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gif request meme + hs yearbook award themes

okay guys: a gif request meme based off of those ‘best’ categories at the end of your hs yearbook lol

  1. best hair
  2. cutest couple
  3. nicest smile
  4. most athletic
  5. most dramatic
  6. class clown
  7. friendliest
  8. best hugs
  9. best dressed
  10. biggest flirt
  11. best bromance
  12. most changed
  13. most dateable
  14. most outspoken
  15. most likely to succeed
  16. most likely to end up in jail
  17. most likely to take over the world
  18. most likely to become president/prime minister
  19. most likely to become famous
  20. best person to bring home to your parents

send me an ask with a number and fandom!

i haven’t done one of these in a while, i changed my url, i’m out of hiatus, and i recently reached 5.5k, so here we are lmao!! 


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Charlie’s little LGBT music list

By popular demand I’m making my personal list of LGBT-related musicians I like, which’ll be updated constantly. People who aren’t here I simply don’t know or know and just don’t stan. Like… no one here is white lol. Proxy the Japanese videos if you’re in the USA. Free to reblog!

[Gender-nonconforming is used to mean a non-binary gender experience thing here, not cis people. I just didn’t go putting Western gender words in people’s mouths so I went for this.]

Adams - Japanese rock, disbanded. Homosexuality was their central theme as a band. Shota has died on December 2015.

Banda Uó - Brazilian pop/tecnobrega, composed of trans woman Candy Mel and gay couple [? who knows if they’re still together] Davi Sabbag and Mateus Carrilho.

Disacode - Japanese visual kei rock, the singer Akira [also solo] is gender-nonconforming/doesn’t identify with the binary and is a real icon between Japanese wlw. The drummer Marcy is also gender-nonconforming, maybe trans? We don’t know a lot about them.

Ellen Oléria - Brazilian acoustic/mpb, lesbian.

Harisu - Korean pop, trans woman.

Hayley Kiyoko - y’all know who tf this is.

Jaloo - Brazilian electronic, he is gender-nonconforming and identifies with femininity.

Legião Urbana - Brazilian rock, disbanded. Vocalist Renato Russo was bisexual, he has died in 1996.

Lia Clark - Brazilian funk  [you just. don’t know what this is until you’ve listened to it], drag queen. [I don’t want anyone who’s not a Brazilian black giving opinions on this lmao]

Liniker e os Caramelows - Brazilian soul/black music, singer Liniker is non-binary and most of her band is LGBT as well.

Mallu Magalhães - Brazilian indie rock/mpb/bossanova, she’s bi?? maybe?? who knows she sings about girls a lot.

MC Trans - Brazilian funk/pop, trans woman, might like women?

MC Xuxú - Brazilian funk, trans woman, [travesti, actually, it’s a Brazilian gender iddentity and not a slur] also might like girls. [NSFW video]

Mercury - Korean EDM, disbanded [actually was a temmporary project]. Leader Choi Hanbit [tallest, blonde hair] is a trans woman.

Secret Guyz - Japanese pop [almost dempa style], composed of Yukichi, Shuuto and Taiki who are all trans men.

Shamir - American electronic/hiphop, he/she’s genderless.

XOX - Japanese pop, their leader Toman [shortie with the grey hair] is a genderless man [also involved in genderless kei Japanese subculture].

Other androgynous artists but not as important I like are Amber Liu [f(x)], Aoora and Ren [Nu’Est].

punk–kenobi reblogged your photo:@awkwardanakin LOL OMG REMEMBER THIS?!  For the…#WHY DOES OBI-WAN WRITE LIKE THAT THOUGH#HIS E’S ARE ATROCIOUS#The worst part is I can totally see him having shit handwriting

LOL YES. I’m willing to buy that he had kinda crappy handwriting. 

Honestly, the handwriting is one of the best parts of the book and I am DYING that they all, INCLUDING SIDIOUS WHO DREW HIS OWN PERSONAL EMBLEM, signed the inside cover like this is a yearbook or something. 

Also why does Luke write his name like it’s a corporate logo? And why does Anakin who probably never had formal schooling until becoming a Jedi at age 9 have the Galaxy’s Fanciest Signature? Someone’s been signing a lot of Chosen One 8x10 glossy autograph photos, I guess. Obi-Wan must have been jealous of his handwriting. 

Also LOL @ Qui-Gon and the green pen. And Sidious with the red one. Can’t even let an ink color just be an ink color can we guys. 

william shakespeare’s son confronted his father one day to talk about something that had been on his mind for a while.
“dad,” the son began, “i need to tell you something.”
“go ahead,” william shakespeare replied.
“i - i don’t want to be a playwright. i want to be a mathematician.”
“but son!” his father exclaimed, “you were going to be a great playwright, and follow in my footsteps!”
“i’m sorry dad,” the son said solemnly, “but i write sines, not tragedies.”

Why I'm so mad about Wusako

OK so I will apologise for my aggressive reblogging lol I was just super mad when I found out about it, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is so stupid. I understand that some people think I’ve been a bit harsh but now that I’m more collected, let me explain exactly why I disagree with it so much.

1 - I do not agree that Lloyd would be OK with this. At all. He may be like “yeah sure I’m alright with this hahahahah you go be with Wu” and he will still love his mother and uncle, however that kid has so much pressure on him to stay strong for everyone else because he’s the green ninja and everyone looks to him as their leader. I think the last thing he needs is more conflict with his family after how much has torn them apart already. So, he’s gonna go along with it and say he’s fine. Inside though, I’m pretty sure Lloyd would be kinda shocked and distraught?? It’s not exactly a secret that he’s always looked up to his dad and tried to model himself after him, even when he was evil, and he’s still mourning his loss. It’s not going to be easy for him to see that Misako has replaced Garmadon pretty soon after his death, especially since to me it seems she’s regretted choosing Garmadon the minute she married him. Which isn’t something that’s going to be easy for Sensei G’s number one fan to see and accept. And I know Tommy said that his mental age is catching up with his physical age much quicker, but he’s still a kid. Let’s assume he’s like 13 years old mentally after catching up a little - one of my sisters is 13 and I can’t imagine how she’d react if my mum suddenly started dating my uncle if my dad died. She would be confused at the very least. Also, it seems she was obviously still in contact with Wu after Garmadon was banished, but it’s perfectly OK for her to abandon her son at an evil boarding school as a toddler and not stay in any contact with him? (I’m assuming he was that young because he said he didn’t even remember her). When they meet she doesn’t understand why Lloyd is upset and says she had no choice in abandoning him (like ok so you can’t take your kid with you to go research some scrolls?), but apologises to Wu and tries to rekindle things with him?? When she doesn’t even owe him an apology?? Because she’s married and started a family and moved on with her life?? So I guess what I’m trying to say in short, is that I do not feel Lloyd would or should be OK with this any of this, not just her and Wu (which is a tipping point for me). Give the kid a freaking break.

2 - I have an issue with the way it’s worded with how Garmadon “wedged” himself between them. Yes he wrote his name on the letter that was from Wu, but ultimately Misako loved him enough to be swayed by it and choose him over Wu. Therefore, I don’t think it’s fair to say that Garmadon forced his way into anything and I don’t think it’s fair that they make out he manipulated her feelings, because she obviously loved both of them equally or she wouldn’t have made her decision based on a love letter. Also, she knew what she was signing up for when she first met Garmadon because he was bitten by the devourer as a child. The evil had been in his blood since then and she would’ve known that and she would’ve known that it would get worse. And it’s not like Garmadon did it to hurt anyone, he loved Misako so much that he managed to override the evil inside him and betray his master to fight with Wu in the serpentine war, all so he could be with and protect Misako. I believe his exact words were “Though the evil in my veins tempted me, I wouldn’t fight a war for him. I would only fight to see Misako again”. So yeah, my point is he loved her an awful lot and he was never on obstacle, Misako loved him too at one point. It’s not valid to say he “wedged” his way into anything

3 - literally what the hell is the point?????????? What depth or development does this add to any storyline? And some people might say the same about Jay and Nya, but at the end of the day they both bounce off each other. Their whole relationship has made them grow and made them stronger people, and you see that especially in season 6. Please someone tell me if you see a reason to all of this, but I just don’t understand what the purpose of having Wu and Misako in a relationship is at this point, other than it being a bit of a “screw you” to Garmadon for the letter.

I apologise for how long this is, I got kind of sidetracked haha, also I suck at articulating myself and my feelings these days because school beat the imagination and ability to write well out of me so yeah here it is

Also I’m not trying to have a go at anyone, if you like the idea of Misako and Wu then fair enough, that’s OK, I’m just trying to explain why I personally don’t like it.

Random Act of Kindness Giveaway

America’s election season has been making me feel really depressed, upset, and sad. I wanted to do something to show that there are still good people in the world, so I am organizing a giveaway that is a little different than my normal ones (all two of them, lol).

I am going to do something kind for one randomly selected person, the prize to be determined with what works better for the winner. I have some ideas in mind, and I promise you will like them! 

Since this is not a Dragon Age giveaway, you don’t need to be following me. (If you don’t like Dragon Age, there is absolutely zero reason to follow me, cause that is pretty much all I post :P) Likes and all reblogs will count!

Really, I just hope that this will inspire some other people to do good, kind things for someone else. The world needs more Love, and I want to do my part to further that goal.

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Bam! 4 parts in one day. I hope this made the hiatus worth it. digital colored pages in the next update!! >~<

Also for all those sending me asks, I thank you very much. I’m promising not to spam your dashes with asks so I’m gonna save them all up for tomorrow and answer them in a text post. This will be probably what I do from now on. thanks for your patience

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theme 03! aka new year new theme lmao

So this is basically the theme ive been using for a while now and a couple people have asked me about it so i figured id release it now! since i was going to eventually i guess lol. Pretty similar to my old one, but this one is a lot simpler and a bit nicer!


- 300px or 400px posts
- optional search bar
- optional infinite scroll
- 3 links (sidepic is home link)  
- optional title
- back to top image
- good amount of color customization
- ?? ? idk other stuff lol

static preview / live preview (with code) 


Helloooooo everyone. I’m bored (shocker), so that means I am going to do some basic HP blog rates for you all.

To get a blog rate:

  • You must be following this multi-shipper trash.
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  • You must tell me what your favorite HP rare-pair ship is and one headcanon you have for them.
  • And maybe check out the @slytherdornet? We’re really close to our big goal!

The format is under the cut. If you don’t want to see these, blacklist zelle’s rates

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first up: i’m not “okay,” but i’m not in any danger, and i’m not planning on deleting

that said, this is a breakup with bbc sherlock

i’m going to be blogging at @irritator-challengeri for awhile (might change the url to one of my saved ones)

i’ve only followed non-sherlock blogs on that account, and i’ll only be reblogging non-sherlock things

sherlock things will go here

when someone writes the definitive series 4 fix-it fic, please link me lol

messages are currently set to mutuals only on this blog so that nothing explodes while i’m at the other place

ask box is still open, and i’ll check periodically

i love you all

To all my followers, whether we’re mutuals or not (I wish I could follow each and every one of you but my dash would make my life hell and it’s already tough to keep up, lol)! Thank you for your support, likes and reblogs, I see (most of) them (your comments often make me giggle) and I appreciate them!

Special mentions to @confidenceatitsfinest @sugakookiefactory @mintsugakookies @dyegu @yoongles @jeonbase @jihyped @jikook-love @bts420 @jeonify @bkayl @hobuing @heyhosam @yooncook @cypherkookie @jengkook
we don’t talk much or at all (I’m a shy bun sorry) and aren’t all mutuals but you brighten up my dash!

Extra special mention to @jikookjikook my special snowflake I really hope 2017 will go easy on you. Always look on the bright side because that’s the side you deserve!

Personalized Moodboards!

I never really did a 1 year celebration, so… let’s do this thing and pls don’t let it flop! (shoutout to @ellen-reincarnated1967 for encouraging me and @starcourts for reminding me these things exist lol. Go check out Dee’s moodboards, they’re the best. literally.)


        -For a character moodboard, send me their name (SPN or TWD only pls!)
        -For a personal moodboard, send me a description of yourself.
        -For an OC moodboard, send a description of your character.
        -For a series moodboard, send me a summary of your fanfiction series. 

  • Give me some time, photoshop can be hard to work in.
  • Check out my moodboards here.

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