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artificial wedding bells

title: artificial wedding bells

ship: peter parker (17 yo) x stark!reader

wc: 1.5k

a/n: hey! you invite him to an event because your dad, is setting you up with someone you don’t want to be with. peter agrees, but he is not crushing. nope. not at all.

tell me what u think!!!! (requests are open!)

my previous imagine

“You want me to do what?”

“I promise, it’s just for a night and if you do this- I will do anything for you. I will get your favorite sandwiches, do all your English assignments for a month, I really just need you to do this favor for me, Peter.” her eyes are blown wide as she looks at him, petal lip bit and her hand brushing his lightly in hopes of conveying how badly she wanted his help.

“Being your pretend boyfriend for a wedding? No one would buy it-”

“Peter, I’m not hideous. People would believe your lapse in judgment for 2 months in dating me.” she laughed, self deprecating, and he pouted at her. Because even if he doesn’t have a crush on her, if he did, it wouldn’t be a “lapse in judgment”. Whoever she ends up with will be lucky to have her. WHoever gets to be the person who holds her hand and takes care of her, makes her laugh and finds home in her embrace- they will certainly regret it. She’s not the kind of thing that you regret.

He doesn’t have a crush on her. He doesn’t. But he knows that whoever does, whoever ends up getting to be with her- it’s not going to be something that they don’t cherish. He can’t imagine that when someone holds her hand, they’re not going to cherish every moment of it.

“That’s not what I meant,” he says firmly, dark brown eyes boring into hers seriously, as she jokingly rolled her eyes, and squeezed his hand in recognition, and he notes how their hands just seem to mesh, and he’s never really noticed that before. Not that she’s held his hand too much anyway, but holding it doesn’t seem to be something he minds.

“I just meant that you’re you, daughter of the Tony Stark and also like, really pretty-” is that a blush? Probably not, she doesn’t do things like blush, “And I’m just you know, a kid with an internship, and I’m awkward and I’ll mess it up-”

“Please, Parker, it’ll be fine. I promise. I just need this one favor, and you won’t mess it up. I know you. You won’t let me down.”


It turns out she wanted him to go to a wedding and dinner with her, because her dad wanted to set her up with someone and if she was with someone, then…

Peter understood. Telling May that he was her date, well, it went over very well, actually. Aunt May did his tie and hair, rehearsed things to say, said she always knew that they’d end up together.

Which is weird, because Peter’s never really thought that before.

She gushed about how lovely Peter’s “girlfriend” is, and he can’t really disagree because she is gorgeous, it’s just a fact. Peter isn’t blind- he knows that his best friend is just about the prettiest girl he’d ever met, ever seen.

He’s dressed formally for a formal event, as she’d called it, and she’s picking him up, at 6 o’clock on the dot.

He opens the door, and his breath is stolen from his lungs like someone’s sucked it from his chest.

She is beautiful. She’s absolutely stunning, and it’s ridiculous, he can’t tear his eyes from her, and she’s wearing a grey dress with shimmer and lipstick on her mouth, big eyes looking up at him and hair curled, and for a second, Peter forgets that he isn’t really her date, he isn’t really going to be the person that she wants to show off to her friends and family.

“Is there something on my face?” she asks, concerned.

“No! You look-look good. Good. Really pretty.” he sounds stupid, and since when did she make him this kind of nervous? He sounds stupid. Stupid. She beams at him, and it feels fine, like she’s rubbed out of all of his insecurity.

“Good.” she teases, “You look good too.”

He doesn’t mind when she grabs his hand and pulls him into the car, where Happy is waiting to drive them to Stark Tower.


It’s a party, actually. It is a really big party. Huge, in fact, and he finds himself holding her hand, more out of wanting to not get lost, rather than keeping up the facade. People ask about the two of them, and Peter is surprised about a lot of things.

Peter is surprised how easy it is for his arm to snake around her waist, or how her face fits in the crook of his neck when she feigns embarrassment at people asking about “them”. He’s surprised how much pride he has when people call her his girlfriend. Because she is lovely, she’s so gorgeous and funny an light, and the way she makes him feel in place in a setting when he’s definitely not.

“Aunt Emma, this is my boyfriend, Peter.” Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Her aunt smiles at her and winks. She looks him up and down.

“Well, your uncle is going to find this very funny.” Emma is pulled away, by a man in a leather jacket who Peter assumes to be her husband.

“What was that about?” he asked, joy in his tone.

“My uncle thought I’d end up with like, a tough guy or something” she laughed taking a sip of her mocktail in a champagne glass.

“Well, it’s good that you ended up here with me.” for some reason, the idea of her with some leather-clad tall guy made his stomach stir.

Not in a crush way, though.

She just smiles and pulls him towards where everyone’s dancing.

He’s watching her dance with her little cousin, twirling around like she’s being charmed, and it’s so endearing, Peter’s heart could pop out of his chest at any moment. She is so lovely, so kind and so good, laughing at the deep bow her cousin takes and it strikes Peter how much he loves the sound.

So, the thing is, Peter realizes, is that she isn’t just beautiful in concept. He doesn’t just think that she’s lovely in the abstract. All this time, Peter’s been thinking that whoever gets to be the one to kiss her, gets to be the one who holds and loves her-they’ll be lucky.

He’s never really let himself think about how that might look.

Because her with anyone else- the phrase sounds wrong on his tongue, it’s not right. She shouldn’t be anyone else’s daydream, at least not one that they get to keep. Yes, she is the kind of wonderful that leaves you breathless and the stuff of dreams, but he knew that.

What he realizes, looking at her, so light and airy, her dress catching the air and ringlets falling loose from bobby pins, is that he wants to be the daydream wrapped around her mind.

“May I cut in?” he asks formally, bowing deeper than needed. She curtsies to him, and giggles, as he wraps his arms around her waist, hers going around his shoulders. She’s close and he can smell her perfume and also her, and he’s never really realized how much he liked being around her.

“You know,” she said, whispering in his ear, “you’re pretty good at this.”

“Hmm?” he hummed, trying not to revel in how she fits against him, warm and delicate.

“Pretending to like me.”

She shakes him out of his haze, actually, when she says this. They’re supposed to be pretending, but he’s not. He’s not pretending to like the way her hands fits in his. He’s not pretending to like the way she smiles up at him like he’s her boyfriend. He didn’t ask her to dance because of the whole fake-date thing.

“Well, it’s easy to pretend to do something you wish you could do.”



“I didn’t-”

“Did you?” They spoke at the same time, with wide eyes, because Peter just admitted something so true and more than that, he knows she doesn’t feel that way. Knows that she doesn’t look at him like he set the sun, makes her happy like there’s nothing else in the world like him.

“I’m sorry, shit I didn’t mean to overstep, it’s just you looked pretty and I just thought about how much I loved tonight, how I liked when you called me baby and-”

“Peter,” she laughed. “I didn’t invite you because of Beckett.”

Beckett. Stupid name. Stupid name for a stupid guy who shouldn’t get to go out with her.

“I asked you because if I had to have anyone be my fake boyfriend,” she says, smiling knowingly at him finger pressing into his chest pointedly, “Then I would pick you, Mr. Parker.”

“Does that mean-”

Yes, Peter.”

He kisses her and he’s grateful that he’s on the corner of the room where no one can really see them, his hand on her cheek and his eyes closed, her smile pressed against his and butterflies hammering in his stomach and he’s never, never been this happy in an instant before.

He hears a throat clear.

He even sees Mr. Stark handing Cap 20 dollars.

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heyyy its me again :) hope it’s okay to send in another request cause i just saw the dialogue prompts and i got this idea haha so could you do
31. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.”
48. “You make me want things I can’t have.”
with steve please? thank youuu ❤

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: ANGST

A/N: hi! of course it’s okay! thank you for sending these prompts in! I changed and added a bit if you don’t mind?

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart

Best friends weren’t supposed to feel this way for each other. Especially not ones who were dating others already. But Y/N couldn’t stop her feelings for Steve, and Steve couldn’t stop his for Y/N.

Lately though, it was getting worse. 

It had gotten so bad, so intoxicating, that one day as Steve was driving them home after school, he pulled over, the tense, uncomfortable silence too much to bear. 

“We’re talking about this. I can’t keep ignoring it.” Steve clenched his jaw.

“We have to. Do you think I want to ignore it?” Y/N asked frustratedly. 

“I love you for god’s sake!” Steve burst out.

Don’t say that. Do not.” Y/N breathed. “Please.”

“I can’t keep kissing Nancy and pretending that she’s you!” Steve yelled, banging his fists against the steering wheel.

Shocked, Y/N stared Steve in disbelief.

“You.. you make me want things I can’t have.” Steve said helplessly, sagging in his seat, head in his hands. 

“Do you think I haven’t kissed Jonathan and pretended it was you before? Do you think I’ve never wanted you and all the other things that I know we can’t have?” Y/N furiously shouted back, Steve’s head snapping back up to look at her, stunned. 

“Well then screw you Steve Harrington. Screw. You.” 

Popping open the car door, Y/N stormed out, ready to walk the rest of the way home, before her backpack straps got stuck on the seat.

Hearing Steve get out of the car and his footsteps behind her as she tugged on her bag, she whirled around angrily. “Steve-”

Y/N gasped as she was shoved against the car, Steve’s mouth solidly on hers. She tried to resist, but found herself melting into the kiss. Her fingers tangled into his hair, his hands squeezed her waist, they were a hot mess.

Panting, Y/N forcefully shoved him away, both of them dazed. 

“We can’t..” Y/N said weakly. “I want to.. But we can’t..”

Tracing her cheek, Steve gave her a small, sad smile. “I know. I just..” Running his hands through his hair, he sighed. “Will we ever be able to have what we want?” 

Pressing one last chaste kiss to his lips, Y/N nodded. “We will. Just.. not now. Soon.” Pulling her bag out of the car finally, she slipped it on. “I think it’s best if I walk home today.”


Steve watched as Y/N looked back at him once, before making her way down the rest of the block and out of his sight. 

Soon. We’ll be together. Soon. 

But how long is soon?

"She’s a keeper” - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N : I really wanted to write this Jason request because I feel like I have not written for Jason in a while, Regardless I hope you like it and sorry it’s so short !

Word Count : 310
The room felt overflown with tension, like the roof was about to burst off. You nervously scanned your eyes over the rest of the room, each facial expression was completely different especially Dick’s.

Bruce had just announced his engagement to Selina and in all honesty you couldn’t have been more excited for him, and although Damian’s face might’ve told a different story you knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding.

Though despite the buzz one question, one thought rather drifted through your head-

“-Wow I can’t believe Bruce got engaged before you guys did,” Dick announced, you were 100% sure he wasn’t a meta-human…but you think he might’ve just read your mind.

On the other hand your boyfriend had the most perplexed look on his face it was laughable.

“Uh-um-sorry,” He just responded quickly, you could now feel his arms shaking around you.

“It’s fine Dick, I bet he’s just looking for the right ring,” You joked, turning in his arms and squeezing yours over his shoulders to plant a faint kiss on his cheek to ease his nerves.

“ooos” and “ahhhs” spread over the living room like it was a nice warm piece of toast ( I love toast ), closing in an unenthused “tt” from Damian’s end of the couch.

The whole group fell into laughter, The moment glazing over like an old memory.

You couldn’t help but savour moments like this, the bright smiles and striking cackles, it was rare, which made it all that more special.

“You better put a ring on her soon Jason, She’s a keeper,” Dick said poking his brothers shoulder.

Jason moved his head so he could look you directly in the eyes, You could of stayed staring into his forever.

“She sure is,” He said without removing eye contact, You were convinced your blush was embarrassingly obvious.

Missing you

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

hiiii!!! so i’m really wanting to read something like “y/n woke up cuddly”, please. ❤

Hope you like it! Requests are open!


Waking up on Sunday has always been something you’ve looked forward to, no matter how weird it may sound. Ever since you and your boyfriend Harry moved in together, you’ve made an agreement that on this day it will be just the two of you spending your day off, whenever you get the chance. It’s been a long and tiring week for the two of you, so you knew getting out of bed early won’t be an option, and that made you feel perfectly content…At least until you woke up to realise that there is no one sleeping next to you.

You propped yourself on your elbows to get a better view of your shared bedroom, seeing both of your yesterday’s clothes on the floor after the rather steamy events. Harry’s phone and wallet, however, were no longer on his bedside table where you last saw them, which made you frown. You took your phone and checked the time - 9:16AM. The notifications on your phone consisted of the usual news reports, some friends wanting to arrange plans and someone liking your latest post every once in a while. No messages from Harry. You took off the blanket, crawled out of the bed and slowly padded to the bathroom, not wanting to make a lot of noise, even though there was no actual reason to do so. After doing your usual morning routine, you exited the bathroom and tiptoed down the stairs, secretly hoping that Harry has been making breakfast the whole time and you will be able to get your long deserved cuddles, which you have been craving ever since you woke up. Walking into the kitchen made disappointed find its way into the pit of your stomach, seeing that not only there was no food ready to be devoured, but also no Harry and his strong arms to hold you. I know, priorities. Before getting slightly irritated by the fact that he has left the house without making sure you knew as to where, you heard the front door unlock and Harry’s heavy Chelsea boots making their way into the house, making a relieved sigh leave your mouth. You then propped yourself on the dark marble counter of your kitchen, slightly wincing at the cold surface hitting your bottom and making you shiver.

Harry, on the other hand, took of his boots, happily humming a new tune he had come up with when he woke up this morning, seeing you sound asleep by his side. Even though he did not want to leave you, breakfast for two sounded good enough to leave the warmth of your body and to head downstairs in order to cook a mean French toast with eggs and bacon. To his surprise there was no food left in the refrigerator, his only option being grocery shopping, which is exactly what he did, hoping to be back before his love woke up. Unfortunately for him, after taking his boots and coat off and making his way towards your shared bedroom, forgetting the shopping bags by the door, as he approached the room, he noticed you no longer sleeping as the little angel you are, very well knowing you never wake up this early, and a worried expression made its way onto his face. As he hurriedly headed towards the bathroom, hoping to see you there, he was met with the soft voice he had fallen for when you two first met.

“Are you looking for something?” You spoke up.Harry quickly spun around, his green eyes meeting yours, worry leaving his body as he takes in your appearance - hair disheveled, cheeks red and lips puffy as usual, begging to be kissed, your body only clad with his dress shirt from last night, baring the right amount of skin to get Harry worked up, his breath heaving.

“Morning, love. What are you doing up so early? You got me worried for a second here.” Harry said while making his way towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close to him.

“I woke up and you were gone, I thought something happened..” you sofly said and looked up to him with your puppy dog eyes, making Harry inwardly curse.

“Oh, baby. I was doing some shopping, we must’ve forgot to buy more food, the fridge was empty” he reassured while stroking your hair, making you sigh.

“I missed you, Harry. I was hoping for some cuddles when I woke up” you sadly said.

With that Harry picked you up and took you to your bed, softly landing the two of you on its soft surface.

“I missed you, too, babygirl” he said, wrapping his arms around your warm body, and kissed your forehead, his scent enveloping you as you slowly fell back asleep in the arms of the man you love unconditionally, while Harry himself thanked the lucky stars for having someone like you by his side.

Art Requests?

I swear to god this time I’ll actually (try to) do them

I’ll basically draw anything that isn’t NSFW from the following:


-Dear Evan Hansen


-Be More Chill

-Any musical really,

-Yuri On Ice

-Danganronpa (I haven’t played V3, so no spoilers please!)

-Hetalia maybe? Or vocaloid? (If that’s still a thing?)

-Twenty One Pilots ( yes, i can draw joshler)

And yeah, they can be ships, characters or just actors, almost anything you want :)

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to ignore your salad things, mind doing a request? there's this song could all eyes on me and I just imagine Matt would be jealous of all the attention tom, edd and tord would get from fans, so he kills him to get the fame wants

The one by 2pac?


Texts w/ NCT Dream - When They Find Out They’re Your Ideal Type / When You Find Out You’re Their Ideal Type!

(the request asked for either/or but I did a mix of both and just randomly picked whichever members for whichever scenario!!)

(I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be an existing relationship head canon or not so I can always do another one if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! Also as an asexual myself this was so fun and cute to write✨✨✨)

When you summon him you’re stuttering out a stop to his advances and he looks confusedly at you.

“Then… what do you want?”

The blush covers your cheeks and you hardly get out a whisper to answer him as his towering appearance is quite unnerving at first.

“I just wanted a hug… really.”

He’s a bit shocked but he obliges you in the hug with a gentle smile.

Pulling away he asks “is there anything else?”

This big hulking DEMON is currently helping you make cookies, he didn’t specify what else you might need so you definitely took advantage of it.

The incubus feels a tightness in his chest when it’s time for him to depart from you, something is just… different, and he likes it.

Cuddles. He loves holding you and wrapping his arms around you practically bending over as you cook your food or do the dishes. Actually he can get in the way but you can’t say no to his big puppy dog eyes and well, that’s how the house gets messy.

He never really leaves your place. he likes you and he’s definitely up front about it which is when he realizes how shy you are.

And he takes full advantage into turning you into a flustered mess when he can. Knowing, of course what lines not to cross and buttons not to press.

He loves talking with you, and listening to you. You’re also one of the first beings he ever really opens up too, your voice and gaze are so warm and inviting (also when you run your fingers through his hair he becomes almost in a trance and will answer any of your questions)

Use this power for good not evil!!!

If he were to compare his talks with you it would be like talking to your best friend during the late hours of the night, there’s no secrets, no holding back… he can be himself around you and talk about deep emotional subjects without fear of rejection.

Anytime you remotely put yourself down hes covering your face in kisses and complimenting you from your toes to your nose.

He settles into the affectionate/emotional roll of your boyfriend rather quickly and he honestly can’t get enough of you.

He loves your humor and the way you space out sometimes (he always stares at you with the goofiest sharp toothed grin on his face when you aren’t looking.

He disguises himself as human when you go out in public and boy is he protective of you. If anyone makes you uncomfortable he will stare them down (maybe using a bit of his powers to make them avert their gaze or start walking away until the break the radius his power can reach)

If you are too nervous to order food he bends over letting you whisper what you want in his ear and he orders for you giving you a kiss on your cheek.

There’s been a few times where men in public are giving you a hard time, he steps in without missing a beat and threatens them using all of his energy not to tear into them and his disguise wears off on the streets.

As momentarily terrifying as it is that others could see him you can’t help but love seeing him all dressed up and in his demon form. (He rocks the skinny jeans look)

If you’re ever feeling anxious all you have to do is gaze into his eyes, his stare is charged with magic and he can relax you with a blink of his eyes.

At the end of the day he realizes all he wants is to curl up on your couch with him laying over top of you, a blanket draped over you and one of your weird (But entertaining) shows on.

As he talks to you he realizes that he too is on the A-spec, even though sex had always been a part of his life and he was mostly indifferent to it, He was never attracted to his clients.

Maybe that was why you took him so off guard that day you summoned him…

Maybe that’s why he fell in love with you.

Han Jisung As Your Best Friend

Type: headcanon

Genre: fluff

Requested?: yes (anon & anon)

Message?: Jisung would be one of the best friends ever


  • first things first
  • hed be SUPPORTIVE
  • like honestly
  • your no.1 hype boi
  • I have no idea the type of family he has but I feel like when you first go to his house their all like !! girlfriend !!
  • but by now you come and their like
  • ‘Y/N please dont block the toilet again’
  • and your like ‘lol soz’
  • (Jisung is in the shower at this time)
  • but yeah you two are just the chillest™
  • at his house and yours
  • mostly his tho bc when hes not training he wants to be in the comfort of his own home (noah fence)
  • also
  • he loves cuddles so much
  • and knowing that he cant get a gf bc of training you’re the next best thing
  • which is an honour btw
  • but your scared hes gonna get a gf and your gonna be lost w/out cuddles
  • but oh well
  • thats her fault
  • anyway
  • usually in these you meet when your like 2 but you two didnt meet until you were like 13 thats why his family were like !!! girlfriend !!!!
  • idk why you met at 13
  • i think Jisung just had so many friends that he didnt need another
  • and then you were sat alone bc your bf had moved away and Jisung came over and you were like !!!
  • cause you know, Jisung, one of the populars
  • but he just wanted to see if you were okay and you smiled but he already knew that you werent
  • and he stayed with you all day that day and you knew that he wasnt like any of the other populars youd met
  • and honestly Jisung kinda left the popular group to hang with you
  • you know?
  • like your nicer than all of them put together
  • but he did keep their contacts
  • like friends?? ??
  • dont be jealous tho
  • you were better than them
  • your no1
  • and Jisung shows that by buying you shit
  • i mean its small shit
  • but its thoughtful
  • just little toys and rings and stuff
  • Everyone thinks your going out but your those people who whenever someone asks if your going out you and Jisung both laugh hysterically like ‘ew no wtf lmao’
  • thats only bc youve become so close as bffs it would be weird to go to a relationship when suddenly your so much more open but everythings on the line
  • like friendships calm
  • love is not
  • you both wanna stay away from that shit for as long as possible
  • Jisung has to anyway hes a trainee
  • see how seamless that was
  • i mean when he became a trainee for JYP you were like
  • got7 !!!
  • and thats the only reason you spent time there lmao
  • but as Jisung got more and more into his trainee life you became more involved and wished him the best everyday but hoped that he didnt overwork himself
  • when he ran into your house interrupting your studying shouting at you about how hes in a survival show
  • you were like boi some people still need their education
  • nah
  • but deep down your so happy bc you know that Jisung can do it AND it will get him a debut
  • your shook tho
  • Jisung is a very caring best friend who thinks about you a lot and loves platonic cuddles
  • thats it
  • FIN

anonymous asked:

How would the paladins react to when they ask their s/o to say something sweet in Spanish and they say "Quiero comer tu cola" (I want to eat your ass) and Lance hears it and is laughing his ass off

I just HAD to do this one! I love this so much!! I decided not to include Lance for the headcanons sake. I wanted him to seem like that hilarious best friend lol. I could add him if you want! Enjoy~ (EDIT 11/20: Super duper OLD request! I’m sorry omfg!!! I give you permission to execute me)


-After learning that you knew Spanish, he really wanted to hear you say something.

-He’d occasionally ask “What’s this word in Spanish?” He won’t ask too much because he doesn’t want to seem annoying.

-But today he really wanted to know something nice or flattering. 

-”Can you say something sweet in Spanish, Y/N?”

-He saw you tap your chin in thought until you said something.

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-As soon as those words trickled out your mouth, there was a loud snort from Lance.

-Shiro ignored him thinking it was something else. He focused on you and asked what it meant. 

-He’d be distracted because Lance is in the background literally dying of laughter. 

-Shiro is now 100% confused. 

-He’d now turn to the blue paladin asking what it meant because he was getting suspicious.

-Shiro would get frustrated because every time Lance attempted to explain he’d crack up even harder.

-Shiro would sigh and say “Forget it..” and walk out the room. He’s determined to find out what that statement means.


-Hunk loves to hear you speak Spanish. Whether it’s to him or yourself, he loves the way it rolls off your tongue effortlessly. 

-So he decided to ask you to say something sweet. He was actually very hesitant to ask but he worked up the courage to do so.

-”Hey, Y/n.. Can you say something in Spanish? Like something nice?”

-He’s very interested in what you have to say. Maybe he could learn something.

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-When he hears Lance burst into uncontrollable laughter, he is so confused.

-Nervous laughter ensues. He doesn’t know what’s happening.

-He’d ask what that means but it makes Lance laugh even harder

-Maybe it’s an inside joke and he just doesn’t understand? He figures as much and decides to ask you later. 


-He probably won’t ask you to say something sweet even though he really wants to hear it.

-Like, it’s so obvious he wants you to say something in Spanish but he’s to embarrassed to ask. So you suggest it instead!

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-As soon as he hears Lance burst into laughter, he knows somethings up.

-Bombards you with questions. Mostly “What does that mean?!”

-He gets frustrated but demands to know what that statement means.

-He can’t look for the answer in Lance because he’s on the floor dying. 

-Eventually, he does let it go but not for long. He will know what it means.

-He also has to resist socking Lance in the stomach for laughing so much.


-Ever since Pidge learned you spoke Spanish, she’s never been afraid to ask you to translate whatever word in English to your native tongue.

-But she did find it weird once she asked you to say something flattering.

-She’s kind of a tsun when she asks.

-”I mean you don’t have to say it, but if you really want to.”

-”Quiero comer tu cola.”

-Pidge doesn’t even bother asking what that means.

-I mean, If Lance is rolling on the floor it must be immature, right?

-She may or may not be a little salty…

-She most likely won’t ask you to say something else.. Unless you sweet talk her in Spanish. I dunno, just a thought ;)

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Can I request a Timxreader where they’re best friends but it’s pretty obvious they like each other so the rest of the boys make plans to get them together but nothing works. Bit then one day he’s teaching her some basic hacking stuff at the manor and she’s just like ‘sweet Jesus I want to have your babies’ and Tim’s shook for a moment but he’s like ‘screw this’ and he just pushes her against the wall and kisses her? Bonus points if Jason walks in and cockblocks them 😂 THANK U SO MUCH 🙏🏽

(sorry it took so long!)

“What do you think about this?” Tim asks, turning his head slightly to the side so that he’s not finally facing you, a small smile slowly making its way toward the corners of his lips as he opens his mouth and speaks, continuing his words from before. “It’s pretty easy to do, right?”

For a moment, you’re silent, still continuing to stare at him, finding yourself lost in the beauty of his smile. Tim merely looks at you, watching as you stare at him in a daze, blinking at you several times and wondering what it is you’re thinking about.

“Hey,” he says, leaning closer toward you, waving a hand in front of your face, trying to catch your attention. “Are you okay?”

Almost as if you’re still stuck in a daze, you open your mouth to speak, the words falling softly out of your lips as though they’re a whisper. “I really want to kiss you right now.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, staring at you and blinking at you once, twice, thrice, like he’s still trying to process your words in his head. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment it all finally clicks together in his head, he sucks in a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak, finally breaking the silence between the two of you. “What?”

Your eyes widen in alarm, and you quickly shake your head at him, your cheeks heating up as though in embarrassment. “It’s nothing,” you reply, quickly turning your head away from him to hide the blush creeping on your cheeks. “You can just ignore it if you like.”

For a moment, Tim is silent, and all he could do is stare at you, thinking about what it is he’s going to do next. A moment later, you hear his chair scraping from behind you, and when you turn your head around to see what it is he’s doing, you discover that he’s already leaned toward you, his face only inches away from yours.

“You know what,” he begins, whispering the words softly against your lips. He’s so close, so close that you could practically smell him, could practically taste him on the tip of your tongue. Your breath hitches in your throat, and suddenly, it almost feels as though you’ve forgotten how to breathe.

You stare at him for a moment, waiting for him to finally speak, to finally continue his words. It doesn’t take him long enough to do so, and the moment the words are finally out of his lips, they come out soft and gentle, almost as though a whisper. “I like you, too.”

And then before you know it, he’s already kissing you, wrapping his arms around you as he presses his lips on to yours, trying to convey everything he’s ever felt for you in the action. You tangle your fingers in his hair, pulling him even closer toward you, closer and closer until you aren’t sure where your body ends and where his body begins—

A sudden knock on the door is enough to startle the both of you, and the two of you quickly scramble away from each other, going back to the position you were in before. The door opens not after a moment, and you see Jason standing in the doorway, crossing his arms over his chest as he stares at the two of you.

“What were you two doing here—Oh,” he says, looking back and forth between the two of you. A knowing look flashes across his features and a moment later a small smirk slowly makes its way toward the corners of his lips. “I see,” he says, nodding his head at the both of you as though in understanding.

He gives the two of you a wink and a wave of the hand, almost as though in a gesture of goodbye, before exiting the room and closing the door behind him, leaving the two of you alone once more.

BTS Reaction to Guy friend wanting to Cuddle

Request: Could you make a reaction for BTS’s best guy friend wanting to cuddle while watching a movie? Just as friends but what they would think of cuddling with him? :) thank you

Alright!!! One cuddling it up with a guy friend coming up!! After Namjoon’s the rest is under the cut!

Kim Namjoon:

I feel like Namjoon would be the most laid-back one for it. He would be like “Cuddle? Sure. Come here.”

And then the guy would snuggle up into his side and Namjoon would wrap an arm around his shoulders like it’s no big deal.

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am I the only one who thought we would get some insight into karen's backstory? I mean yes, the karen x frank moments were beautiful but I was kind of disappointed how the writers didn't let Karen shine as an individual? I do realize that Karen wasn't supposed to be in Punisher series to begin with B U T (!!!) Sorry I guess I am just looking for a friend ?!! lol [oh btw can I request a gifset? a karen gifset (no frank, just karen)?]

No, I think a lot of people thought we could get a little bit of insight. I thought during maybe one of their talks by the lake that there was potential for them to slip something in. Not everything. But, something, because Frank’s one of the only people who wouldn’t judge her for these past situations. I understand why we didn’t, though. Because, it’s a storyline on Daredevil and they’ll want to keep those reveals for Daredevil. I always want to see Karen shining as an individual, the problem is that in a lot of cases, her getting to shine somehow connects to other people. 

So, like, Lewis contacting her specifically and her doing her article about it, and going on the radio about it, and interviewing What’s-His-Face about it is Karen getting moments of her own to shine, but it’s so connected to Frank that it doesn’t really feel like it. But, she was there specifically for Frank’s story, so that was the priority. Hopefully next time in the second season we all are hoping that we get, there will be better planning and the knowledge [before episodes are written] that Karen will be in it [I assume, because duh] and she’ll get to do more/have arcs that are about her, like the other characters did.

Also, yes, you can request a Karen set – and one of us will do it :)

hey, not looking for anything really, just want to boost some people up and hand out free compliments! and make some friends probably, but mostly just gassing people up.

url: gretchenhotdogs

kik: willbechosen

i’ll be doing the free compliments for anyone that requests one - if you want a better compliment then either have a picture of your face or tell me about your interests and hobbies!

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I think I want to try new pronouns.... but I just recently changed them so I’m scared people won’t take me seriously if I change them again. I don’t absolutely hate the ones I’m currently using but I think I would like to use the other ones instead... how can I do that and have people take me seriously?

Lee says:

You can’t ever control other people’s reactions to your requests, like there’s no magic combo of words you can say that’ll make them take you seriously. You just have to explain that you’re still exploring your identity and that you’d appreciate if they used this other pronoun set for you, and say why it’s important to you- then hope for the best.

Tag Lists

Hi friends! I’m a bit unorganized, especially now that I’m starting to write a little outside of A New Life. Here are the current tags I have– Please let me know if you want to be added to or removed from either of my tag lists!

I apologize to those of you that I have not tagged up to this point. I received a lot of asks when I first made Tumblr and didn’t understand anything, so I’m just now finding some of those requests. But I’ve been around about a month now and I’m getting the hang of it!

Here are the other fics I’ve written in case you’re considering being part of my CarryOnCap Crew ;) 

At the Library (Dean one shot)

Wake Up Call (Dean drabble)

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FitzSimmons Appreciation Week
 ↳ Day 1: Favorite Scene(s) - the one that never aired

Written for the three (3) anons that requested FS + Stay there. I’m coming to get you, and some season 2 angst. This also fulfills the Fanwork Friday Prompt “Hope.” 


When he received the short text saying she was just a few minutes from the Playground, Fitz couldn’t keep himself from pacing the lab. Everyone was doing what they could to work through the loss - some better than others - but he couldn’t really focus on his own feelings about the sudden tragedy. All he could think about was how Jemma was feeling and how she probably wouldn’t want to be alone in a few moments.

He didn’t know how they were – or if there was even a they to speak of – but he knew for certain the loss was hitting her harder than she let on. He never truly knew the depth of her and Trip’s relationship, as his own jealously got in the way, but Trip was more than just a member of the team, especially to Jemma. And right now, even though there was so much distance between the two of them, Fitz knew they shouldn’t let the tension get in the way of their healing.

Things did seem to be looking up, if only slightly. It wasn’t nearly as awkward to be in the same room with each other. Even considering the physical barriers of their hazmat suits, he found her hovering more than usual, but not in a patronizing way. And when they were alone and first felt the rumbles of the cave, it was near instinct to pull her into his arms and hold on for dear life. She didn’t have time to protest, but the way she clung to him, her eyes filled with worry, told him she didn’t want him to let go. When the vibrations stopped and the area grew silent, she slowly looked up to meet his eyes. And for a moment, it felt like they were back at the Academy, or on the Bus, and all of the terrible things that had happened to them were a lost memory.

But all that was before they learned of Trip’s tragic fate.

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Hey folks! So I mentioned a few days ago that I finally bought photoshop, and to celebrate, I’m doing icons again! 

want one?

  • reblog this post! (even if you don’t want one, if you could reblog this post to spread the word I’ll love you forever!)
  • send me an ask with a detailed description of what you want (bonus points if you include a screenshot for me to work with!)
  • check out my icon page which has a bunch of awesome icons of game of thrones ladies!
  • as always, please credit me if you’re using them!
  • I’ll only be making icons on weekends but feel free to send requests during the week! Just be aware that it won’t get done till the weekend. 

I’ll make icons for the following fandoms (but I could be bribed coerced into doing them for other fandoms)

  • harry potter
  • game of thrones
  • the bold type
  • voltron
  • yuri on ice
  • bts

icon dump below the cut!

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