no one likes each other


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

y'know, everyone talks about how half of fandom blogs turn into kpop blogs at some point but no one talks about how u all still follow each other, like when they go this new direction and ur still trash but u still see each other on the dash and drop likes and shit like thats a real connection homie, thats like that kid that u’ve been friends with on facebook since 6th grade and never talk to but still leaves comments on stuff like thats a real fucking bond dont fuck with my kpop mutuals they’re the real mvps here


Shoma Uno ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, “What are you interested in these days?” || 2017 World Championships (x)


tired babies comforting on each other ❤️️❤️️


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

  • Fans: *start fanwars*
  • Me: you know,,,it's like possible to be multifandom
  • Fans: *gasp*

tv aesthetic → scooby-doo, where are you!

There’s a very logical explanation for all this: the place is haunted.


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.


something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

jb suggested got7 to do a special vlive in a steam room and then jinyoung was like “or we could do it at the dorm” and jb was like “in the rooms” and jinyoung “in our room” and then they just… simply… looked at each other… like this