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classic who memes/fandom things throwback

- adric

- ceruleans

- all the apocalypses

- colin baker’s crocs

- the shitpost generators (there was like one for every area of the whoniverse no matter how obscure)

- gallifrey in general, particularly the chapters

- pretend chapter discourse 

- 70s porn colin

- creeper eight

- faction paradox

- that one post about the cross-chapters gallifreyan??

- delgado!master’s various phallic looking devices

- the wall of text

Jehan has a closet where they keep countless pairs of crocs, one pair per ami, so that they all have comfortable shoes to wear when they hang out at their place.

When Jehan presents Montparnasse with a pair of black crocs one day, Montparnasse is all like “uh uh there’s no way on earth I’m going to wear that.” Except… Except he eventually does. They’re comfortable. He just has to avoid looking down, really.

One night, Claquesous barges into his apartment after a robbery gone slightly south, in need of stitchings. But he can’t quite focus on his injuries right now. Something’s off about Parnasse, what is-

“Wait, are you wearing CROCS?”

I Can Make You Feel Good

Hello!! Can I request an imagine where the adorable y/n gives Mr. J a back massage because he’s stressed out, and he’s loving it? Really fluffy and cute, pretty please? 

Sorry if it’s shit, I’m rusty!
No warnings.
I know it’s been longgggggggggggggggggg but requests are open, hopefully fluffier ones like this? Because I have so many for smut and Killer Croc!
Remember, I’ll write about any Squad member or Team Cap!

Y/N almost jumped out of bed as Mr J crashed through the door snarling as he pulled his neck back to undo his black tie. Throwing his silver jacket across the room, he snorted a laugh at how flustered Y/N looked.
“You look stressed Puddin’..”
“Oh really? Do I?” he mocked in a sarcastic tone.
The beautiful young girl pouted, but shook off his attitude. Getting out of bed in her red velvet night gown she swayed her hips as she walked over to moody clown.
Slowly tracing her fingers up his back feeling his muscles relax beneath them, the Joker sighed before turning to face her cupping her cheek with his big hand.
“Y/N” he purred breathing in her delicious perfume.
“What? You missed me?” she chuckled pressing into his palm.
Before answering J slowly inspected her face, going from her eyes to nose, then mouth a twisted smiled formed on his red lips.
“Never, ” he whispered, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her into a hard passionate kiss, sending Y/N into a blissful little world before pulling back and turning away to take his shirt off.
“Get into bed princess, I’ll join you in a moment” J demanded softly before leaving the room.

Y/N did as she was told and got into bed waiting for her man to return. Even though it didn’t seem like it, that was the Jokers way of admitting how much he cared for her, even if he was stressed he still came home to see Y/N’s adorable smile because that was what he needed.
When Mr J reentered the room, he was wearing his batman boxers witch made Y/N giggle shaking her head, J looked down at her with a serious glare before getting in bed next to her.
“Night” he growled, turning his back to her.

After being with J for so long Y/N took the subtle hint and began to tickle his deathly pale skin, swiftly she crawled over him until she sat above him. With a smile she bent forward and placed a kiss in between his shoulder blades. J wrapped his hands under the pillow in front of his face as Y/N began to give him a massage, starting from top to bottom.

She could feel all of the tense, negative energy escape him as she began to roll her thumps into him, the deeper she worked her fingers the more he purred into the pillow,.
“You like that Puddin’?”
“No talking in the massage parlor” he growled over his shoulder, giggling at him she continued to gently rub down J with her hands.
He twitched under her touch as she touched his sides Y/N grinned to herself quickly before tickling the sensitive spot on his sides, J growled jumping up practically throwing Y/N off his back.
She laughed as he wrestled her down against the bed, pinning her arms above her head.
“Daddy was enjoying that.”
“I could tell, ” she laughed beneath him imitating his purrs and moans.
J snarled staring her, she was so annoying, but so beautiful he thought as he got distracted by her smile. God, he wanted to hate her so much.
However, he just couldn’t stop himself pressing his lips against hers once again, softly this time but with more passion.
Y/N broke the kiss, pulling her arm from under his grasp to push back the loose strands of green hair that brushed against her face.
“Lay back down J, ” she said softly “I’ll make you feel good.”
Laughing J sat up “Oh Princess, what did I ever do to deserve you?” he grinned evilly.

More voltron headcannons whoops
  • Keith fears almost nothing. Almost. He’s the biggest baby when it comes to spiders of any size. 
    • Lance will never know. 
  • Hunk cries when he watches Bambi every. single. time. 
  • Shiro cried the first time he saw Toy Story 3 and nobody will ever find out 
  • Allura was actually a very clumsy kid for a princess, and had to have a mentor come in to help her with her poise 
  • Lance used to take ice skating lessons and still remembers how to do it fairly well, he also played soccer and dabbled in football as well 
  • Pidge is allergic to cats, but loves them a lot; it’s a struggle 
  • Hunk is actually really good at football? Like I could see him being good at defense 
  • Hunk and lance used to play football and soccer together when they were little in their backyards 
  •  If you look at Shiro’s YouTube history you’ll probably see a ton of makeup tutorials for different eyeliner styles; he likes to try new things a lot and tends to recommend different palettes to others; he has a great sense of color and style 
  • Shiro dabs like a white dad and dances like one too 
  • Shiro also wore crocs, knee-high socks, and khaki shorts together and it was a serious outfit he had
    •  Pidge cried for a half of an hour when she found this out

Crocodile trying to kill Luffy at Alabasta vs. Crocodile saving Luffy at Marineford

i love how Crocodile’s relationship with Luffy changes so much between Alabasta & Marineford. Crocodile’s plans were all ruined by Luffy, but Croc tries so hard to save Luffy during the war (and even saves Ace!). Crocodile has a lot of sides to him, and I do believe that he likes and respects Luffy on some level.


let’s play ‘guess kav’s favorite characters’ but it’s already there; tho it doesn’t even put a dent on my list ;=; i love them and im married to them all aaaa

morcey  asked:

What are some of your favourite potential friendships among the Rogues? :D

thank you for the ask!! ❤️ this is like, my self indulgent version of gotham rogue friendships:

  • i talked about this earlier but i love bitter scientist friends pam and jon. i feel like they are so similar in that they are 1) 100% done with the other rogues and 2) they have that sort of cynical, “nothing will ever get better so there’s not point in trying to make the world a better place” world view. i feel like they could have some comforting discussions but also argue and trade barbs a lot.
  • oswald and eddie have been friends for a while in the comics. i mean, you could easily ship them but they have a pretty strong friendship too. i think of them as quite fond of each other and courteous but also as snobby friends looking down on the other rogues who have to rob banks for gas money. 
  • selina and ivy are the ultimate frenemies tbh.. they can go from, “just so you know i would follow you into battle, kyle.” to ivy leaving selina tied up on some train tracks depending on how she’s feeling and what selina’s relationship with batman is at the time/whether selina is being an anti-hero rather than a jewel thief. 
  • harley and eddie are both highly intelligent but common sense? Nope. leave them alone together for two seconds and something you care about will end up on fire. 
  • harvey is probably friends with people who help balance out his temper. so harley, eddie and oswald probably. he’s a very standoffish, violent rogue but i feel like his rogue friends just kind of wear him down with kindness/affection until he’s like “alright whatever you can stay just don’t touch my stuff.” (harley and eddie proceed to touch his stuff.) 
  • selina/harvey is also very good depending on the canon. selina is naturally flirtatious with everybody but with harvey it would be flirting/passive-aggressive shaming like “hello there harv remember when you tied me up over a vat of acid good times.” 
  • harley would be friends with croc because she sees him as a big teddy bear but ivy would also be good friends with croc i think?? like i believe firmly that ivy hates associating with most of the rogues and only does so because harley is friends with like.. all of them… but croc has always been an outsider in terms of the rogues gallery like she is. so she finds some kind of solace in that? also, i feel like croc is one of the few rogues that doesn’t like.. come onto her or stare at her. ivy’s pheromones make her irresistible to pretty much everybody and even tho they can’t control it, the male rogues probably do look her up and down from time to time which rubs her the wrong way. maybe it’s his mutation, but her pheromones don’t seem to have the same affect on croc so she is less bothered by his company than some of the other rogues. 
  • harley is friends with most of the rogues but i feel like with victor it’s like… she understands him on a level the other rogues probably don’t? love is a big motivation for harley be it her obsession with the joker or her love for ivy so while the rogues see victor’s struggle to cure his wife as pretty redundant, harley understands being so strongly pulled to another person that she is probably the best friend for him.
  • tho i do enjoy victor and jon friendship because scientist friends again but i don’t think in the same way ivy and jon are friends, i feel like that snark/resentment that ivy and jon have would be gone between them and that they’d work well together professionally but also be able to be quite calm with each other and just enjoy each other’s company without having to fill it was constant talking. 
  • also like, i ship eddie/jon but their friendship is pretty great (and by great i mean a Mess.) they’re constantly bickering, trying to get one up on each other and eddie insults jon all the time but jon has some pretty harsh zingers being a psychiatrist and all. that being said, i think because they know how to get under each others skin that’s what makes them such good friends because they really know each other: know what annoys the other, know what the other likes/enjoys, know when to stop pushing a certain topic because it’s painful (or not if they’re being assholeish, etc.)

ok but Luffy literally did a Sanji impression right in front of Croc and Croc STILL had no clue what Sanji/Mr. Prince looks like or that there was another unaccounted for Straw Hat

right in front of you Croc



This modern!AU just keeps on going~~~

We now have Zoro, Perona, and Kuina (who didn’t die gained a knee-injury from her fall) studying in Mihawk’s studio. Also Shanks brings Luffy because he wants to annoy the shit out of Mihawk. 

I have so many ideas for the others, too~ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

How I’d Ruin It: Batman

(thanks to The Lego Batman Movie for making my brain keep coming back to this, and also for making such awesome goddamn toys for my retail therapy needs)

While I write my own stories nowadays, the old fanfic writer in me resurfaces every now and then in the form of idle thoughts about how I’d handle certain stories I love.  Sometimes these musings lead me to one horrible conclusion: that no matter how much I may love the story in question, I’d be absolutely fuck awful at writing it.  This is because the scope of things I’m interested in writing is significantly smaller than the scope of things I’m interested in reading/watching - my muse is a pickier eater than I am.

Still, no matter how awful and off message my bastardized mental versions of these stories may be, they keep popping up now and then, demanding to manifest as stories are wont to do.  So today I’m going to exorcise one of them by summarizing it to you.

Today, my wonderful readers, I’m going to tell you how I’d utterly fuck up at writing Batman.

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anonymous asked:

Your widowtracer art is the greatest thing I have ever seen omg (∩˃o˂∩)♡ plz could you do tracer topping (¬‿¬)❤️❤️

i am flattered :) sorry this took so long!

reasons you should pick up gotham academy

so i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me whether or not gotham academy is the worth the money. and i get it. comics are expensive. but this one is worth it i promise. you should get it because:

  • teenage girls that actually look like teenage girls
  • if you like scooby doo or nancy drew or fun kid mysteries like that
  • several non-white protagonists
  • most of whom are girls
  • olive is great. she’s the first young protagonist who doesn’t like batman, because of what happened over the summer, and she could honestly go either way at the mo in the hero/villain department
  • also she can start FIRES
  • it’s also got a really heartfelt side in that this is a girl recovering from her mother’s death and then having her world torn apart again when she realizes that her mom’s not only alive but a SUPER-VILLAIN
  • also maps. maps is a great character. there are few characters in comics that make me laugh out loud but maps is one of them.
  • if you’re a killer croc fan and like seeing him being portrayed sympathetically then you will like issue 5/6. it’s the best written croc’s been in years imo
  • also if you’re a fan of damian wayne issue 7 is probably right up your alley
  • also it’s so much FUN. dc likes its dark and gritty, which is okay for a short while, but this is so far from that. it’s not about the DOOM OF GOTHAM it’s about these young kids growing up, being friends and exploring mysteries in their school/city
  • it’s off the wall at times but in a good way. there’s an issue where clayface battles the school’s drama teacher in a actor vs actor verbal battle. and then they defeat him with a water hose. that kind of 1966 batman stuff that makes gotham academy all that more special
  • they don’t have an lgbt+ lead yet however the creative team have said they are actively trying to work one into the upcoming issues.
  • the upcoming issues will also branch out into gotham some more. maps and olive will go exploring in gotham pretty soon and also have to go to arkham asylum to rescue one of their friends. that premise alone excites me so much