no one is in charge of your happiness but you

i. falling in love is a change of pace. it’s being accustomed to your own company and then suddenly letting someone else take charge of your happiness. it’s falling asleep with your foot on the gas pedal. it never ends, it never ends, it never ends. it keeps going even when you beg it to stop.

ii. falling in love with you was like lighting a match and watching it devour my whole house. i didn’t mean for this to happen; believe me, i didn’t. but i was still the one who held the flame.

iii. falling in love doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the process. falling in love shouldn’t hurt. pain doesn’t mean it’s real. pain is a stop sign. when you put your hand on a hot burner, your body jerks you away. remember you don’t have to stay.

iv. sometimes you love and love and love and you are not loved in return. don’t let that stop you from loving.

—  four things i learned the day after i watched you walk out the door

Self Love Jar Spell

Because everybody can use some self love, especially today.

You will need: 

  • Rose quartz 
  • Clear quartz
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla extract and/or vanilla beans
  • A jar!
  • A pink candle (tip: rose scented!)
  • A self love sigil
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Here is a self love sigil created by @birdblinder if you need one!


  1. Light your candle 
  2. Charge your quartz with loving energy
  3. Using the pencil and paper, write down a bunch of things that you love about yourself.
  4. Put all of your ingredients into the jar, including your sigil. 
  5. Put the paper(s) into the jar. 
  6. Seal your jar with the wax from the pink candle, you may also carve the sigil into the wax as well.
  7. Set it in a warm place so that it may be a reminder. 

Protection and Happiness Jar Spell 

Well hi guys, i made this spell jar to help myself be happier and not let others get to me. i hope you enjoy it. 


  • salt(protection)
  • lavender(protection)
  • clove(dispel negativity)
  • light blue candle(happiness)
  • happiness sigil (if you dont have one you can use mine below)
  • yellow string(happiness)
  • rose quartz
  • jar

Light the blue candle and write out your sigil. Tie the sigil with the yellow string and place in jar. Layer salt, lavender buds and clove (it does not need to fill jar). Seal with blue wax and let sit next to rose quartz under the moon for a few hours to charge. 

My happiness sigil:

A Hopeful Christmas Wish (J-Hope Birthday Project)

Hi everyone as the day winds to an end I have decided to do something about the Hoseok Birthday Project. My wish was to make sure Hoseok knew that he was loved by all ARMYs. I did not receive enough submissions so i’m doing something that will hopefully change that. I want Hoseok to be as happy as possible and always know that we love and appreciate him. To make my wish come true…

I have made all submissions 100% FREE

That’s right….it’s now free of charge to submit your items for the scrapbook. (donations are still being accepted btw)

In order to submit all you have to do is send message me one of the following:

  1. Fanart (no limit to how many you can send) 
  2. Letters 
  3. Messages of encouragement 
  4. Pictures of you wearing Merch 
  5. Anything else that comes to mind 

along with your first name and where you are from. The deadline is still January 18 so i hope i get enough submissions by then. Please reblog this or send this to as many fans as possible. I really hope this post can spread to many many people because i would love for Hoseok to see how much he is appreciated by his fans. 

Thank you <3~

I pray that one day you will wake up in the morning and your eyes will not be puffy.

I pray that one day you’ll be going through your day without constant reminders of him.

I pray that one day you’ll see that this is your life and you’re in charge of it.

I pray for the day you’re finally happy.

I pray for the day you don’t feel like screaming at the top of your lungs for someone who will never love you back.

I pray for the day your thoughts aren’t tainted with memories of him.

I pray.

—  D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #169

I can’t tell you how sad i was, that after an HOUR of getting ready, when i went to turn my nice camera on the battery was dead…dont be like me kids, always charge your cameras. hopefully my silly space effects make up for it??

NYMA!!! I know she’s not perfect, I’m not a huge fan of how the yellow tones don’t reeeeally pop out (even after so much work ug) BUT! she is done! and I am actually pretty happy with my construction? some frustrating things, but i KNEW that was just with the territory. I’m trying desperately to get my construction progress (and extra photos) on my Patreon, but its down right now for some reason??? bleh. 

so here she is…Nyma; SQUEAKADEEKS STYLE! 

Passwords as spells.

So, I had an idea for a bit of techno witchery. What about encrypting spells into your passwords? On any given day I use at a minimum four different ones for various things I have to sign into, so it’d be an easy way to incorporate a bit of magic into my day.

For instance, if you wanted a spell to keep you happy at a job you dislike, maybe your first password of the day could be “1w!llBh@ppy” aka “I Will Be Happy” or something. (That’s an example, please make up your own unique password; security is still important.) Or you could use it to magically boost security if it’s something top secret.

Every time you type in the password, you’re charging the spell. Thoughts?

So Jazzy posted a photo on instagram that was pro planned parenthood. The comments on there are disgusting. One woman commented that she had six kids because her husband never gave her birth control (which she was happy about). That’s the whole point of this. Men should not be in charge of a woman’s body. Even if you’re pro-life, a man should still not be making decisions for you. It’s your own choice.


Has the chief suspended you again?
Taken your guns from you?
Thinks you’re too trigger happy?
Questions your tenancy for high collateral damage?

A simple body mod can change that!

As one of the city’s top detectives, you know where all the best ModShops are, and you have the power to keep the mechanics quiet about your new little friend!

This little beauty has the capacity for
8 devastator shots/
16 lethal force shots/
24 stun shots
Per full charge. And it’s scope tracks whatever direction your finger points, just flex your thumb to fire!

Determination Sachet

Determination is will power. It is the inner strength that keeps you going in the face of adversity. It comes from within and keeps your feet on the path before you.

You will need:
1. Ginger powder - one teaspoon
2. Clove powder (Allspice powder may be substituted) - one teaspoon
3. A small charm that you associate with hope and success (optional)
4. A 10 cm × 10 cm (4 in x 4 in) square of yellow fabric
5. A length of ribbon, about 15 cm (6 in) long

Place the square of yellow fabric in front of you. In most cultures yellow represents warmth, happiness, and sunshine. It can also represent success and courage. These are positive associations that will buoy your determination. Charge it with positive thoughts as you straighten it and gently brush the fingers of your right hand from the top (furthest side from you) to the bottom (closest side to you) internalising the positive charge.

Place the ginger powder, clove powder, and charm (optional) onto the centre of the fabric. Then fill the sachet with thoughts of determination; you are charging it with energy so it can give back to you when you need it. Take your time with this process because the more you put into the more it can give.

If you have a specific intention you can say aloud and with conviction:

“I am determined to [goal] and have the strength and character to achieve success.”

Alternatively or additionally, you can chant:

“I carry and keep before me my desires
Spark of determination ignite my fires
Living flame of will power warming all my heart
Believing I will succeed from the very start”

Gather the corners of the fabric together and tie it with the white ribbon. The colour white is associated with pure thoughts, new beginnings, and protection. Like the white picket fences protecting homes, the white ribbon will guard your determination from corruption.

Carry your sachet with you or sleep with it beneath your pillow. Take it out and give it a shake whenever you need to recharge your sense of determination.

lunaravefox  asked:

Stupid question but how do u charge a sigil? Sorry I'm new to this.

No worries. I know it’s confusing when you’re first starting out.

When you charge a sigil, you are taking the energy from one source and redirecting and sort of programming it into the sigil and to work towards the sigil’s intent. Potentially anything involving energy, light, heat, movement, extreme emotion, pain, etc. can be used to charge a sigil. Some methods are destructive and leave you without a physical copy of the sigil and some are not. Either way is perfectly fine and it’s really up to your own personal preference. Probably the most well-known method of charging is to burn the sigil. When you choose a charging method it is always a good idea to think about the intent of your sigil and try to find an appropriate charging method. A sigil for cleansing or fresh starts might be charged using water while one for happiness or a bright future might be charged with sunlight. Whatever method you choose though, it is important to focus on the intent of the sigil as you do it. You are directing the energy from whatever source into your sigil to accomplish a particular goal. I have made a page listing several ways you can charge sigils and types of sigils I think correspond with those methods. For now, here are just a few examples of how you can charge a sigil.

  • Burn it
  • Leave it in the sunlight/moonlight
  • Run water over it
  • Bury it
  • Direct your own energies into it (explained below)
  • Place it under a charging phone/electronic device
  • Sex/orgasm
  • Blood
  • Pain
  • Dancing/running/physical exercise
  • Write it in something that will disappear (fog in mirror, etc.)
  • Draw it in your food and eat it

cassiespoeticnonsense  asked:

I have recently been appointed as Lesser/Assistant Harpy and want to know if you have any pointers/tips. Or anything really. ANYTHING IS HELPFUL.

It would probably not surprise the readers of this blog that both the people in charge here have served as Harpy at one point or another, and we do absolutely have some tips for succeeding in the post that we’re happy to share.

So, some people may tell you that being Harpy is about keeping track of status and boons. They’re wrong. Being Harpy is about sick burns and making people love you for those sick burns. Okay, well, it is kind of about keeping track of some stuff, but the point is, if you want people to actually respect you as a Harpy and care about your status calls, you have to assert yourself as a social bellwether. Which means, on some level, honing your bitchcraft.

This doesn’t mean you have to be mean all the time (after all, True Scorn means more if you reserve it for only deserving occasions), but you should absolutely cultivate a streak of being judgmental about other characters. You also should be willing to stick to your guns about your judgments—change them in the face of overwhelming evidence, sure, but be confident otherwise in expressing what you think about other characters. Toward that end, it’s also a good idea to try and chat up all kinds of characters, just to be able to develop those opinions and have a good sense for the big picture. You don’t have to be best buddies with everyone or know all their secrets, but it’s helpful to be informed.

Also, never give status to yourself. Arrange other people giving it to you via backroom deals, sure, but never from yourself to yourself. That’s just tacky.

First Day Friendship Spell

You’ll need

  • 3-4 paperclips
  • a yellow cloth or baggie
  • napkin/paper towel (optional)
  • herbs/plants of your choice

Start with your paperclips. Take the first one. This represents “you” in the spell. Charge it with your energy. Take the remaining paperclips and focus on the types of people you want to draw to you. Clip each paperclip together to form a chain.

Place the paperclip inside of a napkin and add your herbs. I used dried orange peels, chamomile, and cloves. Oranges are great for happiness, cloves are attracting and also have a bit of ~spice~. Chamomile I added for friends with even temperaments, because I am not about the drama at all. Use different combinations of ingredients to attract different types of people. My goal was to find folks who I’d have fun with, were interesting or adventurous, but who were also chill. Hence my plant choices (also based on what I had on hand. College witch. Broke af.)

Fold the napkin and place it inside of the yellow bag. You can use almost any color baggie, but I like yellow because it’s good for happiness and communication, which is what friendship is also good for!

Your charm is now set. I charged it by putting it inside of my shirt near my heart for about 20 minutes before my first class. I just stuck it inside of my bra, but if you’re not a bra wearing person, you can also pin it to your shirt with a safety pin, tie it to a string, or use a different charging method.

Now go forth and make friends!!!

UPDATE 06/26: After taking another look at this spell and reflecting on my year, I’m pretty certain this spell worked, but the friends I made weren’t as long lasting or close as I’d hoped. Therefore, I’d recommend anyone trying this spell to add honey or pine (or both) for some longevity.

I think I'm finally learning to speak Castiel :

- Hello Dean : I love you Dean
- I’m considering disobedience : I’m in love with Dean
- I gave everything for you : I love you Dean
- I’m hunted, I’ve rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you : I love you Dean
- Dean and I do share a more profound bond : I’m in love with your brother
- Of course : I love you Dean
- Much of the time i’d rather be here : I love you Dean
- I’m always happy to bleed for the Winchesters : I love you Dean
- I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead from them to keep away from you : I love you Dean
- I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You : I love you Dean
- I do everything you ask , i always come when you call : I love you Dean
- Your problems always come first : I love you Dean
- How are you Dean : I love you Dean
- Maybe we should call Dean : I’m in love with your brother
- This mission is everything : I’m in love with Dean
- Dean , I’m sorry : I love you Dean
- I’m the one who will have to watch you murder the world : I love you Dean
- I could go with you : I love you Dean
- …………………………. : I love you Dean

I was done. Somehow, we had managed to go against the prophesy, to show Fate who was in charge.

Only later did we realize this was just Fate’s plan B.

We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill them. Take one of them and turn them on their heads or at least these will hopefully keep the errors out of your writing. If you think of any other way to change them up go right ahead. Happy hunting!

Friendship Charm

- Lavender (love)
- Mint (invigorating energy)
- Salt (stability)
- Catnip (Happiness)
- Optional: sodalite, lapis lazuli or amethyst (peace and communication)
- A jar, bag, or pouch

- Cleanse and charge the ingredients
- Add them to the bag and carry to strengthen current relationships and friendships and to attract new ones into your life.
Optional: make a second bag, include a taglock of yourself, and give it to your friend to promote a bond between the pair of you.

anonymous asked:

Forgive me if these are silly questions. I was wondering where I can find good and trustworthy beta readers? I've been aiming to try (goodreads) but keep backing out from fear. Second Question. Being new to beta readers I do not know how they work. Do they listen to you if you need to explain why you wrote something a certain way? Can we come to a happy medium that best explains my writing?

I’ve got about three vlogs on beta readers that can answer all of your questions except for the last one.
As for your last question, I’m wondering if you’re misunderstanding the point of a beta reader? They’re not in charge of dictating your writing. They’re there to tell you their reactions and opinions to your writing. If you have to explain the choices you made, then you’ve got a big problem. You can’t sit next to every reader who buys your book and explain why you wrote this character a certain way or that scene a certain way. You can’t convince them all to see things the way you see them. The writing itself is supposed to do that for you. So if betas give negative opinions, and you begin debating them, you’ve missed the point. These are the opinions your readers have based on what you’ve written. It’s your job to decide if you should change the content accordingly or leave it as is knowing the reaction it will illicit.

7 Rules of Life

1. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.
2. What others think of you is none of your business.
3. Time heals almost everything; give it time.
4. Don`t compare your life to others`, and don`t judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
5. Stop thinking too much; it`s alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.
6. No-one is in charge of your happiness, except you.
7. Smile. You don`t own all the problems in the world.
Source: Whisper of the heart.

“I’m in charge.”

WWE Imagine

Requested- Baron Dom Smutty.

Word Count: 1556
Warnings: Smut, Language, Bondage, name calling.
Author’s Notes: Whoaaaaa, had to fan myself writing this one, Jesus I LOVE Dominant, Dirty Baron, fuck he is so attractive.

   You sat in the passenger side of the rental car, your eyes shifting to follow the traffic in the parking lot as the Divas, and wrestlers head out to the next town, some looked happy, others were on the phone, but most looked tired, like yourself, you took out your phone and fiddled with the screen on the middle of the dash, pressing buttons until a woman’s voice cam through the speaker declaring that your phone was connected Via Bluetooth.

    “Ok, See you then!” Baron’s loud voice drowned out Avalanche city, singing about the Streets as he called over his shoulder to Dolph. He climbed in the driver’s side, and buckled his seat belt, looking over at you, a grin playing on his lips. “Hey!” His dark eyes shine with excitement. “Hey, you look excited?” You cant help but beam back at him. “I am, I have a very special surprise for you when we get back to the Hotel.” His eyes smolder and your stomach contracts, sending warm waves to your core.

  “Oh?” You breath, your voice catching in your throat as he drives on to the on ramp on the interstate, his large hand reaching over and falling on your knee, riding up slowly under your sundress. “I thought you had a surprise for me at the Hotel?” You purr as he reaches the apex of your thighs, his large fingers rubbing your wanting sex through your panties.

   “I’ll touch you whenever I want to, because you’re mine.” He challenges, his tone making you squirm.
“Oh.” You exclaim as his fingers slip under your panties, toying with your knob, his eyes still focused on the road. “Baron!” You exclaim as his shoves two fingers into your entrance, circling and curling them skillfully.  “Where you going to tell me?” he asks, his voice was low and dangerous. Your mind races erratically over the events of today, trying to think of something that you would need to tell him. “What are you talking about Baron?” You come up short, not knowing what he is asking. “Don’t play dumb Y/N, I know Reigns asked you to drinks after the show tomorrow.” He growls, his fingers working faster inside of you, you were close, and your breathing was giving it away. “Ba-Baron, I didn’t know it was a big deal, he invited a bunch of people I thought we could go togeth-OH!! NO! Please Baron!” You voice took on a begging, whining tone as he removed his fingers quickly right as you reached the edge of orgasm. “Please! Baron, Fuck!” You started to reach down to finish yourself, but his large had caught your smaller wrist. “Don’t.” His tone was serious his eyes shone with some unknown emotion.

  His gaze returned quickly to the road as you sit painting next to him, your pleasure subsiding as he pulled off the interstate, and quickly into the parking lot of the hotel you would be staying at. “Thank you.” Baron’s tone was sweet enough as he thanked the receptionist at the front desk, he was holding both of your luggage in one large hand, the other was wrapped around your waste, key card in hand as he ushered you into the elevator. “Baron I’m sorry if it bothered you, I didn’t think it was that big a deal..” Your voice is small as the elevator ascended to the 3rd floor to your shared room. “Oh, you’re not now, but you will be.” His voice is a low growl as you step off the elevator. As you reach the room, he unlocks the door, and anticipation fills your stomach, your breathing becomes shallow.

  “Baron I’m-Ah!” You squeal, giggling as he drops the luggage and turns, shoving you against the door, slamming it shut loudly. “Baron!” You whine as rips your dress up and off, taking your bra as he does. “Sir.” He corrects you simply, one of his hands coming up to wrap around your throat, the other yanked your panties down enough that they fell to your feet, where you stepped out of them, his hand replacing them on your soaked sex.

  “Look at this, you’re already soaked, You like being choked you little slut?” He growls as his fingers push hard into you, making you whimper once again. “Yes Sir!” You moan out as his fingers curl over and over into you, hitting your G-spot perfectly, making you quake as pleasure rippled through you. “Who’s little fucking Slut are you?” he growled, ripping his fingers out of you quickly once more, making you squirm from the sudden emptiness. “Yours, I’m your little Slut.” You purr as he releases your throat. “Then act like one, Suck my cock.” He growls, his hand finding your shoulder as he guides you down to your knees.

  You sunk down quickly, pulling his ring gear down with you, his throbbing erection springing free. Baron was big, about 9 inches long and 2 wide. You grinned as you lifted his shaft with one hand, running your tongue from the base to the tip, then down again, your free hand massaging his balls. “Fuck, that feels fucking amazing.” He grunts as he pulls his dark grey V-neck over his head, revealing his sculpted chest and abs, then dropping his grip to your hair, holding it back out of your face as you bob your head up and down, taking his cock to the hilt.

 “Get up” He growls, his voice sending waves of need through you, where they conjoin at your centre. “Baron!” You yelp as he shoves you over the bed, your chest and face pushing into the mattress as his grip find the back of your neck, holding you there. His other hand come down hard on your ass, making your yelp once more. “Ah! Baron!” You moan out as he shoves his length viciously into you suddenly, his length stretching you. “Ow! Baron that hurts!” You whimper under him biting your lip, it felt so good though. “Good, lets you know you’re doing your fucking job. What’s your job Y/N? What are you good for?” He snarls, ramming hard into, pain subsiding into pleasure as your body adjusts to him. “To make you cum Sir, My job is t-to make you cum!” You scream out as he bottoms out in you over and over, slamming as far as your body would allow into you.

 You loved when he got like this, normally he was so sweet and gentle. “That’s right, your only fucking job is to make me cum you little slut. And whose cock is the only cock you need?” He growls, yanking you almost to a standing position against him by your hair, his other hand finding your waist for support so that he doesn’t hurt you. “Yours Baron, I only want and need your cock, oh! Fuck! Just yours!” You cry out as he continues to hammer into you from  behind, his hips colliding with your ass with every thrust.

 “Fuck! Baron I’m going to cum!” You scream out, “Shit! Baron, oh God!” You whimper as he continues to pound into you. “He cant save you.” Baron’s voice was low in your ear, his teeth catching your earlobe harshly, making you moan out again, his words sending you over the edge. “Fuck. I’m close!” Baron exclaimed suddenly, yanking out of you mid-orgasm, and whirling you around and to your knees, his cock meeting you at eye level. You take it into your mouth quickly, the pleasure of your intense orgasm flushing over you still. You bob your head up and down once more, your hands pumping him a you suck the tip, swirling your tongue over him, licking all your juices off of him.

 “Ah! Fuck, Good girl!” He grunts as he shoves his length into your mouth, unloading there. “Mmm.” You moan as you lick your lips when he pulls out.  “God you look sexy with my cock in your mouth.” He grins down at you, reaching down to pull you into his arms. “Yeah?” You giggle, pulling him back onto the bed with you, still entangled in his arms you both lye there painting for a moment. “So, I take it you don’t want to go for drinks tomorrow?” You giggle again, tracing the lines of the tattoos on his chest. He opens his eyes and looks down at you smiling, “What would give you that idea? Of course WE are going. I want to show Roman just whose you are.” He says his tone playful. You sigh. “You know, if it just takes someone hitting on me for you to be this way, I might have to set it up more often.” You say matter-of-factly.

 “Oh?” He looks down at you once again, his expression playful. “Yes sir.” you giggle, jumping to straddle him, your still soaked mound pressed against his hardening cock. “My little slut.” He shakes his head as he pulls you down for a kiss, flipping you so that he is on top. “But remember, I’M in charge.” He growls into ear, his tone sending shivers down your spine.