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  • <p> <b>Me at 10am:</b> I'm going to be productive today, definitely not gonna spend the whole day fangirling online again.<p/><b>Me at 11pm:</b> *staring at 23 opened ao3 tabs, a 150 songs Destiel playlist on youtube, a finished Destiel OS and thousands of tumblr posts* Well fUCK<p/></p>
SJM Accent Challenge
Catastrophically In Love With Books
SJM Accent Challenge

Me: *Mentions Manon Blackbeak or Nessian*

Heeeey look who’s finally done this! Thank you to the lovely @highlady-casandra @runesandfaes @dr-woodsprite @illyrian-high-lord and @wingsofanillyrian for tagging me!

“I really hope this isn’t too long” she says and continues to talk for ages. Sorry, I really can’t shut up lol. And sorry it’s louder at times but I got excited and quieter when I’d get distracted by a notification and I also kept moving my head so I wasn’t always speaking into the microphone but whateves… The questions and tags are under the cut!

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Cassian x Reader

Request: There’s a Churrit quote that he said to cassian going around, its “there are more than one sort of prison, captain,, and I sense you carry yours around wherever you go.” and I cant help but think about his past! and what if,,,WHAT IF, he lost his love or something! SO, i was wondering if you can do a drabble based on that? (and maybe have the love be reader?)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I enjoyed doing this one! But it also hurt my heart so much. Also, I know this is a very long drabble lol.

I do not own anything!!!

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Anonymous said: could you do “please stop calling it your lair.” - literally anyone from the inner circle, calling out their high lord on his extra nonsense

@abookandacoffee said: “Please stop calling it your lair” for… whichever ship you think it’s good for!!!!! Sorry I’m indecisive sometimes.

send me a ship and a prompt for a one shot!

…And now, a written/verbal supercut if you will.

“Feyre come here!”

“What Rhys?”

“Come here! Come down to my lair!”

*stopping noises, rapidly getting louder* *Feyre appears before Rhys*

“Please stop calling it your lair, you dumbass.”

“My batcave.”

“Don’t make me hit you.”

“Cassian, please, join me in my lair.”

*Rhys motioning for Cass to follow him* *Cass rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath* *Rhys turns around*
“You coming?”

*Cass forces a smile* “Yep.”

“Mor would you please join me in my–”

“DO. NOT. Say it.”

“Say what? My l–”


“Nesta? Where are you?”

“I’m already in your office, Rhysand.”

“You mean my–”

*Nesta turns around and meets Rhysand’s gaze with a glare*



“Yes Elain?”

“Do you have that book you were mentioning earlier? The list of the native plants of the Night Court?”

“Yes! It’s in my lair.”

*Elain’s eyes light up*

“Ooh I like that!”

*Azriel grabs her arm and looks into her eyes*

“Don’t encourage him.”

*Lucien is standing in front of Rhys’s bookcase*

“Lucien! What’re you doing in my lair?”

*Lucien turns around slowly, his face a portrait of cringe and disgust*

“What the fuck did you just say?”

*Rhys blinks and bites his lip*

“We’re also workshopping Batcave.”

*Rhys walks into the living room, a banner saying “Intervention” hangs over the fireplace*

“…What’s this guys?”

*Cassian steps forward*

“We need to talk to you Rhys. Please,” *he gestures to the couch* “sit down.”

*Rhys sits, tentatively*

Feyre: “Sweetie, we all respect you and love you. But…”

Mor: “But it’s really fucking hard to respect you when you do these things.”

Rhys: “What things?”

Azriel: *walking towards Rhys and taking his hand* “You calling your office your lair.”

Rhys: *looking between all his friends* “But…but…”

Elain: “I vouched for you! I like the lair thing!”

Amren: “Why? It’s fucking stupid.” *Rhys’s sad eyes meet hers and she softens a bit.* “Batcave, too. That’s also dumb.”

Azriel: “Just please Rhys…”

Cassian: “Please stop.”

Feyre: *moves toward the couch and sits down next to Rhys* “Please.”

Rhys: *takes a deep breath* “Okay. Okay. I’ll stop calling it my lair.” *Amren and Nesta eye him* “Or my Batcave.”

pLEASE TELL ME I am not the only one who sometimes forgets that Destiel isn’t canon! Like, I spend days reading/writing fanfics, thinking about headcanons etc, and then I go and watch an episode and am like WHY THE FUCK DON’T YOU KISS YOU’RE A DAMN COUPL- OOOOOOOO no not again

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I have a problem transitioning between descriptions and actual content. i.e. Two characters are speaking and one in first person starts to think about the shirt the other is wearing; I can't seem to smoothly transition from the dialogue to description.


You kind of have to find that beat on your own. I don’t think there’s any special technique to it – you just kind of transition. Here’s an example from one of my current WIPs (because I’m having a hard time explaining it):

I stepped away from my locker and opened my arms—she stepped into them like a ship steering into port. My arms closed around her and my palms found her ass (kind of a reach—she was short). “You know, Cass, sometimes I really miss you.”

She looked at me, bittersweet agony or some other poetic bullshit in her eyes, and that was good. It was vulnerable, and vulnerable was very, very good. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do.” I pressed my forehead to hers, and then snared her lips with mine—she tasted like mint gum and semi-sweet lipstick, a taste I remembered vaguely, the same way I remembered information from the beginning of the semester when I studied for finals: far-away but coming back. I could feel her skin through her jeans, could just hear her tight band tee begging me to take it off—

She pulled away and almost dragged me with her because I didn’t want to give the kiss up, but I only opened my eyes and raised my eyebrows. Looking too eager would be no bueno. “Alex, we’re gonna get caught.” This she suttered in a whisper, her eyes as big as headlights, my hands still exploring the seat of her jeans.

Notice how description usually takes place before or after dialogue. It can interrupt dialogue, but only it if it’s describing a gesture the character makes (“Yeah, I forgot to take the trash out, but-” He waved his hands in the air. “-it’s no big deal.”), or if whatever they’re noticing and describing makes them lose focus on the conversation.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

tbh the only ships i really ship are like…Rowaelin, Feysand, Moriel and like…Lysaedion when I’m feeling it. The other important relationships to me are like…friendships? Like I have waaaay more brotp ships: Aelin x Aedion, Rowaedion, Rowan x Dorian, Lysaelin (be still my heart they are so pure), Manon and Asterin and the 13, Cass and Az, Amren and Feyre, Feyre and Mor, Rhys and Az and Cass. Chaol and Dorian (though that one goes brotp and otp for me)


Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Y/N is one of the best pilots in the Resistance and is sent on a mission that has a possibility of not ending well. Her boyfriend, Cassian, has no choice but to stay on base and hope that she makes it back in one piece.

Warnings: Maybe a little angsty, but turns into fluff. Slight mentions of torture.

A/N: Thank you to @ly–canthrope  for requesting this fic! It is my first request and I was SUPER nervous about getting it just right. I hope you all like it!

I do not own anything!!!

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2. Cass'ahlia pls

2. a forehead kiss.
(platonically, since the romantic version of this ship squicks me out real bad)

It’s almost an absent thing when Vex does it the first time. She’s saying goodbye to Cassandra after a nice brunch together, Vex finishing her tea in a rather unladylike gulp before she stands. It’s an impulse, really, whether it be one from spending so much time with Percy or just a general Vex mannerism.

She leans over and presses her lips to Cass’s forehead, just briefly.

Vex has surely done odder things around Cassandra. Gods, Cass has seen her kiss all of her friends on the cheeks or foreheads at one point or another.

Still, Vex is almost rendered heartbroken at the look on Cassandra’s face when she pulls back, mostly because it’s so familiar. Cass looks strikingly similar to her brother the first time Vex kissed his cheek or forehead - almost stricken at the soft display of affection, like she doesn’t understand the act itself or what she’s done to deserve it. Her blue eyes are wide, her lips slightly parted in disbelief.

Alright, Vex thinks as she looks down at the younger woman. They’re both mine now, and they’re never going to have to question why they’re deserving of warmth and affection again. Not if Vex has anything to say about it.

(Vex has always been good at taking in strays and teaching them that they’re worthy of love, even if it takes a while.)

Dear Misha.

I remember the time when you made your tumblr.

Fics were deleted. Lives changed forever while people screamed “ABORT!”

And yet, I sat there, thinking. “No, not less. MORE!”

The longer I think of it, the more I realize, you are one of us. And that got me thinking.

What if one day, we find out that half of the requests for fics that contain You, or Cass, are actually from you on anon. And one day, you just collect them all, print them out and sit them on your coffee table for light reading.

Then I wondered. How many of those requests would be slash fics? Who would you ship you with? Who is your OTP Misha? What can I write for you today?

-Mel, from @crowleysplaythings


WRONG (alternative ending) - Cassian Andor x reader

“Hey, Y/n” Bodhi drew my attention while I was putting the stormtrooper uniform to get in the Citadel Tower. “can I talk with you?”
I saw Bodhi’s face. Something wasn’t okay. He looked at his hands.
“what’s it?” I asked frowning. “is something wrong?”
“stop dressing up, because you’re not going to fight.” Bodhi stated. I didn’t process properly when he said it. When the information reached my brain I stormed out of that cabin searching for the one who had ordered to hide me in a cargo ship. The same person that had dragged me to this suicide mission.
“Cassian Andor!” I shouted. I was the only allowed to shout Cassian, that’s why everyone was scared of me when I got angry. Because even the great Captain Cassian Andor was afraid of my anger. “I won’t stay in this ship!” I groaned when I found him. “I’ll fight! You dragged me here to fight! So it’s what I’ll do!”
He looked at me without letting his feelings to show up.
“you’ll stay.” he finally said and stopped looking at me. “Bodhi would take care of you.”
“Cassian look at me!” I shouted again, making everyone to look at us. “I will fight.”
He suddenly grabbed my arm and guided me into a cabin. Then he shut the door and his hand loosened force.
“you’re pregnant.” he remained me, this time using a soft low tone. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“now you know I’m pregnant and I can’t fight?” I asked ironically. “I’ve been pregnant for two weeks and a half. I never stopped going on missions with you.” he stopped holding my arm and stepped back, looking at me. I would swear he couldn’t breath.
“for… Two weeks… And a half?” he asked me quietly, and I realized what I had done. He realized of much more.
I nodded slowly.
“Cassian…” I wanted to keep talking, but I didn’t know what to say.
“Oh, God…” Cassian murmured sitting down in the floor against the wall. “Oh my God… Why you didn’t tell me?” he asked with his eyes lost.
“Because” I kneeled down in front of him. “I didn’t want to ruin your life. When I decided to tell you Jyn appeared and-” the door open from sudden, and Jyn came in, but before she could say anything, Cassian spoke.
“Jyn, go.” Cassian ordered, maybe too harshly. When Jyn closed the door again, Cassian motioned me to go on.
“and you look at Jyn like… Like you love her, so I shut up and-”
“I do.” Cassian said. “I… Feel something for her, but that doesn’t mean I was going to abandon you.” he explained. And I never felt that broken.
“I’ll stay.” I murmured.
“Yes Y/n. You would stay with Bodhi, and when I call you two with the intercom, you will come for us, all of us, okay?” I nodded and I tried to smile.
We were stuck. That was a fact. But we weren’t the only ones. Baze Malbus and Chirrut Îmue had stopped answer my calls from the comlink. I didn’t know anything about Cassian and Jyn. I only knew K2 had fallen.
We needed to reach some sort of thing that would help Bodhi to connect us with the satellite.
But, like I’ve already said, we were stuck. We had all my rebel patrol fighting against the stormtroopers, and the thing Bodhi needed was in the middle of the battlefield. I wanted to go, but Bodhi, even though was scared, told me I should stay, that he would go.
“Bodhi Rook, run for your life” I murmured when I supposed what Bodhi wanted to do. I saw that gaze a thousand times before in Cassian’s eyes.
The famous ‘talk about what I’ve done if I don’t come back’ look. The suicidal look. The last expression you want to see on the face of a friend.
“if I’m not able to do it…” Bodhi began to say.
“you will.” I stated “I’ll cover your back.”
Bodhi nodded hesitant and got out of the ship.
Ten steps out of the ship. Bodhi had only walked ten steps when two stormtroopers began to shoot against him.
“Bodhi, run!” I shouted and picked a blaster to shot the troopers.
Bodhi came in again and we made it. We contact with Raddus for them to take the plans.
And the grenade got into the ship, hitting the wall. Bodhi noticed too late, but I was near enough to reach it.
“Y/n!” Bodhi shouted when I grabbed the grenade and ran to the entrance of the ship, throwing it far enough for us to be save.
I felt something impacting against my shoulder. It burned me, and pushed me making me fall into the ship. Someone had shot me.
Fortunately, the wound was in the shoulder.
I felt Bodhi’s hands helping me to sit down. I shut my eyes because of the pain.
“Hey. Y/n,” my friend called me. “Y/n open your eyes.” I nodded and I opened my eyes slowly, at the same time I heard from the comlink Jyn’s voice. She was hysterical.
“Y/n! Bodhi!” she screamed “is there someone?” we didn’t answer. “we’re in the entrance of the Citadel Tower. Cassian is hurt.”
I looked at the entrance of the ship. Half of the rebels were already dead. The other half had deep wounds. I took a decision. Maybe I would become in a murder. I wasn’t God to decide who would life and who would die. But I did it.
“Close the door.” I ordered to Bodhi.
“but what about Chirrut and Baze?” he asked quietly.
“Close. The door.” Bodhi looked at me one last time before close the door. He started the took off, and we began to cross the sky to arrive at the Citadel Tower.
“Jyn?” I called her. “Hold on we’re close.”
“okay, I’m here with Cass…” her voice dissappeared slowly. “Y/n? Look at the window.” she whispered.
“what’s happening?” I asked before look at the window, seeing how the Death Star was raising like it was the sun. “Bodhi… We need to arrive now.”
“we’re almost there…” he replied. “there! You see them?” he asked pointing two figures in the sand. I nodded and when he landed I exited to help Jyn.
Later we discover we were the only ones from the Rogue One that made it.
Two weeks had passed and I tried to tear Cassian apart. He deserves to be happy. But I didn’t know what I was doing, until I heard Jyn arguing with Cassian at the hangar.
“admit it Cassian!” she groaned following Cassian through the hangar, that was walking fast and angry. It was obvious he was trying to ignore Jyn. “why you can’t say that you love me then?” she asked making Cassian turn furiously.
“Jyn, enough!” he shouted.
“Say it then! Say that you love me. Say that you don’t love Y/n!” she raised her voice. Cassian opened his mouth but closed it again looking at the floor. “okay, Cassian.” I saw Jyn walk away. When she passed besides me, I saw tears in her green eyes.
“Jyn” I stopped her holding her hand. “are you okay?” she just nodded vehemently and left me there.
Believe me when I tell you that I appreciated Jyn. She was my friend. So even though I loved Cassian, I had to say something.
“Cassian… Cassian Andor!” I shouted and Cassian turned to face me a little bit scared. “what happened with Jyn? Why was she crying?”
“I don’t want to tell you” Cassian murmured without making eye contact.
“Too bad, Andor. Tell me or you will suffer the consequences.” I warned him. “remember that pregnant women are more dangerous.” he sighed. “it can’t be that bad.”
“she kissed me.” I laughed. “she kissed me and she said that she loves me, and I replied ‘I love you, Y/n’.”
“okay, it’s that bad.” I murmured. “why did you say that?”
“because it’s true. I noticed when we came back from Scarif, but you teared me apart. I thought you didn’t love me.” he explained and I saw sweat on his forehead.
“you were wrong.” I said. “Cassian I love you. But you were with Jyn and the baby-” I was explaining but he cut me with a light kiss. It was soft and sweet.
“I want it.” I whispered against my lips. “I want to love you, I want you to let me take care of the baby. I want to form a family with you.” my eyes were full of tears forming because of the joy. “please I want… I need it.” he said caressing my cheeks with his thumbs.
“okay, Cassian.” I said smiling wildly.
“oh my God… I love you.” Cassian said hugging me tightly.
“I know” I said making him laugh a little. “and I love you too.”

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Varric and Cassandra?

Ok, you know how I said that there was a difference between a full blown rivalmance (where they legit hate each other) and a “healthy amount of friction” in a ship?

Because Varric and Cassandra’s dynamic is exactly what I like if you’re going to go the route of “these two bicker all the time, but they still genuinely care about each other.” They have what I look for in the early stages of an Enemies to Friends to Lovers arc. 

Yes, they can be rude to each other. There are times when Cassandra will try to be nicer only for Varric to mock her for her effort. And Cassandra has done her fair share of crap to Varric, considering she essentially kidnapped him, interrogated him, and has dragged him across Thedas against his will. But then you have more tender moments - the kinds of things you’d see between friends, not two people who have to begrudgingly put up with each other. Cassandra telling him about Galyan and Varric apologizing for mockingly goading her into discussing a very painful personal loss - and Cassandra, in turn, reassuring him that he doesn’t have to talk about Bianca. Or Varric giving her copies of his books because he knows she’s a genuine fan. (That moment of him silently handing her the book in Trespasser is one of my favorites. It’s so small and yet so perfect.) Cassandra reveals that her reason for bringing him to Haven wasn’t just to get him to tell his story to the Divine, but because she knew the Divine would ask for his help… because even though Varric just sees himself as a bystander to the important people who do all the important shit, Cass knows that he is valuable as an ally in his own right. 

In my fan fiction canon, I tend to only write ships that are possible to obtain within the game. Blackwall/Josie, Dorian/Bull, etc. It feels more authentic to me if I reflect the same relationships the original creators thought would naturally occur. And while Cass/Varric isn’t officially a part of my canon… I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to include it. And that it might happen at some point. Because there is something about the two of them that really appeals to me and it’s not the fact that they bicker or fight or annoy one another. It’s the fact that, generally speaking, they know when to back off. They know the difference between friendly ribbing and actually hitting a sore spot. And the fact that they back off and apologize when they’ve actually hurt one another means a lot - it means that despite their outward hostility, they don’t want to actually harm one another. They’re surprisingly sensitive about this, for two people who supposedly hate each other. 

So while I respect the authorial choice to not make this ship canon in the games, I still recognize that the potential for a very meaningful romantic relationship exists between these two characters.

And yes, I ship the hell out of them. 

me, torn because on one hand i would love for matt to introduce a nice, age-appropriate girl for me to ship cass with, while on the other i’d rather see her actually MAKE FRIENDS and recover first before exploring romance

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I was wondering when he would pop up in my inbox! (He would probably claim he was fashionably late!) 😂


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life |

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff |

best quality: Selflessness + Cunning + Protective of his people and loved ones

worst quality: Tends to try and sacrifice himself too much - AKA has a bit of a hero complex

ship them with: Feyre, darling.

brotp them with: Bat boys (Az and Cass)

needs to stay away from: Unprotected sex. I don’t want to see no little younglings flying around and creating chaos until he and Feyre have more fun adventures and are ready to settle down. (And I’m pretty sure the Inner Circle needs time to mentally prepare for a Feysand child 😂😂😂)

misc. thoughts: Nice tattoos. Very nice. So nice I would like to touch them and- well you all get the point. He probably is really good at giving tours around Velaris and finding all the stores with the best deals. He can take me shopping any day and then we have dinner… *looking at all of you with a dirty mind* (pauses) *whispers* But I’m not opposed to THAT either.

Send me a character here for overwhelming feels!

Placing Differences Aside (Cassian Andor)

word count: 816

request: If you’re still taking requests, I found a sentence prompt! “I make bad decisions? You got stabbed in the stomach and *I* make bad decisions?” For Captaaaaaiiin Cassian Andor pretty please! If you would like to make it an x reader too that would be great but you do whatever you want lol (I rambled sorry)

requested by: @theoinkypiglet

a/n: Tweaked the prompt a little bit but I hope this works! 

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Wishes + Tulip x Cassidy. :)

“Wish I had a dollar for every time you only left me your sloppy seconds, Cass.” Tulip pouted as she rifled through the pockets of another dead Grail goon and he suppressed a smirk. 

“A man’s gotta eat and you know what they say…If wishes were horses-”

“You would eat them?” He laughed and she stuck out her tongue and he made a wish of his own - would that she weren’t so mortal and so fearless - would that there was something protecting her beyond a twitchy trigger finger and his own sorry skin, whenever he could spare it.

send me a one word / one phrase prompt + a ship +“five line fics” and I’ll write a five line fic

A Casifer doodle I just did, I was planning to see if I can focus on doodles this week, all Casifer just because I’m dealing with some anger issues regarding people confusing Casifer art with Destiel. It’s sad, they don’t even care to read tags, or descriptions when one clearly says “This is Lucifer, not Dean” and stuff like that :D, apparently Dean is blond to some people, makes me wonder if they are blind? No, not even dirty blond for me, like, seriously. Pay attention.

Just in case, I took the freedom to write their names in this doodle, ALSO taking the opportunity to say that the Casifer tag used to be ours for THIS kind of thing, the Casifer ship, but now it’s destroyed with Lucifer as in like, possessing Cass’ vessel and stuff… Even Destiel, and I just want to throw myself off a cliff (Nothing against Destiel, but seriously, WTF?). Not to mention that was Lucifer, but it seems now names changes with vessels. LOL
How Selfish of you people…
And I’ll stop right now before I start throwing insults.

SO HERE! Castiel and LUCIFER. Being cute.

-Steps closer-
-Defiantly whispers-
… I dare you.