no one should ever have to be alone

I will not tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about… that would make me a hypocrite. I will not belittle what you’re going through by repeating tired old platitudes like ‘it gets better’, ‘you’ll find someone better’ or ‘you deserve better’…
I will not tell you that you’re holding onto ashes when the fire has long since burned out or that the rest of your life is waiting for you the moment you are ready to accept that the past is behind you… These are all things you’re probably not ready to hear and you need to realize them for yourself.
But the one thing I will tell you this; I know how it feels to miss somebody. It feels like you’re dying inside. Like you can actually feel your heart ripping and tearing because it so desperately wants to be where happiness is, but you were foolish enough to find happiness in a person – which everyone says not to do – and now they’re gone and they’ve taken your happiness away with them. I know that feeling of helplessness… that confusion of staring at empty hands that used to have everything but suddenly seem to have nothing… I know that pain. I know it all too well… and I feel it. I feel it until I can’t feel any more and then I start to heal a little and I feel it all over again.
So no, I won’t tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about like it’s something easy you should have mastered yourself by now because it’s not… it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. But what I will tell you is you’re not doing this alone and if you promise to keep trying… so will I…

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.

The Zodiac Signs as Lana Del Rey Quotes

Aries: “The luxury we have as a younger generation is being able to figure out where we want to go from here.”

Taurus: “It has been a lifelong ambition and desire. To have a defined life and a defined world to life in.”

Gemini: “I’m one of those people who believes words are some of the last forms of magic at exist.”

Cancer: “I never say Coney Island when it had all its big attractions. But there was something desperate about the boardwalk and I related.”

Leo: “People just want to see me go off the rails. That’s the only reason they’re watching. They just want to see what happens.”

Virgo: “I felt I lived most of my life divided into two states of either fear or love.”

Libra: “I used to wonder if it was god’s plan that I should be alone for so much of my life. But I found peace. I found happiness within people and the world.”

Scorpio: “I think obsession is a good word to talk about. I live in my obsessions and then the music comes from there.”

Sagittarius: “I mean, life is a honeymoon, y’know? Life, love, paradise, freedoms, that’s forever.”

Capricorn: “Nobody has ever asked me to smile in their pictures. They want me to seem sad.”

Aquarius: “Being human is difficult. Some people make it more difficult than others. I was one of those people.”

Pisces: “I have had some very practical, down to earth advise about love that I choose not to follow.”

SKAM S04E10 Clip 8 - Dear Sana

[Incomprehensible chatter]

SANA: He’s the one who bought the toilet paper rolls.

THE GIRLS: Oh! That’s right!

VILDE: Where did they end up?

BOY: I just sold them to some friends at the Mosque. Nothing big.

EVA: Oh, okay.

BOYS: Eyyyy!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak! Eid mubarak.



SANA: Welcome.

ESKILD: Thank you and I just wanted to say Eid mubarak!

SANA: Eid mubarak!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak

SANA: Ohhh, how nice the two of you look!

ESKILD: Thanks! I’m the one who chose the outfits for tonight. I went to Grøndland and did some shopping. Yes.

SANA: Hijab and everything?

ESKILD: Hijab and everything. And I brought a little present! I brought a gift for the hostess. It’s two boreks that I put in a nice box.

SANA: That’s very nice of you.

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Bts | Reaction | Cuddly

[ aw that’s so fluffy, i love it :)) hope you enjoy, thanks for requesting!! ]


At first would be a little startled, since you were just passed our mere minutes ago when he left for the bathroom. Either he was half asleep, and still a little bit out of it, or you were some sort of ninja. Slowly turning his head, he couldn’t help but giggle as your hands crept inside his shirt, rubbing small circles at the little happy trail that was slowly forming under his belly button. 

“Good morning to you, too. Sleep okay?”  


Would take him a minute to register what was going on. He barely even got the toothpaste on the brush before another set of arms appeared from behind him, helping him out a little. When he looked down at the brush, he slowly blinked at it before humming at the feeling of warm hands rubbing his belly. Leaning backward, practically melting into your arms, he flashes you a tired smile through the mirror. 

Words wouldn’t even need to be exchanged, you just enjoyed how squishy he could get in the mornings. At the end of the day, he was your little teddy bear.


Could see him appreciating the soft gesture more than anyone else. He wakes up every morning to work hard, and please everyone in the world as much as he possibly could. Never had it accord to him that he needed reassurance that he was appreciated. Sure, people would tell him that he was, and he would tell himself that, but no one had ever shown that he was.

So when you walked into the bathroom, all sleepy and cuddly, you immediately latched onto his waist, hands traveling inside his tank top to draw small shapes on his lean stomach. Even though it was small, he still enjoyed this ounce of affection before he had to leave you all alone. 

“I got cold,” you whined to him, snuggling deeper into his back. Chuckling softly, he continued to brush his teeth. 

“Get warm, you cute little thing.” 


Probably should have announced your appearance before coming up behind him. If you hadn’t been fully awake, you definitely would be right after he screamed bloody murder. But, after calming down, he would beg for you to hug him from behind once again.

“Y/n! I told you to never sneak up on me like that!”

“Sorry, Hobi…” As you start to walk away, he was quick to grasp your arm and pull you right back.

“T-That doesn’t mean you have to stop holding me…”


Can see him being used to it by now, since you’ve done this multiple times in the mornings. He actually would start sleeping without shirts so you could have better access. Plus, he enjoys the belly rubs from you when he wakes up and you like it when he’s shirtless - so it’s a win for both of you.

“You know, you make it difficult for me to leave you when you’re like this.”


Taehyung would adore your cuddly moments, anticipating it every single morning. If you were to take longer than normal to come and cuddle up to him, he would rush back into the room and collapse onto your still sleeping form- begging for the belly rubs, like the puppy he his. 

“Wake up, jagi~! I want my morning snuggles!”


Would brighten up his morning, to be honest; your cold hands against his warm skin would sooth him in a way that he couldn’t explain. Just like Taehyung, he needed this to happened at least every morning for reassurance that you would always be there.

“I love you, jagi~ Stay like this forever, please.”

dangerous waters (m) | pkjm

fratboy!jimin smut
a sleazy fratboy thinks he could get any girl he wants, until he meets you
word count: 2774
genre: smut SMUT!! SMUT!! S MU T 
warning: sleazy jimin, dom!jimin, explicit language, oral

[a/n]: you’ve been warned!!! this is mature content read at own risk !! this is my FIRST smut EVER !! i apologize in advance if its super bad and super cringe like i have no idea wtf i was doing, i just wrote and props to ppl who write smut bc that shit is hard 

Originally posted by 9taefox

You had a huge biochemistry lab the next morning, a calculus test right after, and a literature lecture after bunch. Instead of studying for your classes and sleeping early, you were at some random fraternity party that your friend, Hoseok, dragged you to.

Parties weren’t ever really your scene. You were, a lack for a better term, a goody two shoes. You enjoyed staying in and reading. Cafes, libraries, and parks were your favorite places. You were an overall excellent student, almost top of the class with outstanding remarks. You studied whenever you had the chance to, it was the only way you were able to keep up with classes.

You weren’t completely cookie cutter though. Occasionally, you went to parties when workload was minimal and you didn’t despise frats/sororities. Some of your friends were in sororities and you usually went to their parties, not anyone you were unfamiliar with.

However, Hoseok begged you to join him at the campus’ most popular fraternity’s party. That specific frat had the cutest, hottest boys. They maintained the highest number of hook ups in one night and parties in one week. You avoided them at all cost because even though they were attractive, they were all assholes. 

Their parties were usually majority guys and a sprinkle of girls. You were extremely hesitant, but Hoseok wouldn’t stop messing up your lecture notes until you gave in.

“Geez, Hoseok. There are literally no girls here.” You whispered as you made your way to the kitchen. His laugh was barely audible over the heavy music they were playing. 

“They’re probably all upstairs..” He paused and pointed to the closed rooms. “In the rooms.” 

“That’s so gross.” You rolled your eyes and poured yourself a drink. Their fruit punch was spiked and you almost puked at the first sip. “This is gross.”

“Your tongue becomes numb after a few more sips.” Hoseok’s head darted towards the door. A small group of girls from the sorority down the street had entered. “Enjoy yourself, (Y/N).” He smirked before heading towards them.

“Hoseok—” It was too late. You lost your only friend to the crowd. Glancing around, you noticed that people were either drinking, smoking, or dancing. You weren’t really into any of that. You were regretting your decision of showing up.

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The day Nicky leaves for Germany, he turns back thrice on his way to the check in.

The first time, it’s to throw one last dirty (gay) joke because he’s Nicky Hemmick and that’s how he’s going to leave, that how he’ll be remembered, that’s he’ll go down in histo- 

“You’re not fucking dying, Nicky!”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

The second time he turns, it’s to stick his tongue out at Andrew because he knows Neil took his knives away so he didn’t get arrested by airport security when Nicky unavoidably did something annoying and/or stupid.

The third time he turns, he’s already given his passport to the lady at the office, and he looks back as she makes the customary check ups. Andrew is glaring at Aaron, Neil is staring at Andrew like he’s the best thing in the fucking world, and Aaron is glaring back at Andrew, Katelyn is the only one who notices Nicky.

She smiles, sweet, and Nicky mouths “Keep them in check”. She brings a hand to her mouth not to laugh out loud.

Nicky cries a bit on the airplane. He doesn’t want to because this is the life he chose, the moment he’s been waiting for for years and he’s going to be with Erik now which means no more calls planned around time-zones, no more sending presents one month early so they make it in time, no more craving for a touch that’s nine thousands miles away. 

Except that it’s not true, is it? Nicky chose Germany when he didn’t have anything to stay for in the USA and now he does; Nicky’s been dreading this moment for years because what if the twins stop talking to each others, what if they lose all contacts and stop being there in case of need, what if they fight one too many times and decide it’s not worth keeping the pretense up?; and the calls, the nightmarish queues at the post office, the hugs he can’t share and the fist-bumps he can’t get, they’re just coming from the other way.

Nicky’s family has stopped being in one place alone. It’s split like he’s never wanted it to be.

Fuck it, he should have paid the overprice and bought the biggest suitcase ever and stuffed both the twins in there. Neil and Katelyn would have followed, no doubt.

At the airport, Erik has Kleenex in both his pockets. Nicky sags against his chest and says he’s sorry, but Erik tells him he always cries at airports too and that makes him giggle. There’s Häagen Dazs ice-cream at home, and Erik rounded all Nicky’s favorite movies and stole every blanket of the house. They turn themselves into a single human burrito and watch movies while eating ice-cream on the couch until four in the morning, then they go upstairs and Erik kisses every inch of Nicky’s skin and sex has always been good but this is the best.

They wake up the next day at noon. They shower together and Nicky sneaks a fast blow-job in before Erik can object (he was so not going to). They have some kind of brunch in the kitchen Nicky’s been banned from after he tried to put ketchup on pasta one too many times and they eat at the table as they make a list of things they need for the house.

Another pair of slippers, another mug, more sheets, bakery supplies, more spices because black pepper is not enough, condoms, vegetables, some fruit maybe, junk-food definitely, a new pillow because the current one is too flat, an hot-water bag, those little umbrellas they put on drinks and-

They laugh and they kiss and it’s nice.

By the time they’re done washing the kitchen, it’s half past two in the afternoon. It means it’s half-past seven in the morning in the USA and that early practice finished thirty minutes ago and the guys are (hopefully) taking a shower.

Nicky’s Skype makes his phone chirp and Erik grins like he doesn’t care that Nicky jumps to catch it when the surprise makes him almost drop it. He probably doesn’t.

It’s a picture from Aaron, though his face is only in a quarter in the picture. The rest of the photo is taken up by Neil and Jack getting at each others’ throats and Andrew’s Mean Glare promising death for the younger fox.

The caption says: “If he kills Jack, you better come back and bail him out because I’m out of fucks to give for the day.

Nicky laughs.

Free Styling 101: Unexpected Suggestions for Where You Should Go and How You Should Dress if You’ve Never Free Styled Before

     We’ve done it, best friend. We have agreed that free styling is the way to go. But if you are anything like me, you’ve known that there was a good argument to free style. You’ve read the posts that say to put on the best clothes you have and to just go out there and do it. Men will knock you over if you just dress up and go to the best bar in town. If you’re anything like me, you read each of those posts and then hopped right back on SA after rolling your eyes. Go free style they say. But there has to be so much more to it right?

     There isn’t. Now, wait a minute. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I don’t like those posts that feel like they’re just trying to throw us to the wolves, but there are some things that they got right. The most important one? 

To learn how to do anything, you’ve got to get out there and do it. 

     Duh. Simple but challenging advice. I’m going to suggest that you free style in a new way. But before we address the new way of doing things, let’s address the problem. Why don’t we free style?

     I think the problem can be answered with one simple phrase: fear of the unknown. That’s silly. One of two things will happen. You’ll meet someone and exchange numbers or you won’t. But let’s get specific. I think we always wonder where we should go, what we should wear, and how we should act. 

Where should you go the first time you free style? Some place you’re already familiar with. 

     Odd advice, I know. But have you ever gone to a restaurant or bar or where ever and been so uncomfortable and felt so out of place that the only thing you could think about was how long it was going to take for someone to recognize you were a fraud and kick you out? How good were you at freestyling that night? 

     Go where you’re comfortable. I don’t care if it’s a local dive bar or college hang out or it’s TGIFridays. Actually, I’d love it if you did go to the TGIFridays in the sort of suburban kind of affluent part of your city. The most interesting people hang out there. 

    Why should you go to a familiar place? Because then you won’t have to stress about what to wear, who will be there, what you should order, how you should behave. You’ve been to this place dozens of times. There’s nothing to think about. Nothing to be nervous about. You can go in with confidence. 

What should you wear? Well, that’s the beauty of starting in your comfort zone. 

What do you usually wear to this place? I don’t care what you wear as long as it’s not ratty sweats and a tee, but even that’s a lie. You can make ratty sweats and a tee super cute with the right accessories. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I leave the house in them. The most important things are your hair and makeup. But Shea, I’m not good at doing my hair or makeup, you say. Well, best friend, that’s why the ancestors helped us create YouTube. The trick is to master the basics. Learn how to apply foundation, put on blush, and maybe some lipstick if you’re feeling fancy. Learn a 20-minute hairstyle that you can’t possibly mess up. The less you do, the less likely you are to look crazy. 

                                         How should you act?

Like yourself. I could point you towards the women who have taken the time to write, in great detail, what you should say to a man that approaches you. But I have several problems with these scripts. The first is these scripts work for them, but you aren’t them. The second is what if the unsuspecting man deviates from the script (which he will)? What will you do when the training wheels are off? What will you do if, in your nervousness, you forget what you’re supposed to say (you will forget)? The third and most important is that pretending to be anyone besides the gorgeous person you are is both an insult to yourself and a supreme waste of your time. Don’t do it. Be you. It is exhausting to be anyone else and will make you look stilted and awkward. Be you. Everyone else is taken. 

             What do you do if a man approaches you?

Unless he’s chocolate wasted or belligerent, you talk to him. He’ll say something to start the conversation. You’ll say something back to keep it going (can’t think of anything to say? check this out) and a conversation will begin. Do you need to be attracted to him? Does he need to be rich? Does he need to be SD potential? No. No. And no. This is target practice best friend. We are not at all invested in whether you meet your SD in a dive bar. In fact, we are already positive that it won’t happen. The point is to sharpen your skills, to get you used to going out with the sole intention of attracting and maintaining the attention of men for as long as you desire. If he approaches, talk to him. You’ll find out what he does for a living. He’ll discover the same about you. Blahblahblah. You get ready to leave. You give the man your sugar phone number.

                                                  Then what?

Then you text him. For a week. Some of you have started pouting. Best friend, I’m sorry. I know some Tumblr blog told you that you’re supposed to be making money on every date you go on every single time you leave your house. I used to think that too, pumpkin. I want you to leave that idea alone. I want you to remember that you’ve had training for every job you’ve ever done and it’s the reason why you could do that job with confidence. This is training. You have one week to get this man to ask you to dinner at a restaurant that you find acceptable given his income (which you should have googled. He did give you his occupation). If you can’t accomplish that, dump him and get back in the bars and find another victim to practice on. If he does agree to dinner in an appropriate location, remember that post on figuring out if he’s cheap? Time to practice that too. At the end of the date, you should know if he’s a cheap or not. 

     What do you do with them when the date is over? That’s up to you. If you like him but still want to sugar you have two options. Keep dating him but don’t let it get so pressing that you lose sight of your sugaring goals. Or you can dump him and move on to the next victim (if you get caught up in love and relationships and feelings easily then this is how you want to go). Tell him you had an amazing time but you don’t think the two of you are the best fit for each other. Done. On to the next.

            What do you do if no one approaches you?

This may happen. The first time I free styled I sat at the bar and realized it was couples night. Great. I had two options. I could wallow in my sorrows, and my gin and tonic or I could pick my ass up and go somewhere else. I chose option two and met a very nice man whose family owned a local snack company. But there’s a chance that you’ll go to location two and no one will talk to you there either. There’s a chance. So you go home, and you restrategize. You figure out if it was you. Were you on your phone all night avoiding eye contact? Did you make eye contact and then quickly drop it thinking this made you look coy and cute (it doesn’t. if you make eye contact hold it for at least five seconds before looking away)? You figure out if it was the location or just an off night. These will happen. You’ll have a lot of them. I hope you have a lot of them. They will be how you learn. They will show you how badly you want this life or if you want it at all. I hope no one approaches you at first. If you give up at the first obstacle, you don’t deserve to win. It sounds mean, best friend, I know. But failure has been my best teacher. It has shown me what I really want and what I really like to talk about. Besides, this is just training remember? We didn’t expect to meet our future SD in TGIFridays.

Best friend, what do you think? Is this a free styling plan that you can get behind until you build your confidence or have I lost my natural mind? Tell me your thoughts and your plans. Let’s talk!

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 6 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: … or not

Warnings: Smut, and everything that comes with it

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta! 

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here! l Read Part 5 here! l Read Deleted Scene here!

(Y/n) (Y/l/n) and Dean Winchester

And even if his feelings were all to clear to him there still was a thing he could learn for sure: Your true feelings about him.

The sites appeared in front of him, ready for him to choose any of them. His eyes focused slightly on the photos that first came into view of the two of you. They seemed to be high quality and he actually remembered the scenery they were depicting. Until he realized it: it was from actual episodes of Supernatural. There was also one of the two of you really close to each other, faces only inches away and he searched in his mind to remember when that had actually happened.

Unless it was about to happen?

Dean shook his head, clenching his jaw to fight away the second thoughts. He needed something more true, more sure and not what his hopeful mind made up because of his heart. He decided to click on the first link that came up. It was about a site with the “(Y/n) and Dean” tag and several powts there from different people, pointing out their opinions and others posting pictures. He once more saw that photo of the two of you close to each other but he just scrolled past it, reading on the small posts. Most of them were about things he had taken notice of himself, during his everyday life and, well, the episodes they saw.

There was one thing people pointed out the most and that was the looks you would give him when he was not looking.

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Some Angsty Sentence Prompts: Fighting Addition

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  1. “That was one of a kind!”
  2. “You absolute fucking… I’m so angry I can’t even insult you!”
  3. “I guess I’ll just get a new one.”
  4. “I’m not yelling at you because you have pushed me so far that I cannot raise my voice.”
  5. “You, you are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.”
  6. “Can you just leave me alone already!?”
  7. “I don’t need your help!”
  8. “Fuck you, fuck your cow, and fuck your wife!”
  9. “Cut it with the passive aggressiveness already.”
  10. “You’re just as bad as them.”
  11. “Screw this, I’m done.”
  12. “I don’t want to ever see you again, even if it’s at your funeral.”
  13. “We should just break up if this is how it’s going to be.”
  14. “I’d say it’s been nice, but I’m trying to stop lying as much.”
  15. “You fucking [insert choice swear word/insult].”

4.0 out of 5 stars
My failure’s complete

4.0 out of 5 stars
Finally got them to sleep, eh? Now try and get them to eat !
I was trying to figure out how Adam Mansbach was going to top his hilarious “Go the F**** to Sleep” picture book (sorta a parody of Goodnight Moon), and here it is.I was a stepdad to three kids for about 5 years, and getting them to sleep paled in comparison to getting them to eat right. The tween girl wanted to eat nothing but mashed potatoes, while the smallest boy was on a diet (not paleo!) of Ramen and cereal. The older boy just into his teens ate anything and everything, but keeping him fed was like feeding a coal fired boiler.So yeah, even tho I am no longer troubled by this, I found this book hilarious.Every parent with a “problem eater” (which is pretty much any parent) should read this book and thus realize you’re not alone and it could be worse.Owen Brozman here takes over the illustrators mantle, and does an excellent job.I await with much trepidation the next book. Dating? Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
Instant Classic!
I feel like this guy lives with me. I have two kids. One won’t sleep, one won’t eat. This is another instant classic in our house. Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
Very funny
Oh my goodness. Best. Book. Ever. I got the other one as well, and they are hilariously true. These would be a great gift for any new/old parents. 😂 Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
A fun book that any parent can relate to…
This book is absolutely hilarious! It is not meant for children, but you can edit it as reading it so it can be a children’s book. The pictures are funny, the situations can be related to, and the book is overall really funny. This book should be read by all parents who have a picky eater. My son pulls the same stuff kids do in this book. The page where the kid refuses to eat pancakes because he suddenly hates them, when they used to be his favorite, and the parent told him he’s full of **** and to stop lying made me laugh. My son will love something one day, and then claim to hate it the next. This would be a great gift to anyone that has a toddler, or anyone who has a kid that can be a jerk about eating ;) Go to Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars
This book hit a little close to home. I’d have given it the fifth star, but I’ve said almost every line from this book, at one point or another, so I know it wrote itself. Go to Amazon

4.0 out of 5 stars
Good Fun
If you are a fan of Adam Mansbach’s Go the F*** to sleep and its accompanying audio book narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, then you will probably love this book. Written and drawn in the style of a children’s book, You Have to F****** Eat addresses to age old battle fought between child and parent at meal time. Imagine Good Night Moon or Where the Wild Things Are if they were written by a foul-mouthed sailor. The language is raw, but the tone and “story” are pitch perfect.As I stated in my review of Go The F*** to Sleep, avoid this book if you are easily offended.I took a star off because this is Adam Mansbach’s second children’s book parody and I felt like it rehashed the original book’s formula without breaking much new comedic territory. Go to Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars
I was in tears, I laughed so hard reading this book. I have two kids, both who have feeding issues. My eldest is in college and doesn’t have a feeding tube anymore and is greedy. My youngest still has a feeding tube. After some minor test, there was no reason for them not to eat. They just didn’t want to so they had to get feeding tubes. The title of the book alone had me cracking up. If only I could read it to them lol. I’m getting his other books. Go to Amazon


‘  the world is a little happier with you in it.  ’
‘  i have the right to be happy and i will not let you or anyone else take that from me.  ’
‘  i’m done apologizing for who i am.  ’
‘  i am stronger now and i will not say sorry.  ’
‘  let this moment be your starting point. let this moment be the one when it all began.  ’
‘  if you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.  ’
‘  it’s never too late to rebuild yourself.  ’
‘  healing takes time, but it will come.  ’
‘  your warmth and kindness is more beautiful than you know.  ’
‘  your feelings are valid.  ’
‘  your opinons are valid.  ’
‘  your happiest moment is still yet to come.  ’
‘  turn off the light and close your eyes. it can wait until tomorrow.  ’
‘  self love is a daily commitment.  ’
‘  don’t let those thoughts that are telling you can’t keep you from trying at all.  ’
‘  not today. i won’t let it defeat me.  ’
‘  stop punishing yourself. please. you don’t deserve it.  ’
‘  breathe.  ’
‘  you don’t deserve that! demand better!  ’
‘  i hope you find what your soul really needs.  ’
‘  i hope you find the happiness you yearn for.  ’
‘  there is a point where you have to let go of the anger.  ’
‘  even if your voice was shaky and you stuttered on your words, you still spoke up and i am so proud you did.  ’
‘  there’s something incredible about you and i can’t quite tell what it is. maybe that’s the magic in it.  ’
‘  i know you want more and your heart is driven like that, but don’t take on too much.  ’
‘  people aren’t always going to do and say what you want them to and that’s okay.  ’
‘  you are a living, breathing masterpiece.  ’
‘  some might not understand your beauty, but you are art nonetheless.  ’
‘  quiet down those thoughts. it’s not worth it tonight.  ’
‘  try to have gentle thoughts.  ’
‘  your intrusive thoughts are just thoughts and nothing more than that.  ’
‘  i love you… i always have.  ’
‘  i tell myself i don’t care, but i care too much.  ’
‘  maybe you and i exist together on a different wavelength than the rest of the world. perhaps, we are on a separate frequency.  ’
‘  concept: we’re both in our softest pajamas, your arms around me and our legs are intertwined. you kiss the back of my neck and tell me you won’t ever let me go.  ’
‘  look close enough and you’ll find how much i adore you in every subconscious thing i do.  ’
‘  there are countless parts of you i’ve yet to meet, yet to memorize. nevertheless, i’ll keep wanting to get to know you even when i know everything.  ’
‘  you make me feel loved in my unlovable moments and beautiful even in my ugliest ones.  ’
‘  oh darling, how deeply you’ve become a part of me. i can’t help but feel something is missing when you’re gone.  ’
‘  i can’t help but feel something is missing when you’re gone.  ’
‘  thank you for never making me inadequate or dumb or inferior.  ’
‘  your constant love and respect has given me incredible strength and confidence.  ’
‘  thank you for seeing all the good in me.  ’
‘  every night i image you beside me.  ’
‘  it breaks my heart that you can’t fall asleep with me in the same room or the same city, but i always remember that even an imagined silhouette of you is better than nothing at all.  ’
‘  the spaces between your fingers are where mine fit perfectly.  ’
‘  by some miracle, the universe created you. of all the infinite combinations of atoms, somehow that infinity filtered down to form you.  ’
‘  what people think of you is not equivalent to who you are.  ’
‘  the moment i let myself believe i was going to be okay was the moment i finally was.  ’
‘  protecting your own happiness ins’t selfish.  ’
‘  you deserve every ounce of happiness.  ’
‘  a week, a month, a year without you is nothing compared to the lifetime we’ll spend together.  ’
‘  tomorrow is a new day. and a new day after that. it’s never too late to start over.  ’
‘  i finally realize that i no longer need your approval and i never really did.  ’
‘  maybe i will be okay in the end.  ’
‘  maybe i will find all that i’m searching for.  ’
‘  maybe i will figure out all that i am.  ’
‘  whatever. whatever. whatever. let is pass right by you.  ’
‘  you are not a failure. please believe that.  ’
‘  you are only presented with obstacles you are strong enough to conquer.  ’
‘  it’s been long enough. it’s time to forgive yourself.  ’
‘  your bad days don’t make your good days any less good.  ’
‘  even in your darkest times, the sun still rises.  ’
‘  your existence wasn’t a mistaken accident, it was a creation from almost nothing to something incredible – a miracle even.  ’
‘  your feelings are your own. no one should be allowed to define them for you.  ’
‘  ever since our storylines intertwined, i haven’t stopped smiling. you are the best plot twist.   ’
‘  your thoughts are something that deserve to be heard.  ’
‘  sometimes it’s not meant to be, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in it happening.  ’
‘  your greatest love story is the one you have with yourself.  ’
‘  i have the right to be happy and i will not let you or anyone else take that from me.  ’
‘  your existence alone has altered the world. you are more important than you know.  ’
‘  thank you for letting me forget all the bad, even just for a second.  ’
‘  you were built for whatever is thrown your way. you are ready.  ’
‘  no matter what your mind is telling you, please know that you are enough.  ’
‘  what i can’t fathom is how we can be so close yet so far away.  ’
‘  you are not a bad person for having bad thoughts. forgive yourself.  ’
‘  you are growing from this.  ’
‘  you will heal in time.  ’
‘  your strength and kindness is more beautiful than you know.  ’
‘  i’m just trying to be happy and stop thinking about what other people think.  ’
‘  i want to be someone who sees magic in ordinary things.  ’
‘  be extra. enjoy things and show it. stop apologizing for it.  ’
‘  why do you keep trying to impress people who don’t matter?  ’
‘  let go of the hate. let go of the anger. let go of the resentment. just let it go because it’s holding you back.  ’
‘  you’re really cute and you make me really happy.  ’
‘  show me your genuine care.  ’
‘  why are you beating yourself up over things you can’t control? breathe.  ’
‘  people annoy me too easily. i need to cut that shit out. i’m not cool enough to be trying to pull that.  ’
‘  underestimate me and give me the ability to prove you wrong.  ’
‘  you don’t have to have everything figured out.  ’
‘  you’re not a bad person for being angry.  ’
‘  forever is an adventure with you.  ’
‘  you are not a failure. please believe that.  ’
‘  you’re my favorite reason to stay awake.  ’

( texts from last night ✉ send one for my muse's reaction )
  • ( text ) : uh, do you have my pants because i have yours
  • ( text ) : let’s play another game of whose boxers are hanging on my fence
  • ( text ) : update. a gay guy just told me that i’m the most beautiful thing with a vagina he has ever seen. how should i feel about this?
  • ( text ) : i’m sorry about all the inappropriate shoe throwing.
  • ( text ) : you killed a bottle of bacardi in 20 minutes. so much for being an organ donor.
  • ( text ) : why can’t burritos get me drunk?
  • ( text ) : i know you’re on a date and i should leave you alone, but about twenty minutes ago, i realized i haven’t been spanked in years so if you’re still looking for a birthday present, you know, consider it.
  • ( text ) : why is my bath tub filled with mud?
  • ( text ) : i’ve noticed we slowly have begun to phase the “b” out of our bromace.
  • ( text ) : you just jumped of the couch and yelled “hidden tiger crouching dragon!” that’s the answer to how you broke your finger.
  • ( text ) : this is what my life has come to. drinking champagne alone yelling at the dog because no one wants to hang out with me
  • ( text ) : if i open my eyes, my head will explode. that hungover.
  • ( text ) : apparently all year, they’ve been using me as a standard for drunkenness.
  • ( text ) : all i’m saying is that your next houseguest had better not barge in on me in the shower demanding i wash the stolen dye from his hair. i’m not doing that a second time.
  • ( text ) : i need to stop drunkenly getting naked. i’m losing all my party clothes.
  • ( text ) : please make the clown in the corner stop judging me. i mean he’s the one with paint on his face. i don’t need him judge judying me.
  • ( text ) : sooooo, how am i supposed to explain to my mom that i was admitted to the hospital, but you kidnapped me within 20 minutes?
  • ( text ) : hey remember that thing i said about never apologizing for being a hot mess? well that was before you found me drunk in the hallway with no pants.
  • ( text ) : so much for not drinking this week after this weekend. congrats, you made it until tuesday.
  • ( text ) : i just remembered that someone fed me a pretzel out of their purse at the bar last night.

a teacher/student relationship 


Xiumin would notice the way you’d act around him instantly, he’d always see how intensely you’d look at him while he’d teach and would be turned on at the mere thought of you looking at him with hungry eyes. He wouldn’t hold himself back despite being your teacher and a week after teaching for you he would ask you out after class.

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Suho couldn’t help but adore the way you’d act around him. He’d see how you’d always get flustered and how you’d have a hard time paying attention in class. He would also know the reason for this was him. So one day he’d make you stay a bit late once everyone had left, and would have a very exciting ‘conversation’ with you.

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Lay would know something was off when every time he would ask you a question relating class, you’d mumble off an incoherent sentence and he’d  always have to tell you to speak up. Fast forward a few weeks later in class, he’d notice the reason behind why you’d never look up or would answer correctly, was him. He’d then wait to get you alone in order to teach you a lesson on why you should always be a good little girl that speaks up.

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Baekhyun would be into you as much as you were into him since the start. Ever since day one of class he knew you were absolutely perfect for him and would do the simplest yet most sinful things to you while in class. He’d always rub his hand sensually on your arm whenever he’d be pretending to teach you something regarding the lesson, or would make you stay afterwards for extra ‘lessons’.

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Chen would try and break you slowly first, before making any actual moves. He’d tease you every single time you’d have his class and would even go as far as to offer you rides home sometimes, while softly caressing your thigh in the moment. When you’d finally break he’d make sure that you knew he was also attracted to you, by finally giving it to you right on his desk after everyone had left.

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Chanyeol noticed you’d never look him straight in the eyes and how you would always do something in order to avoid him. One day he saw you texting underneath your desk and even though various other students where doing the same, he used this to his advantage, as he grabbed your phone, making you finally look him in the eyes, while he told you to serve detention with him for violating one of his ‘rules’.

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Finding the attraction he felt towards you completely wrong, d.o would try and hold this off for as long as he could. The thing that set him off was hearing you talk with a fellow student about how absolutely ‘fuckable’ he looked. After this moment he definitely wouldn’t have a problem teaching his little princess manners.

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You’d always look at kai only to find him staring back, and so it had become a routine for both of you to have mini stare off competitions while in class. Kai would always try and push you away if you ever tried anything past the line of a teacher/student relationship so that things wouldn’t get so complicated, but after seeing you weren't going to back off easily, he gave in and invited you one day over to his house, saying he was going to teach you a new ‘theory’ he had discovered.

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Sehun would find himself thinking more and more about you each day, it’d get to the point where he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on lessons anymore. All he'd think about was how pretty you’d look bent over his desk moaning his name. And one day, he finally decided he was going to make his thoughts a reality, he soon got you alone and made all the time he spent waiting worth while.

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You're Cute

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Request #1: A fall/autumn college au with mechanic!dean and cubby/curvy reader?

Request #2: Could please do a Dean x reader where the reader is plus size (like size 20 or more) and they’re shopping for Halloween costumes and the reader isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry that all the women’s costumes are sexy?

Pairing: Dean x plus!size reader

Word Count: 1,400ish

Warnings: language, self-confidence issues

A/N: Combined these two since they fit well together…

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Touch-Starved IV

Here it is, the last part. Hope it’s satisfying ending. @fallingineternity

Part I Part II Part III

Anxiety paced.


He raked his fingers through his hair in agitation. He had to figure out what he was going to do and fast. The others would wake up soon. Anxiety had spent the entire night trying figure things out.

Part of him, a large part of him, just wanted to take it all at face value, let the others in the way they seemed to want him to. But as he had tossed and turned in the early hours of the morning, doubts had begun to creep into his mind, showing every way this could go wrong. There was a reason he hadn’t slept.

But despite his endlessly whirling thoughts, he had made it to sunrise without being one iota closer to actually making a decision. And once Morality called him down for breakfast, he’d have to.

Would he refuse to leave the room? Or would he go down? If he went down, what would he do? Would he ignore them? Would he let them in? He didn’t know!

Anxiety let out a muffled scream, his hands covering his mouth. He wished none of this had ever happened, then nothing would have changed. The others would have their own lives being their blissful happy selves, and he would be… alone. Like it should be.

He sunk to the ground, his arms wrapping around his knees. It hadn’t been that bad being alone. In fact, many times he preferred it. The others could be too loud and overwhelming at times. And he’d gotten good at keeping his own company. With the internet, it wasn’t like he ever ran out of things to do.

Sure, sometimes he had wished things could be a bit different, that his relationship with the others wasn’t so … strained. Usually when he caught glimpses of movie marathons he hadn’t been invited to, or heard the easy conversations over meals, the kind of conversations he’d never been able to manage.

And now they were caught at a crossroads between his sometimes wishes and reality. The others still didn’t like him, not really, but they were trying to connect with him, to open up. And the worst part was that he still didn’t understand why.

At first he’d thought it was pity, because that made sense. Oh, we learned something sad about poor little Anxiety, let’s all be nice to him, so we stop feeling guilty. And you know what, Anxiety could have handled that. Sure it would have hurt once things went back to normal, but he would have moved on eventually, and he would have learned from it.

But this wasn’t pity, he wasn’t sure what it was, but he knew it wasn’t just simple pity. Because Patton had cried over him, and had said all those things when he didn’t even know Anxiety was listening. Because he had never heard Roman talk to him while sounding that serious and earnest. Because Logan didn’t even really do emotions that much, so Anxiety wasn’t sure how he’d thought the other side would be motivated by pity in the first place!

And so it wasn’t- and he couldn’t- and they weren’t- and he just- and everything was-

He just wished he knew what they wanted.

Anxiety was still on the floor when he heard Morality calling everyone for breakfast. There was no more time to think.

He didn’t move though, just stared at the door. Did he even want to go down? No, not really.

But you do want answers, a voice murmured inside his mind, and you won’t get them by staying in here.

Anxiety hated that it was right.

He pulled himself up, taking a glance in the mirror to see how he looked. He winced, he looked like death warmed over. He grabbed his eyeshadow, smearing it on. It didn’t really help, but at least he could claim his zombie-like appearance was from the makeup.

Anxiety picked at his food. He’d tried to eat, but it turned out that the child of stress and sleep-deprivation was nausea. Eventually he gave up and carried his plate to the sink, scraping the food into the trash. When he came back to the dining room, Logic was there.

“Anxiety,” he said. “Are you alright?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Anxiety snapped back sarcastically.

“Well,” Logic said, one had going up to adjust his glasses. “You barely ate anything, your skin tone is even paler than normal, you seemed unfocused and disengaged the entire meal, your walk is currently awkward and halting, you-

“Alright, you can stop. I get it,” Anxiety cut him off.

Logic peered at him, concern peeking though.

“If you don’t wish to discuss the source of your ailment,” he said, one hand reaching out to rest on Anxiety’s shoulder, “We don’t have to. Perhaps I could help in some other way. I’ve been experimenting with teas recently. Some of them are very soothing.”

“You know you don’t have to this, right?” Anxiety blurted out, shrugging off Logic’s hand, finally fed up with everything. He was going to get some freaking answers.

Logic’s brow crinkled.

“Do what?” he said puzzled. “Offer to help? Provide tea? I’m afraid you’ll have to be more specific.”

“I’m talking about this whole caring bullshit,” Anxiety snarled. “And all the stupid touching. You know you don’t have to do it?”

“You’re saying we don’t have to care about you?” said a horrified voice behind Logic. It was Morality.

“Well, you don’t” Anxiety said.

“But of course we care” Morality said, now moving into Anxiety’s line of vision, looking distressed. Anxiety winced a bit internally. If there was one thing he regretted most about this whole situation, it was making Morality upset.

“I don’t see why,” he muttered, looking down to avoid seeing Morality’s face.

“Because you’re our family.”

Now Prince had gotten pulled in. Anxiety took a deep breath trying to stay calm. it wasn’t working.

“You keep saying that!” he blurted out, hands clenching into fists. He just wanted to answers.

“Because it’s true,” Prince was quick to reply.

“It didn’t use to be.”

Anxiety’s words hung in the air, the truth having been enough to shock everyone into silence. But it didn’t last.

“I- what,” Prince, stammered, sounding stunned.

“Anxiety, what do you mean by that,” Logic said slowly, his gaze sharp.

Anxiety clenched his jaw. Fuck it, might as well be honest. Maybe then things will start making sense again.

“I mean none of you used to care,” he began, keeping an eye on their reactions. "I was something you tolerated at best. And now you’re here talking about family and caring, and you really expect me to believe that? And I might not know what the hell all this is, because you all wouldn’t have gone this far for pity, but I know it isn’t real. So why? Just tell me why, and then I can leave, and we can forget this ever happened, and it will all end. We can go back to the way things were before”

“How can you- how can you say that?”

Prince was the one to break the silence.

Anxiety closed his eyes.

“Just give me a fucking answer, Princey,” he said wearily.

“We have,” Morality said, his voice thick. “We just didn’t say it soon enough.”

“Anxiety,” Logic cut in, his voice low but intense. “We don’t want things to go back to the way they were before. We were wrong before. We-we made a mistake, many mistakes.”

That was enough to make Anxiety reopen his eyes. Logic almost never admitted to making a mistake. He stared at the others, wary of what was happening, but unable to leave.

“We’re not lying, or acting out of pity,” Morality said, stepping closer. “You really are family, and you always have been. We were the ones that didn’t act like it. Not because we didn’t care, we did. But because we didn’t know how to approach you. But that’s not your fault, that’s on us.”

“Indeed,” Logic said. “We should have made the effort to connect with you, instead of expecting you to reach out when you needed it. We failed you.”

“I don’t expect you to forgive us,” Prince said. “Not after we made you feel so alone. But know we all are truly sorry, that I’m truly sorry. Because this is your answer, Anxiety. We’re doing it because we care, because we didn’t know how to show you before, but we never want you to feel otherwise again. We. Are. Family.”

Anxiety couldn’t breathe. This couldn’t be real.

“It is,” Logic replied gently. He’d said that out loud.

Family, family, family. The word echoed inside Anxiety’s mind, each time getting louder and louder. he could feel himself start to shake as, the beginnings of tears began to prick at his eyes.

It was then he felt a tentative hand on his shoulder. It was Patton. He began to slowly pull Anxiety closer to him, giving the other side time to pull away. But Anxiety didn’t. For once, he let himself lean into the touch until he was being hugged.

Anxiety shuddered. He could feel Patton’s arms around him, burning hot. But it didn’t hurt somehow. Instead he felt engulfed, the way he felt when he buried himself in blankets on bad days.

Another set of arms joined Patton’s, as Logan moved to Anxiety’s side, his arms settling on Anxiety’s shoulders. Then he felt a blaze of warmth at his back, as Roman joined in as well.

Caught between the three of them, every inch of his body lit up from the contact, Anxiety let out a shaky sigh. He wasn’t- It was still hard to believe them. But surrounded by them like this, enveloped by their concern and care, the idea that he was family didn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

Eventually, when the contact tipped from immense but good to overwhelming, Anxiety pulled back.The others let him without any fuss, stepping back, but still remaining close.

“Thanks,” he said, ducking his head. “For still trying, for not giving up on me.”

The three of them smiled at him.

“What else is family for.”


Prompt:  Hiya! I’m in love with your writing??? I wanted to ask, can we have something cute with polyamsanders, with Birgil coming down with a cold and being a grumpy miserable little ball of fluff and the other sides doing their best to make him feel better? I’m a sucker for sickfic. Thanks! - @dashing-hyphen

Notes: I love this idea. So much. I cannot overstate how much I love this idea. <3 Also, thank you for the kind words about my writing! <3

Pairing: Polyamsanders (romantic or platonic, though it probably reads more platonic, or at least pre-romantic)

Warnings: Mentions of fever and sickness. No stomach stuff though. 


“I’m not even sure how you managed this,” Logan said, taking the thermometer from Virgil’s mouth and frowning at the temperature read out. “We’re not even human–not technically. How did you manage to get sick?” 

“S’not the first time,” Virgil mumbled. Because it wasn’t. The others had just…never noticed before. And why should they? Until recently, Virgil had spent most of his time holed up in his room, only emerging when he was needed for something specific, and almost never spending downtime with any of them. He wasn’t a masochist, after all, and he wasn’t a total jerk, despite what they thought. He had no desire to force his way in and try to make a place for himself where there simply wasn’t one.

Since he’d revealed his name, though, they’d been reaching out to him more and more, acting as if they actually wanted him around, and…well. Virgil had to admit it was…nice. Really nice. They paid attention to him now, and even more amazingly, they noticed thingsIf he didn’t show up for meals too many times in a row, or if he declined movie invitations too often, they sought him out. They used a tag-team style approach with it; no doubt they thought they were being terribly subtle, but it was always the same strategy. Logan came in first, with his nonthreatening, clinically logical suggestions that Virgil leave his room and get a change in scenery. If that failed, Roman was his back-up, using the trappings of their previously antagonistic relationship in an effort to goad Virgil into doing what he wanted. If that too failed, they called in the heavy artillery. It wasn’t exactly playing fair, but…well, Virgil could never resist Patton’s puppy dog eyes.

In fact, the whole thing had become something of a game, and one that never failed to leave Virgil feeling warm and fuzzy inside. And normally, he loved it (not that he’d admit that to them. He did have a reputation to upkeep). 

But it had its downsides, too. It meant he didn’t get as much time alone as he had before, which was sometimes a bummer. And it also meant he couldn’t hide it, when he was having genuinely bad days–or when he was sick. 

Like now. 

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Word Count: 2675

Pairing: RockStar!Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom fluff challenge. My prompt was “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.” from 10 Things I Hate About You. Also written for @like-a-bag-of-potatoes Birthday/Follower Celebration Challenge. My song was Faithfully by Journey. 

Special thanks to @mamapeterson for throwing out an idea that I then twisted around and used for this piece of hot garbage. 

Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated 

“You look beautiful, baby.” Your father, Bobby, looked you over, tears glistening in his eyes. “Matt isn’t gonna know what hit him when you walk down that aisle.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” You smiled, though you were sure it didn’t quite reach your eyes.

“He’s right, you know.” Your stepmother, Ellen, moved forward and cupped your cheek. “You’re gorgeous, sweetheart.”

“Alright, that’s enough!” Charlie, your best friend and Maid of Honor started to usher everyone out, sensing you were starting to become overwhelmed by the attention. “Dad, be ready to walk her down the aisle, ok? We’ll tell you when she’s ready. Everyone who isn’t a bridesmaid, out, out, out!” She started to shove everyone out and you silently giggled to yourself at her forcefulness. She didn’t look intimidating at all, but she certainly was not someone you wanted to cross.

“Spill.” Charlie practically ordered. “You’re getting married and you look like…well I don’t know what you look like but it isn’t happy.” You casted your eyes to the floor then back up, glancing around at your bridesmaids, Jo, your stepsister, and then your friends, Jody and Donna, before making your way back to Charlie.

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