through this too.


Cardcaptor Sakura Release Set #1 (E09 - E22)

Synced! Open post separately to see them play at the same time.

Specific episode noted on each gif

Eight Months.

Even eight months after the break up, Harry still felt the overwhelming urge to check up on you and your life. He would check your social media accounts a few times a week, more so before going to bed when thoughts of you plagued his mind. It felt naughty, wrong in a way; after all, it was him who ended your two year relationship.


“It’s never going to change, Harry! Things will always be the same! You ‘forgot’ my birthday and you spent the day with Kendall. You ‘forgot’ our date night and you spent the evening with Cara. I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“You’re joking, right? That was a joke? You seriously think I want to spend any spare time I have with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this, if I don’t, I can kiss goodbye to my pay cheque! Half the things I do in this job is for you! How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses and shoes?! Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his words. He knew your financial situation at home and that your parent’s worked so bloody hard to provide for you, but it just wasn’t enough. Your future career depended on your qualifications, and those qualifications could only be acquired in higher education in which Harry had offered to pay for, before he knew anything about the money side of things.

“Really, Harry? That’s how you feel? You think I’m with you for the money? I don’t give a damn about the shoes or bags and purses or latest fashion trends. I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re Harry Styles from One Direction!” you spit back, your words truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me? Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two years we’ve been together and you really think that of me? When you guys broke up as a band, and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip. “Look, it’s not even just this causing arguments. They’ve been going on for a while and maybe having Kendall and Cara as friends is something you can’t handle. But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You’re making it sound like I don’t want you having friends, which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too. Maybe if we arrange some sort of schedule and arrange dates in advance to see each other?” you suggest.

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, (Y/N).”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question. “Are you breaking up with me.”

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.


Your Instagram account had been almost inactive for the first month after the break up, with only the occasional bog-standard photos of new make-up purchases and Starbucks coffee. But no selfies and nothing that indicated any happiness in your life. After three months, your social media accounts portrayed some happiness returning to your life as you took selfies with friends on regular nights out, but Harry knew as well as anyone that social media is one massive cover up for reality. Were you really actually happy? Were you living or were you just alive?

It seemed to him that your life continued to appear happy, but after four months of opening the app, he noticed someone by your side. Photograph after photograph, upload after upload, this person would be stood next to you. You had a side when taking photos with Harry, but now somebody else was standing on Harry’s side, taking his place, standing where he should be standing. Then tagging each other on Twitter began taking place. Simple things such as “coffee dates” and memes.

Five months after the messy break up, Harry sighted a picture of the two of you kissing; you and your new beau, as it was publicised. Your lips on his, no doubt his tongue down your throat and he wanted to vomit. It didn’t make social media, but it made the headlines in the news. The media had left you alone a little while after the break up, but of course, a new relationship for you meant gossip amongst the public, especially One Direction fans and Harry girls, and the tabloids couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Upon reaching seven months, Harry noticed another change in you on social media. You were becoming more and more inactive by the day, rarely replying to tweets and the amount of photographs posted reduced. Anybody else would put it down to business in studying and spending time with loved ones, but Harry knew how much you had loved your interactions on social media, and something didn’t sit quite right with him. But then he remembered that he’s not yours and you’re not his, and you have someone else taking care of you now.


Eight months later, and Harry still had you on his mind almost every minute of the day. He would awake in the morning with the help of his alarm but your hair wasn’t sprawled across the pillows as he would expect; he no longer bothered eating breakfast in the mornings; gone are the days when he used keep something warm on the stove for you, for when you awoke, ensuring you had something warm for your hungry tummy in the mornings; he had nobody to send a morning text to. His routine was completely out of sync and nothing over the last few months made it any better.

He would come home every evening to an empty apartment. He had nobody to cook dinner for. He had nobody to talk to about his day. He had nobody to snuggle up to at night. He had nobody to kiss. He had nobody to love and he had nobody to love him.

Some nights would be simple; Harry would climb into bed and flick on the television, watching a favourite film in which he no longer got pleasure out of. He’d check his social media, and then check yours, before setting his alarm and falling asleep, his dreams of you haunting him throughout the night.

Other nights, he’d yearn for you. He loved you, still loves you, and wants nothing more than to hold you whilst you sleep and keep you safe in his embrace. But he would yearn for you in other ways too, awakening in the night from happy dreams of you, his cock hard for you. He would lay awake between the sheets, grinding his hips into them and rubbing himself vigorously as he imagined being inside of you. He would let himself go completely when he could imagine the moans that would leave your lips, the breathlessness you would encounter, and it was as though he could almost feel you come around him.

He hadn’t been in another relationship since the split, but there had been a couple of one night stands. In a way to get over you, ironically, he would fuck others that had similar traits to you. The same hair colour, the same laugh, the same smile. But neither of those girls were you. He didn’t really want them, they just happened along with the alcohol consumption of both parties involved. After two girls, he stopped. He wasn’t sure if it was the reality of the situation that made him stop, or if it was the slap he received one night.


The music was pounding against the speaker, the DJ’s were screaming out and giving shoutouts, mostly for people’s birthday’s and other celebrations, bartenders were leaning over the bar in an attempt to actually hear what the customers were ordering in the club, and everyone was like sardines, squashed together, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it and having a good time. Everyone except Harry.

He occasionally moved around and shuffled his feet in an attempt to dance, but he felt so lost without you there. He kept an eye out to see if you were around, almost forgetting that you didn’t go there together. He always used to keep an eye on you, making sure you were safe on the dance floor and that no drunken men took advantage of you. He was your protector. 

“What’s your name?” a young blonde asked. That was the only thing that was same about the two of you. You’re blonde and so was she. But she wasn’t you. Harry wasn’t too sure if she was just acting oblivious to the fact that he was the most famous, most well-known person in the club, or whether she was just so drunk that she barely knew her own name, let alone his.

“Harry” he told her, placing his hand on the small of her back and pulling her closer so as they could hear each other’s spoken words over the thumping music.

The girl nods. “Louise” she tells him. “Fancy getting out of here?” she asks. 

Harry nods. He realises she’s not as drunk as he thought she was, but taking in her features, she looked a few years older than him. Maybe she really didn’t know who he was.

“Mine or yours?” she asks as they stumble out of the nightclub and onto the streets of London. Louise quickly hails a taxi as Harry replies, “yours.”

Whilst his own place seemed more appealing as he wouldn’t have the awkward ‘leaving after a shag’ stage, he didn’t want to take her, or anyone, to his bed. Only you got the privilege to be in his bed. He didn’t fuck anyone else in his bed, only you. He didn’t want anyone else to come in the sheets besides the two of you together and for each other.

The taxi ride back to hers was soon over and they stumbled through her apartment, his lips pressed to hers. Their eyes remained closed as he thought about you. Undressing you. Running his hands up and down your body and caressing your breasts as you laid all bare for him, for his eyes only.

Harry breathlessly pulls aways as he lifts up the miniskirt. They both quickly realise this is nothing more than sex up against the wall. She’s not taking him to bed either, and Harry wonders if Louise is also getting over someone. Within the next thought, he doesn’t care. He does’t love Louise. He loves (Y/N).

The blonde grabs at his belt, unbuckling it and unzipping his trousers, his length exposed to her. He quickly reaches into his back pocket before letting his trousers drop and rips open the packaging. Covering himself with the latex, he soon pushes himself into her. She gasps, taking him in, before moving quickly against him.

They’ve both been drinking and he knows his performance will be affected greatly, so he’s not surprised when he quickly comes inside of her, moaning her name. She gasps and he withdraws from her quickly. Before even getting the chance to dress himself, her hand collides with his cheek.

“Louise! I told you my name is Louise!” she yells at him angrily.

And in that moment, he realises that he moaned your name when he came.


He arrived home from the studio and continued his evening rituals. No work the following day meant he could have a later night and whilst he was glad to be able to sleep in later and not have the demands of an alarm clock, he knew from experience that on a day off where he lacked a busy schedule, you would be on his mind more than ever.

The night passed with Harry doing nothing more than eating his evening meal and lounging around in front of the television, flicking through channels to find something to entertain him for a few hours. He occasionally reached for the bottle of whiskey, pouring himself small measures each time. Whilst the drinking had become a regular habit a few months back, Harry had realised that drowning his problems with alcohol helped nobody, not even himself, and he kicked the habit almost as quickly as it had started. No amount of alcohol got you out of his head.

The comedy shows provided some entertainment, and whilst there were a few forced laughs, Harry did find some of the jokes genuinely funny. He couldn’t remember the last time he laughed properly.

Tapping his watch with a yawn, he checked the time. Flicking off the television set, he threw the remotes back on the sofa and picked his body up from the position he had been in for hours. A loud, repeated knock on the door made him jump slightly. The banging got harder and more frantic and he could only wonder who would be calling in on him at this hour. “Alright, I’m coming!” he yelled in frustration. Couldn’t his unwanted and unwelcome guest wait two minutes?!

Heading into the hallway, he unlocked the door, pouting his lips to express his emotion, making sure the person on the other side of it knew he was angry at the disturbance and the complete lack of respect for him and his property. As far as they were aware, he may well have had work the next morning. Swinging the door open,  he gasps, taking in the demeanour of the person standing in front of him, the sight almost killing him as bile rose in his stomach and a nauseous feeling took control of his body.

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Hi can I have an billy Hargrove imagine where the reader is sweet and shy and the only one that can calm him down when he goes crazy pretty please !! Thank you!!

Summary: You’re the last person anyone would ever expect to be able to calm down Billy Hargrove when he’s in a mood, but you’re also the only person capable of doing it.
Pairing: Reader x Billy Hargrove.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Fighting.
Word Count: 1034

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One of the most intense moments in Push involved a telekinetic gunfight. Chris’ character controls weapons with his mind to take on two bad guys. One stunt required him to slide all the way across the room on his back while shooting a gun.”To me, it was the quintessential action movie shot, I felt like a kid in a candy store. You want to get the pads on and dive in and get your hands dirty”- Chris Evans on filming Push

thoughts from sociology class

so we were talking about how kids today are given trophies for everything and praised for everything (I know, yikes) and I was thinking about my experience in school and working with little kids.

none of this is true.

teachers are generally tired of kids messing around and will scream at them until they’re too scared to move. it even made me uncomfortable when I was in high school volunteering to teach them.

it’s very strange that people see this as the ideal form of parenting and punishing kids, and everything else is “too laid back” or whatever, because it’s completely untrue.

I have no experience parenting, but drawing from my own experience in an abusive household, I didn’t yell at them. what I did was really simple: if they were misbehaving, i’d tell them that if they didn’t stop they couldn’t have/do [thing]. like this one girl needs help getting on a swing because she’s short, so I said “if you want to go on the swing you have to stop throwing your food around”, and she listened. no yelling or threat of physical harm involved. kids have thoughts, feelings, and wants just like everyone else. I can guarantee you this is extremely easy.

so to hear this discussion about ‘kids these days’ was kind of upsetting, because the other kind of abusive parenting actually does harm.

when I was little, my dad would scream at me if I kept getting math problems wrong on my homework. you know what that did? make me not want to ask adults for help. it made me scared to communicate my feelings. all these things do are make children afraid to express why they feel the way they do and work things out.

the fact that I as a 17-18 year old, with no parenting experience, could get kids to behave without abuse, says a fucking lot about how entitled and abusive parents can be. “don’t abuse children” is apparently a very controversial opinion for some reason!

anyway, kids aren’t annoying objects, there are reasons why they behave the way they do and abuse isn’t the way to tell them what they’re doing is inappropriate and get them to follow rules.

Punch | Sweet pea imagine

Request: Hey may I request a Sweet pea X reader. The reader is a northsider who dated Reggie. And it takes place the night of the fight. ( south side vs red circle) 

A/N: You didn’t specify what you wanted? So I just made something out of it, I hope you like it.

Jingle-Jangle, the stupid drug that ended your relationship. When you found out that your boyfriend Reggie was dealing the drugs you couldn’t believe it. Reggie could come off as kind of a jerk but he was sweet to you, you never thought he would be capable of dealing drugs. You had been devestated and had broke up with him.

That’s when the red circle came to be. Archie had some crazy vendetta and got the football team involved with it. He had thought of something called the red circle, it was basically some vigilanty group. You thought they were insane and did not want to get involved. You were done with Archie, Reggie and the rest of the football team. 

‘‘Don’t you think they are absolutely insane?’‘ You were talking to Betty about the red circle, she was also worried and thought it was a crazy idea ‘‘It’s ridicilous, I get that Archie is scared but this goes way too far’‘ You agreed with her, you were glad someone understood you and was on the same page as you.

You and Betty were going to visit Jughead today and you were excited to see one of your best friends again, you hadn’t seen him a lot lately due to him changing schools. You missed Jughead as you had been best friends since the beginning. You and Betty entered FP’s trailer. ‘‘We’re here’‘ Jughead greeted the two of you happily and introduced you to Toni who was there as well. ‘‘Nice to meet you I’m y/n’‘ You shook her hand and she smiled at you. Toni seemed friendly and you were glad that Jughead was making new friends.

‘‘Have you guys heard?’‘ Toni asked and Jughead gave her a glare, ‘‘Heard what?’‘ Betty looked at Jughead who rolled his eyes, he didn’t like that Toni brought it up ‘‘Andrew showed up on serpent territory, tagged a building with some red circle and than threatened some guys with a gun’‘ You looked at Betty in shock, she looked back at you equally shocked. ‘‘Archie has a gun?’‘ You knew that Archie was getting insane but this was a whole other level. ‘‘Sweet pea is going over there tonight to get back at Archie’‘ Toni chuckled.

You, Betty and Jughead were all a little shocked and definitely didn’t laugh along with Toni. ‘‘Sweet pea is going to attack Archie?’‘ Toni nodded ‘‘Who’s Sweet pea?’‘ You had never heard of this guy ‘‘He’s some idiot at our school who thinks that violence is the only solution. And he hates Northsiders’‘ You were worried now, if that Sweet pea guy only believed in violence, there was a big chance Archie would end up getting hurt.

‘‘We have to do something’‘ You nodded along with Betty ‘‘But how?’‘ Nobody had an idea, what were you supposed to do in a situation like this? ‘‘Toni do you know where they’re meeting up?’‘ Toni nodded ‘‘That big bridge you know?’‘ ‘‘Let’s go’‘ You all left to go to the place where the showdown was supposed to happen. They hadn’t started yet, so you were just in time. You saw Reggie and stopped, what was he doing here?

‘‘What the hell are you doing here y/n?’‘ You looked at the guy in shock ‘‘I’m trying to stop this what the hell are you doing here?’‘ He laughed ‘‘I’m fighting, there’s no way you can stop this’‘ He laughed again ‘‘You can’t do shit’‘ You raised your brow ‘‘Excuse me?’‘ He grinned ‘‘You are useless, you are not capable of doing anything sweetheart, you are just a pathetic person’‘ You looked at him in anger, why was he acting like this? And before you knew it, you had punched him in the face. Reggie fell to the ground and it felt oddly satisfying however it had started the fight. Serpents against Bulldogs were fighting while you made your way to Jughead, Betty and Toni ‘‘What happened?’‘ Betty came to you and looked at your hand, it was all bruised and definitely hurt ‘‘He was being an asshole and I had hit him before I even knew it’‘ Betty shook her head ‘‘You shouldn’t have done that’‘ You sighed, you knew that but it had happend and there was nothing you could do now.

‘‘I thought it was pretty badass’‘ You turned around. A tall raven haired guy looked at you with a grin ‘‘Sweet pea, pleased to meet you, and who may the badass princess be?’‘ You scoffed ‘‘It’s y/n’‘ ‘‘Well y/n I think you’re definitely something, especially for a northside princess’‘ He smirked and moved closer to your ear ‘‘You’re really hot when you’re angry babe’‘ He winked at you, you were oddly attracted to him and grinned ‘‘You have no idea babe’‘ He wrapped an arm around you ‘‘Feisty I like it’‘ You rolled your eyes with a grin, you liked Sweet pea. ‘‘Come on babygirl how about we get some ice for that hand’‘ You nodded ‘‘Let’s go’‘ You walked away with Sweet pea, he was just what you needed to get your mind off of Reggie and everything that had happened.

You saw Reggie looking at you and Sweet pea and you glared at him, still angry about everything. The two of you got to his motorcycle ‘‘Hop on princess’‘ You smirked and placed the helmet on top of your head. You held on tightly and drove away with him. You were angry at Reggie and what happened but you were glad you had Sweet pea to take your mind off of it. You laid your head against his back with a grin this was going to be an exciting night. 

A Rock and a Hard Place

killing children to protect children; dying and the resulting deaths

So I’ve decided to do something terribly stupid and try to address a really difficult aspect of this week’s chapter: Kaneki’s decision to kill Hajime and the Oggai. 

First and foremost, I want to bring us back to the middle ages, to Yamori, when  two inherent flaws in Kaneki’s personality were fully revealed to us. His discussion with Imaginary Rize involved his token slogan “be the one who gets hurt, not the one who hurts others”– a gift from his mother, which he has struggled to loosen his grip on throughout the entire story. 

Unknowingly, Yamori challenged that very belief with an ugly mind-game:

By not being able to choose (despite Kei’s insistence to save her son), both mother and child were killed. He failed to even try. 

Kaneki faltered like any person would have in his situation, but it underscored what would ultimately become a huge problem for him in the future. He has always struggled to do harm and to make difficult decisions that hold him responsible (a complex most likely created by deep-rooted feelings of helplessness after a childhood full of neglect and loss).

Fast-forward to today’s chapter, we find Kaneki faced with a magnification of the same situation. At the end of E14, Touka, Hinami, and a flock of starving ghouls unable to fight– many of which are children– are backed into a corner by an inescapable death. Nearby, Kaneki is laying in a bloodied, limbless, lifeless heap, surrounded on all sides by a hoard of deadly child-soldiers.

Without Kaneki’s intervention, Goat’s children will be slaughtered like lambs. However, in order for Kaneki to intervene, he would have to slaughter children himself. It’s a total conundrum that Ishida has purposefully created; a twisted, horrifying, challenging predicament for us to muddle through… hence the name of the Oggai: 

Death, mirrored. A behemoth wrong from all angles.

With this, Furuta is Yamori dangling lives in front of his face once more. He’s Arima, handing Kaneki the opportunity to win on a silver platter….

… But more than anything, Furuta is Furuta: a man barefacedly showcasing the CCG’s dirty little secret in a stunt that the average investigator is still willing to overlook.

Furuta confirms here that it really is no problem controlling the masses. So long as they feel unified on the front to Defeat Evil™, a person won’t look at their own wickedness in the mirror. 

The last chapter was the first time we heard Kaneki reflect on his decisions and life choices outside of admitting his inability to do so in Cochlea. But unlike Cochlea, we finally see him take a grand step forward. He considers dying here (again knowing that a chunk of his adopted family is in grave danger), but despite adversity, FINALLY digs his nails into life and comes tearing all horns and thorns back to the surface.

HOWEVER. I want to reiterate that what he’s done is still sickening. It isn’t the Oggai’s fault that they are who they are, and no less now that Furuta has fanned the flames of their personal vendettas against ghouls. They are all just children who– like the Garden Kids– have been exploited by means outside of their control.

Has Ishida made this theme blindingly apparent yet?

The thing is, Kaneki understands the nature of act he’s about to commit. It doesn’t necessarily make him right, but he understands the gravity of the situation.

He does interject with uglier thoughts (”I don’t care”, “I will kill”)– BUT! He also considers those old flaws of his and finally, finally kicks them aside. 

Furuta accused him of never learning; of always choosing himself. He’s always put his own moral righteousness above actual life. He’s never killed humans, never choose one life over another, and never made an honest decision that forced him to take responsibility for his actions. And for all of that, he has done nothing but suffer. 

But now, in the face of all that, Kaneki gathers up all of his experiences over the last several years, pins positives against each other, outweighs the cons, and for the first time ever reaches a solid conclusion: kill, and put an end to the senseless murders the Oggai might commit in the future. Kill, and save those innocent children and the people he loves. Kill, and take control of the the life he’s been handed. Kill, even at the expense of others. 

Fic: Cold Comfort (Velora, Vex, Percy)

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

Major spoilers for Episode 115.

Two years after the battle with Vecna, Velora returns to Whitestone for several long-overdue conversations.

Cold Comfort

Velora stops at the shrine to the Raven Queen first, padding cautiously into the room, the stonework ice-cold beneath her bare feet, and says, softly, experimentally, “I hate you.”

The shrine is empty at this early-evening hour, and so her words echo louder and more certain than she means them to. She swallows shyness with the remembered taste of ashes on her tongue, pushes past the heavy stench of blood in her nose and mouth, and says it louder, her voice cracking on the shout. “I hate you!”

There are no ripples on the surface of the small pool of blood, no dramatic flurry of feathers or dark wings curling around her. It’s just a cold, stinky room.

She clears her throat, rubs her face to stop her lower lip quivering, and says, “Thank you,” before turning on her heel and starting the long, slow trudge up to the castle.

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First Dates- BTS

(for @pseudopo )


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-get ready for the best most extra date of your life.

-ya’ll going to an expensive ass fancy dinner with expensive wines and expensive desserts you’ve never heard of and shit.

-will take you to a movie that JUST came out.

-popcorn, drinks, slushies, candies. You know, the works.

-ya’ll will get there at the last minute to a crowded theater but will somehow have found THE best seats.

-is an absolute gentleman and simply holds your hand during the movie.

-decides to just drive around slowly and talk because he doesn’t want the date to end yet. 

-drops you off at your door and kisses you on the cheek cause he’s that gentlemanly. 

-leaves you with that giddy happy feeling in the pit of your stomach before you go to sleep.


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-you were in SHOCK when he asked you out on a date.

-he seriously never led on that he liked you in any way.

-gets advice from his fellow group members cause this will be his first date.

-”whatever happens hyung, you have to get laid.” - jungkook

-*smacks jungkook in the back of the head* “shush. I know.”

-decides he’s too nervous to do anything but have some coffee with you at a local coffee shop.

-you all meet there and he’s SO happy to see you sitting and waiting for him.

-you can tell he’s kind of nervous and forcing conversation cause he doesn’t know what to ask or what to say. 

-you place your hand over his. “hey, it’s all good. you’re making me really nervous too.”

-yoongi laughs that perfect laugh and for some reason, feels more at ease now.

-perfect first date for the both of you.


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-thought he’d be way too nervous to ever actually go on a date.

-but just can’t help but ask you out. nervously and shyly.

-literally can’t believe it when you say yes.

-thinks that asking his group mates will make him even more nervous so he just decides to wing it.

-gets dressed up af for a simple restaurant dinner date.

-you awe at how sweet and handsome he looks and are now certain this will be an incredible date.

-is nervous as hell as he waits at your door then feels strangely calm once ya’ll are together.

-you never ever run out of things to talk about the whole night.

-the restaurant staff actually had to ask you to leave cause they were about to close.

-you guys walk out hand in hand, past your cars, talking about everything.

-you’re both certain you’re in love.

Rap Mon-

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-has liked you for a while but never asked you out because he’s never been on a date before.

-decides to try something while he’s on skype with you one evening.

-says it’s out of pure curiosity that he wants to know how you yourself would like to be asked out on a date.

-you tell him “as long as there are flowers involved, i’ll be happy.”

-you get a knock at your door the next day to a delivery shop dropping a gorgeous bouquet of your most favorite flowers with a little note that says “will you go on a date with me?-joon”

-almost pee your pants when calling joon to tell him hell fuckin yeah

-picks you up and is nervous but has his front cool and calm.

-surprises you by taking you to a gorgeous field of flowers for you both to talk and walk through.

-you spend basically the whole day arm and arm with namjoon, talking about life.

-ends the date with pretty flowers he picked for you along the way.

-admits to how nervous he was but you ended up helping him calm down.

-best date you both have ever been and will ever have gone on.


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 -has never been on a date before so he decides to make it easier on himself and have it in familiar territory.

-his dorm.

-kicks out the rest of the maknaes and begs the hyungs to leave for the evening so you both can have the place to yourselves.

-orders dinner and puts on netflix for the both of you.

-you both end up eating a little and talking alot. Not even paying attention to the random movie he’d put on. 

-is obsessed with your voice and stories as you speak.

-you both end up cuddling together on the couch and try to actually watch a movie.

-of course, you fall asleep on eachother and wake up to giggles and flashes of phone cameras from the boys.

-you both don’t even care cause it was an amazing date.


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-hasn’t gone on his first date yet and when he meets you, decides that needs to change.

-asks you out on the spot, kind of accidentally.

-like it just spilled out of his mouth.

-you of course gladly accept and ask when and where.

-says it’s a surprise but really has no idea wtf he’s gonna do.

-decides he’s gonna take you to a museum.

-because he wants to impress you and cause he just really wants to go to a museum.

-signs you both up for the tour but end up wandering off together and googling everything.

-you both share a kiss in the middle of the museum and Taehyung decides that he only ever wants to go on dates with you now.


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-knows it’s his first date but doesn’t feel too nervous.

-he’s pretty sure you’re gonna say yes.

-asks his hyungs for any advice they have before he takes you out.

-”don’t be stupid.”-namjoon


-decides to keep it light and just take you to an ice cream shop.

-you guys split a sundae and talk about nonsense for a good four hours.

-you both get complimented by an older couple, saying that you make a cute couple.

-”thank you so much, we know.” he says before surprising you with a quick kiss on your cheek.

-both of your blushes are way too cute.

Pesky Problem (pt two)

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Some swears

A/N: Part two to Pesky Problem is here! I can’t believe Pesky Problem actually has 300 or so notes wow?!? I might’ve gone a bit overboard oops

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The car door clicked shut, and Y/N waited for it to start moving, staring at her hands in her lap. But it didn’t, so she looked up at Steve Harrington in the drivers seat.

“Dustin told me, that this is my problem, my mess, and he’s not going to help me fix it so-” Steve sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I’m probably going to make this shit worse.”

Y/N choked out a laugh but didn’t say anything. What could she say?

Steve looked at her grimly. “Do you want to know? Because if you don’t, I’ll just drive you home and we can forget this ever happened. Or, I can tell you, but you could possibly die from getting involved.”

She searched his face for a trace of a joke, a hint of a smile, but for once, Steve’s face was solemn.

“It’s all up to you.”

“You were supposed to fix this! Not drag her into it!” Dustin glared at Steve as they hauled supplies outside to the car.

“Hey!” Steve pointed at Dustin accusingly. “You’re the one who’s friends ditched you and you said you needed all the help you could get!”

“They didn’t ditch me. They just haven’t been replying to me and haven’t been home!”

“Same thing.” Making their way over to the car, they placed the buckets of meat and gasoline near the trunk where Y/N stood, helping put them into the car.

“Here. Let me do that.” Reaching over, Steve tried to pull the bucket away from Y/N who shied away.

“If we’re gonna go up against this demogorgon I should be able to handle some buckets of meat and gasoline. Go warm up the car or something.” She grinned and nodded a greeting at Dustin who looked slightly impressed.

“Go warm up the car? What am I? Some, some…” Steve muttered as he opened the car door (to warm up the car).

“She’s taking this pretty well! Maybe this wasn’t such a shit idea.” Dustin smirked at Steve’s disgruntled expression.

“Shut up.”

And surprisingly, it wasn’t a shit idea. Y/N helped out at the train tracks, kicking sticks and debris away in front to make a clear path for the meat trail, letting the boys talk behind, although she heard some snippets of their conversation. Like something about… Farrah Fawcett?

Now at the junkyard with two others (Max and Lucas), they waited in the dark of the school bus for sign of the monsters. And when there was sign of them, Y/N honestly wondered what she was getting into.

“What is he doing?” The red haired girl Max asked as Steve darted out of the bus, bat in hand.

“Expanding the menu.”

“I call it getting himself killed!” Y/N gaped, horrified as she finally saw what a demogorgon was.

“He’s insane!”

“He’s awesome!”

He might as well be both. Y/N thought as he dodged one leaping at him while swinging at another.

“Run Steve!” Lucas yelled as they watched him bolt towards the bus.

“Move back!” Y/N shoved the kids away and reached forward to pull Steve into the bus all while shoving the door shut and jamming it with a scrap of metal.

“You move!” Steve pushed you aside just as an arm crashed through.

It seemed just as fast as it had escalated, it stopped as Steve confronted the one in the emergency exit of the bus.

“What happened? Did Steve scare them off?”

“No.” Steve shook his head, the nail bat propped up on his shoulders. “They’re going somewhere.” Looking back at them, he gestured to the direction they left. “Let’s go see.” 

In their first interview in more than 10 years, Dahmer’s father, Lionel, and his stepmother, Shari, give their accounts on how their “sensitive” and “gentle” son turned into one of the most gruesome killers in American history. During the two-night special “Dahmer On Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks,” Lionel and Shari reveal what it was like coming to grips with the fact that the man they knew as Jeff had been hiding a deadly compulsion for over a decade.

Lionel reveals early on in the interview that he believes genetics may have been a part of his son’s transformation into the Milwaukee Cannibal: “My wife at that time had problems. I think she was on the wrong path, too. […] She was involved with crystal therapy at the local mental health center. […] Nothing helped. […] I didn’t find anything in my lineage that would indicate someone with even any type of antisocial behavior. But I’m only half of the production of Jeff.”

He later reaffirms his findings, saying, “With my investigations, there’s no evidence of antisocial or psychotic antisocial behavior in our lineage.”

Shari echoes this belief: “Joyce was on many medications. She was very hyper, she had a lot of problems. I’m not putting her down; it’s simply a stated fact. When Joyce and Lionel lived with Lionel’s parents, the grandparents were not allowed to hold the baby. Joyce didn’t want anyone touching the baby or breathing on it. She was afraid of germs. They virtually had no contact with Jeff as a baby.”

Shari explains this type of isolation followed Dahmer into his toddler years.

“Jeff also noticed that when his younger brother was born, Jeff no longer had fairytales from his mother, stories read at night and tucking him in. So, he felt somewhat abandoned. And there was time period when Jeff and his brother did not speak […] Jeff felt somewhat left out,” she elaborates.

Shari also believes Dahmer’s feelings of abandonment were exacerbated by his parents’ divorce. After graduating from high school, Dahmer lived alone in their family home, as Lionel was temporarily living at a nearby motel due to his recent separation from Joyce, who had left with Dahmer’s younger brother to move back in with her family.

Shari recalls, “Jeff was left behind with a broken refrigerator, no money and spoiled milk in the fridge. That is also the time when he contacted his first victim.”

Looking back on Dahmer’s early fascination with animal dismemberment and how it may have triggered his series of murders that escalated in violence and sexual nature, Lionel says, “Maybe the roadkill situation had some influence. When he was doing what he did with the roadkill, it somehow probably… there’s a probability that he connected the way the roadkill felt with his puberty urges, sexual urges. It might be. It’s just a conjecture.“

Lionel also reveals that trying to figure out why Dahmer committed these horrific murders was one of their main motivations behind taking the case to trial.

“Jeff and I had talked about getting some help, psychological help, to find out, because he insisted he wanted to find out, too, what caused him to do this. So, that’s the only reason that he and I talked about anything, about the reason for going through this trial […] He had no idea what caused him actually to do this,” Lionel says.

After the trial, however, Dahmer’s father realized only his faith held the answers.

Lionel recounts, “But in the end, I believe that I had the answer: that he just was not involved with investigating, ‘What do I need to do to be with God in the end?’ We never got to that point. He was murdered before that happened. […] At that time, I was thinking that the mystery could be solved as to why he did these things by being examined by […] clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. But like I said, I think I know the real reason: there was a lack of connection with our creator.”

Shari concludes, saying, “He was a good human being. He went astray. There are no excuse for that. It wasn’t parental problems, it wasn’t bad school situations. It’s because — we had Jeff studied — it was where Jeff’s mind went, and we couldn’t control that.”

What Season 4 of Voltron should have been

I have a lot of bad things to say about season 4, but I was taught that with every critique, recommendations on how to improve should also be provided. Can’t fix it now, of course, but this will help me get over my frustration with the whole thing.

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Vanilla Ice Cream


I have returned with a Hybrid!AU oneshot as a special treat. I know you guys want another chapter of Owner, but I don’t have a lot of inspiration for that story. But new stuff is in the works! Thanks for passing 1100 followers! You guys rock! Please shoot me a message and tell me what’s up! I love to answer questions! Enjoy the read ~ Jessika

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