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  • Me: disabled people are a huge at risk minority group for violent crime, sexual assault, government abuse, death etc.
  • Able bodied people: oh my god why do we have to point out one group? Why can't we just agree that that is bad for any group? Why do you have to bring disability into it?
  • Me: -_-
Ugh you people(RANT)


I was looking through tumblr and I saw all these post on how Jeff Azoff is a snake or worse than Simon blah blah blah. 

And here I am thinking when have we ever even HEARD Jeff talk? What Harrys documentary? That doesn’t count, and even if it does it doesn’t make him look like a bad person at all!

I hate that this fandom labels EVERYTHING as PR, and I hate how you people think you know everything about the people Harry hangs out with. I HATE that you people feel entitled to even THINK that your opinion is the way Harry should live his life!

I hate how you guys closely analyze things and I hate how YOU GUY HACK AND THEN SAY IT’S PR. EVERYTHING IS PR TO YOU PEOPLE!?!?!?!!?1

How many of you even know what PR freaking is? Honestly. Harry is photographed like 2 feet away from a girl and everyone is like “who is that” and other people respond with “calm down they’re just friends” when how do you know they’re just friends? maybe they’re more or less and there isn’t anything wrong with that because HARRY STYLES IS A HUMAN BEING, HES ALSO A 23 YEAR OLD MALE THAT PROBABLY HAS THE ERGES AND MINDSET OF  any ANOTHER 23 YEAR OLD. 

SO FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HARRYS RELATIONSHIPS ARE FAKE. FUCK the people who are even saying THE CAROLINA GIRL WAS PR!!! SERIOUSLY YOURE THAT JEALOUS THAT, THAT CAROLINA GIRL CANT BE REAL????? IT’S ALL PR???? And larry is a whole other subject that is just so toxic at this point, But this is about HARRIES not Larries.

Fuck the people who assume shit about Jeff, Gleene, Lou, Anne, Gemma, Grimmy or whoever is around him. You don’t know these people so stay in your lane, Fuck off and get a freaking life.

I bet half the people who over analyze the life of this guy probably don’t even LOOK at the peoples lives around them!

I hate to get this fired up, and I don’t want to be seen as mean or rude…But seriously I’ve been seeing this ugly shit all over tumblr for too long and I’m at the last straw. This is part of the reason some people don’t come on tumblr anymore and leave the fandom! I’ve stayed away from tumblr for a while for this exact reason.

Please remember you don’t know harry and I know its sad but you might never know his, so just except the fact that he’s a human that is living a life that has nothing to do with yours. JUST SUPPORT HIM AND HIS MUSIC WITHOUT BEING TOXIC!

Anyway, I wanna know more about Finn besides “Well he’s recovering from an injury and will fight for the Resistance!” Okay! We already knew that! John told us Finn will be up to some badass stuff. What about that? What’ll he be up to with Rose? What about his personal obstacles to overcome? What did Rian Johnson write down for Finn when he ticked down the list of “personal difficulties” for all the characters? I get that y’all don’t want to give away too much, and that’s understandable, but you can give us a bit more when we’ve heard all this stuff about Luke and Rey already. 

televisiontelepath  asked:

So uh Lauren, did you have Caleb defeat Damien through the *power of angry friendship*? Like instead of everyone believing in him to save the day he just channeled their pure undiluted rage, I'm a little in love with that

The “power of angry friendship” - I love that! And yes, it’s true that he was influenced by everyone’s anger, but I wouldn’t say he was channeling their rage, because that implies a certain level of consideration and thought…but we’ll get into this more in Episode 40.

things i hate
  • ppl who tell me i cant headcanon a character as gay bc they had a crush on a boy/girl in canon
  • ppl who tell me that exact same bullshit and then try to look “progressive” by saying to headcanon them as bi or pan bc theyre “underrepresented” (so are gay people but i digress)

i just saw a post for snafu/liebgott and ive been looking at it for 2 minutes straight like,,, Alrighty Then

Baby Talk

I feel like I can’t do baby talk. It makes me feel embarrassed. And it sounds so cute I know but I didn’t have babbly talk when my real age was 4 so why would I now? I just feel like I’m not a “real little” if I can’t do the baby talk…

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(If I saw these guys in real life–one I already seen and talked to in real life–I would probably not have the courage to even attempt to be friends with them.)
The people in this are @loverofpiggies @therealjacksepticeye Markiplier and aDrive. (aDrive is a shiny hunter and twitch streamer so I recommend to check him out :3)