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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @dafadolly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday to one of my favorite people in the world and the tuxedo mask to my sailor moon who also happens to have the same name as my favorite sim HENLEY!!!!!! i love u so much and i’m so glad we became closer the past couple months and that i’ve gained an amazing, loyal, sweet, smart, and trustworthy person as a friend. you are one of the most generous and talented and caring people i’ve ever met and i’m so thankful for u!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

something to consider:

Karkat, who is extremely protective about his blood color as a matter of basic survival, is extremely circumspect about any thing that might clue someone into his blood color. He doesn’t even trust his friends; no one knew his blood color for sure before the game, and its likely that he was just as careful about hiding his blood color before the game happened, to the point of basically being a shut in. He is terrified of anyone with power over him, which is everyone else, exposing him and getting him culled, to the point that it overwhelms any other concern.

Now, Terezi.

she is massively inquisitive and nosy about his blood color, extremely good at deduction and he knows it. She wants to be a legislacerator, and he knows what she could have ordered done to him if she ever found out what he was, should she achieve that position. She is extremely dangerous to him.

What is one of the fisrt things he says to her on-screen, with all this in mind?

asks her to move near him because he’s worried about her living all alone.

He took a massive risk even suggesting it and that implies a huge amount of trust in her, and possibly that he cares more about her safety than his own.

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tbh it seems like for a couple of hobi ships they make it seem like hobi doesnt give a shit about the other person which is so not true??? ike hobi is a fucking sweetheart and the nicest boy ever yet i always see posts on twitter and tumblr suggesting that other members love him more than he loves other members and it makes me so mad. Like i think theyre just kidding or whaevr but STILL..


hobi is SO attentive! he’s VERY CARING! even namjoon himself said that next to seokjin, hoseok is the one who tends to be worried for the other members the most! my boy is SO SO SO FULL OF LOVE!

he wrote a whole ass love letter to yoongi and yet people still dare say that yoongi loves him more than the other way around im so mad 

new fall out boy is the biggest disappointment in years for me. after 10ish listens, hold me tight or don’t, stay frosty royal milk tea and the last of the real ones are the only songs i don’t regularly get the urge to skip. i’m all for bands reinventing themselves; this just not a direction that i personally care for. oh well. but maybe it’s a grower like the new paramore album was.

by the way, how long until people here call me “not a real fan” because i don’t like one album?

Do you like rare pairs? Or do you want a new ship? Have you heard of NedTai?

🌷 This ship is basically a clever, outgoing woman, and a caring, serious man.

🌺 Do you like height difference? This two have such a big one and that makes them super cute.

🌷 Do you like ships who share history? Well, they share quite a bit of history when Formosa (Taiwan) was under colonial Dutch rule from 1624 to 1662.

🌺 Do you like couples who are opposite poles? Then, they are a grumpy man and a cheerful woman, completely different from each other.

🌷 In this blog I can offer you reblogs of fanarts, also I make some edits, fanfics (i’ve writen several fics, all of them are complete) and headcanons.

🌺 This blog has 0 drama and 0 otp wars. This ship has only a few fans so we are very far away from negative stuff. The only we have is love for this couple as well as for the two characters. 

Just give them a chance!

I’ve seen these posts saying, in the words of one of them, “If your job requires you to go against your religious beliefs then perhaps it is time to change careers?” in reference to healthcare workers and government employees who want to deny services to lgbt ppl or others whom they condemn, and i just feel like those posts don’t attempt to understand internal logics at all

like, fundamentalist christian doctors don’t deny trans people medical care because they believe that somebody should provide the care but they just don’t want to be the one to do it. they deny the care because they don’t believe the person should receive care. Their refusal to provide care isn’t just “oops you’re in the wrong field,” as if they were a person with a peanut allergy working in a peanut factory. It is an intentional and calculated part of why they are in the field in the first place — to extend religious control and condemnation to the medical realm.

the pediatrician who spent an entire consultation telling one of my friends at 16 or 17 that he would go to hell if he kept choosing to be gay wasn’t just “not cut out for the job,” he was specifically in that job in order to do that particular thing. Kim Davis didn’t deny the gay couple a marriage license because she couldn’t personally do it, she denied them a marriage license because she thought that people like them should not get marriage licenses and that a clerk should deny them and by god she was going to be that clerk

Saying “if you can’t provide services then why are you in that job!!!” to fundamentalist christians almost always misses the point — that they are in that job specifically so they can selectively deny service

all was still, and I found nature to be
insufferably complacent in its
own death.

there were humans
still alive,
but far from
thriving, judging
by their hollow eyes and toilful
facial expressions.

it was as if all of them were partaking
in an ongoing funeral procession
of which no one had cared
to give me the memo;

I felt like an intruder;
out of place,
judged by resentful eyes 
that poked holes
in my face,

yet no one talked, 

no one lashed out to verbally challenge
my unwelcome presence,

I guess it wasn’t the occasion;

eyes spoke for mouths 
too polite to say

no one wants
to cause a scene at a funeral.

I just wish I knew who they were burying.

“Memories of the mist”, a poem by M.A. Tempels © 2018


Yoonmin texting AU


One, last chance…


Min Yoongi is a rich businessman with a cold heart. He doesn’t want love or a family. All he cares about is money and power.

Park Jimin is a talented writer with a romantic soul. He doesn’t want his parent’s money because all he longs for is the love of a man who lives in his stories, as well as to succeed.

When he gets an important message and goes to Seoul, the two of them meet. Although at first, it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common, slowly but surely they become close.

But then a big secret gets revealed and everything suddenly changes.

Can somebody really change because of love or is it something that only happens in romance novels?

One thing is certain - this is not a typical love story because they are not typical people.

——- Click on the first # for all the parts! 😊 

———- Thank you for reading! 💜

It’s both amazing and sad that all you need to do to be “good with kids” is actually sit down and listen to them

My nephew talks endlessly and I listen to everything he has to say and I take it all seriously, from when he gives me a plastic coin and tells me to take care of it to when he tells me about his Squad that guards the house for mummy and daddy when they’re away, consisting of him and his brother

My second nephew, who’s only two, hates me on principle simply because I vaguely look like his mom (my sister in law) and I betray him by not being her =)) but one time he threw a tantrum and started crying over toys and hit his big brother, and I held his hands and told him it was a bad thing to do and he kept crying until he realized I wasn’t gonna get mad or do anything. I just held onto his hands firmly and sat there until he stopped, and after that he started going to me for everything and asking me to play. Because I didn’t get mad when I punished him for being bad, he got comfortable with me. 

And on my cousin’s side, she has 6 kids, all of whom have me as their favorite aunt. 

I took care of them back when my cousin divorced her husband and they lived with us, and I always took the time for all of them, and they would always demand my attention constantly when I came home. Nowadays they’re mostly just on their phones, which is fine, but at this point my favorite aunt status has celebrated its fifth official year. 

You either like kids or you don’t. And you’re either good with them and you aren’t. It takes empathy and patience to understand how kids work, and usually they’re easier to understand than adults once you pin down whether they’re judging by emotion or by logic. They want you to be honest because they can pick up on when you’re not, and if you want them to grow then you have to be entirely non judgmental while still maintaining consistent rules. 

If you’re not patient, consistent, or empathetic, you’ll likely have a hard time actually taking care of kids. 

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6 and 8??!! Did you do those yet?? - onadelaidestreet

“fuck you.”
“don’t lie to me.”


They had established long before that they were just casually seeing each other. That they weren’t exclusive to one another and that they were more than welcome to see other people. That was until one night they were together, one night she was distracted talking to another guy, that he lost it. He watched over her shoulder as she quickly typed out a message, didn’t care so much as to what the message said, more so cared who the message was going to.

“Who’s Charlie?” He grumbled, taking note of the Purple Heart emoji next to his name. Wondered what emoji was next to his in her contacts.
“He’s just this guy, why?” She clicked her phone screen off, didn’t feel like dealing with the drama.
“That’s not an answer, who’s Charlie?” His blood was boiling, knew exactly where it was going. He needed to hear it from her mouth.
“He’s a guy I work with.” She shrugged, leaning back against the chair.
“Don’t lie to me.” He spat through gritted teeth. He wasn’t having any of her shit tonight.
“I’m not lying.” She turned to face him, challenging him.
“The fuck you’re not.” His voice was incredibly low. She rolled her eyes, wasn’t up for a fight tonight.
“Fine, you wanna know? He’s a guy I’m messing around with, happy?” She spat, standing up. His arms crossed over his chest.
“Excuse me? You’re messing around with another guy?” He knew that’s what was going on, knew they weren’t exclusive, yet.
“Yeah, this shit between us is casual, I can bang another dude if I want.” He sucked his teeth, jealousy that shouldn’t be there dancing in his eyes.
“Is that why you’ve been blowing me off? To go blow this fuckin guy?” Now he was seething mad, hands flying up to grip at his hair.
“Fuck you, who do you think you are?” She pushed the chair out, stepping around it.
“Clearly I’m the guys who’s not as important.” She shook her head.
“Get the fuck out of my house, I’m not dealing with this.” He chuckled as he made his way to the door.
“Kick me out so you can call Charlie over, right? Get yourself a good fuck right?” She grabbed the thing nearest her, a water bottle, and chucked it at him.
“The fuck outta here, prick.”

He slammed the door behind him, ultimately shaking the house. She knew he’d be back, whether it was coming to her or calling her. He could never stay away long.

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dark likes losing control, in both sexual and nonsexual scenarios. he adores wilf's aura, and actively seeks it out, but wilf has things like "actual work to do" and "care for dark", so sometimes dark has to take more drastic measures to get the high he wants. the worst time was when wilf found him on their bed, barely conscious and twitching as the house ravaged his mind. wilf kept a better eye on him after that

‘sometimes dark has to take more drastic measures to get the high he wants’ nO UR REMINDING ME OF ADDICT DARK AGAIN ADFSFDSG

it’s actually funny, in a sad way, since dark is seen as the caretaker and the one who keeps wil from getting into trouble, but if it’s actually different behind the scenes and wil is the one who has to watch him and keep him from ruining himself aaaaaugh that’s painful

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Tfw ur boyfriend who isn't really ur boyfriend has kids with u. 

Spark used to cry and cry and cry as a hatchling. He was a runt with an attitude. Sailor and Screech found that if he was given a soothe bell he’d stop crying and his grumpiness improved. Spark is incredibly small, leaning more on the side of his mom’s height. No one can ever seem to know what he’s thinking,  however, they all say he has the perfect poker face.

Sage is calm, collected and most of all cool. Sailor says he’s just like his father but not as hyper. Everyone seems to want to be around him, the atmosphere just seems to improve when he is around. Sage is incredibly book and technologically smart. He loves being around his brother who couldn’t care any less.


(TANZ LOL, you KNOW how to get me excited to draw. Also crackship? uwu Please this is my OTP right below Soldier and Farfalle.)

arvendell replied to your post: Hi! Probably an in depth ask that’ll take ages to…

Lol, same feelings. I am Kaneki in a lot of levels it’s scary. Maybe that’s why I can write him okay enough. �� I feel offended when people criticize him to the point that they want him gone.

Yeah, same. Pretty much when people wish death on an in-depth character I feel sad (like Tokage is a one-note character we’re supposed to hate, but Kaneki or Mutsuki or Hajime even are something different entirely) especially when I relate to them. People who want Kaneki to turn into Femtoneki and hurt people and suffer and lose everything honestly I find highly upsetting. I don’t care what he deserves or doesn’t deserve. TG has never been about an eye for an eye. 

But I also wish the fandom could understand that me saying Kaneki made a big mistake isn’t me hating on him or being biased or saying I want him to suffer tragedy, because a lot of people seem to think I’m saying that when I’m not, and unfortunately it hurts all three of my feelings because, like Kaneki, I’m a bit overly sensitive. I see myself in his flaws, in his desperation, in his mistakes too. And that’s part of why I relate to him. So, for the record: I love Kaneki and want him to be happy in the end. 

Kaneki is honestly my favorite main character ever. I usually never fave the main character (Kaneki and Eren Jaeger are my major exceptions, but I relate to Kaneki in many ways whereas I don’t really relate to Eren). I’m highly invested in his story and making sure he has a good outcome. He has suffered similar things to what I’ve dealt with in life, and his response to trauma and his emotional turmoil, his desperation not to be alone, his struggle to relate to people–it’s all very familiar. Like reading myself as a protagonist, lol. Kaneki’s really saved my life, and I’m forever grateful to Ishida Sui for writing him.

And pfft, “okay enough?” You write Kaneki EXCELLENTLY, my friend. 

Theory #2: Don’t wear the mask!!!

So guys, if you’ve noticed Mark has been telling people to make their profile picture a certain version of his original one. I feel that which each change in profile picture, a new ego makes itself known. First, it was the strange happiness obsessed ego (Who I’m just going to call “Joyiplier”), now it’s the gold mining ego named the “Great Googly Moogly”. With each ego comes a new “mask”, a new main catchphrase (Such as “Because I care…” or “You all look just like me!”) and a new motive from that ego (Like “Joyiplier’s” motive to spread happiness and positivity. And “The Great Googly Moogly’s” motive to mine “cheese”). My take on this is that maybe Mark is trying to tell us something. Like maybe, he’s trying to send us some kind of code. Like a pattern that we all need to watch out for. So anyway, those are my thoughts.

I was tagged by @raefill and @raindrop-rouge and @pureren, thank you lovelies~

— ONE insecurity: 1. Ugh, okay. So my family and I bug each other all the time, right? It’s how we bond. We’re all pretty good at not taking everything we’re teased about to heart but I have one family member who just… accidentally hits your insecurities on the head when he bugs you. Anyway, he made fun of my voice a few times (it’s deep for a girl’s) and it was already something that bothered me so now I just. Don’t like it. Oh well.

—— TWO fears: 1. People I care about deciding that I am no longer important to them. I know it’s irrational, but it’s there. 2. …..Heights. I can’t deal with ‘em.

—— THREE turn-ons: 1. When someone does a small, kind thing for me just because. I will be putty in your hands, I’m not even joking. 2. Long hair. Like, just nice hair in general, but long, pretty hair fucks me up. 3. If you can make me laugh to the point of tears, I am 100x more likely to fall for you.

FOUR life goals: 1. Visit a bear cub orphanage and pet every. Single. Bear cub. There. I will probably sob and try to live there. 2. See iridescent water. I wanna watch water light up under my feet. 3. Find something that’ll make me excited to get out of bed in the morning. Given the option between the job I have now and bed all day, I’d pick my bed ngl. 4. Meet the bae. Hug the bae.

FIVE things I like: 1. The smell of the woodstove when I’m sitting in my papa’s living room. Nothing makes me feel more at home in the winter than the smell of burning firewood and my family’s voices in the background.  2. Being told I’m funny. I guess this could have gone under turn ons? Idk, just knowing someone enjoys my ridiculous sense of humour makes me giddy. 3. A view of the ocean! I grew up with one. I didn’t take it for granted but I forgot how nice it is. I have one at work now and I spend a lot of time staring at the water. 4. My polar bear cub calender. It’s the first thing I see on my way to get ready every morning. 12/10, would recommend. 5. Saria’s song. I’m replaying Ocarina of Time and it’s been stuck in my head for a week.

—————— SIX weaknesses: 1. I have a bit of social anxiety on top of being kind of socially awkward. I suck at small talk so I’m pretty sure it results in people thinking I don’t like them. 2. Do pretty girls count? One smiled at me yesterday and I stepped on my own shoelace and almost fell on my face lmao 3. You can yell at me about one of my good qualities until you’re blue in the face and depending which one it is, there’s a chance I still won’t believe you. I’ll just smile and say thank you. 4. I procrastinate so hard. 5. I’m really stubborn. I annoy myself with it sometimes. 6. I don’t stand up for myself as often as I should. It depends on my mood that day.

——————— SEVEN things I love: 1. Have I mentioned I love my bae? 2. The smell of coconut. Keep the taste away from me though. 3. I think clouds are really pretty, no matter what colour they are. 4. My sister! She deserves the world. 5. Blankets and towels fresh out of the dryer. 6. Hoodies that smell like someone I love (I’m a sap, don’t look at me). 7. Cuddling up in bed with a good fic after a long day.

———————— tag EIGHT people: i’m really not sure who and who hasn’t done this, or even who would be interested but : @r2dsgrace @rainteaanddragons @kiss-me-khaos @xenophonspeaks @gaysquaredwrites @aimee-ginge @sahdah @stormyjynx



I hope you know you’re not the only one who feels the way you feel. You are not the only one who struggles. You are not the only one with questions. You are not crazy. You deserve to be heard, to be known. You deserve love.

You deserve love.

You deserve a place that feels like home. You deserve some hands to hold. Hands to pull you past the broken moments, hands to catch you when you fall. Eyes to see you. To say you’re there, that you exist, that you change a room, that your presence is significant. Ears to hear you - hear your stories, hear you laugh. Ears to hear your questions and to say they matter.

Your questions matter.

Maybe call a friend today or invite someone to coffee. Tell someone they matter or tell someone you could use a conversation. Write a letter or ask someone how they’re doing. Like a song too much. Feel the drums or get lost in the chorus. It means that you’re alive.

It’s good that you’re alive. Who else could play your part?

I hope you get to a place, wake to a day, where that feels true. You deserve to know it’s true.

Hope is real, help is real, people need other people.

You are not alone today. You matter very much

{credit: Walkie user ‘Mr.Inspiration’}

Myles: dislikes virgins, the inexperienced and doesn’t care for the concept of innocence; likes them to already be filthy, uses sex to see the ‘true’ and uglier parts of the other person, expose them for who they are, what does your face look like when it’s in pain and can he kiss it? or are you gonna hold him down and expose him for who he really is, lets find out what nasty kinky things you’re into, lets see who draws blood first

Troy: give him your virgins, give him all your virgins, your pure ones that have never been touched, first kisses, first dates, will taint that purity, keep it for himself, possessive, protective, you’re his and he’ll remind you of that, will teach you something kinky and not even know it, wear just his shirt and no undies, seriously he’s taken so many vCards

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Thank you for being that one pricefield shipper who doesn't shit all over Rachel/Amberprice and most of all, decknine. Real people who don't deserve some of the hate they are getting.

The thing is, I don’t like AmberPrice as an actual relationship – because I have lived that shit and it was bad, in the end. I don’t much care for Rachel as a fictional person. She kind of represents so many things I can’t stand in people.

BUT – I like what Deck Nine did with Rachel as a character. I like what they did in Episode 2 in particular with AmberPrice as a believeably rushed teen romance.

Deck Nine don’t deserve hate so much as criticism, and the same goes for DontNod, who certainly did not make a perfect game, either. The problem, I feel, is that Square Enix are the ones who’ve basically caused all of the problems fans are blaming Deck Nine for. The things people are genuinely pissed off about, I mean. It just seems like, at the root of things, these issues are Square’s fault. Deck Nine deserves another shot at making another game like this, and fuckin’ help me, it better not be BtS 2 or some shit, because that would prove they didn’t learn anything at all and then yea, maybe they might deserve some direct frustration.

But Deck Nine was assigned a golden opportunity no one would say “no” to, they put in the work, they added their own creative moments of brilliance to it…but they also made a lot of mistakes, as anyone would, especially when starting out as a game studio.

They have a skilled team of folks and I really want to see them reach their potential – not unlike so many people in Chloe’s life could see her potential. I just hope Deck Nine is able to make better life choices than Chloe did. ^_^;;

On February 3rd 2016, we posted our first post. (It was this, by the way. The second was this. One post for each of us seems fitting.) A whole year later and we’re still here! Who would’ve guessed? Not us. Definitely not us. To celebrate and thank you all for sticking with us, we’re going to be playing an old game of ours with you guys.

Basically, you’re invited to send us ANY music related question – provided we can answer through our edits. Ask us our favorite Fall Out Boy song, or our favorite pop artist. Send something out of left field (don’t ask me for ideas there, I’m not the creative one, you guys are!). Send us anything you like. Send one question. Send ten. We don’t care. Send all the questions your little hearts desire!

We’ll be keeping a record of questions asked here, and we don’t have an exact date as to when we’ll answer them for you at the moment but we’ll be taking questions right up to our anniversary (February 3rd, if you weren’t paying attention earlier), possibly longer if our schedules don’t work with us. We’ll let you know when we’re done taking questions, basically.

We’re really excited to hear from you guys, and again: thank you so much for sticking with us this past year – it’s been crazy and full of some drama, but we’ve grown this little blog and hope we’ve introduced you to some new artists and bands that you love a whole lot. Love you!

(If you want an idea for how this works since I can’t explain for shit, check this tag here from the last time we played!)

~Nikki & Tahlia