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Hey, so I looked in the bio and it said requests for imagines are opened? You may have your plate full, but if you're bored or something? Anyways, I was wondering if you could do RFA getting jealous? Like a old highschool friend says hi to MC and gets a little too friendly? Or someone starts to flirt? At a café and gets a drink from someone at a different table? Again, just suggestions. Thank you~

Jealous RFA?



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Your cinnamon roll has school and you decide to come see him afterwards bc you’re going to the movies with him

So there you are, in front of the college campus

Wearing something hella cute

And the bois start staring bc they’ve seen Jesus you’re so beautiful

“So pretty~”, “Bih gon be mine”, “You ain’t about that life, Shinji”, stuff like that

And you have no clue this “Shinji” dude is about to approach you bc you see Yoosung 

He saw the guy and figured what he was trying to do from a distance and he was a little uneasy

But then you jump into Yoosung’s arms

And the dude freezes; his pride assassinated

Yoosung just feels a sense of triumph bc he won

And he just smugly winks and sticks his tongue out at the guy like “Haha, I’m the cutest fuck you”


The beast knight has a day off from work so he wanted to take you out for a stroll

He’s aware of the fangirls and paparazzi but just say the word and he’ll take you to somewhere private

YOU CAN’T CATCH ME DIRTY THOUGHTS (Dirty thoughts: *whispering* Yes we can~)

Anyway, he takes you to one of his favorite places to eat as the evening ends

You both sit at a booth and look at menus

It’s all good; you’re both just chatting about cute shit

And then, a waitress places a tall glass of Pina Colada (I’m Spanish; fite me keyboard) in front of you

But you’re like??? This isn’t my drink

But the waitress points to a guy and says, “Compliments from that man over there”

And the guy waves at you with a flirtatious smirk, probably tipsy

Zen doesn’t hesitate to get up and unleash his fury by slugging the guy in the face

You’re shooketh (not that you expected anything less; I mean come on, it’s Zen)

The drunkard gets scared and scampers away

You’re flattered Zenny protected you, but you assure him he didn’t have to do that

And he’s just like:

“Are you kidding, babe? There’s no way I can just stand there while some prick hits on you! You’re my princess, and I won’t lose my princess to anyone.”

*cue the otome heroine sparkles and blushies*

You just leave it at that and leave the restaurant with your knight in shining armor, hand in hand


Baehee may be a little stoic, but due to her insecurities, she’d be worried about you finding someone better


The pang in her heart happens when you run into your ex at the book store

Jaehee only takes a simple glance at her and automatically assumes the ex is a goddess compared to her own self

So she says nothing as the ex speaks small talk to you

After dismissing yourself, you and Jaehee leave and go home

Jaehee speaks to you again, but she sounds disheartened and you already know what’s up

You ask her what’s wrong and she says:

“I’m sorry, I just… felt uneasy.”

You can’t help but giggle, thinking how cute she looks, although you feel terrible that you haven’t noticed her behavior before

You assure her she’s the only one for you and there’s no need to feel like that

*cue the hugs~*

Jaehee feels a lot better now and she has nothing to worry about

Especially when she sees your ex again and she can simply give her a smug look




I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s caring and shit, but hE WON’T LOSE TO ANYONE

Then he’ll be like THIS in the end:

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Anyway, it’s story time

You decide to visit his work place to give him his lunch you made yourself bc you’re wifey

And he’s speaking to a new intern, in which you recognize from somewhere

“(Y/N)? Oh my gosh, it really is you! We went to high school together, remember?”

You greet the man and agree that it’s been a while

You expect Jumin not to be so concerned but he’s like UM YOUR MAN IS RIGHT HERE

I guess the guy didn’t realize you and Jumin were married bc after talking with Jumin and taking the almost empty container, the guy asks if you want to stop and get a cup of coffee after work to catch up

Before you can answer, here comes Jumin with his super sonic hearing ass-

He just grabs your shoulders and kisses you in front of the guy

Then just says smirking: 

“I’ll see you at home, my angel.”

The guy is shook, everyone is shook, Beyonce makes a special appearance

The petty is real, guys


Saeyoung is unpredictable; let’s face it

He’ll either brush it off bc he already knows you love him or beat himself up at the possibility of losing you

Or both


He could’ve gotten jealous of a guy or girl, but nope

He’s jealous of a DOG

That’s right; you found a lost puppy outside without a collar and decide to take him in

Seven was on board with it at first, but later regretted it bc you’re spending more time with the puppy than with him


Like?? Really Seven? We can’t just ignore him

Of course you both make flyers so the owner could claim the pup, but it’s been about a week and he’s starting to lose hope

Before you decide to keep the puppy, a little girl and a woman knocks on the door with one of the flyers and a collar

The woman is the girl’s mother and explains her daughter lost the puppy at the park and is so happy he was found

It’s hard for you to let the puppy go (bc dogs are great), but you know it’s the right thing to do

Seven’s should be glad the puppy’s not here anymore, but he low-key misses him

But she shrugs it off like: “Oh well! I now have Lady 606 to myself! YAHOO!”

You laugh, surprised that Seven was jealous of an innocent puppy

But you still feel a little bad, so you shower him with attention and cuddles

Seven’s a happy boi

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Hi, I'm Fluffy! I just read ur Jumin post and love it T^T I ended up gasping dramatically from shock lol anyways I saw that your ask was open and was wondering if I can ask for a RFA+V and Saeran(if ur ok doing all) reacting to an MC that's like a hard core fangirl(could be anything like anime, books, musicals, etc, ect) and cosplay, does fanart, writes fanfics/hc and when she talks about her obsessions, like most the time doesn't even makes sense?? I hope that wasn't too specific! Fluffy out!

Hi fluffy! Wah, it’s an nice request, thank you for sending it in! I think I accidentally made Jumin’s part long whoops!

~Admin Jiyeon

RFA + V & Saeran with a fangirl MC


  • ‘Zen, they’re called fanfiction’ ‘Still’ 
  • Do not write smut around this guy i stg the beast 
  • Will fight anyone who hate comments “babe, chill” “Wym chill somEONE NEEDS TO APPRECIATE YOUR WORK!”
  • He’ll help you with your things! Like plotwist, some character names and such
  • babe can you put me there
  • will cry at romantically sad scenes of your stories and you just stare at him like ‘babe what the fuck’


  • He probably found out by accident that you were a hardcore Luhan fan
  • “Hey MC, could I borrow your phone? Mine got broken and I need to call Seven.” 
  • And when he saw the screen, he only saw a smiling Luhan selfie
  • He was a bit confused. who is this girly dude that is here
  • After the call, he was stuttering to MC because he was so shy to admit so“M-MC, who w-was the guy i-in your phone?”“..Oh, that’s my idol!” 
  • A bit jealous, so he was all pouty until she realized lol 
  • “Yoosung.. are you jealous?” “No.” 
  • “Aw, it’s okay, Luhan be my idol but you’re always my number one!”
  • blush blush blush~


  • same, probably 
  • She would love listening to your theories about The Maze Runner, Harry Potter and some Percy Jackson . 
  • Since she can read some chapters and so, she’ll probably add some theories too with you
  • Theories about Zen’s musicals, coffee, some nice breakfast? Sign her up!
  • She’ll comfort you when your favorite character would die *coughNEWTcough*
  • “It’s okay, MC, yes, he didnt deserve it, i’m sure.” “BUT STILL! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO DIE!”
  • She would use some of the OST of the movies to calm you down after a bad day and it works. For her, just put in some Zen’s musicals and boom.
  • Overall, very supportive, sometimes would correct you in a good way, points out your mistake and adds a better one politely
  • Ah, loveher


  • what is fanart?
  • MC.. who are those men you are drawing? why are you not drawing me?
  • “Oh, Jumin, honey, they are my favorite characters! They are from FREE!
  • Free? What kind of business- “Dear it’s an anime-”
  • What is anime?
  • Although he does not understand what you mean, he still supports you!
  • “Jumin what are those heavy shopping bags?”
  • “Oh? These are art materials.” 
  • “Okay then.”
  • “…”
  • “..?”
  • V mumbling in the distance: “He almost bought the whole store..”
  • Whenever you have art block or get frustrated and want to rip your hair out, he’s always there for you, trying to cheer you up. Keyword: Trying.He’ll give you Elizabeth 3rd to pat, give you some tips and lovely wordsHe’ll also hire some artists to help you with some things you are struggling with such a bab
  • He wants to take a photo of your drawing and when it was blurred, he called V over lmfao

Saeyoung / 707:

  • He would join your cosplays proudly. Crossdress or not
  • Giving makeup tips 
  • He totally acts like a girl when he crossdress and you’re impressed
  • Probably dragged Saeran to cosplay Rin and Len Kagamine with him and you’re Miku/Kaito 
  • Somehow, he’ll also win some Cosplay Contests with you guys and so
  • So, he always joins you and gets scolded by Vanderwood
  • Worth it though lmfaoo
  • “So.. MC…” “Lemme guess, we need to cosplay something again and you will crossdress?” “No, we cosplay as Ciel and you cosplay Elizabeth.” 
  • He’d look good as Ciel omg yas. 
  • “Yoosung you join us.” ;)) 
  • Overall, Supportive baby!

V/Jihyun Kim:

  • Let’s be real, if he found out you love Luhan, he’ll probably sit you down and say, “Darling, I figured you love this guy named Luhan and I got some photos of him when I went to China.” 
  • “Ahh! He’s so adorable! Oh my god, Jihyun I love you so much thank you!” when you pounced on him and peppered his face in kisses, he was so happy omg yes, mc, please make this baby happy he deserves it
  • “MC, Jumin has a photoshoot in China for a week soon and I’m the photographer, would you like to go?” 
  • “YES!
  • He’d buy you some tickets to his concert. 
  • “wait.. honey.. but-”
  • “Yes?”
  • “..Some of his songs..are.. uhm.. just.. not decent.”
  • “Its okay! I can handle it!”
  • And when Lu came, boy was scarred for his life.
  • “I’m sorry, Jihyun..” 
  • He just grinned and kissed the top of your head. “It’s okay.”
  • But when you’d feel bad because it seems like you’re overshadowing him, you’ll sing a Luhan song on his birthday (DO NOT SING LU I STG GET AWAY FROM THIS MAN IF YOU WANNA SING LU HE”S INNOCENT DONT DRAG HIM WITH IT)


  • The fuck is this
  • THe fuck is that
  • Edgelord is not impressed lmfao 
  • He’d still try to be supportive of your crazy anime things 
  • But when he saw Kuroshitsuji, he totally joined you
  • Merch? 
  • He just loves the thought of Kuroshitsuji, 
  • Loves the plots and murder scene
  • now edgelord is very very impressed 
  • Ice cream, Kuroshitsuji and cuddles? He’ll love them very much! 
  • He just loves those dark animes he really doesnt like anything else lmfao

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I'm sorry if you have already post it, but can you write some father headcanons for Reiji, Tokiya, Ren and Masato ? Thanks in advance, I love your blog <3

No one has ever requested it but I wrote these when I first started my blog in August and planned not to post them until Father’s Day! LOL. Ah, well. Please enjoy~! Oh and you might was to take a look at this first?

Reiji: God help you. Two kids (Your husband and son) running around the place causing trouble. Hope you have insurance on the furniture. They’re going to break everything. Look forward to coming home to clothes thrown on the coffee table, glasses on the corner table without a coaster, couch cushions in the middle of the floor, torn cardboard boxes and packaging tape in the form of a forts, paths of fruit shaped gummies leading from the front door to the back. Oh, you know that favorite bowl of yours? SMASHED into little tiny pieces. But at least your son’s cute, right? Reiji is a trillion times worse. And letting your son get away with murder isn’t the worst part. Reiji would be the main suspect! ‘I know, I know. Okay, yes we smacked your antique grandfather clock and we’re very sorry but look what he can do! Isn’t it amazing~? He’s so cute! Huh? Yeah, *chuckle* about that large body sized hole in the wall… What? Are you seriously upset about that? No, look, it’s totally okay~! We can always get a new wall.’ Again, God help you! When your son is a teenager he’s going to be just as playful as Reiji (if not worse). Enjoy all of the back and forth pranking, ‘swearing’ to keep their next pranks against the other secret and pretending you knew absolutely nothing. Be careful. Don’t think for a second that you are safe from anything. Ever. They can and will team up against you. Reiji would be a great role model but probably for all the wrong reasons. (JK) Having a kid with a big kid. You’re just asking for a headache. But, in the end he’s a wonderful father. That’s somehing you’d never be able to argue about.

Tokiya: Although he’s a workaholic (something that will possibly never change over time), he’ll be there for all of the important moments of his children’s lives. If he’s not home when the babies start to walk without support he wants a video. He’ll skype call his partner and children all the time. You don’t have to worry about him missing the first day of school or graduation because of work. He’ll take off well in advance and refuse all work (for those days) that comes his way because although being an idol is important to him it’s no where near as I’m important as being a perfect father. If his kids are down, he’d turn on his Hayato to cheer them up. He’ll always make it home in time for family events like Movies & Pizza Night, Zoo Day or Ice Cream Sundays! He will help with homework. Invite his kids on set when he has work on the weekends. He’ll take off for school breaks to plan family vacations. He’ll make parent-teacher conferences. Yes, he’d scold them because there was no reason to throw glue sticks at their classmate. When they’re older he’d ground them if they really mess up and take away their TVs or cell phones but only because he want them to learn from their mistakes and not continue to make them. He wants to teach them to be responsible for their own actions never blaming others or each other. In other words, influential would be the word I’d use to describe Tokiya as a father. 

Ren:  The birth of Ren’s daughter would have an enormous impact on his life. If he has a child before he’s married or is in a very serious relationship (SORRY) he’s probably going to be in denial until she’s born. If he’s married when he has his first born he’s going to take his role as a husband a lot more seriously. He’d want to be a better man so that he could demonstrate with his wife the way a lady should be treated. I guess you could say he’d ‘clean up his act’ for good. The moment she’s born he’s already declared that she will be SPOILED. He’d take days off from working to have Daddy-Daughter get aways. Every other Thursday night, he’ll take her on cute little dates. He tries to make a nice, candlelit dinner for her and mom at least three or four nights every month. He would be the chill dad who’s really only strict about guys. That said gentlemen, read this very carefully alright? I’m doing this to save your souls. Yes, his daughter will grow up be quite the looker but you better look the fuck away at all times. He doesn’t want anyone talking to her, smiling at her and Lord help you if he catches you staring. He can smell a real womanizer a country away! We ALLLLLLL know what type of man he is in now. Flirty, womaninzing *horse* gentlemanly type. He is going to suspect everyone man in the world is the same as who he was. Because at that point in his life, he’ll be a changed man. You got that? 

Masato: Mamasato~! He would be a fantastic father. He’s going to have to learn to set a balance for his parenting. He’d be fairly stern but he wouldn’t be as nearly strict as his own father because he wouldn’t want his daughter to grow to resent him. He would be nurturing and gentle. He’d be the type of dad that would like to set rules but because he trusts his daughter he’d be very lenient with her. Soon after she’s born the two will be almost inseparable. As long as he’s not working you may find it somewhat impossible to get any one-on-one time with your own daughter. OMG! Her first day of primary school. He is going to cry. I don’t pin him as a crybaby but I honestly believe in my heart he would cry. She’d probably prefer him to pack her school lunches over you. He’d quietly find satisfaction in that and makes sure not to disappoint her. They’d do fun things like going to the park… That’s all fine and dandy until someone falls of the swing. (Masa: OH HELL NO NOT MUH BABAY) Hahaha, totally kidding there. But, Masato would definitely be the type of dad that freaks out over the smallest of things. Achoo. OH NO WE’VE GOTTA GET HER TO A HOSPITAL. *Daughter scrapes knee* Quick call a paramedic! What do you mean she’s late from school?! GET TO ZE CHOPPA! Can you say GULLIBLE? Your daughter will know that all she has to do is fake a couple of sneezes and coughs to get out of school. Word of advice: Watch your daughter. As long as Masa has anything to do with it, she can do no wrong. LOL