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Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...

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Is FFIII your favorite of the 2d Final Fantasies? What makes you like it more than V / VI?

I guess I hold III as my fave of the 2D FFs because of sentimental value at this point. The diverse job system (although not as deep as V or the Bravely Series) still provided tactics you could pull off that let you make any party combination however you wanted. Akihiko Yoshida’s art style made the world of The Floating Continent and Surface World more vibrant in both the NES and Remake versions. In terms of the NES version it was the biggest FF game at that time, to take up so much space in such a small cartridge (just like how VI did the same).This was further reflected in the character and job designs where each stood on their own and refurbished FFI’s job system as you could freely change at anytime.That isn’t to say that III’s a flawless game as only half of the jobs are usable by the end of the game which takes a lot of job grinding, which is horrible in III. The game doesn’t hold your hand and you’ll be walking half an hour not knowing where to go. By far this is a hard FF game to get into in if you wanna jump into the series since you have to be smart with your party configurations. There are many more player-friendly FF games like IV and VI that will let you get familiarize how specific roles in the party can work. If you’re into the stories of FF, you’ll be severely dissapointed or happy since it’s a really simple plot and not a lot of character depths (save a few scenes). But my god you have to give props to Nobuo Uematsu because he worked on 44 tracks and to fit all that music into a small cartridge, the most a FF OST could have (61 if wanna include the Remake’s OST). I would even say it’s his best work from all the NES trilogy). 

In short: the job system, character designs, worlds, and music is the reason I put this as my top. I strongly admit that all other FF games are way better handled than that this game could ever do (VI being my second fav and IV my third of the SNES trilogy). Though you can’t dismiss that it did plant the seeds that other games would use(ie. Final Fantasy Tactics and the Bravely series). It gave us our Moogles and Kupos. It give birthed the refurbished job system that could freely switch in and out. It gave me my love for the fantasy setting and began my love for the Final Fantasy series and to see which new ideas each game could bring. It inspired to me to make my art style into Yoshida’s beautiful works. It gave me Onion Knight. A character that is weak and small but grows stronger each moment, someone that I relate to. No matter how small you are, you can make a difference in this world.                 

            “ Purification? ”
                                          Do you
She knew this feeling too well, a feeling that she’d WISHED she wouldn’t feel again. But here she was, and it was all too familiar.
              An assimilation, a test, an experiment, a GAME. And she knew, she knew from LAST TIME, that NOTHING was JUST in the first place. No good reason - its motives, its methods, they were all MESSED UP.
              And she wasn’t going to have any of it.Yet..after what just happened, well- YOU guys are the ones who need to be PURIFIED. Like..I dunno, CONTRADICTING much? She agrees that if they had all worked together to avoid murdering each other, it would have worked. Maybe. And for a murder to be executed for their crimes, it was understandable that it was JUST but THIS- THIS WASN’T.
              To have the tables turned on you- JUST BECAUSE- “ Screw you, guys. ” Their anger, her anger of being stuck in that loop JUST BECAUSE- “ You know what- you’re the ones who just- MURDERED another person. ” And now those prisoners, those friends, those MURDERS getting away JUST BECAUSE- “ If it means that WE have to pay the PRICE for SOMETHING we DIDN’T do- ” 
           “ YOU’RE going DOWN with US. ” And to be honest with herself, she wouldn’t mind seeing them soon: Ren, Nona, Clarissa, maybe Jonas, Michael.
             Michael: she wouldn’t mind seeing him soon. She was done with GAMES anyways.