no one touch me

ok but

  • Sally and Annabeth having girls days 
  • Sally meeting Fredrick and being like “you have an amazing girl here" 
  • Annabeth making Sally Mother’s Day cards
  • Annabeth accidentally calling Sally Mom and getting really embarrassed but then Sally immediately being like "omg yes I’ve been waiting for this day for years" 
  • Annabeth being Sally’s maid of honor 
  • Sally buying Annabeth books she’s heard her talk about wanting to read 
  • Percy teasing that Annabeth is Sally’s favorite child and Sally just winks at Annabeth
  • Annabeth’s step mom making a passive aggressive jab at her and Sally making an even more passive aggressive comment in Annabeth’s defense
  • Sally and Annabeth 5ever 


It will be impossible to go back to being just friends after this. Stiles and Lydia went through one hell of a life or death situation, and Stiles proved just how far he will go for her. Stiles and Lydia have danced around this before, but you can tell by the way they looked each other in the eyes that something has changed. Sorry, Parrish, you did a good thing by hugging Lydia and blocking the force of her scream, but Stydia was the ship of the night.
—  TVFanatic

If you haven’t already noticed how much Bellamy loves Clarke, you will definitely see how much she means to him in this episode. Right now she is the only one who he cares about, and let’s just say that desperate times call for desperate measures. (x)