no one messes with amber's friends

Imagine the elemental masters and the ninjas meeting every Friday night at Chen’s noodle house, or rather Skylor’s noodle house.

Imagine them all choosing to stay there until Skylor locks up the place, but of course she offers to give them all something to eat which they all gladly accept, and it’s always on the house

Imagine the arrogant and cocky fire ninja being all shy around the master of amber, and he sometimes messes up on his words and the others just laugh at him.

Imagine Cole challenging Karlof into a eating competition and Cole always somehow wins, and everyone just claps in amusement while Karlof wonders how he lost.

Imagine Kai being teased for liking and still liking Skylor, and her admitting she feels the same way

Imagine Jay bringing up the fact Kai can’t skate and Kai argues that he can and they end up doing a competition about roller skating the next day

Imagine Lloyd smiling and watching all his friends tease one another or start some sort of dumb competition, and he realizes if it weren’t for his father they all wouldn’t be here laughing

Imagine Lloyd almost tearing up at the thought of him but he is snap out of his thoughts by Zane, who can sense he is upset

Imagine them all taking a group picture each night and Skylor puts it up on the wall and smiles proudly

Imagine them all just enjoying Friday nights together, laughing and smiling with no sadness or madness, just complete happiness.

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Okay but. Obviously Qrow would have saved Amber because he knew her. I mean yeah sure she was being attacked, but I would think Qrow was as fast as he was cause he was protecting a friend.

But also Amber was alone on the road. Which makes me think that these maidens travel a lot. To protect people as they come across them.

Which means that even if taking Ambers power doesn’t mess Pyrrha up it would still give her even greater power that’ll put her on an even higher pedestal then before.

But since Qrow seemed to know Amber what if it was like what Pyrrha has now, for Amber before she became a maiden. What if Amber went to school with Qrow (and the rest of team STRQ) what if she had all these friends but as soon as the power was given to her she had to go out alone. What if Amber and Qrow were good friends? But now they barely see one another.

I still think Qrow personally knew one of the maidens the way he reacted when they were telling Pyrrha the information about them. He seemed like he wanted to be disconnected from the subject but couldn’t. Cause the information was important to tell.

Or at the very least after Summer (presumedly) became a maiden and died that he struck out to protect Amber even more. Slowly becoming closer to her in the process.