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Taehyung Scenario Fluttering Heart.

Request: Can you do the read x and Taehyung on how Taehyung first fell in love with you/reader and how he finally got to have you as a girlfriend

Genre: Fluff

You had met him by chance, it was mid of June and you were getting ready, it wasn’t like you thought you could stand out among the sea of fans but deep down, you still had that hope that maybe his eyes would laid on you. And they did. You didn’t notice at first, thinking  he was gazing at someone behind you, at someone else in the crowd. But his eyes were persistent and when it finally was your turn to get your CD signed you confirmed it.

When you stood in front of him you felt pretty much as if you were dreaming, you breathed deeply, trying not to shake too much while extending your CD to him. He took it in his big hands, analyzing the case like it was the first time he had seen it. -Hi- he said with a bright smile and you felt your heart melt, his smile was always so beautiful.
-Hello- you managed to say, smiling at him too. You tried to stay calm in his presence but the truth was that you were as nervous as you could get.
Taehyung grabbed his pen and looked at you again. -I’m happy you came to our sign, our Armys are always the prettiest- he gave back the CD after he signed it and you almost couldn’t believe it. You had met Kim Taehyung.

Since the moment you started to watch over Bangtan, your favorite was him. He had that unknown something that made your heart skip a bit. You still could not take him out of your head, his eyes fixing on you, his hands stretching out to pick up your CD, the whole experience simply felt surreal. And in fact, Taehyung was even more good looking in person. 

But you knew that you were only a fan among the others, and most probably that was the way he saw you and nothing else; still, that didn’t stop you from daydreaming about that day.

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Help a girl out

I plan on going to walker stalker New Jersey this year to meet Norman and Jeffrey. I would only go for one day and I know I definitely want a photo op with each of them (and if that can’t happen just Norman) then I want to go and get them to sign it.

I went to walker stalker Boston last year with a one day general admission and met Steven (Glenn) steven (Simon) and Michael (Abraham) but I didn’t get any photo ops and and payed for photo and autographs at their tables.

With all that being said my question for anyone who has gone through this process before is how should I buy this? Like should I buy everything individually or get like package. I know they have those VIP things for certain cast members but I don’t know how that works.

If anyone can answer this question please direct message I’m trying to figure everything before photo ops go on sale :)

Story time, kids!!

So yesterday, my sister and I had tickets to an advanced screening of Captain America: Civil War.  We got into Boston early because we weren’t guaranteed seats because they overbook these things in case people don’t show up.  We get in line (we’re like 40 people in) and we settle in to wait for 2 ½ hours to be let in to be seated.  

I know Mike Beach is currently in Boston, filming Mark Wahlberg’s new movie, Patriot’s Day.  I jokingly started tweeting him about how he should come keep us company in line at the theater (because there was no way I’d be content to just stand there and talk my sister).  

Literally about 2 hours laters, I get a reply and yeah. 

This is what happened:

Naturally, I start freaking.  “Is he serious?”  “Is he teasing me?”  “I know he said he wanted to do a meet up, but is he pulling my leg?”

The movie was going to be a long one, so I wasn’t going to hold my breath.  

Then THIS happened:

H O L Y  S H I T

He had mentioned in an earlier tweet that he was going to be around the Prudential Center on Boylston, so my sister and I started walking in that direction for when he told us his location.  He had a place in mind, but they ended up being closed, so we could tell he was trying to find something else.  

When we stopped at a corner to give him some time, apparently he walked right by us on the street.  (We weren’t RIGHT on the corner.  We were out of the way and he was on his phone.)  I get a reply telling us he found a place.  

It was a bar.  We walk up, we see him in the window, by himself.  Holy shit.  We go in and introduce ourselves.  He gives us big hugs!  He’s wearing his Harley Davidson biker vest.  He’s so happy to see us!  Its literally just the three of us.  I don’t know why I thought he’d have someone else with him.  When I meet people from the internet, I always like to have one other person there with me, but he’s a 50+ year old man, so…….

We immediately start discussing Civil War.  We obviously didn’t want to spoil anything, but he had one or two questions that he needed answers to just for his own piece of mind.  haha.  He told some anecdotes of his kids.  (The man has 7 kids.  Oldest will be 30 in November and the youngest will be 2 soon.)  

We order some food.  He got a dinner and my sister and I split nachos.  It was 10:30 at night.  We didn’t want to eat too much.  

I feel like we literally talked about everything!  We talked about his kids.  We talked about our jobs.  We talked about his experience in the industry and the movie he’s working on right now.  The previous day he had been talking to Deval Patrick for about 3 hours, trying to really do the role justice.  

We talked about The 100.  He asked me what I thought about this season.  I asked him if he really wanted my honest opinion and he said, “Yeah!  Its no skin off my back!” 

Well….I ranted.  Due to the many different kinds of followers I have on here, some might not agree with me about my stand on certain things, so I’m going to refrain from going into detail about that.  

We also talked about The 100 cast.  He feels so genuinely towards them.  He honestly feels like they all honestly love each other.  He thinks its beautiful.  I think its beautiful.  God, I love this cast.  I told him how Bob was actually supposed to come to Boston twice, but he had to cancel both times.  I said if he did it again, I was going to start to take it personally.  He got a kick out of that!  Obviously, I’m joking.  I just really want Bob to try to come to Boston.  Always.  

We talked about the Jason/Ricky thing and I’ve mentioned how I haven’t liked Jason for well over a year because of how he’s treated different sides of the fandom over the course of all 3 seasons.  I told Mike about the “Ricky’s a great actor. I wish him all the best” or what have you and how that was literally all he said when asked.  Jason wrote an essay over a fictional character, but barely gave a full thought about a real person that he really hurt.  Mike didn’t even know Jason said anything at all and seemed to not be too happy about that.  

I’m getting heated all over again, fam.  Please forgive.  

Like, we told him how we met Ricky in November and just how lovely we thought he was.  How it broke my heart to hear that he was treated that way.  I love Ricky so much, you guys.  

We talked about how the cast actually used to be pretty active on social media, but because of all the hate they receive, its caused them to kind of clam up.  “Especially Bob. He can be really sensitive towards that kind of stuff.” Again, I’m just paraphrasing, but he did mention Bob specifically in regards towards the hate.  

RANT TIME: Literally, how gross do you have to be to send hate to an actual person OVER A FICTIONAL CHARACTER??  I’m disgusted by each and every person that continues to harass him, and the rest of the cast.  Guys, we’ve been following Bob for a good chunk of time now.  We know he’s a bit more sensitive to the hate.  Just fucking knock it off.  If you’re going to hate one someone (who you don’t even really fucking know, mind you), at least have the decency to not tag them on social media.  He literally does not need to see that shit.  When I was suddenly woken up at 3am and looked at my phone this morning to his tweet

I was literally ready to go to war.  I was ready to fucking fight.  I told Mike how that absolutely broke my heart to hear because Bob is one of my favorites, if not my number one, on this cast.  He’s a precious bran muffin who deserves the world.  I’m literally CONSTANTLY sickened by the amount of hate he gets.  

Mike also told me how, while he was live tweeting the episode last night, this girl was coming at him and when he went to reply, she had blocked him.  Like, how attention seeking are you?  Go outside.  Read a book.  Don’t start shit on the internet, honestly.  

He also told me, without giving away any spoilers, that the episode was probably the best one yet.  I told him that I couldn’t wait to watch it!  That it honestly looks like it was going to be the best one yet this season.  (And it was!) 

We talked about how he’s going to his first convention and he was asking what conventions are like.  We told him as much as we could.  We only have three cons under our belt, but I feel like we gave him a pretty good picture.  He doesn’t understand why people should pay to get pictures and autographs.  He doesn’t believe it should be like that.  But its literally always about money, so…..

(ALSO, CHARLIE HUNNAM IS GOING TO THAT CONVENTION??  I kind of geeked out. Me: “Charlie never goes to these things!” Mike: “I know!!  A whole bunch of us (SOA) will be there!”

We talked tattoos.  Our tattoos.  His tattoos.  He showed us the one on his bicep.  He had to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeve.  I nearly died.  That dude is FIT for 50+.  

I could’ve stayed there all night, but he needed to go to sleep and my sister and I needed to catch one of the last trains.  So I asked for pictures and we went outside to take them.  

Here’s mine:

Then he asked which way we were walking.  (We were actually walking in the same direction, so we started walking together.)  His hotel was right up the street, so we stopped out front and got hugs.  Said thanks.  We said that we hoped to do this again!  He’s leaving on Sunday for LA for a week, but he said he’d be back the following week for a couple of weeks.  He seemed down to meet up again!  We said goodnight.  He told us to get home safe and then he crossed the street to go into his hotel.  




laviecammecicammeca  asked:

Ok first off, YOU'RE AMAZING FOR DOING THIS AGAIN AND YOUR HOLIDAYS BETTER BE THE FUCKING BEST! So prompt: Bellamy goes to a con mainly to see his fave Wells who he has a lowkey fanboy crush on and ends up also meeting his less popular co-star Clarke who he lowkey kind of finds cute but can't figure out if she was actually flirting w/ him or was just being really nice and he goes broke from buying selfies and an autograph from her the next con days trying to figure it out lmao. Thank you! <333

Clarke is used to being the unpopular one.

In all honesty, it’s kind of nice. She’s seen how the really popular women get treated at conventions, and while she could do without some of the misogynistic slurs that get hurled at her on twitter, she’d rather have a small group of dedicated fans while the rest of the fandom mostly ignores her than have to deal with people who are always asking to see her tits.

Plus, Wells is the popular one. Which is, honestly, the most amazing thing ever. It’s awesome enough that she gets to work on a show with her best friend, and even better that said best friend is incredibly popular and everyone loves him.

So, yeah. Clarke’s job? Awesome. Clarke’s fan experience? Fairly awesome. Clarke’s appreciation of Wells’ discomfort with being incredibly popular with fans? Off the charts.

But by the end of the day, she is getting a little bored.

She’s doodling on her own table, just a nice, swirling pattern of vines, when someone says, “No one? Seriously?”

She glances up and sees a really hot guy standing by her table, head cocked. He’s got messy black hair and deep brown eyes behind his glasses, with a scattering of freckles all over his face. Plus, really ripped and wearing a tight Final Fantasy VIII t-shirt.

Honestly, if she’d known guys who looked like this came to cons, she would have joined the circuit earlier.

“What?” she asks, because she’s just a little bit distracted. She wasn’t expecting to talk to anyone this late in the day, let alone a hot guy. She saw some cute girls, but most of them were obviously with their boyfriends, so she didn’t really want to flirt. But now the day is winding down, and she wouldn’t mind having some actual fun. Just to break up the last hour of boredom.

“I thought you’d at least have a line. I had to wait forty minutes to see Wells Jaha.”

“Everyone’s tired of being here by the time they get to him,” she says. “Or no one wants to talk to the disposable love interest.”

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Drew is using his fame solely for money right now. I understand he needs financial support for his career but you know what artists do when they need money???? They go out and work their asses of doing tours for $10 a ticket and give away CDs and ask for a $2 or $3 donation in exchange. If he really really wants to go solo, he should start over. Instead he’s just piggy backing off of the fame that he got from being in emblem3. No one would be paying shit to be in a video or for an autograph of his if he was never apart of emblem3. I thought leaving that band was meant to humble him, but it did the opposite. If Drew really wanted to change the world, he wouldn’t be exploiting himself the way he is right now.

Peace out.


So I saw galiifreyrose’s post about her experience with Jared at Salute to Supernatural Phxcon so I decided to make one of my own! But mine is with Mark Pellegrino.

Okay so, before I even met Mark, I has/have been having depression, anxiety, and stress, especially since my parents have been fighting a lot. I needed to find a way to distract my mind from all this negative energy. Supernatural was one of them.

Now fastforward to the day I met Mark Pellegrino. (Of course, I love Misha as much as any other SPN fan, but Mark has made a very special place in my heart.) So I was in line for a question, dressed in my Dean cosplay and I was like 8th in line to ask. I was so scared that I wasn’t going to make it, I was actually going to cry if I didn’t, because I wanted to see him that bad. After time went by I ended up being that last question, thank god. So, I went up with teary eyes and he asked me my name and how I was, I answered the questions right after I said, “Oh my god I’m going to cry.” In which he responded with a hug and him saying, “Aw don’t cry.” I soon got my question answered and told him he was my favorite, in which resulted him hugging me again and him saying to the audience, “I don’t know if you heard, but she said I was her favorite~”

Now fastforward again later that night to the musical concert, this is probably the best experience I have ever had. So my friend (fetusjared) and I were listening, dancing, having a grand time until my mom texted myself and my friend, ‘Hey Mark Pellegrino is over here, you should come check it out’ (my mom was 2nd head volunteer at the con). So I went over there to see him just sitting there in the audience and no one paying attention to him. I, of course, waved at him and he smiled and waved back. But this may have attracted some attention of some others around, which resulted him going to the back of the room and sitting. Although my friend suddenly said right after, “Hey you should go talk to him, since earlier while I was getting your autograph (yes I was the girl who was late for calltime to ask Misha a question) he was asking so many questions about you, maybe you should go talk!” I was nervous as hell and afraid his bodyguard would punch me. But I ended up walking over there anyways.

To my surprise Mark seemed to light up when my friend told him that it was me. That’s when we started talking and chatting. But then I told him how much he meant to me and how I went through such a hard time. Him being a caring person he asked why and I went out on a limb and told him the whole story about my parents, my attempt on suicide, and anxiety issues. This resulted him in tearing up and hugging me 6 or 7 times. I was talking to him for a good 10-20 minutes about so many things until he had to go back on stage. He asked for my twitter and I told him I would tweet him as soon as possible. (From above) You can tell that he got back to me ask well. 

SPN Phoenix was the best experience of my life and I would want to do it next year. Mark is the sweetest man in the world, and if you see him for me again, tell him Trinity sends lots of love.