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The Gals + texts I send to my sister, Part 5

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I think the last one sums up this whole series pretty well

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I dislike NPH as Count Olaf. At first I was super excited because I love Neil, but his acting is off. When watching the show all I see if Neil acting, there is no characterisation and honestly I don’t even feel like he is Count Olaf, just Neil playing dress up.

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Am I the only one whose noticed Johnny Cruz looks unbelievably like Heath Ledger?

You know what I’ve never thought to compare the two together but I do kind of see the similarity in their face shape, maybe even more so if Heath had ever grown his hair out longer! And they’re both pretty attractive guys lol 😉

Attacks on #PlannedParenthood terrorize women *as a class.* Women are the vast majority of people accessing Planned Parenthood’s many services, especially poor women and women of color. Women are also the majority of those working in women’s Heath clinics. In either case, and whether or not, as has been the case, men, like Dr. Tiller or Garrett Swasey, are murdered, clinics represent gendered targets of opportunity for homicidal misogynists.

In theory the police and FBI are supposed to keep track of bias crimes, where assailants target people based on race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, gender. In reality, no one is counting gender-based attacks in the United States, even those that clearly meet the criteria for bias/hate crimes. Similarly, domestic terrorism. A woman’s right to safeand legal abortion is a human right . Arguments for fetal personhood almost always deny women moral authority and competence is making their own decisions regarding their own reproduction, heath, safety and well being. Attacks like the one in Colorado Springs should be clearly identified as political acts that oppress women and deny us our rights, safety, dignity and full citizenship.

Instead, we will, probably, just hear one more disconnected “crazy man” story. And the same thing will happen again.

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- dragons

- mythology, legends and old tales of every culture

- animals!!!!

- healthy food, sports, fitness, get in shape, way to lose weight, beauty tips (hair, makeup, skin, clothes etc.), body positivity, motivation EVERYTHING LIKE THAT

- rights activism

- writing in general

-Pushing Daisies


- LOTR/The Hobbit

- Pirates of the Caribbean

- Criminal Minds

- Marvel / DC comics


- classic litterature

- Harry Potter

- Game of Thrones

- Teen Wolf

- Great movies you should at least see once in your life



- Sherlock

-Doctor Who


- Batman

-Heath Ledger

- One specific actor/actress

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To be paired with the ereri fic, Lips Like Sugar.

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