no one really needs others per se

Toby never wanted to end up with Yvonne...

Let me explain.

Toby began building the house for Spencer.(presumably he was dating Yvonne at that point since it didn’t look at all complete in 6x11)

In 6x11 Toby asks Spencer to dinner.

Also in 6x11 Toby and Emily are talking and he says that he got his degree (but it didn’t help him get a promotion(or something to that effect))

In 6x18 Spencer says “I thought you wanted to go back to school”

And he replies “that was your idea because being with a cop wasn’t good enough for you”

In 6x14 Spencer says something to the effect of
“The next 3 weeks are really important to my moms campaign”

Yvonne in 6x20 “A month ago we were talking about our future”

I’m gonna do a little extrapolation.

He got his degree, was building the house for Spencer, and asked her dinner because he wanted to get back together.

(I could even extrapolate that he bought the ring for Spencer but I won’t)

Now maybe he put off the dinner because of Charlottes murder investigation. (Been there, put up with that)

Then he finds out she’s fucking Caleb. Probably like Hanna, he assumes something went on in Spain. (Right after their pregnancy scare and break up)

So he gets dragged into the “A"ntics and Yvonne gets pissed. He cares about Yvonne and loves her, so he proposes to her (figuring Spencer’s off the market)(and maybe even to make Spencer a little jealous) (Toby’s only human after all)

I also don’t believe he ever intended to leave. Spencer asked him in 7x10 if it was goodbye and he said "for now it is” I think he was taking Yvonne away from Rosewood to keep her safe. Because A is so smart he had to make it look real.

Then the crash.

He told Aria, Yvonne was in a medically induced coma and then said “basically that means she hasn’t woken up from surgery”


A medically induced is when the doctors PURPOSELY put and you into a coma, because otherwise your injuries would kill you. (I’m paraphrasing of course but essentially that’s what it means.)

So….the doctors tell Toby that Yvonne isn’t improving and isn’t going to improve. There’s too much damage. They tell him that if they take her out of the coma she’ll only have x amount of hours to live.

So he (and/or her family) made the decision to wake her up. And instead of waking her up and being like “hey you got 6 hours to live” he decided to marry her so she would die happily/peacefully.

Ok I know what you’re all thinking.

If everything I’m saying in the above passages is true then the 64,000 dollar question is…

Why did Toby ever bother going out with Yvonne? He planned to get back together with Spencer so why use Yvonne? That’s so un-Toby like. So why would he do it.

The answer is ridiculously simple.


In season one we see the way Jenna treats him, I’m not just talking about the NAT video where she rapes him either. She treats him like she owns him. When Spencer broke up with him in season 2 he comes back with Jenna at his side. I don’t know as I’d call any of their other breaks “break ups” per se because they didn’t really last that long.

In the last season we found out that about 3 years from present time Jenna tried to start her crap with Toby again.

Coincidentally about the time Spoby broke up.

So he needed a girlfriend, not surprising he picked (Spencer 2.0) Yvonne but she was sweet and he grew to love her in a way.

So that’s my speel.

It’s the best rationalization I can give for a horrid storyline.

Correction: the storyline was good, the execution was horrid.

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While we're on the subject of Victor's characterisation, how do you think Victor and his development will and/or should be handled in the movie, presuming it covers Russia training + a non-GP competition(s)?

I’m not sure how much more ‘development’ per se Victor really needs. I think he’s in a good place.

I’d like to see him having a great last season where he skates his heart out and actually enjoys it once again. And he wins every competition except for the one against Yuuri, where of course he takes silver and couldn’t be happier because he loves coaching Yuuri and seeing him accomplish things even more than he loves skating at this point and it’s more important to him and… it’s his dream as well as Yuuri’s to see Yuuri reach his potential. 

I want to see other characters (outside of Yuuri of course) acknowledge and respect Victor as a coach and take him seriously. I want him to form healthy platonic relationships and for his relationship with Yuuri to continue to progress at a lovely pace. 

Then I want him to retire, after happily having skated his last season, and for him and Yuuri to move back to Hasetsu where Yuuri finishes his career (he still has years left to skate after all and at least 4 more world titles to win). 

And of course, I want him to marry the love of his life. 

How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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Keeping it Professional | Chapter 2


“So what’ll it be Miss Danvers?”

Kara refrains the low moan in her throat as she stalks over to Lena and pushes her chair to face her. With both hands on the armrests, Kara leans in slightly, smirking when she feels Lena automatically gravitate to her and then quickly places a kiss on the brunette’s cheek.

Lena groans in disappointment but is quickly admonished with a bite to her neck followed by a slew of soft kisses from the girl above her.

“Kara,” Lena murmurs, her eyes shut. “Kara, while I’ve definitely missed this I have a 2 PM and I- ”

She immediately stops talking when she feels the other girl’s hand already up her dress, one finger slowly toying with the soft fabric that’s well ruined at this point.

“Sorry Miss Luthor, you were saying?”

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weak (violet/trixie/katya) 5/? - kitty

A/N: smut! feelings! hedgehogs! also i now have a writing blog @kittydoux if you want to yell at me. as always, much love to polly


“Tell us what you want,” Violet says quietly, hates saying the words because they like to know, not ask.

Katya is silent for a few moments.

“Tell us what you need.“

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*waves shyly* hi,,uhhh 4 for Moxiety? (Thank)

*waves back* hello friend!! 

which one spoils the other more and do they ever get competitive to show the other more love

patton definitely spoils virgil more with physical affection, though patton would argue that virgil spoils him just as much in his own way. while patton certainly doesn’t lack in the gift-giving department, virgil is constantly telling him how much he appreciates his efforts verbally (though it can be hard for him) and virgil is the one who offers to cook meals and the like. 

they don’t really get competitive with each other, per se, but patton does attempt to show logan and roman up in the loving department when he sees the other couple interact. he’s quick to pull virgil into the room for a quick kiss or a cuddle when he needs to make a point — not that virgil necessarily always entertains his tendencies. 

send me a number and a pairing and i’ll make a headcanon about it

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top five desus moments you'd LIKE TO SEE if it were to go canon on screen (could be the briefest scene or moment, and something they'd for sure air :P)


  1. i just,,,, need to see them opening up to each other???? i want daryl to tell jesus about merle and growing up in a neglectful abusive home and jesus to tell daryl about growing up in a group home, maybe explaining what his home life was like pre-group home
  2. this is the corniest shit ok but daryl!!! watching jesus pull his hair up into a bun!!!! like half asleep and jesus is yawning as he does it but it’s still, it’s like an art in and of itself and daryl’s just like how the fuck
  3. a concept: a stranger comes in, someone who isn’t familiar at all with anyone. and he sees jesus the Welcoming Wagon all polite and warm, and then they see daryl who is The Opposite and he’s aloof and cool and then later, when everything’s cooled off a bit, the stranger sees them together and it just????? feels right like it makes sense
  4. i need jesus to reveal he’s a nerd okay i need this like i need air. imagine him talking to tara about harry potter or lord of the rings and daryl’s just like “i can’t believe i fell for This Guy”
  5. an extension of #1 but omg….. just????? one big campfire, but it’s one of those campfires where it’s like 3am and no one’s filtering themselves and everyone’s just baring their souls for all to see but you know that in the morning you’ll all ignore all of it so team family is talking about everyone they’ve lost, and jesus is hearing about lori and t-dog and hershel, and how morgan saved rick, and how andrea saved michonne, and it’s just. one big happy family moment except it’s not really happy per se, they’re just all getting to know each other on the DL and ugh i just need this to happen

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Okay but Winston meeting Shao and telling dizzie about what a nice boy he is and yeah he's struggling but he just needs love and understanding. Winston explaining to dizzie that he needs to nice musically talented boy not some wanna be artist white boy

Oh My God but like forreal imagine winston really not minding the fact that dizzee likes boys but he’s so dead set on setting him up with a nice black boy and it’s not even that he doesnt like thor per se it’s just… white folk dont always understand.. (but dizzee obviously is paying him no mind cause “pop i really love thor please stop suggesting other guys”)

anyway then he finally gets to meet shaolin one day cause he comes by the shop to pick up the other brothers and he’s getting to know him a little bit and his affiliation with his sons and by the time dizzee and the others come down winston’s got it in his mind somehow that shaolin would be the perfect match for his son cause of course he wants a musical son in law for his musical ass family (he tells dizzee and dizz just looks at him like he lost his mind)

winston also makes a point of bringing up shaolin when thor comes for dinner sometimes cause black parents just be petty like that

(he’s a warms up a little more to thor when he finds out he plays guitar tho)

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what are a few solid proofs that made you believe larry is real?💖💖

Hi Nonnie :))

So I don’t really talk about “proofs” per se mainly because I don’t care to convince anyone of anything.  I feel secure in what I “know” and that’s enough for me.  In the beginning,  spent a ridiculous amount of time watching video footage of them which is basically how I drew my conclusion (and would encourage the same for anyone new to the fandom). For me, personally, everything I ever needed to know was all there within their body language. Some examples: they turn their feet towards one another, they are constantly aware of the other and their space, the gentle way they touch one another (like they were made of precious glass), they touched one another when they thought no one was looking (i.e. it wasn’t for show).  The contrast of how they behaved with one another versus how they engaged with the other boys was glaringly obvious to me as well.

Also, I have many friends and not once do I ever recall being jealous of their interactions with other friends.  The jealous moments were extremely telling to me. Because you just don’t…get jealous of friends like that.

So there was all of that and then, there was this:

The tattoos are A LOT. Like… A LOT.  For me, the tattoos and body language were all I needed to see to know.  Though there is so much more than that.

I know that you are probably looking for more, but my blog is a disorganized mess of yelling in my tags.  I’d recommend taking a look at Gabi’s blog @tellmethisisnotlove because she is very organized.  Check her For Doubters tag as well as They Are Not Just Friends.  I hope that helps <3

I’ve noticed that there’s been a lot of posts about Western privilege and different racial and social constructs around the world lately. I’ve also noticed blatant attempts from *that* side to shoot each and every one of them down.

Now, I’m not sure if I’m entirely on board with calling Western privilege a “privilege” per se, but I definitely think that being from the US or any other country regarded as ~first world~ does come with many benefits and advantages, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Black Americans (on Tumblr and otherwise) really need to realize and accept that for all the shit we have to put up with in the US, on a global scale, we really are at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to African and Afro-diasporic peoples elsewhere in the world. And before someone comes in with, “but but antiblackness tho!!!11” NO ONE IS SAYING BLACK AMERICANS DON’T EXPERIENCE ANTI-BLACK RACISM WHEN ABROAD. What people are trying to point out is that it should be approached differently from the US brand of anti-black racism.

I’ve been seeing posts and discussions about anti-blackness in other countries lately that are problematic as all hell. Not only are people attempting to make these things all about ourselves, but they also demonstrate a refusal to look at these situation(s) critically and just flatten it all into being merely “anti-black.” The thing about that is, a black American in the Dominican Republic probably would not suffer the same mistreatment as a Haitian. A black American in Israel likely would not face the same difficulties as an Eritrean or Sudanese refugee. A black American in the UK would probably be given preferential treatment over a West Indian or a Nigerian.

See, it’s stuff like this which is the reason why so many posts about US-centrism and differing dynamics of oppression are being made. When it comes to global issues, we ARE on the outside looking in. There are voices that actually go through these issues that so many of us speak over. Stop speaking over them. Listen to them. Stop making it about ourselves. Empathize with them. There’s some serious madness on this website that really needs to be stopped.

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I think in BD it was stated that there were 17 unnamed members of the Volturi Guard. Do you have any headcanons of what type of gifts these members may have?

According to the Guide, there are nine permanent Guards and ten to twelve “additional transitory members”.  I think we have to assume the nine permanent members are Jane, Alec, Chelsea, Corin, Afton, Heidi, Renata, Demetri, and Felix, and that the 10-12 are the nongifted “muscle” guards.  

Felix’s unusual position as a ungifted-yet-permanent Guard is pretty intriguing.  I’ve seen all sorts of fun ideas about how old he is and why he was given this honor, and I haven’t yet decided how it first came about in my own headcanon. (I’ll have to decide fairly soon for SST, so stay tuned!) But regardless of the original reason, I headcanon that he’s basically the Guard In Charge over all the other muscle guards.  He’s responsible for most of their training, as well as helping them fit in (this includes everything from assigning quarters to violent hazing).  While he’s not “talented” per se, he’s certainly developed a knack for effective training/discipline and sorting out who’s best for what job, as well as solving little problems that don’t need to come to Caius’ attention. (because really, who wants Caius to come solve their problems?  No one, that’s who.)  Of course, his “permanent” status isn’t 100% secure, and he knows it. He’s been around long enough to know that non-gifted Guards aren’t kept around forever, and that one has to take the approval of The Three with a grain of salt. He’s also assisted in enough “retirements” (i.e. follow the retiree and quietly kill him once he’s left) to know that you’d better do all you can to stay in the good graces of the leaders.  Aro and Caius are fully aware of his sense of insecurity and they are not above playing with it when it suits them.  Even so, he’s a fun guy and he breaks the rules on a regular basis- but he’s very careful in knowing which rules are okay to break.

I think it’s possible that some of the come-and-go muscle Guards could be minorly talented, though not enough to earn them a permanent place.  (which again, makes me wonder why Santiago is mentioned in the Guide.  Did SM have some kind of plan or secret talent in mind?) I’m thinking things like unusual speed (a la Edward), incredible sense of smell, things like that.  Enough to be transformed, but not enough to be kept. Or random talents that have no bearing on their job (”So you can perfectly mimic and understand dolphin speech?” says Caius. “That’s great.  I don’t care.”) I imagine some of them also have unique traits or skills that are the reason they were recruited/accepted- being particularly funny (in a way Caius actually likes), knowing an obscure branch of martial arts that he can teach to the others.  Some knowledge would be particularly valuable at certain times- for example, during the war against the Dacians I can see Caius wanting a Guard native to whatever region they’re fighting in at the moment.  Once that war was over, that Guard was no longer useful.

As far as the extra Guards that suddenly appeared in BD, I headcanon that the Volturi recruit and maintain a Reserve Guard.  (original post on this headcanon here, complete with the awesomeness you added to it lol) These are vampires who generally agree to hang around Western Europe and North Africa, so they can be easily reached in case a need for their service should arise.  (BD being a classic example of such a need) The Volturi try to manage an entire world of vampires; obviously a lot slips through their fingers or never comes to their attention, but they do manage what they can.  For that, they need more than the castle can support simply in terms of living space, the difficulty of procuring enough humans, and disposing of that many corpses.  

But the bigger issue is that when it comes to the Home Guard (i.e. the Guards who live in Volterra), they only accept vampires that meet their high standards for civility and self-control. With the one exception of the Father Marcus incident (which I headcanon as being part of the war against the Dacians- more details in this chapter) they’ve lived in peace with the humans in Volterra ever since they founded the city, and putting that status quo in danger is not worth the addition of a Guard whose self-control isn’t amazing.  They have a zero tolerance policy for accidents in general (permanent Guards excepted, of course).  But it’s also about their behavior in general.  The halls of Volterra may be haunted by milennia of treachery and lies, but bad hygiene is unacceptable. Also: supposedly a lot of red-eyed vamps have trouble getting along with other vampires, particularly where feeding is involved; if the Volturi don’t think you can handle the Dining Room scene, you’re not a candidate.  If they think you can’t contain your curiosity and will go poking around in locked rooms, you’re not a candidate.  If you have any annoying mannerisms or other personal habits, you’re not a candidate.  If you talk too much or you’re not graceful enough to manage the floating-walk thing, you’re not a candidate.  (insert 100 more dealbreakers here)

Anyway, if a vamp is generally qualified and willing to serve but doesn’t meet every single one of the Civilized-criteria, or there’s no room in Volterra at the moment, he or she will be considered for the Reserves.  There’s a bit of training and indoctrination (including focused looks from Chelsea and Demetri, and before-and-after handshakes from Aro), but other than that the vampire is ceremoniously given a cloak and instructed to stay within a thousand miles of Italy, so that if the need arises, Demetri can fetch him/her in a reasonably short time.  A good half of them lose their cloaks or forget to stay nearby or just disappear altogether, but nobody cares.  At the very least they’ve been Chelsified enough to Say Good Things about the Volturi until her influence wears off, which is actually a very  effective (not to mention lazy) method of propaganda.

tl;dr: If you want a cloak, but you’re not talented, join the Reserves. Or just go buy a cloak online and lie about where you got it.  You get bragging rights with your nomad pals PLUS you survive.

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Hi! This is not a Hinny or Jily prompt per se, but as you are one of my favourite writers, I need to pitch this. Would you please write a short story about how Voldemort's possession hurted or influenced Ginny during her school years and beyond? I will be forever bitter that it wasn't in the books.

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️. This is actually a really good point and I was just thinking about this kinda the other day.

I think we miss stuff like this because the books are kind of focused on Harry’s POV so we just get little stuff like when harry says he forgot she had been possessed and she says “lucky you.” I definitely want to write something about this, even if it’s part of a larger fic or something. Thank you for pointing it out!!!

6 Months Later: Why the Maximoff Parentage Retcon *Still* Doesn’t Work

So it’s been nearly 6 months since the revelation about Magneto not being the father of the Maximoff twins and the outrage really hasn’t tapered down. Avengers editor Tom Brevoort is routinely pelted with questions, remarks, and, most often, criticisms regarding the retcon on his Tumblr. He maintains that it’s in the interest of “telling a story” and that a lot of angry fans are led by “personal continuity” and can’t accept this change. It’s true that there’s an extent to which people have gotten very personal with in their response to this retcon, myself included. But there’s also just a structural flaw in this retcon, a lot more objective criticism I can’t reconcile that is outside of emotionality. 

The Hollywood Reporter had an article about how Marvel Studios and Disney insist they aren’t interested in tailoring the comics to the movies which reflect Brevoort’s sentiments as well. But, here’s the thing-  it actually doesn’t matter whether or not they are. It only matters that fans think their comics are being compromised for the sake of the movies and a lot of them do. This retcon majorly reinforces that belief, it gives the theory substance so there’s a level of hostility surrounding it on that alone. As a consumer, it bothers me that they don’t appear to care very much that their customers feel spoken down to either; I almost feel insulted when they deny it’s motivated by industry BS.

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Andrew and Neil for the domestic ship ask? If you're still doing it ☺️

this is from forever ago i’m so sorry!! 

Who’s more dominant: andrew! partly because of his past and partly because neil doesn’t know what’s going on 99.9% of the time (it’s neil lbr)

Who’s the cuddler: neil, for sure! once they get far enough into their relationship it gets to the point where both of them are comfortable cuddling (although andrew still complains and pretends he hates it) but neil’s usually the one who initiates it

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: andrew’s the big spoon, neil’s the little spoon. i think in the beginning (which is still pretty far into their relationship for them to be comfortable spooning all night) it would be mostly because it’s most comfortable (he can still have his back against the wall, not being smothered, etc) but then it’s honestly just because neil loves being the little spoon and the feeling of andrew’s arms wrapped around his waist

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: listen exy is always going to be neil’s favorite non-sexual activity, buuuut if you’re talking about a couple-y thing then i have two ideas for you:

1) they love road trips. neil wasn’t sure if he would enjoy them in the beginning, worried that it would bring back memories of his time on the run, but he soon finds out that it’s actually really peaceful and fun?? just neil, andrew, a car, and no real destination. it’s something they both really enjoy

2) but if you’re not all-that into the road trip idea consider this: neil and andrew loving just hanging out together in their apartment with nothing to do and no worries in the world. literally they spend all day in their pajamas – neil watches exy on the tv while andrew reads a book next to him, or andrew laying with one of the cats curled up on his chest while neil plays with the other one, or neil watching andrew cook dinner and grinning when andrew gets pissed at him for taking bites before their meal’s finished. 

Who uses all the hot water: honestly i think this just depends on the day. sometimes neil’s habit of being quick and efficient sticks with him… like a “get-in get-out” type of mentality, but other times i think it would hit him that he’s allowed to take his time now… there’s no one breathing down his neck and he can stand in there for forty-five minutes if he wants – so he does.

but other times andrew needs to distance himself for a while and finds that showers help to ground and calm him. when he needs a break from everyday life or whatever he takes long showers and just lets his mind wander to anything from zombie apocalypses to their grocery list to the book he’s reading or whatever else helps him re-center himself.

Most trivial thing they fight over: andrew’s habit of eating sweets. neil doesn’t really care that much, per se, but during exy season he tries to get andrew to stick to his team’s diet plan, which obviously doesn’t end up happening and neil gives up (they still bicker about it off and on throughout the exy season though)

Who does most of the cleaning: andrew! neil could honestly care less if the apartment is cleaned up as long as he knows where everything is (or the general location, at least) but andrew likes everything to be in the proper place, so he ends up doing most of the cleaning

What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: neither/both! neither of them particularly care about tv (besides exy games on neil’s part, of course), but every now and then they’ll watch popular movies or tv shows that they missed out on as children or renee will suggest something new on netflix and they’ll watch it (imagine renee recommending stranger things bc honestly that’s the first thing i thought of ngl)

Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: andrew does! neil “i’m fine” josten would only care if his toes were literally turning blue (neil’s train of thought, probably: can i still play exy without toes?? probably. i’m fine? why are you annoyed andrew this is just a minor inconvenience i might lose my toes but honestly what are they even good for… i’m fine) sooo anyway andrew’s definitely the one who ends up calling the landlord.

Who leaves their stuff around: neil does!! he has a habit of leaving his shoes directly in front of the door so that whenever someone comes into the apartment they automatically trip over them. andrew HATES it because the closet is “right fucking there, neil. it’s literally two goddamn steps away put your fucking shoes in the fucking closet i hate you”

Who remembers to buy the milk: neil! while andrew would make the grocery lists, neil would be the one who actually buys the groceries – otherwise they’d end up with mountains of junkfood – and always remembers things that andrew conveniently “forgot” to put on the list (milk, fruit, vegetables, healthy things, etc.)

Who remembers anniversaries: andrew! not that it doesn’t mean as much to neil, but neil’s never really had special days to keep track of (besides nathaniel’s birthday but that’s beside the point) so it takes more getting used to for him. but andrew’s got a superb memory, so he always remembers.

Who cooks normally: andrew! neil can’t cook for shit (the boy nearly burns down the apartment making toast ((dan: “neil what happened?! are you ok??” neil: “i’m fine”))) but andrew’s a great cook, so he takes over their meals most nights.

How often do they fight: they bicker a lot, but they don’t really fight about anything too serious all that often. they’ll occasionally fight about exy or the “i’m fine” but other than that it’s minor things that they get over quickly

What do they do when they’re away from each other: once they (finally) get iphones they probably facetime a decent amount. andrew needs to actually see that neil’s okay and isn’t dead in a ditch somewhere, while neil finds it comforting to see and talk to andrew right before he goes to sleep.

Nicknames for each other: i don’t think they’d really do the nickname thing? i think maybe they’d do some russian endearment that no one else understands, they call each other by their last names when flirting in public (even though their flirting consists of insults and throwing exy balls at each other), and when neil teases andrew (far into their relationship, and only very occasionally) he’ll sometimes call andrew “babe” just to see the look on his face (andrew is not amused, neil is laughing so hard he fell out of his chair)

Who is more likely to pay for dinner: i don’t think either of them really? neil has enough money now and doesn’t need to worry about it running out so he’s fine with spending money on things like dinner, decent clothes (thanks andrew), and fun stuff with the foxes, but andrew also has enough money and doesn’t really care so?? maybe they switch off??

Who steals the covers at night: neil does. when it gets really bad andrew just rolls his eyes, mutters “junkie” under his breath, and gets another blanket from their closet

What would they get each other for gifts: something small and important to them… maybe neil would surprise andrew when he gets a key tattoo (i saw a fic about this somewhere if you find it pls send me the link i loved it), or neil would get andrew a knife sheath with a key engraved on the inside… maybe andrew would get neil new exy gloves with a percentage embroidered on the inside idek these assholes i s2g

Who kissed who first: this is in the book! <3

Who made the first move: also in the book – not sure if this qualifies as making the first move (there was stuff before but neil is oblivious as fuck so) but the “doesn’t mean i wouldn’t blow you” is truly iconic i love andrew minyard so much

Who remembers things: andrew! 

Who started the relationship: also in the book… kinda? andrew “it’s not a relationship” minyard and neil “oblivious” josten need to get their shit together

Who cusses more: they both cuss an equal amount! andrew is more censored around children, while neil couldn’t give less of a fuck (i mean this is the asshole who called out riko on national tv) ((i love him))

What would they do if the other one was hurt: listen we have this in the book but lemme say… shit gets real. they will NOT tolerate you hurting the other one ok they will end you prepare to be destroyed. 0/10 would recommend 

Who is the dirty talker: neil!!! andrew pretends to hate it and constantly tells him to shut up but neil knows andrew likes it so he keeps doing it :)))

A head canon: one day andrew comes home and drops a marriage license on the table. neil: “uh?? what is this??” andrew: “a marriage license, dumbass” neil: “we’re getting married??” andrew: “who else is going to take care of your shitty ass if you end up in the hospital and only next-of-kin are allowed in the room??” neil: *beginning to grin* andrew: “…..shut up, josten. also tax benefits”

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Are you angry too because they're running out of houses this season? Pretending that there are only 3, putting much prominence, killing even the big houses? I'm very upset, mainly because this is going to be an unworthy end to the Baelish house, that it took so long to build, and because of the Tyrells, Martells and even Tarly

Not angry per se, but it does annoy me. Apparently all that matters are the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens. Sure, they are important, but so are/were the others. One of the many reasons why I fell in love with this show was the great amount of various characters. And tho the show is heading towards its end, there was no need to get rid off so many characters yet.

House Baelish is a small house, but to me, it’s more significant than any of the others. He was really a boy from nowhere, and he managed to become the mastermind of the game of thrones. I admire that so much. It’s kinda motivational, isn’t it? That no matter where you come from, or how much you suffered in the past, you still can achieve something great.. I always knew Petyr would die tho, but this season did injustice even to show!petyr (grrm said that book!petyr and his show counterpart are two different characters… esp after s4 I’d say, so I try to approach them differently). I don’t see why killing him now. All he did this season was creeping around and creating the Stark bowl.. idk, I think if they wanted to kill him, there were better opportunities in the previous seasons. Now he’ll die bc Bran can see everything? That’s kinda “meh”. And what makes me sad is that ppl actually root for his death, like they did for Joffrey’s or Ramsay’s.. eg Tywin was a villain but also a great character and ppl miss him. That’s what Petyr deserved.. a death that would make ppl miss his character, bc they’d know the show won’t be that good without him. (I’ll miss him and the rest of his fans too, but others will be full of cheer joy…)

When it comes to killing the Tarlys (there’s still Sam at least tho) that was just bc they wanted to create this “shock” effect imo. It’s what they’ve done before too. They gave them quite a good amount of screentime, so you start to like them and then they “surprisingly” kill them off. But tbh, I wasn’t shocked at all. I think it was really unnecessary? Imo house Martell died a long time ago, they treated them so badly… But at least Olenna was given a great death. She left the world with so much swag lol. I loved that.

Jessica Lange’s Commencement Speech

I came across Jessica Lange’s commencement speech for Class of 2008 at Sarah Lawrence College. I found it inspiring and just the right words I needed to hear right now as I sit here pondering about the future and not knowing what I’m doing with my life. I just need to let things go, embrace life and let it take me anywhere.

“This is a day to feel proud and to congratulate yourselves on your hard work and intelligence. And then, to simultaneously give thanks for the extraordinary opportunity that has been given to you, to acknowledge the professors you’ve been privileged to study with, to acknowledge the excellent education you have received in this rarified atmosphere, and then, of course, to give thanks to those who enabled you to be here.

The possibilities and the limitations now spread out before you, whatever field you have decided to go into, whether it be the sciences, the arts, the humanities. You have the opportunity to make a better world, to benefit mankind, to ease the suffering of others, to educate, to heal, to entertain, to illuminate. A new beginning, an arising. How glorious for you!

William Blake wrote, “My fingers emit sparks of fire with expectations of my future labours.”

When I mentioned to a friend that I was writing a commencement speech, he asked me what my theme was. Now that really threw me. Nobody told me I needed a theme. I’m not great with themes, so I don’t have one, per se. I hope you’re not disappointed. I do wish I could be funny or profound; however, that’s wishful thinking. What I have are some thoughts I’d like to share with you. So if it feels random, it probably is.

I look out at your faces and guess most of you graduates are about 22 years old. I think of the world I was living in at that age. Very different from yours and yet, ominously similar.

At 22, for me, the Vietnam war was in its seventh year. Nixon was employing round-the-clock bombing. We were destroying the infrastructure, the people, and the countryside of Vietnam to save it from the Communists.

History repeats itself.

Today, for you at 22, the Iraq war is in the sixth year. Thousands of American soldiers killed. Tens of thousands wounded. Hundreds of thousands Iraqis dead. The infrastructure and land destroyed to save it from (and this is a movable feast) first, tyranny, and then, terrorists.

Now, some of you may feel this is not the proper occasion to make mention of this. However, I would be remiss in addressing a group of young adults if I were to deliberately ignore the political realities that they are faced with.

We are all citizens of a troubled world, yet it is your generation that carries the weight of the future on your shoulders. We are living in an America that in the last seven and a half years has waged an unnecessary war, established prison camps, condoned torture, employed corporate armies, eliminated the right of habeas corpus, practiced extraordinary rendition, and believe me, this is only a partial list—I had to keep myself in check.

I don’t wish to dwell on the misery caused by this administration, but that legacy is being passed down to you. It is a heavy burden to inherit and will require tremendous dedication and hard work to put it right again. You must determine if we are going to measure ourselves on the basis of military might and economic power or if there is perhaps something deeper—more essential in our national character—that needs to be awakened.

We must commit ourselves, wholeheartedly, to the pursuit of peace, equality and justice. This should be the realm of your dreams, the altruistic motivation you go forward with as you are moving towards a world unknown.

I believe you’ve come of age in a complex and confusing time. The commercial forces surrounding you, the absence of meaningful culture, the constant assault by media, fashion, and entertainment. We have become a society that is placated by gadgets, soothed by consumerism and the empty rewards of upward mobility, the celebration of mediocrity and false celebrity, the obscurations of modern life. We need a sea change.

So, I encourage you not to buy into it. Defy conventions and what is expected of you. Create your own definition of success. Don’t let it be judged or guided by someone else’s measurement, by someone else’s expectations or limitations.

You are our hope. So cherish this time in your life. Remember who you are. Because, right now, you have it all: The power of your imagination, the velocity of your dreams, the language of innocence, and the passion of a beginner. Don’t lose it. Don’t let it evaporate or get stripped away or worn away. And, as time passes, if you find you’ve come far away from yourself, allow the breeze of humility to remind you of who you were—who you really are.

Henry James said, “To live is such an art…”

If, from my vantage point now, I could tell my 22-year-old self what I now believe is the most important thing in life (and one I didn’t embrace fully at the time because I was young and willful and reckless), it would be—to be present. I would encourage you, with all my heart, just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you. Because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don’t miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future. Don’t be absent from your own life.

You will find that life is not governed by will or intention. It is ultimately the collection of these sense memories stored in our nerves, built up in our cells. Simple things:

A certain slant of light coming through a window on a winter’s afternoon
-The sound of spring peepers at twilight
-The taste of a strawberry still warm from the sun
-Your child’s laughter
-Your mother’s voice

These are the things that shape our lives and settle into the fiber of our beings. Don’t take them for granted. Slow down for them, they will take root. And someday 20-30-40 years from now, you may be going about your day when by chance the smell of bread baking or the sound of a mockingbird singing will stop you in your tracks and carry you heart and soul back to yourself. Moments of pure happiness, bliss—if you feel comfortable using that word—come upon you unexpectedly. Don’t be too preoccupied to experience them.

We need to slow it all down. I wonder sometimes why we can’t just sit and do nothing. Why can’t we enjoy idleness—the art of doing nothing. Perhaps it’s not in our cultural DNA. We are goal oriented, result driven. Success is measured in how much we can get done.

We seem to have no time for stillness. What is this desperate need we have to fill the emptiness with iPods, Blackberries, cell phones, computers, video games, and television? Perhaps we should ask ourselves, how do we really understand pleasure and happiness? The Tibetan Buddhists have a saying, “Tomorrow or the next life—which comes first, we never know.”

So I encourage you—don’t keep anticipating that your life is up ahead of you. Don’t always be waiting for the next thing. Don’t put all your energies into some idea of the future. And with that in mind, you open the door to endless possibilities. Just allow life to take you on an adventure. Be receptive to the winds of change.

I graduated from high school in a worn-out little mill town in Northern Minnesota. Art was going to be my way out. I went to the University on a scholarship and entered the fine arts program. I imagined I would study—get my B.F.A., go on to get an M.F.A. Devote my life to painting. Then the second quarter of my freshman year the drawing class I wanted was filled. At the last minute I signed up for a photography class. My photography instructor introduced me to his friends, young photographers. They were leaving for Spain to make a documentary about flamenco Gypsies in Andalusia. And they asked me, did I want to come along? Yes, I said.

We lived in Europe for that year. When we returned to the States, we settled in New York. The early SoHo days. They had a friend they introduced me to—a modern dancer from the Merce Cunningham Company—who was starting an experimental theater company. She asked me if I wanted to dance with them. I said yes.

A man who had worked with the great mime master, Etienne Decroux, was in New York and came to give us classes. I fell in love with mime and when I learned Decroux still lived and taught in Paris, I decided to go study with him. With $100 in my pocket, I went to look for this old man. I lived in Paris for the next three years taking classes.

I felt I had finally settled in. I never imagined leaving Paris. At the school, I met some actors from New York. On a return visit to the States I ran into one of them. He asked if I wanted to come along to one of his acting classes to see what it was all about. “Yeah, yeah, why not?” I wasn’t doing anything. I discovered an immediate passion for acting. It seemed to bring everything together for me. I decided to stay and study.

Suddenly, my life was in New York, working as a waitress and taking acting classes. I imagined it would be a long and steady process. I’d start auditioning, first for showcase theaters, then Off-Off-Broadway—work my way up until, finally, someday, maybe Broadway.

Then, one day, I was asked if I wanted to audition for a film. I would have to fly to Hollywood to do a screen test. It was like something out of an old movie. I didn’t want to do film—my life was supposed to be in the theater. But it was winter in New York, I was broke, and my sister was sailing up the coast from Mexico and would be in California—I wanted to go see her. So I said, “yeah, why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.”

They picked me up from my fifth floor walk-up in the Village, flew me to Los Angeles, and took me to MGM to do a screen test. I did it and they gave me the part. And so began a new and totally unexpected chapter in my life.

So, I guess the point I want to make is this—there was no way I could have ever anticipated or planned the twists and turns my life took in those six short years. Sometimes, you just have to let life take you on its glorious journey. And the best time to do it is now—when you’re young and full of curiosity and have no fear. Don’t constrain yourself with expectations of success. Success will be a by-product of the life you lead. All success is individual, and sometimes, as in my case, completely accidental.

So today you are setting off on your next adventure. You are beginning, and what makes beginnings so thrilling is the unknown. What is vital is this initial confrontation with the unknown and how you decide to embrace it. The world is waiting for you. Explore it through your own humanity. Be guided by your higher self. Don’t be dissuaded or discouraged, but do allow yourself to be sidetracked if that’s what you want. Get off the fast track, off the grid—go out and wander.

I hope that you will commit yourselves to the pursuit of peace—to the practice of tolerance and compassion. And be good stewards to our precious Earth. I wish you all the courage to have an adventurer’s heart and a life lived in the moment.

Thank you.”

— Jessica Lange

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💙 for Riley the Bounty Hunter and her choice of my nerds

The Starlight Lounge wasn’t like the others she’d been to through the galaxy, the others probably more shady and dirty in that respect. They weren’t bad per se, at least in her mind–when you really needed a drink, a good bit of company and hell, maybe the once in a while brawl to take the edge off it certainly worked wonders.

Course, this lounge had been striking her fancy for a few weeks, what with a particular few patrons that wandered in from time to time. They were…an interesting sort, and she’d been around the bend to the point that differences all meshed together into one big blur. Aliens, Terrans, androids- it was all the same to her. But this time she was dealing with some rather peculiar and unique individuals. Brothers they were. Devilish- and not just in their looks.

She’d taken up a few cylindrical drinks from the bar, wandering over to a booth that was occupied by one of the three brothers, while the larger took to speaking with a few ladies and brutish looking folk, and the long haired fellow chatting up the bartender in what seemed like a fun and striking conversation, despite how quiet he seemed at times.

She purposefully clacked the two glasses on the table, sliding one over to the gentlemen adorned with glasses, smirking down at him. “So…you ever consider my offer of dinner and stargazing yet, golden eyes?”

I need an internet friend, an IF for real.

Well, the thing is i have some friends here or lot. Idk. It’s just that an internet friend is like better i guess. Not better per se but if you dont have anyone to talk about and ur alone theyre there. Im really envious of a lot of people here who has an internet friend because they get to know each other without limits. But the thing is Im too shy to like idk to shout out that i fucking want IFs cause i cant and i wont but i guess here it is. Its just so warming that you could have friends across the globe. I find it really different from friends irl. Another thing is that Im to shy to like come up with someone here and say ‘hey can we be friends?’ cause i think thats impossible like i think thats very weird of me. I dont know but i really need friends here.

                                       LET’S SHIP IT MEME
                                                  made by
               popokki | waningxmoon | sacrificialfrailty | dereliquit

1. REBLOG IT, make those notes boom!

reasoning for this meme;; this is a meme to help you have access to everyone’s preference in shipping. everyone has their own desires for the subject and sometimes we stumble into a really good one, other times we regret, and at times they are just mediocre. if everyone just posted their very own profile of preferences in shipping, then you might just find your very best ship partner that much easier! just remember to tag a mun (or multiple) who posted an application that resonates with yours and if so far, no one’s application has piqued your interest but you would like to see a particular mun’s stats, just tag them (gently) in the appropriate section below.

LET’S SHIP IT !?! TAGGING: nobody because i am the first to make this!! ;D
SHOW YOUR SAIL !! TAGGING: @dereliquit, @unstoppablefate, @waningxmoon@moraldysplasia@albitails, @aoxre, @psythe@kingxfmischief@gin-ichimaru, @saisci, @twobasstards, @peoplejuiice, @ifrinncu@tenxcious, @dearnicolai, @hyperdetect, @talentedropout, @eshajjouri, @shiicn, @tefechi, @duckisms oh my gosh i’m laughing so much–pls love me & don’t feel like you have to do this either!! (i wanted to tag more ppl but i’ll leav e it to everyone else to tag… more ppl!!)
TAGGED BY: nobody </3


Mun Age: 15 or under | 16+ | 18+ | 21+ | 25+ | 28+


How Many Blogs: 1    2    3    4    5+

this is extremely important… i only have ONE blog which means i’m pouring all my effort into this one place. i honestly don’t mind if someone has two blogs, but usually if i see more than that, i get skeptical about how swift one might lose muse for a specific blog. 

Type of Blog: Main | Secondary | Side

i only got one, so i would hope this is the case lmfao!

How Many Muses: Solo | Dual | Multi

this is extremely important! with only one blog and one muse, the aim is development but also to avoid any ruts. it’s stated in my rules but i won’t be shipping with anyone who has more than one muse on their blog.

Type of Ship: Single | Dual | Poly | Multi for each AU | Multi but Single for each AU

you would think i couldn’t highlight two of these. i am a single-shipper! however, with my muse having an interest in polyship, i would be willing to try it out and see how it works. i have seen one in the past and it looked beautiful. but yes, it’s potential hence why i italicized it. however, i lean more toward single-shipping since i’m familiar with it.

Type of Verse: Single | Multi Main | Multi AUs

my partner’s doesn’t need to be single-verse. i’m fine when they are multi-main or multi-au tbh BUT i do insist on being in their main verse, lol!

Activity: Sparse | Leisure | Weekly | Daily | Multiple Times A Day

okay, how is it that i can do all of these? i legit thought i was a leisure for the longest time but i’m actually a fast rper when i’m into a thread or muses interactions. often times, if my interest is piqued i can reply multiple times in a day but if not, then it will be at a daily pace. i italicized weekly because if a thread doesn’t hold my muse at the moment, it could take me a week to get around to it. in shipping, i would probably hope for the same enthusiasm from my partner and thus, seeing replies on a daily to multiple times a day basis. of course, i’m understanding when situations arise but if it’s just frequent lulls or you happen to be a weekly replier? it might be a little too excruciating for me.

Writing Length Preference: One-Liner | Para | Multi-Para | Novella | Match

yeah… pretty much i’m flexible on this and it depends on the scenario that is unfolding between the muses. i usually do match the other mun’s length but i don’t keep it my focus? it just happens most of the time. i did italicize one-liner because i wouldn’t be able to write a ship with only doing one-liners all the time. i enjoy getting in depth and really fleshing out the development with muses.

Thread Flow: Multiple Scenarios At Once | Sequential Story Line

i will always want progression and thus, i look for sequential threads. mostly focusing on one thread, completing the current ongoing plot or progressing it forward (if per se, they need to escape from some bad guys, i would ensure the thread finishes before posting a silly mundane thing in the askbox irrelevant to the ongoing thread unless if it was crack). of course, if there isn’t any driving plot or scene ongoing atm, multiple scenarios at once of a ‘Slice Of Life’ is p fun.

Planning Process: Plot | Pre - Established | Go With The Flow

okay, so i only plot where i feel it is necessary? for example combat, adventure, some compelling happening, disaster, etc… otherwise, i usually only like to set the scene and then have the muses take the reigns from there. often i won’t plot at all except for a starter post at the ‘greeting stages’. after that, my muse can often take the lead whether it’s by popping into someone’s askbox or shooting random starters.

Do You Write The Do: Smut | No Smut 

yes!! not even going to lie, i love to write smut where there is chemistry. not that i write it often (i haven’t for once written it on this blog). but i know for sure if i ship w/ someone, it’d be with someone who’d be up for writing it and is of age.

Genre: Slice Of Life | Fluff | AdventureActionAngst | Horror | Dark Themes | Crack

yes, all the things pls. i want a fully rounded ship with a lot of development, strife, stuggle, cute, sweltering hotness, give it all–and yes, i’m willing to write even the darker themes. this obviously just depends on the interactions between the muses and who the other muse may be? currently Gale is not some sadistic, evil muse so it wouldn’t really be him but he definitely has had moments of being not so kind.

Social Level: OOC Post | AskboxIM | Tag | Skype | Kik | LineTexting

let me elaborate. i want to communicate! i want to see the enthusiasm levels! and gosh, tagging me in things, making a tag for our ship, posting about our ship ooc, sending memes/prompts when applicable, sharing ideas through IM or just spamming each other when the other mun is online, sharing skypes to further just… talk all day and perhaps even sharing some mobile way of contact. i love using kik or line to pretend that the muses are texting one another (but i usually ensure that Gale received their phone number via rp first before i allow that). and just basically, being friends and being super comfortable and having a lot of endless fun!! and then breaking each other  c ause someone had to go do the a ng st. <3 LOL!

Extra: Unrequited | Love Triangles | Bromance | Crossover | Strictly Canon | Incest | Selfcest

so, i didn’t have a place to put these? but, yep. figured i should put them somewhere! i love unrequited ships so if your muse develops a crush on mine, go for it! also love triangles?! i never see these on tumblr tbh cause… it’s tricky business especially if you involve more than two muns, this may be even better suitable for muns who rp multi-muse blogs and coordinate it with one other mun who also has a multi-muse blog but… ah well! bromance is a yes and so are crossovers, though Gale is an OC… but, just basically meaning i’m willing to ship with a canon muse, too.


NOTE (optional): cross out anything your muse prefers in a male, italicize anything your muse is prefers in a female, if fine with either simply bold it. also keep in mind that muses are ever-changing, especially through development and preferences can shift along with it if the mun wills it. if there is a preference not listed, add it in your additional words to keep the meme standard.

Current Status: Single & Not Looking | Single Ready To Mingle | Crushing | Dating | Married

Romantic Orientation: Panromantic | Polyromantic | Heteroromantic |
Homoromantic | Biromantic | Demiromantic | Aromantic

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual | Polysexual | Heterosexual |
Homosexual | Bisexual | Demisexual | Asexual

okay wow, a lot of you might be wondering why this? Gale doesn’t really know his sexual orientation. he only has done heterosexual so far and it would take a loooooot of encouragement for him to do that again, he really likes the fluff with girls though. thus, he is more curious than anything right now about his sexual orientation. there are further reasons behind this but do know that Gale does not officially know where he stands. he currently in rp, stated he wanted to try a polyship but judging Gale and how smitten he can get with someone, i don’t know if he could handle a polyship. and personally, as the mun, i don’t think i would have such a great time writing smut for a heteroship unfortunately; there’ll just be a hell of a lot more fluff if i did a heteroship.

Gender Preference: Male | Female | Bigender | Trans | Fluid | Agender | No Preference

Aesthetic Values: A-Cup | Addict | Athletic | Artsy | Biker | Cross-dressing | Culinary | Curvy | Dangerous | Drinks | Fantasy | Farmer | Hair | IS IT BIG | Legs | Loner | Muscular | Musician | Nerdy | Piercings | Popular | Power | Short | Slender | Smokes | Sporty | Street-Smart | Supernatural | Stylish | Tall | Tattoos | Teeth | Tech-Savvy | Traveler | Wealthy 

Personality Attractions: Adventurous | BAD BOY | BAD GIRL | BashfulBenevolent | Calm | Comedic | Compassionate | Courageous | DaredevilDependable | Dominant | Eccentric | Energetic | Extrovert | FlirtatiousFriendly | Good-Listener | Hard-Worker | Innocent | Intelligent | Introvert | Mature | Mysterious | PlayfulProtective | OptimisticRomantic | Shy | Stoic | Studious | Submissive | Tidy | UnpredictableYouthful