no one looks at these things anyways

Concept art is one of my favorite things ever, pretty much. Especially for animated stuff… for TV, usually.

I’ve been looking at lots of Alex Toth’s model sheets for Space Ghost and they’re so nicely done… but then, y’know… ‘60s animation happened to them.

Well anyway, have some of the model sheets.

Also, holy crap, a sans-costume Space Ghost!

Okay, so a couple of things about this one.  I’m still trying to get a handle on doing women, and with Guinan, it actually looks better in person.  For some reason, whenever I photograph it, her chin looks WAY bigger than it does on paper.  I may have also underestimated the size of her hat…

Anyway - feedback welcome!


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"anyway guys, here's your new camp instructor for this week!" "he's the sAME FUCKIN AGE AS US" (it's a camp for older kids) Courf is the super goofy counselor who has armies of children flanking/tackling him at all times The campers' parents all signed them up for different reasons ("we're sending you to art camp for the summer" "look, this place is a science camp!") and they all arrive thinking it's one thing but really it just becomes like 8 ppl with niche talents making do for the summer

Imagine the shenanigans
Like they’re all basically the same age so it just turns into eight big squads of friends

R’s campers all coo over him while he’s obviously staring at the “Social activities” Councilor
You know damn well R also part times as Ferres assistant councilor and they go star gazing with their squads

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Can you explain the Choi Siwon thing please?

  • disney wants to make a mulan live action movie
  • with an all asian cast
  • *look at the camera like i am in the office*
  • generalization of asian people i live in north america long enough why do i still feel bitter 
  • the kpop side of twitter chip in and discuss about possible actor for li shang
  • a person suggested choi siwon 
  • a fucking homophobe
  • who queerbait his entire fucking career
  • oppapoligists come at me 
  • anyway the tweet got popular 
  • and i am bitter 

btw regarding the movie 

  • disney decided to take out all musical score 
  • decided to eliminate bisexual icon li shang 
  • the first ever queer disney prince 
  • who is a BISEXUAl 
  • and a CHINESE (a poc, an asian)
  • and instead replace with a meninist who “hates mulan completely until she reveal she is a she”
  • i want to die
  • i a gay chinese girl who grew up loving mulan with her entire being 
  • who refuse to go to kindergarten if my mum didnt play the mulan vcr while we were getting ready 
  • i a dylexic chinese who had to dictate the entire 木蘭詞 in secondary school 
  • i a gay chinese girl does not deserve this 
  • disney already made a white people furry boderline beastility live action movie
  • leave my ancestors alone please 

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thank you for this blog. i sucked my thumb until i was 8 but only recently (like an hour ago) realized that i'd be a lot happier if i could chew on things all the time (i'm 24 and have always liked chewing but ONLY JUST put together that i use chewing/sucking as a stim which is why i always boredom eat). anyway i looked through all your reviews and i'm going to buy one of the dulcimer things from stimtastic, it looks like exactly what i need and is decorative enough to pass for just a necklace.

Glad that i could help! I love hearing from my followers to know what chewie they have/are getting/think is cool!

Hope you like your new chewie! 

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I know Jackson is sicker than JYP is letting on but I also wonder if hes just on shake-y ground anyway. I'm not too familiar with how the korea/china issue is effecting other chinese idols but with the ones I know: a girl group with 3 chinese members recently and suddenly disbanded and exo's Yixing has been lying low...honestly I had been wondering how it would effect JS who single handedly carries got7 chinese promotions and I wonder if we are seeing the effects of that now....

ya I heard about the disbanding group too!! I hope it hasn’t really affected Jackson yet n he’s just resting well right now:-(( arm we just need to hope for the best possible scenario

When former fat celebrities lose weight no one says “Omg look at how low her cholesterol looks” “Wow low blood pressure looks great on her” or “She looks so much better without a heart attack” that’s not what people care about. And for one you can’t tell someone’s health by their weight anyway.

But, the main thing people focus on is how they look. “She looks so good now!″ “Wow they look so skinny, they look amazing” “Omg they’re smoking hot now” that’s the only thing I see. Fatphobics don’t care about health, they care about looks. They’re obsessed with seeing how people look when they’re skinny, and that’s it because our superficial society is obsessed with thinness and beauty.

I’ve seen people do it, every time a former fat or a former really fat celebrity loses weight. They only care about how they’ll look once they’re skinny, they don’t care about random people’s health, no one does.

I damn sure don’t concern my life with what the next person does with their body, so people need to stop kidding themselves, when they know they’re just fatphobic.

All of it makes me angry.


I was practicing doing some backgrounds and tried to do color schemes for some of the LGBT+ flags (bi, ace, trans, and lesbian). 

*Do not steal or remove caption*

I’m chasing a ghost
A feeling that’s haunted me for years 
Every time I get close it’s gone

Am I living a lie?
Well, maybe I just expect too much
Maybe it’s time I try for more 

 I will tear my sky
To make it through the night
I will take back my pride
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 

I will move the ground 
I will pull the curtains down 
Wear my fist on my sleeve
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 



“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

Look at what Ally posted on snapchat today!

In a different world, we watch the same stars

there’s almost no art of these two .. together 

@clefabuleuse @7clubs tagging you two because seeing your drawings really made my day


Questionable art night continues ft. ideas from both my coworker and the bae… 8′)

This picture has made the rounds on Tumblr once as a photo of the print during the con weekend. I think it originally came from a post made by salmondestiel, so I am here to post my much clearer jpeg! 

If its hard to see, my sign says “Honey, I shrunk the Baby!” I had already bought the car to have J2 sign, and the idea came to me. One of my friends had a Sorry board so I borrowed it for the op, too!

I didn’t tell Jensen to do anything, so this is what just kinda happened. I will say one thing, I knew I wanted to make an ‘oh crap’ face, but I almost lost it when I looked toward them. I needed to look anyway to see what Jensen was going to do but my friend was making the best ‘oh shit’ face behind the board, and I almost laughed instead. 

This is definitely the most creative I have gotten for a photo op and it will NOT be the last. Adam Malin (one of the Creation organizers) was even standing to the side, and he said it was a great photo idea. Creation approved!