no one tweets like ezra koenig

My advice:

Please don’t watch Neo Yokio if you are looking for some intentionally pensive, thoughtful, well animated, well voice-acted, plot-driven show 

Please do watch Neo Yokio if:

  • You are here for Jaden Smith’s anime persona embodying Jaden Smith’s tweets
  • You want to hear Jude Law voice a mecha robot 
  • You live for the ironic juxtaposition of the neo riche and the bourgeoisie
  • You love ridiculous one-liners like 
    “Demon, be gone from this chanel suit!!”
  • You aren’t taking yourself too seriously when you watch the show
  • You enjoy VW’s music because Ezra’s influence is really obvious 

Is it well executed? As someone who grew up watching her fair share of classic Japanese anime without being a huge anime fan… I would say Ezra wasn’t lying when he said it was a homage. It borders on parodying - which I’m not sure was the intended effect - both artistically and thematically. 

That being said, I loved how campy it is. As a typical middle class family kid I’ve had zero brushes with Cartier watches, Chanel suits or Met Balls so watching this anime deal with these in a rather absurd fashion is quite validating. I don’t know if I am laughing with them, or at them, but hey, I’m laughing right? 

a poem about ezra koenig
  • ezra is the love of my life
  • i wish that i was ezra's wife
  • he sings in a band called vampy weeks
  • i especially like their music techniques
  • he once mad a rap band called l'homme run
  • one of their songs is giving up da gun
  • he is the king of selfys you see
  • one time, all at once, he took three
  • he also writes some funny tweets
  • along with writing the funky beats
  • sometimes he speaks in a weird accent
  • and he also has a deep nose dent
  • but overall he's a great guy
  • and these have been some reasons why

do you ever wonder which celebrities have ghost writers who write tweets for them? imo anna kendrick seems like she’d be one of them. dane cook too. maybe ezra koenig but i also feel like his stuff is almost TOO niche funny to be written by anyone else