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it seems like the closer lapidot gets to cannon the more people hate it

That’s always the way with these things.

Suddenly people start feeling “threatened” when a ship they dislike is on the brink of becoming canon, so they start getting very loud/obnoxious with their hate - and find all kinds of ludicrous ways of attempting to “discredit” the ship.  Hence the stupid amount of hate in the ship tag once again at the moment (I’m getting used to it now, it’s always the same shite - “THIS SHIP HAS SHIT WRITING, IT’S FORCED AND I HATE IT SO YOU SHOULD HATE IT TOO #su crit//ical”).  < Edited a word there to censor it, because it would seem that even more of the anti-Zuke brigage are gonna be onto me if I don’t lol (i’ve just had one of them on this post) - either that or they’re stalking the “Lapidot” search instead, who knows~

List of Best Post 1x04 Fix-it Fics for Homeless Jughead - Part 2

• home is where the heart is by counnt  

(2765 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones
Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper
Additional Tags: One Shot, canon compliant, continuation of 1x04 
Summary: “Where are you gonna go live now?”
“I’ll figure it out, Dad. I always do.”
Now that Twilight Drive-In has closed, Jughead is left without a home. He’s forced to travel around Riverdale in search of a place to live and finally settles at his old friend Archie’s house.

• in which jughead engages in minor criminal activity and is rewarded with hugs by therjolras

(2267 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones, Fred Andrews & Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: Homeless Jughead, Whump, Whump with a happy ending, there is crying because I am predictable like that, some strong language, post-1x04, fred andrews is a Good Dad, Pre-Slash
Summary: It’s a mistake. It’s a lot of mistakes, in fact, a whole pile of mistakes lumped together and wrapped up like a mistake burrito, but right now it’s a mistake burrito Jughead’s willing to eat.
(as it were.)
yet another Jughead-gets-adopted-by-the-Andrews fic

• Twilight Basement by nzeedee

(2277 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones
Additional Tags: Post-Chapter 4: The Last Picture Show, Queerplatonic Relationships, Established Relationship, Friendship, Movie Night, Apologies, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Archie apologizes to Jughead by preserving the Twilight Drive-In in his basement.

• We’ll rise and fall (then rise again) by TeenageMutantGingerNinja

(11017 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Fred Andrews, Reggie Mantle
Additional Tags: heres a 5 + 1 fic because they’re my favourites and i don’t care if they’re overdone, 5+1 Things, Minor Violence, Asexual Jughead, Bisexual Archie, My First Work in This Fandom, the description pretty much explains the fic!, Canon Compliant, Pre-Canon, based on the tv show as i’ve never read the comics
Summary: 5 times Jughead wears Archie’s clothes + 1 time Archie wears his

• What he Deserves by mynamedoesntmatter

(5475 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews & Jughead Jones
Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller, Fred Andrews
Additional Tags: AroAce Jughead, Homeless Jughead, hearing impaired Jughead, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, mentions of csa, another fic where the andrews find out jughead is homeless, also a fic where jughead’s friends are there for him, because honestly jughead deserves to have people that care about him
Summary: In which, Jughead comes to find out that his friends care about him as much as he cares about them.

• the secret lives of teenage bedrooms by tigrrmilk

(3423 words) Chapters: 1/1
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones, a little bit - Relationship
Characters: Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, Fred Andrews, also an OC but if u push on through u get to the others
Additional Tags: just because ur emo doesn’t mean everything isn’t Extremely Bad, teenage feelings, Teenage confusion, teenage bedrooms
Summary: Well, he’s still a kid. Don’t forget that.
Or: Jughead Jones has had a lot of bedrooms. Doesn’t mean he won’t miss this one.

• more long days and fleeting nights by stardustandswimmingpools

(3637 words) Chapters: 2/?
Relationships: Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones
Characters: Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews, he’ll be here eventually
Additional Tags: not entirely sure what this is, Angst, Male-Female Friendship, Strained Friendships, Non-Consensual Kissing, (mentioned at least), Asexual Character, Betty is the greatest human being and she deserves so much love, Ambiguous/Open Ending, doesn’t really fit canon, but isn’t NECESSARILY headcanon, Homeless Jughead, :(, set after 1x04, this isn’t jughead/betty even if it seems like it, she’s a really good friend okay, Title is subject to change, Not What It Looks Like, Platonic Relationships, supportive betty, a very slight hint of internalized acephobia, platonic ‘I love you’
Summary: Jughead’s not sure what to do about Archie, and Betty’s doing her best with Jughead.

–>Part 1 of my list
I don’t know if there is a point in making this list anymore since pretty much half the fics in the last couple of days have been fix-it for homeless jughead, but still, here i am. These are my faves, hope you like them too.
Remember to leave kudos, comment and bookmark! See you on AO3!

Look I don’t wanna do ship discourse but it’s so disorienting to go in the starjack tag and see stuff from star vs. the forces of evil when im anticipating either 0 updates or like, robodik

further shitposty saihara/momota from urs truly

Okay, please look at this pic one more time:

Ignoring the weird thigh grab, I’d like to point out that this is the only existing image we have of a happy Saihara. This weird, shippy, “we’re taking the moon” promotional art (can i call it ‘searching for the moon’? That’s cute, okay)

And just, look how angry Kaito gets when they accuse Saihara. Everyone else is generally just in disagreement, but Kaito looks pissed, almost:

He also seems to be one of the people you have to “push” for

And Saihara’s expression during the debate can totally be taken as embarrassment. He’s embarrassed that so many people are defending him.

Am I going to far? Fuck yes. Will any of this matter? Probably not. But if Oumami already has smut headcanons based on one picture, then let me have my Saimota/searching for the moon headcanons (i was gonna use momohara but it seems that tag exists, for some reason)

Hooking up with my Cousin Complete Story

It started when we were young… 14 or so. She was 1yr younger than me and lived in the house behind ours. As kids we would wrestle pressing our bodies against one another and always searching for each other in games like “hide and seek” and “tag.” While wrestling I remember wanting to press my boner against her body. It felt good, and she didnt protest, I think once she blushed covered her mouth laughing, acknowledging but not saying anything.
We talked over messages online, I don’t recall the conversations, I think most were along the lines of, “when are you coming back” or “we’re fine over here, hows the family?”
I just knew we were gonna hook up. Little flirts, little smiles, she was interested. And I was in my teens, sex was all I thought about.
I remember giving her a little vibrator as a gift it was a little lipstick that vibrated. It was a joke, but I also wanted her to think dirty, maybe she would think of me while playing with herself.
When we were about 18, we agreed to get drunk together. We got a bottle of tequila and passed out in my room. When we woke up in the middle of the night in our stupor, I made my move. She said while we kissed, and undressed “we shouldn’t be doing this, we’re cousins,” as if testing my resolve. She wanted it and so did I.
But I was new at sex and drunk as fuck so I got it in for a bit but couldn’t climax. I could barely focus. She said it was ok. She went home and that was it for the night.
We met up a few months later, this time at her place. This time sober. This time without whiskey dick. This time with a hard cock seeking retribution. While we kissed I recall feeling guilt like we shouldnt be doing this, like shunning away at a dirty picture, but that passed. The heavy breathing and anticipation was deafening. I thought “this is what you’ve been wanting for so long.”
My heart was pounding so hard, I could feel it pulsing in my ears. I took deep breathes in, exhaling slowly. We took our clothes off and I was finally slipping my dick in and out. Fuck it felt good. Adding to it was the thrill of getting caught, the taboo, the “holy shit, this is actually happening,“ and the look she would give me, as if saying its ok.
I remember a gentle caress from her hand on my chest. I remember her face and body. The moonlight lit the room, as she laid supine at the edge of the bed. Her legs spread open, in my arms. I stood at the edge of the bed looking down. Her head was tilted to the side, eyes closed, and her hand in a fist biting her thumb. The moon was visible shining whites, and blues through the window above the bed.
When all was done, we got dressed. Then talked for a bit about the future and our worries, assured this was between us. And I left.
Im in my late 20’s now and we still sleep together from time to time. We see each other whenever I visit dads hometown. We always hang out when I visit, looking for a chance. There’s a closer bond, like I can trust her with anything. I make excuses saying I cant find somewhere else to sleep, so I stay with her and her roommate. I don’t think her roommate suspects anything would be going on. The family have their suspicions but no confirmation.
I have no regrets. I love having the convenience and secrecy, maybe too much. It may be effecting my current relationship but I really don’t mind.

Not A Date (5/?)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the wary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 1.4k

A/N: This is part five to my College AU! I’m assuming it’s gonna be within 4 to 5 more parts! Hope you guys enjoy. Also, my requests are still open! You can send requests/tag requests/ feedback here.


| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

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How would the Turtles react to getting a love letter? May I request two scenarios, one where it's from their crush and one where it's from - what they thought - just a friend?

Alright!! You gotcha darling!!! EDIT I forgot I put all of them here lmao oops


Each word has him SHOOK. He’s searching every letter for some kind of joke or cue that this isn’t for real, but it is and it’s here and you like him.

It’s so surreal that he for once feels ungrounded, not in the now. When he comes to terms with all this, he folds the letter neatly, and runs to you. He books it.

He gets to you and embraces you and for the first time in his life he feels so helpless because you, a beautiful, wonderful darling of a human being, love him and it’s all so overwhelming.

But if you’re a friend, his reaction isn’t as sloppy. As he reads, he’s doing things unconsciously. Biting his lip, blinking in rapid periods. This is a friend, and a close one whom he’d never would have thought liked him.

And that’s when it would hit him. He likes you too.

He begins to discover how he would notice everything you did. To your unique way of hand gestures, the way you breathe in the quiet, to the way your hands find themselves in your hair. He noticed it all.

He’s going to be quiet, bring you into another room, take your hand. Talk to you with a growing blossom in his chest. Because this was his friend and it feels good to have you know him, like really know him before you fell for him.


He hangs on every word, every loop and line you wrote. His hands will shake the farther he reads, and he’ll start pacing. He wants to believe it’s a joke. Only because it’s so much like a dream that you like him back- and you want him, truly want him.

He’s going to clamp down on the letter and sigh shakily. Keep in mind, he’s still a teenager, so he doesnt really know how to go about this. So, Raph being Raph, he’ll storm into the living room where you are and demand to talk to you. When you two are alone, he shows you the letter and has you read to him aloud. He needs to hear it from you, in your voice. And afterwards he’s just so damn happy. You made him so damn happy.

Now if you’re a friend, someone he’s known for a good while, he does what he does best. He doesn’t think. He doesn’t need to. He knows you, and he knows how he feels.

Even though you surprised him, he’s relieved, because that means that little warm shock he would get when you’d joke around with him wasn’t unrequited. He is going to have your ass for not coming out and just saying it though. Not that you’re complaining, but still.


He reads it a hundred times. Over, and over and over again. He is, and pardon this, shell-shocked. Its just…it’s you and you like him and he never thought in a million years would his angelcakes like him back.

He’ll be sitting alone withe the paper in his hand, reading every line for the 50th time, a smile on his face as he whispers to himself; “they like me…they like me!” He definitely pounces on you when you come to visit again.

If you’re a friend, oh boy. He’ll wobble in his place and have to sit down. As he reads, his hand is clamped over his mouth and he’s probably crying. Because not only is it a major relief to him, [he’s been trying to deny, deny, deny for months as to not make it awkward] but the fact that you, that cool, chill-ass lovely human he adores likes him back.

If that’s not a Christmas miracle than I don’t know what is.

When he comes to the part where you finally say it, he gasps shakily and starts to cry, leading to you coming in running. At first you’re embarrassed, because of the letter and you think he’s gonna reject you, but he starts to tell you through hiccups that,

“I’m just so *hic* happy you l-like me because *hic* I really r-really like you and I’m just really really happy…” poor thing is gonna cry into your shoulder for a while to let all that pent up relief out.


His mouth will drop open the second you hand him the letter. You’re fast, but not fast enough to exit before he reads the first line and tells you to wait. You stand there, and proceed to witness the most fascinating emotion switcharoo you’ve ever seen.

He’s at first shocked, then a blushing mess, stuttering and fumbling, then stoic as if thinking something over. Finally, when he snaps out of it, [it was really because he hit his hip on one of the tables in his stupor] he’ll sit you down and explain to you:

“Y/N, I-I never thought in a million years, or maybe even my entire life that someone such as yourself could ever have feelings for me. But it appears I’m wrong…a-and you’ll h-hopefully b-be pleased to find that I like you, a-as well…” He’s so flustered, but God damn if it isn’t that happiest moment of his life.

Now then. If you’re a friend. Dondon values every single person in his life. Especially you. He doesn’t get it at first, poor darling may be a genius but is blind to how he feels until it hits him like a ton of bricks. Those brick being, a letter. From you.

And suddenly he understands why he gets jealous when you talk about other boys or girls, why he is overprotective of you, and why he feels like churring when you touch him. It’s because all this time he was in love with you. And that sent him into a frenzy.

He bursts from his lab and shouts at his brothers, asking where you are. When he finds you, he’s so excited and so shocked at himself and at the world and how it worked so wonderfully to allow this to happen to him. Now, if you could get him to sit down and tell you how he feels not in the form of a breathless asthmatic guppy, that’d be a start.

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what's your favorite lq pic of each member?

oooh this is a good question im only gonna do the ones i have on my blog cause if i do a twitter search i will never be able to answer







yixing, i could honestly post all his photos but if i have to pick one

ok fuck it heres another 



sorry this took so long my computer is a slugggg

ask anything about me~
Steve Rogers' Halfway House for Notorious Supervillains (Ch. 1)
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


While searching for Bucky after the fall of SHIELD, Steve and Sam stumble on something - someone - else.

Trying to deal with one traumatized, possibly ex-supervillain houseguest is a big enough challenge on its own. But no one ever said Steve’s life was easy. Or uncomplicated.


So I was going back and forth about whether to start posting a new unfinished WIP (other than Life in Reverse) and finally came down on the side of yes, because I have a large chunk of this one already written (two chapters finished and a third in progress) so, you know, why not. This fic has been in the works for a while, floating around and slowly in progress, but now that I’m posting it that means it’ll get bumped up to front burner status. (This does not, to be clear, mean that anything else is going to stop updating. I am perfectly capable of working on six things at once, and frequently do.)

This fic is one of those “self-indulgent” things that I write so often, smashing together a bunch of stuff that I love, including “beating up characters for fun and profit”, “weird friendships”, and “Steve and Loki interacting in literally every AU I write.” It’s set post-Winter Soldier in an AU that will become clear very quickly. At the moment I have no plans for it to go anywhere other than gen, but plans change and I am an incorrigible Steve/Loki shipper at heart, so you never know. This first chapter, for fair warning, has a lot of somewhat graphic description of the aftermath of fairly severe torture, so be warned about that. After this chapter that turns down somewhat.

Thanks to @portraitoftheoddity​ for her shameless encouragement of this fic, and to @ameliarating​, my incredible beta for this and literally everything else.

A note that I hope is unnecessary: yes, I’m aware that Bucky probably cannot fairly be called a supervillain. It makes a catchier title.


Suffer In Silence.- CH

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

You are surrounded with a sea of eyes yet you are only searching for his.

It kills you to see him with her. His smile speaks a thousand words and the touch of his lips on her shoulder makes a chill run down your spine that stops you in your tracks. It’s sad. Everyone around you has had the chance to feel the rush of adrenaline that comes with love, everyone around you has felt what it is like to be loved. But not you. Instead you suffer in silence and let your unspoken words become coated with poison as they build in your head, waiting to be said.

It’s no surprise you can’t warm up to her, instead you flash a fake smile that you have perfected and pray that you have everyone else fooled. You don’t want to be the girl who sits on the side and waits but five years later nothing has changed and you still hope Calum will wake up one day and see what has been right in front of him from the very beginning. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, holding back your tears as you watch them together and vow to yourself that she will never be able to love him like you do. You don’t want to be that girl but here you are, heart in hand willing for him to take it and call it his. But he won’t. He isn’t yours.

“What are you thinking about?” His voice startles you and it only takes one glance to be knocked off your feet by his mischievous grin. His shoulder playfully knocking yours.

“Nothing. Just like watching you being so happy. I’m happy for you, Cal.” You want to be telling the truth but one glance in her direction and you feel sick.

“See anyone you like? You know I can be a good wing man!” There it is. His eyes are searching yours and he throws a wink in your direction.

Instead you give him your best laugh that you can force and swallow the words that are rising in your chest. You clamp your mouth shut and let them cut you open with their sharp edges. It was supposed to get better but instead it hung over you like a sin, your own dirty little secret that you can’t share with anyone. You look at him and all you can picture is the way he looks at her, how he rung you after his first date and how his voice was filled with so much happiness that it made your stomach sink and your heart shatter. You look at him and ask how is it fair that she has him and you don’t? You were the one to pick him up after every fall, after every heart break and after every hard day. You were there, you had always been there. It is a constant struggle.

A part of you knows she doesn’t deserve him, you don’t deserve him either. How can you when you can’t even be happy for him without having a rage of jealousy surge through your veins. Unrequited love is one of the most potent forms of love there is, every feeling he gives you, she is giving him.

He is your best friend. He is your other half. He is your missing piece.

But he isn’t yours.

He is someone else’s.

But for the time being all you can do is hope, hope that one day he will let you live within the walls of his heart and let you call it home.

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This might be abit odd, but was wondering if you ever seen any fanart that has Drarry having coffee together or a meal kinda scenario? I know it's a tad specific but I was really hoping you might have seen something similiar before

I know 100% I’ve seen at least one if not two pieces like this. But I’m awful at keeping track of art I like.

I’m gonna search my tags and if I find it I’ll tag you. But in case maybe someone else will see this and they know?

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hey! <3 do you have any advice on how I can get people to see my art I upload here? I just started a side channel for it (@sofis-sketchbook) and of course no one knows it, but I don't have many followers on my main to promote it to either.. I tagged a few bigger art blogs (including you lol, sorry), but they probably don't search their tag often. Idk, I'd just really like some reviews or advice on my art, but if no one sees it, it's not gonna happen :|

I must admit I don’t search my tag often haha. I’ll check your blog out!!

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just wanted to say you're awesome for going toe to toe with the crazy c@ryl fandom. bravo. keep fighting the good fight! and yes, carol/ezekiel is VERY LIKELY happening. there were literally articles promoting a 'possible romance' for them after the 2nd episode (when we met ezekiel). Melissa, Khary, & Greg were all asked about it. The ship is very much being teased both on the show & in the promotion. One of the twd accounts even made a c/d vs c/e poll...& it was pretty damn close tbh.

Honestly I didn’t want to go “toe to toe” with them. I tagged it right, I put @ symbol in. I did everything I could not to have them see it. Honestly they need to learn to use the tagged instead of the search. I hardly even use the search anymore because tagged is just way better. 

Yep, the C@ryl shippers have their head in the sand. Carzekiel is gonna be canon, everything is indicating in the writing that they are a going to be a couple. Honestly I would feel bad for them but C@ryl fandom seems to think they are the only one that matters in TWD and I can’t wait to see them have a massive meltdown the second Carzekiel goes canon. 

✨ promos #3

@prcfessorlupin +f -  same @ ur description omg where does one get a remus sob sob. and ur updates tab??? me af too. (i’m gonna stop listing all the things i so #relate ahah) (ur blog is rad ok franca!!) 
@sanapottergryffindor - lovely hp blog!!! voted for hrrypotter eheh but all of them are neat!!! (a heads up that tags don’t show up in the /search or /tag if they’re not on original posts!) 
@howlingremus +f - another remus url u guys i love u omg. your blog is wonderful sandhya! and love the lettering! :) 
@heavenlyoswald - ok but the blue of ur mobile theme is hEAVENLY (eheh) and absolutely lovely multifandom content omg!!?
@slughcrn +f - honestly??? to be honest i thought i was following u??? omg @tumblr whyyy. love ur url bub and ur mobile theme!!! it’s all aesthetic af. (honestly still v confused @ the “follow” button,..??) also i know i just said honestly like 3 times but i’m v muddled rn.

fun promos + short lil compliments

I'm not gonna tag this

But I keep getting messages telling me I’m rich because of my plushie collection. I’m not. It took me over 4 years to achieve this and it took sacrifice. Aside from 4 plushies, I used my own money that worked very hard for to get them. I sold a large portion of my collection just to buy one of these plushies in particular. I searched far and wide for the lowest prices I could, and I said no to plushies I really wanted because I could not afford them. To say that I’m rich is honestly insulting after the hard work I put into searching and saving. It took time to get what I have today. It took watching and waiting daily for the perfect opportunity to buy. It took studying what plushies sell for most often and recognizing a good deal from a bad one. I’m sorry :( I just get a little salty when people make assumptions they have no business making.