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Yours and Mine.

Gladio smut was promised, and thus Gladio smut has been delivered. Enjoy! 

Bit of rough sex, angst, jealous Gladio, etc.

Gladio x f!reader

3300 words.


It was only supposed to be one night. One night of meaningless sex, one night of letting out every frustration that the goddamned World of Ruin had invoked with a friend who needed it as much as you did, one night of lust and roughness, and nothing more.

Then one night turned into two.

Then three.

Then four.

Before you knew it, both you and Gladio had lost count.

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Top 10 Bias Tag

I was tagged to do this by the lovely @jae-bummer. Thank you so much for having me do this, it was such a joy (I’m being sarcastic, it was hell to pick a top ten and it took me six hours, but I still love you and your blog so it’s fine XD), and I also cheated, so enjoy ^.^ (I also had been working on this post and was at number 8, and then it closed on me so I’m very annoyed and upset because I had put so much heart into it, ahhhh T-T)

1.) Key of SHINee:

This man is the person I compare everyone to. He’s incredibly confident, has an amazing voice (singing, speaking, rapping, it kills me any way it’s used), and inspires me to love myself. He doesn’t take BS from anyone, and calls everyone out on their shit. He’s also incredibly sassy and self aware, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan of someone so amazing. (Let it be said that all the members of SHINee could be on this list, but I don’t want to take up five spots XD)

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2.) Vernon of Seventeen:

This boy, good lord. He’s only older than me by a few months, but somehow seems like he has years on me. He’s so mature but still enjoys laughing with the other members and having fun. His voice is to die for (as are his looks), and he’s managed to capture me in  a spell. He’s so passionate about music and I wish I could have the lyrical talent he does my writing only applies to stories and a few poems now and again unfortunately. (Also shout out to the bias wreckers S.Coups, Hoshi, and Jun for coming right behind my dear Hansol). 

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3.) Rap Monster of BTS:

I loved Rap Monster since I got into BTS (I watched their debut videos in Dec. 2013, but really got into them in 2014/beginning of 2015), and think he’s one of the smartest men I will ever encounter in the course of my life. Not only is he intelligently smart (his super high IQ) but also people/musically smart. He knows how to convey emotions and make people listen to his music. I don’t understand how people can call him ugly because he really isn’t, like he’s super handsome. I couldn’t have been more blessed to choose such a bias, like I cried when he sang/rapped “Reflection” live, it just hit me so hard. Also his voice is super smooth, so it just washes over you. Rap Mon is also super adorable and clumsy, like, God was giving him all these gifts and was like “I have to even it out, but let me make it so he’s still lovable and adorable”, and it just totally fits him. 

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4.) I.M. of Monsta X:

This boy T-T I love his voice (talking or rapping), it’s so nice. He is also so sweet and calm and just a nice presence to have when you need a smile. His dedication to the other members is amazing, and I always feel like a proud mom/sister. He also is hilarious never fails to make me laugh because he’s so extra? I.M.’s english always makes me happy because he does so well with it, and despite not being a traditional maknae, he is really cute and sweet. I’ll fight anyone who tries to put him down because he’s a squishy little muffin that needs protection.

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5.) Jackson of Got7:

Jackson is a combination I would have never been able to make myself. Confident, excitable, and always cheering on his friends, he’s the perfect example of one of the best people on the planet. I live for the times when Jackson gets together with other idols just to cheer them on and support their efforts and the friendship they share (Jackson Amber moments, Jackson teasing Eric but also promoting Eric’s album, going with Day6 to interviews when they first debuted because he knew they’d be nervous and quiet, messing with Rap Mon). He also is the biggest family guy ever, and it warms my heart to see someone in the public eye who adores his parents and family as much as Jackson does. I’m jelly of whoever he marries because he will treat them so right.

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6.) Amber of f(x):

This girl, right here, is someone who is just such a good person inside and out, I could right a term paper on her (a twelve page paper). The amount of love and soul she puts into every project is evident, and she inspires me to put in 110%, and find my own passions. Amber is so genuine in what she does, and he love she shows to her friends and family (looking at you Jackie :P) reminds me to love those around me as well. I wouldn’t be so far on my own journey of self love if it wasn’t for hearing her talk about her own struggles, sharing her journey, and her thoughts time and time again telling people to love who they are (her words defending Sulli on Hello Counselor also really helped me). I wish I could thank her for everything she’s done for me in the past years of me being her fan. Shoutout to the best llama in the world <3

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7.) Anyone from BTOB:

Okay, I cheated. But it’s fine, because BTOB is just so funny that it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. Each members has amazing things about them and never fail to make me smile and be grateful for their music and their smiles. It’s like a constant comedy show. (I am particle to Peniel though cause he’s just so cute ^.^)

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8.) Heechul of Super Junior:

I love Super Junior, but the real reason why Heechul makes this list is not because of his status of being a great member of Super Junior, but because HE’S FREAKIN HILARIOUS! My real bias of Super Junior is Donghae, but Heechul is such a gossip and funny guy. He throws shade at everyone, and doesn’t hesitate to mess with people. I appreciate him, and his humor so much it’s not funny :3

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9.) N of VIXX:

Okay so N was my original bias of VIXX, and then I floated around the other members, but I go right back to him. He’s so talented, and puts so much effort into everything, his singing, HIS DANCING. This man has more talent in a finger than I do in my entire body. And he’s an amazing leader, who always tries to do right by his members (even when they tease him for it, MAMA N WHERE YOU AT?!). I couldn’t be more proud of what he does and what he strives to do. 

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10.) Suho of Exo:

Ahhhh. One of my first biases, he’s managed to stay in my heart for so long, even as I stop loving Exo as much as I did (he legit is my phone background). He’s also incredibly smart like Rap Mon (are you guys sensing a pattern, sexy brains attract me XD), and is also the biggest dork to ever walk the Earth. He’s like an embarrassing dad, always making us cringe and say “No no babe, don’t do that”, but we still love him. I couldn’t ask for a better bias, one who is sweet to every person he meets, and cares endlessly for fans. Thank you Suho for being such a bright light for me <3

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Alright, those are my top ten! I actually have a lot more, but it gets hard for me to pick a bias when I really love a group (ex. SHINee, BTOB, BAP, BTS etc.), but this is what I could come up with. And now I shall tag…….these lovely folks!

@joy-bangtan @textmybias @shineethinks @sevenpabosandabunchoffans @thetextingbangtan @aegyo-shinee @taetastic @kpop-texts and anyone else who wishes to do this! I know some of you guys tagged are one group biased, but I know you guys could possibly just fill this list with that one group :P 

Imagine the elemental masters and the ninjas meeting every Friday night at Chen’s noodle house, or rather Skylor’s noodle house.

Imagine them all choosing to stay there until Skylor locks up the place, but of course she offers to give them all something to eat which they all gladly accept, and it’s always on the house

Imagine the arrogant and cocky fire ninja being all shy around the master of amber, and he sometimes messes up on his words and the others just laugh at him.

Imagine Cole challenging Karlof into a eating competition and Cole always somehow wins, and everyone just claps in amusement while Karlof wonders how he lost.

Imagine Kai being teased for liking and still liking Skylor, and her admitting she feels the same way

Imagine Jay bringing up the fact Kai can’t skate and Kai argues that he can and they end up doing a competition about roller skating the next day

Imagine Lloyd smiling and watching all his friends tease one another or start some sort of dumb competition, and he realizes if it weren’t for his father they all wouldn’t be here laughing

Imagine Lloyd almost tearing up at the thought of him but he is snap out of his thoughts by Zane, who can sense he is upset

Imagine them all taking a group picture each night and Skylor puts it up on the wall and smiles proudly

Imagine them all just enjoying Friday nights together, laughing and smiling with no sadness or madness, just complete happiness.

Little Lamb

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Summary:  Amber is on a mission to kill Negan, only to find out that her plan goes terribly wrong. 
Request Summary: “Request based on S7Ep7? The reader in Carl’s shoes though” – ambroselunatic
POV: Amber
Characters: Amber, Fat Joseph, Jesus, Negan, and of course, Lucille 
Word Count: 4670. This is seriously long as shit. 
Warnings: Cursing
Authors note: Let’s see how this goes.  Not too sure how this story will come together.  I’m literally jumping right into the content, no build up, no B.S. intro. Yes, I looked up the correct gun Carl used because I’m a loser and wanted to make sure it was right. xD    I think it came out pretty good. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed.
Quote of the story: “All I can say is, this isn’t Burger King, you’re not going to have it your way and sadly, this isn’t a McDonalds either, so, you won’t be loving it.”


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Pretty Woman


Spring time in New Orleans quite lovely . You hadn’t been here since you were young teenager visiting your with your mothers boyfriends family. Your mothers boyfriend was now your step father and you had been invited to his niece Ambers wedding. Your cringed at the thought , you didn’t much care for Amber or the that she was having some fancy smancy event to parade around .

Amber had a few good qualities one being she was all about charity , even if she did it for selfish reasons and to make herself look like kind soul. You knew better , you rolled your eyes dressing in your best clothes to attend her auction. Thankfully your sister Kim was at your side to make going at least bearable.

Part of the auction was auctioning off dates with you and a few other girls . Your were pretty plain , although you didn’t need much makeup not to toot your own horn (toot) you were beautiful just the same .

The place holding the auction was packed , you and and Kim signed in and went out behind the curtain to find seats. Everyone was so dressed up you felt like a very plain needle in a gold plated hay stack. You messed with the sheet of paper rolling it and un Rolling it nervously.

“You look beautiful y/n , And even somewhat dressed up” Amber clapped , blinking her false eyelashes and smiling showing way to much teeth . “Some nice young suitor will snag you right up… You haven’t had the best luck at relationships, I told Walters friend if no one bid to bid for me”

You smiled smugly getting ready to open your mouth and Kim nudged you trying to bite her own tongue as well . She whispered be nice with a chuckle , sitting down beside you.

“Oh wow” Kim pointed out behind the curtain

A few men and a woman came in sitting down out front . one in a suit hair slicked back neatly and the other dressed up but not overly done his hair was a bit more free and wispy short curls on top of his head . The girl came out back and joined the rest of you girls , you nervously smiled as she sat down on the other side of you.

“These things are ridiculous , if they weren’t for a good cause … Hi I’m Freya Mikaelson” she smiled handing me her delicate hand.

you placed yours in hers gently smiling “y/n and this is my sister Kimberly”


The auctioneer first auctioned off a few trinkets and donated items before Amber came out back and told you all to be ready and smiling .
The curtain opened and you felt hot, not like a good hot… like holy crap there were a lot of people here hot.

Each girl got auctioned off , Freya gave you a light tap whispering good luck as she had to go join one of the older men at the bar.

You stood up with an awkward smile standing up with the auctioneer . You tried to look down but caught Ambers eyes and her mouthing chin up and smile on.

“200$” one man shouted

“500” said another

“700” the first man shouted again

“800” said the other again

You were flattered but shocked listening to these two men going back and forth . You assumed the first one was ambers finances friend.

“5000” one of the men who came in with Freya stood up shrugging knowing he won , he smiled up at you cheekily

you looked back at Kimberly who motioned for you to go , you were in shock . You walked down over the steps carefully . Ambers jaw was dropped and looked at the auctioneer confused .

Then man met you at the end holding his hand out , you gave it to him as he knelt down placing a soft kiss on your knuckles .

“Hello love , my name is Klaus Mikaelson” he looked up you smiling .

You only ever heard of the mikaelsons they were like royalty around here , you never thought you would be meeting two in the same night , let alone Klaus.

“Y/n , I’m nobody really… I’m just here for cousin Amber” you blushed slowly taking your hand back

“Ah, Amber does know how to set up these quite miraculous charity events , of course they don’t hold a candle to my sister Rebekah’s . I didn’t know she had a cousin as beautiful as you” he held his arm out so you could link yours in .

“Well , we are not blood . My mother married her uncle” you smirked linking your arm in with his . God he smelled fantastic , and his accent made your heart flutter .

“So y/n, nobody really …” He mocked teasingly as you rolled your eyes playfully. “We are having a little charity event ourselves tomorrow night . As my date , That I generously paid for … Even though love I would have asked you if I knew you before you signed up to be dealt off like cattle…”

“Moo” you teased back , you walked with him over to the bar and he grabbed you two champagne .

Kim made her way over to you with a cheeky smile , standing beside you . Klaus looked at you and smiled at her obviously noticing the similarities between the two of you.

“May I steal my sister just for a minute “ She pulled you aside ,

Klaus nodded giving you a wink . You stepped aside with Kim looking confused on what she had to tell you right now , that she couldn’t tell you later on.

“ Amber is literally throwing a tantrum out back over how klaus Mikaelson picked you ! I guess he is kind of a big deal around here… And not to mention go you , he’s hot”

You blushed looking over in the corner of your eye noticing he was talking with Freya and the man he came in with peeking back at you raising his glass giving you a slight smile.

“ well , she is getting married … She shouldn’t be to jealous ?” You laughed rolling your eyes , you couldn’t stand Amber

“ well you enjoy the rest of your night, I need to go find my date… Some guy named roger” she motioned her finger to her lips pretending to gag .

You laughed giving her a gently shove , you slowly made your way back over towards Klaus .

“Well this must be the beautiful y/n” the man with Klaus smiled softly sharing the same accent bowing his head

“Y/n, this is my brother Elijah… And I’m sure you met Freya” he motioned and she smiled back at you

“Brother tells us that you are in town for your cousins wedding. Is this your first time in New Orleans?”

“No , my step father actually is from here… I haven’t been here in years though it’s just as beautiful as I remember ” you smiled , not sure what else to say …you were nervous enough as is .

“If you’ll excuse us brother , sister” Klaus set down his glass also taking your empty one out of your hands setting them on the tray of a server passing by. Klaus smiled offering his arm and you linked yours with his.

“It was nice meeting you” you smiled before walking off with Klaus .

“Let’s get out of this stuffy place , I would very much like to just talk to you without being interrupted ” Klaus stopped grabbed his jacket off the back of his chair.

You went outside a slight chill ran down your spine . Klaus un linked your arm and put his jacket over your shoulders and smiled at you . Your heart fluttered thanking him , re linking your arm in his .

You and Klaus walked around for a few hours , just talking about family and just foolish little things . Mostly you talking and him listening putting his two cents in everyone in a while . It got to the point where your feet were getting tired and it was late . Klaus walked to back to the hotel you were staying at with your sister . Who you knew would be spying on you through the peep hole .

“ I am very glad Freya talked me into going to the auction tonight love” he looked to your lips then looked right back up straight into your eyes

“I had a good time , I’m glad it was you and not those other two…”

You smiled taking off his coat handing it to him , as his eyes looked down to your hands taking the jacket in his own . you cupped your hand on his cheek giving him a soft peck on the lips turning facing the door getting to open it .

“ y/n , Ill have a car pick you up tomorrow evening . Your sister is more than welcome to come as well” he looked up winking at the peep hole .

“What exactly should I be wearing to this event?” You looked down realizing besides the outfit you were wearing you only had one other dress picked out for the wedding with you.

You turned back around noticing Klaus was no longer there , you sighed sliding the key in the door to Kim standing waiting for you with a huge smile on her face .

“So!?!?!” She hopped as you took your shoes off , and started to strip yourself of your dress tossing it in a ball slipping on your pjs.

“He’s charming , not bad to look at , and why me ? Out of all those girls up there with us tonight … He chose plain Jane awkward me…”

“Y/n you are beautiful , seriously you don’t give yourself enough credit … Five thousand dollars to just go on a date with you … That seems insane , but your worth every penny and than some”

You crawled into bed rolling your eyes and fell asleep dreaming of the night you just had


You woke up the next morning to a knock on the door , Kim groaned getting out of bed yawning opening the door . You sat up puzzled you weren’t expecting anyone , Kim backed away as two men one carrying a Vase of red roses and the other a long box ,setting the flowers on the dresser and the other box on the bed .

Kim looked at you eyes wide grabbing the card attached to the roses handing it to you . You opened up the card.

“ In case you can’t find anything to wear , this should do just fine . See you tonight y/n , nobody really – klaus”

You looked at Kim handing her back the card , opening the box on the bed revealing the most beautiful dress you had ever seen. You pulled it out carefully, the gown sweeping floor. It was sheer chiffon, lined with lustrous satin. pale champagne in color and a plunging neckline and V-shaped back, whilst an intricately embellished crystal waistband and rows of white sequins and golden microbeads.

You couldn’t help but gasp, Kim sat down eyes wide looking at the dress than at you.

“It’s just like pretty woman , except well your not a hooker… Oh my god y/n” she squealed .

You smiled to yourself looking the dress over , holding it up to your body smiling ear to ear .

The rest of the day consisted of Kim dolling you up , you weren’t much for makeup and updo’s but you wanted to look the best you could . Although you thought it would be impossible to out shine the beauty of your dress.

Kim put your hair in place and touched up a few spots on your face , helping you slide on the beautiful gown. She zipped the back and turned you facing the mirror . You barely recognized your self , you felt like a princess .

Kim hugged you wiping stray tears , looking beautiful even her self in her simple gown.
Another knock on the door you assume it was the driver two men stood there guiding you and Kim out side . They opened the door to a old fashioned carriage buggy.

“Y/n , you must have made a very good impression” Kim Squeezed your hand as the two men helped you in .

“This is all insane , pinch me” you flinched as Kim did giggling .


You arrived to a compound , you heard the music first getting out of the buggy . Kim following behind you. You glided in looking around the room decorated with string lights. You started fidgeting nervously as you were getting many looks from the rest of the guests . Kim spotted the bar and headed towards it . You sighed at the fact she just left you alone.

You turned almost running right into Klaus who was about to tap your shoulder . He looked at you like no other man had before . You blushed , as he took your hand from fidgeting .

“ you look magnificent in that dress” he twirled you onto the dance floor putting his hand on your lower back.

” you must be a pretty big deal, I can’t help but notice the looks you are getting”

“Oh love , they are not looking at me” he dipped you , you lay back gracefully

“Thank you , for all this …” You met his gaze as he brought you back to face him he smiled

“Y/n , a woman as beautiful as you should be treated like the princess that you are” his hot breath grazed your neck as he pulled you a little closer .

you looked around realizing everyone but you were dressed in either black or white , including your sister . Who was chatting it up with Freya at the bar , obviously talking about the two of you .

Elijah tapped Klaus , he excused himself and went to the side to talk to his brother . A stray hair fell , Klaus came back to you gently brushed it behind your ear .

“ something came up , family matter … I will return shortly make your self at home” he kissed your temple and left you standing there .

Making your way over to Kim , getting your self a glass swallowing it in one gulp. You were curious , and figured he offered so you decided to go for a walk around the place. The compound was huge .

You walked past the room where Elijah and Klaus were discussing killings that we’re going on ,

“Elijah , this is our city… we are the originals… The Mikaelsons Keep the wolves in check and I’ll have Marcel the rebellion vampires.”klaus’s voice beamed slamming his fist shatter a glass . His hand bled for a second before healing itself .

“Brother , I’ll handle it…”

Before listening to much more you kept walking, trying to find the bathroom. Vampires , You knew this was too good to be true .

You stepped into a room that clearly was a mans bedroom but was full of paintings , your jaw dropped in aw. Your hand graced a few and you felt you were not alone. You turned around and Klaus stood in the door way .

“I’m sorry , I was looking for the bathroom and…” You tripped your heart racing , his arms caught you raising your chin up to meet his face.

“Love , I told you to make your self at home … You don’t need to apologize”

“ did you … Paint these”

“Yes , it’s a little hobby of mine…” He smiled proudly

Your eyes twinkled looking all around you and back at Klaus . Who was just inches in front of you walked out on the balcony looking out into the city smiling.

“It is quite beautiful isn’t it”

“Yes you are love” klaus stood beside you , “ I need to be completely honest with you… I’m not exactly what I seem to be”

“I heard” you stepped back , “ you’re a vampire… Or a werewolf… Or whatever” you back now against the fencing of the balcony.

“Actually I am a hybrid , my siblings are vampires… Well excluding Freya … She’s a witch” he said softly , a little embarrassed noticing you became a little uneasy.

You sighed awkwardly fidgeting , not sure what to say noticing the smile klaus once had now in a line. He stepped toward you with his arm out, afraid you’d reject his touch at first, but placed his large hand on your wrist when he saw you wouldn’t jerk away.

You swallowed the lump of passion in your throat to muster enough strength in your voice to speak.

“ you won’t hurt me, if you wanted to you have had plenty of chances” You grabbed his face, pulling him down to you, his hands finding your waist. The butterflies in your stomach refusing to calm themselves.

You slowly pulled away , throwing your self back towards him as he picked you up wrapping your legs around his waist . Gently pushing you against the wall deepening his kiss , he pulled away kissing your neck.

You moaned wanting more pulling at his suit jacket and your tiny fingers unbuttoning his shirt . He wiggled it off tossing it on the floor . You had never had sex with a vampire before let alone a hybrid. You were a little nervous , but your lady bits didn’t care.

He spun you around gently unzipping your dress kissing in between your shoulders gently sliding it down your body . You turned wondering why he had stopped , he was looking you all over. Your fingers explored his chest, your fingers spreading to get the full feeling of his muscles.

He gently lifted you placing you on the bed . Sliding down his pants while kissing your lips, kicking them off revealing his constricted length . He climbed on top of you positioning himself between your legs . You reached behind you unclasping your bra throwing that to the floor.

Klaus laid you back smiling kissing his way down your body , pulling down your panties tossing them aside . He gently pulled your bottom half to the edge of the bed . he was almost drooling, diving in between your legs, his mouth devouring you. You squeaked, pushing his head further into you, his other hand holding yours tightly.

“Klaus” You whimpered as he licked and nipped your nub, you tugged on him wanting him inside you .

He stood up licking his lips , you sat up pulling his briefs down causing his length to spring up hitting him in the stomach. Your eyes were like saucers , klaus chuckled . You wrapped your arms around him pulling him back on top of you reaching down pumping him.

“ you are so god damn beautiful” he took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth .

He spread your legs, slowly entered your core. You moaned, clenching your walls to get used to the feeling of how big he was. He definitely stretched you out, just that alone gave you so much pleasure.

“Is this ok , am I hurting you” his forehead on yours panting

You held him close , bucking your hips to get him to move . He started at a slow pace grinding and pumping in and out of you . You moved with every thrust wrapping your legs around him. Klaus grunted, feeling your contracting walls around him, squeezing him.
You kissed him again, thrusting your hips up at him to signal for him to move faster . He picked up his pace finding your g-spot . Reaching down rubbing your nub this sent you over he edge.

“Klaus…” You whined which spurred him on to find that spot again, his thrusts getting heavier and heavier.

Your stomach tightened and you lost all control . You were close and how sloppy klaus was getting you knew he was too. Your eyes rolled back, stomach jumping and legs shaking with pleasure as you came around him,he came watching you come undone muffling your cries into his lips .

He pulled away resting his forehead on yours both of you panting trying to catch your breath. He looked you over making sure he wasn’t to rough with you .

“Your guests are probably wondering where you disappeared to” you smiled still trying to catch your breath

“The only one that matters is beneath me” he slowly pulled out of you and both of you moaned at the loss he lay down beside you taking you all in leaning on his side propped up on one arm. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore beautiful”

Your hair was a mess , your make up smudged and he thought you were still beautiful .

“I suppose we should get cleaned up and head back down like you said” he sighed sitting up

You smiled leaning up touching his face “ show me”

“Show you what love”

“Your face” you caressed his cheek , he held his hand on on yours shaking his head. “Please” you smiled placing your forehead on his .

His eyes turned yellowish gold and his veins strewed across his face , he then opened his mouth revealing his fangs . You smiled placing your lips on his , he closed his eyes going back to normal.

You climbed out of bed and into his personal bathroom cleaning up. Your hair was a loss cause so you undid the up do allowing your hair to fall onto your shoulders . You came back out sliding your underwear and bra back on , stepping back into your dress . Klaus came up behind you already dressed , helping you zip it back up. He kissed in between your shoulders ,fixing your straps .

He held out his arm to link with his and you playfully rolled your eyes heading back down into the compound. Kim gave you a knowing look and you shrugged giving her a cheeky grin. Elijah asked her to dance and she agreed waiting until he was back too and gave you the thumbs up .

“ have you ever thought of moving to New Orleans?” Klaus almost whispered in your ear your cheek pressed against his .

“I’ve never had much reason to stay here … Unless A certain someone was to ask ” you looked looked up at him before placing your lips to his cheek. you knew you had just met, but the way you were feeling made you want to stay and get to know him even better.

“ I’ll make the arrangements tomorrow, tonight I would much love for you to share my bed again” his hand lowered on your backside holding you close to him again .

“Well Klaus Mikaelson , I suppose that can be arranged” a you leaned up kissing his lips gently nipping his bottom lip .


I will not be available for all of july 1-7, as I will be in Petoskey Michigan to pay my respects to it for giving us sufferin’ sufjan stevens to visit family and friends up there I haven’t seen in ages. 

I’m making the conscious decision to get offline to work on my next album ‘mess’, a Nitw concept album for Amber Lights. Yellow Bones. and also to be with family. I might post some pictures or message some people selectively, but I know that my laptop will not be coming on this journey with me for any reason other than to write. 

Just thought I would let you all know so that no one accuses me of being dead.


Okay but. Obviously Qrow would have saved Amber because he knew her. I mean yeah sure she was being attacked, but I would think Qrow was as fast as he was cause he was protecting a friend.

But also Amber was alone on the road. Which makes me think that these maidens travel a lot. To protect people as they come across them.

Which means that even if taking Ambers power doesn’t mess Pyrrha up it would still give her even greater power that’ll put her on an even higher pedestal then before.

But since Qrow seemed to know Amber what if it was like what Pyrrha has now, for Amber before she became a maiden. What if Amber went to school with Qrow (and the rest of team STRQ) what if she had all these friends but as soon as the power was given to her she had to go out alone. What if Amber and Qrow were good friends? But now they barely see one another.

I still think Qrow personally knew one of the maidens the way he reacted when they were telling Pyrrha the information about them. He seemed like he wanted to be disconnected from the subject but couldn’t. Cause the information was important to tell.

Or at the very least after Summer (presumedly) became a maiden and died that he struck out to protect Amber even more. Slowly becoming closer to her in the process.

The Thing I Can’t Deny

Late submission. I went in many directions with this prompt before arriving here. Spoilers from the novel rerouted me constantly. For @deathberryprompts “Paradise.” The unquoted italicized words towards the end are lyrics from Nas’ “Bye Baby.”

Some things are undeniable. The way Ichigo looks at her, struggling with her decision, is desperate and questioning, and Rukia’s scraping for answers. She owes him a proper explanation but can’t find her footing so she glosses over their first kiss and every other moment that made them more than friends. Finally, she reminds him that they made their choices. He returned to the Living World with Yhwach’s threat clanging at his eardrums inciting fear like he’d never known. He wouldn’t risk her life so paradise slipped away from them like sands through an hourglass. It’s been three years.

She adjusts her veil, and sighs. What’s done is done. She couldn’t spend another day figuring out how to be with him so she moved on. She’d had her fill of regret and she wasn’t going to waste any more of her life hoping to turn back the hands of time.

She tells him that periodic visits to their respective worlds won’t work for her, and he wants to believe it like he tried to back then. He attempts to force the words out like vomit.

“If you’ve already made up your mind. If that’s what you really want…”

But Ichigo can’t lie to himself again. He can’t tell her to marry another man when one look at each other after so long is enough to realize that nothing has changed.

“Rukia, look at me,” he commands.

She closes her eyes behind the veil embroidered with strawberry flowers, and he comes closer.

Why did we mess it up? We were friends. We had it all.

“Rukia,” he says again and she hates it. She hates the way he says her name now because she’s trying to figure out how to promise to love someone else.

He pushes the delicate fabric behind her head, and her lashes flutter before she opens her eyes. Hazy amber bores into her and all she feels is him. She’s kidding no one but herself.

“Ichigo, please.”

She’s desperate to end it because every time they say goodbye, it hurts. There’s a knock at the door.

“Is everything alright?”

It’s Byakuya. She realizes she isn’t going to make it down the aisle.


#slowjam time!

Last Saturday I joined a couple ladies and attended the Toronto Burlesque Festival. It was it’s 7th year and I believe we’ve gone to the last 5. The show is ALWAYS amazing and there are performers from around the world who attend - so there is always something new. It gets to the point where there are so many great acts that you can’t possibly have a favourite by the end of the night. You have a list of 10 that you are SO in love with. 

One of my favourite parts of attending is dressing up - of course!! This year I didn’t wear any hair flowers and I was SOOOO sad once I got there to see everyone wearing Amber Ray. But I made due with this full on leopard print peplum dress.

Also - please excuse the mess in my room, I had my cousin in from out of town to attend the event. I promise I’m normally not that messy. 

Dress - Gifted from a dear friend, originally Forever 21

Tights - Asos Curve 

Lipstick - Make Up Forever in Moulin Rouge with MAC Lip Glass over top.

a mix for mulder & scully [listen here]

“It seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”

01. Thank You- Amber Run// 02. Hold Back the River- James Bay// 03. Changing Seasons- Sea Wolf// 04. King & Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men// 05. Heaven- Amber Run// 06. Mess in Mine- Vance Joy// 07. From Eden- Hozier// 08. Another Story- The Head and the Heart// 09. Wherever You Are- Angus & Julia Stone// 10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Bootstraps// 11. Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone- Lykke Li// 12. 10 a.m., Gare Du Nord- Keaton Henson// 13. I Found- Amber Run// 14. Metal & Dust- London Grammar// 15. Here With Me- Susie Suh & Robot Koch

Hi everyone! 

I hit 8k about 2/3 weeks ago and I was too lazy to make a follow forever and since the new year is approaching, I thought I’d do it now!

First of all, thank you to all my followers/mutuals that like and reblog my stuff! My blog has been through some changes this past year, from a Captain Swan mess to a multifandom mess, and back to CS (oops) so I’d also like to thank those who have stick around with me. I have been so fortunate to have even met a couple of you, whether we talk constantly or rarely talk, you all will always be the ones I consider my greatest (tumblr) friends.  Thanks for making my dash awesome. I appreciate each and every one of you more than I can ever really say.

The most special ones (You guys are some of the most lovely people I’ve ever met, I cannot imagine my tumblr experience without you)

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Happy Almost New Year, everyone!  



I hope you guys all had a weekend as wonderful as mine was! To those of my followers who are like ‘She left??’, I’ll give you the skinny on what went down.

My bff/love of my life/white friend Taylor and I went up to her cabin, and, because it’s a Godless place, I had no service whatsoever.

Like, none.

So Taylor and I had to be “social” and do “outside activities”. Whatever.

But, seriously, it was so much fun! I did a lot of things for the first time, too, like:

  • Fishing
  • Driving a Golf Cart
  • Going to a cabin (old white people EVERYWHERE)
  • Going on a boat (well, technically. I went on a boat once before for a Senior boat party, but that was a large boat and this was a smaller one)
  • Swimming in a Lake that didn’t have a highway on the opposite side

 Also, I tanned so wonderfully. I wouldn’t even call it “Tanning”. I’d call it “Crisping”, or something. My tan line is OUT OF THIS WORLD, MAN.

 But I’m glad that I’m back at home with my Wifi family.

 Don’t worry. I missed you guys, too. (Because I know you missed me. Right? RIGHT?)

 I’d also like to thank my bff/lust of my life/black friend Amber for hijacking/blogsitting my Tumblr account for me.

You didn’t completely mess up. Well done. That’s gotta be a new record for you or something.


anonymous asked:

Hey could I have a long imagine with Alan Ashby and get in a heated argument with him which results into smut?

It was your 21st birthday, your boyfriend Alan had planned a small get together at a bar with your closest friends and family. He and the rest of Of Mice and Men were working on their new album for the past week nonstop. He promised you he’d be home in time to go to your party at 8pm. It was now 7:45, the studio was a 15 minute drive. As you finished fixing yourself up you waited in the living room watching tv. Before you knew it was 8:20. What the fuck was taking him so long? A wave of panic washed over you, beginning to think something bad happened to him on the way here. You tried to push your thoughts away by calling his cell to see what was going on. As you dialed his number, it went straight to voicemail. “What the fuck Alan?” You gritted you teeth, trying to call again. Voicemail. You ran your fingers through your hair trying to calm down. You tried the other members of the band to see where Alan was. Every single one of their phones went to voicemail. “Oh my fucking god.” You hissed, obviously pissed now. You put your heels on and grabbed your purse as you slammed the door of the house. You went in your car, and drove to your party.
As the night went on, you couldn’t even enjoy your party. The more shots that you took, the more you felt like an emotional mess. Your boyfriend has been ignoring you all day for the most part. “Y/N don’t be sad!” Your best friend Amber chirped while hugging you. “He doesn’t care, Bambi.” You shrugged, slumping down more in the bar stool. “Forget him! This is your fucking 21st! Don’t let him ruin your night!” She drug you off the stool and started moving your arms to make it look like you’re dancing. You giggled at her silly banter, joining in by dancing like a couple of drunk idiots.
As you sobered up, you decided to wrapped up the party, you said goodbye to the ones who came, and took some photos. You grabbed the gifts that were given to you and headed to your car. You drove back to yours and Alan’s home. As you pulled in the driveway after a 20 minute drive, you saw the house was completely lit. Your blood started to boil as you saw Alan’s car parked just ahead. You gripped harder onto the steering wheel, your knuckles turning white by the second. “You son of a bitch,” you muttered, climbing out of the car and slamming the door shut. You stomped up the steps to the porch and swung the door open. You heard the TV blaring sports center. You rolled your eyes becoming very annoyed. You kicked off your heels and made your way to the living room seeing Alan lay on the couch. “Hey babe,” he began, yawning. You scoffed in his face, giving him the finger as you ran up the steps to your bedroom. “Y/N? THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR? WHAT DID I DO?” He called after you, you heard the tv downstairs turn off as you went in your room and slammed the door shut, locking it behind you. His feet stomped up the stairs, banging on the door to your shared room. “Y/N LET ME IN!” “NO! FUCK YOU ALAN!” You screamed, tears streaming down your face. You have never felt so hurt. He knew this was a big day for you. You crawled into your bed, sobbing. Alan continued banging on the door, when it suddenly fell silent. You heard the drawers pull open in the hallway bathroom. He was searching for a bobby pin.
You quickly got up, putting all your weight against the door. You heard him grunt on the other side, and the clinging in the bobby pin wiggle through the doorknob. A loud click rang through your ears as he pushed the door open, causing you to fall against the wall as your support. His face matched his hair. Firey red burning through his cheeks. His eyes weren’t that calm brown that made you weak in the knees. All you could see was lust. And revenge. As he stepped closer to you, you pushed him away, which only caused him to grab your wrists harshly. You gasped in pain and he drove you against the wall. You tried wiggling out if his grasp, which only made him grip tighter. You whimped in pain. “Fucking let me go Alan!” You demanded, pants of frustration escaped your lips. Alan loosened his grip on you. You took this opportunity to stomp on his foot as hard as you could. “GOD FUCKING DAMNIT Y/N!,” he roared, grabbing your wrists and pinning you tighter to the wall. He leaned in close to your ear, his hot shaking breath hitting your face. Goosebumps rose from your arms. “I don’t tolerate bad behavior Y/N. Do you know what bad girls get when they misbehave?” You gulped, scared of what was happening next. “They get punished.” Before you had a chance to do anything, Alan attacked your lips harshly, biting them here and there. You whimpered, kissing him back. This dominate thing was really turning you on by the second. He moved his lips to your neck leaving a trail of sloppy kisses as he attempted to find your sweet spot. Once he found it, a loud moan broke out of your mouth that caused him to suck on it harder. “Oh fuck.” You whimpered, getting even more turned on. You could feel your core get wetter by the second. 
“Get on the fucking bed,” demand filling his voice. You did what you were told as he climbed on top of you, peeling you out of your dress. Your matching lacy bra and panties became exposed, you could feel his member get harder. He attacked your lips, unhooking your bra and flinging it on the opposite side of the room. He immediately brought one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking harshly. Moans exploded out of you, loving how rough Alan was being. “Fuck!” You gasped, a rush if tingles swam throughout your body. His lips planted kisses down your stomach, reaching your tender core. He lightly brushed a finger over you, which earned a small moan from you. You wanted him, now. You bit your lip and he slid your panties down, throwing them somewhere in the room. His tongue softly brushed against you making you moan in pleasure. The more you moaned, the more his tongue picked up the pace. “Oh my fucking god Alan!” You screamed, gripping onto his ginger locks. “You like that?” When you didn’t answer, Alan shoved two fingers into you, making you moan in shock and pleasure. “FUCK!” “I SAID DO YOU LIKE THAT?!” Alan screamed. “Yes I fucking like it!” You pulled on in his hair, making you moan more. “Who made you this wet baby?!” Alan asked, pumping you faster and faster. It was hard to speak when your body was in full pleasure. You voice shook as you answered, “YOU ALAN! FUCK!” You could feel yourself get close to your first orgasm. “OH—IM—GONNA—!” “NO! HOLD IT!” Alan demanded, the lust never left his eyes. You clenched your walls around his fingers that entered you. A knot forming into your stomach. “PLEASE BABY!” You cried out. “Let go baby.” He pulled his fingers out, your juices exploding out of you. “OH FUCK!” You cried, panting from shock. You released the grip in his hair as he stripped out of the clothes he was wearing. He pulled down his boxers revealing his erection. As you went to pleasure him, he slapped your hand away. “No. Lay down.” You did as he said and laid on your back. He spread your legs rubbing his fingers Against you. He lined himself up at your entrance. The tip only entering you. You needed him. All of him. Right fucking now! “Alan please!” You whined, growing impatient. He smirked at your begging, only making him stay on the same spot, not moving. “DAMMIT ALAN! FUCK ME ALREADY PLEASE!” Without warning he slammed into you, thrusting hard. “Only because you said please like a good girl.” He whispered in your ear. You moaned uncontrollably as his full length entered in and out of you. You cried out each other’s names, digging your nails into his back as he picked up the pace. You felt your second orgasm pick up, causing you to dig into him more. “ALAN IM GONNA—!” “HOLD IT BABY! IM ALMOST THERE!” You clenched yourself around him for the second time, feeling like you were gonna burst any second. “NOW BABY, LET GO.” Alan moaned out your name, as you did the same. You filled each other up as you slowed down the pace.
As you two finished and caught your breaths, Alan laid next to you, wrapping his arm around your bare chest. “I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday party Y/N, I love you so much. We had to finish up the album and it took so long and I’m such a shitty boyfriend. I’m so sorry!” You sighed, kissing the top of his head. “No you’re not, you were busy. I tried calling you guys and no one answered so I got pissed and went, got drunk, and now were here.” He chuckled, “Well that was the best sex I have ever had.” You giggled, agreeing. “Best birthday sex in the history of ever.” Alan smiled as his softly kissed your lips. “Happy birthday babe.”