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Gemini: Friends + Relationships

What a Gemini expect from friends: When it comes to being a Gemini friend, just be yourself and be about what you preach. A Gemini would be impressed by one who is just simply themselves all-around, rather then someone who has 54 different personalities for 54 different people. Another thing a Gemini seeks from friends is commitment and longevity; don’t call us our friend one day and act like you don’t know us the next. 

What a Gemini expect from Relationships: If your lover a Gemini, please be about your business and stay on top of your game. A Gemini expects space, loyalty and a communication level that can be considered well-grounded. Don’t let anyone come in between you guys and try your best to understand your Gemini on a level that others can’t, and you both will last for quite a long time, or possibly forever (don’t take my word).

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The top 5 most surprising things Victor has ever done?

  1. show up in hasetsu and declare himself to be yuuri’s new coach buck naked like the extra piece of shit he is
  2. kiss yuuri at the cup of china, one protective hand at the back of yuuri’s head as he flings them both backwards onto the ice
  3. choreographed his marriage proposal to yuri with the entire russian skating federation and russian olympic hockey team in pyeongchang after yuuri narrowly takes gold.  
  4. stayed sober on their honeymoon.  “i get to remember this forever,” he says, leaning down to kiss yuuri, who is folded in half, calves over his shoulders. 
  5. cries when their daughter decides to pursue something entirely unrelated to figure skating.  “i was always worried she would turn out like me,” he says, pressing his wet face into yuuri’s shoulder as they help unpack all of her belongings into her dorm room.  “she’s so smart.  she’s just like you.  i’m so happy.”
Honeymustard Collection 20

With a cherry on top!

Last installation - thanks everyone for such a wonderful time! Love ya - every one!

Red woke to warmth and the faintest humming, starting in his ribcage and spreading out to each phalange tip. He kept his eye sockets closed for a while, savoring the comfortable darkness. Man, this felt good. Like a hot bath. Some part of him wished he could stay like this forever…probably the same part that knew how much it was going to hurt once he woke fully. Yeah, that wasn’t going to be fun – Boss had really torn into him, hadn’t he? Suppose he deserved it though for running off like that. Shit, between Boss and Stretch Red had managed to disappoint every monster he loved…

Red twitched, muggy thoughts jolting a bit.


Memories of his last few minutes of consciousness curled on the cold concrete of his gutted bedroom fought to the forefront of his thoughts. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Had Stretch really…? Shit. SHIT! No way had that ended well for Stretch. Fuck, if Boss found him in their timeline he’d tear Papyrus bone from bone!

Casting aside concern for the pain that was sure to come once Red forced himself from this dim, warm place, Red took a little breath and cracked an eye socket. His surroundings came together slowly – drawn curtains, dark room…and a hunched figure beside his mattress, back turned to where Red lay on his side. Was that…Boss? He was muttering something, shoulders and skull all but silhouetted by a small globe of orange light he appeared to be cradling in his lap. Red attempted another hitched breath, pupils wavering as he lifted a hand quietly to his ribcage.

Oh, fuck…

His soul was displaced. Boss didn’t usually like touching Red’s soul – he found it disgusting – so why would he…?

The figure shifted and the light changed a bit, revealing a sloped jaw, smooth skull, and oversized orange hoodie. Red immediately relaxed his clutched phalanges from his ribs just as another wave of warmth passed over him. He all but melted into the mattress, eye sockets sliding half shut in pleasure, the tension in his aching bones unwinding like a long breath.



Red knew this feeling. Stretch had bubbled his soul in an orb of his healing magic, brow furrowed, hands cupped, gently coaxing Red’s scarred, stuttering heart still while he worked. Red blinked – now that he thought about it…there wasn’t any pain. From his cracked sternum to his split kneecaps the only feeling in his bones was warmth and comfort. Wow…definitely…not what he’d been expecting. How had Stretch…?

Red stopped himself from sitting up, holding his breath a bit when Stretch’s muttering voice became a little clearer. He was speaking low and fast, like an intonation or chant or something. Red strained to hear him, the rising happiness in his chest dampened a bit when he finally understood – Stretch was saying “sorry”…over and over, no stopping for breath, no fluctuation in his raspy voice, no break in his concentration. Just:

“I’m sorry I didn’t come find you sooner. I’m sorry I didn’t make you feel like you could stay here with me. I’m sorry I didn’t sit with you when I knew you weren’t feeling okay. I’m sorry I can’t heal you better, or make you feel safe, or keep you smiling all the time, or stop your nightmares, or get rid of your scars. I’m sorry I’m not the best person to help you and there’s times when I just…don’t know what to do – and I’m sorry that when you left…all I could think about was myself and how terrible I felt when I should have been thinking about you. I’m sorry that I…”

Red swallowed, wondering if Stretch could feel his soul surely growing heavier in the taller skeleton’s hands. God, Pap looked exhausted. How long had he been going at this? And how long before that had he been working on the machine that made the leap into Red’s timeline possible? And how long before that had he been kept awake after Red had…vanished without as much as a goodbye?

Stretch’s skull bobbed with fatigue – his shoulders shook. A series of little incoherent noises interrupted Pap’s steady apologetic stream. Shit, was he…crying? Red propped himself up on his elbow, wincing as some remnant pain broke through whatever healing protection Papyrus had set in place. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What should he do? After a frantic moment of hesitation Red reached out a hand to tug at the orange sleeve of Papyrus’s hoodie.


No response.

Red lifted himself to his knees, gritting his teeth against the sting as he pulled himself up beside the taller skeleton. He pressed into Papyrus’s shoulder, resting one hand on Pap’s spine and ghosting the other over his phalanges where they were cupped around Red’s soul in his lap.

“Hey, Pap?”

Papyrus blinked slowly, his repentant mantra fading out. He turned his head slightly to look at the smaller skeleton now tucked against his side, pupils unfocused with magic depletion.

“Oh,” Papyrus said, voice small, “…you’re awake.”

Red attempted a smile but immediately dropped the effort when rolling tears welled up and over Papyrus’s eye sockets, tracing wet lines down his cheekbones unchecked. Red could feel Stretch absolutely shaking and when he spoke his voice was all but incoherent for how much it broke.

“Red, I’m sorry. F-fuck, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

“Hey…” Red pressed his hand over Pap’s mouth, cutting him off. “Hey!”

They stayed like that for a moment, Red completely frozen and Stretch’s pupils lit with a wild, desperate magic. Fuck…what was he supposed to do? Red wanted to apologize, more than anything he wanted to just apologize – for making such a dumb fucking decision and leaving Papyrus that way. For freezing up every time Stretch so much as fucking kissed him. For being all but incapable of returning or even accepting Pap’s affection. For being…so fucking broken…it would be easy to apologize for all that – but…

“You know,” Red muttered, “some numbskull once told me…that regret, and misery, and guilt…doesn’t do anyone any good. Some touchy-feely bullshit, right?”

The light in Papyrus’s eyes calmed a little.

He lifted Red’s hand from his mouth with a soft touch on the smaller skeleton’s wrist and leaned in to kiss the crown of his skull, then his brow, then his mouth. Red let out a slow breath, watching his soul held loosely in Stretch’s other hand pulse a little brighter with every kiss.

It was a good start.



“…hang on.”

“Okay, but I don’t think he can wait much longer…”

“Okay, okay!”

Red tried to keep himself from wringing his hands and failed immediately. His stomach was in knots and he felt like an idiot standing in Papyrus’s two sizes too big borrowed clothes in the middle of his bedroom facing a closed door. Stretch leaned nonchalantly beside the doorframe, one hand on the knob, the other tucked in his front hoodie pocket. He cocked a brow at Red.

It’d been a whole week since Red had come back and the entire time he’d been quarantined in Pap’s bedroom so he could heal. His ribs still ached a bit and he boasted a few new scars from his most recent encounter with his old timeline, but his soul shone stronger than ever and Stretch had told him he was pretty sure Sans was going to “pull a muscle” if he had to wait any longer to meet the monster Papyrus kept going on about.

“Okay,” Red took a deep breath, “I’m ready.”

Stretch gave a resolute nod.

“Might wanna brace your knees,” he said flatly, and turned the knob.

“Why would I – oomph!”

Red was nearly bowled over backwards when what appeared to be a short blue ball rocketed into the room and immediately snared him in a rib-crushing hug. Sans, or “Blue,” as Papyrus called his younger brother, wore a grin big enough to crack his skull in two and he practically had stars in his bright, wide eyes.

“Oh my gosh! You really do look like me! Papy, doesn’t he kinda look like me? Oh, right – hi, I’m Sans! You’re Red – oh, sorry, I already knew that! I like your tooth! You smell like smoke – do you smoke like my brother? That’s not good for your health, Red! But don’t worry, me and Papy will look after you now, right Papy?”

Stretch kinda nodded lazily where he was draped against the wall – though in agreement to what part of Sans’s hyper babble Red wasn’t entirely sure.

“Oh my gosh!” Sans all but shouted, releasing Red as suddenly as he’d grabbed him. “I’ll make some hot cocoa! Do you like hot cocoa, Red? Never mind, of course you do! Wait right here, I’ll be right back!”

He bolted off, taking the corner from Papyrus’s bedroom fast enough to slide on the carpet before darting from view. Red readjusted his shirt, not sure if he wanted to focus on regaining his breath first or just laugh. Wow…Stretch really hadn’t been exaggerating, had he?

“Doesn’t anyone in this timeline have a personal bubble?” Red growled, shooting Stretch what he attempted to make a disgruntled scowl.

Pap shrugged, smiling as he pulled a cigarette from his hoodie pocket and pushed himself off the wall.

“Heh - just you. Coming?”

Red didn’t even try to hide his smile as he followed after Stretch.


Wooooo ok so @sweetiron, @ponykind, @pelenor and I had an Undertale themed party last saturday! 

1. Flowey made by me, vines hung by @sweetiron I enjoyed making this a lot it’s probably going to stay up in our house forever (or until the next house inspection or party)

2. A useless pile of snow! Yeah ok this makes me feel… a little bad but we needed somewhere to put drinks! There’s an ice wolf stuck a little higher up the wall. 

3. Spider bake sale!!
I designed cider labels, had them printed on sticker paper, peeled the labels off some alcoholic cider bottles and stuck these on. There’s even little Muffet faces stuck on the top of the caps. This was one of the main things I wanted to do for the party and I still have a bottle sitting on my desk that I can’t quite bring myself the drink. 
Croissants were just bought ones, but the lovely @sarahttaylor decorated the spider donuts and gave them to us even though she couldn’t stay for the party. She’s the kindest friend too pure for this world. 

4. Simple snacks! The friendliness pellets were these sugar covered marshmallows which sounded great, but they tasted really strange. After a while you got used to them but we thought it was very appropriate for a Flowey themed thing.

5. Cinnamon bunnies (I tried to ice them with bunny faces but it didn’t quite work so I gave up and just put a bunch of icing on), Snowman pieces (white chocolate rum balls) and Temmie Flakes (honey joys made by @sweetiron)

6. Dog treats (shortbread) and abandoned quiches (mini quiches that we bought)

7. Hot Dogs! Well, cocktail frankfurts with no bun… we got a little lazy but Sans would approve! Also little mini Spaghetti nests! Plus Glamburgers, which were a little rushed (at this point I had been cooking for almost 8 hours and the party was in full swing) but I’m happy with them! Rock salt for glitter!

8. Sans’ pet rock cake. It’s covered in sprinkles. And OF COURSE the obligatory Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie.

We also had a lot of characters printed out and stuck around the house, pretty sure we had every fight-able monster at least. Plus some of the bead sprites I made! 

The whole thing was so much fun even if I tired myself out by cooking so much!

‘The gap is more big now. We want to stay there, top of the league forever. We are full of confidence. We don’t want to focus too far (ahead). We take game after game and be ready for the next one. The next one is next week, so now we have a good week for training to get ready for the next game.’
- Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard scored a sublime solo goal as Premier League leader Chelsea thrust a dagger into Arsenal’s title aspirations with a 3-1 victory at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. It was Chelsea’s 11th home victory in succession and the 16th win in 18 league games, stretching the Blues lead over third-place Arsenal to a huge 12 points with 14 games of the season remaining.

How I Stay On Top Of My Assignments At School

Discipline / Motivation

I see people ask all the time “How do you stay motivated to be so productive?” Now I’ve always had a problem with relying on only motivation when it comes to working, whether that be doing school work or a creative project. Motivation doesn’t last forever, it often comes and goes and there will be times where you have no motivation to do anything. 

This is where you must remember Discipline over Motivation

Discipline is the one thing that will always make sure you do everything you need to do. Discipline is finishing your english essay even though all you want to do is play Crossy Roads on your phone or its reading that chapter for class tomorrow even though your favorite youtuber just posted a video. 

If you only rely on motivation alone, to get your work done, there will be a day or week where you have no motivation what so ever. So what are you going to do then? That work is not going to go away, those due dates are still there. This is the moment where you have to buckle down and just do it, Even if it’s boring and you’d rather be doing anything else. You just have to do it, your future self will thank you.

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Time Management

Time management is one of the most crucial parts to balancing any part of life especially school. If you don’t plan your time wisely you could find yourself scrambling the night before an essays due trying to finish it.

Part 1: Write Down Assignments And Due Date 

Anytime you are told about a paper, project, or anything that involves you taking time out of your day to complete or prepare for. WRITE IT DOWN! With the Due Date. I would suggest if you don’t already have one to get yourself a planner. 

Part 2: Plan! Plan! Plan!

When you go home or when you have time in your day. Pull out your planner and schedule time for you to work on/study for anything you need to. Start with the most important to the least. Also add in any chores or things you’re doing that week that will take up some of your time.

This will allow you to see what you need to do instead of just winging it. Also this allows you to work on the most important things first and move to the less important things as you go.

Part 3: Plan Some Fun!

Now we’ve all probably suffered from a burnout once or twice. By scheduling in time for you to relax your helping yourself avoid a burnout in the future. I suggest scheduling ten to twenty minutes a day for you to just relax. Now this could mean anything thing from a ten minute walk to 3 youtube videos. Just make sure you give yourself a break from time to time. 

By doing this you’re giving your mind a break which will allow you to be way more productive when you hop back into an assignment!

That’s It!

This is what I do to make sure I’m not only getting all my work done but that I’m also not overworking myself, which I feel is sometime glorified and romanticised in the studyblr community. 

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I shall forget, to have thee still stand there, remembering how I love thy company.
( I’ll forget it, and you’ll have to stand there forever. I’ll only remember how much I love your company. )

And I’ll still stay, to have thee still forget, forgetting any other home but this.
( I’ll keep standing here, even if you keep forgetting. I’ll forget that I have any home besides this spot right here. )

the one scene that never fails to make me legit bawling has to be this one. ill admit ahiru and fakir has been my top anime couple™ since i was 9, if 4th grade me had to choose one (even tho….little me was absolutely repulsed by romance irl, let alone in any anime)

 but having rewatched it recently w/ a friend to share in my suffering and having that nostalgia uppercut me thru the fucking jaw only amplifies how much my heart hurts for these nerds -_- !


This club is about passion, is about love, is about give your one-hundred percent for it. I just love this club, i do it like a fan and i don’t care what people say but it’s true love. The most important thing is that Arsenal stay at the top, win titles and fight for all. For this club, it’s never going to be easy. Most of the games i played were in pain. ¿But you know? I loved every minute of that pain”.

- Thierry Henry.


Nova pulled her coat tighter around herself and sighed softly. It was almost 1am and Vera still wasn’t back yet; the older vampire was never gone this long. She always made a habit of keep to schedule to make sure they had somewhere to stay once morning hit. It was normally Nova who took forever to get things done. The strong inner turmoil if another stale rest stop bag of off brand chips was worth it, she pulled out her coin bag and pursed her lips.

This rest stop was really getting to her. It was in the middle of Dragons clan territory and she was the only one here. Vera had told her that this was a minor faction and this was their biggest lead yet to finding her brother, two hours tops. It had been four going on five hours and Nova was left to stress eat and prepare for the worst if they found her. She was no fighter, but there was no way she was going back to that damned place without a struggle.

Kosie Fluff | Marry Me


PG | PG-13 | R


Kaden&Josie | Marry Me

“I like this. Being with you.” I mumbled, leaning my head on Kadens shoulder. He rests his head atop mine, and I hear the boy I love sigh with content.
“Me too. I could stay here forever,” He spoke softly, making my heart swell. I looked up at his freshly shaven face, moving my gaze to take in the increible sunset we had come to watch on top of Le Reculet, a small mountain in Vognes, France. We initially came to visit Ahren and Camille, but ended up staying an extra week to backpack around eastern France just to be alone with eachother.
I can’t get enough of him to the point where it becomes terrifying. Every word–every syllable that leaves his beautiful lips is as important as the syllable prior. It feels like some sort of obsession, but I can’t help it. He is my moom, my sun, and every shimmering star in the sky.
“Wow,” I sighed, watching the sun split in half between the sky and the earth.
“It’s beaufitul,” He kissed my hair, making me smile a little.
“You’re beautiful,” I commented and looked up at him. He slid his hand to rest on my neck and brought our lips together, kissing me lustfuly, speaking words beyond our capability. A picture perfect moment, the ones you find only in movies. Thats what it feels like with him. Magical. He feels like a love I never knew was possible.
“Josie?” I rested my head on his shoulder again,
“Yes, babe?” I asked,
He breathed audibly, “Sometimes I think that god didn’t let Kyle and Eadlyn fall in love becuase he knew that it would happen to us, you know? Becuase if they were married, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We couldnt be Kaden and Josie, or as Osten says, "Kosie”. We could only be Kaden, and Josie. And that comma makes a big difference Josie,“ He kept his gaze on the horizon as he spoke.
"Who needs comma’s? Am I right?” I joked, giggling a little at my own joke.
“Not the time for jokes Jo,” He exhaled heavily, using my kickname that belongs to only him “but fuck is your laugh really cute,” He smiled and nussled his nose into my hair before kissing my head and looking at the sunet again.
“Im really glad your sister banned Kyle from the castle,” I bit down on my lip, looking at our entertwined feet that lay stretched out in front of us.
“Me too,”
“I can’t beleive we’re going back in two days,” I mentioned, and after a few comfortably silent minutes of thinking about our recent adventures, he broke the silence
“Marry me,” He said nanchalantly, not taking his gaze away from the sunset.
“Im sorry, what?”
“Marry me, Josie,”
“B-but Kaden, we can’t. Not right now at least, im seventeen and thats really, truthfuly, way too early to get married. I can’t get married right now Kaden, I just cant. My dad would flip, and my mother would never forgive me. I love you, but I can’t,” I explained quickly, hoping I wouldn’t offend him. It was just way too early.
“Not right now,” He laughed, “I dont even have a ring–although I already know what yours will look like. Just, promise me we’ll get married? Whenever your ready, and you’re right, we are a little young, hell I can’t even make myself breakfast. But Josie, I really can’t imagine a life without you being in it. So, in the future, I would really, really like to marry you,” He spoke calmly, looking down at me.
I curled into his body, kissing the side of his chest “Mrs Kaden Schreave, I like the sound of that,”
“Mrs Josie Schreave sounds even better, in my opinion,” He giggled, biting down on his lip.
“I think your right, the future Mr Kaden Woodwork,” I laughed, nuzzling my head into his side.
He really laughed at that one, making me smile “Mr and Mrs Josie Woodwork,” he mumbled, then giggled again. I smiled, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. I was in love with the right person, and everything felt wholeheartedly right.

heathens reversed version hearings:
- 0:06 - “oh forever now we get out of/our story OR we will write another story”
- 0:11 - “im misbehavin ive got a stalker gone now” BLURRY
- 0:17 - “we know hes josh/gone now”
- 0:20 - “staaaaaaay”
- 0:21 - “yes follow you (shoe) new ??? we josh/gone now”
- 0:53 - “chooooooose”
- 0:55 - “you never will/you never kill”
- 1:03 - “heathens take it slow”
- 1:05 - “sick of (snitty??) hells near find more/cmon”
- 1:19 - “back off (for deal/real??) this is vinyl is final”
- 1:22 - “he gets me to say again and i give you/blue(?)”
- 1:26 - “he gets me to safety(?) ??? follow away”
- 1:28 - “he gets me to social even under ???”
- 1:32 - “im speaking im scared (??)”
- 1:36 - “im nervous ????”
- 2:02 - “he has not found ???”

just another cashton playlist to cry your heart out to

obsessed, emblem3 // jukebox (life goes on), the summer set // staplegunned, the spill canvas // backseat serenade, all time low // someone like you, boys like girls // stay the night, green day // tenerife sea, ed sheeran // on top of the world, boys like girls // happily (acoustic), one direction // on your side, a rocket to the moon // on the way down, ryan cabrera // i can wait forever, simple plan

❤ listen here ❤