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Seventeen Reaction (Vocal Unit & Dino): You flinch in a fight.

Request:  could i request a reaction for seventeen vocal unit + dino accidentally hitting you during a fight? and if you’re not comfortable with that could it be a reaction to you flinching like the got7 one?

A/N: I could never imagine any of the boys hitting anyone ever so I chose to do it flinching instead. I’m aware this is a sensitive subject and that violence towards anyone is a very real issue and so if anyone has any issue with me posting content of this nature please let me know. Regardless I try to do so in a way that is sensitive to the reader. Thank you.


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You two very rarely argued and when you did it was never with raised voices, Jeonghan would never shout but every word he said was said with purpose and meaning behind it, sometimes with a tinge of venom if the argument was serious. However maybe the lack of raised voices is what made you so nervous, worried that he was so calm he would someday snap. Maybe that’s why when he took a step towards you you flinched away, backing up so you fell back to sit on the sofa behind you. He would stand in shock for a moment, taking in the events that just happened and replaying them back in his head in slow motion. ‘Y/N no...’ He’d whisper, falling to his knees in front of you, burying his head in your lap. ‘I would never...’ he would say. You would simply rest your hand on his head and smooth his hair gently, a silent sign that it was okay.


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Much like Jeonghan he had never raised his voice at you and arguments are rare. When you did argue, Jisoo would simply remove himself from the situation, taking his coat from the rack and disappeaing down the road to clear his head so he did nothing he would later regret. However this time was different, this time yours two argument was slightly more heated and so when Jisoo huffed and reached behind you to get his coat and make his usual exit, you recoiled instantly squeezing your eyes shut and trembling slightly in front of him. You wouldn’t have even opened your eyes before you heard the buttons of Joshua’s coat hit the floor and feel his arms around you, one hand on your head stroking your hair. He would hush you lightly, reassuring you he simply would never. Ever. 


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While Woozi wasn’t necessarily the largest, he had learned to make his voice loud and to have a big impact and so you felt the full force of that when you argued. It was over something so silly and irrelevant and yet you two were both tired which ended up getting you both more riled than usual. Perhaps that was what lead to you cowering a little as he approached you. He would be so shocked that all he could do was back away slowly with his hands raised defensively. ‘No’ was all he could whisper as he watched you slowly relax at the realization that Woozi would never lay a finger on you. Woozi wouldn’t even touch you through fear of making things worse so he simply excused himself to your bedroom, sitting on the bed and contemplating his actions, vowing to prove to you he would never hurt you.


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This would affect him by far the most. He would have to rethink what kind of person he was. The moment you cowered during your rare argument he felt a part of him break and he was sure it was his heart. Seeing you so vulnerable, he should be the last one who made you feel like that, he should make you feel liberated and like a princess, not afraid… never afraid. He would spend copious amounts of time rethinking his actions and going out of his way to make up for whatever it was he had done. He would buy you flowers, take you to dinner and despite your protests just generally spoil you rotten to even begin to make himself a man worthy of you.


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You hear that? That’s my heart breaking

This poor kid would be inconsolable. After you flinched during a fairly heated argument he vowed never to argue with you again, telling you through hiccuped tears and heavy breathing how much he loved you and cared about you and how he would never ever want to hurt you. He would cry for hours after you told him you forgave him and that it wasn’t his fault, feeling like he wasn’t worthy and feeling like absolute crap. The only people who could comfort him were his members, but even then he would be in a sort of daze for sometime after the incident, thinking of ways to look after you and make it so he never ever made you cry again.


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Heart broken couldn’t even begin to describe how Dino felt in the aftermath of your argument. Not only did he feel like the argument itself was his fault but the fact you felt so unsafe around him that you felt in danger absolutely broke him. He would apologise immediately, bowing and tentatively patting your back as you cried into his back, whispering to him that it wasn;t his fault. Regardless he would come home the next day with flowers and would challenge himself to start taking martial arts classes in order to protect you so you no longer needed to feel vulnerable.

Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt close to the cultures they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who don’t know the native language(s) at all or fluently and get shamed for it. Shout out to the mixed kids who were never really immersed in their family culture(s) and their for don’t know anything or very little about where they come from. Shout out to the mixed kids who felt connected to one side of their culture than the other(s). Shout out to the mixed kids who get shamed for wearing or celebrating something unique to the culture(s) because they “don’t look like they’re from there/like that race”. Shout out to the mixed kids whose own family called them “fake”. Shout out to the mixed kids who never felt like they belonged.
—  To me and the “fake” mixed kids

Headcanon that Hunk and Lance are both huge fans of the movie Galaxy Quest, have watched it over a hundred times together, and they can pretty much quote the entire movie word-for-word between each other. And by god they will quote the entire movie if prompted.

Pidge has made that mistake exactly once, and now if anyone says anything that could even remotely set Lance and Hunk off, Pidge makes sure it gets shut down hard


I stand on a shoulder
That looks like a cliff.
I jump into the void
That I call “what-if”.


With red waterfalls,
And trees with black boughs,
It’s a peculiar place
That I’ve yet to know.


I’m now near its bottom,
It’s quite strange close up.
I see people below,
So I shout, “Heads-up!”


-DY // 1 month event prompt: @boulevard-of-bones

In the Eye of the Perceiver

(wrote this during a lull at work, not entirely sure where I was going with this and what’s the meaning of it anyway so let’s just leave it here and pretend it didn’t happen)

The man sits there every night Kylo performs on the stage. Always at the table no one wants because it’s too close to the speakers. It must be coming with cheaper reservation fee. The man doesn’t look like the kind of man who can afford regular visits to the kind of establishment this club represents and yet there he is. Every night.

Kylo doesn’t engage with the audience as of a rule. He doesn’t smile and wink or change his routine in reaction to the shouted demands. He could make a fortune in a single lap dance but he never leaves the stage. He knows he’s good but he knows just as well that a good half of the spell he holds over the spectators is the mystery about him.

The too slim redhead in the corner never has more than one drink. Never leaves his seat to throw money at Kylo like the rest of them, tips and offers and flattery raining around the dancer like confetti. Maybe he doesn’t have enough to spare. Maybe he sees the futility of bribing. Many have tried to buy Kylo. Nobody has offered enough.

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you’re not alone - Harry Styles Au imagines

Part 1: you’ll never know

Part 2: I know what

Part 4: I will keep quiet

Part 5: what hit you

Part 6: I will be here

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“Harry you’re a vampire, a night walker a blood thirsty creature” I spat “what? y/n you’re going crazy” Harry laughed I stood up “no i’m not don’t play me Styles i’m going to have your baby the least you can do is tell me the fucking truth!” I shouted “okay!” Harry held his hands up in defence “I’m a vampire” Harry surrendered “what do you want with me?” I asked “well firstly you’re my soulmate Y/n i’ve been waiting centuries for you” he smiled moving my hair gently from my face “I watched you grow up and protected you with my life” he kissed me “Baby you see every vamp has a woman or even man in their life that is meant for them and only them once you make contact with your soulmate you must bite them three times to complete a transition from human to vampire” he looked at me and showed me his red eyes “you’re half way there but i don’t understand how you could be pregnant vampire’s can not mate somehow we did so we must hide i’ll call Niall and we’ll talk about this” Harry held my hand and we ran to the car. 

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I Know! Isn’t It Great?

Title: Isn’t It Great?

Pairing: John x Reader

Words: 1,472

Summary: Reader and John are both hunters, but they never work together. Their tempers equally matched they find they have no chemistry for hunting. When it comes to sex however…

Prompt: “I know. Isn’t it great?” for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

Warnings: Some violence against John. Reader and John struggle for dominance, though he never hits her. Swearing. Unprotected sex.

I Know! Isn’t It Great?

There he was, the demon you’d been tracking for 2 years. The demon that had killed your best friend… and you weren’t even the one to take him down.

“God dammit, John!” you shouted, turning and shoving John away from you into the wall.

“What? He’s dead! I was just doing my damn job!” he seethed back, pushing away from the wall to come stand in front of you.

“This was my case!” you raged, fighting back tears.

“Look, I’m sorry that I’m not sorry. Dead is dead” he retaliated, staring down at you.

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Peace Amongst The Noise (Part 2-Joker’s POV)

The noise. It never stops. But living in Gotham you’d think one would get used to the noise. But not that kind of noise. Not sirens or shouting or gunshots, but rather the constant noise in his head. Almost like a deafening static that JUST. NEVER. ENDS. But it can be turned down…


Harleen Quinzel. That pretty little doctor who thought she was so smart. He never counted on her being a challenge. It was never supposed to get this far. She was never supposed to know what she knows now…

She seems to be the only thing that can turn down the noise. Her voice, her touch… Was there a name for something like her? Could she even be simplified enough for that?


That’s not important. There’s too much to do tomorrow. No time for distractions. Just go to sleep

But how could one sleep with that noise? He knew he couldn’t, so he gave in; wrapping his arm around her waist. The feeling of relief washed over him as he felt her fingers tracing the tattoos on his skin. She knows every line by heart. The noise gets quieter as she presses her soft lips against his forehead; her hand running through his hair. Her touch is so delicate and caring, which to him is so…. incredibly unfamiliar.

Gotham’s nightly soundtrack still raged on, but things were quiet now….

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You're a lifesaver. I just had another sleep paralysis experience and I've never been able to wake myself up from one before but I remembered what you said once about shouting your way out and I tried and it worked! The hallucination was this disturbing headless creature that was trying to pull me out of bed so I turned my blind panic into anger and shouted at it to put me down which instantly pulled me out of it. Knowing how to wake up makes it much less scary so thanks so much for the advice!

I’m so glad! Honestly I never thought about shouting my way out before I just kind of did it, like in the hallucination I guess I was still working by dream logic so I was just like “y’all mind if I scream” and it worked lmao

It worked when it happened again the next week too so I would definitely recommend screaming at your demonic hallucinations. Apparently they don’t like a fuss.

Journal entries to you

In English class my teacher asked me to define the difference between love and hate and I swear to god I almost said your fucking name.

Stars never look pretty anymore. I tried looking at them, one night when the loneliness crept through closed doors and loud music. But when I went outside suddenly I was on fire and my wrists were stinging again and I couldn’t stop thinking about the glass I cleaned up that night.

I’m realizing now that I’ve never stopped being lonely. You covered it up. You showed me the stars, but now I know that you were never looking at the stars. You were finding answers in the black holes of my eyes.

I want to shout I love you so loud it’s breaks your ribs. Maybe then you’ll know why I was breathing fast when we met.

I want to punch the letters of your name so hard into a typewriter that they keys jam

6-5-14 (4:46 am)
I recognized your knock on the door. I knew it was you before I saw your sparkly eyeshadow. The way you pulled your sleeves over your hands confused me, but I was so caught up in the freckles on your skin I barely noticed. I wish I had.

I was so close to forgetting. But then you came around and asked for your necklace back. I like to think your breathing stuttered.

I wish your name was poison so all I had to do was call you one more time.

The last time I said your name my voice cracked and someone laughed, so I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Missing you makes me hate myself.

Someone asked me this today: “If you had one wish, what would it be?” And the first thing that came to mind was your name but instead I said true love, because i know they mean the same thing.

You used to tell me that that the bruises on my skin in the shape of your mouth were stars and that I was a universe. I never felt big enough to be one, but now I fill up the space in out bed and nothing hurts more.

You smiled at me today and I couldn’t remember how to breath, but that’s okay because at least you’re smiling. I’m not sure how to.
(At least not for real. Faking it is so easy it’s almost funny)

Don’t you remember the night when I was lonely in a crowded room so you took me out to see the stars? I was lonely again tonight (only now just by myself) so I tried it but it felt like the stars were sparks on my skin.

There’s broken glass everywhere and I think my finger is bleeding but I don’t know where it went wrong. I’m so scared.

She was crying today. I asked of I could help but she yelled at me and now I feel empty again.

Maybe she was always sad and I just couldn’t see it behind the lipstick on her teeth or the sparkly eyeshadow she loved so much. (It was my eyeshadow but I think it looked better on her.)

She seems sadder than when met, and I’m Not sure why. I hope that’s she’s okay because I know sadness can destroy as much as can build.

Everything is easy with her. Romance is so much more fun now. We were dancing today and there wasn’t any music but the house (her house, mine is too boring and small and filled with old sadness) was cold and we were warm.

Her eyes are so beautiful its making my chest hurt because eyes just can’t be that shade of brown.

I got her number and she’s so funny I haven’t smiled this much in years.

I met the most amazing girl today but I remember when I was around her, breathing was a lot harder. I think that’s a good sign.

—  inspired by this 

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ACCEPTING.   send me a show and i’ll give you my opinions.

my all-time ultimate fave character:   ok i know this may come as a shock to some people but my scream fave is my all-time favorite fictional babe ever audrey jensen

a character I didn’t used to like but now do:   jake. i never disliked him but i never really cared about him either way, especially during the early half of season one. he grew on me by the end of season one and the potential of an audrey/jake brotp had me lit thanks to my all-time favorite jake roleplayer ((shout out to c)) so i definitely grew to appreciate him more !! … and then he died.

a character I used to like but now don’t:   i honestly ?? don’t think anyone falls into this category. 

a character I’m indifferent about:   brandon james. troy james. anyone who’s last name is james. does anyone actually care about that storyline ?? asking for a friend.

a character who deserved better:  not to be extra and obvious as heck but audrey jensen deserved so much better ??? her storyline had so much potential and then they pulled the documentary excuse out of their asses like they randomly watched the pilot one day and remembered that audrey had a camera ??? because that’s how random it was ??? i know a lot of people didn’t want her to be involved with the murders but i on the other hand am still waiting for the 0.00001% possibility that they’ll reveal she did in fact help kill a man or two. there’s just so many plot holes and questions and the writers cannot possibly tell me they didn’t change their minds on her storyline halfway through season two its literally impossible. Anyway.

a ship I’ve never been able to get into:   kieran / emma. even before it was revealed that he was the killer and thus manipulated her since day one, they were just so Boring and had no chemistry whatsoever imo. season two literally felt like the same emma/kieran scene for 11 episodes straight until the reveal. but also romantic noah/audrey.

a ship I’ve never been able to get over:   audrey/emma. i love the dumb gays so much. i will say i wish they didn’t shove their Entire Development into three episodes b/c i really felt like they were forcing it by the end of season two, but i will cry about audrey/emma always especially my oth au with steph tumblr user survivoric.

a cute, low-key ship:   audrey/brooke. this isn’t even low-key they have so much chemistry it pains me. 

an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:   um????? i Will say that i was on board with noah/zoe from day one when other people were dragging the ship and i thought they were hella cute from the beginning that is my legacy.   ♥♥♥♥ but also halrey (haley / audrey) thanks to cj ♥♥♥♥

a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:   i really didn’t want to repeat the answer Everyone else has given, but definitely seth/brooke. i don’t even think it contributed all that much to the storyline and could have been done…With someone who wasn’t her teacher but that’s just me

my favourite storyline/moment:   that time audrey told the crescent palms hotel clerk she’d strangle him with his own intestines that whole accomplice storyline was so well developed — wait 

a storyline that never should have been written:   ok the documentary storyline first of all ?? but also the blackmail storyline in season one every time i rewatch i literally…………Can’t believe that’s just randomly thrown in with everything else. sorry to anyone that watches mtv scream for the blackmail storyline !!! 

my first thoughts on the show:   fuck i literally thought the concept was so dumb at first and only watched it because i was obsessed with megan’s noah before i even knew her. real story. 

my thoughts now:   i drag this show on a regular basis and will probably never forgive the writers for throwing audrey’s storyline away but i love it at the same time i can’t escape. 

All We Do - Trey Songz

[ you and Trey have been sneaking around for a while, and Trey is starting to want something more, but you were never really looking to commit to anything. ]

“I can’t keep sneaking like this, Y/N!” Trey shouted, I sighed, standing up from the couch, walking over to him. “You and me will never work out, you know I don’t do relationships.” I said,

Trey looked at me with annoyance, he gritted something. “Then what the hell have we been doing?!” He shouted, I rolled my eyes, walking towards him.

“We’ve been having fun. Or at least I’ve been having fun.” I said, “You’re one of the biggest RnB singers, I’m not about to give up my privacy, for some relationship that won’t last long.” I said,

Trey looked at me in disbelief. “You don’t think our relationship would last?” He asked, I shook my head no. “why would you think it ever could?” I asked, “Because, we like each other enough to make it work.” He said,

“You’re telling me that this whole time, this whole you felt nothing?” He asked, I sighed, I walked over to him grabbing his hands. “Tremaine, I’m so sorry.” I said, “I just can’t be in a relationship. It’s going to take me a while.” I said,

“Okay, I’ll wait for you until you’re ready.” He said, he grabbed my waist, pulling me closer. I shook my head, “Don’t wait for me, Trey.” I said,

He let go of me, backing up. He had frustration written all over his face. “I can’t believe you!” He shouted,

“All we ever do is fuck and make love!” He yelled, “How can you say, that you don’t feel the same way?” He asked, I sighed. “I’m sorry.” I said,

He shook his head. “Yeah, you’re sorry. I know.” He said, he rubbed his forehead, standing by the pool table. “If this is what you want.” He said,

“Let’s just stop whatever it is we had, and just continue as business partners.” He added, i nodded my head. “I agree.” I said,

Trey walked up to me, grabbing my cheek. We both looked each other in the eye, he leaned in slowly, and I did the same. Our lips touched, and we both moved in sync.

I pulled away, grabbed his hand. “Stop.” I said, I looked him in the eye. He backed away, he walked over to his jacket and keys.

“I’ll see you around.” He said, I nodded my head, slightly smiling. He opened the door, walking out. Leaving me alone. I sighed, walking into my bedroom.

It’s been a long day.

Everybody talks about how Kagome and Kikyo look alike. 

Everyone says how similar they look to one another and that the resemblance is uncanny but they never looked alike to me. If anything, Kikyo always looked a little bit more like Sango. The shape of their faces, their mouths, their eyes, and general behavior of their hair never really seemed like they were all that similar save for when Kagome wore miko clothing. 

However, there was another character in Inuyasha who I thought looked like Kagome it’s this little girl here.

I know that most of you are shouting that it’s just Takahashi’s same face in play here but hear me out and take a gander at Kagome as a little girl and I’ll get into it. 

The shape of their eyes is near identical even when Kagome’s grown up but you can definitely see it here when she’s a little girl. The tone of their skin, their hair while a little differently colored because Kagome’s is a lot darker and Rin’s on a warmer brown tone acts a little bit more similar. They have way more physical characteristics between them that are shared than Kagome and Kikyo.

I’m not arguing the fact that Kagome isn’t Kikyo’s spiritual successor but I think that Kagome is a biological descendant of Rin. 

The moment you start to really think about it I think the more and more it makes sense. Out of the cast we meet they look the most alike. We’ve seen Kagome interact with the roots of others family trees so it’s plausible that she’d meet someone she’s related to. 

Along with sharing some of the same personality traits with another such as being kind, caring, and courageousness there’s a factor in here that’s the elephant in the room. Or rather, the dog in the room. Both of these girls share close kinships between dog demons. 

Some of you may be thinking the link between Inuyasha and Kagome is firmly rooted to Kikyo but it’s been said time and time again that their relationship is very different. Could this predisposition be rooted back deep within Kagome’s family tree? Or perhaps Kagome’s empathy and ability to connect with demonkind comes from a very humble person.

In episode 96 “Jaken Fall Ill” Sesshomaru’s gang is fortunate enough to be near Jinenji’s garden when Jaken falls victim to Naraku’s insects. When Rin visits him he’s taken aback by her appearance. He’s the first one to comment that she resembles Kagome and his mother agrees with him.

Later, when Inuyasha and co meet up with Jinenji he tells the group that earlier a little girl came to visit him. He describes her as a child of the sun and says how much she reminded him of Kagome. 

It really got the wheels in my head turning. Maybe there’s more than mere sentiment to these words. After Naraku’s defeated, Rin’s placed in Kaede’s care. 

It stands to reason that she grows up and like many feudal aged girls started a family. It’s likely that she stayed in that general region and her children had children and so on and so forth and those children took on the care of the shrine. Which eventually ended up being Kagome’s home. 

Maybe I’m looking too much into it but it’d still be really cool. 

tl;dr: Kagome and Rin may be related because they’re both good with stupid dogs. 

Shout out to the littles...
  • Who never get a chance to be little
  • Who are transgender and want to transition but don’t think they ever can
  • Who are only little when they’re completely alone
  • Who are trans or non-binary and have no one to safely talk to
  • Who don’t know or can’t decide how they identify
  • Who don’t keep little things because what if someone sees
  • Who have never told anyone offline about their gender identity
  • … Or their sexual orientation
  • … Or their little interests

Shout out to the lonely littles!

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Argil, what is your opinion about the apprentices? Can you give details?

Argil: “All of them?! Ugh, that’s SO much work. Let’s see…

Adoranz is way too serious, so I never hang out with him. I don’t know much about Dima. He never talks to me and seems pretty boring. Drace is one scary dude. I keep as far away from him as possible. Electroy’s a pretty cool dude, I occasionally pull a prank or two with him. Eteri and Frederick are awesome to hang out with. They’re super chill, besides the fact Frederick is always shouting. Florence is pretty, but she nags me about my bad habits too much. I mess with Gaara ever so often, but the dude’s way too serious for his age. Needs to lighten up a bit. I love making fun of Grail whenever he tries to flirt with one of the apprentices and fails, it’s one of my favorite pass times. Too bad he’s doing it a lot less now. I don’t think I’ve even said two words to Korya. Seems pretty boring to me. Kosatka is a really sweet little dragon and, to be honest, I envy her innocence. Lawrence is freaking creepy. After seeing what he did to Dorkus once, I’ve made it a personal goal to be as far away from that guy as possible. Morden’s kinda weird. I don’t know much about him, but I keep away from the guy, don’t wanna get hypnotized. Nebel seems too serious to me so I never really talk to her. Odinson is fun to mess with. I love occasionally plucking one of his long gold feathers, His reaction is priceless. Oria’s alright. We talk occasionally but that’s about it. Dorkus is pretty fun to mess with ever so often, but only really when his gang isn’t around. Like Florence, Sana is pretty, but nags too much about my bad habits as well. Semias… I feel really bad for the kid. Nothing much to say there. Considering I keep away from Drace, I don’t know much about Seva, she seems nice though. As for Tundrine, I seriously HATE her sometimes. She likes to freeze my maw shut which is seriously not fun because it take forever to melt!”

the feel of solid ground

(according to microsoft word i haven’t touched this since december 2. or: sometimes i write things and get super critical and perfectionist-y and they never see the light of day. but, given the finale, i felt like this was worth bringing out. no spoilers, not canon - but not quite an au - i dunno. it would maybe fit somewhere in 4a, if frozen hadn’t happened - i took liberties, basically. 

but have some emma leaves storybrooke - and killian - angst. inspired by the song ‘so anyway’ from the musical next to normal, which you should most definitely go listen to here.) 

so anyway,

i’m leaving.           

i thought you’d like to know.


The words hang in the air after she says them and she almost wants to take them back but she can’t. Doesn’t want to. She meant it, she—

            “So you’ve made up your mind then,” he says finally. She bites her lip, unsure of how to respond. He meets her eyes, then, and the look on his face makes her want to close the distance between them, soothe him, take it back, it’s okay, it’s okay. But she stays where she is. “There’s nothing I can say to change your mind.”

            She shakes her head in agreement. He sighs, nodding, looking away again. She blinks back the tears.

            “It’s not forever,” she tells him. “I just—”

            “You don’t need to justify it, love.”

            But she does, doesn’t she? To him, if no one else.

            And she needs him to know—she needs to make sure he understands.

            “It’s not you, okay?” And God, it’s such a cliché, but it’s true. “I’m—it’s me, and I just—”

            He doesn’t interrupt her, doesn’t take her into his arms. Just remains where he is, eyes trained on the floor, seated on the edge of the bed. (Their bed.)

(Not anymore.)

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