no one talks to susan like that

  • Nadir: Erik, you cannot simply resign from humanity and create your own rulebook.
  • Erik: Really?? Are you sure?? Think wisely, my friend!
  • Nadir: Despite what you think, you are, in fact, a human.
  • Erik: Prove it.
  • Nadir: Well, you were born from one. And you move, talk, eat and rest (and cry because nobody loves you)... pretty much like any of us.
  • Erik: Very good, my Daroga BUT there is something you seem to miss!
  • Nadir: Erik, no, it still isn't a valid...
  • Nadir: Actually it's not...
  • Nadir: *sigh* you have no nose
  • Nadir: How the hell is this the most intelligent person I've met?
“Crazyhead” random thoughts

Okay no, good things about Crazyhead:

-very dark skinned black girl as a badass asskicking protagonist (Raquel!!)

-often called cute by everybody

-the other protagonist is also a girl and has a good character development and loves her bff so much it makes me cry

-It’s basically supernatural but poc have a personality and live for more than 1 episode and there are lots of girls

-In particular there’s one poc who never seems to die. Like, never (wink wink for who saw it) (ALSO SHE’S CLEOPATRA IN DOCTOR WHO)

-nice friendships between girls, no toxic fights and shit.


And not so good things:

-Main one and most painful cause it could be the perfect show: gays as the butt of way too many jokes. Really, it was so annoying, and… not funny at all??? Then why??? Ok I got it, y’all are straight, even when (spoiler alert) the 2 damn protagonists kiss. Okay, it’s straight. No need to clarify it with jokes against gay people don’t you think??

-”Oh she’s a girl? and he’s a boy!! immediate romantic attraction obviously!! And noow date.” I mean most of the relationships end up kinda fucked up in some way but still.

-In the first episode at some point I think Raquel gets sterotyped as a black angry woman? But I don’t understand why, cause that’s kinda the only time it happens. I mean, it happens another time but she says that it’s the quickest way to get rid of nosy people. Except for that she’s a complete character of her own with a great character development and great profoundity.

Conflicted about it cause it’s still a white man writing girls and black girls and making jokes about gay people and I’m afraid he fucked up even more than what I spotted but I liked it so much other than for the fuck ups I listed!!! So I’m trying to be the most critic I can about it, but like with Hamilton it kinda hurts because to me it’s so good and new in so many ways and I hate that it can’t be perfect for everybody and it has to be called out and idk. I had to let it all out somewhere, and Tumblr is my ventpit.

A post about Oliver and Susan

Susan Williams has become one of the most talked about people in the Olicity fandom, and none of them have been good. It’s a tricky subject, even for me, who usually likes most people in the shows I watch. One night, when my sisters and I were discussing theories, we realized something that I think is really great for the Olicity fans. 

Oliver went to Susan’s apartment. 

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I know. It’s terrifying to think about it, and I’m sorry. But before you scroll past this, consider what happened before. Oliver went down to the lair, and tearfully told the team that they were all better off without him in their lives. He literally told them all to get as far away from him as possible. 

And then he went to Susan’s. 

Get it now? 

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Oliver decides that everyone should stay away from him - including Felicity - and then he goes and drowns him sorrows with Susan. Some would say that this could mean ‘THEY’RE ENDGAME’ (everyone should know that that is why I don’t trust a lot of people’s thinking), but I see it this way: 

Oliver. Doesn’t. Care.

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He knows who he loves. Those people are his brother: 

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His sister: 

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His girl: 

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And yes, he loves all the recruits (reason why he tells them to get away): 

But Oliver Queen does. not. love. Susan. Williams

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If he did, he wouldn’t have gone to her. He would’ve told her the same thing he told the recruits and his team. “Stay away from me, it’s not safe for you.” He told that to Sara, a woman he did love. He’s said a version of this to Felicity. A woman we know he loves. If he even liked Susan, he wouldn’t have gone. 

There’s been a lot of drama/upset people surrounding the fact that Felicity is crying alone. For one. there’s no way Oliver would go there with just the fact that he killed her boyfriend. He would never do that. But also, he’s starting to put together that Prometheus is figuring everything out, and the last thing he wants to do is show that psychopath that he still loves Felicity by comforting her at the Loft. That left one option, one place for him to go (because let’s all remember that Oliver has matured; he’s not going to mope in the corner) and that was Susan.  Because if he went anywhere else, he’d feel guilty for endangering them.

Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, though this post isn’t specifically Olicity encouragement, this post is telling you that Oliver doesn’t care about Susan. 

That’s counts as Olicity encouragement, right? 

okay but like, susan goes to visit her family’s graves once a week (sometimes more if it’s been particularly trying) and she often sits, a few feet away, talking to an audience that isn’t there (she likes to think they can hear her) and every now and then she just lays in the grass and cries and imagines that her tears help the flowers grow

then one day she meets someone. a chance encounter. she meets them on the train or in the coffee shop or at the library and the feeling it inspires in her- it’s so… familiar- it makes her feel so- it makes her-

it reminds her of- the other place. of…. home.

it reminds her of narnia.

she shivers when she allows herself to think the name, the place she has forbidden herself from believing.

the place she has exiled herself from.

she can’t remember what that stranger said to her. she can’t recall their face. but she remembers their voice.

there’s a low… growl, deep below their voice. like… like a lion.

she goes back to their graves, one more time. she says she’s sorry (again). she says she misses them. that she loves them. (again, again, again)

she whispers that she believes. that she was wrong. (for the first time in years, she admits to herself that it was real, they were there, they were royals)

(she thinks about how she’s not really worthy of being a queen of narnia, not now, not anymore, maybe not ever)

but when this happens, months or years or decades after the train crash, when she starts to believe again,

when she finds her faith again,

she begins to know narnia again. begins to know aslan again. begins to find hints of magic in this world, this horribly mundane plane that had beaten her down and ripped her family away

(she stops herself from going down that path, aslan had a plan, he always has a plan)

she finds narnia in our world and it helps her cope and it helps her heal and when she finally reached the end of her life when she crosses that bridge when she journeys into aslan’s country

she looks back and realizes she lived with her father’s strength her mother’s beauty her brothers’ magnificence and justice her sister’s valiance her cousin’s intellect her mentor’s logic

but mostly she realizes she’s lived with her own gentleness

what i’ve been tweeting (& thinking): 

  • so frustrated with susan fowler’s experience with uber. i do not want to have that experience and i do not want to have any person to have that experience
  • sometimes i feel that companies’ “commitment to diversity” + lean in + diversity initiatives (you know the ones i’m talking about) talk is just that - talk. 
  • women in tech org are focused on encouragement ( “yes, girls can become coders!!! #girlpower”. um, yeah, i know that.) and fixing the pipeline problem - which is great, we need that. but there has been little to no discussion on what happens when women actually get the job and face experiences like susan’s
  • at the end, all we want to do is good work. sexists should get out of the way and let us do that.

@curiosityandcode, what do u think?

The Human Idiot

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*** Ok big thank you to the anon that requested this because the fantastic four was the first super hero movie that i have ever watched, and The Human Torch was my first crush! Thank youuu! I hope i do justice to my heroes!! *** 

Prompt: “Omg could you do one for the human torch? Like where you’re normal and you’re a friend of Susans who is staying with them and she catches his eye and he flirts with her but she is sassy af and aint havin none of that but Susan talks to her and they hang out some and fluff i guess eekkk “ 

(( Gif not mine, found on tumblr ))

“Wanna see me do a trick with my hands?” Johnny asked you while eating his dinner. You take a bite of your pasta and wipe your mouth, “No.” 

“Ok, ok i’ll do it. geez y/n stop asking!”

You roll your eyes in annoyance and look up in front of you at Johnny who is cheekily smiling at you. 

He sets down his knife and fork and looks at you, “Ok watch this.”

Everyone at the dinner table watch Johnny as he snaps his fingers and flames shot out through all fingers tips, he then puts his hands in a fist, opens his hand up, and the flames are gone.

Johnny looks at you waiting for a response, you roll your eyes and clap your hands sarcastically, “Johnny Bravo everyone.” 

Ben, Susan, and Reed laugh at your comment shaking their heads and continue eating; while johnny frowns down at his food.

“Ya know y/n, you’re in my house, under my roof, eating the food my house holds. the least you could do is tell me my flames are cool.” He says with a wink directed towards you.

You set your fork down and lean towards him, “No. I’m in my best friends house because she was kind enough to let me stay while i look for a job, so think again.”

Johnny copies your action and leans froward, “If its a job you, i already have one for you.” 

You cock an eyebrow up, “And what would that be Johnny boy?” 

“My lover.”

Reed chokes on his steak down at the end, while Susan sends a threatening look at her brother.

You lean back in your chair and smirk at him, not missing a beat;

“Id rather burst into flames, than to even think about liking you.” 

He smiles widely at you before reaching down at his plate, picking up a hand full of peas and throwing them at you.

You give him a bitter look before standing up and putting your plate in the sink, and pushing your chair in. 

You start to leave when you hear Johnny call behind you, “You know my doors always unlocked y/n!” 

You roll your eyes as you shut your door, “And you already know mines always locked Johnny!” 

He doesn’t respond, but you can hear his laughter carry down the halls.


There was a knock on your door that brought you out of your sleep, “Who is it?” You grumble out.

“Y/n its Susie.” 

You slowly get up and make your way over to your door and unlock it. 

Susan makes her way in and lays down in your bed she pats an open space next to her for you to lay at. 

You follow her directions and lay down, “Reed being a prick again?”

She chuckles and leans over to prop herself up to look at yourself, you copy her action. “Not this time, i wanted to talk to you about Johnny.”

You groan at the mention of Johnnys name, “Why? We didn’t hook up if thats what he’s telling everyone again.” 

She smiles at you fondly before blurting out, “I think you should give him a try, you guys would be cute.” 

You pretended gag which caused a giggle from Susan, “And you call him immature.”

“I am not immature, you’re just delusional.” 

Susan rolls her eyes at you, “Y/n i know you kind of like him, and he likes you. You know all his comments are weak attempts at flirting, right?”

“He likes me?” 

Susan looks at you in disbelief, as if she couldn’t believe you didn’t know; “Of course he does! Whenever you’re not around he always talk about how cute you are, and tonight after supper he asked us for advice on how to win you over.”

You lay on your back and stare at the dark ceiling, “But, he’s a player Susie. you know that i hate players more than anything,” 

“Johnny would’t play you. i know him and his feelings, he’s my brother y/n.” 

You turn your head to look at her, and she looks honest. “ Y/n, you won’t be with us that much longer. Please just give Johnny a try, its worth it.”


At around 11 you give in and knock on Johnnys door, “Johnny? its y/n.” 

“Its unlocked!” 

You open the door and walk in to see him eating chips and watching TV, he acknowledges your presences and mutes the TV, “ I forgot that you’re doors always unlocked,” you sheepishly admit to him. 

“My door is always unlocked for you.”

You smile at him and he smiles back at you, “Whatcha need y/n?” 

You sway from side to side, “I was wondering if i could sleep with you tonight?” 

Johnny leans back surprised at first but soon smirks at you, “My beds also always unlocked for you.” 

You laugh at his comment while covering up with the blankets, Johnny sits up and raises his arms over his head, “You finally did it!” He exclaimed. 

You turn to him and give him a puzzled look, “Did what? Sleep with you?” 

Johnny turns to look at you; “you laughed at me. Thats all I’ve ever wanted you to do.” Your heart tugs a little at his comment. 

“But the sleeping in my bed works too,” he says with a wink.

You push him slightly and laugh, “You’re too cute Johnny boy.”

He looks at you and is quiet for a moment. 

“You’re perfect.”

Your eyes direct themselves to his, “What?”

“I said you’re perfect y/n. in every single way, and you don’t know how happy i am to know that you’re here with me right now.” He explains to you. 

You smile gently at him and smile while reaching out and cupping his cheek with your hands, “Im glad I’m here too.” 


In the morning the morning you wake up to find yourself laying on top of Johnny while he’s sleeping peacefully. 

You smile up at him before kissing his neck and getting up.

When you enter the kitchen you see Ben standing and drinking his coffee, while Susan and Reed are talking by the stove. 

When Susan sees you enter the room and smiles big and runs up to you along with Reed and Ben.

So they were all apart of it.

Before you could answer Johnny walks into the kitchen and gets a bottle of water for the fridge, “Good morning all freaks,” He waves  to the others before walking up to you and kissing your cheek then your lips; “Good morning my princess.”

 He intertwines your hands and you both walk into the living room, while Ben starts to follow turning behind him to look at Reed pointing a finger; 

“You owe me 50 bucks.”

God i hope this was ok for you guys, i feel like the past few one shots were straight trash. REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

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Does Vasquez ever watch tiny!Vega for Alex and Astra? Is she included in the assortment of honorary aunts and uncles?

Previous Parts

Vasquez is one of those adults that literally does not know what to do with a baby. Like at all. Tiny, easily breakable humans that can’t talk? How do you even do anything with them without worrying constantly? She isn’t sure how parents do it. She knows that the only way she’d ever have a kid is adoption so she could go straight past the baby phase into like the pre-school age or maybe older where talking was a thing and they generally couldn’t get injured from looking at them wrong. 

To say the first few years whenever Vasquez was handed Vega while Alex was doing something she needed both hands for and Astra wasn’t around to take their daughter were the times that Vasquez panicked more than a trained government agent should was an understatement. She literally just stood there stiff as a board with Vega in her arms, trying to remember things about supporting heads and other important baby stuff while smiling down nervously at the baby. It wasn’t the baby’s fault that she was literally a useless human being around babies, so she at least tried to make it pleasant even if she was literally screaming internally the whole time. It was totally beside the point that Vega was a Kryptonian baby and probably wasn’t as prone to injury as most babies. She was a baby. Period. That’s all that Vasquez’s brain cared about.

Alex figures out that Vasquez is kind of scared of her kid and may or may not go out of her way to stick Vega in her arms at every opportunity. There’s no better way to learn how to deal with kids than experience. Plus, she knows Susan, and she knows that the woman would never hurt her kid even if she was freaked out a bit. Vasquez figures out Alex’s plan about ten months in once her freak out levels have actually decreased a bit to the point where she can move around while holding Vega and she can think more clearly. It comes to her like a lightning bolt and she stands up straight, to Vega’s delightful giggles at the change in position. 

“Damn it Danvers!” She calls out, but Alex is too far away to hear. 

From that point on she avoids Alex at least some of the times she knows she’ll have Vega foisted off on her for a little while. She doesn’t avoid all of them, though, because she is getting better with the kid. And soon enough she’ll be in the old enough to talk and not break category, so she can suck it up for now.

When Vega is older Vasquez doesn’t mind when Vega ends up playing in the middle of her station. Hank is usually off doing whatever it was that the Director did, Astra and Alex were off on missions with Kara, and the newbie agents left in charge of Vega for the day have lost her once again. Vega always ends up by Vasquez in those situations. Which why the newbies haven’t realized this yet, Vasquez never knows, but she just shrugs and looks at Vega. 

“They’ll either figure it out like real government agents would or they’ll run around like chickens with their heads cut off, right Vega?”

“Yeah!” Vega says before going back to playing some intricate game involving both Barbies and Hot Wheels that definitely only makes sense to Vega herself.

Sometimes she abandons her games on the floor by Vasquez’s feet and climbs up in her lap. She sits and listens as Vasquez explains what she’s doing to he girl. When she’s in the middle of a tense part of the mission and can’t talk to Vega anymore, either the girl sits and watches silently or goes back to playing with her toys. Theirs, for the most part, is a relationship of existing in the same place without the need for words. Vasquez wonders about it because honestly what kid is so quiet, but she knows that Vega is bright and bubbly elsewhere, so she’s really not sure what it is about being around her that makes Vega calm down. Maybe she just gets that Vasquez like the quiet for the most part? Who knows. Stranger things happen in her life happen every day.

After Winn starts teaching Vega to code, that, that Vasquez picks up and runs with whenever Vega is with her. She’s mastered six or seven alien coding languages now and knows enough of a dozen more to get by. Winn knows some alien coding too, but this is Vasquez’s job. She’s immersed in it every day that she isn’t running a mission from base. For a teacher in alien code, Vasquez is the best there is. 

From there as Vega gets older, she starts popping by the DEO just to hang out with Vasquez in silence, working on homework, or helping out with some piece of tech that isn’t cooperating. She’s always learning from Vasquez new things that come to the DEO from missions and recon. It helps her coding for her own projects, really, because aliens have a different way of going about things, sometimes that’s more elegant or makes more sense than how humans have done things. If a patch written in more conventional hasn’t worked out for the millionth time, she just switches to the latest languages she’s learning and slaps something together. She’s surprised by how often it works. Vasquez just smiles at her work and shrugs. Computers don’t make sense at the best of times. 

Their relationship isn’t like that of some of Alex and Astra’s other friends. Vasquez isn’t an aunt figure, not really. She’s more of the older friend/mentor type of person. It’s what works for the both of them, and that’s what matters.

When Vega comes back from Metropolis to visit, she always stops by the fiddle with some alien tech or another for a little bit wit Vasquez. Vasquez just smiles at her and hands her a few more leads and goes back to work.

next part

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Part 1) Hi! mara from italy. about last night episode (5x14) I think oliver is worried about Thea and Felicity crossing boundaries: OliverThea does a thing without thinking about the conseguences, ClaybourneSonSusan's life is ruined and heshe search for revenge. If Thea goes to Oliver and explain her discovery about Susan he can talk to her and "come to terms" with her, maybe make her change her mind on outing him out.

Part 2) I feel his behaviour with Thea is in character, he is a worried brother. He doesn’t want her sister or loved ones acting like he did in the past. that’s how I saw his behaviour in last night episode. May I ask you your opinion on my thouths? :) Thank you again for being you!! :) I love to have you in my fandom experience! Cao!! mara


Hi Mara, I love having you in my fandom experience too! :D 

And yes, I think there are a whole lot of emotions going on in Oliver right now and one of them is definitely concern over Thea and her leaping in like that. Oliver is always walking the line between letting people make their own choices in life, and wanting to protect them from making their own choices in life. lol It’s a hard line to walk, particularly when you’re as much of a protector as Oliver is. I think he’s getting a clearer look at where Thea is and it’s troubling him. It’s another good excuse for him not to notice Felicity’s issues as much right now, as now he’s focused on Thea. Soon enough he’ll be getting much more of a clue with Felicity, but right now Thea is his focus is my takeaway too. :)


Harry Potter Aesthetics - Hannah Abbott-Longbottom

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

― Charles Dickens

I want to be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien

Requested by; @lady-arwen-undomiel & @remuslxpxn

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OKAY SO LIKE I’VE SAID IT BEFORE BUT I’LL HAPPILY SAY IT AGAIN: i love alex so much!! like i say ‘haha you’re the sweetest’ to everyone but when it comes to alex i’m not?? like over-exaggerating?? like she is literally one of the if not the sweetest people i know on this site?? she’s just always there for you if you need her or if you just want to talk and it’s really great and she’s just so much fun to talk to generally?? and also all of her characters are AMAZING. i’m biased toward her eighth doctor because susan and eight are so much Pain but like STILL!! she’s just so wonderful in everything she does?????? idk man i’m just super lucky to have her in my life.

@couldyoudoit​ ;; positivity meme!

I’m quite enjoying these self-indulgent rambles about my childhood faves, so here’s another. The other day I talked about Nancy and Peggy Blackett. Today I’m going to attempt some thoughts on John and Susan, since I don’t think I stand a chance of getting all the Walkers into one post. 

So here you are: The Captain and Mate of the Swallow.

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i hate how the whole introvert/extrovert dichotomy has been popularised by mainstream media because ive had so many people go “but you’re not an introvert at all!!! you love going to parties and talking to people!!!! you’re obviously an extrovert!!!!!” like thanks susan but you literally read one cosmo article and it was filled with godawful stereotypes please spare me your shitty armchair psychology

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next on my list is sabrina, but you are encouraged to provide further recommendations for my exploration of old hollywood

SABRINA IS GOOD, but then you must watch the Harrison Ford one too. 

Let’s see you must watch…

  • My Fair Lady
  • Charade
  • The Philadelphia Story
  • An Affair to Remember
  • Monkey Business
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Citizen Kane
  • Roman Holiday
  • It Happened One Night
  • Singing In The rain
  • Notorious
  • That Touch of Mink
  • Funny Girl
  • In the Good Old Summertime
  • Mary Poppins
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Rebecca
  • National Velvet
  • Pillow Talk
  • Susan Slept Here
  • Imitation of Life (1959) I haven’t seen the 34 one
  • All the Pink Panthers
  • The Party
  • The Barefoot Countessa
  • Oceans 11
  • Guys and Dolls
  • The Sound of Music
  • oh my god my brain is so overwhelmed i can’t think straight there are so many
Love and Friendship

Lexi rushed out of the dance, holding her chest as it started to ache from lack of air. She knew she shouldn’t have come, she shouldn’t have thought for one second that Alex would choose her over Susan. Sure @likexminds had asked her to the dance but only because Susan was already going with someone else. Lexi had watched as the other brunette had left her date and started talking to Alex instead. Alex had gone for punch but that was half an hour ago. When Lexi had grown worried and started looking for him she had found him talking to Susan. She had known this was a mistake, why would Alex ever look at her as more than the silly girl a year below him who liked to follow him around?

“How do you know all this, Meg Giry?”

“Never you mind how I know I just do that’s all. We know a lot about the Opera Ghost, Ma and I, but it isn’t safe to talk about it here. And you’d better believe me for your own good- he doesn’t like people who don’t know how to show a proper respect, and when he’s angry terrible things happen.”

“What sort of things?” I heard real alarm enter the other voice now.

“Awful things!” said Meg cheerfully, “truly awful. The floor in our dressing room starts to run with blood…”

Up in box five I blinked in surprised amusement. That was a new one! Little Giry should be writing Gothic novels, not prancing around the stage dressed as a water nymph!

- Susan Kay, Phantom

More photoshop color practice with my favorite headcanon Leroux!Meg Giry as the subject. Finally starting to get the hang of it, I think! I used an image of the lovely Felicity Jones for reference on this one.


Last week, All Things Considered talked to illustrator Johanna Basford about her grown-up coloring books and ever since I’ve wanted one (or two) of my very own. I can almost hear those drawings calling my name – and they sound just like Susan Stamberg. Now if only I still had that 50 plus piece colored pencil set from when I was 7 …


Artist Goes Outside The Lines With Coloring Books For Grown-Ups

Something to bear in mind when talking about companions.

Companions were always built to be audience association characters. That’s why they’re from all different walks of life – teachers, students, doctors, nurses, temps, shop girls, scientists, soldiers, stewardesses, random hooligans, what have you.

Every companion, whether you like them or not, has at least one person out there who looks at them and thinks ‘That’s me.’ For me, that’s Susan. For some people it’s Clara, for some it’s Donna or Rose or Sarah Jane or Jo or Ace. That’s what companions are for – so people out there can look at someone having adventures with the Doctor and say ‘That’s me, someone like me is having adventures.’

This is why I get bent up when I see people say ‘Such-and-such companion need to go away’ or ‘Such and such companion needs to hurry up and die.’ I can understand disliking a companion (I have a couple I’m really not fond of at all), but imagine being the person who looks at them and, as the writers intended, says ‘That’s me.’ Now imagine total strangers saying the character who makes you feel special, the character who’s you, needs to go away and/or die.

Don’t like a companion? Fine. Believe there are legitimate critiques to be made when it comes to writing? Fine. But for God’s sake please stop snarking about how you want something terrible to happen to your un-fave and then acting like it’s witty of you to say so. Or if you’re gonna do so, at least keep it to your circle of friends, because I guarantee there’s someone out there – in many cases a child – who associates with them very deeply.