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An Oliver Queen Smut

Summary: You’re Oliver’s date to a party after reluctantly giving in to his pleading- when the celebrations dissipate upon the arrival of some highly trained assassins Oliver is forced to choose between revealing his secret to the world or saving you. What will he do?

Warnings: angst, action, smut, sarcastic fluff 

A/N: This is the Oliver Queen from Smallville, but there’s no one stopping you from viewing it as Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen from Arrow. It’s your life, I’m just writing me a fantasy ;) Also I finished writing this at 5:30 in the morning and I edited it right after so I apologize if anything is incoherent. (it’s 5:47 in the morning…why do I do this to myself…) 

Enjoy the fic!

“No.” You bustled around the Dailey Planet building, curious where Clark and Lois were while on their honeymoon.

“Please.” Oliver followed you.

“Damn it, Ollie.” You cursed as he cut you off.

C’mon, (Y/N).” He pouted his lips and raised his eyebrows, flashing you his best puppy dog eyes.

“What’s in it for me?” You crossed your arms. “And don’t say-”

“A night out with me,” Oliver smirked and winked before you rolled your eyes and pushed passed him. He followed. “Okay, okay, okay! I just want to treat my best friend to a night out and it’s a “save the environment” themed party.”

“Ah, so you want me for the small talk, hmm?” You raised an eyebrow at him as you sat a stack of papers down on your editor’s desk. “Fine, I’ll help you. But-”

“I already have a dress picked out for you.” An eye crinkling grin grew on his lips and he nearly jumped with joy. “Thank you, (Y/N)!”

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I just realized that Felicity Smoak is Kara’s ramblings plus Lena’s smarts.

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She has Kara’s blonde hair and signature glasses,

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but Lena’s shoe collection and fashion sense.

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Both Felicity and Lena are in love with their neighborhood superheroes.

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And both of them have been saved and carried by said heroes… Bridal style!

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I. Rest. My. Case.

*Mind blown*

Hey everyone, I have a request

For several years now, I have been teaching archery, and one of my mainstay students, Trevor is black. He’s 13 now, and we both love comic books and the Barton Brothers. Naturally while I love Barney, he’s drawn to Clint, mainly the Cinematic version, and the Ultimate comics. The thing is, he wants a comic book archer that looks like him, and save for Green Arrows kid, and one panel from Ultimate Power, there are no Marvel black archers we can find

If any one can help, that would be really awesome! Please and thank you


through the best of times, and the worst of times;
                                                           I WILL STAND AT YOUR SIDE

dedicated to @cxrtershxpherd for being the other half of me. the emily to my jj, the canary to my speedy, and well, the best to my friend.i know you will kick ass in college and in your future. i love you! xox

Relax Darling’. I wrested alligators before I could write my own name. This just feels like goin’ home.

but what if they were desi? Vidyut Jamwal as Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

my mom got my brother a batgirl doll like the green arrow one he already had and my sister just picked it up, noticed it didn’t do anything (not like the oliver toy that could throw arrows) and went “meh” and just.. threw it to the floor.. and I really tried not to care because it’s just a toy and it was like.. ten meters away from me but i couldn’t.. i just couldn’t let barbara be on the floor.. mistreated like that… i had to go to pick her up…

My Pitch for how to rewrite Arrow.

So, a while back, after me and my brother had a chin-wagging session on why Arrow was a legitimately terrible show after Season 2, I decided to do a little think piece: say I was tasked with rebooting Arrow a couple of years down the line. How would I do it? What would I change (a lot)? What would I keep the same (not a lot)? I decided to sit down and write out a basic outline for a rewritten Arrow Season 1.

…two weeks, 2000+ words and another basic outline for Season 2 later, I am pleased to present my pitch for Arrow Season 1 under the cut to anyone who might give a shit.

WARNINGS for: discussion of violence, mental health and swearing.

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Can I get at least one episode of arrow that actually looks and feels like the green arrow. We had 5 seasons of drama and angst. Where is the sassy suave green arrow. Please just one episode. How is it that gotham more lighthearted than arrow.

I WANT MY BEARDED GREEN ARROW AND A ACTUAL BADDASS BLACK CANARY(She should be beating ass without a bo staff she better than that). Nuff of this “I gotta lie to everybody and maybe return to a toxic relationship crap.” I mean Frandral from Marvel’s Thor movies look more like Oliver than in arrow.


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I know prompts are closed but you said to throw a happy idea at you so: Oliver and Felicity telling their kids about the time they kicked the mean reporter ladies ass

I indeed did so thank you! this little mini drabble has references to this fic from yesterday. 


“Yeah?” he looked up from his newspaper.

“Why do you do all the bad guy punching and not mom?”

He looked from his daughter to Felicity, who was now eyeing him from behind her tablet, and back to his daughter again.

“Mom prefers her computers to beating up the bad guys.”

“Oh,” she deflated.

“But,” he continued quickly, “I do have a story about your mom taking down a bad lady.”

The little seven year old perked right up. He didn’t know if he should be telling this story to her since she was so young, but she seemed so eager. And it was always good to make sure that his little one knew that she could kick butt in more than one way.

Felicity set down her tablet and looked at him expectantly. He motioned for Chloe to come up and sit in his lap. She always sat in his lap for story time.

“This story starts with a very mean lady. She hurt your Auntie Thea’s feelings,” he said.

She gasped loudly.

“But I thought I would give her a chance.”

“Everyone deserves a chance to be good,” the seven year old said.

He nodded and continued, “Everyone does deserve the chance, but she was not good at all. She hurt my feelings too and tried to do some bad things to stop me from being mayor.”

It was long past his days of being Mayor, but Chloe enjoyed looking at pictures and newspaper clippings from his time in office. She always giggled at the Mayor Handsome headlines. Chloe didn’t understand that the nickname was meant to be mean, but that was okay. She looked up to him. Her dad was the Green Arrow, he was like one of the handsome heroes in her story books.

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