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Advice/FYI’s to High School Seniors

My main pieces of advice for all those students starting their senior year of high school this fall. Of course, these won’t all apply to everyone, but take what you want from it. Here’s some advice from someone who just graduated. 

  1. By the time you get to senior year you either have 3 close friends. or you’ll be friends with everyone. Either way, cherish them all. 
  2. Do not slack off. If you do, at least wait until the second semester. 
  3. Take easy classes. Unless you don’t mind lower grades in hard classes due to senioritis then I suggest you keep your senior schedule pretty simple. 
  4. Take off periods. You will LOVE them. You will be surprised with how much longer your days feel.
  5. Definitely start driving to school, or carpooling with someone who does. 
  6. Go to the football games. Even if your team sucks. They’re just good experiences.
  7. Actually, go to as many school events as possible. Senior year was my first time going to volleyball games, or the dance shows. This is your last chance to experience them.
  8. You do not need to go off campus for lunch everyday. You do not want to earn your freshmen fifteen as a senior.
  9. Your senior year group of friends will be the group of friends that you wish you’d had all throughout high school.
  10. You will meet new people, and become friends and wish that you met them sooner. Because some of them will be juniors and you probably won’t see them for a very long time. 
  11. Start applying to colleges as early as you can. Preferably once you start senior year, or the summer before. 
  12. If you haven’t already taken your SAT/ACT you definitely need to get started on that your first semester. 
  13. Go to prom if you can. It won’t be the BEST night of your life, but it’s a good one. 
  14. Start thinking about what you want to major in. This is definitely subject to change, but you’re going to want to know a couple options once you start applying to colleges.
  15. Once you do accept your offer for a college, and it becomes definite, high school becomes so much harder to get through because you just want to leave. 
  16. You’re going to be waiting for graduation THE WHOLE YEAR. 
  17. If you’re in a relationship and are going your separate ways after graduating now would be a good time to either end it, or figure out ways to be long distance.
  18. Long distance very rarely works. 
  19. At prom, it is a very good idea to invest in some comfortable shoes.
  20. Take lots of pictures.
  21. Go on college visits to as many colleges as you can.
  22. Save your absences for the last weeks of school because that’s when you are REALLY not going to want to go. 
  23. Be one good terms with some of your teachers, because you’re going to want letters of recommendation. 
  24. If you want to take pictures with your friends after graduation, be ready to pick a place to meet up beforehand because it will be very hard to find them afterwards.
  25. Do your homework. Please. 
  26. Stop talking to the people that you realize you’re only nice to because you have classes with them. 
  27. Now is just not a good time to develop a crush. 
  28. AP tests are suddenly very hard to study for considering that you’ve been taking it easy all year.
  29. Your SAT score does not define you and getting a bad one is not the end of the world.
  30. However, do as well as you can because colleges often give assured scholarships to students who meet certain SAT/ACT scores. 
  31. Your GPA is either going to drop, or raise A LOT. 
  32. GPA doesn’t really matter at this point though. Junior year grades matter the most. 
  33. Spend a lot of time with your family. You’ll be off to college before you know it.
  34. High school parties are honestly overhyped. 
  35. Now would be a good time to acquire a taste for coffee. 
  36. If you oversleep, I honestly recommend just staying home that day unless you have a test. 
  37. T-shirts will become your clothing of choice. 
  38. If you love makeup, like me, by the last 2 months of school you just won’t have the energy to wake up 20 minutes earlier to apply it. So learn to be okay with how you look without makeup. 
  39. Please eat breakfast. 
  40. No one cares if you eat in the cafeteria. 
  41. The freshman look SO tiny and it makes you wonder if you looked that small 3 years ago. 
  42. Go to all the pep rallies. 
  43. Have fun during spirit week. Some colleges don’t have them, so take advantage of it now.
  44. It is totally okay to not have a date for prom.
  45. One of the happiest moments you will have all year is being able to walk across the stage. Also, one of the shortest.
  46. Despite what everyone says, there is a very good chance that you WON’T cry at graduation. 
  47. The senior year teachers are always the best.
  48. Be nice to the freshman.
  49. Be nice to any underclassmen actually.
  50. But also, take pride in being a senior. This is your last year. Own it. 
Fic: nowhere’s high enough

Root x Shaw high school fic, probably going to be four or five parts, nothing super long or involved, but I really enjoyed writing it.

Shaw shoved a handful of cereal into her mouth, tossing the box haphazardly onto the counter as she headed for the door.

“Sameen?” her mother called. “Where’s your backpack?”

She rolled her eyes spinning to face her mom while continuing to backpedal toward the door. “Don’t need one. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow.”

“What about papers?” She insisted. “You can’t lose everything on your first day!”

Scanning the area around her, Shaw quickly snatched an empty folder by the front hallway. “There. Useless syllabi holder, check.”

“What about lunch?” Her mother was now hurrying down the hall to keep up “What about gym clothes?”

“I have money,” Shaw assured, “and I’ve got clothes too.”

She yanked up her shirt to reveal a second one. “Gym’s first period this year. I’m fine, mum.”

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NCT Horoscopes: Johnny confessing

How Johnny would confess to you based off your horoscope.


Originally posted by unrealjohnny

Aries -  Johnny is confident and flirty, but he would want to ask you out in a romantic and old fashioned way. On a piece of paper, he’d confess how beautiful you are to him and how much he likes you. He’d ask one of the minis (probably Chenle) to give you an envelope with the note inside.

Taurus - Thinking that he was texting one of his members, he’d message you saying:                                                                                                            “y/n is so pretty”                                                                                          You’d be flustered, but would reply:                                                        “Thanks Johnny! You’re cute too”                                                                    He would realize then that he texted you. He’d be embarrassed but would take advantage of this moment to ask you on a date. 

Gemini - He would compliment you a lot to try to get you to realize that he has feelings for you. But being the naive (or not), you wouldn’t notice his efforts because you’d think he was just being nice. So in the end, he would confess by accident because he’d be frustrated that his efforts are being ignored. “Goddammit y/n, why can’t you see that I like you?”

Cancer - As you, Johnny, and the other members are watching movies, Johnny would use this to his advantage. Out of nowhere, Johnny would lean over to you and whisper in your ear:                                                                    “Wanna go out on a date tomorrow?”                                                          You’d be shocked and flustered but you would definitely agree. 

Leo - You, some of your girl friends and the NCT members were playing truth or dare. It’s Johnny’s turn and he chooses truth. Jaehyun, who knows about his little crush, asks Johnny if he likes anybody in the room and if so who. Johnny,without hesitation, answered: “Yes, y/n!”

Virgo - Haechan would accidentally spilled the beans about Johnny liking you. So you, being curious as to if this was true or not, would go directly to Johnny and asked him. Johnny would decide to tell you the truth by simply asking you out on a date.

Libra - Johnny would be a little jealous about you and Yuta since the two of you seemed to be close and hang out a lot. His jealousy would trigger him to confess his feelings.                                                                                      “Hey, y/n, even though I know you have a thing for Yuta, I just wanna let you know that I really like you”                                                                            You’d laugh and assure him he’s the one you have a thing for and that Yuta is just a close friend. 

ScorpioJohnny, being the confident type of guy he is, would interrupt you mid-sentence by kissing you because he just couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d straight up tell you that he likes you and ask you on a date. But as your relationship progresses, there wouldn’t be a day when he doesn’t remind you of how beautiful you are to him. 

Sagittarius - Jisung had overhear you talking to Taeyong about your big crush on Johnny, so he would be the one to tell Johnny about it. This would encourage Johnny to make the move. So on a random day, as you are working on something, he appears in front of you with a cup of Starbucks and a rose. He’d ask you to go on a date with him, which you definitely would agree to.

Capricorn - Both of you are already close, and he’s able to read you easily meaning he knows you having feelings for him. Since he shares mutual feelings, he wants to move out of the friend zone. With the help of his members, he is able to set up a nice romantic dinner for you. When you walk into the room you are staring at Johnny all dressed up hold a a bouquet of roses:          “So y/n, I like you”

Aquarius - Johnny knows that you have a strong liking for books, so for your birthday, he buys you a book. It takes you a week to finally get to the last paper. On the last page of the book, he had left a note stating all the things he likes about you as well as a note asking you out. You happily run to him and hug him telling him that you would love to go on a date with him. 

Pisces - You and Johnny are hanging out in the streets of Seoul. He takes you to buy some ice cream at a small shop owned by a cute old lady. As he is paying for your ice cream, the little lady compliments you guys for being such a cute couple. You blush and correct her, but Johnny just says:                       “She doesn’t like me back, so we can’t be a couple”                                             You stare at him flustered but manage to tell him you like him too by replying:   “Maybe because I didn’t know you liked me back!”

(sorry this isn’t that good but I hope you liked it. Coming up with twelve different ways to confess isn’t that easy lol)

amazingmrcinema007  asked:

Fallout 3 companions react to LW performing a magic trick with a grenade for a raider holding them at gunpoint. It disappears from their hands and goes off seconds later in the raider's pants.

Star Paladin Cross -

She was irritated at first. Lone had prevented her from ending this miserable raider’s life just to show them some trick meant for a child’s amusement.

Her stoic expression was able to hide her distaste well as she watched the scene unfold before her.

Cross’ eyebrow cocked curiously when the grenade disappeared, where had they managed to hide it that quickly? The possibilities wandered about her mind, and she had to admit that she had grown confused as the moments passed by.

The second the explosion occurred, she took a step back, eyes wide in shock. Bits and pieces of body scattered about at her feet and the paladin gave a small gasp.

“Dear god.. It’s everywhere!”

Lone was proud that the trick went so well, but they were even happier to know that they had even managed to impress the most impassive woman in D.C.

Butch DeLoria -

“Lone! This is stupid, just lemme shank this bastard!

Butch had become annoyed with the situation rather quickly, but he was much more expressive about it. Toe tapping and small huffs could be heard from the sidelines as the show went on.

He didn’t want to waste time with shit like this, he had important Tunnel Snake business to attend to. It was a bit surprising to him when the wanderer pulled out a grenade and showed it to the audience of one. Where the hell did they get that?

Maybe this wouldn’t be as boring as he thought. The raider seemed a bit suspicious of it, and if they were to walk away from Lone, Butch would take care of them himself for hurting his friend.

When it disappeared, he gave more of a reaction than the man/woman it was meant for. What?! How did they manage to do that?! They had to tell him their secret. His expression similar to that of a small child at the circus, he wanted to know where it went.

“Hey! Where the hell did the–” He wasn’t able to finish the sentence. Interrupted by the sound of an explosion, the raider before him ballooned into a wave of blood and body parts. “Holy shit! Lone that was amazing! You have to show me how you did that!”

Clover -

Was this really happening? Yes, yes it really was. For some odd reason, the man/woman she had been traveling with suddenly had a change of heart. Instead of murdering the raider before them, like usual, they pulled out a grenade from their pocket with the intentions of performing a magic trick.

Clover had to admit that she was a sucker for this sort of thing, for tricks, but the lack of bloodshed was disappointing. She wondered what they were even planning to do with that item inside their hand.  

Standing next to Lone, she kept a close eye on both bodies’ movements. It was a miracle that the raider hadn’t tried to kill them yet, so she kept ready just in case. No one was going to interrupt her companion while they were gracious enough to provide such entertainment.

When the grenade vanished out of Lone’s hands, she couldn’t help but gasp softly. Where did it go? She could’ve sworn that she was watching them the entire time. Where would you even hide something like that?

The raider seemed confused too, and in turn, pissed them off. Pulling a gun on Lone, they began to exclaim that the trick was stupid, pointless, and a waste of time. The insults angered Clover, but before she was able to do something, they imploded into a bloody mess. Splattering across her dress, it earned a scowl from the woman, nevertheless, her negative emotions turned into excitement.

“That was amazing! And here I was worried you’d gone soft on me.”

Sergeant RL-3 -

They had the gall to stop him from engaging the hostilities. It was his duty as a Mister Gutsy to take care of those who would do harm to innocent people. The fact that Lone had stopped him for this was extremely ridiculous.

The fact that they had a grenade in the first place did not surprise him. He was used to being around weaponry like that all the time, it was also unlikely that he could feel surprise at all.

That was why when the bomb disappeared, he had no external or internal reaction to it. Was the wanderer stupid enough to drop it? Hopefully they didn’t pull the pin or they would have little to no time to avoid the damage.

The moment he was about to bring the issue up, stating that they needed to get the hell out, the man/woman the trick was performed for exploded. Moving a few feet back to avoid the wreck of human innards, RL-3 grew silent for a long while.

Due to this, Lone assumed that they had done a great job in giving the robot a good shock.

“Did I get ya this time?”

“Negative, soldier. Stop trying to impress me with a child’s game.”

Jericho -

It would be a surprise if this ex-raider actually let Lone go on with the trick. He didn’t want to waste time on foolish activities like this, there were much better things to do.

Lone had to beg him to not kill, and he reluctantly gave in, putting his gun back into the holster. The raider seemed relieved, but that would not last long the moment the man/woman pulled out a grenade.

To avoid any sort of escape, Jericho kept close to the audience. The last thing he needed was to deal with an upset companion if the trick failed or the raider got away.

He hadn’t been paying attention throughout the duration of the trick. Something off in the distance appeared more interesting, and while it annoyed Lone, they did not bring it up. Making the grenade vanish, they hoped that the finale of this show would earn some respect from the man.

Upon explosion, Jericho snapped out of his train of thought and looked to the now grisly corpse of the raider. Holy shit, what happened? He actually sort of regretted looking away, he had missed what had occurred and knew that Lone would more than likely leave him in the dark for being so rude.

It must’ve been something and Lone was happy that their plan had actually worked. It was hard enough to catch Jericho’s attention, even if they traveled together all the time.

“Yeah, yeah… You can think whatever you want, but I’m still not impressed, alright?”

Fawkes -

After all that time spent within the vault, he had not been exposed to “magic tricks.” Lone had attempted to explain it to him, however, he always had some sort of scientific explanation behind it. How can someone be cut in half inside a box? There must be some sort of false set up in one of the halves…

For this very reason, Lone tried to avoid doing such things around him. Nonetheless, when the prime occasion rose, they had to take it by the horns. This raider was absolutely clueless and they just had to take advantage of it.

Fawkes did not mind taking a break from the fighting, it was nice to rest every now and then. He was interested in what the wanderer had planned anyway and with the appearance of the grenade, it had to be something worth while.

Similar to Butch, he behaved like a small child the moment the trick took place. He was more well mannered about it, which is a bit ironic considering he is a super mutant.

“Where did it go? It’s impossible to just have vanished.”

He yelped in surprise at the sound of the grenade going off. Showered in blood, Fawkes gawked at his companion. Out of all their adventures in the Wasteland, this had been a first for him. They eventually explained the trick to him, how they managed to slip the bomb inside their clothing, so on and so forth to relieve any unnecessary frustration.

Dogmeat -

The pup growled towards the raider, heeled back at the command of his owner. If he had the opportunity, he would not hesitate to sink his teeth into the leg of someone who had tried to hurt Lone. The only scent he detected at the moment was a mixture of hostility, fear, and impatience.

He was confused as to what Lone was doing. They were taking a long time in killing this man/woman. It made him worry that something was wrong and a soft whimper escaped towards his owner.

Reassured by a friendly pat on the head, relief washed over the dog only to be replaced with anxiety at the sight of the grenade. What were they going to do?!

Watching the magic trick take place, he took a seat and stared up intently. He seemed more interested than the raider was. It caused him to tilt his head when the object was gone from Lone’s hand. The other was puzzled as well, but the bewilderment turned to horror as a soft beeping echoed from their pocket.

Before they had the chance to fully react, they were killed in a sudden explosion. Dogmeat jumped back and barked at the noise, his companion trying to calm him down. Eventually, when he did, he received another series of pats before continuing on down the road, no longer phased by lingering danger.

Charon -

The boss was up to their usual antics, he was used to this by now. They were always doing something odd, even for the Wasteland. The current position they were in was no different, Lone preparing some sort of presentation involving a grenade they borrowed off his person.

It would be much quicker to just take care of the damned raider ahead of them, but Charon had no choice but to play along with whatever Lone wanted to do. It was in his contract, and since they were the current holder of said agreement, they were in control of him. Luckily, they didn’t necessarily abuse the privilege, they just pulled ridiculous stunts like this every now and then.

Lone gave him a friendly nudge with their elbow. He guessed that they wanted him to pay attention as well, so he turned his attention to their hands and let out a silent sigh. He really hoped that this would be over soon.

“Come on, boss.. We haven’t got all day.”

His companion ignored him and continued to “dazzle” the raider that was on the verge of attacking them both. Taking the borrowed grenade, they held it up for everyone to see. A few fancy hand tricks later, it was gone, causing Charon to grow baffled.

Much like Paladin Cross, he hid it well behind his stoic demeanor and even when the raider exploded, he showed no emotion towards it. It happened every day in a world like this, minus all of the magic nonsense. People blew up all the time, and this would’ve been the sixth or seventh time he saw it himself. The one thing he was impressed about is the fact that Lone got such a hostile monster of a person to sit still for so long.

The Way Home (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,432

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, babies, more angst????

A/N: Tags are for sure closed this time. This story is winding down. Happy Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, if you celebrate. If not, happy Sunday. This chapter was a pain, and I ended up scrapping it three times before writing this version. PS - The Spain thing? Actually happened to me. True story. It was bananas.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Pulling Pranks and Heartstrings

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: None:)

Request: Could you write a Gabe one where the reader likes to prank the guys (she lives with them in the bunker) and one day Gabe pops in (they’ve never met) and he instantly falls in love with the reader because of the pranks, only for the reader to offhandedly mention his wings like a couple weeks later (I want more soul mate stuff) and then fluff because the reader was secretly crushing on Gabe.

Author’s Note: Okay so this turned out pretty good I think. I didn’t explain the whole angel wing soul mate thing in the actual story but I think by now you all understand it so I didn’t feel the need to write it. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!


You watched Dean out of the corner of your eye as you quietly munched on your breakfast. He had been sitting at the table eating with you moments ago and was now headed to the sink to clean off his plate which would in turn trigger the silly little prank you set up. You were the first one in the kitchen this morning, something that only happened once in a blue moon so you decided to take advantage of the privacy. You grabbed a rubber band and wrapped it tight around the sprayer attached to the sink that you used to rinse off dishes. The rubber band held the trigger down nice and snug so that whoever turned the water on next would get shot straight in the chest, soaking their clothes. It was a dumb little joke but one that entertained you none the less.

You tried not to be obvious about it as you snuck glances at Dean when he stumbled over to the counter. For a few moments he tidied the area up, running a rag across the counters to clear off any crumbs or dirt. Then, finally, he reached for the faucet and you listened, waiting.

“What the..” he screeched as cold water sprayed directly on his t-shirt, soaking the fabric before dripping down to the floor.

His hands scrambled to find the faucet as the water sprayed him but by the time he grabbed the handle and shut the water off, he was already completely wet. You were going to try to play it cool, maybe let him think that Sam was behind it, but your laughing gave you away. You buried your face in your arms as you leaned on the table and giggles erupted from your throat. You looked over at him, his clothes dripping and plastered to his body, his eyes staring daggers at you, and you completely lost any sense of self control as you began laughing so hard your stomach hurt a little.

“Very funny,” he bit out and as he made to move out of the room you felt a gentle breeze blow through and toss your napkin onto the floor.

“Oh stop it Deano, I know I’m funny,” said a voice from the other side of the room.

You turned to look and saw a man standing there. Your hand automatically went to your hip and felt around for you angel blade but unfortunately you didn’t keep a spare one in your pajamas. Your eyes frantically searched around the room for a weapon but stopped when they landed on Dean and noticed the lack of panic in the hunters expression. He scrubbed a hand over his face and when you caught sight of his eyes again they held nothing but annoyance and utter disinterest.

“Wonderful,” Dean muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Aw c'mon Dean, don’t pretend like you didn’t miss me.”

Your gaze hopped between Dean and your new guest, confusion knitting your brow. Dean must have noticed this because he straightened up and pointed in the direction of the man.

“Y/N, this is Gabriel. You know, the trickster, archangel douche that made me die like a hundred times in one day.”

You reached a hand out and with a snap of his fingers Gabriel was in front of you, taking your hand and pressing a feather light kiss to the back of it.

“Enchant,” he murmured and you giggled at his horrible fake french accent.

You remembered hearing about Gabriel. Royal pain in the ass to Sam and Dean but had the balls to stand up to Lucifer to defend humanity. Lucifer had supposedly killed his troublesome little brother but when Cas had gotten word awhile back that Gabriel was still alive he barely batted an eye.

“I’m not exactly surprised,” Cas told you, “Gabriel has always been one for elaborate tricks and theatrics. Faking his death sounds like something he would do.”

Gabriel crossed his arms and gave you a once over, his eyes scanning your pajama clad form as he inspected you. His gaze moved to Dean as he took in the damp clothes and once he finally put two and two together he laughed, his voice vibrant and smooth.

“You do that to him?”

You nodded your head, feeling your face heat a little, “It was just a stupid little prank.”

“Still, it’s impressive. It’s surprisingly hard to pull one over on Tweedledee and Tweedledum here. Well done. I like you,” he stated as he threw an arm across your shoulders.

“Whatever,” Dean mumbled as he padded back down the hall towards his room.

Gabriel slipped his arm off your shoulders but not before sliding it against your back on the way down, sending a shiver across your skin. You turned to him, smiling wide which he mirrored , his eyes bright and mischievous.

“So, I’m planning on sticking around for awhile. What do you say we have a little fun with the boys,” he suggested, his eyebrows wagging up and down playfully.

You laughed again, unable to contain the giddy feeling he caused inside of you and nodded your head enthusiastically.

“Hell yeah.”

Three weeks later and you and Gabriel were attached at the hip. You spent your time playing tricks on the boys, to their dismay. You’d done everything from whip cream pies to the face when one of them came around a corner to changing their shampoo into temporary hair dye. Your favorite prank though, despite it almost getting you kicked out of the bunker due to Dean’s rage, was when Gabriel changed Baby, Dean’s beloved Impala, from black to pink. He was so angry you thought he was going to bust a blood vessel but you and Gabriel just laughed, completely unfazed.

It had been a wonderful three weeks and you had to admit that you were getting attached to Gabriel. He was funny (obviously), smart, and easy on the eyes. Not to mention when it came to you he was always so attentive and sweet, the exact opposite of how he treated Sam and Dean. You assumed it was because you were friends but it never occurred to you that there might be another reason. You always missed the way he looked at you when you laughed or smiled, the content expression he got when you two cuddled on the couch, or the protective stance he took whenever anyone…ever…raised their voice to you. You didn’t see it probably because you were too busy sorting through your feelings for him, feelings that kept you up all night and when you did sleep had you dreaming of the fun loving angel.

It all came out in the open one evening. You and Gabriel were at it again, playing some trick on Sam. The two of you were crouched outside his bedroom door, your ears pressed against the wall as you listened. When you heard the water begin to run signifying that Sam was in the shower you both snuck inside and stood in the middle of the room. You pressed the side of your pointer finger against your lips telling Gabriel to keep quiet. He nodded and watched as you crept towards the bathroom door, steam billowing from the opening. You poked your head inside and when you saw that Sam was completely behind the shower curtain you took a tentative step in and snatched both of his towels off the towel rack. You slipped back out the door, completely unheard and made your way back to Gabriel who was now standing in front of Sam’s open closet.

“Okay, do it,” you told him.

Gabriel smiled at you and snapped his fingers and the once plaid and denim filled closet exploded with shades of pink and lace. All of Sam’s clothes were replaced by something so overly feminine and girly that Disney princesses would probably hesitate to wear most of it. Once Sam was out of the shower with no towel and no clothes, he would be forced to choose something from his new wardrobe and come find you where you and Gabe would be conveniently waiting with a camera. Once Gabriel finished his trick he waved his hand, using his angel mojo to close Sam’s closet door and the two of you tiptoed out into the hallway.

Once you were out of Sam’s room you shut the door and were about to make your way towards the library when you looked up and noticed Gabriel’s wings. You’d seen them hundreds of other times, they were one of the first things you noticed the day you met him which is why you automatically sought out your angel blade. You and the Winchesters hadn’t had much luck with angels in the past other than Castiel. You were always curious about them but Gabriel kept you so busy sometimes you never really thought to ask. Now that you had a quiet moment with him though your mind began to wander and curiosity got the best of you.

“How big do they get?”  you asked nonchalantly as you and Gabe strolled down the hallway, your shoulders bumping into each other every so often.

“How big do what get? Because if you mean my muscles then you will be impressed because these guns are…”

“No, you dork,” you joked “I mean your wings.”

Gabriel stopped walking, his limbs freezing in place as he looked at you. He turned his head, casting his eyes down the length of his wings and up again before returning them to your face where he studied your expression. There was a hint of doubt in those hazel eyes of his and you wondered what it was he seemed so intent on discovering. You kept your eyes on his face until you saw movement to your right, you face snapping in that direction in time to see Gabriel stretch his wings out until they were completely open, the charcoal gray feathers fanning out as he did so. Your gaze drifted along the massive wing to the very end a couple yards away. An excited grin pulled at your lips as you took it all in, Gabriel and his wings, the beauty in it all. When you looked to Gabriel again his mouth was turned up and his eyes were bright. He looked overjoyed that you were looking at his wings and you didn’t have any idea why nor did you have time to think on it because in an instant his wings were folded back between his shoulder blades and his lips were pressed firmly against yours.

Your eyes widened in surprise, the sudden contact causing you to feel a little dizzy but once your head cleared you pressed into him, kissing him back fervently and winding your fingers through his golden locks of hair. You’d never seen him so passionate, so raw and openly emotional and it just made you want to pull him closer and never let him go. When he finally pulled back, your lips wet and swollen, he gazed into your eyes and what you saw there couldn’t be described as anything other than love. You stared back, your pulse racing and warming your blood, your cheeks flushed as you tried to slow your breathing. You were so lost in him, this silly little angel of yours, that you didn’t hear the Sam’s footsteps approaching until he was standing just a few feet from you, his voice startling you out of your trance.

“What the hell guys?” he barked and you both turned to see an angry Sam donning a flowery pink robe that settled just at the tops of his knees.

You slapped a hand over your mouth trying to stifle the laugh you felt bubbling up your chest and Gabriel tugged at your free hand, pulling you down the hall to run and fetch the camera. Sam chased after you, his yelling echoing off the walls in the bunker and fueling your rapid footsteps. And as you laughed and ran you held tight to Gabriel and wondered how something so wonderful came out of one silly little prank.

A Chair is Not a House

A Klaine AU in which Kurt stays in Ohio until Blaine graduates. These are little snippets of how they navigate New York (and beyond) together, starting from dorms in different schools and finally ending up in their own apartment. 


From Kurt <3: Do you think your room mate likes guys?

Blaine frowns at the random text message, confused and amused at the same time. 

To Kurt <3: Uh… I don’t know. Haven’t spent too much time with him. Why?

From Kurt <3: Because mine definitely does. We could introduce them, make them fall in love and then we could just switch so that they’d live there and we here. 

To Kurt <3: Aww, do you miss me?

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Perfect Date With J-Hope (request)

Summary: You planned the perfect date for you and Hobi, but would you actually be able to make sure it was perfect?

Members: J-Hope x Reader

Type: Fluff <3

Length: 1,211 Words

This was a fun scenario to write. J-Hope is just so sweet and I am sure that any date with him would be absolutely fluffy and perfect. I hope you enjoy this scenario. <3 I do not own this gif.

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by busvn

The sun beat down on your back and you could feel sweat beads forming on the back of your neck. You didn’t mind it though. This was the one day your boyfriend had off from promoting his new album and you wanted to take complete advantage of your opportunity. You had planned the perfect day for you and J-Hope, and you were bent on seeing it through.

The moment J-Hope arrived at your apartment, you pulled him close into a tight hug. “Haha, it is nice to see you too, jagi.” Hobi said with his signature bright smile. He held you tightly, playfully squeezing you until you begged him to put you down, and he happily did with a chuckle. He glanced you up and down and his eyes widen at the sight of you in a cute summer dress. You felt your cheeks getting hot from embarrassment, but you couldn’t help but smile.

“You look beautiful, (Y/N). I am so happy we can finally spend the day together. Do you want to watch TV? Go to the movies? Just cuddle.” He asked with a goofy smile. He was already making his way towards the living room when you grabbed his wrist and pulled him back towards you. “I actually made plans for us today.” You informed him. You giggled at his confused face. Before he could ask any questions, you began pulling him out the door.

The two of you began to walk down the block in silence. It did not take long for J-Hope’s excitement to overwhelm him. He was jumping up and down beside you, teasingly pulling on your hand. He moved in circles around you and you chuckled at his restlessness. “Where are we going? Are you kidnapping me? Are you taking me to a secret area? Are we going to get to eat, jagiya? I’m soooo hungry.” He whined. He was standing right in front of you; making you stop in your tracks. You placed your hands on his shoulders and tried to keep him from jumping around so much.

“Hobi oppa, I know you are excited, but I need you to at least stay by my side so I can see where I am going. And stop asking questions, you are going to ruin the surprise.” You smiled at him and watched as he slowly nodded his head. He went back to your side and held your hand tightly in his. You two walked for another few blocks before reaching your destination.

You glanced over and saw your boyfriend’s face light up when he saw where you had brought him. You stood outside of his favorite restaurant, a place that he was unable to visit in the past three months due to promotional events. Once again, he was jumping up and down beside you. “Ah, (Y/N), you know me so well!” One seated, the two of you ordered enough food to feed all seven members of BTS. As you ate, J-Hope told you numerous comedic stories about what the boys were up to during their fan-meetings and concerts.

The afternoon was filled with nonstop laughter. You could feel your cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Once you both felt as though you were close to exploding, you announced that you had another surprise. Hobi quickly sprang to his feet and enthusiastically began leaving the restaurant. You laughed at how adorable he looked. Your own excitement began to increase and you quickly joined him outside. The two of you skipped down the sidewalk until you reached the park.

There was a carnival visiting and you thought it would be a great place to bring Hobi. The two of you hurriedly ran straight to the rides. You held tightly onto his arm as you waited for the line to start moving. You were only a few people away from getting on the ride when a man came up to the front of the line to make an announcement. “We are sorry, but we are experiencing technical difficulties with the wide. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Your heart sunk when you heard him say that. However, Hobi still seemed happy and began making his way to the next ride.

You were able to get on two rides before he insisted on playing games and winning you prizes. You tried to tell him he didn’t have to, but it was too late. He was already heading straight towards the games. He attempted four times to win you a bear but failed each time. He was getting ready to try a fifth time when you grabbed his hand. “Please, you don’t need to win me anything, Hobi. Let’s just go get some desert of something.” You insisted. He looked a bit sad that he was unable to win you the prize, which made you a little sad that he wasn’t happy.

You took hands and started heading towards a nearby ice cream shop. You bought the two of you scoops of your favorite flavors. You thought it would nice to sit outside and eat because of how hot of a day it was. It was dark out now, and the air outside chilled. Luckily it wasn’t too cold for the ice cream. Hobi held you close and under his arm as you ate your ice cream. “Are there any more surprises for the night?” He asked as you finished up your ice cream.

“Just one more. I rented the new action flick that you wanted to watch. It’s already in my DVD player waiting for us.” You say; giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. You made your way back to your dorm when the skies ruin your night. Without any warning, it began to downpour. It was raining so hard that the two of you had to seek shelter in a nearby bus stop. You stood underneath the glass protection and felt your heart sink further.

“I’m so sorry, Hobi. Today was supposed to be perfect and now it’s raining. I’m sorry.” You began to apologize profusely. You rested your head against his chest and he had his arms wrapped around you. You felt his roaring laughter bellowing from his chest and looked up at him in surprise. Why was he laughing when you were so sad?

It was almost as though he could read your mind. He looked down at you with a gentle smile and lifted your head by the chin so he could look into your eyes. “It was an absolutely perfect day. It isn’t like you could control the rain.”

“I know, but still. It would have been better if it didn’t rain. I should have checked the weather or something.” You were rambling as more tears streamed down your cheeks. “This was the one day you had off and I was unable to make it perfect.” You continued. You opened your mouth to say more, but were stopped when he pressed his lips against yours. The kiss was sweet, like most things Hobi did, and delicate. You felt your tears stop in their tracks and your happiness was quickly returning. After all, there was a reason why he was called J-Hope.

“Any and every day that I get to spend with you is perfect.”

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vamosleomessi  asked:

hi can I get some au ideas for when 'opposite attracts' start dating for eg. he's super grumpy all the time and she's a bundle of sunshine. just everyday scenarios/cute moments of them together? :D

(!! one of my guilty pleasures)

  • please leave the cuddles and smooching and really loud voice for after I’ve woken up please
  • this is so embarrassing are you seriously going to make me wear a matching couple outfit with you and go in the tunnel of love?? please don’t spoon feed me I know you’re doing this on purpose
  • you’re always acting all moody and sour but in reality you’re as sappy as I am, so just hold my hand already cause I know you’re trying not to smile
  • it’s the best and cutest thing in the world when you try to say something heartfelt and emotional cause you mumble gruffly but your ears turn bright red
  • you never tell me your feelings until it’s late at night and we’re asleep, then you whisper everything into the night and little do you know I’m not asleep
  • everyone’s always wondering how you ended up with a party pooper like me, but you’re the only one who gets me and isn’t turned off when I’m feeling antisocial or shy
  • you’re super sweet and nice but no one better try to walk over you and take advantage of your kindness cause they’re going down and they’re going to regret everything they try to pull
  • people talk shit about you just because you’re a grump and your blunt when in reality you’re dorky and shy, well I’m always going to protect you okay don’t worry babe
  • I’ll try to act stoic and cool but we both know the moment you try to kiss me I’m going to melt so please please don’t do it in public I have a reputation to keep

- jo

As Many As Possible
“How’s Y/N?” Suddenly came your name from some foreign interviewer’s mouth, making you look up from the stylist’s chair you liked sitting upon. You watched as Harry snapped out of the mini daze he had been stuck, your hand that held a nail filer slowly sinking as you paid attention.
“Erm, she’s,” Harry paused, sending you a nervous glance from his spot on set, “fine.”
“Good to hear,” the interviewer nodded with pursed lips before continuing, “how’s married life treating you?”
“Eh, good,” Harry nodded with a clear of his throat, his hands clasping behind his back as his eyebrows furrowed out of his attempt to remain focused on the woman that was addressing him, “’s made me put on a bit of weight.”
“That’s all muscle, though,” Liam spoke up from his spot far from Harry, his head poking out of line as he peered over at Harry.
“Yeah, he’s been lifting a bit more now that he has someone to impress twenty-four seven,” Louis teased as he glanced at Harry, a grin at his lips.
“I was about to say. Lookin’ a bit more fit, there,” the female laughed, “that’s really sweet, though. So, how much of an age difference is there, again?”
“You didn’t study up?” Harry teased with a laugh and a shake of his head.
“Sorry! I didn’t even know I was interviewing you ‘til just this 'mornin,” the interviewer said before the boys started talking all at once just to be overruled by Harry’s voice.
“Three years age difference,” Harry spoke up with a little nod of his head.
“Aw, that’s sweet. Listen, I know the two of you are young and free or whatever it is that the hip people say these days but the world needs to know when we’ll get to see little miniature Harrys and Y/Ns running amuck,” the older lady smiled with a small shake of her blonde bob, “when are the two of you going to combine forces and create the baby of this century?”
“Of the century?” Harry laughed at the over dramatized words of the lady before him.
“Yes, of the century,” she smiled politely, silently urging him for an answer.
“Ehm, soon, hopefully,” Harry slowly nodded, his eyes diverting from the interviewer’s as he softly smiled down at the ground.
Hopefully; I’d like to see that happen real soon. How many kids do you two want?” The interviewer inquired, raising an eyebrow in question.
“Hm,” Harry let out a single, dry laugh as he turned to look at you with a puzzled expression before he started putting up his fingers, in question as to how many children you wanted.
Four?” The female interviewer gasped with a surprised laugh as you shrugged at your still guessing husband.
“We don’t know,” Harry gave up with a shake of his head and a shrug, “as many as possible.”
“As many as possible?” The woman questioned, surprised by Harry’s answer.
“Sure. We might as well take advantage,” Harry shrugged, innocently.
“Of what, exactly?” The interviewer inquired, confused as to what Harry was talking about.
“Of our ability to have children. Some people aren’t as lucky,” Harry briefly explained, “besides, I think we’d raise some great people.”
“Goodness gracious; you’ll end up with a dozen,” the interviewer laughed.
“That’d be nice,” Harry shrugged once more before the interview moved along, leaving you with the excitement for when the two of you decided to start having children.

People often compare yolo and carpe diem, but I think they actually convey different messages.

Carpe diem, in the context of Horace’s ode, comes from a place of caution: you shouldn’t build up elaborate hopes for the future, since you may be fated to die any day. Therefore, it’s most sensible to live each day to the fullest in the present (which, to Horace, is pretty much relaxing and drinking wine by a nice stream under the shade of an arbutus tree).

Yolo, on the contrary, encourages risk-taking: “you only live once,” so you should take advantage of opportunities, do impractical things, or act recklessly, because otherwise the moment might pass you by forever.

I think the two are conflated so often because of the most common English translation of carpe diem, “seize the day.” “Seize the day” sounds a lot like yolo, implying that one should take advantage of the day’s opportunities with decisive action. The Latin phrase carpe diem, though, literally means “pluck the day” (as in picking fruit or flowers), and is part of a series of agricultural motifs in Horace’s ode–it means something more like “enjoy the fruits of the day.”

As of yet Unnamed  No One Minds | Head Boy/Head Girl Dramione Fanfic

This is AU “there was no Voldemort” fluff of the silliest sort.  There is no angst.  No war.  No misery beyond adolescent insecurity.  I’ll keep reblogging this post until I get to the end of Chapter 2, then start a new post for chapter 3.  At some point I’ll port it to FFN.  You are the alpha reader(s) which means send suggestions/requests :) 

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

“I think I’ll be Mesperyian,” Ginny said.  “It’ll go with the theme.”

Hermione stretched out on the couch in what had once been her common room and flipped through the Witch Weekly and groaned.  “Could he have come up with a more cliched idea?  ‘I know,’” she said, mimicking Draco Malfoy’s posh accent, “‘For Halloween, we’ll do a hell theme. So clever, don’t you think?’” 

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Seems Innocent Enough

Summary: Their friendship is changed forever when Dan finds a journal that Phil had been keeping since 2009

Note: This is the first fan fiction I have written in a VERY long time. Please forgive me if this is a little rusty. Also, this is my first phan pairing so I hope I did it justice :)

Warning: A little bit of swearing here and there, that’s about it

Word Count: 3586

It seemed so invasive, going through Phil’s things, but I needed my laptop charger, or else tonight’s live stream wasn’t going to happen. I stood outside of his door debating with myself what I should do. I had already promised the fans I would be live in ten minutes. I had basically been off the grid since Phil and I left for Florida two weeks ago. We flew back early that morning and still hadn’t unpacked. Phil was gone at Tesco for a grocery run. I had forgotten that I let him borrow my charger at the airport, after he left his plugged into the hotel outlet. I knew he wouldn’t mind, but I decided to text him just to make sure, praying that he replied in time.

Dan 8:49 p.m:

Hey, can I go get my charger from your bag?

Phil 8:50 p.m.:

Sure, Dan. You know idc.

I had the consent that I needed, but I still felt very uneasy. I slowly pushed open Phil’s door and crept my way into the room as if I was sneaking. I made my way over to the navy blue suitcase sitting on Phil’s bed. I careful unzipped the suitcase to reveal an assortment of items. I dug through several wrinkled pairs of dark skinny jeans, a few sloppily folded t-shirts, and an iphone charger before I discovered something interesting: a brown leather bound journal monogrammed with a large cursive P. It was obviously expensive, but I had never seen it before. You can’t Dan, it’s so wrong, I thought to myself. But surely Phil wouldn’t care, it’s probably just notes for videos or something. It’s not like we keep secrets from each other. I opened the notebook and scanned the first page, letting curiosity get the best of me:

Property of Phillip Michael Lester

Hmm, seems innocent enough, I thought to myself. I continued to the second page. It was dated for January 3rd, 2010 and titled: A New Year.

Since I received this fancy journal for Christmas, I decided I should probably give writing in it a try. I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately, and I’ve always heard that writing is a great outlet. Anyway, ever since I started hanging out with Dan, and I am just really confused. I know we’re just friends, but I just can’t stop thinking about him.

The journal fell from my hands and hit the pile of dirty clothes in Phil’s suitcase.

“What the holy fuck?” I said out loud to myself. “Phil, are you serious?”

I stood there frozen. A million thoughts ran through my mind, but I tried to rationalize with myself. Dan, calm down. Everyone has confusing moments from time to time. I had more than my fair share of confusing thoughts about my own feelings for Phil. I stared down at the journal. I couldn’t read more…could I? I knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself. I grabbed journal from the suitcase and flipped to the most recent page. Though it lacked a date, I could tell it was written recently.

On Holiday

It’s been such a nice trip in Orlando with Dan. Our hotel was so close to Disney world we could see the fireworks from our patio. On the last night we stayed in and shared a bottle of wine. We were a little tipsy, Dan more so than me. We stood on the patio and watched the sky. It was so cute watching the fireworks light up his face. It was almost torture though because every time we drink he gets so flirty. He laid his head on my shoulder and said we should go to Disney World for our honeymoon. I laughed with him, but secretly wished he was being serious.  It always bugs me how he acts. Whenever we have read any of the fan fiction about us he just laughs it off. I just sit there awkwardly because part of me wishes it were real.

Last night he took a selfie with me in front of the fireworks, with the bottle of wine still in in his hand, the arm that was wrapped around me. He smiled and said, “This one’s just for me, but if I were gonna upload it, the caption would be ‘Night in with the boyfriend’.” I died inside. It kills me when he makes jokes like this. Then he said, “You know what would be funny, Phil? If we kissed and took a picture of it with the caption 'Phan Confirmed’. That would be hilarious”. That’s classic Dan drunk behavior. Even our friends have mentioned it before. I thought about getting the nerve up to just kiss him and see what he would do, but I know that would be wrong. I’m not going to take advantage of him in that state, but sometimes I wonder what would happen if we both had a little bit too much to drink. I’m too afraid that I would tell him the truth, that I love him and have since 2009.

I closed the journal and placed it back into the suitcase. I spotted my charger wadded up in one of the pairs of dirty t-shirts. I raised the shirt up to my face. It still smelled like him, so nice and familiar. I inhaled the scent for a few moments before I heard the front door open. I re-zipped his suitcase and bolted for my room. I shut and locked the door, something I never do. I plugged in my charger and checked the time. 9:15 PM. Shit. Fuck it, I’m in no state to do the live show now. I sat on my bed and stared across the room. My mind was buzzing, my thoughts were spinning. I vaguely remember saying those things last night, but they didn’t seem weird at the time.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Dan, is everything okay? Can I come in?” I didn’t respond. Phil waited a moment or so “I was going to make some stir fry…if you want any.” He sounded disappointed and he knew I wasn’t asleep. My lights were still on, and he knows that I absolutely can’t sleep with any light in the room. I heard him walk away. I felt like shit for ignoring him, but I just couldn’t face him yet. The worst part was knowing that he trusted me to get into his bag. He trusted I wouldn’t invade his privacy, but I did.

I heard him in the kitchen, cooking our favorite meal alone. I felt bad, but I had so much going through my mind. I sat there in pure silence. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t say a word. I sat there taking it all in, the next thing I knew it was morning. I had fallen asleep with my lights on, fully dressed. My phone read 9:03 AM. Too early for me usually, but my stomach was growling from my lack of dinner. Still in a groggy daze, I stumbled my way to the kitchen. I was surprised to find that Phil was already awake, making himself a cup of coffee.

I tried to push the thoughts from last night out of my mind, but I couldn’t stop looking at Phil. I was seeing him differently now, which I suppose was inevitable, now knowing what I know. I caught myself scanning my eyes over his body, and landing on his ass. Phil had such a nice ass. It’s not like it’s the first time I had ever noticed, just the first time I actually allowed myself to think it. It was like I was entranced by the curves of his body. I stood next to Phil at the counter. Feeling like I needed to explain why I left him hanging the night before.

“Hey, Dan, you were out cold last night.” Phil turned to me and smiled.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just so jet lagged.” I lied. I couldn’t tell him the truth. Not yet.

“That’s okay Dan. I was just worried about you.” His piercing blue eyes met mine, and for the first time I let myself admire them. “The fans were too. Twitter was blowing up.”

We ate our breakfast in silence in front of the TV. We were watching some anime that Phil had picked out, but I just couldn’t focus. The words kept flashing though my head. Phil was in love with me, and the truth was that I was in love with him too. How could I ever tell him? Where do I even begin? I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to tell him. Our friendship would be ruined. It would no longer be Dan and Phil as friends, but Dan and Phil as a couple. People would surely find out, and that could potentially ruin our careers. Even worse, we could end up breaking up. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my best friend, but we were in love. Phil and I were in love with each other, and I was the only one who knew.

We went on about our day. I tried my hardest to act like nothing had happened. I had just finished editing a video when Phil approached me.

“Hey Dan, I’m kinda bored. Do you wanna watch a movie or something?” Phil asked, breaking my silence, my train of thought, my only hopes of keeping it all together. I looked at him and our eyes met. Those piercing blue eyes sent a shiver down my spine, like the day we first met. I was lost for a moment. I wanted to dive in and get lost. I knew then that something inside me had been unleashed, something all consuming. Something that had always been there, I just wasn’t embracing it.

“Anything with you Phil.” I spouted off without thinking. The words just fell from my mouth. My jaw visibly dropped open when I realized what I had said. “Oh, God, I mean a movie sounds great. I love those.” Nice save, Dan. Very smooth, not awkward, or obvious at all, I thought to myself.

“Are you feeling okay, Dan? You seem a bit off.” Phil asked with genuine concern.

“I’m probably still a little tired from the trip. I’m fine.”

“Well what movie do you want to watch?” Phil asked as we made our way over to the couch. I sat down first, and I couldn’t help but notice how close he sat to me. Had he always sat this close? Did I just not notice before?

“Oh anything sounds fine.” I shrugged, and truthfully anything was fine, as long as it was with him.

“I don’t know, Dan! I need suggestions!”

“How about something scary? I could use a little gore in my life.” I was half sarcastic, and half serious.

“I don’t want to be terrified!”

“I thought you loved horror movies?”

“Yes, but I’ve been so jumpy lately.”

“Nothing too scary then, okay?”

“Fine, but be prepared to find a petrified Phil sleeping on your floor tonight.”

“Well if you get scared I’ll share my bed.” I smiled for a brief moment, and then fell into an utter hell of awkwardness once I realized what I had just said. Phil just smiled and looked down. He didn’t say anything for a minute. Then he looked up, with a little bit of blushing on his cheeks and said “Deal”.

After much debate we selected a movie on Netflix and hit play. The picture was fine, but the sound was completely mute.

“What the bloody hell? What’s wrong with the sound of the damn tv?” I fiddled with the volume controls, and had no results. After a few moments of screwing with everything we decided that it was inevitable, our lounge tv’s sound had gone out.

“Dammit, I was really in the mood to curl up and watch a movie.” Actual disappointment painted Phil’s face.

“Well, you have a tv in your room, so…” I suggested.

“You’d be okay with that?”

“Well yeah, how else am I going to scare the hell out of you with Bloodyface Gore 3000?”

“Okay, let’s go.” Phil smiled as he led me to his bedroom. I tried to stay calm, but I was actually nervous. We started the movie and settled into Phil’s bed. He slid under the covers, but I stayed on top, wanting to climb in, but scared I would make things awkward.

“Get under here, Dan. You’re going to freeze your butt off up there.” Phil demanded in the mom tone of voice he sometimes used on me. I complied and curled up under the blankets, mostly because it truly was freezing in our flat. The heat was out and the warmth of the season hadn’t set in yet.

We sat there in silence watching the movie for about 20 minutes before the scary parts started. The movie was obviously too much for Phil, because he was jumping ten feet in the air at every little thing. I have to admit, I spent most of that time watching him watch the movie. I wanted to make a move. To do something. Anything. I was craving to be closer to him.

It was a tense part in the movie. The psycho killer was outside of the girl’s house, and he was closing in on her. Phil was on the edge of his seat, hanging on every second. This was the most scared I had ever seen him at a movie, it was all over his face. I reached my hand out and placed it on his thigh to comfort him. I looked down awkwardly, but I didn’t move my hand. I felt him looking over at me, but I kept my eyes down. After a few minutes the awkwardness had settled down and I finally felt brave enough to look over at Phil to gauge his reaction. He stared at the screen and would not look at me, his cheeks were red again. I felt the urge to run my hand up to his inner thigh. I wondered to myself what he would do. Would he like it if I started touching him? Would he be freaked out and hate me? Would he think I was just messing with his head? I decided not to test the waters, and kept my hand flat on the top of his thigh.

Phil looked over at me and smiled, our eyes met, and I smiled back. Suddenly we were paying more attention to each other then the movie. Phil slide closer to me, so close that we were touching. I gave him an encouraging smile, but neither of us said anything. I slowly lifted my hand from his thigh and moved my arm around Phil. He cuddled up into me and laid his head on my shoulder. It all felt so natural. We still didn’t speak.

As the movie went on we gradually slid down into the bed, Phil’s head ended up resting on my chest. I reached out my hand and ran my fingers through his soft, black hair. As he laid on my chest, and I stroked his hair, I realized that this all felt right. It felt like this was how it was always supposed to be. It was like electric being so close to him.

Soon the credits began to roll. Phil turned his body over and re positioned himself to face me, head still on my chest. He looked up at me with those stunning eyes. I felt it in the air, it was like a magnet, pulling my lips towards his and his towards mine. They collided and my mind went blank. It was a simple kiss, but so passionate, and full of so much meaning. It must have only been a few seconds, but it lasted eternally in my mind. My heart was so full bursting at the seems.

We pulled away, and our eyes met again. We gazed at each other for a moment, because words weren’t needed, not yet. There was intensity in his eyes that I had never seen before. He wanted me. He wanted me, but it was more than lust. It was a desire coming so deep from within his soul, I could see it, and I felt it too. I gently reached my hand behind his head and pulled his soft lips to mine. Our lips met again, and he kissed me back, our lips working together so perfectly. I ran my fingers through his hair as we kissed. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled over, gently pulling me on top of him. He broke our kiss and we took a moment to breathe, still not saying a word. Never in my life had I ever been so alive. I looked down into his deep blue eyes. I couldn’t hold it back anymore I had to confess.

“I’m sorry Phil.” I said, hoping that he wouldn’t hate me for what I was about to say.

“You don’t have have to be sorry for this, Dan.”

“No, Phil,” I averted my gaze. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “I read your journal.”

“What…really?” Phil sounded more confused than angry.

“Just a couple of pages. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t stop myself. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry.” Phil just stared at me blankly. He didn’t look angry or upset. If anything he looked scared. We sat there in silence for a moment, my body still on top of his.

“Why are you doing this to me, Dan?” Finally the hurt I had expected washed over his face. It killed me inside.

“I’m sorry, I saw it when I went to get my charger and…” I started to explain before Phil interrupted me.

“Not that. I understand that.” Phil said, his eyes meeting mine again, full of confusion and pain. “Why are you kissing me like that when you know how I feel?”

I was frozen in time, still a little confused at what was going on, not knowing what to say to make things better.

“I-I’m sorry.” I said, on the verge of tears. Why couldn’t I just tell him how I felt? Why couldn’t I just tell him I love him? I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I didn’t want to lose him. I didn’t want our friendship to be over.

“It’s one thing to act like this when you are drunk, but…” Phil trailed off, tearing his eyes from my gaze. “But to do this to me when you know how I feel about you.”

I still couldn’t say it. My tongue was frozen. All this time he thought I was just messing with him. That kissing him was some sick game. That my affection towards him wasn’t genuine. How could he even think that? I thought to myself, but had no luck trying to voice that to him. I knew I had to say something, or I really would lose him.

“Phil…” I started, but he wouldn’t let me finish.

“This isn’t a game, Dan.” He said as he slid out from under me, still being gentle and careful not to hurt me. I grabbed the collar of his shirt as started to turn away. I knew it was now or never. He turned to face me, eyes full of tears. I didn’t let go of his shirt, and held him there for a moment.

“Wait…” The only words I managed to get out. He looked at me with his beautiful blue orbs, now streaming tears. I felt tears falling from my own eyes. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I love you, Phil.” It was all I could say. He looked into my eyes, I could tell he didn’t want to let himself believe it. I pulled him into my arms, and began sobbing on his shoulder. “I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I just didn’t want to fuck this up”.

He held me there for a moment, still not saying a word. Slowly he pulled away and looked at me, our eyes met. “I love you too, Dan.”

- - -

Not much has changed since that day. We’re still just as good of friends as ever. My room is now basically my shoe and clothing storage, and an exclusive live show filming location. The most action my bed has seen since that day has been the addition of a Haru pillowcase, which Phil and I both found quite hilarious. The damn bed was hard as a rock anyway, Phil’s is much more comfortable. We’ve started packing for a trip to Japan that Phil planned. It’s something we have talked about doing since we met. I still tease him about leaving his charger in the hotel, and we have a good laugh about it. He planned for us to go when the cherry blossoms were in bloom so we could witness it together. He’s been talking about the future a lot lately, I think he is going to ask me to marry him. Only time will tell what our future holds, but one thing is for sure: that I will love him forever and always.

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Yo! I'd love a fic from the The Way That Light Attaches to a Girl universe, using the word "award!" You're so great for doing these and for doing all the awesome fics you do year round.

Takes place during the first fic! Series here.

“This really ins’t something you need to be nervous about,” Clarke says.

Bellamy doesn’t look convinced. If anything, it makes him look more nervous, and Clarke tamps down on the wave of fondness before she can do anything stupid, like kiss the costar she isn’t even supposed to be dating at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

It’s not her fault she likes him better than Finn.

“That’s easy for you to say,” he grumbles. “You do these all the time. We’re presenting. How do we present?”

“We rehearsed it, remember? Just do what we rehearsed and you’ll be fine.”

“What if they slime me? That’s this one, right? The slime one.”

“They don’t actually surprise you with the slime.” She pats his shoulder. “You’re going to be fine.”

He lets out a breath, closing his eyes, and Clarke takes advantage of the moment to check him out. Dressing up for the Kid’s Choice Awards isn’t really a huge thing, especially for guys, who have more trouble finding a happy medium between t-shirt and jeans and black-tie event, and Bellamy struggled with it. But he’s wearing a nice navy button-down and jeans that look more expensive than they are, his hair artfully distressed.

He doesn’t really look better than he usually does; he just looks good all the time.

“You think I’ve actually got a shot at winning?” he asks, finally.

“Definitely. I keep telling you, you’re way more popular than Finn.” She pauses and adds, “I voted for you.”

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Could you do a Poe imagine where him and the reader have cute moments and are dancing around the apartment and acting like goofs. Please

A/N: Of course! Thanks for your request :-)

Warnings: None

Prompt: The reader and Poe share a cute night together. 

From the communication network, you had been informed that the remainder of the pilots had returned from their mission. Scanning throughout the list of the survivors, you were instantly relieved to see Poe’s name on the list. 

He had survived the mission, and now all that was left was for him to return back to your base apartment. 

After waiting for a bit, you heard the front door creep open. Your heart racing, you jumped up and made your way to the entrance, throwing yourself against Poe’s body. 

“Hey there!” He exclaimed as he picked you up and spun you around. He placed you back down on the ground and planted a quick kiss on your cheek. “I’m so happy to see you!”

“And I’m so happy that you won!” You grabbed his hands in yours and began to twirl around the living room. Poe chuckled at your enthusiasm and joined your celebration. 

The two of you danced around the room, nearly tripping over the small tables and couches, but none of that mattered. The both of  you giggled and eventually ran into each other, laughing at your sudden collision. 

“These are the moments I think about when I’m out.” Poe chuckled and brushed your hair out of your eyes. 

“Well, it’s not over yet!” You exclaimed as you made your way into the bedroom to retrieve two pillows from the bed. “We’re young, let’s have some fun!” 

You tossed one of the pillows to Poe and couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. It wasn’t often that the two of you were able to be silly like this, so of course you were going to take advantage of the opportunity. It was nice to be able to have some fun to break up the seriousness of real life. 

Without warning, you lifted the pillow and smacked it at Poe’s chest. “You’re gonna get it!” He laughed as you took over, trying to dodge his pillow. 

When you couldn’t control your laughter anymore, you doubled over, giving him the perfect opportunity to strike. “We’re even now!” You sputtered in between giggles. 

After a bit of chasing each other around the apartment, the two of you grew tired quickly. Tossing the pillows to the ground, Poe fell backwards onto the sofa, bringing you down with him. Poe reached down and began to tickle you on your side. “Poe!” You exclaimed, still out of breath from the previous pillow fight. “Stop!” 

“But it’s so much fun to see you squirm and laugh!” He chuckled as you began to try and tickle him back.

Soon, you sunk back down into the couch, looking at Poe with a wide grin. “I love it when you come home.” 

“Me too; that usually means I’m alive.” 

You laughed. “I wouldn’t want you any other way.” 

under starlight || killian && emma



“You of course…though that outfit was very nice…perhaps we can find that again somewhere? maybe Ruby has something similar you can borrow?…”

His voice was intoxicating, just like his expression it would seem. He loved that he could pull such a tough woman into his charms with just one sweet look, something he never dared take advantage of unless she wanted him to.

“As you wish”

This man! One moment he was making her knees weak, the other moment he was simply driving her insane… and she loved it, both of it actually. Him. However the words were not in the cards yet. When it came to this, he would have to deal with baby steps on her part.
Emma kissed him once more before she turned and walked off. She had a few things to gather after all. It was her plan, so she would have to be prepared. And she would be prepared, for every possibility, which weren’t that much, she thought.

Emma bought food and drinks to go from Grannys and brought blankets and… in spite of what she normally did, music, even a change of clothes, but what were the chances of her needing that? Fantastically slim, she decided. 

Emma arrived at the beach earlier than expected. She put the blanket down and laid back on it, to look up at the stars. She couldn’t even the last time she had done something like that.

//simone just accidentally stole a small packet of drugs hidden in a book so if your muse is missing their secret stash… 

Simone stares at the packet of white pills she had found in the book she had just stolen, pulling one out and staring at it a moment were these drugs? she hadn’t ever tried drugs before. 

Surely one couldn’t hurt right she puts the packet in her pocket fiddling with the one in her hand popping it in her mouth and swallowing. she paused for a moment had it worked she guessed not she stood up from her spot on the swing and took a few steps before she swayed a bit and giggles the world was spinning that looked fun she stumbled over to a tree and sat down she felt so nice so free  

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3 please. Tnx.

3.Teacher/Student AU (Sorry, this, as all my writing does, went on a while. Also not sure how I feel about teacher-student, and only partly because I can’t see Holly doing anything to take advantage of an underage Gail, so I adapted it slightly)

This wasnot where Gail wanted to be spending her Sunday afternoon, not for a moment. She had only RSVP-d in the affirmative because one evening, three months ago, she had decided that it would be nice to find out if that bitch Annalise Stein had finally fallen from the self-involved pedestal she had placed herself upon herself before they even hit puberty, with as much indignity as 9-year-old Gail had envisioned when they first met one another. It was a decision she had regretted more and more each day since she had made it. But Steve had caught wind of her agreeing to come, and he had told Traci, who had spread the news to Oliver, who had made it his mission to force her to attend. To the point that he had driven her to the hotel, and near frog-marched her into the function room in which she was now stood.

Stood, vacantly listening to the aimless chatter of the girls she had involuntarily fallen in with in those first, nervy months at Manor Hill Lower School. They had become friends at the urging of the father of Annalise, the Ontario Attorney General, as well as Theresa Blackthorn’s MP mother and Kimberly Hancock’s uncle, the campaign manager for the recently elected city mayor, when they had discovered that her godfather had been recently appointed as a Deputy Chief of Police just prior to Gail’s transfer to the school at the start of Grade Five. And somehow she had remained within that friendship group through the Manor Hill Lower, Manor Hill Middle and Manor Hill Upper Schools, as other girls fell by the wayside, probably because of her Godfather’s later promotion to Chief of Police; her uncanny ability to attract boyfriends from the school sports teams, primarily Jason, the Swimmer and George, the school’s high jump hero; and the fact that her social awkwardness and lack inhibition when it came to casually insulting her peers served as a source of amusement. She was not an integral member; she certainly hadn’t been invited to the huddle in the toilets when Theresa had to take a pregnancy test one lunch time in the middle of grade 11. But she accepted it. Because she was socially awkward, and Gail knew she had done well, extremely well, in somehow worming her way into this group of teenagers she largely regarded with some degree of thinly veiled contempt.

“It’s so weird that they invited the teachers.” One of the girls said in a loud, obnoxious whisper, as they all glanced over at the congregation of people in the corner, almost all significantly older than anyone else in the room. Gail could not for the life of her remember the girl’s name, but was painfully aware that she was a partner at a leading Toronto law firm, as she had mentioned it six times in the past half hour.

“So weird, I mean, it’s our ten year reunion. I don’t even recognise most of them.” Theresa responded.

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How horror thriller Orphan (2009) smartly integrated Deafness and Sign Language into the plot...

I should mention beforehand Orphan is a film that contains American Sign Language (ASL) dialogue and I’m a British Sign Language (BSL) user so I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the signing.

For many years we’ve seen deafness portrayed in cinema in so many ways, some were hit and miss, some were lazy but every now and then film makers would get it right like director Jaume Collet-Serra’s Orphan (2009)

Orphan tells the story of Kate (the excellent Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard) who, after losing a child, decide to adopt a girl, the mysterious Esther (an incredible Isabelle Fuhrman) to join their family but things soon lead to manipulation and murder.

Their family has two children; Daniel (Jimmy Bennett) and, the focus of this article, 8 year old deaf Max played by hard of hearing Aryana Engineer who uses sign language with her family, even with the psychotic Esther.

Orphan is a solid and decent horror thriller relying on strong performances by the cast with a plot that kept me guessing to the absurd-yet-unexpected twist along with sharp visuals and tight direction by Jaume Collet-Serra.

But what fascinated me the most about this film was how well a mainstream Hollywood film portrayed a hearing family with a deaf child as well as smartly integrating Max’s deafness into the plot.

Prior to this film we have seen many cliches that comes with having deaf characters in films. A lot of the time hearing characters repeat what the deaf people are saying just for the benefit of audiences, deaf characters speak and sign at the same time just to make things easier for the film makers in terms of production logistics. Their deafness are served as a plot function which is fine but it makes their characters one-dimensional and, more controversially, casting hearing actors as deaf characters.

Firstly the film makers of Orphan cast Aryana who is hard of hearing in real life and uses American Sign Language (ASL) so this meant the actors who played the family had to learn ASL for the benefit of her as her character Max would be contributing greatly to the plot.

As I said before how hearing characters would repeat what deaf characters were saying, Orphan doesn’t do this. It instead shows burnt in subtitles whenever Max is signing thus giving her an individual voice in the film without relying on other characters to communicate for her, this quickly empowers Max as a deaf character.

Early on in the film we see an entire scene between Max and Kate as they communicate in sign language without any voices when Kate reads Max a bedtime story in ASL followed by a conversation about when Kate lost her baby during birth. Their dialogue is presented in the same burnt in subtitles and it is Max who insists Kate tells her a bedtime story and it is Max who signs to her about baby Jessica, all through ASL.

There’s a dinner table scene where, after Esther has joined the family, we see how the parents use ASL just so Max knows what’s going on but we see Daniel struggling with communicating with his little sister. This is not uncommon in real life, plenty of siblings or even parents don’t use sign language with their deaf relatives and this nicely sets up tension between characters particularly when Esther learns ASL quicker than Daniel has ever done.

Esther soon manipulates Max and uses her deafness to her advantage where she is asked to lipread what Kate is saying on the phone across the supermarket. At first glance this is a bit of a cliche, that deaf people are pretty good at lip reading but this is used purely for dramatic reasons. Jacques Audiard did this to implausible but great effect in his Hitchcockian French thriller Read My Lips (2001) and every film based on real life always exaggerates things for entertainment anyway. Yet again Esther and Max communicate in ASL with burnt in subtitles.

Throughout the film Esther has Max under her spell and she is threatened by Esther if she says anything about what she has done, Max isn’t being shown as a weak person because of her deafness, she is just an 8 year old girl who hasn’t grasped the notion of what’s right and what’s wrong.

It’s worth mentioning at one point in the film Esther threatens Max by speaking in her hearing aids, it’s clear Max is someone who can hear fairly good enough as a hard of hearing person yet relies fully on sign language.

It gets a bit confusing here as hard of hearing people normally have good speech skills on account of being able to hear fairly well and learn what sounds are whereas profoundly deaf people can’t hear sounds that well and often don’t have good speech skills but every person’s deafness varies greatly.

However near the climax Esther hides Max’s hearing aids, this is showing how devious she is and it makes for a very dramatic moment. This is seen as one of the taboos of being deaf - having a deaf person’s hearing aids taken away from them like you would take a paraplegic’s wheelchair away.

Esther soon makes her real self known and sets out on a bloody rampage after Max and her family, we see Max hiding in the greenhouse and Kate is on the roof whilst Esther is looking for Max. Through the glass roof Kate signs to Max to stay hidden, again another nice touch regarding ASL, how we can sign through windows and not using our voices to our advantage in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

This might be a bit random but at the climax there’s a struggle between Esther and Kate on top of a frozen lake, Max picks up a gun and fires a bullet off, a very silly moment yes but it’s not often you see an 8 year old girl like Max brandishing a gun. How many times have you shouted at characters on the screen for standing around, not doing anything whilst their friends or families are in danger?

Orphan has a cast of well-rounded characters and this includes Max who could have been a token disabled character instead is a proactive and layered character who goes through a clear arc of starting off as an empowering and confident deaf girl who then is manipulated and ends up fighting for her family.

This is not window-dressing or ticking the diversity boxes, this is smart writing because her deafness and using ASL, a visual language, is what gives her character and Orphan’s plot that edge so having deaf culture and sign language laced into the plot has contributed massively to the film’s tension and drama.