no one thought of that

top ten most relatable fob lyrics

  • “i never really feel a thing”
  • “..waking up with pants on at four in the afternoon”
  • “good god i wish i was tall”
  • “have you ever wanted to disappear”
  • “i don’t care”
  • “i smell like alcohol”
  • “of all my miscalculations, you have got to be my all-time favourite”
  • “i fell outta bed”
  • “i’m the kinda kid that can’t let anything go”
  • “i can’t sleep”

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i had enough of
oversized black tshirts and loose black jeans
so i threw on a yellow sundress,
which i found after passing through my closet
like a raging hurricane;
as always, i was running late.

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i was going to let her
fall in love with my natural self
so i put down my concealer, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner.
and i ornament myself with rings and necklaces,
a spray of flowery, sweet perfume.

on my first date with happiness,
i decided i was going to let her in
so i told her my everything,
i was afraid, of course but
i knew i would have to, at least,
give her a chance
to get to know me,
i would have to give my tired self a chance
to stop being a fucking liar.

on my first date with happiness,
i said:
“hey, my name is sadness. but
i want to learn to be happy again.”

on my first date with happiness,
i let a little bit of life
reach my insides
after a whole long time
of having myself
against myself.

—  on my first date with happiness.

‘Shadow’ pokémon, known more commonly in Orre as corrupteds, are created through a mix of fear and aggression conditioning combined with repeated exposure to synthetic stimulants. They are volatile creatures, impossible to bond with, and sell for tens of thousands in criminal circuits due to their raw power and diminished pain reception. Reverting a shadow pokémon to its uncorrupted state is possible, but requires years of therapy and medical care. Even in best-case scenarios, the psychological damage lingers to some extent.  

One of the trickiest situations is when two people you care about have a falling out, especially when you want to stay loyal to both. It gets worse when you feel pressured to take sides. If one comes to you and backs you in a corner, demanding you choose, then do it. Choose the one who isn’t forcing your hand, because a real friend wouldn’t make you give up what you love. If they both ask you to choose, choose yourself. Walk away from the territorial drama, cutting ties for as long as they apply the pressure.

Can someone please explain to me what in the world is wrong with Priest’s face in Amanda’s vision? It looks like it’s been split open like when Amanda has her pararibulitis attack on the train tracks.

Does this mean she can project her visions onto others, and that’s how she attacked people with the lightning thing in the cage?

Does that mean Amanda is going to split Priest’s face open?

My sister just went on a date with a dude she met online.

The dude rolls up. She leaves. A few minutes later, I hear her come back inside and she’s calling for me. I thought something was wrong. I go out to our living.

This. dude. bought. her. a. rose. bush.





All other men are now officially weak.

My dog has a phantom pregnancy

(( we took her to the vet today, wanting to get her accepted for being spayed and the vet said she was going through a phantom pregnancy which is basically her body telling her she’s pregnant when she’s not.

So one of the symptoms of this is my dog becoming clingy with one of her toys and I swear is the cutest and yet saddest thing ever

The toy she’s gotten clingy with is this duck. She treats it like a toy and yet she treats it like a baby. She’s tries burying it in multiple nest she’s made and never really lets anyone pick up the toy unless it’s to play.

We call it the dj baby duck. But it wasn’t even her toy to begin with! She kept taking it out of my room! <3

She’s a good fake Muma pup <3 ))

With You everything seems..

  • so perfect
  • so smooth
  • so nice
  • so blissful
  • so happy
  • so blessed
  • so adventurous
  • so peaceful
  • so homely
  • so new
  • so amazing
  • so wonderful
  • so certain
  • so charming
  • so romantic
  • so enjoyable
  • so carefree
  • so wowed
  • so musical
  • so daring
  • so beautiful
  • so lovely
  • so surprising
  • so laughable
  • so exciting
  • so lively
  • so fancy
  • so mischievous
  • so sunny
  • so adorable
  • so fine
  • so bright
  • so clear
  • so focused
  • so mesmerising
  • so fantastic
  • so bindblowing
  • so shiny
  • so brilliant
  • so creative
  • so artistic
  • so melodious
  • so marvellous
  • so realistic
  • so achieving
  • so glorious
  • so prestigious
  • so familiar
  • so colourful
  • so dramatic
  • so friendly
  • so memorable
  • so nostalgic
  • so relieved
  • so playful
  • so innocent
  • so satisfying
  • so good
  • so sweet
  • so delightful
  • so interesting
  • so good
  • so calm
  • so jovial
  • so best
  • so joyful
  • so happening
  • so meaningful

..because You dear are my Lucky charm.

I had no idea that spending an entire day off the couch would be so exhausting. I’ve cried twice since I got home from work and I have a headache and I guess there’s something to this “recovery from cancer surgery” after all.

Thank you to everyone who keeps sending me the little handwriting thingy! If you haven’t and want to, please go ahead! I have a few more to do, but I am going to take a break because if you press your ear against my wrist and hand, you can just barely make out the sounds of it crying.

In the meantime, I’m gonna be staring down the mail lady.

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