every friend group has the one designated tall person. 

Smalls choose their alphas talls based on the talls skills sets: the ability to reach high, will defend the smalls as needed, very cushiony and nice to sleep on. Some smalls choose to have two talls in a group so that they can acquire many skill sets 

Having more then one or two talls can be dangerous though, since talls are more likely to need to fight to have alpha power over the group (even though the smalls are in control) 

Talls are bound to feel threatened when a small wears heels that brings the small to an average height, making the tall feel smaller/shorter then normally, or when another tall in the group wears heels that bring up their height, so that the other tall looses height. This can easily be avoided by only keeping one tall within the group.

Although, when smalls take in an alpha tall they run the risk of enduring abuse from talls, being made fun of for their height by jokes and being used as armrest for the tall’s sadistic mirth. (Sometimes it may happen that smalls will be the abuser of the talls, saying “How is the weather up there?”, it is much more common for smalls to get abused.)

Although it is not common for smalls and talls to make their own group without any diversity, it can happen and cause issues within the group, so it is not advised. 

Another solution both talls and smalls use is to stay separate from groups and stay single, but commonly a single tall and a single small will stay together as a couple, but will be outcasted from groups of diverse, smalls, and talls, maybe one day to be welcomed back

Can I ask white cis women a question? Why are y’all so averse to using gender neutral language when discussing things having to do with genitals? Like. It doesn’t erase your experience, are you not a vagina-owner? If you say people with vaginas does that not include you? Why are you insisting that this language erases you? Why is it so difficult to use “I” statements instead of speaking for all women if you really cannot degender your language?

I really don’t comprehend this, these are some of the main reasons I leave spaces, when folks refuse to degender language on the basis that the space has to be safe for THEM to be bigots.

some deancas high school au things (bc there’s never enough)
  • jock!dean who lets his boyfriend cas wear his too-big letterman jacket
  • cas loving it bc it smells like dean and he can pull the sleeves over his hands ;; 
  • cheerleader!dean and school photographer!cas
  • cas sending dean an anonymous love letter on valentine’s day (dean kisses him when he reveals himself)
  • their first date and dean takes cas for burgers and he’s really nervous so he just keeps talking and he feels like an idiot but cas just looks at him with that smile like he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else
  • having to write a poem as an english project and okay maybe dean’s is about the beauty to be found in deep blue eyes but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything (it does)
  • artist!cas with sketchbooks packed with a full-on study on the contours of dean’s face
  • drawing him in every single margin on his papers omg and dean blushes so hard every time he sees but he’s secretly so so pleased
  • sam and charlie working together to set them up because it’s just so obvious
  • musician!dean who composes a song for cas on their anniversary 
  • dean is the new kid at school and cas is the weird and quiet guy who wears sweater vests and is always reading books on bees for some reason???
  • dean and cas always eating their lunches outside on the bleachers bc cas doesn’t like how loud it can be inside and he wants to privacy to kiss dean eheheh
  • dean sits in the desk in front of cas and they always hold hands when they don’t think anyone will notice
  • dean is really nervous about his calc test and is on the verge of a full fledged freak out so cas just speaks to him really softly and rubs his back and shoulders until he calms down
  • dean putting on a big macho persona and everyone around school knows him as super tough but around cas he just melts
  • before they get together cas likes to go to dean’s baseball practices and pretend to study while he imagines what dean’s lips would feel like on his oh no
  • both of them are giant freaking nerds and sometimes when cas comes over he and dean just spend all day wrapped together on the couch reading
  • just. everything about deancas hs au’s.