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When I had a hospital birth I was misgendered all the way through which was bad enough, but when I'd actually had her and I was laying in the bed bonding with her, the nurses kept walking through and asking my husband "How's Mum doing?" etc etc, even though I'd had top surgery and was very obviously male. So yeah, hospitals suck and I'm glad you're having a home birth (wish I'd had one now).

Oh man that would make me so angry. I’d probably have lost it eventually. There’s one midwife at my community centre who slips up *constantly* and she’s very sweet but she doesn’t seem to try at all and I know for a fact if it’s her on call the night I go into labour I’ll just. Be way beyond politely correcting her. I’ll scream at her if she keeps ‘messing up’ and not bothering to correct herself. Labour is not the time when I’ll be able to be chill about that stuff.
I’m sorry you had such an awful experience mon ami!

Idk why y’all are freaking out about Camille like I understand she’s done some bad things/made mistakes because you know she’s human. But if her and Harry are dating you guys also have to remember how sweet of a guy and great head Harry has on his shoulder and I don’t think he would date a person who he thought was terrible. Honestly there is probably no excuse for the customs she dressed up in, but it’s in the past. She’s probably a really nice girl and no one should ever send anyone hate, famous or not. Remember to treat others the way you want to be treated.

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About the post you reblogged from Sarah, i don't think they meant that they were upset that she dates men and women (obviously) but rather that it's irritating to see someone post (only) about girls and how boys are trash compared to girls (which she for one has done) and then decide to say that she doesn't label herself. Don't label if you don't want to but don't decide to flip and say that it's okay essentially for lesbians to do that when she's been known before to openly say she's a lesbian

SEXUALITY IS FLUID. It’s no ones business if she calls herself a lesbian today and a different sexuality tomorrow. It affects you in absolutely no way. So there’s no need for anyone, especially anonymously, to point anything out. I know a lot of girls who label themselves as lesbians and met a guy they clicked with and even may have dated for a little. It caught them by surprise probably more than it did you guys. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dating both genders and labeling yourself one way and finding out you fit another label. Sarah’s fucking 19 for crying out loud. She’s in college. Let her do whatever the fuck she wants. It’s not affecting anyone else’s lives in the slightest and she can easily make her own choices. Tumblr is so obsessed with people being their “true selves” until they realize they may be different than what they once thought. Then all hell breaks loose. If you wouldn’t walk up to someone and say something then don’t send it on anon. Let people be happy, Jesus Christ.

we all know bellamy feels guilt about the way s4 ended. even if he hadn’t taken responsibility–“I left her behind”– that’s who he is as a person.

but raven was there too. raven was the one who told clarke to go to the tower by herself, the one who insisted they couldn’t wait, the one who was behind the wheel (so to speak) when that rocket took off. just because she’d stand by those decisions, even probably make them again, i’d bet she feels guilty over clarke’s death too. in case you needed more feels about this six-year separation.

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What do you think the famethyst did after the crystal gems left?

Well, they don’t really have a platform to go tattle on Holly, so I doubt they started blackmailing her. Even though Blue Diamond is the one who decided to keep them at the zoo, I doubt she’d take their word over Holly’s. They probably know this, too.

No, I think they had their 5 minutes of fun and it was back to work with more abuse than ever because Holly is probably PISSED.

They’re probably thinking real hard about their current position and the position of their new friends. Holly may have all the authoritative power, but they definitely out-number her (I haven’t counted the gems, but I’m sure there’s at least 40 of them), and with Holly’s sentiments about being forgotten, in seems that they haven’t had contact with Homeworld in quite a while, and it’s likely they won’t have any contact for a long time yet, now that Blue Diamond has left.

It would be easy to poof her and hightail it out of there before anyone notices, not to mention there’s a bunch of Roaming Eye ships that they can use. Really the only things that kept them there for so long were probably Holly’s fear tactics and their sense of loyalty to the Diamond who took pity on them.

One thing to keep in mind, though: they aren’t all copies of the same individual. It’s likely that more than one of them is still incredibly loyal to Homeworld, despite what they’ve been through. If they do eventually escape from the zoo, I doubt that things will be all hunky dory, especially if they were unaware that the rebels they saw were, in fact, Crystal Gems.

In short: I think they’re planning an escape cause fuck Holly and her rules.

Favorite Jewish Holidays of Ascension characters:
  • Fiona: Are you serious? Think for a moment. It’s obviously Pesach. Obviously. I bet she even likes the taste of matzah.
  • Adaia: Purim, because Adaia likes drinking, and parties and costumes, and Adaia’s best friend is married to a goyishe king, so like she can tease her all day long.
  • Maric: Maric also likes Passover, but only because it’s the only one as an Andrastian he kind of knows about? Like, he dislikes the whole ‘no bread in the house’ thing, but it just means he has to visit Loghain, who holds onto their chametz whenever he wants some. Which, you know, isn’t a bad thing.
  • Alistair: Probably Rosh Hashanah. I like the image of Alistair dipping apples into honey. Plus, since I HC him on the spectrum, him repeating the phrase ‘Avinu Malkeinu’ under his breath while he plays with his worry runic token for like, a few weeks after.
  • Cailan: Cailan is weird and actually enjoys Yom Kippur, primarily for the Kol Nidre. But like, he also likes the fasts, cuz he feels like he understands at least a small portion about what his poorer subjects experience. And because he likes breaking the fast afterwards.
  • Leah: Purim. 
  • Hawke:  Tu B'Shevat. It’s also Merrill’s favorite, or at least tied with Simchat Torah.

Batman? Batman has the best damn team in the world at his side. 


In the last episode Beth made me think about this, whe she choose Summer almost instantly. Summer was surprised and worried for Morty, and Morty was scared. Beth didn’t choose sacrifice herself instead her sons…

Summer know she was a mistake of her parents, Morty was the second son, he probably was planned first. So, what the heck, Beth? I think Summer and Morty are the only ones who showed love and care about each other. They are good brothers, even if they fight.

[suddenly sits up straight on this train] OH MY GOD

So I’ve had a lot of friends who went to teach English in rural Japan and have been the only foreigner for miles, and they tend to become local celebrities. Like, they essentially get paparazzi following their errands. Right after the new train station on local news is “Rachel went to the store today and bought natto. Did she like it?? More after the break”



Imagine Victor showing up to this dying tourist town and everyone learning his name within the week. Does anyone know who he is? Idk, he looks kind of familiar - Sato-san swears he recognizes him from one of Yuuri’s competitions, but Yuuri competes against a lot of handsome foreigners so one can never be sure. He was probably in the audience. He’s definitely a Yuuri fan, but isn’t everyone.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Victor went to the fish market this morning! Did he like it? Did he buy anything? More after the break!

Swift’s new song is superficially crafted as a Kanye diss song, but the “tilted stage” Swift refers to is not West’s, it is ours. We, her audience of billions, are the ones who always leave her slipping off the edge. Swift’s imagery is too spine-tinglingly salient to be accidental – “you said the gun was mine” expertly captures the way the misogynist society conjures up incriminations to vilify, demonise and discredit women.

Swift knows she can’t win, so she is content to play up to whatever role will bring her temporarily back into favour – “I’ll be the actress, starring in your bad dreams”. Swift knows her reputation is out of her own hands. Yes, Swift’s new single is a diss track, but she’s dissing us. And we probably deserve it.

Bryan O'Flynn from the Guardian on Taylor Swift

A bit of a warning for young female roleplayers.

This is something I, normally do not do. But with the things that are happening I think it is best to share this with others so they can be wary of the guy. The guy being one who goes by Theherooftime68, from what I know he mainly messaged minor females -myself included- asking about roleplaying, wanting to well roleplay NSFW kinda things. I be putting some of the things he done under a readmore, since it probably will get long.

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Hamilton wouldn’t had been the man he became without Eliza. She made sure no one forgot about her husband all through her lifetime. Stop erasing her.

Evan probably wouldn’t had the motivation to progress so far into his life without Zoe. He wouldn’t have grown into the self he is in the finale without her. Stop Erasing her.

Nabulangi was the one who encouraged Cunningham to preach during Man up, progressing the plot greatly. Stop erasing her.

Fieryo sacrificed himself so Elphabea could get away, knowing he’d probably die in the process. Stop erasing him.

The newsies would’ve barely gotten anywhere if Katherine hadn’t approached them and written the article. She was the one who came up with the idea of publishing the newsies banner. Stop erasing her.

Christine was a big reason Jeremy got the squip, without her, the musical never would’ve taken place. Stop erasing her.


I’m gonna go on a quick rant on feminism/femininity and Disney here.

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It just riles me up when people seem to get the idea that femininity means a lack of feminism. When people take a look at the girl in the pants and the girl in the ballgown and says the one in pants is more feminist and empowering than the one in the dress. The whole point of one of the many aspects of feminism is that as women we have the right to choose to be and wear whatever we want. A woman in a dress is just as feminist as a woman in a burqa, and they’re both just as feminist as a woman in a suit or a woman in a bikini. And beyond clothing, a woman who’s married and in love is just as feminist as a woman who’s single. Here’s where Disney comes in, no one princess is a better more feminist role model than another. It’s important to have more than one type of role model yes, but just because one girl likes to fight and another girl likes to sew, it doesn’t mean that one is a better role model. All the princesses and other Disney ladies have good values to teach us and our kids in different ways and I’m gonna go through them with you.

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Snow White:

For one thing this girl is 14. She is a child and her outlook on the world and her dreams in life shouldn’t be measured up to an adult’s. She’s kind, caring, and yes, she does dream of true love’s kiss. But she’s 14. When I was 14 I was dreaming of the same damn thing. But what we can learn from her is that when you care for everyone, even strangers, you’ll see that kindness returned. When she’s lost in the woods and scared for her life, she still finds the strength to be kind to the animals. In return they show her to the Dwarves’ cottage. She’s sweet and decides to clean up the place and take care of the dwarves out of the kindness of her heart and they return the kindness by giving her a home when she had none. At the end she’s rewarded with the true love’s kiss she wanted. We can even learn from the Evil Queen that vanity is a terrible thing. 

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The main thing to remember about Aurora is that for one thing, she met Phillip when she was a baby. The other thing is that while the good fairies did love her and take care of her, she grew up isolated and alone. She’s always had these dreams of meeting someone (anyone) else to break that isolation. But in that isolation she’s still strong, kind, and trusting. She loves her adoptive aunts, and for a side character(might make a post about that later) I would still count her as a good role model because of that kindness. 

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Her, I’m definitely going to expand on in another post. But, she’s one of my favorite princess. Ironically, not one of my favorite movies, but she’s an amazing character and I love her. She’s a survivor of child abuse. That’s the very first thing that you need to understand about her. She doesn’t stay happy and content with a grin and bare it attitude, she got mad. She was snarky, and she only found happiness in the little free time she had and in her pets/friends. All she wanted that night was to go to the ball. All she wanted was one night to have fun and get out of the house. She wanted one night where she wouldn’t be berated and yelled at and ordered around. And when she met the prince, she didn’t even know who he was. She didn’t even mind that she would probably never see him again. And at the end she more or less saved herself. She didn’t wait around and sing a song from her tower to get rescued, she asked her friends to get the key and help her out. She was smart enough to pull out the other slipper. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from those around you and there’s no shame in asking for it. There’s nothing un-feminist about getting help, especially when you’re an abuse survivor. And that’s what Cinderella is about. Her fairy godmother coming to help her. Women helping women. 

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The one big thing that made the Disney renaissance so great is they decided to follow the rules of Broadway musicals. One of the trademarks of this is the “I want” song. That’s the motivation for the main character and it’s the driving force for the plot. 

Ariel wants to live in the human world. That’s her dream. She desperately wants to be a human. Eric was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Ariel is strong willed and curious. She’s the undersea equivalent of an anthropologist. She’s 16, so of course she’s going to make stupid mistakes, but she gets to live out her dream in the end and become a human. The main point and what makes her a wonderful feminist role model is that she uses that drive and curiosity to pursue her passion. 

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I’m not sure I have to go into too much detail about her although I will mention, she is not a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. And to be honest how would being an abuse victim make her any less feminist? Anyway, of course she’s smart and loves reading. She loves adventure books and that’s what her “I want” song is about. She wants adventure and she wants someone who understands her and doesn’t think she’s weird for her interest. She’s a good role model not only for her love of reading but also of course for her kindness and seeing the good in people despite their appearance. 

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She. Is. Not. A. Prize. To. Be. Won. Moving on,

Kidding. But anyway she’s great because what she values is freedom and love. I feel like a lot of people forget is the line, “when I marry, I want it to be for love”. She wants to make her own choices in all aspects of her life and she decides to leave her life of privilege to pursue that freedom. You can hear and see it sprinkled in all around the movie (and the stage show). She sees herself as a bird in a cage and she’s happiest when she’s free and litteraly flying. And at the end she chooses Aladin. It’s all about her choice. 


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So unintentional racism, stereotypes, white savior trope, erasing history, and pairing her with the horrible monster aside for a moment…

Let’s talk about 18 year old Disney Pocahontas as her own character. The main thing that comes to mind when I think of her is strength and bravery. She knows herself and she knows what she loves, and she’ll do anything to protect it. She also cares about the earth and environment. All of those are wonderful traits to have as a role model. 

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Again, I don’t think I have to go into much detail about why she’s a great feminist role model. She’s usually who everyone thinks of when it comes to great feminist characters.

But what I will say is one thing not a lot of people mention in her great feminist role model-ness is that she doesn’t mind being feminine. She knows the ”perfect porcelain doll” isn’t her, but she doesn’t mind dressing up when she can make it her own. Another thing that I’m surprised get’s as ignored as it does especially since it’s scattered through the whole movie including her very first scene, she’s smart. She’s not a fighter, she’s a strategist. She makes her chores easier for herself. She wins the game of Go on her way to meet the match maker. She figures out how she can protect her dad. She uses the weights to her advantage. She does trigonometry in her head on the fly. She comes up with the distraction and using the fireworks. And the epitome of it all, she uses the symbol of femininity in the movie, her fan, to outsmart Shan Yu and take his sword. 

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Can you believe I’ve heard people say Tiana isn’t feminist enough? Most people know how hardworking and practical she is, but she also learns a very important lesson that you’ll never be truly happy if you don’t let loose and have fun in reasonable amounts. She’s an amazing role model just as wonderful as everyone else in the line up and her morale is one of my favorites to try and live by. “Fairytales can come true, but you’ve gotta make them happen. It all depends on you.”

Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Elsa, and Moana:

Honestly I feel like I don’t have to do much defending for these four. Everyone on this site has already pointed out what great feminist role models they are and many people regard them plus Tiana and Mulan as the “best” most feminist princesses. I love them all too, and of course they’re all great feminist role models, I just don’t think there’s much I could add. 

Anyway, I think a /lot/ of other Disney ladies are also wonderful feminist role models but this was supposed to be just the princess lineup. and I might make separate posts for them. But if you’ll notice I didn’t take relationship status, style choices, hobby choices, sexuality headcannons, or appearance into account when talking about what great role models they are because you shouldn’t. Of course women and girls deserve more than just one type of girl to look up to, but one type of girl isn’t any better or worse than another. You can be hyper feminine like Cinderella, Not feminine at all like Merida, or a little bit of both like Mulan. You can be smart like Belle, or naive yet kind like Snow White. All of them are wonderful. 

I’ll go ahead and leave you my favorite Disney feminist hero.

(she’s amazing. google her real quick)

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If they want us to see keith and shiro's relationship as brotherly, they are failing spectacularly, at least for me

I honestly 100% agree. Like as someone with two brothers I just really?? can’t see Shiro and Keith’s dynamic as brotherly at all?? I really can’t?? 

And Keith’s abandonment issues feed into this a great deal. We know that he’s “desperate” to see Shiro–a line that is not platonic in nature. It implies a sense of desire that’s almost agonizing, brings to mind the notion of unrequited love. Then you have things like Josh mentioning Keith’s “always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro,” and Joaquim noting that “Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” There’s an intensity to their relationship that you’d never expect from two characters who just see each other as bros. 

When talking about Keith’s passionate emotions, Lauren also says that side of him is “kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And yeah I think he kinda just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from like, from the galra side.” Shiro is literally shown as a link to Keith’s humanity. And Keith in turn sees Shiro as the man he aways was rather than the monster the galra tried to make him. Shiro’s unwavering support and compassion throughout Keith’s galra reveal was also a role relegated to Keith’s supposed love interest in nearly all fan works leading into season 2. In terms of his place in Keith’s character arc, a potential love interest honestly makes the most sense. 

We can also compare Shiro and Keith’s relationship to two characters who are siblings–Pidge and Matt. Pidge lost Matt during Kerberos and ends up getting banned from garrison grounds when she investigates further. Keith also loses Shiro to Kerberos and gets booted from the garrison shortly after–“a disciplinary issue,” they say. Pidge spends a lot of her time searching for Matt, and Keith also wants to find Shiro. And yet, both these dynamics are incredibly different. 

Pidge never stops to repeat words of comfort Matt has given her. She’s never shown in a flashback exchanging the same phrase with her sibling. Her drive to find her brother is never described as desperation, nor is he ever characterized as the only balm that can soothe her inner turmoil. She never believes losing her brother means she’s automatically all alone in the world. Pidge and Matt’s dynamic is nothing like Shiro and Keith’s. Which is, you know, probably why so many people from the staff ship sheith. Even people who work on the show can see these characters in a romantic light. 

To take this a step further, the way Keith mourns the loss of Shiro is also written extremely differently. Lance tells Keith that Shiro would want him to move on, and no one ever says this to Pidge. There’s a moment where the whole team takes Keith aside and reaffirms just how irreplaceable Shiro was to him–but ultimately, they urge him to stay strong and carry on. This doesn’t feel like Keith’s mourning a brother, it feels more like he’s grieving the loss of a lover

And this is defined by Keith’s temper, by his volitile emotions. We know all of Team Voltron is like a family. So why then, would Keith view Shiro’s loss as so deeply personal compared to the rest of the team if their relationship is also just familial? He lashes out at the team, says things like “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” The meaning here basically translates to None of you give a damn about Shiro, none of you care about him like I do. It’s an almost possessive kind of grief that really does feel more like someone mourning a lost lover. 

Furthermore, the “reunion” between Keith and Kuron is not brotherly. It’s not “Shiro” returning to the rest of the team. It’s “Shiro” reuniting with Keith. The moment is wholly theirs, complete with longing gazes as they slowly drift into one another’s orbit. The scene feels distinctly romantic, and this is emphasized by how intimate it is. There’s no team, no Voltron. Just the two of them in their own little world. Had Shiro and Keith been more like brothers, there would be no reason to remove everyone else from the scene and make it so deeply personal. 

The scene in Kuron’s bedroom also feels incredibly intimate. Keith is the only one Kuron feels comfortable seeing him like this, the only one he allows himself to be vulnerable with. He doesn’t cut his hair or shave for Keith the way he does to look more presentable in front of the other paladins. When he’s with Keith, there’s no reason to put on a fake smile and maintain a facade. Seeing Kuron unkempt and tired, in his undershirt and still lying in bed, confessing that he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to bounce back just yet–this isn’t the way someone’s big brother figure is presented. 

They’re both in the dark as well, and the way the scene is angled and framed, the tone it carries–this looks and feels distinctly different from the scene where Lance is having a talk with Keith in his bedroom. Keith is also the one taking care of Shiro during this time, the one always saving him. People often joke about Shiro needing Keith to come running to his rescue, but their dynamic really is more reminiscent of a classic fairytale than family. And of course, the way these two are so soft and tender with one another doesn’t feel right for characters that are supposedly just like brothers. I could go on and on really, and also talk about all the parallels between Haggar and Zarkon’s relationship and sheith, but I mean. Then we might be here all day 


She’s your responsibility now.


Daenerys Targaryen: Season 7

“So many men have tried to kill me. I don’t remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I have been chained and betrayed. Raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen.”

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So yknow how Jeremy said that Lance 'dies' and yknow how Zarkon and Haggar died but came back to life with that quintennesence gig right?? Are you thinking what i am thinking??

I mean… kinda?

You’re probably thinking that the Quintecennsse (? Spelling?) revives him. But you also gotta remember that while it did revive Haggar, it also corrupted both her and Zarkon. So I offer you this;

Lance dies. He jumps in front of Allura as someone is shooting at her and dies. It’s a quick death, direct hit to the heart. The battle stops. The Galra fall silent. The Paladins explode in rage and tears. All of them are running to Lances corpse, desperate to see if he could have maybe survived that despite knowing there was no way he could have. Lotor, for a brief moment, takes pity on the Paladins.

He offers to revive Lance.

Allura, who’s completely lost her chill at the fact that LANCE IS FUCKING DEAD (she can’t believe it. The guy she sees as a little brother is dead.) recognizes what he’s offering. A part of her wants to except it but the cost is so high. She doesn’t open her mouth, knowing that if she does she’d probably agree to it. Pidge, is the first one to agree (she’d lost a brother once and in no way in hell was she losing Lance someone she thought of as a brother) demanding that Lotor do it. Shiro is next (lance is dead. Lance is dead. Maybe if Shiro had been a better leader he wouldn’t be oh god Lance’s family. What about his family) and he’s shaking as he agrees. Keith rages his answer yelling that he better bring Lance back (Lance is dead. Lance who teased him and who he teased back. Lance who was always knock and knock with him. Lance is dead. Oh god.)

Hunk is the only one who says no. When he does the others look at him like he’s insane, and he explains about Lances religion, about how lance would hate to be ripped out of his heaven because the others couldn’t cope. He knows it’s selfish. But he knows lance and he knows Lance wouldn’t want them to do this.

Hunk gets ignored.

They do it- Lotor is the one that goes into the quintecennsse with him- and he’s back god he’s back. Something’s off. His eyes are hollow and he looks so empty. He looks so dead despite breathing. When he speaks his voice cracks, “you should’ve left me dead.”

Everyone cries when they realize that despite Lance being alive, he in no way is back.

instalive with tom as his gf (warning: F L U F F)
  • ok can we talk about how nervous you’d be???
  • everybody knows you’re together (he made it pretty clear when he posted a picture of you while watching spider-man captioned “my spider-girl” with a heart emoji!!!!! so everyone went C R A Z Y)
  • but still you know he has a lot of fans who can be so jealous
  • “what are you talking about? everyone loves you!” he says trying to calm you down
  • you know it’s true but you’re still not used to being a star’s girlfriend
  • you’re on the couch in a cabin in the woods out of montreal, harrison on the other side of the couch laughing at you two bickering
  • the live starts and omg as soon as people see that you’re together 
  • a lot of “you’re so cute together” “kiss kiss kiss” “couple goals”
  • you’re both FLUSHING hard 
  • especially you, you’re so not used to all of this attention
  • and tom is laughing
  • “so yeah this is Y/N. you probably know her by now, she’s… my best friend” he says looking at you with an adoring light in his brown eyes
  • those eyes that you fucking love 
  • “omg you’re being so cheesy” you chuckle making fun of him 
  • you both laugh a lot (that’s how embarassed you are)
  • “hey everyone. i’m his girlfriend. tom is a dork, but you probably already know that” you say
  • harrison is laughing in the background (you’re his favorite couple, he wants a relationship just like yours but he’ll never admit it to your face)
  • “they wanna know how we met”
  • “to keep it short: we met through zendaya and then one day on set of SM she literally fell over me and from that day we’ve been inseparable and she fell madly in love with me”
  • you laughed so hard at his explanation “yeah right heart-throb, you wish. He’s the one who said i love you first, so!” you tried to tell while he was covering your mouth with his hand
  • “that’s a lie! don’t believe her guys!” 
  • “harrison back me up!” you try putting him into frame
  • “y/n is right! Tom is whipped, he never stopped talking about her it was kinda embarassing” haz admitted moking him
  • “DUDE!!!!!” 
  • everyone is commenting that tom has heart shaped eyes around you
  • (and it’s true can’t blame him though lol)
  • you kiss his cheek “you’re so cute baby” (the amount of gifs of this moment!!!!!!!)
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes around her, you guys are delusional! I don’t even like her I’m with her for the fame” he jokes making you lightly punch him on the shoulder
  • “true, i’m only with him ‘cause i’m trying to get to harrison” you joke as well getting near to haz and making tom jealous
  • “hey miss come here” (can you imagine him saying this in the bedroom?? FUCK ME B Y E)
  • you rest your head on his shoulder scrolling through the comments (most of them are about how good looking tom is with shorter hair)
  • (tbh his short hair is a huge turn on of yours although you can’t grip on them while he’s going down on you anyway)
  • “okay guys it was a lot of fun, let’s do it again soon”
  • “do you want me to help you end the live?” you say making fun of his inability to end a livestream
  • he flips you off laughing
  • “i don’t have heart shaped eyes” he mutters under his breath
  • “omg tom you’re such a baby” you smile kissing his perfect lips

So how is it? Did you enjoy? 

This is definitely more on the fluffy side but it was so much fun writing it! (there’s sex mention)

As always, lemme know if you enjoyed, any comment is very much appreciated!

Oh and also if you have any request send me a message darlings!


Randomly sitting on their lap - Seventeen (Hip Hop unit)


You just came back from the bathroom for a quick makeup touch up to see some girl clearly flirting with your boyfriend. She was twirling her hair and batting her eyelashes at him.

Who the hell does she think she is? You think to yourself.

Cheol looks a little uncomfortable in all honesty, his eyes were wandering the room probably for you.

When you reach the two you take a seat in his lap and one of his hands immediately wraps around your waist

“Hi I’m his girlfriend, you are?” You give the girl a sickeningly sweet smile and extend your hand.

She shakes your hand weakly and that’s when you know you’ve intimidated her enough.

She shyly walks off after saying a brief goodbye to you guys. Cheol wraps both arms around your waist and sets his chin on your shoulder.

“Jealous hmm?”

“Just letting these girls know you’re taken.” You kiss his cheek and he blushes.

“I love you Y/n, don’t worry.” He kisses your cheek back and now it’s your turn to be flustered.

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You were hanging out with the boys at their dorm for your weekly movie night. Everyone had gotten their blankets and pillows and found a place to sit. You were put on popcorn duty so when you came back into the living room to see all the spots taken you pouted.

A few of the boys noticed and tried to move over on the couch so you could comfortably sit with your boyfriend.

“No no it’s okay guys don’t worry about it.” You tell them, putting down the popcorn bowls and climbing onto Wonwoo’s lap.

“Oh uh o-okay..” Wonwoo stutters a little, clearly flustered and taken off guard.

Some of the boys exchange looks and you know that Wonwoo saw them. Your furrow your eyes at the younger boys and they immediately stop staring.

“Just relax babe.” You whisper to him and plant a kiss on his cheek.

Eventually his arms find their way around your waist and you lean back into his chest as the movies progress.

Halfway through the third movie you feel butterfly kisses on the nape of your neck and blush.

“Someone’s getting a little bold.” You whisper and he lets out a whisper of a chuckle.

“This is payback for making me blush earlier.”

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You were joining the boys for dinner at their dorm so of course you offered to cook or at least help.

As you were putting down some sides down on the table you noticed their were only seven seats at the table. Your boyfriend however was already seated and for some reason didn’t bother saving you a seat.

Once you set down the bowls you took a seat on Mingyu’s lap, not even batting an eyelash at him. You feel him shift underneath you and you start to smirk.

Mingyu however knows the game you’re playing and ups it, his hands start rubbing your sides, lifting your shirt up on the sides enough to feel your skin get goosebumps.

Just as you manage to level your breathing, you feel lips on your neck. Immediately you look around to see if any of the boys are looking and thankfully they aren’t. Your hand grabs his tightly and tries to remove them from your waist when you are ripped out from your thoughts.

“Yah!? Really? At the dinner table?” Han asks making your cheeks flush.

You try and wriggle out of Mingyu’s grasp but he isn’t letting you escape that easily.

“Just ignore them please~” He uses that sickening sweet voice that literally makes your insides melt every time.

You try to hide your blushing cheeks from the other members at the table. He notices you’re embarrassed and loosens his grip so you can escape.

“Next time babe, don’t sit on my lap without my permission. I will always win.” He sends you a wink and you stick your tongue out at him then walk back into the kitchen.

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Vernon was in the middle of a very important game of Overwatch when you finally got fed up. He’d been playing that damn game ever since you got home from work over three hours ago.

You took a seat next to him on the couch, absolutely nothing. You scooted closer, barely a glance. You finally scoff and manage to wiggle your way into his lap.

“B-babe what are you-” He doesn’t even finish his sentence before he realizes that all you want is his attention.

He sighs in defeat and puts his controller on the coffee table. His arms wrap around your torso as your head rests on his chest.

You smile a little at how much of an affect you have on him. He shakes his head at himself because he knows he’s so damn whipped for you.

“I love you~” you mumble and you can feel a light chuckle.

“I love you too Y/n.” One of his hands starts rubbing your hair softly and eventually you fall asleep still wrapped in his embrace.

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