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Okay I had to say it so here it is

I don’t like the idea of Matt being Lance’s doppelgänger ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt and I’m so glad Pidge found him and boy this powerful Holt duo they make is amazing

The thing that bothers me a lot is all the similarities Matt has with Lance. And I’m not only talking about his crush for Allura…

(we obviously know Lance has/had one on her)

And flirty-dorky behavior with her

(Lance is the master of it though)

I’m talking about the fact that he is a bit of a goofball, but also so caring with his sister

(isn’t Lance always the one there to comfort the other paladins ?)

He considers Shiro as his hero

(I meaaaaaan don’t we know someone else…)

He seems to develop a friendship with Keith

(Oh come on do I even have to explain this one ?)

He is skilled in battle

(Lance is the cool ninja sharpshooter)

And as we learnt from Pidge’s vlog, he is also very good at video games

(And who did we see lose his video game play ?)

We all know Lance has a lot of insecurities, how he feels like he is not important nor needed by the team, and then his perfect substitute appears ?

I feel like Lance is going to suffer a lot from it and I’m not liking it

Bad Again

I started writing this at school because I was bored and here we are. Y/N is somewhat representative of me because I’ve been feeling exactly the same as she has. This is my first fic so let me know what you think!!x

TW: depression.

You were getting bad again, Harry could tell. He could always tell. You had been doing so well for so long and he was so proud of you. But you were slipping away again, you were becoming more distant. You didn’t mean to, you didn’t want to, but that’s just how it was with you.

When you and Harry met, you were at a low point. It took you a while to open up and give yourself to him completely, there were still some things you hadn’t told him, even after almost two years together. Over time, Harry finally got the old you back - that happy, enthusiastic you. Harry loved you before that, but seeing how happy you could be made him want to help you stay that way. And you did… for a while. A lot of shit came with dating Harry, you knew that, you experienced that. That’s when you got bad again, but that was ages ago. You had learnt to deal with that pretty well.

Harry didn’t know what made you so distant this time. Hell, you didn’t even know. You didn’t realise you were becoming more and more withdrawn. One day, after months of being so happy and with only a few down days, you just couldn’t deal with anything anymore.

You found yourself struggling to get out of bed, and you were more tired than usual. Any chance to sleep, you would take. You had always loved your sleep, so you didn’t think anything of it. Then, you found yourself not wanted to leave the house - the thought of talking to people and being outside gave you severe anxiety. You made excuses to stay home and not go out with friends, and when you were out, all you wanted to do was go home. You couldn’t even leave your bed now. You didn’t want to and you weren’t going to force yourself anymore - you couldn’t. You barely even ate anymore, you used to love food. Now, the thought it made you sick even if you were starving and you were losing weight. You couldn’t tell, you thought that because you were naturally slim it would be hard to lose weight and it wouldn’t be as noticeable. It was noticeable, though. Very.

“Come on, my love. You know that mum’s gonna be here soon.” Harry sighed, sitting on the bed as you buried your face in the pillow.

“Can’t you just tell her I’m sick? H, I’m really tired and I would love to just go back to sleep right now.” You didn’t notice, but your voice was more vulnerable than usual, quieter, weaker.

“No, you’ve been in bed for ages and you need to eat something. Get up and get ready, I’ll make you breakfast… well, lunch.” Harry said, he placed his hand on the side of your face as if he was brushing away imaginary tears and kissed your forehead.

While Harry was making breakfast, he found himself wondering what was on your mind. He didn’t know if you were just having a rough couple of days and to give you space or if you were getting really bad again. He never judged you when things got really bad, he never got angry with you. But he hated seeing you so down. He hated not knowing what to do or how to help you. Harry always caught on when you were getting bad again, he could feel when things weren’t right. He knew that it took all of your willpower to just get out of bed and you had to force yourself to eat at times. However, he decided to wait until after his mum left you ask you what was going on. He didn’t want to push you.

“So, before she comes down. What are you getting Y/N for your anniversary.” Anne asked Harry as they stood in the kitchen with a cuppa.

“Not sure yet, mum. I wanna do something really special, though. Two years isn’t really that long but god, mum, I really want to make her happy this year. Last year we didn’t so much.”

“She’d be happy with anything, H, you know that.” Anne reassured him. “After what she told me when I last saw her I th-”

“What did she tell you? She didn’t tell me she spoke to you about anything.” Harry cut his mum off, eager to know what his girlfriend told her.

“I don’t think she’d want me to tell you.”

“Mum, you know that I’ll just ask her myself so, please, just tell me. I’m worried about her if I’m honest. I think she’s getting bad again.”

“I’m worried too, H. I can see it in her eyes - she’s here but she’s not. She told me that she was feeling a bit out of it recently.” Anne looked at her son with worried eyes, and as Harry was just about to say something, you walked into the kitchen. You didn’t even give them time to collect their thoughts.

“Hey, Anne. How are you?” You beamed, you were actually really excited to see Anne. Ever since you first met her, she’d been nothing but lovely to you. You’d gotten really close with Anne over the past two years, she was like your second mother.

“Still not used to being alone in the house, if I’m honest. But I’m alright. And you?”

“I guess I’m alright. And you know that if you ever get lonely, Harry and I can come and stay. I can even come while Harry’s away so the both of us don’t lose our minds. And you can stay here.” You smiled at her, you didn’t really pay much attention to Harry because you were focusing on what Anne was saying but when you did look at him, he seemed to be in deep thought. “H, are you alright?”

“Are you?” He asked, you knew the question had a much deeper meaning but with his mum here, you really weren’t up for having that conversation right now.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Were you?

Anne had left for the day and it was around 8:30 in the evening. Having spent so much time talking to Anne and catching up, yourself and Harry didn’t really speak much. You knew exactly what Harry was thinking and you knew why. You knew that you’d been spending more time in the house and you’d been sleeping more than usual. You were aware of the fact that you’d only eating a couple slices of toast and half your dinner yesterday, actually, for the whole week. And you were well aware of the fact that you could snap at Harry or yourself or anyone and anything at any given moment. You could feel yourself getting bad again.

You hadn’t eaten breakfast and you were cranky. Even though Harry had made you something earlier, you just didn’t really feel hungry, all you had was a cup of tea and bit of fruit when Anne was here. Now… now you were hungry. You found yourself looking in the cupboards and the fridge for something to eat. You found nothing. There was more than enough food there but everything made you feel sick. It frustrated you so much.

“For fuck’s sake.” You muttered angrily to yourself as you slammed the fridge shut.

“Everything alright, love?” Harry called from the living room.

“There’s no fucking food in this house!” You snapped. You didn’t mean to, but you did.

“Yes, there is.” He told you calmly, but wearily at the same time. “There’s a lot of food, actually.”

“Jesus, H. Not all of us want to live off of kale and fucking almond milk!” You didn’t know why you were so angry all of a sudden. Harry didn’t know either, he knew something was up. But that didn’t mean the way you yelled at him didn’t hurt his feelings. “Look, I’m gonna just shower then head to bed.” You said in a much calmer voice.

“Y/N, are you okay, my love?” He asked you again, this time with a much gentler voice. The voice he uses to calm you down.

“No, I’m not okay! I haven’t been okay since I was twelve, maybe thirteen. But unfortunately, I’m still here.” You don’t know why you were so angry, all Harry did was care for you. It didn’t feel like it though, you always felt like no one ever cared. And when you would get like this, nothing would change the fact that you thought that. 

“Love, please just talk to me.” Harry was practically begging you to say something other than ‘I’m fine’, and that’s what happened.

“I’m getting bad again and I don’t know what to do or where to go or who to tell because no one really cares, do they?” You were yelling at this point. You didn’t want to yell, but you couldn’t stop yourself. You hated yourself because you were ruining his night after a great day with his mum and you couldn’t stop.

“I care!” Harry raised his voice, he’s never done that before - not when you’re like this. No, he wasn’t supposed to be angry with you, he wasn’t supposed to hate you. “I fucking care, and seeing you like this has been killing me. It’s been killing me for days because I know! I know that you’re getting bad again and I’m so fucking angry because I don’t know how to help you this time.”

“I don’t need your help! I’ve gotten through this on my own before, I can sure as hell do it again.” Your own voice was beginning to irritate you. You wanted to shut the fuck up, but it was almost like your demons were forcing the words out of your mouth. 

You couldn’t be in the same room as him anymore, you didn’t want to say anything else that you didn’t mean. You’d ruined his night already, what was the point in making it worse. When you stormed up the stairs, Harry was ready to follow you. Then he remember that you needed space in times like his. Harry felt like shit for yelling, he was just so frustrated because this time, he didn’t know what caused it.  Usually, something drastic or traumatic would happen and you’d distance yourself then let the vicious cycle begin. But nothing happened this time.

Harry didn’t only need to check on you, he needed to apologise. He didn’t want to make you feel even worse. Harry was walking up the stairs when he heard you. He heard your sobs. He was outside the bedroom door but it was locked. Harry stayed out there for a while just listening to you, he’s only ever heard you cry like that a handful of times. It broke is heart, completely shattered it.

You knew he was there, but you didn’t want to bother him anymore. You didn’t even know why you were crying. Why were you so sad? Why did it feel like the walls were closing in on you? Why did you feel like nothing was going right in your life? You never knew the answers. You startled yourself with a sob. A loud, ugly, painful sob. You hadn’t felt this way in so long, you forgot how shitty it was. This time, it was harder - it was more gradual.

Maybe it was all subconscious, a part of your brain was telling you not to be happy. That every time things felt good, it was too good to be true. Sooner or later, you’d fall back into the black hole - and this time, you’d fallen so fucking far. 

“Baby, can you open the door?” He sounded so desperate. You said nothing but walked towards the door and your hand reached for the doorknob. “Love, please. I know you’re crying and I just… please open the door.” Again, he was met with silence. “Y/N, I’m really sorry for yelling at you. You know I didn’t mean it.”

You twisted the doorknob slowly and pulled the door open. Harry immediately pulled into his chest and you sobbed into him until you were all out of tears. He kept kissing your head and telling you that you were alright, he was telling you to let it all out. You don’t know how long you were standing there, it must’ve been ages. You pulled back to look at Harry and he looked so heartbroken and disappointed in himself.

“I ruined your shirt.” I told him, chuckling pathetically to yourself as you wiped your tears.

“My shirt will be fine. But I’m not too sure that you will…” Harry said, his voice was so gentle and caring. “How about you put on one of my shirts and then we can have a cuddle?”

You and Harry had been wrapped in each other arms for a good twenty minutes before either of you decided to speak. He was running his fingers through your hair as you drew random patterns on his bare chest. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but it did get deafening.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” Harry asked. It’s a question you’d been asked several times in the last twenty-three years but when Harry asksd, everything spilled out even if you didn’t want it to.

“I don’t even know where it came from this time, H.” You said, barely above a whisper. “I’m not sure why this is happening. Everything was perfect and now I just want to… I want to -”

“Want to what, my love?”

“Leave.” You choked out. “I’m already half gone. My body’s here but my mind isn’t, I don’t know how to bring myself back. I don’t know if I want to come back at all. I hate this world.”

“You’ve been really distant lately - not like before. This time, you don’t even look at me, you don’t try to talk.” Harry wasn’t angry, he wasn’t even hurt because he knew you couldn’t control what was going on. He was, however, more worried than he’d ever been.

“I don’t mean to be like this,” you let out a shaky breath as you feel the tears coming back. “Don’t want to be like this…” You were crying again, he felt your warm tears on his chest. “I’m really sorry, H. I’m sorry for yelling.”

“Don’t. Don’t you dare apologise. You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, my love. I know none of this is your fault, and I’m sorry for getting mad. But we’ll get through this. You’ll get through this, you always do.” Harry told you quietly and kissed your forehead, then he gave your body a small squeeze, it was his way of saying ’you’ve got this’.

“I know,” you whispered. “I’m just tired of taking steps backwards, you know? I’m twenty-three, H, I just wanna feel content. No fake happy, no lying. Why can’t I have that?”

“I promise you, one day, whenever that may be, that you will be the happiest woman in the world. I’ll make sure of that.” When you didn’t reply for a few moments, Harry realised that you had fallen asleep. He smiled to himself, knowing that you didn’t cry yourself to sleep this time. He’s happy that you fell asleep peacefully.

“I promise, we’ll be alright.” 

What do you think? I hope you enjoyed, let me know if you want a part two or request anything else you want.

Fic: “No Secrets”

After he’s returned from his abduction, Mulder and Scully have a talk about their relationship.  Season Eight AU.  Rated G, also here on Ao3.


Mulder feels fine now, really he does, but Scully doesn’t seem to want to listen.  “You need to rest,” she says, ushering him towards his room as they walk into the apartment.  “You’ve been through a lot.”  And he knows where she’s coming from—he remembers after her abduction, the way she had to insist on being back in the field again and even then he wasn’t quite sure about it, and there wasn’t even as much between them in those days.   But resting is the last thing he wants to do right now, when there’s so much else he could be doing.  Eating something good, maybe, instead of hospital food, or going for a run, or pulling her into him and kissing her.  That last one sounds especially good, but they haven’t in a while, not since he came back, not since she found him, and he’s not sure where to start, not with that expression on her face.  But when she says, “Why don’t you get some sleep?”, he feels the need to protest.

“I don’t need to sleep, Scully,” he says.  “I’ve gotten plenty of sleep in the hospital.  I’m really not tired.”

She looks at him as if she’s going to push back—to protest his protest—and then her expression shifts.  He’s not sure if he likes the shift, though.  There’s still a challenge in her face, and when she says, “All right. Why don’t we talk, then?”, he gets the feeling there’s going to be some kind of reckoning.

But he says, “Sure, let’s talk.”

They both take seats on the couch, at her insistence: she says she wants him resting in some form, at least.  It hasn’t been that long in the grand scheme of things—only a few weeks—but it’s odd for a moment, settling into that familiar place, those familiar positions, with all that they’ve just been through.  She looks at him steadily for a few moments, still with that same expression, and he’s about to say something just to break the silence when she comes out with, “Were you ever going to tell me?”

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Take part in a study on asexuality

This may be a long shot to ask on here, but I’m looking for people who’d be willing to be interviewed for my study on asexuality and talk about their identity, such as how you found the term ‘asexual’, about the online community and feelings of representation and acceptance. This would be a very informal interview from one ace to another 🤗 as part of my final year at university and anything you say will be completely anonymous, this could be over Skype or any platform you’d be okay talking on really. Message me if you’d be interested and I can give more details 😁

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How about Tamaki liking some fem! S/o, but he gets really upset when he sees her talking and laughing with Mirio. Later she notices him upset and ask him what was wrong with worry before she confesses that she was only talking to Mirio to try to get an idea on how ask Tamaki out?

I don’t think you understand what you’re doing to me my sweet lil’ sapling! However, I love it, so it’s okay! I hope you enjoy this and I am so sorry about the wait! I hope you have a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

🐙 There is a very rare occurrence in Tamaki Amajiki’s life that happens maybe once a year; that day, that one day where he feels like he can talk to you, ask you out even…and today was that day!

🐙 Until Tamaki saw you sitting at a cafe with Mirio Togata, his best friend.

🐙 That was when his heart ached, shattered and slowly crumbled away into ash.

🐙 You were talking and even laughing with Mirio, to him, it looked like a date, you two were so close, it hurt to even watch.

🐙 So he leaves.

🐙 What he had forgotten however, was the fact that he was supposed to meet up with them for the monthly catch up, purely in place in case work got particularly stressful and they had no time to see one another.

🐙 Which then lead to you going to his apartment.

🐙 “Tamaki, are you alright? You never showed up…” – Your worry filled voice just upset him more, it didn’t help him at all, so to get it off his chest, he shut the door and closed his eyes, glad you were on the other side.

🐙 “Does it matter t-to you? You were having a great time with M-Mirio!” – His voice comes out surprisingly confident, angry but most of all, his heart was still aching and he somehow managed to get that through to you, it hurt to hear.

🐙 “…Well, I guess it matters since Mirio was helping me try to figure out how to ask you out!”

🐙 It took him 0.01 seconds to open the door, staring at you with wide eyes and a red face – he wasn’t sure that he heard you right.

🐙 “W-W-What?” – Ah, the stutters were back.

🐙 “I like you and I wanted to ask you out to get something to eat…since Mirio was early to the meet-up, I asked for his help…ah, you were jealous? Tamaki…did you really not notice?” – Your tone is light and teasing as you reached up, cupping his cheeks gently before pulling him down to your level.

🐙 “Silly man, it’s you I care for! Have more confidence”

🐙 With that all said and done with, you kiss him, pouring every ounce of feeling you had into the kiss, poor lil’ octopus couldn’t handle it though, when you pulled back, he was unconscious on the ground in front of you, a silly smile on his lips.

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Headcannon Roman and Virgil are the type to fight and argue to hide there feelings for eachother

Y E S  i love. Someone is playing to my weakness for Prinxiety.

Send Me Headcannons!

One of them would purposely find things to argue with the other about just to talk to them or to try and drown out any feelings that aren’t frustration and anger towards each other.

Logan and Patton can see what is going on but don’t say anything, it’s better to let them figure it out on their own. 

Virgil will find any way to shoot down Roman’s ideas. It can be the slightest problem that is so unlikely to happen it’s almost impossible but if it has even the slightest chance of happening he’ll shoot it down. Virgil thinks it’s better to have Roman scowling at him in anger than to have the creative trait smiling at him and causing that strange feeling in his stomach that he doesn’t understand.

Roman will be working overtime to come up with new nicknames. He’d start using them a lot more to hide his feelings. He, unlike Virgil, understands what the feeling fluttering around in his stomach is but runs from it. He comes to the reasoning that it would freak Virgil out, obviously his feelings won’t be returned so what’s the problem with hiding them?

It all comes to a head when Virgil’s objections and Roman’s nicknames both dissolve and escalate into a screaming match in the mindscape. Neither of them are in control of their emotions. 

Virgil screams “Why do you hate me so much?!”

“Because i love you!” Roman screams back. 

Virgil stand there in shock before stuttering out “Y-you love me?”

Roman realizes what he’s said and runs to barricade himself in his room for the next few days. A hand gripping his sleeve brings him to a sudden and violent halt. 

Virgil stands there, looking as unsure as Roman. 

Roman, realizing he has nowhere to go, instantly starts to backtrack and make excuses to what he meant. 

Virgil rolls his eyes and surges forward in a moment of rare confidence, pressing his lips to Roman’s. 

The prince is shocked but quickly returns the gesture, showing he meant what the confession without saying anything. 

Me, deciding on what classes should I skip today:

- well, okay. First one is PE. I already was there like… TWICE THIS SEMESTER, duh, i’m not gonna go, okay.

- last one is a lecture. Okay, let’s be honest I’ll just sleep there. I don’t even care what lecture is it. I’ll skip.

- and one more class in the middle… i mean.. SHOULD I REALLY GO JUST FOR ONE CLASS, like… it wouldn’t hurt that MUCH to skip one class….

(Or like three classes)

(Or like a whole uni day)

Incorrect Ragnarok Quote + Valki Modern Setting AU
  • *Valki's friends talking about Loki and Val's romantic behaviour in front of them*
  • Bruce: I'm happy for them, I am--
  • Korg: yes,absolutely.
  • Bruce: --but it's totally inappropriate.
  • Thor: yeah, it's a little much. But honestly, so happy for them both.
  • Grandmaster: I don't know guys, I for one enjoy watching them because th--
  • Hela: *interrumping* No, stop
  • Everyone: *complaining*
  • Grandmaster: Can I finish? Can I finish? Is that okay?!
  • Bruce:
  • Thor:
  • Korg:
  • Hela: ... okay
  • Grandmaster: I was SAYING... I ENJOY watching them... Because it makes me horny.
  • Everyone: *disgusted* ugh. oh God!
  • Hela: *still disgusted* En!

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Julie about Caroline "We'll see her do a lot of reflecting about her past, what she was like as a teenager and what she's like now, all these years later." I like this and you, what do you think about it?

Okay, I’m so glad you sent me this, you’re like the only one. I LOVEEEEEEE THIS.

First of all, Caroline self-reflecting is oh just—YAS. I’ve been asking for since she dropped out of Whitmore! It’s preposterously overdue, and consider me shocked af that it’s gonna happen on TO of all places. This is hugeeeee, she’s never gotten this opportunity before. Honestly the closest she came was in 7x14 when Klaus threw her 5x11 words back at her, and she was forced to confront what’s changed about her, and why. 

And I think TO doing this at all, is no coincidence in the slightest. This is obviously meant to serve a purpose, she’s getting a mini narrative within her involvement this season. And one very focused on her, at that. S6-S8 of TVD cannot relate. The only reason to bother with this is to incite a change in the character, to make a decision, to evolve. 

It’s a very interesting angle to approach, having Caroline reevaluate herself in this show. That has to tie in some how, and I’d wager a pretty penny it’s so her probable ending with Klaus is an arc, rather than just an insert into TO’s narrative. 

the ososan episode today had me thinking some more about how all the different versions of the matsus relate to one another.  gonna talk about it under the cut.  its just gonna be me spilling my thoughts out so forgive me if its all over the place lol

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I will accept the outcome of the chapters 25 and 26 as soon as you can tell me where in the writer's bible it says that what you did is okay.

I can actually answer this!!! You can blame Leigh Bardugo.

Like I didn’t know if I was gonna go through with it, even though I have been planning this for literally a year. Then, I watched an interview with Leigh Bardugo, where she was talking about the death of one of her main characters, and she said that even though she loved them and loved writing about them, it would almost be an injustice to not follow through with her plans. 

So I thought about what i wanted/planned to do in ch.25-6, and how I knew it would propel the plot and be the last straw in a very toxic haystack that would mark the beginning to the end. 

So I did it. I loved that character more than anyone. And I did it anyway. 

Blame Leigh not me. This is practically all her fault. 

callout post for @doberbutts


thank you so much for being my friend and talking to me about things i feel like i had no one else to ask. you’ve messaged me multiple times to make sure i’m okay, offered to help with things fucking up for me, and even when i’m shitty at reaching out, you’re always there to talk. i appreciate you being my friend and i hope you have a rocking birthday!!!! give creed a kiss for me tyty

also, thank you so much for the wealth of dog knowledge. i’ve learned from you and i enjoy reading all your posts!!

someone reblogged my early morning kisses fic yesterday and mentioned in the tags that will calls mike “byers” and im cryinggg cause i didn’t notice. how could that happen. why did no one tell me about this before? did y’all not notice it either? or were you just like “oh okay, they are married. cool.”? like.. im not gonna change it now. so, they’re married. it makes no sense historically… cause i imagined them as like 18-year-olds, but i do not care, fight me. 

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Yooo it's been so long since we've talked. I'm so salty lmao it was my birthday on the 21st and all of my friends forgot. They didn't even sing me happy birthday, just a few half hearted happy birthdays here and there. I got them all presents and none of them got me presents :((

Awwh no :( I don’t blame you for being salty, I would be too. I always remembered my friends and got them gifts and I never expected gifts back but I at least wanted a “Happy Birthday Bambs” and never got one and I was just like okay then 🤷🏻‍♀️ You dun need them you got me 💙💜💙💜

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Okay, lol, I've been reading, ya know, questions and stuff but now I've got one. I've been hearing all this stuff about this monster crush AU and or just nice PennyWise AU? And people are talking about it like they've read it but I can't find it anywhere! If there's a simple answer just tell me lol I am to confused to care if I sound stupid rn. :-)

It’s okay if you’re confused! There’s a lot happening here that requires explanation! 

We’ve got 4 AUs on this blog that ppl seem to really enjoy: 

1.) Good!Pennywise - Pretty much just a a nicer, kid-friendly version of the alien clown from IT who befriends the Losers. I usually tag stuff pertaining to this as #Good!Pennywise AU and much of the fanfic I’ve written involving this fanonized version can be found here, and alternatively on Commit to the Bit

2.) Neutral!Pennywise - a fun, crack idea of Pennywise not being all that nice but not really being a child-killer as far as the Losers are concerned. This sums it up. 

3.) Parent!wise AU - Pennywise abducts the Losers + Georgie when they’re very little, the fic for which is what started this entire AU and it’s called An Emotion Bent Out of Shape. P much Pennywise parenting 8 feral cannibal children because IT cannot have children of its own. Should be tagged #Parent!wise AU on this blog. 

4.) Monster Crush AU - An idea by @elodiethescribe where either of the versions of Pennywise listed above become infatuated with some human lady, for which I’ve written Part 1 & Part 2. It should also be under the tags #monster crush au or #barb kerry. 

 I’m sorry for all the confusion!! If you have questions, please let me know and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability! I appreciate the interest in all of these concepts and ideas <333

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*cracks knuckles* let’s do this thing.

My dearest Camile.

You are probably one of my closest friends on tumblr and maybe like… in life? You are so fun to talk to and each conversation we have is a new experience. I look forward to hearing new things from you everyday. And even if there is nothing new to say, we can find things to talk about. I never worry that you will disappear or any of that. I know you are always there for me, helping me through my hard times because fuck am I depressed often. (I’m so sorry about that lol)

You are incredibly talents in every way. Your writing makes me and makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. Every time you post, I grin and jump on it as soon as I can because I want to see what brilliance you have come up with this time. You never cease to amazing me with your plots and your characters and you never tell me WHEN I AM RIGHT. BECAUSE I AM TWO FOR TWO YOU MEAN HOE. Errr. Three for three? because the next chapter of TCOMW? 

You always have this knack for turning me on when I don’t need it. Namely work. Or you try to kill me with the things you say. Or the things you come up with. You send me videos that make me choke on water. More than once. But I know they are good and that whatever you are showing me is worth the tie to watch or hear.

You are the Scott to my Stiles. You are my Mitch Rapp Twin. We single handedly created #CertifiedRappTrash. We have the shirts to prove it. I literally do not know what I would do without you in my life. 

Voce e incrivel. Obrigado por estar na minha vida. Te amo, Camile.

(PS I hope that Google translate didn’t fail me.)

I don’t know why tf people say big mood. “Mood” occasionally is okay but saying “mood” or “big mood” after everything is so aggravating.

This is why I love @markiplier new video.

He made is seem like a thing he cared about what it means in a goofy manor. Which is understandable, this is Mark we are talking about here.

But the fact that he turned it into a “joke” is what intrigues me.

Now lookie here:

Does this looks like a “joke” to you? Perhaps a gaff to get people raising questions or theories (which I do admit, I will be coming up with some later~).

Mark knows what he is doing here. He wants us questioning everything. He loves the time and dedication we have to theorizing about his videos, especially as of late.

But for now, enjoy the screenshots. I do hope they serve someone purpose~