no one looks this pretty while crying

Today has been a hard day.

This morning we all got the news that Carrie Fisher passed away, and it seemed like a little bit of the light had gone out of everything. I admit, I cried for a while before I could pull myself together long enough to function.

Then I wiped my face, put on the makeup I rarely wear, foundation and eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, I did everything. I put on my favorite clothes and my best perfume, and my most comfortable shoes, and I went to work. Carrie, I felt, would have appreciated it. I put it on with the intention of forcing myself to not cry while I was at work, but it felt a little bit like celebrating her life.

I did it because, like a lot of little girls who were into Star Wars and other ‘nerdy boy’ things, she was my hero. She was the space princess I looked up to as a little girl, the one who taught me I could be badass and pretty, and still wear a dress, and the one who taught me that just because you need help doesn’t make you weak. She taught me that I could be a leader, and kind, and strong, and independent, all at the same time.

She carried that over from her character. Her advocacy and tenacity for everything she stood for helped so many people who needed it, me least of all, and her humor and intelligence was something to aspire to.

She was a phenomenal person, and a personal hero.

So when I put on my makeup and my perfume and clothes, I wasn’t thinking of mourning her. I was thinking of celebrating her, and what she would have wanted. I tried to be kinder today, to laugh louder, and enjoy what I have. I wanted her to be proud of the legacy that she left with me. Maybe she wouldn’t have chosen what I did, maybe she would have forgone the makeup, maybe this, maybe that, but she was part of who shaped me into a confident woman, and I hope I made her proud.

So tonight I’m having a drink. Just one. I don’t need to numb anything or get drunk to handle the news. But this is my toast to Carrie. For everything she was to me. I hope she knew that she was loved, and that she was an inspiration. I hope she knew that she made us all laugh, and she made us better. Whatever turns her life took, she inspired me as a little girl with her hair in buns, and she inspired me now, with everything she stood for and everything she went through to be standing where she was.

I’ll miss you, Carrie. Rest in peace.

Shinee Drunk on New Years Eve

Minho: Most likely trying not to fall asleep, while he convinces Taemin to “hug him into the new year”

Taemin: He was shirtless as soon as he had his first glass of champagne, and Jonghyun keeps giving him drinks, hoping he’ll end up naked before midnight

Jinki: hoarding the snacks, and laughing at pretty much everything and anything.

Jonghyun: constantly crying or laughing as he tells his members how much he enjoyed the previous year, and is looking forward to next years promotions. He also confessed to each one of them at separate times.

Kibum: dancing around, regardless of the lack of music. When it’s finally the new year, he attempts to kiss all of the members before the fireworks finish.

seventeen as trashy roommates (sort of)

s.coups: unironically puts minion inspirational quote magnets on fridge. ikea instruction booklets straight into trash when they first moved in. star pyjamas with matching bed sheets. judge judy 24/7. world record dishwasher unloading (88.98 sec). “don’t forget to floss kids!”.

jeonghan: demands joshua to blow dry his hair. needs to lie down for eternity. fluffy toilet seat covers. wants to feed everyone but met with rejection. his hair ties are scattered in every corner of the apartment. manages to look pretty while running the whole household at the same time.  

joshua: buys dishwashing detergent that smells like roses and other flowery goodness. tea and talk with elderly lady elizabeth downstairs. secretly crying somewhere because some emotional anime plot twist. a diligent member of the local bible study group.

jun: hums classic cantonese songs as he prepares waffles for breakfast. taps up successful selfies around the house. the one that takes out spiders, cockroaches and other critters. shameless bathroom hog. caught flirting with one of wonwoo’s potted plants.

hoshi: once attempted to take dino out with the trash but was stopped by joshua. living room instantly becomes a dance studio once he walks in. lives on instant noodle and soda. attempted suicide by stealing woozi’s chicken. yodels obnoxiously whenever it’s 10:10.

wonwoo: isn’t home a lot (might actually have a life unlike the other l0sers??). HOUSE PLANTS EVERYWHERE. unsettlingly good at mario kart?? (always pick toad) tutors biology and math; have students over. if you listen carefully you can hear ugly man sobs from his bedroom every march 22nd.

woozi: bought seven (7) instant coffee makers at black friday sale. an alarming amount of stuff animals. never comes out of bedroom and is constantly threatening to move out. headphones permanently attached to ears. haven’t slept in 34823 years and will fight.

DK: owns a million humidifiers that litters the apartment, trips everyone up and forces swears out of everyone. sleep talks. dropped a bouncy ball off the balcony that was never found again. secretly mixes jeonghan’s expensive obscure shampoo together to create hell soup.

mingyu: used wonwoo’s toothbrush by accident once. in charge of changing the lightbulbs. unhealthy obsession with the new hoover vacuum cleaner (intense nyoommmm). offered woozi piggy back ride which resulted in nearly being slaughtered with a guitar.

the8: animal crossing god. knowledge on the best chinese take-out places. cleaning because nobody would smh. often helps dino with his school work. dabs to the sound of mingyu hitting his head on the door frame.

seungkwan: karaoke showers with many requests for SHINee. calls mommy boo when cooking crises occur. brought home a stray cat and begged for it to stay (it did). sudden midnight heart to hearts. always first one to cry in toy story 3 on movie nights. reported for 1am tear-jerking rendition of call me maybe ft. seokmin.

vernon: puts red socks with white shirts. “pink really suits you seungcheol hyung~”. occasionally climbs into seungkwan’s bed for snuggles. life-size nicki minaj poster in the pantry (unconfirmed). the subtle rustle of chip bags at 3am. unsuccessfully sells his mixtape to apartment manager.

dino: fights over the scottie dog in monopoly with vernon. refuses to sleep with jeonghan. always hyped for pillow forts!! rice bubbles everyday. growing michael jackson shrine. sunday nights are reserved for cool math games dot com.

aires: nice hair, trying their best and failing, but looking cute while they do it

leonardo: v v v pretty, they have really nice eyes which probably change colour??

spagettius: hot damn good job with the genes, keep on doing your thing

taurus: not?? actually like a bull? cute face??

virgo: pretty and they know it, if they don’t know it, they deserve 5 hugs

caprisuncorn: deserves better, they’re screaming internally 24/7

the twins one??: date me?? your personality is A*+

libra: protect at all costs. love them and respect them. make them cry and i cOME FOR YOU


cancer: too smooth for their own good

scorpio: kinda evil, kinda makes me want to make them tea

jigsaw pisces: I CRY. STOP TH E CUTE…?????


a/n: Each section goes oldest to newest in their respective category. Hopefully this makes it easier to navigate through my writing! Also, I’m well aware that some of these might not be the best. Maybe one day I’ll go back and edit them. Nonetheless, enjoy! xx

Nathan Adrian

One Shots

Backyard Races

Missing Spices

Late Night Training Sessions


endless scroll

Your Nathan Blurbs/Writing



New Beginnings  /  2

One Shots

One Day

Blueberry Pancakes


You’re my Rain

Scrappy Hood

Back in my World, Where you Belong

Inhale You

You are the One

I’m in Love this Christmas

I’m Cold. Come Closer

Midnight Drive

Micky Ears

Burnt Macaroni

Lasagna Massacre

For your eyes only.

Man of few words



Little Spoon Denial


086: “I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes.”

075: “Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy?”

100: “Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed.”

047: “My ex just invited me to their wedding and i need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them.”

039: “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”

Y/N gets sick and Calum takes care of her.

047: Part two.

01: “You’re really soft.” 030: “Can i kiss you?”

006: “I will always be there to protect you.” 036: “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so i’ll protect you.”

072: “Do you think it’s possible that I…might be…pregnant?”

Calum gets jealous.

006: “I will always be there to protect you.”

007: “I’m cold. Come closer.” 027: “I’ll share the blankets with you.”

Calum helps y/n fall asleep.

016: “I could never leave you, i love you too much!”

002: “You smell nice.”

077: “Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy.”

Best friend Calum becomes boyfriend.

Roommate Calum.

005: “I don’t wanna get up- you’re comfy.”

Calum and y/n are strangers.

026: “People are jerks, but not you.”

First Valentine’s day with Calum.

High school student Calum.

18: “You’re my favorite muse.”

48:” My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on.”

11: “I know I’m not enough.”



Tour Life with Luke

Magnolia Avenue  /  2


Pre-show nap

Damn Lasagna

You’re my person


046: “I caught the bouquet.”



036: “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you.”

9: “It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you.”



079: “The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night.”

Scream - Isaac Lahey x Reader

Requested: Hi! A imagine/one-shot which reader is a banshee, but she discovered recently and don’t know how to control. When she is alone, she begins to hear voices in his head and try not to scream. Isaac Lahey appears while she is crying with his hands in the ear to ignore the strange things having heard. Isaac tries to help her, saying pretty things about her and confessing feelings he didn’t know existed for her. But how this not work, he kisses her. Thank you so much! Kisses.

HI I hope this is what you were looking for. I was having a hard time because I’m re-watching 3B and it gives me such anxiety but I love it so much and when Isaac gets hurt it kills me, so I think I needed this fluff to get over that lol.

You were shoving your books in your locker at the end of the school day when the voices kicked in again. You’d gotten used to tuning them out, but they were always there. The moment you let your guard down, they took over your head full force. They were mostly whispers and you weren’t sure what they were saying, but it made it really hard to think with all the noise in your head. When they’d first started it had been scary and your parents had been worried and tried to check you into Eichen House. You’d had to work really hard at appearing normal, to convince them you were fine, even though you weren’t. It had taken weeks, and many late nights doing research, but you’d figured out what was happening. You were a banshee. You didn’t know exactly what it meant, or how to control it, but you were trying to figure it all out. However, it was moments like this where your frustration hit it’s peak. Slamming your locker shut, you sighed and leaned against it, sliding to the floor and covering your ears with your hands. You glanced down the hallway, glad to see it was empty and there was no one around to see your breakdown. You slid your eyes shut as tears began to track down your cheeks, praying that your head would just be quiet. You were so involved with trying to calm yourself you didn’t hear the footsteps coming towards you. You jumped when someone placed their hand on your shoulder.

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face tag thing?? idk how to title it lmao

i got tagged by elisa @muse-stole-my-ass (its not letting me tag u elisa im crying) (ur very pretty too im jealous) to post pictures of myself. i have a face tag too so if anyone wants to see that its here

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idk who to tag so here, you guys can just look at my face and do the tag if you want idk

so yes this blog’s default verse is modern but it’s important to me that y’all know that there is still magic / weird sh*t in gendry’s life.   he still has a crazy religious coot for a boss who tells people that he resurrected gendry’s /other/ boss through prayer all of the six times that he’s been killed   ( in the military once,   and four times while playing the hero in random mundane scenarios,   and once in a targeted attack )   and   your character obv doesn’t have to believe it   ( gendry’s not sure he does )   but beric is there and he   /does/   have a half-collapsed skull and one eye and pretty difficult to look at scars all over his body and he does say weird sh*t and thoros is still in the parking lot with a trash can fire drunk and crying about sunsets.   and,   if the verse is relevant,   after beric’s final death,   there may or may not be a secret leader of the ‘gang’ that no one ever really talks about above a whisper that your character will never see or get a straight answer on but you’ll know   :   something’s up and it’s sinister.   after the shift in leadership everything gets a lot more dangerous,   a lot more volatile,   a lot more violent.

Demon!Luke with leather jackets and his lip ring while walking down the dark streets minding his own business and looking for a soul to consume because it had been a month since he last took one so once he bumps into you he had planned not wasting any more time and just taking your soul right then and there but he had bumped into you right after you had broken up with your boyfriend and he would be slightly sad that such a pretty girl like you was crying her eyes out. He would invite you over for a late night coffee and he would wipe away your tears and offer to take you back home and when he’s on his way he pushes you against a wall to take your soul because he’s hungry but he can’t eat human food so when he’s about to kiss you to suck it out of you he realizes he can’t for some odd reason because once he would lean in some sort pf feeling would back him away and want him to spend more time with you and see you alive for a longer period. When he presses his kiss against yours and kisses you deeply ready to ignore his idiotic feelings and tight chest and messed up stomach he realizes he can’t suck your soul because no matter how hard he tries, it hurts his chest to do so and what he was experiencing there was a feeling he had never felt before.

Beastly and Daring

I will now address my thoughts and feelings towards a theory that is floating around the EAH fandom. The one that says Daring is destined to become the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. In brief, I’m all for it it. Here are the details:

  1. First and foremost, there’s the idea of Daring turning beastly on the outside. While Daring definitely is more than a pretty face and charming smile, he places a lot of value on his good looks of his own volition. How would he cope with losing them, or could he even manage that? Personally, I imagine him going into shock. No crying or raging, just…shutting down.
  2. In Dexter’s diary, it is implied that King and Queen Charming hope that their younger, less spelltacular son will be the Beast. It would be so wonderfully ironic if the favourite child could no longer meet the expectations that seemed impossible to miss.
  3. Many, if not all of you, know that the Beast was a prince who was cursed for being selfish and superficial in the Disney adaption. However, in the lesser known prequel by the fairy tale’s author, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the Prince is cursed by his fairy godmother when he refuses her advances. Now, how likely is it for Daring to leave a woman scorned? Fairy or Hextremely?
  4. For the Darise shipper in me, there’s something sweet about Cerise helping Daring come to terms with what fate shoved at him. Cerise knows what it’s like to have something wild and inhuman on the inside and out, and, unlike the fabled Beast, she isn’t even supposed to exist. The half-Badwolf girl would understand Daring’s plight, and convince him that he may not be Daring the Prince Charming, but he’ll always be Daring Charming.
  5. Daring does not give his destiny any actual thought. As far as the prince is concerned, he’s set for life and that’s all there is to it. But who is Daring Charming if he’s not destined to be the hero? As the Beast, he doesn’t even save the damsel. On the contrary, the damsel will save him via love confession while he dies of a broken heart. If all he placed his faith in was suddenly ripped away from him, that would hopefully get Daring to think critically about following the stories. Although, I’m a Rebel, so I’ll welcome any chance to show a Royal that adhering to the Legacy System is not the perfect solution for everyone.

According to the internet, which we all know is infallible, Halsey wrote “Colors” about Matt Healy, the lead singer from The 1975 whom she definitely-maybe fucked. In fact, according to fans that spend way too much time looking for any piece of evidence that can back that claim up, pretty much every song Halsey sings is somehow about that, like if Taylor Swift hadn’t dated anyone after Joe Jonas.

Maybe they’re right. Or maybe not. Because I’m pretty sure “Colors” is really about tripping on acid.

You needn’t look any further than the lyrics themselves:

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink

That imagery right there is trippy as fuck. And that trip starts to get slightly more nightmarish as the song goes on, which, as anyone who has done acid can attest, is pretty much exactly what happens. One minute it’s all rainbows and pixie dust and sunshine, the next you’re bugging out and rocking in a corner, crying while “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads is playing for what seems like hours and you can’t remember whose house you’re in or where your shoes are or how your friend’s cat learned how to speak and why no one but you is impressed and freaked out by that fact. Or maybe that’s only happened to me.

5 Fluffy Teen Pop Songs (That Are Actually About Drugs)

Story time! I went to Factory of Terror in cosplay as Danny Fenton with a few other friends who were also in cosplay. As we were going through, one of the workers lurches out from behind a partition, looks at me directly, and says “Come here, pretty boy!” I laughed so hard that I almost walked straight into one of the other workers. None of us could stop laughing for the rest of the walkthrough. That was probably the highlight of my night tbh.

I’ve seen some art in the past of a ghoul Cryaotic, so I wanted to try my hand at it. It’s definitely not my idea (I don’t know who came up with it), but I think it’s a pretty sweet one hehe. It’s been a mighty long while since I last drew Cry, too ;^; Thanks a bunch for looking! Likes and reblogs are much appreciated!

One think kpop fans tend to forget is the fact that idols are living breathing humans. They’re not just pretty faces for you to look at. They have feelings and they make mistakes. They cry and they have the right to have bad days once in a while. They’re not here to cater to our needs and to keep smiling 24/7 just to make us happy. They have the right to be angry and a right to be sad, and they should be able to do all the things that a normal person does without being penalized for it. Please remember this when your fave doesn’t come up to your standards.

Ok, so there is something I have noticed regarding anime Mika’s character.
In the previous episode Mika acts not entirely as in the manga chapter and a lot of people claimed it was ooc, but with the release of this week’s episode I think we can notice something new regarding this topic.
It is true that Mika in episode 10 acts not exactly as in the chapter. Mika in the manga is less emotional and breaks down crying only in the end while anime Mika has tears in his eyes for pretty much the whole episode. It seems to me that anime Mika is also shown to be more insecure, more vulnerable.

But look at episode 11, his cold and emotionless vampire face is back. And as we all remeber it was “on” for the whole season with the exception of only one episode.

So here’s what I think. Animators specifically made these changes in the chapter to show how much Mika’s personality changes around Yuu, how he loses his determined and cold facade when he’s with him, and how he is broken to the point where at least before only one person in the world he can’t really hide his pain. Same thing goes for happiness.

What’s important to note is that It’s not out of character for Mika to act differently around Yuu from the rest of the world. Manga Mika is just yet again more closed, more reserved. Just as with his negative emotions, he’s a lot more unwilling to let himself relax and be happy for a few moments.

Look how fast he comes from sweet cinnamon roll face (that we have seen solely becasue of Yuu) back to his humans-are-using-you face. But we know that Mika wasn’t supposed to be like this. Years of emotional abuse and loneliness made him act like this, not his true nature.

I think it’s clear that Mika wasn’t supposed to be this brooding character type. Remember that he was very sweet and charming kid, adorable and always smiling. Yes, on top of that he was also a little shit and many other things but that’s not the point :D (as we’re not talking about all of his character traits). You can argue that Mika wasn’t this open with his emotions even back then, and in this case I want to redirect you to this post  by justasafehaven31 about differences in portrayal of anime and manga versions of the characters. (And even then Mika was absolutely broken, it made sense for him to act like he did, or to put it better he could have acted like this in the manga too

In my opinion, animators deliberately emphasized this change in his character to show the difference between Mika’s true emotions {when he’s around Yuu} and his cold demeanor {which we pretty much can call “fake”}. You can say that they tried too hard to the point where you see it as ooc, but not that the change itself doesn’t make sense.

I really hope I will not start wank ^^ Lets politely discuss stuff if you have different opinion :D

Ok but seriously, this kind of struck me like lightning. For one, I was not expecting this (I know Gray doesn’t think Juvia is very sane and he’d give her that exact look) but let’s be clear: Juvia had to kill Gray’s dad…the father of the man she loves. While this looks a bit playful, and who knows what on earth happened when Juvia confessed what she did to Gray, I think it’s pretty straight forward why she is crying. (God knows it’s late and this doesn’t make sense but someone will get it *sigh*)

G/t idea.

Imagine a giant who’s normally pretty tough and never gets bothered by people being afraid or being horrible to them because they’re used to being seen as a monster, after all they are petty intimidating looking!

But one day they sit down alone somewhere and they start to think about all the times people have shown them nothing but coldheartedness and they begin to actually get sad about it for the first time, they start to cry softly an curl up- this huge, burly monster of a giant weeping because people say mean things about them.

While they cry a very small and timid human hears the noise and can’t help but feel sorry for them, so they shakily approach the giant and call up to them, asking them what’s wrong.
The giant explains that they just feel so alone and unloved and that they’ve only ever wanted to help people and make friends!

The human can’t bear to hear such a big and gentle being so sad so they jump forward and grab hold of their trouser leg, climbing up the rather shocked (and very concerned for the humans safety) giant until they reach their chest and try their hardest to hug them.

Of course, their arms can’t even start to go around them but the giant appreciates the gesture from the small human who’s burying their face into their chest and mumbling kind words to them, they gently hug the human back with a small smile.

Maybe not everyone’s so scared of them….