no one likes to talk to kyle on the phone

The Boss’ son

Will hated his boss with a passion. He was a jumped-up know-it-all who sent everyone out to work for rip-off prices and tried every method he could to cut corners. Will had been working for the company since he was 18 and had garnered a reputation for himself as a hard worker and a highly skilled construction man over the last 11 years. He now managed a team of men who both respected and liked him. But one year the company was sold to Terrance, the new boss and things had started to slide very quickly.

One morning, Terrance announced that he would be introducing his 21 year old son into the world of business starting from the very bottom by working with Will and his men for the next few months before moving up to bigger and better things. Terrance had no idea how to sugar coat things.

Kyle was a tall and lanky young guy with a long trendy hairstyle that did not look right with the construction worker clothes he was parading around in. Will hated him instantly. He had a surly look on his face and looked like he’d never be strong enough to do the sort of work the other men had to do on a daily basis. It also made Wills blood boil with anger that his friend Gary had been fired last week to cut costs; clearly just an exercise to make way for Kyle.

Kyle was just as useless as Will had expected. He was lazy, weak and had a superior attitude to everyone else. Will tried to be nice. He was looking around at other companies for work, but he still had a mortgage to pay on his own, so he couldn’t risk upsetting the boss too much.

Will was a strapping guy. He was 6′2 and bigger than any of the other men in his team. He’d been in construction work for 12 years and spent his leisure time in the gym building more muscle. He liked to keep his men well fed to improve morale and he usually found that the guys would grow stronger and more bulky after some time working with him. It all helped to make his team the best performing in the company.

Will was sure to be nice to Kyle, but he didn’t mind when the other guys played pranks on him or called him names like ‘whippet’ to denote his scrawny physique.

Kyle was not keen on hard work. He’d pick the least energy consuming job he could and was awful with any other jobs he was given. In the end, Will settled for a quiet life, giving Kyle the simplest job he could find. Something he couldn’t fuck up. Kyle was clearly just counting down the days until he could move up the company ladder and on to bigger and better things. Maybe the guys who were mean to him were forgetting that Kyle would be their boss one day.

The meaningless jobs grew more and more meaningless. Kyle was useless. Will would often leave him in charge to guard the tools if they were in a bad neighbourhood and enjoyed the time with his other men instead. It made Will angry that he’d lost a competent worker to pay for useless Kyle to be here.

However, Kyle would happily tuck in to all the food with the guys. For a guy who barely did any work, he sure built up an appetite. Will would find himself sending Kyle off to collect food for the guys and see an extra bag of food Kyle had bought for himself. Like Will, a lot of the guys on Will’s team were in to body building and so they ate frequently throughout the day to keep their muscles fed. Kyle seemed to think this was just a regular thing for working men and tucked in to his grub alongside them.

It wasn’t long before the results started to show. Kyle’s ass started to develop some shape and he had the beginnings of a little double chin. His nipples started to show under his t shirt and he filled out his uniform a little better than he had before. Unlike the men who usually worked under Will, none of the extra weight was muscle.

The guys picked up on it straight away. ‘Terrance’s boy is looking a bit fatter isn’t he? one laughed. ‘Ha, yeah, I’m not surprised though, he eats like a fucking pig and doesn’t do any work’, commented another.

‘Guys’, said Will. ‘Just leave him be. He’ll be out of our hair in a few months and he can get as fat as he wants. We’re just keeping Terrance sweet. In fact…’ Will stopped, suddenly allowing his evil streak to shine through, ‘we should just take advantage of it. Nothing will show Terrance what a lazy bastard his son is than having him gain a few lbs’.

The guys laughed and looked across at Kyle who was sat by a bucket cleaning tools across the site. ‘I say, let the guy eat’, smiled Will. ‘What do you say guys?’

Over the next few weeks, Will made sure his men stopped for plenty for food during work time. Kyle greedily ate at every stop. The guys sniggered to each other as they watched Kyle tuck in. They’d leave some of their food or offer it to Kyle, grinning at each other as he accepted every time.

The results were almost instant. Kyle’s ass started to develop some width to it. His stomach looked like it was getting doughy underneath his shirt and his face was softening up well. The guys even conspired to have Kyle change a load of lightbulbs across the site so that they could see his exposed gut as he lifted his arms in the air; sneakily taking pictures with their phones. Not only did Kyle have a soft little belly, but two chunky love handles were starting to bloom as well. The guys were in hysterics talking about it all.

As Kyles work pants started to get tight, Will made an effort to get him new ones. ‘Look at those biceps!’ he said, walking by Kyle one morning. ‘You can tell you’re a construction worker now. You’re really starting to pack on some muscle like me and the boys. I think you’ll need a larger size outfit for these guns. Here’s a medium. Well done man!’

Kyle grinned to himself and smiled like he genuinely thought he was one of the boys. The guys were a bit annoyed at Will when they could no laugh at him struggling to do up his pants after going to the toilet. However, Will was just trying to stop him realising how fat he was getting and going on a diet. He told the guys about what he had said about Kyle’s biceps and advised the guys to do the same. Now that Kyle was seriously chunking up, they had to do all they could to stop him going on a diet.

By the time the six months was up, Kyle had gained at least 40bs of fat. He had a chubby little ass and a belly that was actually starting to round out into a proper gut. The guys had been called in for a full team briefing. Will expected that this was where they would be told that Kyle was getting his promotion. In reality, the future looked much more bleak.

Terrance wanted to take the company in a different direction. Rather than taking on extensive projects, the company would instead focus on smaller scale work and split up into smaller teams. Will would no longer be working with the team he had grown so fond of over the years. He watched as his team was split before his eyes, leaving only him in the middle of the room. Was he about to be fired?

‘And what about me?’ he asked Terrance, hatefully.

Terrance looked at him as if he was the stupidest guy he’d ever met. ‘You’ve got Kyle of course’.

Kyle was taking a sick day, something he liked to do at least once a fortnight. Will clearly failed to hide the frustration in his face.

‘Hey’, bellowed Terrance. ‘I chose you because I know he’ll learn a lot from working with you one-to-one, so don’t give me attitude. I also want you to shape him up a bit. That kid has grown pretty fucking fat working with your boys over there.’

Oh, you think he’s fat do you? thought Will. Ha! He’d show Terrance. Will was going to make sure Kyle was the softest, plumpest construction worker Terrance had ever seen. I’m going to really fatten up the lazy fucker he thought to himself, determined. What Will didn’t expect was the slight boner he had in his pants as he thought about taking control of Kyle’s body so consciously at the front of his mind.

‘Hey buddy!’ he greeted Kyle warmly the next day. ‘It’s you and me. Isn’t that great?’

‘Yeah, I guess so’, said Kyle sounding like he wasn’t bothered.

‘I’m hungry, let’s head for some breakfast.’

‘Yeah, I’m up for that’, said a work-shy Kyle.

Will made sure to eat plenty in front of Kyle and then burned it off taking on the extra work whilst he found the most menial job for Kyle that would stop him burning off the calories. Will also punished himself each night in the gym and found that the extra calories and workouts made him look more pumped than ever. Kyle would always out eat him anyway. It was the one thing he was actually good at. And so it was that Kyle grew steadily softer as Will grew larger and more ripped than he had ever been in his life.

It was around this time that Will started to realise that Kyle was developing a crush on him. He sometimes caught him starting at him when he had his shirt off and would always go red faced and shy when Will asked him about girls. Will didn’t mind and quickly realised that he could use it to his advantage.

‘Damn you’re strong now Kyle. I can’t get over how you lifted that bag of cement like it was nothing. Must be those big strong thighs of yours huh?’ Kyle swallowed it all, thinking he was more hunk than chunk. Will would always comment on his manly appetite and say how good he was at eating, like it was a competition.

Kyles small belly started to roll over his pants. His nipples bloomed into round, juicy moobs and his ass widened further. Will really enjoyed the effect he was having on him and his cock started to swell with pride with the increasing dominance he had over Kyle’s body.

‘What do you want to eat this morning?’ asked Will.

’Nothing, I’m not hungry’, said Kyle in a sulky voice. This was clearly the day Will had been dreading.

’What’s the matter man? That’s not like you.’

‘My dad told me I was turning into a fat ass. Had a huge go at me last night.’

Yes, you are turning in to a fat ass thought Will to himself, feeling the thrill of him having annoyed Terrance by making his son into a fat little porker.

‘You’re dads a dick’, said Will bluntly. ‘He has no idea about construction work’. Will pointed to a guy across the street who was skinny and underfed looking. ‘See that guy over there? That’s what you used to look like when you came to work for us. Does he look like he can carry a bag of cement like you can?’

‘No’, said Kyle, quietly.

‘No way. You need to be big and muscular to do our type of work. Big men, with big appetites, like us. So if you think you’re going to diet and go back to looking like that scrawny little shit over there, you might as well resign now. I’d rather have my partner who can down 5 cheeseburgers, like you did the other day’, nodded Will like he was still genuinely impressed by Kyle masculinity. ‘So what do you say buddy?’

‘Yeah, I guess so. I think you’re right. My dads an ass. He’s never worked in construction in the way we have.’

‘Yeah, that’s more like it’, cheered Will. ‘Fuck him!’

‘Fuck him!’ repeated Kyle.

‘Ata boy’, smiled Will, slapping Kyle’s belly and taking the wheel. ‘So where are we going for breakfast?’

Kyle never mentioned dieting again. Will felt himself getting hard as he imagined Kyle going home each day just a little fatter than the last. His dad forced to watch as his son slowly turned in to a fat pig with absolutely no control over what Will was doing to him.

Will became more flirty with Kyle. He constantly complemented him on his big shoulders, wide chest and thick thighs. Kyle took it all in, not realising that Will was actually complementing him on how damn soft and fat he was growing. He’d take his shirt off at any opportunity he could and took pleasure in Kyle trying to avoid being caught watching him. He also encouraged Kyle to take his shirt off and always chose something to complement him on when he did so: ‘Look at those guns big guy’; or ‘No one’s going to mess with you big man.’

Kyle had a proper belly on him now. It swelled over his pants and provided a shelf for his moobs to sit on. The contrast between Will’s hard body and Kyle’s soft flab made Will so damn horny it was hard to keep his hands from grabbing a roll of Kyle’s fat as he sat next to him each day in the van.

‘See that guy over there’, pointed Will one day whilst they were parked up tucking in to a mountain of fast food. ‘I’m not gay, but I could totally get a man crush on him. What do you think?’

‘Um, yeah’, said Kyle, somewhat caught off guard.

‘He’s got the big arms and shoulders, like you I suppose. But…nah, actually. If I was going to give up fucking girls for a guy, he’d have to be a bit burlier than that. I couldn’t hack being with someone who couldn’t eat like we can. You know what I mean?’

Kyle was stunned into silence.

‘Ha! Relax man, I’m sure even you’ve had a man crush in your time! Its all good’, he laughed as he patted Kyle on his fat thighs and watched as Kyle had to adjust himself to avoid showing a semi he was probably getting at that very moment.

Will played up to Kyles crush more and more over the coming weeks; patting his ass playfully and holding eye contact just that little bit too long. Kyle seemed to respond by showing off just how bulky and manly he was by eating more than ever before.

‘Fuck Will! What have you done to Kyle?’ whispered the guys from Will’s old team as they met up for a staff briefing a couple of months later. ‘He’s fucking huge!’

‘I know’, grinned Will, ‘I’ve turned him into a fucking pig. You should see how much I’ve got him eating in a day now. Poor fatty has to wear XL’, he laughed, feeling his cock stiffening.

The guys were stunned by the transformation, staring at Kyle from across the room.

‘It’s pure lard as well’, said Will, enjoying the opportunity to speak out loud about what he had been doing to Kyle over the last 9 months. ‘There’s a fucking huge gut under that shirt!’

The guys patted him on the back and sat back in their chairs to marvel some more.

Terrance came out and announced that the company’s previous redirection into smaller scale projects was working out less profitable than he had expected. Big surprise there, thought Will. As such he would be reforming the old teams to take on larger work from next week. Will was overjoyed. His old team back!

‘And, I’m pleased to announce that my son Kyle will be moving up the company to work as part of my junior staff. I’m sure we can all congratulate him on his hard work over the last 15 months.’

There was a half-hearted clap from the crowd, but Will suddenly realised that he was actually going to miss Kyle more than he ever thought he would. He was too stunned to clap. After tomorrow, Kyle would no longer be with him every day.

Will made sure their last day was extra fattening. Kyle ate every meal like it was his last and Will felt a deep dread in his stomach that he would never get to enjoy watching the fatty pig out any more.

‘Hey, since you’re getting this promotion, why not come over to mine to celebrate tonight? Have a few beers with me?’

‘Sure!’ spat, Kyle with too much enthusiasm. ‘I’d love to!’

The day was over pretty fast and before Will knew it, Kyle was at his door ready to celebrate his promotion.

Will was already shirtless and wearing tight little shorts so that Kyle could see more of his body than ever before. He took Kyle straight into the back yard where he had a barbecue going. Will had no neighbours so it was a nice private space to be in.

‘Smells great’, said Kyle, his mouth already watering. ‘I didn’t know we were doing food.’

‘Ha, come on, its us, of course were doing food. You don’t get big and bulky like us without enjoying your food right? Take your shirt off man, it’s roasting this evening.’

Kyle obeyed and sat himself in a chair with a cool beer in his hand.

Will watched as Kyle ate and ate. He was sure to wear his sunglasses so that Kyle could not see him checking out his round, spherical gut as he spoke to him the whole evening, growing hornier and hornier.

‘So have you thought about your man crush yet?’ asked Will as the conversation about the best beers started to dry out.

’Ha’, laughed Kyle nervously. ‘I guess, I have’. He was on his fifth beer and feeling more than a little confident. ‘I guess he would have to be a guy like you. You know, muscly and strong looking. Nice face, a bit macho.’

Will pretended to be more drunk than he was and laughed without a care in the world as he said casually, ‘Fuck man, don’t say that, you’re giving me a semi here, look!’ And he spread his legs.

Kyle took the bait. ‘I mean it though’, he pressed. ‘I’d do anything to be with a guy like you.’

Kyle had played his hand too early and all of the power now lay in Will’s hands.

‘Anything huh?’ he said standing up and moving to stand over Kyle, who looked up almost concerned about how Will was going to react. ‘Stand up for me.’

Kyle did as he was told without question, standing there as Will slowly began to circle him.

‘Well, you’ve got a cute ass on you’, whispered Will into Kyle’s ear, grabbing a handful of soft flesh. ‘Take your shorts off so I can see it properly.’

Kyle obeyed, taking off his shorts like it was the most natural thing in the world. Will pulled at the waistband of Kyle’s underwear and peered down at his naked ass, all soft and round.

‘Mmm, yeah that’s one cute ass you’ve been hiding from me.’

He continued to circle Kyle.

‘And I know you have a nice manly appetite, so that’s one thing checked off my man crush list. A nice thick chest’, he continued, stroking Kyle’s fat moob. ‘But, oh dear, what’s this?’ he asked moving his hand down to lightly stroke Kyles fat gut.

‘What’s this?’ repeated Will more loudly as he stared through his sunglasses into Kyles submissive eyes.

‘It’s…it’s my belly’, said Kyle, unsure of the correct answer.

‘Yes, it is’, said Will harshly, grabbing a roll and jiggling it. ‘This…’ he continued. ‘This belly is not quite what I’m after.’

‘You want me to lose weight?’ asked Kyle, red faced.

‘No, I don’t’ said Will, pressing his abs into Kyle as he leaned in closer. ‘If I’m going to stop fucking girls to screw a guy, he’s going to have to have a belly that’s much, much bigger than this.’

He moved back slightly and looked at Kyle square in face. ‘And when I say bigger Kyle, I mean fatter, much, much fatter’. He slid his hand down under Kyle’s belly to grab Kyle’s hard cock, starting to stroke it up and down. Kyle melted instantly.

‘You think you could do that for me Kyle?’

Kyle nodded as he closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure of being touched by Will.

‘You think you could grow a big fat belly for me Kyle?’

‘Yes’, he breathed. ‘I’d do anything for you.’

‘Good. Because…’ said Will, taking Kyle’s hand and placing it a foot in front of his gut, ‘…I want your fat belly to come out to here. You understand that Kyle?’

‘Yes, anything’, breathed Kyle.

Will pushed him harshly back into his chair. Will once again towering over him, he pulled his shorts and underwear down, revealing his hard cock before moving his groin in closer to Kyle’s face for him to suck him off.

‘Open wide, fat boy’, demanded Will, shoving his cock into Kyle’s mouth which he greedily took.

‘Plenty more of this to come when you grow that belly fatter for me Kyle.’

‘Mmm’, moaned Kyle as he tugged himself off with Will’s penis in his mouth.

‘I want to see you eat and swell up and grow…fatter and…fatter and…’.

Will exploded into Kyles mouth, making Kyle do the same.

Will stood there for a short while before pulling away and peering down at Kyle.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ he asked, sternly.

‘Yes, I really did.’

‘Good. And you know what you need to do if you want that again, don’t you?’ said Will, talking a roll of Kyle’s fat belly in his hand.

‘Yes, sir. I do.’

I don’t know anything about Taylor Swift but here’s what I know about Taylor Swift from y’all talking about Taylor Swift
  • Born in 1989, which is the name of her first record, featuring such hits as “Bad Blood” “The Shakey Shake” “Papparazzi” and a song about dating actors that I feel like had a phone metaphor?
  • She is really tall — like, so tall that this one might just be a meme
  • I can never remember whether Lizzy McGuire is Hanna Montana or Veronica Mars (or maybe they’re all Kyle XY wearing a latex belly button), but remember when we could have both Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Britney Spears at the same time and they were different people? Those were the days. Anyway wasn’t Taylor Swift part of this whole scene?
  • Beyonce had the greatest Kanye of all time
  • On her last record she was the most brilliant social marketer in the history of the world, but on her new record “You Made Me Do It” she went from Jessica Simpson to Ashlee Simpson and y’all are pissed
  • Carly Rae Jepsen is the daughter of some country singer who I think also has three names like a serial killer. I want to say John Cougar Mellencamp? That can’t be right. Anyway, this isn’t technically a Taylor Swift fact, but for me, knowing that Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen are different people counts as a win
  • “For the lonely starbucks lovers”
  • Taylor Swift is an awesome speedster name and ever since I liked the text post about it, I can only imagine her life as CW’s The Flash (2014) except she’s a lot taller than the guy who plays the Flash
  • Not Ezra whatsisface, the other Flash. I mean, she’s probably taller than both of them but who cares about movie Flash, he wasn’t even in Wonder Woman
  • She writes lyrics like diary entries and this makes stuffy old male music critics grouchy even though male songwriters do the same thing all the time. This is kind of an old fact from when The Discourse loved Taylor Swift so maybe writing diary songs sucks again, idk
  • NO it was a PEN metaphor, not a phone metaphor, she made a clicky noise on the chorus like she was writing his name in an old fashioned address book! (It was talking about diaries that reminded me)

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I know u have done this one before, but I would love to read another story about the A Team first kiss

Ashlyn and Ali had spent every minute together that they could while they were at camp. When they weren’t together, they were texting, facetiming, and Ashlyn had an endless supply of memes that she new would make Ali laugh when she sent them. Now that camp had come to a close, it was time for Ashlyn to go back to Florida and Ali was going to spend some time with Kyle in California. To say that they were both confused about their relationship would be an understatement.

There were so many times throughout the national team camp where Ali thought that Ashlyn was going to kiss her or ask her out or at least tell her how she felt, but every time something was about to happen, they go interrupted. Ashlyn on the other hand was feeling more discouraged than ever. She was convinced that the universe was trying to tell her that her and Ali were not meant to be after all. Despite literally everyone on the team telling Ashlyn to just kiss Ali and get it over with, there was still worry in her mind that she couldn’t make go away.

They were both scared to leave camp because they didn’t want to think about what their relationship would become when they were a part. Ali couldn’t help but wonder if Ashlyn would forget about her the second she got back to beach and the sun that she loved so much. Ashlyn was worried that Ali would get so caught up in her adventures with Kyle that she wouldn’t even cross her mind, but they were both wrong about that.

It seems like they talked even more now that they were a part than they did when they were together, if that was even possible. Ali spent most of her time smiling at her phone and Ashlyn barely even got in the water. She was too busy talking to Ali constantly. In the middle of one of their midnight conversations, Ali mentioned that her mother was in Miami and she was thinking of coming down for a few days to visit. Ashlyn felt like she had finally been handed the opportunity that she needed to really tell Ali how she felt. She was even more confident when Ali said that she wanted to spend some of her time in Florida with Ashlyn.

Ali had been in Florida for four days with her mom and she was finally on her way to Satellite to be with Ashlyn. Ashlyn spent hours that morning making sure that her house was spotless. She did laundry, washed the dishes and then washed them again to make sure that there were no soap stains. She changed the sheets in her room and the guest room and she dusted every surface that she could find. At ten o’clock on the dot, Ashlyn heard the doorbell ring. She practically sprinted to the door but stopped dead in her tracks before she opened it. It wasn’t until the doorbell rang for a second time that she realized she was just standing there, staring at the door.

When Ashlyn opened the door, she couldn’t decide if what happened next was a shock or a relief. Before Ashlyn could even say ‘hello,’ Ali had wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s neck and pressed their lips together. Ashlyn’s hands immediately went to Ali’s hips and she heard a sigh but she couldn’t tell if it came from her or Ali. After some amount of time, neither of them could say if they were standing there for minutes or for hours, Ali pulled away, but left her arms hanging loosely around Ashlyn’s neck.

Ashlyn opened her mouth to speak but Ali beat her to it.

“I’m sorry, Ashlyn. That is definitely not how I pictured our first kiss going.” Ali said with a chuckle. “I just couldnt take it anymore, Ash. I talked to my mom and she said that we couldn’t just let the world keep pulling us apart. I couldn’t come here and spend another week just sitting around waiting for something to happen between us.”

Ashlyn smiled and pulled Ali inside her house, closing the door behind her, “So, you talk to your mom about me?”

Ali laughed at Ashlyn’s response. “I just showed up at your doorstep and kissed you and that’s all you have to say?” Ali replied with a grin on her face.

Ashlyn just shrugged and said, “Well, the kiss was pretty good too.”

Ali leaned in and kissed Ashlyn for a second time. There kiss was broken up with a shrill beep from Ali’s phone. Ali looked at the screen and laughed. She turned her phone to Ashlyn so she could read the text from her mom.

If you haven’t kissed her yet, you’re grounded ;)

Ashlyn took Ali’s phone from her hand and tossed it on the couch. “Well I at least I don’t have to worry about getting your mom’s approval.”

“I love you, Ashlyn.” Ali’s tone was suddenly serious. “I’m tired of hiding and I’m tired of waiting. These past few weeks with you have been the best of my life and I love you, more than anything.”

Ashlyn brushed Ali’s hair out of her face and placed one more gentle kiss on her lips before saying anything, “I love you too, Alex. And I’ve loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Ashlyn and Ali had spent hours and hours since they had meet picturing their perfect first kiss and none of those scenarios included them being on the doorstep of Ashlyn’s house, but now that it had happened neither of them could picture anything better.

Are you sure you’re okay?

Stan was worried. Fine, he’ll admit it. He’s really. really fucking worried. This is the sixth time today Stan has called Kyle and gotten no answer. Not even a text- nothing. It made panic curl in Stan’s gut, his mind jumping automatically to the worst. Kyle always picks up the phone for him. Always. They’ve been doing shit like that since they were kids; Stan was the only one Mrs. Brovlovski would let in when Kyle was sick, Kyle was the only one Stan would call when he was weepy and drunk. They’ve always been the exception for one another, the one the other would go to when they didn’t want to see anyone else.

The raven scratches at the back of his neck and swallows hard, opening his laptop on his desk. Maybe Kyle will pick up a video call, maybe his phone is dead or something. Even though that’s extremely out of character for the redhead, Stan lets himself think it. God, when did this all start? Maybe about a month after they moved into their dorms, when Kyle met that fucking bastard boyfriend of his. Stan fucking hates that guy, and he has since the moment Kyle introduced him. And, okay, he’ll admit that he might not have liked him at first because of his own long-standing crush on his super best friend. but… Now he feels like he isn’t being the crazy one, here. God, he treats Kyle like his dad used to treat him, for fucks sake!

On more than one occasion Stan has seen the guy acting weird around Kyle, asking him who he was on the phone with and who he was talking to all the time. The guy seems to get progressively worse, and Stan’s just waiting on the moment that he snaps. At that thought Stan gets more panicked, biting down on his bottom lip. What if he did something? What if he hurt Kyle or something? Stan presses on the refresh button, his eyebrows pulled together as anxiety rises in his chest. “C’mon, c’mon…” He mutters, bouncing his leg.