no one touch me


…c l a w i n g through the earth to find me.
                               All the men screaming, begging,
                still could not drown out the w a i l i n g
     of y o u r hands.


Being here, travelling across the country for the one guy, the only guy who ever came out to look at the night sky with me and invent new constellations, and I – Fucking hell. I will stand my ground and act my best to convince myself that it means nothing to me. I lick my lips, remember what he tastes like.

THROAM: Prologue

ok but

  • Sally and Annabeth having girls days 
  • Sally meeting Fredrick and being like “you have an amazing girl here" 
  • Annabeth making Sally Mother’s Day cards
  • Annabeth accidentally calling Sally Mom and getting really embarrassed but then Sally immediately being like "omg yes I’ve been waiting for this day for years" 
  • Annabeth being Sally’s maid of honor 
  • Sally buying Annabeth books she’s heard her talk about wanting to read 
  • Percy teasing that Annabeth is Sally’s favorite child and Sally just winks at Annabeth
  • Annabeth’s step mom making a passive aggressive jab at her and Sally making an even more passive aggressive comment in Annabeth’s defense
  • Sally and Annabeth 5ever