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Favorite Book Characters: Charlie »The Perks of being a Wallflower- Stephen Chbosky

“So I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”

Kal [ @ofsoulitude ] | He/Him | Lao American 

Day 1 of the Trans Ask Game! 

How did you choose your name?

I’m an identical twin and my sister is the person I’m closest to in the world. We went through everything together growing up and my transition was no exception. She was the first person to know I’m trans and essentially named me. She first started calling me “Kal” after we went to Starbucks, I had just cut my hair into a fauxhawk and started wearing a binder, the barista called me “sir” and asked for my name and I hesitated. I was wearing a Superman t-shirt at the time and she answered: “his name is Kal with a K”.

I struggled for nearly a year afterward, trying to figure myself out and battle the insecurities I had. I didn’t know if I wanted to be “Kal”, I didn’t understand that’s who I already was. Even after I came out to the pretty much love of my life and all my friends, I still didn’t have a name to give them – but my sister did. She would even scold me using “Kal-El” around them.  My dead name was dead, buried the second I came out to them, and they all followed her lead and called me “Kal”.

There were other names I considered: “Masen”, “David”, “Oliver”, “Charlie”, were some, but in the end I was “Kal-El”. I love my name. One of my favorite reactions is when people try to figure out what “Kal” is short for; I’ve gotten “Calvin” and “Caleb” a lot. My coworker also lovingly dubbed me “Kalbert”. My other favorite part is being able to say “Yes, ‘Kal’ like and from ’California’”.


I decided to do this because if you aren’t following these blogs, you are missing out loves. 

@laochbaineann, Liz, my best friend, this one is an amazing person. She’s so wonderful to talk to and I just enjoy talking to her. She’s a major Sheamus fan, if you love Sheamus go make friends with Liz. But do not call her Lizzybear, that’s my nickname for her. We have been friends for more than a year, we are very close. You hurt her in anyway, I will find you and stick an umbrella far up your ass that you won’t feel it. 

@imaginingwwesuperstars Marina!, always makes me feel better. She’s so sweet and a wonderful person. I love talking to her, she made a YouTube channel, which I am subscribed too and I love her writing. Follow her because, she loves wrestling, is a sweet girl and just wish I lived closer to her. 

@oreillyskyle Sydney, this girl is so chill. I love talking to her but we haven’t talked much in a few days. That saddens me, I know she’s busy but you loves need to follow her for her love for Dash and Kyle. 

@wwesmutdonedirtcheap Her stories are amazing, she’s becoming a good friend. We aren’t close but I hope that changes soon, I fully understand her thirst for Tyler. I feel you on love. She loves Mojo as much as I do, but shh, she doesn’t know that. 

@theelitevillian Lauren!, my Omega to my villain. Now Lauren understands my thirst for the Bullet Club, she’s one awesome. I make sure she’s happy, she needs it. So follow her and shoot her some love, Lauren is so cute sometimes too.

@helluvawriter Meg! I know Meg roughly like I do with Liz. But Meg is more where I look for advice and she’s a great listener. She could be a momma bear to the tumblr family. And have I mention her thirst for Cesaro? Yeah, check her out. I love her. 

@imnobodiesbitch Her imagines are amazing, though we don’t know each other that well. That should change love, she understands my thirst for Jimmy Havoc. She’s awesome like a cookie, sweet and kind. 

@hiitsmecharlie Charlie is such a wonderful soul, her imagines get me through the day sometimes. She’s is a queen, I think so. But she deserves love and happiness and I just love her, she’s amazing person. 

@xfirespritex I read all her stories and I just fell in love with her writing, she’s great to talk to although we are not close. Hope that changes love one day. 

@moxleyunstable Oh Ash, this one I love to tease her with my evil. She loves me for it, if you love to RP or just shoot her a messages, she would love it. I mean look who’s she’s RPing as. Damn. Love you Ash!

@mgswdw we talk from time to time, she hopes one day I meet Marty. I hope so too. I love talking to her.

@wrestlingnoob my friend that I think deserves nothing but the best, she’s so sweet. 

I love them all and who I didn’t mention, I love you and you shine in your own special way, I feel like more people should talk to me. I’m super nice and hello I’m A Scurll girl, that should count for something.

A few more of my fave Sonny Carisi moments for @do-me-carisi and whatever treat she has in store for us!!  I hope it’s not to late to submit more. 

A while back, an anon asked me my top 5 fave Sonny moments and I never got around to answering. I’m SORRY!! Life has been hella hectic. So please accept this as your answer too, though I don’t know if I can pick only 5 and not sure I can get an absolute fave moment because Sonny has so many facets to his personality that I love. <3

I know a lot of people are probably going WTF? this is a fave? lol. It is and allow me to elaborate. While a lot of fans were distracted by the stache and the lame new guy schtick, I was totally fascinated with this awkward, brash character and it was in this scene that I realized that underneath all the silliness they brought him in with, Sonny was a “think outside the box” seeker of justice kind of character and was going to be hella entertaining!   I’m STILL lol'ing at Liv saying “we don’t do that here”  OMG HAHAHA. OH GIRL YOU KILL ME!! Have you met YOU??  Sonny had already sized the situation up and he was dead right. That girl smelled the sympathy bullshit a mile away, she needed a man to shoot the shit with her because that’s all she was familiar with. Sonny’s initial instinct was the catalyst to solving the crime and right here in episode one, Sonny was right!

More faves under the cut to save your timelines ;)

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motleysaint  asked:

Eyeliner! Forests! Babies! Charlie Cox!

NICE!!!!!!!! thank you Stacy!!!


Eyeliner: I don’t really understand it myself, but I can appreciate it when well-deployed on other people. It’s not for me. 

Forests: YES. GOOD. EXCELLENT. Trees are the best and forests are my home. (In more ways than one. I live in Idaho. We have a lot of them here.) When I first read the Hobbit I was completely fascinated with Mirkwood, giant spiders not withstanding. I really really love them.

Babies: They’re so beautiful and funny!! I’m always a little bit afraid of them because I’m never around them that much and I’m afraid they’ll cry if I hold them because I am an Awkward human being and what if I drop them?? But I mean they’re beautiful and I think their faces and their eyes and their hilarious noses and top-heavy little heads and chubby arms are pretty ridiculously cute.


For real though I think he’s a wonderful, funny, and sensitive actor! I always forget about him because I’ve only seen him in stardust (an amazing movie) so it’s only sometimes I remember his existence and am delighted by it. Daredevil is super high on my watchlist and I know I will love it because it sounds like all sorts of my thing and what’s wrong with me why won’t I watch it do I have a problem. 

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Hi! I was wondering what are some of your favorite songs right now? Also, do you have a Spotify? It's okay if you have one and don't want to share it! I completely respect and understand that!! You are great!

i think my spotify is just under my name? p sure

some of my fav songs rn
- there’s a honey by pale waves
- love gang ft charli xcx by whethan
- whippin by kiiara
- life of the party by chelsea jade
- crowded places by banks
- porcelain by skott
- 9 (after coachella) by cashmere cat ft sophie & mø
- i don’t wanna be funny anymore by lucy dacus
- diamond child by aayushi
- love by lana del rey
- hate that you know me by bleachers ft carly rae jepson
- get like by kehlani
- east by vallis alps

Dear friend,

I’m in love. Not the fluttery puppy love that I’ve always felt. No, this time it’s so different. When I’m with him, I feel warm and complete. When we’re apart, like for the summer, I feel like half of me is missing.
I saw him across the room and I just knew he was the one for me. Did you feel that way about Sam? I’d like to think that you did so I know that you understand what I mean.
I never thought I would find my soulmate but I really believe that I have. And I’m so happy about it. I really am. I love him so much, Charlie. More than anyone else in this world.
I just really needed to tell someone how I feel about this man.
Love always,

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Its really disheartening to think that even if by some miracle we get some form of destiel in canon the writers are most likely going to end the show with dean and Sam dying, most likely cas as well so it's going to be really tragic either way :(

Hey there, Nonnie! Do you really think that the show will most likely end with Dean and/or Sam and/or Cas dying? I thought that was a Kripke move, but I don’t think that’s a Carver one. I really believe that the show has foreshadowed a better/happier ending, and for the sake of my own well-being, I’d rather continue believing that! (I hope I’m not mistaken).


I believe the Samelia thing in season 8 wasn’t as purposeless as we might think. After Jess (and Sarah and Madison), Sam kind of got the idea that love and a normal life weren’t really for him. I wouldn’t blame him for thinking that way considering every girl he likes ends up dead. However, in season 8, we got a Sam who actually had a “normal” life. A girlfriend. A picnic for his birthday. A birthday cake. A DOG. He was able to quit the family business. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the best moment of his life because he was just running away from the painful reality (of having lost Dean). However, as he told Dean in 8x01: “I found something. Something I’ve… never had all my life.”

Sam left Amelia not because Dean was back but because her husband was back. The second time they parted ways (in 8x10) was because Amelia gave him a choice: “If you stay, against everything I believe in, I would be with you. But if you leave… don’t come back. I can’t have you with one foot in my life and one foot out there doing… whatever it is you do. That life of yours I have no idea about.” The second time he left her, it wasn’t because of her husband (he knew Amelia would choose HIM); it was because of Dean. He knew he had to choose between Amelia (the normal life he so much craves) and Dean (the life as a hunter). In 10x18, Sam told Charlie this: “I guess I really understand now that this is my life. I love it, but I can’t do it without my brother.”  We already know that between Amelia and Dean, Sam chose his brother, but that doesn’t mean Sam has stopped craving a normal life; he has just buried it for now. The fact that he says “I understand now that this is my life” sounds like someone who has resigned themselves, someone who’s simply gotten used to it in order not to disappoint Dean. According to Sam himself in 8x23, his greatest sin was how many times he let his brother down. He said he couldn’t do that again, so he became Dean. How? Dean got used to the life as a hunter because he didn’t want to disappoint his father. Sam finally got used to that life because he didn’t want to continue disappointing his brother. And so it goes the codependency cycle!

I firmly believe that Sam’s endgame is to have a normal life. That’s why we haven’t heard anything else about his desires in season 9 or 10. We already know what he wants, but we also know that he can’t get there. Not yet, at least.


Dean’s case has been more difficult. For a very long time I thought that his endgame would be to continue being a hunter forever. That’s why season 10 and Dean’s personal arc was so important. It was in that season when we finally learned that Dean’s deepest desire is NOT to be a hunter. We saw a little bit of that in 9x07 when young Dean had a conversation with young Robin:

DEAN: […] My dad likes to move around a lot.

ROBIN: What’s your dad do?

DEAN: Boring stuff.

ROBIN: Do you like it?

DEAN: (shakes his head) NO. No, not really. But my dad expects me to follow in his footsteps. So I’ve kind of gotten used to it. (He seems resigned). […] I want to be a rock star, but… I also really like cars.

ROBIN: Being a mechanic seems rough.

DEAN: What? No, no. Not at all. Cars are freaking cool as hell. Fixing them is like … a puzzle, and the best part is when you’re done, they leave, and you’re not responsible for them anymore.

Over there we learned that deep in his heart, he didn’t want to be a hunter but got used to it. We also learned that he resented having to be responsible for Sam, but he got so used to it that he couldn’t really live his life without having to worry about and protect his little brother. Demon!Dean brought this up in 10x03 when he told Sam: “You notice I tried to get as far away from you as possible? Away from your whining, your complaining. I chose the King of Hell over you! Maybe I was just … tired of babysitting you. Or always having to yank your lame ass out of the fire since… Forever. Or maybe… Maybe it was the fact that my mother would still be alive if it wasn’t for you. That your very existence sucked the life out of my life!

Dean continued being a hunter to follow his daddy’s footsteps. He became Sam’s “father figure” because John always told him he had to protect Sammy. That was his job. He didn’t matter out of that responsibility. But Dean already knows all of that is his father’s fault. That’s what we learned from the rest of the conversation between Sam and Dean in 10x03:

SAM: This isn’t my brother talking.

DEAN: You never had a brother! Just an excuse for not manning up. But guess what: I quit.

SAM: No. No, you don’t. You don’t get to quit. We don’t get to quit in this family! This family is all we have ever had!

DEAN: Well, then, we got nothing.

SAM: Would you say that to Dad?

DEAN: Dad? Oh, there’s a prize. There’s a man who brainwashed us into wasting our lives fighting his losing battle!

Dean is finally aware that he’s never been Sam’s brother. He’s been his caretaker thanks to John Winchester. That’s why the song A single man tear (which is about Dean) in 10x05 says: “A single man tear, that’s all I’ll spare. I bury feelings, don’t show I care. Even though I am haunted, must be the man daddy wanted. Wish I could be as strong as Sam. Blaze my own trail, be my own man. But underneath this broken mask, it is my father, with all his wrath.”

Dean’s arc in the Carver era has been to clearly show us that Dean KNOWS he doesn’t like his life as a hunter. That was John’s influence. He KNOWS he doesn’t want to be Sam’s protector. That was John’s influence, too. He wishes he could be as strong as Sam because SAM LEFT. Sam went to Stanford. He quit the life. He didn’t care about disappointing John. Dean pulled Sam back in for a long while, but Sam was strong a second time. He quit the life after Dean got sent to Purgatory. He stopped looking for Dean. It hurt like hell; he said he felt like his “world imploded and came raining down on [him]” (8x06), but he was strong enough to realize that he could have a life that didn’t entirely depend on Dean or John or anyone else.

Dean finally LEARNED that protecting Sam and Sam protecting him above everything else was NOT GOOD. It was evil. That codependency they have ruins them and the people around them. He doesn’t want to be his brother’s keeper anymore, but he doesn’t want Sam to be his keeper either. That’s what we learned from his conversation with Sam in 10x23:

DEAN: Remember when we were in that church, making Crowley human, about to close the Gates of Hell? Well, you sure as hell were ready to die for the greater good then.

SAM: Yeah, and, Dean, you pulled me back.

DEAN: And I was wrong. You were right, Sam. You knew that this world would be better without us in it.

SAM: No, no, no, wait a second. You’re twisting my words here, Dean.

DEAN: Why? Because we – we track evil and kill it? The family business? Is that it? Look at the tape, Sam. Evil tracks us. And it nukes everything in our vicinity – our family, our friends. It’s time we put a proper name to what we really are and we deal with it.

SAM: Wait a second. We are not evil. Listen… We’re far from perfect, but we are good. That thing on your arm is evil, but not you, not me.

DEAN: I let Rudy die. How was that not evil? I know what I am, Sam. But who were you when you – when you drove that man to sell his soul… Or when you bullied Charlie into getting herself killed? And to what end? A-a good end? A just end? To remove the Mark no matter what the consequences? Sam, how is that not evil? I have this thing on my arm, and you’re willing to let the Darkness into the world.

Dean was ready to kill Sam to stop all this, to stop their codependency, but then Sammy gave Dean two pictures. He told Dean: “You’ll never, ever hear me say that you – the real you – is anything but good. But you’re right. Before you hurt… anyone else, you have to be stopped at any cost. I understand. Do it. Do me the honor.”

Once again Sam was stronger than Dean. He understood the point. He understood they couldn’t continue like this (sacrificing others to save each other), so he was willing to sacrifice his own life if that was needed. Dean realized that Sam understood. The fact that Sam stopped fighting meant that he was ready to let go, SOMETHING THAT DEAN HASN’T BEEN ABLE TO DO ALL HIS LIFE. Then he saw the pictures. Dean and Mary. Dean, Sammy and Mary. Family.

But John Winchester was NOT in the picture because his influence was OVER. Dean didn’t kill Sam, that’s true. But it was not in the name of codependency (he didn’t know Cas, Rowena and Crowley were about to rid him of the Mark of Cain). It was in the name of family, in the name of love, a healthy one… represented by Mary in the pictures.  That’s why I think that season 11 will give us a better relationship between Dean and Sam, one where they are brothers, not each other’s keepers.

All of this was necessary to be able to reach not only Sam’s endgame but also Dean’s, which by the way, we were given in 10x16:

Dean (to Sister Mathias): I guess I’m just wondering how somebody quits one life for something completely different and – and then believe in it so much.

Dean (to Father Delaney): You know, the life I live, the work I do… I pretty much just figured that that was all there was to me, you know? Tear around and jam the key in the ignition and haul ass until I ran out of gas. I guess I just thought sooner or later, I’d go out the same way that I live – pedal to the metal, and that would be it. […] Now, um… Recent… events, uh… make me think I might be closer to [death] than I really thought. And… I don’t know. I mean, you know, there’s – there’s things, there’s… people, feelings that I-I-I want to experience differently than I have before, or maybe even for the first time. […] I’m just starting to think that… maybe there’s more to it all than I thought.

In my opinion, Dean’s endgame will be to quit the life for something completely different where he’ll be able to experience things, people, and feelings differently than he has before or maybe even for the first time. It’s been a lot of work to take Dean in that direction. Dean, the best hunter ever, the one who always seemed to love the life, the family business. That’s why the Carver era was heavy in personal arcs and not in myth arcs. They had to reset Dean almost completely. This is our promise. Dean needs to survive to get his endgame. Just as Sam needs to be alive to get his. 


Cas’ endgame is still a work in progress, but a very clear one. He had to be reset the same as Dean. Cas loved Heaven and his brothers and sisters. Despite everything, he thought Heaven was home. It isn’t like that anymore. Cas has slowly begun to learn that home is where the heart is. Where is Cas’ home? What does he want? He’s been asked twice now about his endgame. In 9x06, when Cas said he wanted to live, Ephraim asked him: “But as what, Castiel? As an angel? or a man?” Even though it couldn’t be clearer than that, Metatron became more obvious in 10x18 when he asked Cas:

“Who are you now? Like, you’re obviously not an angel of the lord. And what about all of this ‘walking the earth like Kane from Kung Fu’ crap? Cleaning up heaven’s messes. How many more rogue angels are there out there? And what are you gonna do once you’re done with all that? Go back to heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top. Smoothest it’s run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?”

When the next antagonist (the Darkness) is finally defeated, when the show finally reaches its final season and its final episodes, we’re going to be given an answer. Castiel will have to choose. Right now he’s indecisive. He calls himself people, but he’s not, as Rowena pointed out when she said in 10x22: “That’s like a fish that wants to fly or a dog that thinks he’s people.” When Cas said that he, in fact, is a lot like people, Rowena’s reply was “Keep telling yourself that, dear”. Meaning? Cas is not human! He acts like he is, but he isn’t. That’s why I firmly believe that Castiel’s endgame will be to choose humanity. That’s been his weakness all along, anyway.

In conclusion, I don’t think Cas, Dean or Sam are going to die. The show has made a great effort to reset the main characters and tell us what they want or where they wish they could go. Maybe I’m delusional, but I can’t help being optimistic. I hope this gives you some hope as well. Sorry for writing such a long thing!

Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

There is a 99.9999% chance that you’ve read this or seen the movie with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, but today was a rainy day and I decided to curl up with one of my favorite books, so I’m making this post a TBT. For that .01% who doesn’t know what this is about, Charlie is starting high school and, being understandably nervous, decides to start writing letters to an unnamed friend about his day and his life. Charlie is extremely introverted, and has difficulty making friends, but that all changes when seniors Sam and Patrick take him under his wing. Through them, Charlie experiences first loves, first heartbreaks, the love of friends, and everything else you experience when you’re a freshman in high school. I liked the style of him writing to a friend, even if you didn’t know who it was. It made the book more interesting, like you could be the person that he was writing to, which just made me more sympathetic and Charlie more lovable. If you’ve only seen the movie, I highly recommend you read it as well. It’s just as touching and wonderful, and probably even more so. The novel goes into more detail about Charlie’s past, and shows you why he suffers from depression and anxiety a lot better than the movie did (but the movie was an excellent adaptation, and Logan Lerman was perfect so also definitely watch it). I’m a sucker for any kind of coming-of-age novel, but this one truly was exceptional and I think it’s one that everyone can relate to. Unfortunately, Chbosky hasn’t written any other books, which is such a shame, because he’s wonderful at it. BUT fun fact, he has written the screenplays for not only the Perks adaptation, but also Rent and the new live action Beauty and the Beast. I’d say that’s a talented man. I hope your day wasn’t as grey as mine! Happy reading!

Dear Charlie,

Hello, Charlie. It’s been almost a year since I wrote to you, it was about me falling in love with a girl for the first time that i want to spend my life with her. Well, guess what? We broke up. She left. It was my fault, but it was just one fucking mistake, she didn’t understand me that it wasn’t my intention. It’s so fucking unfair, i didn’t cheat or whatever, i just hid something from her, but it was for her, i was scared that she might be angry so i couldnt tell her. but jesus, why is it so unfair? i never left her even when she made mistakes. even when she hurt me, i did everything to hold on to her every time we fight, when she’s the one who always cause it. why is it so unfair, charlie? when it’s me who did a mistake this time, everything was gone. i did everything to make her come back to me, i run away from home just to go to her place, not knowing where exactly it was, it took 1 hr drive to get there, and hours i walked in their place to identify which house was hers. when i knew it was hers, i texted her that im outside but she didnt want to come outside, she lied she wasn’t home. when i dont want to leave, she insisted she doesnt want to see me. i just cried outside waiting for her, and when she came to see me. i couldnt speak, i didnt stop crying in front of her. nothing happened, charlie. i texted her for months, sending her messages, and then one day i asked to meet her because i want to explain and i was going to give her a gift. but she doesnt want to, she wants to officially end it. it hurts so much charlie, i love her so much. and then on her birthday, i went to see her when shes about to go home after school, i gave her some gifts, and then she looked irritated at me. what did i do? and then after that, i found out she already found someone new. It hurts so much, charlie. 2 months since we broke up, she already moved on. We were together for almost a year, but why it was so easy for her? Till now, it’s almost a year since she left, i still can’t move on, i can still feel it fresh. she’s the only person i loved this much, and the first person i put so much effort with. i think i’ll never feel the same way to anyone after this.

i miss her so much, charlie. but i can see it clearly that she’s happy with someone, i wish she misses me too, but i guess it’s impossible. i wish i can forget her easily as she did. she said she’ll never leave me, but it seems like words are just words, she didn’t love me the way i loved her.


Just Sheila doing her thing! I imagine she is dueting with Charlie, as per the usual.

I love this character so much. I’ve developed such an attachment to her, not just because she’s one of the first characters I ever created, but also the people who inspired her and her character development.

She’s mostly inspired by Jeannie Nelson (Portayed by Barbara Eden in I Dream of Jeannie) and, interestingly, my mother. Like Jeannie, Sheila is a little naive, innocent, and lighthearted; like my mother, she is kind, understanding, modest, and a bit spontaneous!

I’ve also gone as far as to choose a voice for her. I would choose Cynthia Mann (the voice actress of Treeflower from the Angry Beavers.) her voice is perfect for her. Second choice would be Leslie Mann. I’ve went back and forth with her singing voice, but I’ve always imagined it powerful and not “teeny-bop” sounding. A mature, womanly voice. I’ve most consistently imagined her singing voice being similar to Stevie Nicks’.

I’ve rambled enough for now on this meh sketch, I really want to draw a proper picture of her soon with a bio. She has a really cute story I think ^u^

Why Not Take Out The Trash?

An essay about why It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is so appealing with an ensemble of horrible people.

(note: I originally wrote this by hand before seeing the newest season, so please excuse any strange errors you may find! Please reblog as text if you feel so inclined. I hope that this all makes sense. Responses welcome!)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is such an interesting show because of how we empathize with the characters while understanding that they are terrible people. It’s strange that we can connect with and adore such amoral people. Despite ourselves, knowing that the characters are each awful to everyone else, we love them. I think it’s because we find them to be such interesting character studies. Pick a terrible trait, give it to a normal person, and then stick them all in the same place. Havoc! It’s fascinating. We love them as characters, as concepts, not necessarily as people. If they existed in real life, it’s unlikely that any of this show’s viewers would even want to meet them.

I was wrestling with my morality. I couldn’t understand why I should care so much about an unstable stalker, a religious extremist, a control-obsessed psychopath, a desperate role-seeker with sky-high standards, and… well… Danny DeVito. I think that maybe that’s part of the show’s charm. Nobody, I should think, actually regards any of them as good people, yet that’s what makes our love for them so fascinating. We tend to focus on their relatable qualities, however unredeeming, instead of their bad ones. We know they’re bad people. That is well established, so we filter it out.

When I think of Charlie Kelly, I think of his charming quirks, innocence and asexuality (though not necessarily correlated), and strange ways of thinking that I relate to. When I think of Mac, I think of his protective hero complex, discomfort in himself (both in his body and sexuality) and utter dependence on his friends. We often do not immediately think of their manipulative narcissistic and grossly mean-spirited qualities because we have learned to filter them out: in the Sunny world, these qualities are commonplace.

The show deliberately forces us to see the good in everyone, even the scum-of-the-earth characters that should, by all logic, be shunned and hated entirely. In a strange, roundabout way, it forces us to look at the world optimistically, to focus on the good things in our world and in those around us. In addition, seeing how things exaggeratedly progress in the Sunny world makes us feel better about our own. It’s like an escape into chaos, a way to separate from the real bad people and focus on the fake ones (who, might I add, never succeed, constantly being punished for their misdeeds). It doesn’t just cast a positive light on our environment, but also on ourselves. How can we not see ourselves as good people when we are surrounded by the worst people? It makes us want to do more good to make up for the gang’s acts of evil. The show allows us to escape by presenting a reality even worse than our own.

We empathize with these people because we can relate to their experiences and failures, to their desires and their quirks. We love them, not because they’re the people we want to be, but because they are the people we often see ourselves as. The show allows us to relax, see ourselves in a positive light, and feel happy to live in a world where we don’t get destroyed by these characters, or alternatively, like these characters. We love them because they allow us to get at the core of negative traits, to see concentrated forms of the kinds people that can be detrimental to our society. The entire show is a character study, and we naturally find that fascinating. We are consoled by these characters, by their lives, by their stories, and by the fact that none of them really belong to us or even exist. Isn’t it interesting that these terrible people are able to, ultimately, do so much good for the real people that make up their audience?

Here for you (jelena one shot)

(Justin’s POV)

I couldn’t get Selena out of my head ever since I’ve heard that she canceled her tour,I Knew I needed to be there for her regardless if we’re on good terms or not,I wanna be there for her,I have to be there for her so I decided to visit her.Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door waiting for someone to open it,to my surprise Mandy stood in front of me after a few seconds.I froze.I was expecting Courtney or Theresa or Ashley anyone but her mom.I forgot how to speak
“Hello Justin”-Well looks like she didn’t
“I…I’m”-I stuttered like an idiot I haven’t seen her in like 4 years
“Here to see Sel ?”-She continued for me
I nodded swallowing hard
“Come in”-to say that I was surprised was an understatement did Selena even told her about our little “feud” ? Finally I stepped in the house and Mandy followed close behind
“She’s upstairs”
“Thanks Mandy”-I finally spoke,she just nodded and when I took a closer look at her face I noticed dark circles under her eyes it looks like she haven’t slept in days this made my heart fill with worry.I Quickly walked upstairs and knocked on the door of her room
“Come in”-A Weak voice answered and my heart shuttered,I opened the door after taking a deep breath and saw her laying on the bed watching Netflix
“Hey”-I Softly said,she looked at me then turned back to the TV
“I bought you sunflowers”
“Put them to the rest”-She instructed me and I put it next to the other flowers she probably got from her friends
“Carnations..You hate carnations”-I noted
“Yeah those are from Charlie”
I Didn’t reply I just nodded
“Can I sit down ?”
Again she didn’t reply so I took one of the chairs from the room and sat down next to the bed,after a few seconds of silence I spoke
“How are you ?”
“Been better”
“Look Sel I’m really sorry I Shouldn’t have said those things,I Feel guilty”
“You’re not…this stupid illness just…ruined it,I’ve disappointed them”-her eyes started getting watery
“Hey..hey Your fans will understand they love and they are really worried”-I placed my hand on hers and surprisingly she didn’t move it “I am too”-I Whispered “But you’re strong”-She looked at me for a few seconds before pulling away her hands and fixing her gaze on the TV
“You should go now,your girlfriend will get mad”-And we’re back at it again with being cold
‘No.I’m not leaving you”
“You did that a long time ago”-She mumbled,and I saw the tears coming again,I kneeled down in front of her bed taking her hand in mine again
“Selena please,please open up to me I’m Justin,your “little brother” please let me be your best friend again just for a few seconds,I’m the kid who flips his hair every 10 seconds I’m Jay Please Sel”-I desperately begged I wanted to help her so badly I wanted to tell her that everything is gonna be alright and just hold her in my arms,she slowly sat up groaning,she probably felt some kind of pain
“I feel so alone”-She said and immediately started sobbing afterwards,I couldn’t take it anymore I kneeled on the bed and took her in my arms
“You’re not”-I whispered “I’m here”-She just buried her face in the crock of my neck and just sobbed and sobbed after minutes she pulled away and laid back down.
“Is there anything I can do ?”-I asked as I sat back down on the chair
“sing to me.Sing be alright to me”-She softly asked as he reached for my hand,I took  it in mine and I started singing looking directly at her
I know it’s hard babe to sleep at night,don’t you worry cause everything’s going to be alright”-She closed her eyes and I just sang my heart out for her as I admired her beautiful face
“You know That I care for you,I’ll always be there for you”

O' Queen

Title: O’ Queen

Pairing: Reader x Charlie

Word Count: 2,318

Theme song: Red cover by Tyler Ward

Request: I don’t know if you’d ever be open to doing this (I might have requested this before but I forgot so if so just ignore me), but could you possibly write a one shot where the reader is the Winchesters’ sister who falls in love with Charlie? I would probably squeal with joy if you did but I totally understand if you don’t want to or if you have too many requests. Either way you’re still my favorite blog so keep up your awesomeness :3

A/N: Thank you so much, anon! Definitely open to writing this–it was actually further down on the list but my Sam/Dean/Cas brain was mush and it felt good to write something on someone I hadn’t yet! Hope you like this!


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Out of everyone who would eventually come to find out that you were in love with Charlie Bradbury, you were probably the most surprised. You were the job, all about hunting. You were a loaded shotgun and a sharp knife, all stealth and predatory movements. The last thing you expected was to be taken down by a nerdy redhead with a penchant for Harry Potter references.

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art of letting you go

“i wanna move on, but i’m scared of losing you.”

(the beloved triangle arc / if you want to listen to Tori Kelly’s song Art of Letting You Go while reading this, do it)


I didn’t think it would be this hard to see Lucas with Maya; but as I see Maya get ready for their upcoming date, there came a sickening feeling in my stomach. And it wasn’t the first time:

I watched Lucas mount, ride, and fall off the bull. I watched his body hit the ground and it took all of Zay’s strength to try and stop me from climbing the fence before the bull was secured. I felt the fear come over me - which was a different kind of nausea, in a different part of my stomach. I also watched him get up off the ground, and the relief in my body was the best feeling I could ever imagine. It’s like I had an epiphany. I can’t lose Lucas and I knew that I loved him.

But then, I saw the way my best friend’s face filled with worry; and that was the first time I’ve ever seen her face look like that for someone. And I recalled her refusal of to Lucas riding the bull. And the feeling erupted in my stomach as my eyes switched to both my best friend and Lucas, who I just realized (after watching him almost die) I could never lose in my life. My best friend has feelings for Lucas. And I, on the other hand, have to forget this feeling that I was in love with him.

When I talked to Maya, the feeling came and gone; my throat felt dry, and I had a pain in my chest. I ignored it all because she is my best friend and she only deserves the best. And Lucas was it. That’s all.

And when I talked to Lucas and called him my brother, my throat felt dry and I had trouble breathing. But this was the right thing to do. For both of them. I’ll be okay.

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Imagine a tiring day. You slept late yesterday cause you were anxious about your math exam. Your project’s due was today. You had a fight with your sister in the morning cause she hates it when you wear her clothes but you wear them anyway. It is definitely a bad day. Then your friends ask you if you want to go out this evening? Maybe you can go to the centre of city and enjoy some tea & chat with friends? You are saying hell yeah. Cause you love your friends and you love the centre of your city. So you are out. You are meeting with them at your favourite cafe and you laugh and talk about the boys you like. Its not a bad day anymore. Its all good.

Untill it happens. Until the bomb explodes. Untill there are sirens and people screaming. Untill you are on the ground and you see a man just died at the end of the street. You want to touch your friends and thats how you see that you’re bleeding. You are trying to understand whats happening but there are only screams. No one is coming to help you. You are trying to see if your friends are okay. One of them is not. Her eyes are closed. She doesnt seems like breathing. She is bleeding. The centre you love, is bleeding. You are crying but no one is coming to help you. Its only sirens.

Seems like a very, very awful scenario right?

This is happening in my country right now. We are bleeding. We are dying.

You were Charlie, you were Paris. Will you be Turkey?


Life 1x06 - Powerless

We reach my most favorite ‘moment’ of all 'Powerless’ this is, unfortunately, the first and last Dani-centric episode of the series and Sarah Shahi carried it well. Dani Reese is a woman haunted by many demons.

As she said in this episode, its not just drugs she was trying to recover from, it was a lot of things. She has a lot of ghosts carried inside her.

She’s been clean from drugs for twenty plus months, but she hasn’t been sober. She was a functioning alcoholic, attending AA simply because it was a requirement of the job, she’s living a lie and she knows it.

And in comes Rick Larson, a sexual predator who blames his violence on his drinking and always got away with it with his sob stories and charisma until Dani found him out.

Rick, who thought he knew everyone’s demons, especially Dani’s.

Rick threatens Dani at gun point to drink herself to death but Dani is cool under pressure, and managed to contact Crews for help.

This, in itself is a supreme act of faith and trust in Charlie. Dani has no way of knowing if Charlie received her call, has no way of knowing that Charlie would be outside her home. Nor does Dani have no way of knowing if Charlie understood his message.

But Crews is there, and Davis is with him, and he *did* get the message, even if Dani pretends to be annoyed with all of Charlie’s zen talk, she’s listening, and Dani shows this to Charlie by talking to him in his language. “Gimme a moment,” Dani says, “do you understand?”

And Charlie does understand. “That’s not for him, that’s for me.” He realizes, “She just needs a moment.”

This is how they operated, as partners, as co-conspirators in the interrogation room, as they take someone down. They talk in codes, in a language only they could understand, in the silences.

Dani just needed a moment, and Charlie gives her one.

The lying truth part 3

A/N: Thanks for reading and sending in your lovely love! You guys are way too sweet :D

Thanks to my Beta reader redbullrunsthroughmyveins for editing this piece!

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Synopsis: Alexa returns back home from a terrible day at work only to get worse news from her long time boyfriend, Tom.

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Hi guys

So, I’ve debated whether to say anything, since there seems to be such a cloud of opinions floating around right now, some of which I agree with, and some of which I don’t, but I respect people’s right to have their own opinions here.

It’s hard for me to be completely honest on an avenue like Tumblr, because you’re judged, no matter what. That’s part of putting yourself out there for others. But I am going to be honest here.

I love Maks and Meryl. I fell in love with them primarily because of there mutual respect, admiration, and yes LOVE for each other. I saw it, plain as day, on the show, like most of you did. And forget about their dancing…I had never ever seen any other couple, dance like them. I believe this mutual “thing” they had, and still most likely have, made this possible.

Did I love Maks before this? well, yes and no. I thought he was always interesting, and of course good looking, but I couldn’t understand the “bad boy” image. I started to like him more once he was paired with Erin, Mel B, and Kirstie in past seasons, because i thought I saw more of actually “Maks”- who Maks was v. who dwts wanted him portrayed as.

I found Meryl during the Sochi Olympics. Watching her and Charlie was AMAZING, then finding out they were going to be on one of my favorite shows? Bring it on!! 

Seeing Maks and Meryl paired together was interesting to say the least. It was so incredible watching them work together and build such a great relationship. And yes, I think it was a relationship. Maybe not a “conventional” one by our standards, but one nonetheless. That freestyle never really made me wonder about this. Were they close friends, lovers, etc? I don’t know. All I know that there was “something”.

Now I find that Meryl says she is “seeing someone” and Maks is apparently back with Peta. Yep, I am sad. I will admit it. I think I had alot of high hopes and expectations that many of us had, i.e. the fairy tale romance. Unfortunately, real life is hard, and hard choices are sometimes made. Lots of speculation on what happened, but it’s not ours to know. I think (JUST MY OPINION) that there was a mutual parting of ways due to timing of the relationship; it could have been other things, but who knows? It’s not for me to know, it’s theres.

And we will never know. What we have seen has been through instagram photos, twitter comments, interviews, and the like. We haven’t been privy to their personal interactions. For all we know, they could have sat down and talked about this like 2 grown adults (which I believe they have). 

Life is funny, and unpredictable. No one would have really called Mr. “An ex is an ex for a reason” getting back together with an ex, but sometimes you’re human. Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned.

And I am human do. Yep, I was angry and Peta. And Maks. And yes (even) Ms. Meryl. I think I was projecting alot on them to dictate my happiness and I think that was wrong. I’m coming to grips with that now, and realize that they are grown a$$ adults who can make their own choices for their own direction in life.

And yes, I still ship Maksyl. :) I do believe they are endgame. Sometimes life takes us down circuitous routes, but it is all about the end result. I’m still in love with their dancing, and if that’s all I can see right now, I will be happy.

To this family: alot of us have had our differences with each other, and still do, but I want you guys to know I still respect those of you remaining here :) This has been so much fun for the last year, and I do look forward to continuing the fun (casually) as we watch what unfolds.

Because…the story isn’t over. 

So in closing: No, I don’t hate Peta (I think she makes poor decisions and wardrobe choices sometimes, like Maks, but I don’t hate her). I’m learning to give Maks a break. And as for Meryl? You go girl…ain’t no stopping you now.

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“my name is Wilson and i love science more than people!. no one understand me!~ i’m to great for this island i just wanna go home and be locked in my sturdy house!! oh~ i’m such a LONELY man!!”