no one likes to be used

marco: *doesn’t correct Ms. Heinous calling him a princess*

marco’s family: *doesn’t question why everyone is calling their son a princess*

star: *tells marco he looks “super pretty!” in makeup without even the slightest hint of mockery or sarcasm*

marco: *with enthusiasm* “Can I stay in this dress?”


Episode 2x08

Okay guys! So I’m gonna be honest I really liked the episode! There were things that I didn’t like obviously but I’m not going to dwell on those things *cough* lack of Luke again *cough*. Anyways I really liked the Izzy and Raphael interactions and I want this to blossom into a beautiful friendship. The malec obviously and the Magnus and Jace scene. I’m not a Climon shipper but I’m not going to bash them because I don’t ship bash. Kat and Alberto were really good together, as always. The scene with Alec and Clary got me and both Matt and Kat did so great in that scene. Magnus! Oh my god Magnus actually killed me in this episode he’s so amazing and badass like holy shit I love him! The Alec and Clary scene at the end made my heart sing. I’m so excited for them to become best friends forever. And of course, perhaps my favorite scene in the whole episode, the Jace, Alec, and Maryse scene. Dom, Nicola, and Matt were so good. I really felt Maryse’s emotions and it was such a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene. So all in all, I would give this episode an 8/10. It was a lot easier to follow than last week’s and didn’t seem rushed or cramped so I liked that. But obviously I want to know what you guys think so come at me with your reviews! 😘

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I’m an adult, and I’m only interested in dating other adults, haha. So, if you’re too young to get that gif reference, you’re probs too young for me to be speaking with romantically. 

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Baze had always been quiet, ever since he was a boy. In the rush and bustle of the streets of NiJedha, he found that being quiet served him best. While others begged, he could just silently take what he needed.

When he came to the temple, almost dead from an infected leg wound, Chirrut took to him like fire to paper. The masters used to joke that it was because Baze was the only one quiet enough to allow Chirrut to talk without interruption.

By the time his leg was healed, he and Chirrut were inseparable, and the temple had to take him in. And they stayed the same, Chirrut all smiles and talk, and Baze his silent companion. They didn’t need words, their bond ran far deeper than that.

But when Chirrut lost his sight, things changed. Baze didn’t even notice at first, more focused on helping Chirrut adapt, but one day it clicked, the way that Chirrut would randomly reach out, to him.

He started by talking more, and it helped, Chirrut seemed less disoriented, less panicked when he reached out to find him. But he kept finding himself slipping back to silence, to let Chirrut do the talking.

He finally settled, finding that he didn’t have to speak, he just had to make enough noise to assure Chirrut that he was there. Shifting his weight, a heavy step, a deep sigh or a grunt all worked just as well.

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