no one likes me

I'm so tired of

- always being the one who cares more
- knowing i’ll always need them more than they need me
- feeling completely useless
- hating my reflection
- feeling painfully invisible
- having no idea what i’m going to do with my life
- people asking me what i want to do when i leave school
- being stressed, like all the time
- always looking at pretty people and feeling so angry and jealous because of how ugly i am
- feeling like if i died today, no one would notice… no one would care…

And next thing you know, you’re awake, crying, at 3 am with no one to talk to and that’s when you realize that you’re completely and utterly alone.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7 // D.P
No one ever needs me as much as i need them

I need him so much and he knows that. He promised me he would stay and love me forever. But a time where I need him so much we broke up. I really don’t wanna live anymore.

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  • Relationship statuses: taken, or single
  • My relationship status: just a piece of shit that everyone wants to throw out