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inktober day 18: quick doodle of a very handsome cowboy

I guess a few people are sour at me over that -path post. I’m not gunna reply to them, and I don’t encourage anyone starting anything, because it doesn’t really matter, but I will say here that if the way this world is constructed bugs you, don’t wear yourself out and continue following me. I won’t hold it against you for leaving. Let’s just terminate it as calmly and nicely as possible. 

Okay so, just finished watching Stray Kids first episode, surprisingly enough my Korean is not as rusty as I thought it was lmao

This is the first survival program I watch, I never do it because they stress me out a lot and the only reason I’m doing it this time is because they’re not going to compete against each other (although eliminations are still possible but I believe that won’t be the case, specially after the release of Hellevator)

As far as I understood, Bang Chan was the one to actually make the group, not the company, which is really freaking cool in my opinion and it’s a pretty unique concept; I also like the fact that a lot of the team members are producers and there’s no doubt both Hellevator and the song for the showcase had such personal vibes to them, I think this will be a great image fot the group; the choreographies are also really good and in general they seem like a really solid group. (Of course they would still have to polish other idol abilities like variety skills and all that, one can never stop getting better).

Overall, the team members are all extremely cute. Felix is constantly lost and that’s just so relatable lmao. Chan is such a meme, no one can deny that. Changbin seems like the protective type to me, there was something about him that caught my attention in the way he reacted to JYP’s words and also when he lost his mic when rehearsing, in curious about what other faces he’ll show us.

Woojin’s voice was really beautiful when playing the guitar, but him forgetting the lyrica totally got me into a laughing fit. I feel like Minho was almost as lost as Felix, and I can’t believe he actually has bundles of clothes like he’s going to escape home some time soon. Hyunjin’s reaction to everyone cheering for him was downright adorable, I have to agree that he’s such a visual.

I feel like Jisung, Seungmin and Jeongin didn’t have much time to shine in this episode but I’m sure we’ll see more of them in the future. The three of them are extremely cute btw what is life.

I feel like this program is going to stress me out a lot, but I feel like we can all agree the first mission was a success since Hellevator was indeed released. In any case, only time will tell.

Stray Kids, fighting!

P.S.: Motion to change Stray Kids to Messy Kids like seriously, someone save them(?)


Worthy holding his bit in his mouth!
He has held the bit for a second before, but yesterday he just held it. It was so cool! I think the reasons why he held it are because he was very sleepy yesterday, he really likes this bit, and he’d had the bridle on for a while before I went to take it off.

@upcomingfarrierstudent and @themotherfuckingclickerkid I think you’d like to see this!


Finally broke out my oil paints!!!!!!!!! I missed oil painting so much

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being a science girl never stopped me from being a poet, anon!!!!

ya same but also 

when i was little i wanted to be a writer so bad i would write stories and the teacher would let me read them to the class in like the 3rd grade

like god they were all super shitty but like 10 pages of writing for a 3rd grader is like,,, an ENTIRE novel lol

Present Mic probably has severe tinnitus and auditory related migraines.

Sometimes he seems spacy or zoned out but it’s caused by him being distracted from the noise in his own head.

Sometimes it seems like he is too good at picking up small inconsequential sounds but can’t understand a sentence spoken directly to him without being able to see a persons lips move.

I like how nice everybody is in this fandom. If there’s a bad side I haven’t seen it yet and it’s like fun just to get those few asks. I like helping when I can X3 

Also thank you for 862 followers! 

New Roman Fic

Hey y'all so I’m thinking of posting another fic soon, it’s gonna be a werewolf!Roman AU, but like it has nothing to do w the wrestling business and is more focused on actual werewolf and pack stuff (lowkey maybe gonna make the wyatts the villains just cause I actually enjoyed roman vs the wyatts). Of course it’ll be the Bloodline (but I think I’m only gonna do Roman, the Twins, and Naomi for now).

Definitely throwing in some Greek/Hellenic stuff too (I can’t promise accuracy tho) bc that’ll fit well w the whole Wyatt shtick (magic v magic)

I know I made a post abt this a couple days ago but I can’t find it??

So let me know through reblogs/comments/asks if y'all wanna get tagged in this. I’ve got like 3-6 chapters written out since like May lol, depending on whether I post 1k words per chapter or 2k words.


sigh…..I’m doing this for jae @6-v-6 cause he’s literally tagged me in a million of these and I’ve just felt too oogly to do them for like an entire year. But I posted a pic of me that one of my students drew today along with my selfie because look how adorable 😭😭😭

I’ll tag: @puppyjjong @silvertaemin @taeminihyuk @lunaeyd @acelululala