no one loves jojen and meera as much as they love each other

The Son(g) of Ice and Fire

I saw someone commenting on a George RR Martin interview where he talks about why he named the series Ice and Fire. This person seemed to assume that George’s answer meant that Jon and Daenerys represent Ice and Fire together, respectively, which is something I have always very vocally disagreed with, and will continue to do until Martin himself tells me I’m wrong (that means Dan and David and their fanfic freakshow and magazine covers are irrelevant to me). 

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I read/listened to this interview a long, long time ago, and it never gave me the impression that my idea of what the Song of Ice and Fire means, is wrong… 
Here’s why:


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Do you think Ned Stark was successful in anything? Your metas heavily emphasize his failures, faults, and shortcomings. Do you think there was anything he was good at other than being viewed as a good man and moral? I don't see many people acknowledging positive aspects of him-other than he loved his family and was relatively a 'good' person, but that seems to be done more to lighten the criticism of him. Why is he so beloved in the book if he was such a fuck up to his family and the North?

Um, should I not criticize him where criticism is due? Or when an issue he did not handle properly is being discussed? I criticize Ned but I do not denounce him. It’s not that I’m heavily emphasizing his faults but there are places where Ned erred, even if it was sympathetic or understandable in some occasions. I’m generally against considering only one aspect of Ned’s personality as an indication of who he is as a whole, be them his virtues or his faults. My analysis of his motivations or his actions in a certain event isn’t a blanket condemnation of the character or any attempt to argue that he is a fuck up or a bad person. Flawed, certainly, but not bad. Far from it actually. The text itself criticizes Ned  because he, like every other character GRRM writes, is not a saint. He is one of the good ones, but he is not an impeccable untouchable paragon of all that’s good and right. He stands out, certainly, since he is sometimes the only person to speak up against some truly vile things (like the fight with Robert over his condoning of Elia and her children’s murder, or the one over Robert’s command to assassinate a pregnant Daenerys, in which he was joined by Barristan Selmy) but, well, Mycah.

I can’t really speak for the entire fandom, neither do I know what tone the conversation around Ned usually takes, but for me, Ned’s merits and morals and successes are explicitly laid all over the text so I don’t usually feel the need to argue for them. This is the guy who is reputed for his honor across all of Westeros, who garnered the epithet of the honorable Ned Stark. Everyone, friend or foe, make a mention of his morals and honor. And it’s not that he is good at “being viewed” as moral, he genuinely is. Ned Stark is the last person who would perform morality or honor. We’re inside the man’s head, we see his thought process, this is his character and his moral code.

The narrative gives us two contrasting ideologies in Tywin Lannister’s and Ned Stark’s to serve as foils to each other, and then goes to bat for Ned’s. It’s a part of a larger body of stories that is meant to make a statement about the importance of upholding values and believing in ideals even when corrupt institutions and individuals ridicule and distort them, or even use them against you. A corrupt system can’t take your ideals away from you, no matter what. Ned’s story falls right in line with this message. His ideals win. His political theory wins. He wins. How can he, then, be considered a failure?

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bran stark: fun night (semi smut)

ANON REQUEST: could you do a Bran Stark imagine? Maybe a semi-smut? You and Bran do some ‘naughty’ things one night when travelling - a week after you confessed your love to each other, (which you kept a secret from everyone else) In the morning Jojen turns to bran and says something like 'try and be more quiet in the future, thanks’ and smirks. Thank you very much

It was night and cold so you settled to rest and make camp with Meera, Jojen and Hodor and also Bran. You walked beside Bran as Hodor pushed him. You stayed with them as Bran found you all alone in the woods, months before.

Bran patted the space beside him, and liftled his covers. “Sleep here.”

You laid beside him underneath his covers and his arm dangle on your body. Meera stepped on the fire to not attract wolves or any enemies, and the dark swallowed the forest. Bran pulled you close to him and you felt his breath fan on your cheek.

“Are you awake? Bran whispered. You turned to him and smiled.

“Yes,” you whispered.

Moments passed, and he said something again. “I love you.”

You giggled and reached to kiss him on his jaw. “I love you too.” You and Bran were together since both of you admitted to liking each other, weeks before, but it’s just you and him who knows. He always stayed beside you since then.

He kissed you softly on your brow and his lips traveled to cheeks and lips. You brushed your hand on his face. “What are you doing?”

He smiled, kissing you once more. “Nothing.” His hand slid from your waist to your face. He smiled and kissed you on the cheek again. Slowly, you felt his hand up your shirt and touched your skin. His hand traveled from your chest making slow and soft touches down. He propped himself by the elbow to block away what he was doing from everybody. You looked at him, as you bit your lip when he reached your pants to unlace them.

“Bran,” you said lowly.

“Hush,” he said. He continued to pepper your face with kisses and you felt his fingers went inside you and you gasped.

He continued to pump his fingers into you, and you filled the forest with your muffled moans as Bran placed a hand on your mouth. His lips found your neck as you arched your back in pleasure. “Bran…”

He pumped into you harder and faster until you moaned louder and louder reaching your climax. You gasped in surprise when you felt his fingers slipped out of you when you were close. You closed your eyes and asked for Bran. He removed his hand and placed it on your chest.

“Please,” you asked. And again, you felt him enter you slow and he moved to pump you faster, your moans echoing the forest. Once you finished, he kissed you again and pulled you closer, fixing your laces. He pulled you closer to him and placed a soft kiss on your cheek.

In the morning you were all over Bran, his arm around you. He was still sleeping, so you didn’t move. Jojen and Meera are up Meera went in the forest to hunt, whilst Jojen placed a small fire again. Hodor was walking and handing Jojen wood.

“Good morning,” Bran said.

You kissed him on the chin. “Hi,” you said. “Let’s get ready.”

Meera came back with a handful of berries and two big rabbits. You saw her cook it over the fire, and once you saw her you smiled, and she waved back. You helped Bran to get ready, fixing his covers and his legs. Jojen saw you struggling and came to help.

“Thanks,” you groaned as you lifted up Bran’s legs. “You sleep well, Jojen?”

He grunted in response. He stayed when both of you finished to help Bran. He has a smirk on his face, and so you smiled. Jojen fixed Bran’s hair, and sighed.

“Is something wrong?” Bran asked, confused with Jojen’s attitude.

“Oh, nothing!” Jojen said with a big smile on his face. “Last night was pretty sad or good. Someone was moaning, you know? I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Something about your night with Bran made you blushed. You held his hand and kissed it. You remembered what Bran did and your moans, and you blushed harder. Jojen saw you and he grinned, patting Bran on the shoulder.

Jojen sneered at both of you, “Try and be more quiet in the future, thanks.”

this was so fun to write!!!!!!! omg!!!!! so i hope u all liked it as much as i did!!!!! 

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Hey, how about the Starks + Throbb + backyard swimming pool headcanons?

You cannot give me a swimming headcanon request and not have Theon teaching the Starks to swim. You just can’t. So:

  • Theon basically teaches them all to swim, or at the very least, critics and helps them become better swimmers. Swimming is his element after all and he knows his shit.
  • The pool is in the Stark’s backyard so Robb and Jon grew up swimming in it. Theon basically became friends with Robb to have access to that sweet pool (I mean, there are obviously other reasons but when pressed by Asha, that’s the reason he gives because the others are too embarrassing).
  • Theon teaches Robb how to hold his breath longer and to sit at the bottom of the pool. Theon refuses to teach Jon how to do it and Jon learns how to do it himself just to spite Theon. Robb makes them both sit at the end of the pool together as a punishment for being dorks. This happens many more times as the years go on. Nothing changes with age.
  • When Sansa is old enough to start learning to swim by herself, she begs Robb and Theon to teach her. Robb forces Theon who is ‘too cool’ to do it (but secretly loves it). Sansa may or may not have had a tiny crush on Theon during this time and was a blushing mess whenever he was around helping her. Robb teased him ruthlessly for it.
  •  Arya wants Jon to teach her to swim and that is like a punch to Theon’s ego as the Swimming King (no one calls him that and he is still sour about it). In the end, Theon teaches Arya some sick dives which nearly give Cat a heart attack when Arya does them for the first time without warning.
  • Bran is apprehensive about swimming with Theon. He isn’t sure he likes Theon all that much but he does recognize that Theon is the best swimmer out of all of them. They compromise by having Robb there and teaching. BRAN LOVES TO SWIM (moreonthatlater).
  • Rickon takes to swimming extremely quickly. He’s really good at it but he also likes hanging out with the big kids that he pretends not to be great at it so Theon, Robb, and Jon will hang out with him. They see through this but don’t call him out on it.

Now for the rest of the pool headcanons <3:

  • Sansa refuses to get her hair wet which leads to Arya constantly looking for unique ways to splash her. This always ends up in an all-out war. This literally happens every time they are in the pool together.
  • Theon constantly dunks Jon. He’ll swim up behind him and just push him under (andsometimesholdhimunderforafewseconds).
  • Jon always gets his revenge and usually with Arya and Rickon’s help.
  • ROBB AND THEON GO SKINNY DIPPING. The only rule is Jon is never allowed to come along and this is probably the one occasion Robb respects this rule. The more times they do it, the more heated they get. Let your imaginations run wild, kiddos and throbb shippers.
  • While we’re on throbb stuff, I’d just like to throw in underwater kisses :)
  • After Bran’s accident and he is paralyzed, he can’t really swim anymore and he is devastated. He doesn’t even want to hang out on the patio while his siblings swim and no one is really sure what to do. Ned and Cat look into water wheelchairs/specialized floats but Bran hates the idea of them.
  • However, one day Robb tells Bran to put his swim trunks on and he takes him out to the pool without anyone else knowing. Theon is there and, basically, they have Bran wrap his arms around Theon’s neck and Theon swims for him. If he needs to come up for air, Bran pulls his hair but Bran has always been really good at holding his breath. It isn’t the same as being able to swim for himself but he likes the control of being able to guide Theon around. This is the most he has ever liked him.
  • Eventually, Ned and Cat find out and are horrified and yell at Theon for hours on end until they come around to the idea but only if they are present. The role of the swimmer is then allowed to be passed on to Robb and Jon (and later Jojen or Meera). Summer also lets Bran hang on to him while he paddles around but Summer can’t dive underwater which Bran loves doing.
  • Ned and Cat had a major rule about no dogs in the pool. This doesn’t stop Rickon from teaching all the dogs how to swim and eventually, Ned and Cat give up enforcing the rule.
  • Sansa is the queen of the water floats. She will literally spend hours on one of them with a magazine or book just drifting around. Her siblings respect this because they know how evil she can get if she gets wet when she doesn’t want to. This results in them casually pushing her around while they swim. It works out well for everyone.
  • Arya was really apprehensive about girl swimsuits for the longest time that she just wore Bran’s. As she got older, Bran stopped letting her use them “It’s weird, Arya,” and she settles for an athletic swimsuit that’s straight forward and has zero frills. She eventually comes to stealing Gendry/Hot Pie/Lommy’s swim trucks and wears them over her swimsuit.

Speaking of Chicken:

  • Theon and Robb almost always team up but are absolutely terrible at it. They never win because they are self-sabotaging all the time. If Theon is on Robb’s shoulders, Robb purposefully knocks them over. If Robb is on Theon’s shoulders, Theon tickles behind his knee caps until Robb doubles over and they fall over. Still, they always choose each other.
  • The only pair they are set about beating and take seriously is if Sansa and Rickon team up. You wouldn’t expect it but they play dirty. Usually, Rickon is on Sansa’s shoulders and Rickon will come at everyone with everything he has. Sansa plays dirty, kicking and yanking down swim trunks. DON’T TRUST THEIR SWEET SMILES.
  • Arya and Jon are also really good at chicken so they aren’t allowed to pair up often.
  • HOWEVER- the most anticipated tournament is between Arya/Sansa and Bran/Jon. It is brutal.
  • Rickon and Robb are formidable because Robb is super sturdy and Rickon is savage but they always lose to the rather impressive and how-is-this-even-working pair of Theon and Jon. They’ve only teamed up a handful of times and they always win. No one knows how that raw hatred they share turns into a killing machine, but it does.
  • Sansa and Robb are easily the worst at chicken when matched up in the same way Rickon and Jon are matched up. Sansa and Rickon are forces not to be messed with and Robb and Jon had a hard time controlling them. If the pairings are swapped, for whatever reason, they do much better.
  • Arya and Bran are also a very scary combination but they often don’t do it because Arya is so smol that they have to go to the shallowest part of the pool and they worry about Bran getting hurt. Circumstance isn’t they friend in this battle.
  • AND ONCE, ONLY ONCE, Ned and Cat. They never talk about the day they put all their children to shame and showed everyone was real champions look like.
My House (Jojen Reed Imagine)

Imagine: JojenxReader

Requested: Yessss❤️

Plot: Jojen gets jealous, with fluff and stuff.

You were traveling with Bran, Hodor and the Reeds, making your way towards the North, to the Wall, to find the Three-Eyed Raven. You were the Lady of one of the many vassal houses of House Stark, seeing as both your parents were dead, and you were their only heir. But all the people in the town you reigned over loved you, and respected you, since your rule was fair and you were kind to them. But, when you left to help Bran find the Three-Eyed Raven, you had to leave the Grand Maester in charge, which didn’t seem to be a problem with your people. And after that, you set off with Jojen and Meera to go find Bran, which you did eventually. Over time, you and Jojen became very close, and eventually realized that you both loved each other very much. So, you two made a promise that when all this was over, you would be married to one another.

You were helping Jojen keep up with the group, since he was becoming weaker and weaker with each passing day. “We can take a break, if you need to relax, alright? Don’t be afraid to ask for a break,” you kept repeating, but Jojen was almost as stubborn as you were, “We’ll rest when night falls, but not before then.” You sighed frustratedly, before wrapping your arm around his torso, helping him to stay standing, before slowly continuing to walk. Eventually, the group stopped for the night, and suddenly, Bran caught your attention; he was struggling to reach something that was too far away, and given his paralyzing fall, he couldn’t exactly get up and go get it.

“Hey Bran, you need some help?” You called out to him, getting up from your rather comfortable spot next to Jojen. Bran grinned, and just smiled, “If you could, you’d be an angel.” You felt your face flush red, and you smiled timidly in return, before reaching for whatever it was he needed, before handing it to him, only to see him smiling at you warmly. You felt your face becoming hot, and your palms became sweaty, but suddenly, you felt somebody grab your hand, making you jump. You spun around, only to see a not-so-pleased Jojen. “Jojen, you alright, love?” You inquired, obviously confused as to why he was acting like that. You saw him hard stare shift slightly to something behind you. Or, more precisely, SOMEONE. That’s when you realized what it was.

Jojen Reed, the calmest and nicest man you’ve ever known, was JEALOUS. You turned back to him and grinned, “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” You saw Jojen’s face turning darker and darker red, and his eyes, his beautiful, deep brown eyes, seemed dull, almost pained. You felt a strike of guilt go through your heart at the sight of your beloved in pain, and you immediately leaned forwards, pressing your lips to his softly, and you felt him kiss back urgently, your fingers intertwining. “Remember our promise? After all this is over….” You trailed off, studying Jojen’s face, as he smiled lightly down at you, “You’ll be the lady of my House. You’ll be MY lady.” You grinned back at him, “Lady (Y/N) Reed. I love the way that sounds. I love you Jojen.” He pulled your chin up, before planting his lips on yours once more, “I love you, (Y/N) Reed.”

dont--stopnow  asked:

Hey, very important question though: do you think jon and sansa are a real possibility for the serie? Like for reals?! Or are they only ever gonna be in our hearts? Lol

As long as R + L = J (which I’m 95% certain of with the 5% being that I’m extremely paranoid), I think Jon and Sansa have a 60-75% chance of entering in a relationship with each other. I’ve read a 6k word essay explaining why Jon/Sansa is possible so check it out for more details (which are mostly book oriented), but I’ll enumerate some reasons why I think Jon/Sansa is possible:

1. R + L = J - With this theory as a probability in GoT, this would make Jon and Sansa cousins rather than half-brother and sister. Cousins are in fact allowed to marry in the world of Westeros. With Cersei and Jaime as the perverse sibling-lovers that everyone scorns, Sansa/Jon would be a more acceptable ‘romance’ to Westeros if they really were to get together, especially if Jon turns out to be a Targaryen, as Targaryens are known to marry/desire their own kin. They might not expect it from Jon as a Snow/Stark to marry his ex-half-sister, but as a Targaryen it becomes completely understandable and even a step-up because they’re really ‘just’ cousins.

2. Stark Reunion - I think it’s important to keep in mind that the reason why Jon and Sansa were the first Starks to begin with is because in both the books and tv series, the readers/viewers literally see no scene of the two interacting (except in the books, where Jon recalls that Sansa once advised him to compliment a woman’s name). Because it is known that they had a very estranged relationship prior to leaving Winterfell and a non-existent one on-screen, their reunion comes off as a meeting between 2 strangers (albeit more emotionally charged because they are seemingly family and running for their lives because Westeros is a shitty world). This meeting of strangers then gives a lot of room for growth in Jon and Sansa’s relationship (whether as eventual lovers or not). In Jon and Sansa’s eyes, all they really have is each other right now, so they will grapple to remain by each other’s side as they try to reclaim Winterfell. 

3. Howland Reed - As it is known, Meera and Jojen Reed’s father was revealed to be with Ned Stark in the Tower of Joy. It can be assumed that as Howland is still alive, he may join Jon and Sansa in their rally to reclaim Winterfell. With Howland as a potential companion to the two, he poses as a potential source to Jon finding out his true parentage (since Jon’s body wasn’t burned in the pyre before he came back to life, I imagine that he won’t find out he’s a Targaryen if he walks through fire).

4. The North and South - With the North and South at conflict with one another, it would make sense that when Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen and when Sansa reclaims Winterfell, they would be made to marry one another so as to assure the North’s allegiance to the Iron Throne. This union would only be agreeable in the eyes of Westeros if 1. Jon rules the Iron Throne or 2. Daenarys rules the Iron Throne. For a marriage to Jon or Sansa to be acceptable in the eyes of the readers it would have to be personal, political, and important in their eyes. A marriage between Jon/Sansa would be able to attain all 3 requirements because 1. Jon and Sansa actually know each other and were once family (putting in another character for either of them to suddenly marry will just be a dull repetition of Sansa/Tyrion or Sansa/Ramsay) 2. Sansa is politically valuable because of her claim to the North and Jon respectively because of his Targaryen heritage and 3. Both characters are important storyline-wise. Some may say that a Dany/Jon marriage would be able to fulfil it if Jon really is a Targaryen, but then it actually wouldn’t politically secure the allegiance of the North to the Iron Throne because Jon doesn’t have claim over the North, also because they are quite literally strangers as of now.

5. Ned and Catelyn 2.0 - This is more heavily expounded on in the books as far as I know. But I think it’s interesting how Jon is supposed to be as Stark in appearance as much as Sansa is Tully. Their parallels with Ned and Catelyn leave a lot of room for speculation as to whether or not this will be significant to the development of Jon and Sansa’s relationship. It’s seen that Jon and Sansa don’t want to be involved with the Iron Throne in the same way that Ned and Catelyn didn’t, all they want is peace and to be back home in Winterfell. There literally isn’t anyone else in GoT who shares the same sentiments as them as of now, Dany and Tyrion are busy trying to maintain Meeren and then conquer Westeros, and Arya wants to kill everyone on her list. It’s because of their shared sentiments that makes Jon/Sansa also compatible, they both want the same things in their future: home and happiness.

Bonus: Tyrion-Arya-Jon love triangle - when GRRM was drafting asoiaf, he had initially intended for Arya to be caught in a love triangle with Tyrion and Jon. He ended up scrapping the idea when he wrote the books. Funny thing is, Sansa was actually married to Tyrion (though obviously not out of love). Right now, Sansa is with Jon and they’re working together to save Rickon and Winterfell. Coincidence? I THINK NOT MWAHAHA (sorry my fan-girl feels have been on high since season 6 started airing). The hopeful part of me also sees that Sansa has actually never been involved with a man like those in the songs she used to sing, wouldn’t it be bittersweet if she somehow ended up with Jon (a man who has become the near embodiment of the Knights in her songs)?

In the end, I don’t actually think that Jon/Sansa would come to be because they fell in love with each other. I believe it would begin with a marriage out of convenience/political demand, which would eventually evolve into love in the same way that Catelyn and Ned’s marriage did. I think Jon/Sansa shippers support the two together because they are the most earnest in their desire for a peaceful life; they’ve suffered through so much and therefore you want them to be happy together because you see that perhaps they can help fulfil each other’s dreams of a good life. All of this is assuming that Sansa doesn’t die first. Jon has already died, which for me prevents him from being killed off because then it would be a been-there-done-that experience for fans of GoT. At the same time, I’m like doing the sign of the cross a hundred times hoping Sansa won’t get killed either (if they manage to get together before she gets killed, it would just be a repeat of Ygritte: painful, but been-there-done-that). 

I think Jon/Sansa has A LOT of potential, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because D&D or GRRM might just chop off my hand, feed it to the hounds, and then carve out my heart and throw it into a furnace. Let’s just enjoy whatever Jon/Sansa trash D&D gives us while it lasts; if it lasts till the end of GoT then GREAT. If it doesn’t, there’s always fan fiction to relieve our everlasting bitterness.

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Team Totally-Not-Dating-Your-Fam aka Margaery (sansa), Theon (robb), Gendry (arya), Meera & Jojen (bran) + meeting the rest of the Starks (you know, if they was all alive and shit)

Mmm oh my god, yes yes yes, also totally inserting Ygritte into this, no regrets: 

  • Theon already knows the Stark crew, but now he’s different - he and Sansa are already on great terms, but the other Starklings are unfortunately not at that point, so when Theon first sees them all again, Robb and Sansa have to create the Theon Greyjoy Defense Squad and make sure their siblings don’t kill him. 
    • Jon begrudgingly accepts him, as does Arya, but it’s still super awkward with Bran. Rickon is still a bit wary, but he’s had to deal with Ramsay, so he figures Theon has suffered enough and decides to forgive him. 
    • Despite the rocky start, the siblings can all pretty clearly see that Theon’s not the same person who attacked Winterfell, and it’s not exactly a quick or particularly easy process, but at some point they all accept him. 
      • It’s hardest with Bran, but one day he’s watching through the trees and he sees Theon with Ramsay, and he watches as past-Theon gets hurt. He wasn’t exactly best friends with Theon after that, but he did tell Theon that while he didn’t think he could get over what Theon did to Winterfell, he no longer hated him. Theon was happy - it was more than he thought he deserved. 
  • Margaery is a bit of an enigma to them. Jon can’t figure out if he likes her or not tbh - she seems nice enough, but there’s a sharpness to her, and Jon sometimes worries that they can’t trust her (at first - after a while, he realized that Margaery may have a sharpness, but she’s also adamant about protecting Sansa, and by extension, her family). Oddly enough, Margaery’s sharpness is exactly why Arya thinks she’s amazing. She practically sings Margaery’s praises, and Margaery likes to give Arya riddles that Arya figures out later in the day (Sansa is pleasantly surprised that they get along so well). 
    • Robb likes Margaery. She’s sweet and smart, and when he hears that she was a friend and supported Sansa in KL, he decides that she’s good. 
    • Bran just thinks that Margaery is better than all of Sansa’s past crushes. 
    • Margaery gives Rickon a bunch of sweets and always kisses his cheek, so she pretty much immediately won him over. 
  • Siblings who think Jojen’s dating Bran: Robb, Sansa. 
  • Siblings who think Meera’s dating Bran: Rickon, Arya. 
  • Sibling who says, “well if they say they’re not dating him, they’re probably not”: Jon (Bonus: Ygritte thinks Bran’s dating both of them.)
  • Jojen is kind of intense, but the siblings like him. He gets on well with Jon, and by “gets on well”, I mean they sit together in silence and don’t speak a word to each other. Jon is probably one of Jojen’s closest friends.  
    • He’s calm and quiet, and he’s a good listener, so Sansa enjoys speaking with him. When he gives her happy words of wisdom, she always wonders if it’s because he sees it or because he wants to make her happy. 
    • Arya finds him interesting. She asks him a ton of questions about his dreams, what they mean, how he knows which will happen and which won’t, etc. He’s very patient and answers them all well. 
  • Meera gets along really well with Arya and Sansa. The girls appreciate everything she’s done for Bran, and they’re one of the more logical thinkers of the group
    • Meera and Arya have also gone hunting for food - along with Ygritte. These three are an amazing Girl Hunting Group. 
    • Rickon’s met them both before, but that doesn’t stop him from being completely awed by Meera. 
  • Ygritte totally gets along with Arya. They think the other is completely awesome, and nothing will convince me otherwise. They’ve totally traded fighting tips with one another. 
    • Ygritte really loves Sansa’s hair, and while they’re different, Sansa always laughs when Ygritte sasses Jon, so they became friends pretty quickly. 
      • Sansa also totally had a day when she and Ygritte did the other’s hair. 
    • Robb, on the other hand, has a weird frenemy relationship with Ygritte. These two are the kind who would try to walk through a doorway at the same time and push each other while they’re doing it. They’ll defend each other in battle, but they bicker constantly. 
    • Ygritte is awed by Bran - she thinks he’s the strongest person she knows, because there’s never been a warg she’s met who could warg into a human. Bran appreciates that someone is so impressed with him. 
    • Rickon loves Ygritte, and she adores him back, though she doesn’t admit it. She’ll always be punching his shoulder or standing by him if Jon’s not there, and she told him that he was the closest to a wildling out of all his siblings. 
  • Gendry’s start with the siblings is all right. He and Jon are probably the most similar, but they’re not exactly best friends right away. 
    • Bran is cool with Gendry. If this was a modern AU, these two would totally be the friends who sit around playing video games all day. Bran thinks Gendry is a great conversationalist, and the two enjoy talking from time to time. 
    • Robb and Jon are super Big Brother Stereotypes when it comes to Gendry, and finally Arya gets annoyed and tells them off because honestly, if Gendry did anything bad, it’d be Arya kicking his ass, not Robb and Jon. The two agreed, and loosened up. 
      • Once they did is when Jon and Gendry started becoming friends. “You know, I haven’t admitted this to anyone, but my father was a king.” “Really? I learned mine was as well.” “All his descendants were killed but for me, because they didn’t realize my identity until later.” “Holy shit man, are we twins? Because fucking same.” 100% actual dialogue. 
    • Sansa appreciates looking out and seeing Gendry when he’s training out in the open. Actually, it’s not even Sansa. It’s all the Starks. Actually, not just the Starks. If Gendry’s training, every damn person in the vicinity will stop and stare for a moment before going on their way.