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So one round there was this guy, username TheRealGenji (who’d he have to kill to get that name?). He did fantastic impressions of Genji during the round. Like, really fantastic Genji impressions!

I was playing Mercy, and he says “Hello, Angela!” to me in Genji’s voice. Honest to god I thought “Oh wait, that’s me, isn’t it! I’m Angela!”. I was going to say hello, but I panicked a bit and jumped instead . - .

He was a really funny guy, and his Torbjorn voice was hilarious! Our team lost the round because of the enemy Bastion, but man it was a great game. Somebody said TheRealGenji has a youtube channel, but I haven’t been able to find it…

EDIT: thanks, @northgreendragon @demoncrat & @walking-on-a-scream for telling me the channel! TheRealGenji has videos on the youtube channel Diggums!  :)

I wonder about how much Maggie knows about everything Alex has done… like do they sit down and talk about “remember when Alex Badass Danvers solved the molecular properties of an alien super axe in a matter of hours and applied that to stop the alien axe murderer?”

Because like… little recap… and this is just what I remember off the tip of my tongue… Alex convinced a 300 year old alien refugee who’d been hiding out as a human for decades that it was okay to reveal his true identity because she cared about him and wanted to work with him, she’s one v one’d a Helgrumite (while injured) and come out the winner, she fought a Kryptonian general… and admitted to Kara that she’d killed Astra because she refused to let J'onn continue to take the blame even if it meant Kara would hate her (but Kara’s a good person, too, so it was okay), she flew a dilapidated space pod back into space (after taking maybe ten minutes to get it operable) to save Kara “I’m gonna fling myself into space” Danvers, she broke mind control because she’s incapable of hurting anyone she cares about, she put on the same hell suit she’d been wearing when that happened to help fight a set of genetically altered Krypto-villains and won (with help), she went toe to toe with one of the world’s deadliest assassins (who had a gun) and kicked his ass (Lena helped I guess but still), she took a fireball to the face and all that did was piss her off, she came out to her family (kudos to them for being good people about it), she jumped through a portal to an unknown planet without a second thought and fought aliens because that’s what she does (she’s a good shot), she covered for Winn and James when they still wouldn’t tell Kara about the Guardian scheme because she’s a good friend who’s not going to tell people how to live she’s just going to make sure they stay safe as possible, and (this is my personal favorite) literally went vigilante on Cadmus, set up several tons of explosive power around an abandoned warehouse (WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT), convinced Jeremiah to turn on Cadmus (even after he’d been brainwashed for Luke ten years), ACTIVATED SAID EXPLOSIVES IN A VERY EPIC FUCK YOU TO CADMUS BECAUSE “BITCH SAY I WONT” because, dammit, she’s going to save her father, and then charged face-first onto a ship launching itself into orbit because she’s gonna save people who did nothing wrong, AND THEN inspired Kara to be able to stop said ship.

And she still comes home to Maggie and tells her that she’s there to help Maggie heal… emotionally. Does Maggie even know? Does Maggie even know about Alex Bitch-say-I-Won’t Danvers? In any case, someone should tell her. And then someone needs to show me more of Maggie I did nothing to deserve the way people keep treating me Sawyer.

Alright I’ll shut up now.

When you speak I hear silence, every word a defiance. I can hear, oh I can hear. Think I’ll go where it suits me, moving out to the country with everyone, oh everyone, stop breathing start leaving, before we all become one…

(click title for song) This took me much longer than I expected but who cares- I am still so excited about this! yesterday I had this sudden idea of an OW/Transistor crossover OvO*  I have dozens of variations of this particular song but this specific one, when you hear the dude talk, is my fav one. It gives me chills everytime n creates such a beautiful n intimate atmosphere.

n then it hit me- What if the fall of their Switzerland HQ didn’t led to Gabe becoming Reaper but to be somehow absorbed into Jacks rilfe like the sword dude in Transistor? N maybe Jack’s nickname could be “Blue” in this AU? n Talon n other shifty organisations are after them because they were both suppossed to die n maybe they realize what happened to Gabe n they really want that rifle for experimental reasons. n so Jack aka Blue n rifle!Gabe are partially on the run n partially on a vigilante trip through the world to get revenge n maybe find a way to get Gabe a body? or I dunno.  too many possibilities, too many ideas :’‘‘‘D

either way, this is my contribution to this (imo) really intruiging crossover~

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I feel like some bloggers are trying to invalidate peoples' feelings and calling everyone who is slightly annoyed by this dumb and dramatic. Like yeah obviously I know Harry loves the boys and loves being in One Direction, but it's the APPEARANCE of removing the photos. The gp goes by appearances and this just feeds into the narrative. GP doesn't actually care to take the time to figure out that Harry loves the boys, they just take what they're given, and this is what they see.

that’s exactly what’s going on and it’s not a good look.

tbh for me it’s not even about the GP it’s about the fandom and the kind of nasty behaviour it encourages and enables. this only feeds the ‘harry hates his band mates/harry vs ot3 image’ that i’m positive harry does not want or agree with. i think it’s a dumb, tone deaf move in a fandom that’s already so divided and toxic.

i don’t care if people don’t agree with me or have a different interpretation of what’s going on that’s totally normal and to be expected especially in a fandom this size.

but having a different opinion is not an excuse to act like you’re still in high school and to make passive aggressive text and tag posts trying to shame the people you disagree with. 

unless someone’s opinion is actively harmful or damaging then just roll your eyes and keep scrolling past posts you don’t agree with. 

lbr is it really a surprise so many people are afraid to express their opinions on their blogs when they know they’re going to get mean girl’d in response?

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What do you think Mamoru and Usagi's wedding planning was like? Not a fan of the PGSM version, so I'm looking for a different headcanon to replace it with. :c

I personally love the implication in the manga that Usagi and Mamoru’s wedding is a spectacle. Ten bridesmaids and they’re all wearing their own elaborate wedding gowns and veils? Sign me the heck up.

Why is Chibi Chibi there? Who the heck cares, of course the paradox-causing childlike form of the most powerful sailor senshi of a dystopian future is invited. Usagi Tsukino will not let a little thing like a couple thousand years get in the way of her wedding guests. Her future daughter gets an invite! Her alien friends get an invite! Her talking cats will MC the wedding and people will just accept that as a perfectly normal development in Usagi Tsukino’s life. (Maybe not that last one. But Luna and Artemis and Diana will still get places of honor.)

It’s obviously gonna be a western-style wedding. Usagi’s been dreaming of one since she was a kid. Kenji will balk when she starts to talk about the masses of people she plans to invite and nine different types of fresh flowers that are all imports and the enormous fancy venues she is considering (cathedrals or concert halls or Disneyland or the botanical garden or or or…). But of course, most of it gets mysteriously donated or something (Michiru pulls a few favors for the venue, Haruka calls on a friend who owns a limo company after the idea of flying Usagi there via helicopter is rejected, Mako does the wedding cake herself and secures the flowers). And Mamoru pays for a lot more than is normally expected of the groom (and is way more invested in things like the napkin colors than anyone really anticipated).

The ceremony sounds like it will be weirdly lopsided with Usagi’s literal army to Mamoru’s… well, depending on what fanon you subscribe to, he might have the Shitennou, or just Motoki, or Shingo, or a white cat in a bowtie as his groomsmen. Maybe all of them. That still won’t add up. That’s okay. The senshi are there to support them both. They fill in both sides of the aisle as needed.

The party that follows is legendary. They will still be talking about it for hundreds of years to come. It’s a multi-day affair. The food never stops. Sometimes they stop for naps, just a mess of people in various states of fancy undress piled on one hotel room bed.

Usagi’s family had no idea what they were in for. There are the friends they expected, the ones who Usagi has excitedly talked about so thoroughly for so many years that they feel like part of the family. But also a bunch of really famous pop stars showed up? Who knew the Three Lights were even still around? And also this woman who smells like flowers and carries herself like a queen, and everyone definitely thought Usagi was exaggerating when she said that she was friends with Michiru Kaiou, but there she is, playing the violin. A bunch of people definitely knelt in front of Usagi and Mamoru. A few people kissed her hand. Weird magical shit kept happening. Flower petals spontaneously falling from the ceiling and such. The white cat got into the champagne and started a loud argument with one of the Three Lights. Nobody else found any of this strange.

And if you think this is the end, you are mistaken still. This is only their first wedding. Every couple hundred years, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion decide to reaffirm their marriage, just for the heck of it. Just so Serenity can wear a (different, bigger, fancier) white dress.

How does each boyo react to pleasuring their partner, using their mouth/hands?

Noct- Of course he enjoys when his s/o feels good. Genuinely, he does! He’ll ease you out of whatever underwear you have on (after a passionate make out session). But before he strips you down, he’ll hold you , almost palming your sex using his thumb to apply pressure over your clit. He enjoys feeling your warmth through your underwear.

Moving your underwear down your legs and dipping a finger inside you, Noct goes almost entirely by feel. One at a time at first, then two at a time. Who cares what everything looks like- it’s the feeling that matters. Seems to make sense just fine to him, and work out excellently for you. He doesn’t need to see what he’s doing to know it feels good. Call it a prince’s intuition.

Supporting himself on one arm, and using the other to pulse his fingers inside you, he begins to pick up a treacherously slow and steady rhythm - simply to watch you writhe underneath him.

The thing about Noct is, as giving as he truly believes he is, the selfless act is never 100%…well, selfless.
Knowing he’s the reason for a kind of bliss so closely a relative of agony, and that you’re quite literally at the mercy of his hands lights a dangerous fire in him, causing him to pump faster with his fingers. If the mood is right, you swear he sometimes goes into a kind of trance. Not a strong one, but a trance nonetheless. Like he’s feeding off your energy, or you his. Or even a sharing of both- you’ve never been exactly sure.

“You’re close,” he’ll say. As more of a statement than a question. He’s right. You are.

He can feel your walls tightening around his fingers with every stroke.

Your chest is heaving, and for some reason his is too. His face is just inches from yours now. You can’t help but tilt your head back and moan. His fingers pumping quicker as If he was chasing his own release, and not yours.

As his breathing grows louder in your ear you feel heat welling up within you, moments away from coming undone.

He lifts his chest up so that you’re in full view, revealing his simmering hot fuchsia eyes. “Come – now” he says. And as if he spoke it into existence, you come undone around his palm as he massages your clit through your orgasm, and you both cry out. His simmering eyes flicker out as he drops his head to your shoulders, the both of you tightly holding the other as the steadiness of your breath returns.

Gladio is definitely a surveyor, which makes you feel embarrassed at times. Especially with the essence of how much you want him dripping from your core onto the mattress. Most guys don’t care to look, but Gladio- he wants to know every part of his girl.

He further parts your thighs and you brace yourself for him to enter you. When he doesn’t, you lift your head to see what he’s doing.

You catch him kneeling at your entrance lazily stroking himself, fixating on your dripping heat. “Babe-”
“You’re beautiful” he cuts you off. “You know that? Anybody ever tell you that?” He says, continuing to stroke himself, and run himself along your folds, probing your entrance, and just barely dipping himself in the pearlescent liquid beginning to pool towards the bottom of your sex.

You’re embarrassed now, and attempt to close your legs. Gladio leans over you, taking your chin between his forefinger and thumb, “No,” he says, shaking his head a small frown appearing across his lips, “apparently not. Let me look at my baby girl” he pleads with you, his amber eyes looking more earnest than they ever have, his cock still throbbing.

This is the most erotic thing you think you’ve ever experienced. He stretches your folds to further expose your sensitive budding pearl, and you feel…oddly sexual being on display for him like this. What he’s feels good. He holds you there, unable to resist bringing his mouth down to your sex, rolling the tip of his tongue over your clit in slow steady circles. And so would the night continue until he mercifully brings you to climax.

Prompto loves your scent. There’s no other way to put it than the fact that he loves your smell. His tactic is to get you dripping wet. Then and only then, once your underwear is soaked through, will he grant you the relief of taking it off. But not before he burries his face between your thighs and runs his nose up and down your heat, taking in two or three large breaths through his nose.

The Prompto that emerges is not the one who submerged his face between your thighs. He’s resurfaced incomprehensibly drunk on your scent. His blue eyes have become searing and half lidded, lips parted, his mouth hanging slightly open. Your stomach churns in anticipation. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- this Prompto is unpredictable.

Hungry, carnivorous even, he looks at you practically radiating heat. “Hey, flip on all fours,” he says. It’s almost shocking when the voice that comes out of him is still his. Cheery and sweet as ever, yet quivering. But not with uncertainty. Quivering with what you could only describe as…restraint.

You oblige, and turn on all fours facing the headboard, unsure exactly where this was going, half expecting him to nail you from behind. Instead, he slides his body underneath you, his face stopping at your heat, and pulls your hips down so that your folds and his mouth are a perfect match.

This new angle is making a hell of a difference. He cups your ass, urging you to buck your hips as he sucks on your clit, and rocks you in tandem with his rhythm.

Devouring you from underneath, his moans ring out in pleasure as he continues. It’s not long before your arms give out as you climax and he slides up from under you just in time to catch you with open arms as you fall onto his chest.

A semblance of the Prom you know returns to his features in satisfaction, as he holds you while you both drift to sleep.

WHEW *fans self* OK IGGY after the break! Christttt

  • Mitsuki: Why are you doing this?
  • Dodo: I told you. You may have a concussion.
  • Mitsuki: You don't care if I never wake up.
  • Dodo: Sure I do.
  • Mitsuki: Why?
  • Dodo: Because then I'd have to start taking out girls that actually like me.
  • Mitsuki: Like you could find one.
  • Dodo: Ooh, see that, there. Who needs affection when I have blind hatred?
“She’s so beautiful.” You whispered. You nuzzled her tiny rose nose and squeezed her tiny hands. Your boyfriend Dean was crouching besides you, tears strolling down his chin, staining his shirt.”Oh she’ll be a heart breaker, just like her mother.” Dean joked, playing with her grain size fingers.”Can I hold her?” Dean asked after holding y/d/n for an eternity. You laid her gently in his arms, trying to avoid another crying session.”Hi little y/n, I’m your daddy. I’m new to this whole screaming, daddy thing so please have patience on me. In return, I promise that I’ll love you and take care of and make you my number one priority. And who knows, maybe give you a little brother or sister too.” You watched as Dean bonded with your daughter.
Tips for dealing with self hatred

-remember you’re you. no one else. shitty or not, damn, you’re the youiest bastard alive, whatever that may entail

-you can’t make that bitch Wanda change but you can make yourself change. no matter how shitty Wanda is, there’s nothing you can do to make her stop. but you. you got full controls over you, even on days when it doesn’t feel like it. even on those days you’re still more in control of you than you are over Wanda.

-speaking of Wanda who cares if she’s doing better than you, she’s doing her own thing, you don’t got time to be doing her thing. do your thing even if it’s just being you and not dying.

-you’re talentless so what, talent is capitalist propaganda. don’t be a part of the machine. be useless and unproductive. or else the capitalists win. you don’t want them to win.

-you don’t have friends? no one likes you? you’re ugly? that sucks. it really does, no sugar coating or lying there. but bleh, these things come and go anyway, they always do. humans are such shallow ass cunts. if it’s meant to be, it’ll be. looks will get you places, good places, but damn, man, you’ll find your own place. no use worrying. get a dog. watch a YouTuber and pretend their friends are yours until the time comes.

-not doing well in school? ah, school is hard. life gets in the way. everyone sucks at school sometimes, it’s a mental death trap designed to make us all compliant. disregard when you need to, pick it up when you want to. don’t worry so much about doing what you think you’re supposed to. things will work out, or you’ll find shit you were never expecting. that’s something they don’t teach you in school.

-just unhappy? same. what can you do? listen to unhappy music. read unhappy people blog about their unhappy lives. draw unhappy pictures. make passive aggressive comments at Facebook friends and full out bitch on Tumblr. live. just stay alive. time is on hold. there’s nothing to be afraid of.

we’re specks of dust on a bigger speck of dust in a dust bowl.

chances are the aliens will mercy kill us all anyway.


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You know how Steven hated Kevin for "making us uncomfortable." For awhile I was confused as I thought he was more concerned for Connie. As well Steven has been forgiving of people who tried to kill him. So I kinda used to think he didn't care so much about if he personally was in jeopardy.

Well … he really doesn’t!

Granted, he’s getting better, but even when he’s in danger, he’s far more likely to care about the other person, even if they’re the ones trying to kill him.

But just try and mess with someone he cares about. Chances are, he won’t hold back unless someone stops him (i.e. Connie talking him out of it in ‘Beach City Drift’).

I think that’s a common quality of belly gem placement.

tip for people with detailed abouts/byfs/etc:

do not list your triggers. list things you need tagged, but do not list your triggers. do not list your squiks, do not list your friend’s triggers, your alters triggers, your kins triggers, DO NOT LIST TRIGGERS.

Only list what needs to be tagged and do not explain why on your about. Malicious people can use that info against you when you leave it right in the open. Theres nothing wrong with talking about it in posts but there are TONS of people who click through abouts looking for “cringe materials” and are happy to expose you to your triggers for fun.

I know this is the place we like to overshare and be honest but understand that your abouts are a one click location of a lot of personal info. It’s more than just your followers seeing that information.

Please be careful and keep trigger information as private as you can.

“I don’t care who did or didn’t like ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! or Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku. Hello! Project needs a new project song. The last people from both are leaving soon and the youngest to have debuted closer to the time of Tetsugaku (S/mileage 2nd gen and MM. 9ki) are about to be the oldest to have debuted in H!P and even some of them are gone. When are we going to get a new Hello! Project song? It’s been long enough, don’t you think?”

Everyone’s Got Their Thing (Endless Summer)

Title - Everyone’s Got Their Thing
Choices Creates: Round III
Prompt: Different doesn’t mean wrong.
Pairing - Jake X MC (slight)
Ratings: G
Word Count - 1281
Book: Endless Summer.

Everyone on the Island has their thing- the issue that bothers them the most.

Sean doesn’t like giving up control- He has to lead the team, call the plays. He feels lost if he can’t, because he wants to be the one who takes the fallout if it goes wrong. He needs to be the one. Because in his mind, the only way to protect those he cares about is by putting himself between them and the person causing harm. So when Jake challenges him- and some of the group actually listens to him, he panics. Because if this guy is no good- if he causes trouble, Sean can’t stop people from going down with him.

Jake is older than the rest of the group- a good five years older than most of them. He’s seen things these kids couldn’t imagine, and he looks for the dangers in every shadow. Every time he looks for something, he finds something new that puts him on high alert- something that makes his anxiety drive up through the roof. So he tries not to look, tries to keep his mind in control. He jokes around and makes light of the situation to keep them all feeling calm- because none of them have ever been in a situation like this. None of them realise just how lucky they’ll be if they get of this damn island.

Michelle feels like she’s drowning. Her whole life, she’s known what she wants- a successful marriage, a high profile career and a perfect family. When she met Sean, she saw how easily he fitted in with her plan. And then one night, she had a few too many drinks…And woke up with a guy who wasn’t Sean. She confided in her Sorority sisters, who promised to keep it a secret until she could find a way to tell him. Her Sorority Sisters were more than happy to break the trust- most of them wanted a go at dating the Quarterback- and her life fell apart from there.

Raj hates conflict. Really hates it. So when people start fighting, all he wants to do is stop it- to make everyone happy. His drive to make everyone happy usually keeps him happy- but sometimes, when he’s alone, the dark clouds gather, as if they were collecting in a jar that he opens at the end of the day. Marijuana was the first thing that really calmed him down- that helped him put things in perspective. He sometimes wonders where he’d be now if his housemate hadn’t introduced him to it one night, when the clouds were extra dark.

Zahra no longer wants to make time for people. Because when she gets close to someone, they always leave- whether it’s that they’ve found a new calling, or they’ve started a new relationship. There’s no point getting close, because it always ends with her left in the cold, caring too much about the person driving away forever. She hates people, because you can’t control how they feel. Online, she feels in control- nobody can see her or find her, and she can easily move around without anyone questioning her, or leaving her behind.

Craig: Feels lost. On the one hand, he loves being the football star- the frat parties, the attention, the discipline. But on the other, he wishes he could stay out of that spotlight, and return to being the bookish guy he once was. Because through all of his college life, there was one thing he regretted losing most- Zahra. She was his best friend, someone who understood him. Craig loves Sean, but the Quarterback doesn’t really know how Craig’s mind works. Nobody knows that his over confidence is how he covers the social anxiety that he’s suffered since kindergarten. He knows who everyone thinks he is- but has no clue who he wants to be.

Diego knows who he is. But the idea of just coming out and being that person is a terrifying one. His friends know he’s gay. His siblings know too- but his parents, his grandparents… none of them know. He wants to share it with them, but he doesn’t want to lose them. Every breath around them feels dangerous, and he’s afraid one day he’ll just shout it out. This, combined with being the person who’s always forgotten, always thought of second makes him wonder who up top he pissed off. He knows he’s a nice guy- even a funny one. But he feels as if he’s the one always half in the picture, the last one added to the event. All he wants is for someone to just think of him first.

Quinn feels like every breath is her last. She also feels like every breath is her first. It’s stressful, feeling as if you’re just beginning your life while it comes to an end. She wants to see everything- do everything. She’s missed out on so much, that she feels like a kid at Christmas…. Every new opportunity is exciting. She falls in and out of love quickly, fluidly- wanting to find someone to love her back, but too afraid to let someone truly love her, so close to the end.

Grace knows what she wants, but when she’s put on the spot- or given a chance to overthink- she backpedals, doubting. She hates that about herself. So she works harder than ever to ensure the end result is clear- to make sure that her goals are met. But even so, it never feels like enough. It’s stressful, and it makes her feel edgy. She tries to discuss it with her mom- but her mom never seems to have the time. So her stress builds, until it bursts out violently. She’s a timid girl- but when a breakdown hits, she can pack a punch- do things a little crazy. It’s a cry for help mostly- but instead of hearing it, her mom just dusts her off, and sends her on her way until it happens again. And Grace fears that once day, she’ll hurt someone other than herself.

Aleister equally hates himself and his father. Call it Daddy issues if you will- because that’s what it is. He’s craved his father’s attention, his father’s love… only to watch all of it poured into the Island itself. Over the years he’s taken up chess, piano, pottery, agriculture. All things his father loved- but not when his son was involved. Aleister wonders if it’s because he’s too much like his mother, and not as strong as his father. So every moment of every day, as his hate grows- so does his yearning for the fatherly praise he’s never received.

Estela wishes La Huerta never existed. Maybe if he didn’t, she would have had a normal life. She loved her mom dearly, but when she thinks about it she never really knew her. The Island stole her chance to be a regular kid- Rourke stole her chance to be a regular person. She’s different to the others- the hug easily, fall in love… She’s watched as the Pilot seemed to forget where he was, he was so enraptured by you. She doesn’t get it- how people can so easily be manipulated by their feelings…by their desires. She’s seen sex and flirting used to destroy people, and it makes her nervous that there are people who can do that so easily.

You feel like you’ve always been a little different. You not sure what makes you feel that way- you just do. You know that different doesn’t mean wrong- but you feel wrong. So, when you find yourself on La Huerta, surrounded by so many different people…You have to admit that for the first time in your life, you feel almost normal.


35706) "Why can’t you be more like your brother" do you mean the 16yr old one who hits me and does drugs but its okay bc he’s in a sport? Or the one who has 5 kids but doesn’t take care of any? Maybe the one who’s in jail. Which one mom? Fuck you.

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Why does sidon like the most about s/o?

  • Really depends on the s/o
  • What he finds particularly attractive though is kindness.
    • Someone one who greatly cares for others and would do anything to help another in need. 
  • Also eyes. Not a particular color, but the first thing he notices is eyes- they are windows to the soul.
  • Given his height, he probably likes the feel of their small hand in his own.
  • But the best part of the s/o? 
    • They legitimately care about him just as much as he does for them.

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So how do you feel about KC coming back as a regular in season 6?

Way to throw the hard questions at me, Anon!

All right… So my first impression was… 

Originally posted by wattpad

I feel like I should care more than I do, really, but I’m actually super apathetic about it. 

Here’s the thing. I get that some people connect with Laurel and like her. I’m not one of them. This is absolutely separate from my opinions on Felicity and Olicity. I quit the show in early season one the first time I tried watching it, when it first aired, entirely for two reasons: 1) It was depressingly dark, 2) Laurel felt forced and self-centered to me. I get that everyone has their own perspectives and I’ve got no issues with those who enjoy her (so long as they aren’t amongst those making horrifying threats toward fans, actors and EPs).

To my eyes, Laurel was always best in one of three capacities - 1) lawyer-mode, 2) opposite Tommy, and 3) evil. I loved KC when she played Ruby on Supernatural years ago and I enjoyed her as Black Siren. The Black Siren role feels more like a recurring guest role than a series regular to me, though. Best case scenario, and the only one that really interests me at all, is the notion of Black Siren teaming up with Vigilante - who turns out to actually be Tommy - as a dark mirror sort of parallel to Oliver and Felicity. I can see a lot of really interesting ways that could unfold. 

Originally posted by find-a-reaction-gif

But, given Colin’s role on Chicago Med, that’s awfully unlikely. That said, it would make my month for sure and I’d be super pumped about season six. 

My biggest concerns about her coming back are these:

  • It further negates the gravity of death on this show (something I’m willing to overlook for Moira and Tommy out of sheer love, but even then can admit it’s a problem).
  • It dilutes the point of the last entire season and the theme of legacies.
  • The lair is wildly overcrowded as it is and splitting screentime more is not something I’m looking forward to.
  • A redemption arc would be trite and overdone and feels instinctively to me like the route they’ll go with her. 
  • I generally, personally, don’t enjoy her acting.

  • It feels like it legitimizes the violent threats sent by some people in that segment of the fandom after her character died. It feels like their efforts paid off. And that’s dangerous. Not even just on a show-level, but on a real-world level. 

That’s basically it. Do I worry at all about it impacting any kind of rebuild for Oliver and Felicity? No. Absolutely not. Stepping back, looking at the narrative and character growth so far from a distance, realizing how far we are into the story, I have no doubts they’ll rebuild Olicity. Probably by the end of this season. With KC coming back, I hope they’re smart about it. I hope they keep her in a villain role without any attempt on her part at a redemption arc. I hope she’s used in a way that furthers the plot and leaves just enough mystery about her to be intriguing. I think there’s possibilities for her return to be done well. But, I’ve got to admit, I’m not really holding my breath. 

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Batb au where the curse is "until the castle finds love" and Lumiere and Cogsworth fall in love and since Lumiere is happy Cogsworth is happy and because Cogsworth is happy the rest of the staff is happy and because the staff is happy it rubs off on Adam who immedently wants to officiate their marriage & everyone in the castle doesn't care about the curse for once & Adam officiats the marriage & Lumiere and Cogsworth kiss & when they kiss there's bright lights & suddenly they're all human again

Ok don’t get me wrong, I love Belle and Adam but….

This would have been a much better ending omg. Like finding love from each other and through family than from a random ass girl. My heart can’t take it. 

This is honestly so sweet. It’s like one of those infectous loves you know? Like “well if they found a way to be happy then shit maybe there’s hope for us too”