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Speed Date W/Okada

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This is a little short but I needed to update this series. I have plans for a longer second date Okada fic once I finish the first round of these. I can’t remember who recommended I write Okada with Gedo in this but whoever you are, THANK YOU. This was so much fun to write and I honestly can’t wait to write more of these two.

Part One w/Kenny Omega - Part Two w/Adam Cole

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Today’s agenda

OK guys- Here is my list of things to get done today

Wake up at a reasonable time- failed miserably. I massively overslept. 

Church (check) 

Beta read the fics I said I would go over (Half check. One down one to go) 

Edit and post new Chapter of Cut From the Same Cloth (_____pending__)

Make my “Lucky Us” cake (Half check. Cakes are done, now to add fillings Frost and decorate) ((this is totally your fault @geek-fashionista you keep spoiling me with updates!)) 

Laundry (WIP) 

Pokewalk (Hopefully the weather will clear up or this might get cancelled) 

If all that goes well- finish new chapter of “To see the Forest” 

Cook dinner- Roasted Garlic chicken with white wine cream sauce and sauteed green beans 

Wish me luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 115

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i am fine, you are fine, we are all fine right, ahHH im so proud of them for completing 2 successful days in Newark, i hope those of you who attended had the time of your lives!!! lets continue to support them always wooo ( somehow i have a feeling ive used this gif but then again look at him god )

anyway heres another fic rec, ill be updating about stuff soon so do check out the tag #fafupdates and do check out #fafsells for my selling posts~

lets start~

1) Where the lines overlap

by @chinnychimchim

a jimin x y/n fic 


soulmates au 

2) Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung

by @helendrv

a taehyung  xy/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

3) Heist

by @parkjiminslittlebabygirl

a taehyung  x y/n fic 


4) Tongue-tied

by @ofsunandstars

a jimin x y/n fic 


5) Stolen Moments

by @seouledsoul2kpop

a jungkook x y/n fic


( istg i love this plot so much, my heart was in pieces )

6) Anchored

by @minjinbiased

a namjoon x y/n fic 


7) One Good Purr

by @kimtrain

a taehyung  x y/n fic 


shifter au

( i love these type of plots im weak )


8) Testosterone Boys

by @kiwiscript

a yoongi x y/n fic 

completed series with 2 parts out 

fuckboy au

( god my heart here )

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

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hiiii I have a question do you update your favorites list/master list ? I'm really looking for more fics, and I've read all the ones on your master list so are there any new favorites of yours or ?

I haven’t updated my favourites list, but I can make a new one if you like!

(I’m not sure what mean by “master list”… I have a whole page of fic rec master lists that you can check out if you’re looking for new fics!)

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Hi, do you know a wolfstar fic where in muggle au, Remus had been locked in his room by his father for 18 years and can't express or really comprehend emotions. He meets Sirius one day who is raising harry and decides that he wants to marry him because his heart skips a beat or something. Sirius is really annoyed at this at first and doesn't trust him especially around harry but later learns to appreciate and eventually love him. Ive been looking everywhere for this and I thought id ask

Sorry, little anon, I don’t read wolfstar fics. I see the appeal, truly, but it just never interested me to delve into that ship.

Does anyone else know of this fic?


@rich-belle has read this fic which can be found here. Thank you rich-belle ^^.

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you don't happen to know of any decent ereri fanfics like based on horse riding do ya? :)

I thought this was a euphemism… There aren’t really many horse riding fics surprisingly, I only found one that is complete as the rest haven’t been updated in quite a while. Here you go!

Let Your Heart Run Child, Like Horses in the Wind 
Summary: Prompt: Dressage rider Levi meets jumper Eren and they’re gay and there are horses.


God Have Mercy Pt. II

Author: sleepywinchester > prev. deanwinchester-af

Summary: Hope was something hard to scavenge in this broken new world. Catalina is a ex-drug dealer whom love for power and control didn’t cease when the dead took over. Catalina’s followers helped her built El Paraiso to keep the zombies away and rules inside. What could happen when one of the evilest men in this broken world would show up knocking into Paradise’s gates? 

Pairings: Negan x Catalina (Colombian, Ex-Drug Dealer & OFC)

Words: 1.5k

Warnings: Language. Dark. Zombies. Implied Smut (kind of)

A/N: Sup guys!!!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this fic. I really think this is the beginning of something that might (or might not) have like five chapters… I’m still thinking of it, honestly. Really hope my Negan’s and JDM girls enjoy this one. Feedback is always appreciated it <3

Negan wasn’t someone a person could just have fun with for a night. It wasn’t because he was a stand up guy who devoted himself to one woman, but because his skills in the bed were exceptional. Alongside the physical attraction, it was his vision, the thirst for survival and the overall control that attached me to Negan. As individuals we were competent rulers but as an one? We were invincible. We didn’t talk about it but that was the main reason between our relationship.

Our relationship didn’t grew up out of love, it was arranged for our own and people’s benefits. It didn’t mean that some feelings started to develop over time. People either feared us or shared our vision and followed our rules. Neither of our maleficent’s personas mattered when we were together in this room. I didn’t saw him as the cold blooded ruler he was and Negan didn’t saw me as a control freak. We learned to see each other under the layers we had to grew to stay alive and become something more than a walking dead.

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Tale As Old As Time - Sarah737, Vixenfur -  終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End - Chapter 11| Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

WOW NEW UPDATE ALREADY?? ya’ll we’re so lit writing this you don’t understand XDDDD and it’s 7k words so more than the usual quota of words for our chapters hehe 


Crowley finally takes action against Guren with claims that he’s gone mad. At the same time, Mikaela and Yuu bask in the afternoon sun, cozily cuddled together after their romantic activities the previous evening. However, once Yuu admits he misses his father and Mikaela offers him the magical mirror, they learn something neither of them expected to see.

collab with @vixenfur 

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My favorite writer said they'll be updating their one fic tomorrow! The YOI writers are angels! Thanks to all of them!

Oooh which fic! That’s so exciting!

stone cold (9/11)

parings: alex danvers/maggie sawyer

tags: assassins au; alex’s pov; slow burn

All her client had given her was a piece of paper with her target’s address and their name on it. “Detective Sawyer”, Alex recalled.

Or the one where Alex is supergay and ends up falling for the woman she’s supposed to kill: Sanvers assassins AU.

read it on ao3

Blue Lion Log: Entry 26

Alright, now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep and have processed everything that’s happened recently, I think it’s time to update you on what we found yesterday. And, as with… well… pretty much everything else that has happened since landing on Hoth, there’s some good news and some bad news about this whole situation.

On the bright side, we’ve managed to find the Castle through sheer luck, and it seems to be more or less in one piece.

That “less” part is what I’m worried about though. Because, while the Castle is still definitely in one piece at the moment, there’s still a lot of damage. It almost looks like the Castle crash landed here. There’s a worrying crack running down one side of it. And the problem is, we’re not really sure how far that crack extends just yet. The storm kept us from seeing the whole of it, and we didn’t have enough time to actually follow and assess it.

This could be really bad for us, depending on the crack’s length and width. If we aren’t able to fix it, the Castle won’t be able to go back into space. That’s, of course, assuming its systems haven’t been compromised in the crash as well. Which, if they are, means we’re pretty much screwed. Most of what the castle runs on is old, Altean tech that can’t be found anywhere anymore. If any of it’s broken… I’m not sure we can replace it or find a workable substitute.

All in all, the Castle could be completely dead. We might not be able to salvage it.

At least we still have Blue, who definitely can get us off this planet. If the Castle turns out to be dead, we could probably also manage to get Red out from where Allura locked her, and then we’d have two lions to work with instead of just the one. Not gonna lie, having Red available would make breaking Pidge and the other lions out of Galra’s control so much easier. Especially with how well Blue and Red work together.

I mean, in terms of abilities, the two lions are on completely different ends of the spectrum. They have that kind of fire versus water thing going on, which you would think would mean they wouldn’t be compatible at all. But actually, their differences mean that Red and Blue cover each other’s weaknesses, and can usually fix whatever the other lion happens to mess up.

That’s partially why Keith and I were such a great team together, even before we got over all the rivalry stuff. We’re different, but complementary. We just naturally fit together that way.

But anyways, having both Red and Blue at our disposal would seriously help, regardless of whether the Castle works or not.

Of course, having the Castle up and running would help even more, which is why Hunk and I are going to do everything we can in order to fix it. Starting with making sure the life-support systems are still ok and that the cryo-replenishers haven’t malfunctioned or anything. We kind of need Coran and Allura in order for any of this to work. If we can’t wake them up, we’re seriously screwed.

So life support and the cryo-replenishers are our top priority. Then the Castle system itself. And then any actual, physical damage we come across. Hunk will be able to tell which parts are most important to fix, so I’m just going to leave those decisions to him and let him boss me around until it’s fixed. We can figure all the rest out later.

We’re going to need to move Blue as close to the Castle as possible though, so we aren’t constantly having to make the long trek from here to there and back again. It’ll just be easier to have Blue nearby. And we’ll need her scanners to keep watch over the planet and the star system for anything unusual, at least until we can get the Castle systems up and running again. We don’t want to be surprised by the Galra, after all. That would be bad.

I got a feel for the terrain yesterday while we were walking to the Castle, so hopefully this won’t turn out too badly. I’ll just have to fly really, really slowly and try not to crash into any rock walls. Which sounds easier than it probably is, since this storm still hasn’t let up at all and I can barely see anything in all the dirt flying around, but hey. Might as well try. I’m nothing if not optimistic.

So. Move Blue, fix the Castle, leave this planet and save the universe.

Seems like a solid plan to me.

Chapter 10 of ‘Domestic Bliss Must Suit You’ is up!

well, damn we’ve hit double digits! I wrote this one rather quickly, as my fingers could not stop flying across my keyboard! Angst, hurt/comfort and a whole lotta snogging ;p enjoy and let me know what ya think! :) xo

Two weeks had gone by quickly. Sherlock had kept himself busy with cases and Molly had begun tackling the wedding plans. The date they had chosen, September 16th, was a little over six months away. She had gotten Sherlock’s opinions on venue ideas but nothing seemed to stick. Molly could get herself overwhelmed sometimes, as well as have the bad habit of overthinking everything. She knew his indifferent demeanor had nothing to do with her, but with staying focused on the cases he worked on. Sometimes, she couldn’t stop her brain from going into overdrive.

What if he doesn’t really want to do this? Does he understand the commitment he’s making? He’s Sherlock, of course he does; he’s not stupid. But what if he’s regretting it? Will he tire of me eventually? I’m surprised he hasn’t already. Should I choose a pastel yellow for the bridesmaids? Hmm, I will talk it over with Sherlock if he actually has an opinion on the matter. Oh, who am I kidding? Sherlock always has an opinion. God, what if he realizes he’s made a mistake after the fact? Okay, no, Molly, you know Sherlock loves you. JUST. STOP. THINKING.

“Molly, I can hear you thinking from across the flat,” Sherlock called from his chair.

“Sorry,” Molly spoke quietly as she peered around the doorway that separated the kitchen from the sitting room. He glanced up at her, back down to his phone and back up to meet her eyes. She’s worried, Sherlock deduced. He stood up and walked over to where she stood, still lost in her thoughts. Sherlock’s eyebrows furrowed with concern.

“Perhaps you should take a break from the planning,” he spoke softly, gathering her into his arms.

“I think you’re right,” Molly laughed half-heartedly.

“It’ll be alright,” Sherlock murmured against her hair, sensing that there was probably more than the wedding plans bothering her, but not wanting to push the topic until she felt like talking. He tightened his hold on her, his fingers drawing patterns against the small of her back.

“I love you,” Molly whispered, a tear slipping from her eye. He felt it drop, as his dress shirt had soaked it in. The knowledge that she was crying alarmed him greatly.

“What’s the matter, Molly?” he asked, pulling back to look her in the eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I've just realized that you aren't active on ao3 anymore which makes me kind of sad because i really looked forward to your updates!

Hi there! Time, motivation and inspiration have been severely lacking as of late, but rest assured that I am trying my best! I’ve also signed up for the Alpaca Jin Love Exchange so you’ll for sure be getting at least one fic out of me in the next couple of months c:

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I just wanna say that I literally just read all the chapters of your levihan spy au and oh my GOD its amazing! I have never read such an in character au fic AND with amazing action sequences !!! I was hooked the entire time and I'm thrilled to have found a new favorite writer ❤❤ thanks for being awesome!

❤❤❤❤❤ ahhhhhh! Thank YOU for sending the sweetest message EVER. I’m sorry I took so long to respond. I’ve kind of been hoarding this one in my inbox to look at on bad days - because it’s so damn wonderful. Seriously, you’re so kind to send this. I’ve been working on the next update for the story, bit by bit, so I’m hoping to have a new chapter for you in the next couple of months.

anonymous asked:

Hellooo, so could you tell us your absolute must-reads on ffnet or AO3? And also, please (i beg you) give me writing tips! I'm totally desperate cause I have all these ideas but i cant bring myself to write them....

Hiya Chickadee.
I don’t have time for a big long list, but one I’d really plug is  Fire and Ice and it’s continuation Embers and Frost by SkyleafAlchemist19. They’re amazing corssovers of OP with ‘Rise of the Guardians’, and while my heart aches so much for Ace, it’s updated every week (usually around Wednesday) and I’ve been promised a happy ending by the author. So that’s that. 

As for writing tips; I’m slowly working on it; I’ve got a page on the blog and I’m trying to write a post called ‘Starting a Fic’, but I’m also running this blog and writing Marines (because Justice just isn’t cooperating right now) so please bear with me. I’m doing as much as I can, promise,

a plea on behalf of authors with works in progress

I know people “hate” WIPs and “don’t usually read/comment on them” because “it’s so frustrating waiting for updates” and “what if it never gets finished?”, but let me just say something from the point of view of someone who has written several multi-chaptered fics over the years, including one that has sat unfinished since 2010:

It’s lonely. It’s a huge investment of time and energy into a project that you hope people will like, but most of them will never tell you until it’s finished. It’s easy to get frustrated. To feel like no one cares, or is paying attention. To feel like giving up, or shelving it for later.

Encouragement along the way is like rain on the desert for writers of WIPs. Knowing people are excited about your story, and eager to see what happens next. Your questions and your love can light a fire under a writer, keeping them going when they might otherwise feel like maybe it’s not worth it. Your feedback might even give them a new idea when they are feeling stuck.

So take a risk. What’s the worst that can happen? You get to read something you enjoy, even if it’s unfinished. Balance that against maybe being the reason something does get finished, after all.