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May I ask for headcanons on how would the RFA++ react if a fem!MC is always like intoxicated by their cologne and she can't stop being around them, taking in the smell, when they wear it? If it's not a bother could you please, focus on Jumin's one a little bit more (my babe Jumanji ❤).

Thank you for your request and so sorry for the wait!
I hope this was satisfactory (and I hope the Jumin one was focused enough!)

Zen: Would be rather turned on by the fact you’re intoxicated by him and can’t stop clinging to him as well as sniffing him. He honestly wants to gobble you up because the beast within is showing its true colours.

Yoosung: Doesn’t know you’re taken by his cologne at first, he thought you just really really liked him. After figuring out that it was the smell of him that got you so attached, he would continue wearing the cologne until the end of time. He’s a bit embarrassed seeing that you can’t separate from him but loves it.

Jaehee: Smiles at you and your behaviour as she finds you almost too cute to handle, but she keeps it together (just barely). She introduces the perfume to you and reccommends it to you as she would want to smell just how well it would suit you.

Jumin: So he has quite an extensive range of colognes and when he realised that there was a certain one you loved, he started to have his fun with you. He would wear the cologne and you would hover around him. If the two of you were alone, he would unbutton his top button to show a bit of his chest as a way to entice you. Sure enough it worked and although he feels a bit bad (only a bit), he loves seeing how you react to his smell. Soon he can’t help but be a little turned on himself and the cologne just becomes a distant memory midst the … action.

707: He realises you like the cologne and thinks he has hit the bingo as it’s the first time he’s ever worn cologne. In an attempt to wear it again, because of his visible excitement and shaky hands… he drops the entire bottle on the carpet. Now you have a wonderful smelling carpet. Seven would be incredibly happy seeing that you’re absolutely intoxicated with him and would want to keep seeing your slightly flushed face, repeat of Valentines day?

V: He has a great taste in colognes and seeing that you’re intoxicated with his smell, he loves it. He loves that he’s in the centre of your attention and continues to wear the cologne so that he can remain in your attention zone. Your actions are adorable to him and he would enjoy long, drawn out hugs with you audibly sniffing him. You’re just too cute to reject.

Little Logan thingg


HI EVERYONE! okay I take forever to finish requests and I feel kind of guilty for not posting stuff often so here are some Logan Headcannons to make up for it ❤❤ If you want me to do Headcannons for any other character, send em in!

-Cuddling with him while he’s asleep, and him finding you snuggled against him, not having the heart to move, just in case you wake up.
- logan finally opening up to you
- pinning you against the wall and kissing you
- pinning you on everthing because he’s a dominant bastard
- sarcastic eye rolls at his stupid jokes
- you being the only one to make him laugh or smile
- having a secret goofy side to your relationship
- kissing his knuckles so he knows he isn’t the monster he thinks he is.
- him carrying you around everywhere because he’s strong af. I mean look at those muscles!
- calling you “Princess”
- “C'mere beautiful”
- his arms being able to wrap around you completely from how big he is,
- sweet kisses
- beard burns
- teasing him
- finding his soft side, that everyone thought didn’t exist

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Together || Jughead Jones

Prompt: Omg, but can you make one where reader knows that Jughead will be a great father and that he actually wants kids but she is still scared to tell him that she’s pregnant? Like, she has that uneasy feeling that just won’t leave her but everything turns out okay. You can make it with them still being at school or maybe after their graduation😁 *hugs to the amazing writer*

A/N: God, I love these kidfic requests so much. Thank you for sending one in!!

Gif by @elizabethcoops


“Come on, come on.” you mumbled as you looked at your clock, your leg unable to stop its incessant bouncing.

You wished the damn timer would go off already. You hated being kept in suspense. And you were sure you’d be late to school if you waited another minute.

You shook your head. You had more important things to think about now.

Like the fact that you had been getting sick recently almost everyday and that your period was late? How about the fact that you had just taken a pregnancy test and your whole life could be changed in the span of—

Briiiiing, briiiiing

You froze and swallowed, shakily turning the alarm on your phone off. You took a deep breath and walked to your bathroom where you saw the pregnancy test lying facedown.

Here goes nothing.

You picked it up, turning it over. All the breath left your body immediately.

“Oh, Jesus.” you muttered as you looked at the positive pregnancy test in your hands, moving to sit on the toilet seat.

You couldn’t believe this. Why?

Maybe it was because the two of you were only sixteen. Maybe it was because the both of you had only just finished your sophomore year. Maybe it was because Jason Blossom’s killer was still on the loose? On, and the fact that you guys didn’t have jobs. Hell, Jughead didn’t even really have a place to live. Sure, he occasionally lived with Archie, but you knew how he still couch surfed. You had a home, but you knew you’d be kicked out of it as soon as your parents found out you were pregnant.


The word rattled around in your head as you looked down at the test and the two pink lines again.

He’d be a great father.

Those were surprisingly the first words that came to your mind. And you knew they were true. You knew Jughead had wanted kids. He had mentioned it to you in passing once. Of course, you knew he didn’t mean right now. He meant 10 years from now. Fifteen years from now. But now that was changed to seven months.

“Y/N!” your mom called from the hallway, breaking you out of your thoughts.

“Yeah, mom?” you called back, quickly getting up, gripping the test in your hands.

“Hurry up! You’re gonna be late!”

“I’m going!”

You quickly gathered your stuff up, shoving the test in the front pocket of your bag, dashing downstairs.

To your surprise, you weren’t late to school. You had made it with five minutes to spare and even better, there was a substitute. She let you guys go as there was no work that needed to be done so now you were making your way to the Blue and Gold’s office where you knew Jughead would be.

You and Jughead weren’t sexual creatures. You certainly weren’t like the rest of Riverdale’s students. You had only had sex a handful of times. You had sex so little that you could pinpoint the exact day when the baby inside you was conceived.

“Got it!” Jughead said as he climbed on top of the couch before settling down next to you with the bowl of popcorn in his hand.

You giggled as you moved to grab a handful of his popcorn before he swatted your hand away.

“Uh uh,” he protested, holding the bowl away from you. “I don’t think so.”

You rolled your eyes as you began to climb on top of him, attempting to get the bowl your boyfriend of a year and a half held above his head.

“Come on!” you exclaimed as you reached for the bowl, Jughead’s arm stretching back further and further.

“Y/N, you’re going to—”


“Make me drop it.” the raven-haired teen muttered.

You bit back a smile.

“Sorry?” you tried.

Jughead snorted and then the two of you went silent as you realized you were straddling the teenage boy. The two of you looked at each other for a second before Jughead claimed your lips with his. You immediately kissed him back, your hands coming to rest on his shoulders. Jughead’s arms made their way to your hips and he moved you so you were lying down on the couch, him on top of you. The two of you pulled away for air and Jughead looked down on you.

“You want to—”

You nodded, cutting him off.

“Yeah.” you said quietly as you kissed your boyfriend again, beginning to pull his shirt over his head.

That was exactly two months and twelve days ago. And of course it was the one time you guys didn’t use a condom. You were so wrapped up in your antics that you didn’t even think about using one.

You were jerked out of your thoughts as you realized you were at the Blue and Gold’s door. You took a deep breath before opening the door and walking in. Jughead was learning against the table, looking at his murder board.

“Hey, Juggie.” you said.

“Mm,” he said as acknowledged you, his eyes never tearing away from the murder board.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have English this period?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“We had a sub. She let us go.”

Jughead nodded.

You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Jughead, I need to talk to you.” you blurted out.


Jughead turned his gaze to you at your tone and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yeah, of course,” he said. “You okay, Y/N?”

You shook your head and he got up.

“I, um,” you cleared your throat. “I’m pregnant, Juggie.”

You saw his face drain of color in record time, his eyes widening. He was silent, unable to formulate words.

“A-Are you sure? Did you take a test?” he croaked out.

You nodded slowly, turning your backpack around, unzipping the front pocket. You pulled out the positive pregnancy test from earlier, handing it to him. Jughead took it with shaky hands, looking at the two lines. Jughead was silent again as he looked at the test. After a few minutes of only the clock ticking behind you to fill the silence, you decided to say something.

“I-I understand if you don’t want to be involved. I just—”

“Why wouldn’t I be involved?” Jughead cut in, looking up at you.

You sighed.

“You have such a bright future as a writer ahead of you, Jug. This baby’ll hold you back.” you mumbled.

Jughead scoffed.

“And what about you?” he asked, stepping closer to you. “Your career? Your life?”

He put the test on the table next to you.


“Y/N, I’m not leaving you to do this alone,” he said softly. “We’ll figure something out, okay? We always do.”

You sighed in relief and nodded. Jughead pulled you into a tight hug, resting his chin on your head.

“I love you, Jughead.” you said quietly.

“I love you too, Y/N.”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Send me feedback!


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Requested by anonymous

“Stiles you’re the first one I’m telling about this and I know Scott’s your best friend but you can’t tell him okay” you said nervously.

For sometime now you’ve been able to see ghosts. To be honest it was terrifying and for forever you kept this to yourself but now you felt like if you didn’t talk about it you may go completely insane.

“Remind me why you want to keep this from Scott?” Stiles asked, confused.

“I’m just scared is all” you explained, rubbing your arm “what if he thinks I’m a freak? I don’t want him to be scared of me”.

“[Y/N] I don’t know if you noticed but Scott’s a freaking werewolf. He’s had his fair share of weird creepy things. I doubt something like this will scare him. Just tell him”.


I Will Take Care of You

|||Anon asked: Can i request a xiumin exo wolf mate au?? Like a cute and fluffy one maybe?|||

Kim Minseok (Xiumin) x Reader

Genre: Wolf AU

Word count: 976

Originally posted by drawien

You just moved but already didn’t like this place. Your father was a novelist and so you had to move whenever he finished his book as there was no more inspiration after that. He wanted to work somewhere quiet and calm and because of that each new place was more secluded than the last one. This time it was a town of 4000 residents. It was a cloudy day as you made your way to yet another new school. Due to your constant moving you gave up on making new friends so didn’t expect much out of this day. The first thing you had to do today was find the library. The smaller the town the less people will be there and so you can be alone and spend some time with yourself without anybody bothering you. You loved reading and you could thank your father for that. You took an old looking book from one of the shelves. Surprisingly it was a book about this town. Might as well get to know where you’re going to be living for the next year or so. You weren’t even 30 minutes in when you heard footsteps.

“Hello gorgeous” a man said and before you could react took your hand pecked it.


“Haven’t seen you before, you’re new?”

“Actually yes I’m” you said quickly taking your hand out of his. “And who might you be? I’m not used to people just coming up out of nowhere and trying to start a conversation.”

“Why not? I saw you through the window and you looked incredibly cute, so I couldn’t resist talking to you.” he said smiling and you could feel how your cheeks started to burn.

“What’s up with him, he’s totally weird.” you thought but in reality you found him very handsome. He had dark purple and black hair and was wearing a white shirt with leather jacket on. You followed your gaze up to his face and unexpectedly made eye contact with him so you had to quickly avert your eyes to which he smiled. Great. You don’t even know him and he’s not even doing anything but he’s already making you blush.

“Name’s is Minseok by the way.”

“I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“Already but I just got here.” he pouted but you were already standing up and turning around to leave.

“Hey!” he shouted after you.

“What is it?” you asked.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“I might, why?”

“Oh nothing.” he said and you noticed how the pout was turning into a smile again. “I just thought I should look after you.”

You didn’t expect him to say that so you quickly turned around and headed out of the building. You were all red from his words and couldn’t let him see you like this. But you also couldn’t stop thinking about him on your way home.

“I’m back.” you said.

“Oh, welcome home” your father replied. “Sweety, could you do something for me? I just got this wonderful idea for a story but really need some photos for reference.”

“Now? It’s getting dark.”

“Please, I know you love doing this, help out your old man” your father said handing you the camera.

“Fine.” you said putting your more comfortable boots on. “I won’t take long.”

Your father was right, even though you didn’t live moving from one place to the other, the only thing you enjoyed about it was the nature. The forest started just across the street. You wondered what kind of story your father came up with now. As you were thinking and taking photos you didn’t even notice how now you were somewhere in the middle of the forest.

“Okay.” you thought. “Don’t panic. You can find your way back.”

With that you hear a branch snap and quickly turned in the direction of the sound. No way. There was a grey wolf there. How come? You never knew there were wolves in this area. The animal didn’t look happy. Were you in his territory? You tried remembering what to do in situations like this. Do you keep eye contact? Do you pretend that you’re dead? The wolf started approaching you growling, you took a few steps back when you hit a tree.

“That’s it.” you thought. “This is how I die.”

When suddenly out of nowhere another wolf appeared. The newcomer started growling at the other and he stopped in his tracks. They stood still just looking at each other for what seemed like ages when the grey one decided to take off. By now your legs gave up on you and you just slumped by the tree. Were you saved just now? But it was not over. Now the newcomer was drawing near you. You couldn’t have a good look at him as it was dusk and his fur was black. The only thing you could see clearly was his golden eyes. The wolf stopped right in front of you and sat down. You were now both staring at each other.

“Is this one friendly?” you thought, not sure if you could pet him. The wolf tilted his head as if inviting and you put your hand on his back. The fur was soft and warm and now you just wanted to hug him. And so you did. You had nothing to lose anyways, so you threw or arms around his neck and snuggled in it. Then the realization of what just happened and that you almost died just now hit you hard and you started crying. Before you knew it you were in someone else’s embrace. You felt strong hand wrap around your waist as a chin was put on top of your head.

“There there.” he said stroking you hair. You looked up and saw Minseok.

“I said I will look after you.”

A/N: I hope this satisfies the lovely anon who requested, I tried making this as fluffy as possible but idk 😃 Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!

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hello! just wanted to make sure if requests are still open and if the acc is still active! if so, could you do one where naruto, sasuke, annd kakashi seeing their s/o smile like a huge cheesy smile for the first time in a while and they're like woow I'm in love?? i hope that makes sense :) have a lovely day or night!

Of course it’s still active! x3x And of course you can! i don’t have a bias towards kakashi or anything noooo And thank you! You too! I hope you enjoy/ what you were after! <3

Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi Witnessing their S/O Smile a Big Cheeky Smile


- When he first sees them smile like that, he visibly melts. Well… Not visibly, that would be rather gross, but like a deep, content sigh and sinks into his chair or whatever else he’s sitting in. If he’s in Ichiraku with them, he leans on the counter, resting his chin on his arms, a dumb, euphoric smile in his face.

- He’s unable to comprehend that he’s with them, still thinking he’s living a dream he doesn’t want to wake up from. Later at home, he’s super affectionate, like, constant cuddles. Those cuddles are so nice and warm you simply don’t want to leave them, even if you have a mission or something. That can wait. Naruto Cuddles are a must and remain first at all times.


- Much like Naruto, he can’t believe that he’s with them, but he does a much better job at concealing this. Instead of melting, he leans back in his seat and lets out a quiet sigh, watching their every movement.

- If the two of them are on a mission, he volunteers to take the first watch, but instead of keeping an eye on their surroundings, he watches them. After a few hours of watching them move about, he gives in to wanting to hold them and cuddles up close to them, making sure not to wake them up. He sees them smile slightly the moment his body touches theirs and can’t help but smile as he mushes his face in their neck, hiding his growing blush. Sasuke isn’t the best at cuddling, but for his s/o, he’ll make an exception.


- He’s with them and his dogs while on a mission. The group’s taking a quick break when Biscuit starts playing with them. Hearing their small laughter, Kakashi looks over to see them smiling without a care in the world, allowing Biscuit to lick their face, giving them kisses.

- Slightly jealous Kakashi takes control uh oh and Kakashi can’t tear his eyes away from them, watching them as his ninken gives them kisses that Kakashi should be giving them. He can’t believe that they stayed with him all this time, waiting through the times when Kakashi had been insufferable. Forcing his ninken to disappear, Kakashi flits in next to them, giving them soft kisses and “I love you”s. Despite hugging them tightly, he still can’t believe that they’re here, with him. He can’t even comprehend just how much he loves them.

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Why did Jeff asked to speak to his neighbor Pamela after he was arrested? What did he think she was going to do or say after finding out all that he did? I don't know what the purpose was there. What did he want to tell her? What do you think of this?

I believe he requested her presence because he felt that they were friends, or at least on friendly enough terms, and he felt embarrassed/ashamed of betraying her trust. They would occasionally hang out, he had given her furniture and he had shared beers and some lengthy small talk with her husband - one of few innocent encounters he had shared with other people in that apartment. I just think it was just a desperate attempt to salvage any relationship he previously had, because he had so few. In my opinion, he most likely wanted to apologize to her for everything involving the apartment, knowing most likely the other tenants would suffer for his crimes (as they did, everyone was eventually relocated) and to thank her for being something like a friend to him. The conversation desired was likely just to ease his own conscious about the situation.

Memories Of The Past

Klaus Mikaelson!Father X Reader

Word Count: 642

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you please write one where toddler reader loses her favourite toy and Klaus tries to give her the same toy just new, she refused it so Klaus has to find her toy. :) I might be in love with your Klaus!father imagines

Originally posted by klopehybridss

You lost your toy and you been upset for a few days, Klaus had even tried buying you a new one, it was exactly the same as the one you lost but for some reason you didn’t want it, he had no clue how you could tell the difference, most kids didn’t care as long as they had a toy unfortunately for him he got the kid that wanted ‘the’ toy not ‘a’ toy. “Come on little one.” Klaus smiled as he walked into your room.

“Where are we going?” You asked.
“We’re going to find your toy.” He smiled.
“Yay!” You cheered as you jumped onto his back and you started your journey to finding your toy.

You started at Rousseau’s since Klaus had brought you here to meet up with Cami. Klaus was sure that something was going to happen at the compound so he asked Cami to keep you over at her apartment until he came to pick you up. Klaus checked with the bartender who shook their head he was a little disappointed that it wasn’t Cami, he could have killed two birds with one stone and found out if it was at her apartment or not. “Where else did you?” Klaus asked.
“Well… Me and Cami were on our way to the apartment when she met up with the wolves, she talked to Hayley for a while… We went to their camp for a little bit…”
“Hmm.” Klaus hummed not really pleased that you were at the wolves camp but it was a part of you after all and he had never had a pack, we wanted you to have another family, the same way that Hope would, not that he’d admit that. Klaus was walking through the Bayou with you on his back because you always seemed to fall over.
“Klaus, what are you doing here?” Hayley asked crossing her arms over her chest.
“We came to ask a question.” Klaus smiled when you peered over his shoulder to smile at Hayley. Hayley’s face softened as to noticed you.
“What?” She asked turning back to your Dad.
“Did she leave her toy here?” He asked. “She lost it and now we have to find it.”
“No you didn’t leave here sweetheart, maybe you left it a Cami’s apartment, isn’t that where you fell asleep?” Hayley asked and you nodded.
“Looks like we’ll be visiting Camille then.” Klaus sighed.
“Thank you, Hayley.” You called as you Dad began to walk away.
“You’re Welcome.” She smiled as she waved you off.

Klaus knocked on the door and Cami sighed when she opened it “What do you want Klaus?” She asked.
“Did (Y/N) leave her toy here?” Klaus asked.
“No, she was holding it when she left,” Cami answered.
“So maybe it’s at home?” Klaus suggested but he saw the discouraged look on your face. “We’re going to find it, I promise.”
“Okay…” You nodded not really believing him, you said goodbye to Cami before leaving to go back home.

When you got home Elijah was the first to see you “what’s wrong sweetheart?” He asked picking you up.
“We didn’t find it.” You mumbled, Elijah gesture for Klaus to look over at one of the tables and there it was sitting on the table, your teddy. Klaus smiled before calling you over and pointing to it.
“Where’d you find it?” Klaus asked.
“I didn’t a woman came in said that she found it, the tag told her where to drop it off,” Elijah explained. “She must have dropped it last night on the way home.”
“I wonder why it’s so important…” Klaus mumbled.
“Ask her brother.” Elijah prompted.
“(Y/N) why’s this one so important?” Klaus asked crouching next to you.
“This one has memories.” You smiled pointing at the different stains on the fur. “Ones I want to keep.”

Requests and general question!

anonymous asked:

This is not a request, but I'm wondering if you plan to update your rec list some time in the future? Like adding new ones to the soulmate au, time travel au, parents au etc. or do we ask for that specifically when requests are open again? Thanks and great job on the blog!

Yes!! I plan to do that very soon, thank you for the reminder! You don’t need to send in a request, per say, just send me an ask of which list you want to be updated!

differentandstupidhuman  asked:

Oh god 😂 now i remember that star was going to the dance with janna in the little mermaid, i just remembered that janna was a demon too in the first little mermaid au and i thought that maybe she, as a demon could have the kind of same story that tom but with star, but it was GOERGOUS The one that i request, i just forgot that janna was a human and not a demon in this au

LMAO!! I forgot toooo! I’m so embarrassed! Lol I am a piece of garbage hahaha! Shhhh lets pretend there were TWO Jannas! Haha, I’m glad you liked it anyway, if you want a re-write because I screwed it up lmk. But I’m thrilled you liked it anyway! So for that one, let’s just pretend demon!Janna was a totally different Janna hahaha

I’m super embarrassed though!!!!

Originally posted by got-them-feels

I’m so sorry...

A while back (like a week or so) I asked for prompts because I didn’t have many fic ideas. Many of you sent in requests and I am so grateful!! However, lately I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and write any of them. 

I feel so crappy about it, and I’m sure one day I’ll get slapped across the face with a way to write them but I just wanted to let you know why it’s taking me so long  to get them done. 

Hope you can deal with me and have patience about this. 

…on the plus side, I’m less than 10 away from my next 100. Which is crazy since I just hit 600 at the beginning of this month.. So thanks for liking my stuff and tolerating the swarm of emotions that has colonized in the creative parts of my mind. 

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E-eh... KamuKoma 21 Semi-NSFW meme 〃゚д゚〃

Semi-NSFW meme – send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet about one!  

21… leaving hickeys on the other’s neck

post sdr2! got another request for this same one from @s0m-bra. popular popular. i wanted to write togami and kam hanging out bc theyre amazing together and no one ever has them interact lol

“What are those.”

“What are what.”

Togami sets down his cup of tea with an irritated sigh and gives Izuru a… pointed look.

“Kamukura, you and I both know exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t care if you and Komaeda are playing hide the sausage, just don’t leave hickeys the size of grapefruit on each other. I don’t want to see it.”

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enby-gaymer  asked:

Also, I want to make you something for your birthday since you deserve the best things but idk what you want ;^;

I maaaay or may not release a wishlist on my birthday depending if people are curious.. I’ve already gotten a few requests for it but I don’t wanna answer and seem materialistic ;/////; I just want stuff that I could use every day tbh. Like… basic stuff… nice shampoo, some lotion finally, idunno.

But omg if you wanna make something, a written letter would be cool! I’d totes send one back too! I’d love to get letters from people omg. Best ever. I’m pretty comfy giving mutuals a mailing address too ♡

Send me art requests!

(in no particular order) @silverfangs @punkbone @godmutt @axeolotls @demoralizedlycanthrope @hollow-s @soberdog @jagged  @deadmutt @god-fucking-like

I love you all so much and I just!!!! wanted to give something for y’all - and the only thing I can give is art so not much to choose from lmao

anywho, either send me an ask here or at my art blog @lumilimu and I will start working on it! one per person pls

i just fkin love you guys so much,,,

if i didnt mention you im sorry i still love you but i can only take so many requests at a time

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"Are you always this high and mighty?" with Obi-Wan please and thank you, you beautiful human being.

“No, only when I’m dealing with a hard-headed fool.”

“You’re the one who insisted we come here,” you scoff, rolling your eyes. “If not for you, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Shifting the blame is a cowards move,” he mutters, frowning slightly as he pushes himself to his feet. “You are just as at fault as I am.”

“Excuse me, I wanted to be as far away from here as possible,” you growl, narrowing your eyes. “Don’t try and blame me for your bad ideas.”

“You’re just as bad as Anakin, I swear.”

“At least Anakin can admit when he’s got a bad idea.”

(Requests are closed!)
Update :)

Hello there, hope you are having a good week! So I just wanted to update you guys on some stuff I have coming up. Sorry I have been inactive with the imagines (been busy with school and other things). Anyways, so here is the plan. I will be finishing off the Cruise Ship Crush and the Promise? series. I also have one request left as well as one Tyler Joseph imagine I’ve been working on for a while (inspired by the show How I Met Your Mother).

After I am done those, I will be posting up a new series. I am currently in the midst of writing it and it will have multiple chapters. I plan to write the entire series and then post it in sections. I have been binging on the show that is Gilmore Girls and the series I’m working on, is slightly inspired by the show. It will revolve around the reader and Josh Dun and…yeah! I will have more news regarding this series later on!