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Okay so this 5′4 (I’m 5′8) illiterate fuckboy has been messaging me lewd things with no response for the past year, and I was over at my friend’s house who also has received lewd messages messages, and I finally decided to see what would happen if I just pretended to go along with it.


I told him off after and at first, unexpectedly, he said sorry. I was surprised until a few hours later, when he sent the last lovely message. 

Needless to say I will be laughing in my grave about this and if straightwhiteboystexting was accepting submissions this would be one for the ages.

In conclusion, I want you, my dear tumblr friends, to reblog this so other girls can make fuckboys waste as much of their time and money as we do on our monthly dating app subscriptions. ( I also want to send him this post after it has gained a few notes haha)


Hahahaha, so okay, my little brother (who also happens to think homestuck is lame) and I have made a bet: For every note this post gets, he will have to read one page of Homestuck! , but if this post doesn't reach 100 notes within 2 days, he won’t read it, and I will owe him 20 fucking bucks.

Come on guys reblog this. Let’s ruin that guys life.

Truth or Dare | one shot ft. Jackson

cnsarangkiseu: where Jackson is crushing on you. He goes to a party and plays truth or dare. you were supposed to go the party but you had to work. Jackson gets dared to buy condoms or else he has to do truth and confess that he just may be in love with you… (comedy / fluff) (PG rating lol)

“Too bad you can’t make it tonight”

Jinyoung pulled out a few notes of cash from his wallet and handed them to you. He was buying last minute snacks and drinks for the party he was hosting at his place that night. But you were stuck working at the grocery store.

“Hm, yeah” You replied half-heartedly, “But if I’m not here, then literally this store is closing”

It was true. You were the only employee that worked the cash registers on Saturday’s. So you had no choice but to turn up to work.

You handed Jinyoung his change as he picked up the bags of groceries and headed out the automatic doors.

“You know it would be even better if you were there… Especially for Jackson”

He chuckled to himself before giving you a wave. What was that supposed to mean?

The seven friends sat in a circle in the Park’s garage with a single empty beer bottle in the middle. Despite being young men, they did enjoy the casual truth or dare.

“I’m spinning!” Bambam spun the bottle, as everyone watched as it slowed down; eventually stopping on one Jackson Wang.

“Truth or dare?” Mark grinned widely, since he was in charge of giving the dare; whereas Jaebum was in charge of giving the question of truth.

Jackson raked his hand through his hair as he lifted up his snapback. He was usually good with dares- but knowing that Mark was thinking up something. He had no other choice.


“Oooo” Youngjae and Yugyeom sung in unison as JB leant in closer in the circle, giving Jackson a good look, 

“Tell us who you like” Jaebum asked straightforwardly, catching him by surprise. Maybe he wanted to do the dare instead.

“Dare. I choose dare!” Jackson spat out, looking to Mark; hoping that he’d have something easier to do.

Mark couldn’t hold in his laughter; he definitely had something in mind and it was starting to freak Jackson out. 

“I dare you…” He clasped his hands together as if nothing was going on, “To go to the grocery store two roads from here.. and buy a packet of condoms”

Everyone was taken back. Sure Mark was the American boy, but they didn’t expect him to act on it. The younger of the seven couldn’t help but blush, whereas Jinyoung made sure that his parents weren’t looming about.

“And who are you planning to do?!” Jackson shot at Mark, unbelieving of the dare; 

“No one” Mark answered plainly, “I just thought it’d make a good dare. I mean, we’re guys. It’s nothing out of the normal, right?”

Jackson gave the impression that he didn’t want to do it. Not only because he was terrified of somebody catching him doing it, but also because he knew that you working that night.

“Either that or you tell us who you like” Bambam teased, with the latter option sounding so easy; but he didn’t want to it either.

Fiddling with the box in his hands, Jackson took a look around the corner of the aisle closest to the cash register where you were serving an old lady. He began to sweat and felt lucky that he was wearing his cap.

“Come on, get into line” Mark nudged him from behind, holding another bottle of cheap beer, “Or it’s truth”

“Why’d you make me get the maxi size ones?” Jackson’s face was completely red, there was no hiding his shame, “This is embarrassing”

“Truth or dare” Youngjae cooed from behind Mark, the three of them still hiding behind the aisle, “You can still change your mind!”

Jackson gazed at you once again. You were cleaning up the register, unknowing of the presence of the three out of seven boys in the store. He was freaking out and knew you’d react one way or another; either to him buying the condoms or to him confessing in the grocery store, that he pretty much liked you.

“I’m going to do it” Jackson put one foot down before the other , instantly placing the box on the conveyor belt till it eventually reached you. 

You tried your best not to give eye contact to the customer who was buying the goods. Usually guys buying condoms would throw in a packet of crisps or some candy; just to keep it vague. But this guy, who hid behind his hat, seemed to be unashamed; not that there was anything to be ashamed of. Protection first of course.

But that guy wasn’t just any guy; it was Jackson; Jinyoung’s buddy and your classmate.

“That comes up to $8.50″ You punched at the screen, waiting for Jackson to hand over cash to pay for the goods,

“Ah, I’ve only got $5″ Jackson emptied out the contents of his wallet into your hands, “…I didn’t even want to buy these. Far out”

You could hear snickering and chuckles coming from aisle two; what was so funny about loaves of bread?

“Sorry?” You tried to give a friendly smile; especially since it looked like he was freaking out, “I mean, you can’t buy this with $5″

“No.. I” He began to explain himself; not realising that he was making even more of a mess, “I don’t need to buy these, I didn’t want to. It was a dare, like, I don’t even have anyone to have s-”

“-it’s okay” You stopped Jackson from getting even more flustered, “A little confusing. But don’t worry”

“The guys made me do it” Jackson confessed, “We were doing truth or dare; I didn’t want to do truth; so I chose dare and this was it”

“This was a pretty good dare” You answered, placing the box under the register since he wasn’t going to buy it. He was quite the character; and even for a few minutes; you enjoyed his company, like you usually did. 

“Well, I only did it because I didn’t want to tell the guys that I like you”

hahahaha! oh jackson~~~ idk where this idea came from. 

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