no one makes lauren laugh as hard

Story Time!!

While at Schuyler Mansion, we were talking about whether or not there was an affair with Angelica, right? So the tour guide had three quotes in letters from Hamilton and we had to guess which was to Eliza. One was to Angelica and one was to someone else. And so I got one. aND IT WAS THE “IN ACTION RATHER THAN IN WORDS” ONE TO LAURENS. I almost died laughing. And I think the point was that he talked to everybody in this way, but it’s hard to make that point with only people he probably at least flirted with.

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I dont get it one thing.. why lauren is always the one that is trying to shut down camren? If they were never real, dont you think camila would be thinking of that too and tweeting about it? I really dont believe shit that lauren have to say, she so smart but so frustrating cause she always making us feel like the crazy ones to think they were in a relationship.. girl if they never been in a relationship or something like that, they are the delusion ones 🤦🏻‍♀️

“they are the delusional ones” lmao. That made me laugh so hard.

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if, one day, you ended up meeting lauren graham and becoming friends with her, let's say good friends... would ever tell her you fangirled her hard? or would you keep it to yourself forever? (super random i know. i just thought about this while I was going through your blog, so I decided to ask lol)

do you think i’d pass up the opportunity of making her laugh even if it’s at my expense