no one should want to reproduce in this world

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Had an interesting idea, what if SS is pregnant with Shaun(about 5-6 months in) while the Institute took her husband. What would the companion reactions be to first meeting her if I may ask? (p.s. I love your blog and hope you have a good day!(or night, depending when you read this)

(Thank you!)

Preston: It’s kind of humbling to be saved by a pregnant person. He’s very careful around them, constantly asking if they need any assistance

Curie: She’s researched all kinds of pregnancy and birthing procedures and medicine. She’s always fussing for them to eat more and drink more purified water.

Piper: The article she writes gains even more sympathy from Diamond City, she even pressure Mayor McDounough to give the poor pregnant Sole the Home Plate house for free.

Nick: He’s very sympathetic to the Sole. He’s also the one who makes them stay home when he feels a mission is to dangerous. “Absolutely not, you’re staying here and that’s final. As long as I’m alive no harm is going to come to either of you.”

Deacon: He and the Sole use their pregnancy to an advantage who they are undercover. Sole palsy the weak and helpless pregnant one, while Deacon is the loving caring father. It works to make look like they’re not a threat.

Maccready: The Sole hires him as an extra gun for protection of them and their child. Mac does his jobs to the nine, not wanting any harm to come to a parent and their baby.

Cait: “Wait you’re… Pregnant? Oh shite…” She actually feels kind of bad for them and the baby, having to be born like this in such a shitty world.

Strong: Being a super mutant, they don’t reproduce like humans do, there is almost a child like innocence when he asks them why their belly is so big and round.

Danse: He’s cautious enough with the Sole to the point where it’s almost condescending. “I’m just trying to be careful, no one should have to birth a child in this world.”

Hancock: He avoids the pregnant Sole as much as he can. Not because he doesn’t like them or babies, but he’s worried that being a ghoul might emit radiation to the sole and the unborn child. He’s just paranoid that he’ll mess it up somehow.

X6: He acts as more of a bodyguard than an escort. Keeping watch to protect them.

Codsworth: He constantly grabbing any extra blanket, food, or toys he can find for the upcoming arrival.