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hi! so i’m completely amazed that so many of you wonderful people choose to follow me, and i want you all to know how much i appreciate it. seriously, thank you! 

here is my first follow forever, because i want to give a shout out to some of the fabulous blogs that make being on tumblr a much more enjoyable experience. thanks again, guys!

a-c: @aaronswarner @adamruzekk @ah-maa-zing @amelliwood @anythingyouhold @arrowsource @arthurs-pendragons @aussietonkin @barryalleins @belledearie @blakesbaellamy @blondefelicity @bobbimorxe @captainsamell @carolineeforbes 

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and here’s a link to my blogroll in case i forgot anybody, and if i have, i sincerely apologise!

Hi guys!  I didn’t do anything for my 3k but I promised a follow forever as soon as I got 3'3k so here it is (/^▽^)/. And I want to say thank you to all of you who follow me, you make the tumblr + arrow experience the best thing ever!

baes: aka those who are amazing people I enjoy talking to + have awesome blogs that you should totally check out

sentence-fragments dumplingnooona arrows-and-fairytales dangling-maybes allensqueens lieutenantsmoak amypueblopoehler kingdomofowland arinskestrels diggo26 amellrickards whattalovelyscene


nattaliaromanova flash-smoak-and-arrows theirhappystory eastofgallifrey feilicitysmoak thecaptainolicity redpendreaming amellsqueen

lovelies: people who I may not interact that much with but are super nice bloggers and have rad blogs + I would like to be friends with them


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also special shout out to all my girls of the emilybettrickardsnetwork, seriously I enjoy talking to you all very much, you are the best! oh and follow the arrowladydefenseleague for lady goodness (-‿◦☀)

nora loves you all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

no-one-seesyou-likeido  asked:

Psst! I saw you just joined the Arrow/Olicity fandom? Welcome! ^^ I can't express how much I agree with your latest status.

Omg thanks so much. Yeah, I started Arrow like a year ago and got fed up with the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle shit so I gave up, but all of the Olicity stuff I was hearing about pulled me back, so I just finished it the other day and it was most definitely worth it. 

And yes, I have many many feelings on the perfection that is Felicity Smoak and her relationship with Oliver. 


I’ve reached 200 followers so I decided to make my first follow forever! These lovely blogs have made my first month running this blog so much fun with their graphics/gifsets/fanfics/reblogs. I love being in the arrow/olicity fandom and I’m here to stay. Y'all have wonderful blogs and keep doing what you’re doing.


songbin​, amellrickards​, felicitysmoak-theojames-addict​, olicittys​, splitsunshine​, snowyallens​, sunshinesmoak​, hisfairassasin​​, huntrcss​, olicitys-arrow​, booyacastle​, girlwitharrows​, prettysmoak​, wifiandbow​, geniewithwifi​, falicitysmoke​, xxwhispererofhopesxx​, callistawolf​, queen-smoakin​, olicityparadise, queensmoakiin, ohlverqueen, dgct2, felicityoung, olicityaddicted, myfelicitysmoak, amellsqueen, snowbarry, olicityyy, holy-smoaked, uh-row-smoak, olicitybabies, oh-monteith, felicityromanova, deathstrohke, justanother90sbaby, ohmygettingcrazy, caitllnsmoak, myherocomplex, forever-erica, felicitys-smoaks, wittyfelicity, meghanqueen, oliversmoak, colindonnell,  1forall0allfor1, noonecanknowmysecret, no-one-seesyou-likeido, d-lenis, chickwithwifi, to-dwellondreams, msfelicitysmoak, nyssasara, klarolicityswan, mimozka, glamorous-enterlude, olversqueen, ladymalfoi, whattalovelyscene, scrumptiousmoak, solicity97, queen-the-arrow, arsenalroy, smoakandarrow, smoakandswan, smoakinhotqueen, @smoaksss, ohmypreciousgirl, aaronswarner, tommymerlyns, amellywod, sinceriouslysarah, dizzie-ds, emilybetterthanyourickards, andjustforthismoment, felicitsmoak, sarcasticfina, flash-smoak-and-arrows, smoaking-arrow, sentence-fragments, digglesarms, theirhappystory, felicitybabbles, pansexualsmoak, olequeen, felicityremarkablesmoak​, iknowwhatcanhelpyou​, ah-maa-zing​, olicitysmoaks​, olicityalways​, felicitysss​, felicityssarrow​, hoodiesandcomputers​, fe-li-ci-ty​, oliverjqueen​, youreallysoldit​, olicities​, emilybettdaily​, queenwithsmoak​, queensarrow​, holysmoaksoliver​, hopedreamlovepray​, skcolicity​, adubbs47​, killersmoak​, ronnieraymonds​, oliverdant​, olicityendgame​, lieutenantsmoak

thank you for being awesome! i sinceriously love you all.

Hey!!  So I just hit 1.4k followers today and I want to make a follow forever!

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Hi ^^ If when I first join this fandom as sensiblement, someone told me that I’ll reach 500 followers one day, I wouldn’t have believed it. And here I am, with 500 followers, so thank you so much. Thank you to appreciate my tumblr, to like my graphics, to talk to me (yeah I have friends here who talk to me, unbelievable). So I made my first follow forever, with people who make my tumblr experience incredible and marvel my dashboard.

I love you  ❤

a-c:  @adamamell@amelliwood ➶ @anythingyouhold@aubvi ➶ @anythingyouhold ➶ @bisexuallaurellance ➶ @blondefelicity ( @felicitys ) ➶ @bratvaolicity ➶ @braveheartclaras ➶ @buthebesthasyetocome  ➶ @callistawolf@captainsamell ➶ @cherrychapssstick 

d-f:  @doe-eyed-girly-evil@dust2dust34 ➶ @emilybuttrickards ➶ @emmasawn@fadingtales  ➶ @fe-li-ci-ty@felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess ➶ @felicityollies@felictiyqueen  

g-j: @hisfairassasiin@honorthedeadbyfighting@ilarina@jbuffyangel 

k-m: @littlegirlinvisible@mdaddario@mogirl97 

n-r: @no-one-seesyou-likeido@notthrowingawaymyfairytale@oilversqueen ➶ @olicitys ➶ @olicitykisses ➶ @olicity-i-believe-in-you @oliverjonasmoaks ➶ @olivrsfelicity ➶ @olversqueen ➶ @overloadfelicitysmoak@queenmerlyn ➶ @queensoverwatch ➶ @releaseurinhibitions ➶ @remember3x20 ➶ @rickscosnett 

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Follow forever time! Finally! I am soooo happy and greatful thank you so much!

Let’s go!!

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So sorry if I forgot anyone.