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I loved this dorky, adorable comic so freaking much that I had to dub it. 

Joker is voiced by me, Shepard by @dreamwalkertara and EDI by AderuMoro. Again, the original comic is by Kisu-no-hi and can be found here.

Background music is from Star Ocean 4 and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-.

Idk what prompted this train of thought but just imagine if a dog somehow ended up on the Normandy.

Like the crew ends up investigating some colony that was attacked and suddenly this dog just starts kind of following them around and they can’t get it to go away and Shepard makes the mistake of mentioning it to Joker over the comms and Joker is just like “Commander please you can’t just leave it… all alone.. no one to care for it..” bc he knows they’ll give in and Shepard just sighs, looks at the dog, and says “Welcome aboard.”

And of course within no time everyone is extremely fond of the dog. Like at first some of the aliens on the crew like Thane or Tali were really confused and like “Shepard??? Why is it licking me???” But then three days later someone sees Tali slipping it scraps of food while she’s on the crew deck

Liara’s reaction is pretty much like “Is that a dog?? I’ve never had the privilege to live with one before. I have heard humans hold them in high regard.” And Shepard kind of finds that hilarious

And honestly it only takes like two weeks before the dog is somehow named Shepard’s second-in-command. Someone gets it a vest that has “Normandy” written across it. Once Shepard found Jack and Ashley arguing about who the dog was going to sleep with so now they have a schedule for who the dog is sleeping with on what night. EDI teaches it commands she can give it over the intercom.

And, of course, whenever someone on the crew has a nightmare or is having a bad night or something, the dog is a pretty trustworthy crewmate to go to for comfort.

continuousspec  asked:

Shepard and Garrus, running out of time.

Shepard slunk into her quarters and began slowly stripping her armor off, exhausted and half-cut on the painkillers Ariadne had given her. She was new on the Normandy, someone Garrus had chosen before this tour began, but Shepard already liked her. The doctor’s bedside manner had been so similar (particularly regarding her reckless disregard for her own safety) that Shepard had nearly called her “Karin.”

As soon as she got down to her undersuit, eyes darting over the fresh skinweaves covering the entry and exit wounds in her bicep, the door opened and in walked Garrus. He looked like Shepard felt; his gait was slower, heavier, and he plopped down on the stairs and started popping the seals on his own armor.

“So that could have gone better,” she said casually, drawing a finger across the seam of her suit and exhaling as it parted.

“Better or worse,” Garrus said, pulling off his cuirass. “Prisoners freed, ship retaken. No casualties.”

“I did take a bullet.”

“And if I thought that was worth mentioning, I would have mentioned it,” Garrus said dryly.

Shepard would have laughed. She wanted to laugh. Instead, she grimaced, and something turned in her gut. Garrus was too busy pulling off his boots to notice.

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Re: Liara. I never really connected with her because her entire personality changed so abruptly for literally no reason? ME3 did an okay job of trying to reconcile ME1 Liara and ME2 Liara, but it still felt really weird to me. Also, ME3 makes it seem like Liara is the closest and most loyal one to to you, but she abandons you to do her own thing in ME2. The gesture would have felt more genuine if she hadn't left. I like Liara a lot, but because of that, she's never been a favorite.

I’m so thankful for the Shadow Broker DLC not just because it’s a damn good DLC but it also gives Liara much-needed character development in ME2. Base game, Liara’s change is really jarring because we don’t have time to process it like we do with the other characters. I think where the disconnect is (at least for me) is I feel like the writers had a clearer picture of Liara’s character that wasn’t shown to us. In base game you show up, she’s repeating Matriarch Benezia’s threats, she asks you to help hack some terminals, tells you where Thane and Samara are, is pretty closed-off in her answers when you talk to her about herself and that’s it. What you mentioned in ME3 bridges the gap more - we get to see more of her and the change feels less abrupt and more natural.

I compare Liara in ME2 a lot to Wrex - not that their personalities are similar, but they went through similar off-screen development. However, I think in-game Wrex’s growth works more because you got a few more hints of it in ME1 - the more you talk to him, the more he starts to ruminate on the Krogan instead of just brushing them off. So even though we don’t see it, Wrex returning to Tuchanka in ME2 isn’t much of a stretch because we’ve had those talks with him. I think Liara could’ve really benefitted from a few more non-romance lines in ME1 that hint in the direction she’ll be going in ME2. As someone pointed out in the initial Liara post, the comic book spin-off Redemption does show how Liara began to become more “hardened” and what eventually lead her toward the path of becoming an information broker. Unfortunately, to get that context you have to go outside the games.

I actually do think Liara being so obsessed with saving Shepard works, even if you don’t romance her. ME1 Liara is used to rejection - she’s been dismissed because of her age, she carries a stigma for being pureblood, she and her mother are estranged and she’s laughed off in the academic community. I absolutely think it’s in-character that she becomes so attached to Shepard, because Shepard is (from what we know) one of the only people to believe what Liara has to say and even beyond that treats her as an authority on Protheans. Liara also mentions repeatedly that she’s not used to working with people and her understanding of social boundaries are skewed because of this - even when talking with her, Liara frequently “steps over the line” and asks Shepard very personal questions in a way that no other squadmate does unless romanced. It makes sense to me that Shepard is so important to Liara, even if the Shepard in question doesn’t romance her or even chooses renegade dialogue when speaking with her. So her being particularly devastated by Shepard’s death and leaping to doing anything to save Shepard never really bothered me, because I think it’s authentic to her character. I do agree that it can be awkward in the game if your Shepard was never particularly close to her, but I think even then it works for me personally because in that case it’s just Liara carrying her attachment to Shep even if that Shep doesn’t reciprocate the ties as deeply. If that makes sense?

I also think in ME1 we also see that Liara has a “nothing is impossible” attitude when it comes to the things she cares about deeply so I can buy her being so hell-bent on retrieving Shepard’s body. I think Liara’s personality is that she wouldn’t accept Shepard’s death unless she had the proof right in front of her. I see complaints that it’s weird Liara was the one who found Shepard and handed them over to Cerberus, even if you don’t romance her, but I have to disagree. I think it makes complete sense with how her character is written. This is the same woman who spent decades tracking down everything she could to prove her theory about the Protheans, even when she was dismissed by the rest of academic society and she had to dig around unstable ruins. She doesn’t let go easily.

Sorry for the fucking essay, I had more feelings on this than I thought.

Chaos and Adventure (ME Fic)

I was @qbert0​‘s Holiday Harbinger gifter, and wanted to write something to go with the dice bag. You mentioned that you liked fShep/Liara and Garrus/Tali as a secondary pairing, that you enjoyed the whole gang’s adventures in the Citadel DLC, and requested no heavy emotional angst, so I tried to write a bit of fluff that captured some of those themes. It was a fun piece to write and I hope you enjoy it!

Post-game, ambiguous as to ending but Shepard is alive, pretty much pure fluff.

Judging from the length of the line outside, the rebuilt Ryuusei’s Sushi Bar was even popular than the old one. Even in civvies, Shepard was quickly recognized and waved to the front of the line. Liara had wondered if she would prove to be on some sort of restaurant blacklist, but if the maître d’ was aware of Shepard’s role in the demise of the sushi bar’s previous incarnation, she gave no sign. “Welcome, ma’am, Ryuusei’s is honored to have you,” she said smoothly. “This way, please, the rest of your party is waiting for you.”

Liara took a moment to look over the place. The renovation had been extensive (and doubtless expensive). Fish swam contentedly below her feet, unaware of the tragic fate of their predecessors. The wood paneling was carefully aged as if to suggest that the restaurant had been in continuous operation for decades, and certainly had not been invaded by mercenaries or swarming with Reapers at any point.

The maître d’s brow was furrowed in a look Liara had learned to interpret as impatience. She fell in beside Shepard as they made their way across the restaurant. Garrus Vakarian gave a quick wave from across the way – of course, he had spotted them first. Tali’Zorah’s attention appeared to be completely absorbed by the “NEW Dextro Menu!” in her hands, but she quickly glanced up as the maître d’ pulled out Shepard and Liara’s chairs.

“Shepard! Liara!” she said. “It’s so good to see you!” Liara didn’t need to be able to see Tali’s face to know that she was smiling. “It’s been too long.”

“Well, if some people could tear themselves away from their homeworlds more often…” Shepard said teasingly.

Garrus spread his hands. “You know how it is, Shepard,” he said ruefully. “One meeting after another, datapad after datapad filled with decisions to be made… It’s enough to make a turian think about resuming his vigilante career. I’d have thought the Reaper advisor would be, eh, off the hook with the Reapers gone…”

“Ah, ah!” Tali waved a finger in mock indignation. “No Reaper talk.”

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How would the DAI companions react if the Herald was Shepard from Mass Effect. Please include romances. Femshep preferred

Cassandra: She’s baffled as the soldiers bring in a soldier in unusual armor, with unusual weapons, and numerous injuries that should be fatal, as if they had survived an explosion they were in the center of. To add to her shock, they recover ridiculously fast, and she realizes they are not normal, aside from the mark. She’s even more cautious and suspicious of them at the start, but when she finds out exactly where they’re from and their circumstances, she has no idea how to handle them. She firmly believes they were brought here to be the Herald of Andraste, a belief that is solidified every time she hears a new story about what they did to stop the Reapers. The fact they were once dead and then revived shocks her, and despite the fact Cerberus is responsible, she believes their memories and soul’s return was also due to the grace of the Maker. If Romanced: His accomplishments are good, but she still demands what she would demand of anyone wanting to romance her. So he regales her with poetry and numerous lit candles, and as they lay under the stars, he promises to bring her there, one day. She snorts at him and smiles. “Perhaps. Provided you read poetry then, too.”

Blackwall: The man isn’t quite sure what to make of Shepard. He knows a soldier when he sees one, and he knows eyes that have seen too much. He’s definitely not sure what to make of anything, from technology to aliens, that Shepard describes, so he settles on just talking with them in the evening. They talk about their experiences in war and commiserate. When his identity is revealed, the look Shepard gives him isn’t one of shock or dismay– just disappointment, which hurts him worse than shock or dismay. To his surprise, they readily forgive him, and mention off-hand that what he’s done is hardly the worst thing one of their friends have done. If Romanced: He’s stunned that Shepard’s interested in him. She could have someone so much better, he thinks, and he’s cautious going into romance. He won’t deny that he’s attracted to her, but a space marine who saved a galaxy and is going to save Thedas? He’s floored. He feels unworthy, but Shepard loves him, and he’s more than happy to love her back. For once, he is happy.

Iron Bull: He could tell Shepard was dangerous from first glance, just watching them fight without an ounce of fear. He has his habit of looking over people to think about how to fight them, if he had to, and is a bit dismayed to come up with nothing on Shepard, at least, alone. At the same time… he finds it hot as fuck. Shepard quickly and easily earns his respect, and he loves hearing about all the shit they’ve pulled. He also tries to drink them under the table and finds himself incapable– a rare feat for a human, but Shepard wasn’t normal by any means. He subtly tries to learn more information about the Lazarus project, and what exactly it did to them. If Romanced: This is everything Bull has ever wanted and more, bonus points if Shepard is red-headed. He practically worships the ground they walk on when deep into romance. “I’m the luckiest man in the whole damn world– or galaxy.” he says proudly. “I’m with a complete and utter bad-ass.”

Sera: The Herald’s an odd one, that’s for certain. She wasn’t sure when exactly she was tipped off, made aware of this fact– but learning about where they’re from, and what they did, solidifies it. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t scared of Shepard at first, especially when she hears that they were dead at one point, among other things. She warms up easily to a Paragon Shepard, though, and realizes this is just a person who probably wants to get back to their own world. “At least Coryphytit’s a pushover compared to Shepard.” she remarks. If Romanced: Her first thought upon seeing Shepard is hot. She relaxes around Shepard, shamelessly flirting with her, and is delighted when Shepard seems to reciprocate those feelings. “See? This world isn’t so bad. You got me. And pranks.” she says cheerfully as they sit on the rooftop one evening. Shepard gives her a playful wink, and Sera tackles her with a kiss.

Varric: He wants to know everything they’ve done. Every last detail and story, he wants to hear every last bit. Shepard has some of the greatest stories he’s ever heard, and he would be damned if he didn’t hear about all of it. Many evenings are spent in the tavern with Shepard (he marvels at how much they can drink without even getting remotely drunk) and they talk and laugh and Shepard smiles, a little less stressed. A friendship forms between them quickly. When he finds out about the Lazarus Project, he asks if they’re alright talking about it, and then remarks: “See, this is why you’re the perfect hero in this scenario! Corypheus apparently can’t die, and neither can you. Not permanently, anyways.”

Cole: He feels every ounce of pain in Shepard, old heartaches that will never stop aching. They may not announce it or discuss it, but he feels it. If they were in Akuze or a colonist, he starts talking, involving their memories, before they ask him to stop. “You hurt. You’ve hurt so much. You don’t need to worry, Joker. The hell I do, you’re basically half robot at this point. They died because of me, they’re almost falling apart, I have to help.” One night after a nightmare, he approaches them. “It’s not your fault the boy died.” he tries to reassure. “You tried to help. That is more than most.” Shepard cares for Cole, but finds being around him painful at times, because he tends to bring up hurt that can’t be easily healed.

Dorian: Shepard is absolutely fascinating to him. He wants to know all about their galaxy, and what they’ve done, and detailed descriptions of their galaxy’s advanced technology. He has never-ending questions borne of intense curiosity– especially about the Lazarus Project. If they are biotic, that also brings a volley of questions. “I suppose, with your level of technology, rebuilding a body isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, but drawing the soul back across the Veil… ah, but the Fade doesn’t exist where you’re from– I think? Now, do you have any residual memories? Can I perform a few tests? Please, bear with me, you are the first being to ever be brought back to life from total death…” He pauses and frowns. “I mean… if you’re comfortable. I imagine the subject matter is sensitive. I apologize if I have overstepped my bounds.” He offers them a drink and enjoys talking with them on quiet evenings. If Romanced: He’s thrilled when Shepard seems interested in him and flirts back with him. He’s had a bit of a crush on him, though he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that Shepard wanted more than just fun. One evening, as they look out at a clear night sky, Dorian grins at him. “You’re going to bring me up there with you one day, I hope. I can’t wait. It will be nauseatingly romantic.”

Solas: He’s cautious around Shepard. He knows very well that they have a very, very good chance of successfully stopping him if they were to find out what he was up to. In the meanwhile, he asks them a bunch of questions like Dorian does and asks for many details of their world. He persuades them to let him join them in the Fade, where he can see their memories reveal the intricacies of all sorts of places they’ve been– the Normandy, the Citadel, the ruins of London during the last battle, and all sorts of alien planets. He is utterly enthralled by the memories, and almost every night pleads to see more. If Shepard is biotic, he can tell immediately that their biotics are not magic, as he can tell the Veil isn’t being tugged by its use. He’s very curious about it, and asks for demonstrations of its use. He takes detailed notes and tries to make sense of Element Zero– he wonders if it’s at all magical. If Romanced: He has never been interested in a human before, but Shepard is different. The romance proceeds more slowly, as he’s worried about letting his guard down, but she is… she’s something he never expected. Sharing the Fade with her strengthens the bond between them, and he can’t help but kiss her back when she kisses him. His heart palpitates with fear, however, knowing what may happen if he crosses her. He doesn’t know what it will mean for his plans, and it terrifies him.

Vivienne: She knows another strong person when she sees one. Shepard won’t be toyed with or manipulated. So she sets on figuring out their intentions, and ends up finding herself talking with them about their galaxy, and their victories and losses– and a desire to go home. She vows to help find a way for them, once they’re good enough friends, and grows to deeply respect Shepard. She helps them learn to play the Game as well, and they tell her about al-Jilani, the journalist who earned their ire. When Vivienne finds out about their death and the Lazarus Project, she’s initially worried that they’re possessed by a spirit. When it’s clear that they’re not, it only amplifies her curiosity, and like Dorian and Solas, she delves into theory and many, many questions. Her efforts to find a way back for Shepard hasten considerably when she hears about how advanced their medical technology is. When she learns about biotics, should Shepard be biotic, she’s just as curious about it as the Lazarus Project. 

Josephine: She wants to hear all about the exotic places Shepard has been, but restrains herself until a moment in which they are not busy, and she is more comfortable with them. She could listen to them tell her all about the Milky Way for hours, and travel among the stars. She hears about inventions like computers, phones, the extranet, and ballpoint pens and her heart aches with desire. At other times, she discusses etiquette and proper public behavior, and her reaction to Shepard varies in this regard. If Shepard punched al-Jilani one or more times, she worries about their temper and asks them to restrain themselves. If Shepard did not punch al-Jilani, she seems relieved that Shepard can act so calm and professional in such situations. If Romanced: She is all blushes and giggles as they gaze up at the stars together, and Shepard regales her with tales and compliments of her beauty. The thought of seeing other worlds with her lover makes her heart soar, and she feels so safe and so happy in Shepard’s arms. A life here and beyond, so long as they would stay by her side, and she by theirs.

Leliana: She knew Shepard was dangerous before even finding out about anything else. She knew by watching her that they could kill, and kill easily. This was an experienced soldier, none like she’d ever seen. She sets to compile any and all information that can be gathered about Shepard, and where they came from. The Lazarus Project sticks out to her, and she lingers by the mages and Dagna when they fuss over Shepard, looking them over, poking them, asking for details. She’s even more cautious around Shepard than a normal Inquisitor, though she feels pangs of pity for them when she hears some of the more gruesome, sadder details. Shepard seems to be equally aware of the Spymaster watching, but doesn’t do anything about it beyond winking at her when they know she’s paying attention. Slowly they warm up to each other and share tales of their adventures.

Cullen: He and Shepard get along well, and he feels more comfortable talking with them about the troops, and is pleased when they have good advice to offer– usually remarkably good strategic advice. He’s befuddled by the whole business of their world and their technologies, and isn’t sure how to go about it. If Shepard is a Sole Survivor, when he hears about the incident on Akuze, he feels so much sympathy– he knows that sort of emotional and physical hardship. Eventually, he may ask to know how they handle it, and after they find out about what happened in the Circle tower, they don’t press him for details, and they just nod in understanding. Some wounds never heal, and it’s refreshing for both of them to know someone who has been in a similarly bad situation. If Romanced: He found her attractive from the start, but didn’t want to overstep his bounds. He’s bewildered when she voices her feelings, but he’s elated, too. They can share their hardships, knowing the other will understand. If she can survive, so can he, and she will be a source of strength, and he a source of strength to her. 

Solana and Garrus catch up on the Citadel and she wastes no time ribbing Garrus about the fact that he’s dating Shepard.

“They’re a human. They’re your commander. Weren’t they actually DEAD for a few years?”

Garrus waves a hand dismissively. “Listen, you wouldn’t understand. The things we’ve been through…No one knows Shepard as well as I do.”

“…You don’t call them by their first name?”


“Why don’t you use their first name??”


“You know what it is right?”




The Signs as Mass Effect Characters
  • Aries: Commander Shepard, Ashley Williams
  • Taurus: Garrus Vakarian, Zaeed Masani
  • Gemini: Kasumi Goto, Mordin Solus
  • Cancer: Kaidan Alenko, Thane Krios
  • Leo: Miranda Lawson, James Vega
  • Virgo: Liara T'Soni, Legion
  • Libra: Samara
  • Scorpio: EDI, Aria T'Loak
  • Sagittarius: Urdnot Wrex, Nyreen Kandros
  • Capricorn: Javik, Jacob Taylor
  • Aquarius: Urdnot Grunt, Jack
  • Pisces: Tali'zorah
The Next Shepard

Another shorty about Garrus and Shepard looking for a child to adopt. After their unsuccessful search on Earth they move on to Palaven.  Shepard learns the different between Turian orphans and Earth’s lost children. Did go into a lot of detail with Shepard so you can imagine your own. I also hope you guys are enjoying these and any feedback is welcomed. If I get some good notes or feedback I’ll start working on the next part.


“Are you sure about this, Shepard?” The Turian leaned on the wall of the small shuttle as it headed towards the planet below.

Shepard adjusted the helmet of her envirosuit making sure it was equipped correctly. “I’ve very sure of this.” She turned looking at her husband. “Before the finally push on Earth you talked about kids. So we’re going to see some kids that don’t have parents. Since biology isn’t on our side.”

Garrus scratched his neck; he looked nervous. Shepard had pegged that it was all talk, thinking neither of them would survive the Reaper’s attack on Earth, but they did. It only took Shepard a year to completely recover from her injuries and another few years to rebuild the relays and get a galactic central government back on its feet. It had helped that a handful of Geth ships had started traveling towards the Andromada system and had been just out of the blast of the relays. The units couldn’t replace Legion but they had been a big help getting things moving again. “We could have adopted a Human kid. I’m sure could have found one, eventually.”

Shepard glanced out of the shuttle windows to Palaven. “Garrus you scared all the of the children at the seven different orphanages we visited. I’m sure a Turain wouldn’t be as scared of a Human.”

Garrus took a deep breath, “No, they wouldn’t but…respect is hard earned in the Hierarchy. It might be possible that none of the kids will want…a Human mother. Even if you’re Commander Shepard, savior of the Galaxy.”  

Shepard crossed her arms, “It won’t hurt to look.” She slowly took a seat. It only felt fair that a room of small Turian children rejected her after all of the Human children that ran screaming away from Garrus.

“Hold on, about to touch down.” Steve informed them from the front of the shuttle as they landed on Palaven.

Shepard stood as the doors opened, a tall Turain stood towards the edge of the landing pad. Shepard smiled as she recognized Primarch Victus. Shepard jumped off the ship and Garrus followed her. The shuttle engaged once they were clear, making it’s return to the Normandy. “Commander Shepard, General Vakarian it’s good to see you two again.” Victus greeted them.

Garrus returned the greeting, “Good to see you too Primarch. How are things on Palaven?” they spoke as they walked off the landing pad.

Victus chuckled, “Thanks to the support of the other races we’re mostly recovered. Everyone has bare needs covered; places to sleep, food, and access to medical supplies. Most of the larger housing communities have been restored. Families are still picking through the rubble trying to put their lives back together, but that will just take time.”  

Shepard nodded, “Sounds like a similar story as Earth.”

Victus nodded, “I’m glad to hear that. When the relays were destroyed I thought what was left of my people would starve to death but thanks to the Normandy enough supplies were gathered to sustain us until the relay back to Palaven could be repaired.”  

Shepard chuckled, “It wouldn’t have been right of me to rally the Turians and the Quarians and not help them once their food supply had been cut off.”

Victus slowed his pace, “I know there are some on both side that wouldn’t have thought twice about betraying aliens once they’d ensured the safety of their own people.”

Garrus scoffed, “You never have to worry about Shepard being like that. Without me she’d forget to feed herself.” Shepard elbowed Garrus and the Turain chuckled.

“Garrus did you forget we’re here trying to convince the Hierarchy to let us adopt a child. I don’t need you telling them I forget to eat.” She was glaring at Garrus even though her envirosuit covered any expression she was showing.

Victus smiled, “I’m sure most of us in higher positions within our hierarchy tend to forget to eat every now and again. Besides your request has already been approved. All that remains is for you to find a child you wish to adopt.”

Shepard was in shock, even with everything she’d done they barely approved her application back on Earth, even by those that didn’t know her husband was a Turian. Shepard took a deep breath as she twisted her fingers, a twitch she’d picked up from Garrus. “That’s great. When will we get to meet them?”

“Where do you think we’re heading too? I’ve ensured all of your paperwork has been processed, Palaven currently has thirteen thousand children under the ages of twelve waiting for adoption.” Victus lead them to a small hover car. They took their seats as the craft sped over the building. Shepard looked on at the half rebuild city below; it did remind her of Earth with different infrastructures. She could see Turians below either walking or clearing rubble.

Shepard was glad to see the progress they had made; she reached over taking Garrus hand. She wondered if she would be so mindful of how the Turians were doing if it wasn’t for her love of Garrus. She did care about the different species of the galaxy but none as deeply as her own people or the Turians. “Are you nervous?” Garrus whispered.

Shepard chuckled as she turned to look at him, “It’s strange, all the danger and uncertainty we walked into; only to fear walking into a building with a bunch children. Even back on Earth it was daunting.”

Victus quickly glanced back at them, “It surprises me you had a difficult time on Earth. After Garrus contacted me, I did some research.” Shepard held back a giggle, the word research had a whole new and inappropriate meaning to her now. Garrus nudged her as Victus spoke over them. “Over twenty million children without parents. I know there was a lot of casualties on Earth but that number…it was mind blowing.” Victus shook his head.

Shepard leaned back, “Those are just the ones accounted for. I’m sure there are another couple million living off the streets or in the wilderness. I think the main reason those numbers are so dramatically high is that Earth hasn’t changed it criteria for adoption in a hundred years. I had a lot of places turn me away outright when they found out Garrus was my mate. A few of those told me they would rather I be a single parent or would ask if Garrus would be on Palaven most of the child’s life.” Shepard felt Garrus squeeze her hand as she turned towards him. “The seven places we did get pre-approved for were so crowded some kids were sleeping on blankets spread out on the floor.”

Garrus shifted in his seat. “You think some of those kids would rather sleep in a nice bed than worry that one of their parents isn’t Human.”

Shepard sighed, “I know it’s been over thirty years but I know some parents still claim Turians as the monsters of space. Steal them away in their sleep if they’ve been bad and…eat them or something.”

Victus chuckled, “Human children are too stringy…and upset my digestive system.” He put his hand over his stomach and the three of them started laughing.

Garrus leaned into Shepard, “Maybe if we don’t find a child here we can go back and I can tell that line to some of the more brave kids back on Earth.”

“No, knowing our luck we’d have the only staff that would believe that Turians eat children and we’ll never adopt.” Shepard rubbed her side she needed a good laugh but her ribs weren’t use to it. “We’ll try Tuchanka next.”

Victus pulled the car around to a small building, “There are hardly any Krogan orphans. Even those that lost their parents were quickly picked up by others.” Victus parked as the three of them left the vehicle. “Hopefully you won’t have any trouble finding a good match.” Victus nodded towards the building.

Garrus walked over to him, “Thanks Primarch. This means so much to us.”

Victus chuckled, “Good Luck. I’ll be heading back to the office. I have some business I need to take care of. You’ll be staying at your Father’s place?”

Garrus nodded, “Yeah we’ll head over there once we’re done here.” Victus nodded as he got back into his car. They watched the Primarch leave, they both turned and looked at the building. Garrus took Shepard’s hand. “Ready?” Shepard nodded as they headed into the Orphanage.

nerdyholler  asked:

For the writing prompts, pairing of choice or keep it gen, #47: “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

Thank you for the prompt! I ended up going with Shaynor because they’re adorkable and I’ve been meaning to branch out and how could I not. 


“Commander?” Samantha asked, fingers poised over her console. Surely she must have misheard what Shepard had said. Head tilted to the side, brow furrowed, she waited for the other woman to clarify. 

“I said I waxed the floor, so grab your fluffy socks.” She waved a hand downwards, and Sam followed its movements, which brought her to the realisation that the Commander wasn’t wearing shoes. She worked hard to stifle the laughter that bubbled up inside her at the implications. This certainly wasn’t regulation, but if she’d learnt anything during her time aboard the Normandy, it was that Commander Shepard had a relaxed attitude towards rules. They had a war to fight, Shepard had said. They had to steal their moments of happiness where they could. 

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Okay so let’s talk about those Mass Effect relationships that are all about what is not portrayed on screen (or we get so little, we kinda have to extrapolate!).

I might do a series of this for Relationships Week but for now I want to talk about CloneShep and their relationships.

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(On AO3, if you prefer!)

“How long were you on the Normandy?”

“Hmm?” Kaidan glanced up to see a very large, very intense-looking krogan nearly staring a hole through him. “Umm… I joined right around the time that Shepard did. Why?”

Grunt… grunted. He crossed his arms over his chest and didn’t bother answering the human’s question. “So you helped her kill that turian?”

“Saren?” Kaidan set his beer aside to give the krogan his full attention. “Yeah, I was right there by her side.”

“Good,” Grunt replied with a nod. “And you fought Collectors?”

“Well, I wasn’t with Shepard at the time,” Kaidan answered, his hand rubbing the back of his neck idly as he glanced aside. “But yes, I fought them, too. I heard that you have a talent for it as well.”

“You bet your ass I do,” the krogan answered, not even a hint of a smile on his face. “Rachni, too.”

“Yeah, heard that, also. Did Shepard ever tell you about the Rachni queen we found?” Kaidan was probably trying to start a more friendly conversation than the one Grunt seemed to be intent on conducting at the moment.

“You fight thresher maws?”

Kaidan paused and glanced around at the other party goers. No one seemed to notice the odd list of questions that Grunt had for him. “Uh… I have before, yes.”

“On foot?”

“No. Definitely not. That’s more Shepard’s style, apparently.”

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