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James van Riemsdyk #1 - Knight in Shining Armour

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A/N: second one up! here we go 

for the lovely @carey-pricemas who requested: Can I get a JVR one??? I like the damsel in distress thing but I dont really have a prompt XD Thanks love!

Warnings/Tags: minor language and alcohol mention. There is not any actual drinking in this or anything bad its very fluffy and cute. Enjoy!!


Well shit.

Tonight is not your night let’s just put it that way. You watched helplessly as your phone suddenly shut down, showing one last glimpse of the familiar apple logo on the screen before going fully black and unresponsive. Awesome. Now you are just standing out on the sidewalk of this too-fancy club that you didn’t even want to go to in the first place, left with nothing but your leather jacket, black pumps that are killing your feet, a dead cellphone, and no way to get home as your friends that you came to the club with had apparently left half an hour ago with their latest catches-of-the-day.

“Fuck” you say out loud this time, eyes closing and head banging back against the cold stone wall you were leaning on. You heard heavy footsteps approach and you steeled yourself to put some drunk guy looking for a hookup back in his place.

“Hey, are you alright?”

When you looked up, whatever spunky retort you had already formed suddenly got caught in your throat as soon as saw those beautiful blue eyes laced with concern. Your own eyes widened in surprise when you realized that none other than James van Riemsdyk, star winger for Toronto, was now standing in front of you, forehead creased in concern over your well-being and large hand resting cautiously on your upper arm. You think that you might just pass out.

You shake your head quickly to try and break yourself out of the trance and mentally slap yourself to stop gaping at the man like a fish. “Oh! yeah, um… my phone just died and my friends decided to go hook up with some guys without remembering that they were my rides home tonight so… not doing too well right now actually.”

“I just ordered an Uber, if you need a ride, you can share with me?” He raised his eyebrows ever so slightly, looking hopeful.

Wow, that face looks like a dream. “I would love that, thanks” you breathed out both from relief and nerves.

“My pleasure,” he smiled down at you “I think my mom would probably punch me if she found out that I didn’t help a beautiful damsel in distress like you.”

Your entire face blushed a deep shade of pink and quirked an eyebrow back, “Oh, the knight thinks he’s smooth, doesn’t he?”

“I try sometimes. I’m James by the way” he smiled warmly before swiftly taking one of your hands in his and kissing the knuckles, trying to continue the knight-in-shining-armor charade up for as long as possible.


“Pretty name for a pretty girl.” he smirked leaving you spluttering trying to process the compliment. Luckily you are saved from your own awkwardness when his phone buzzes in his pocket, “That’s our ride” He nodded in the direction of a car pulled up to the curb outside the club. As you walked as gracefully as you could manage after a full night of dancing in 5 -inch heels you felt his hand a warm, heavy presence on the small of your back making your face blush even more. “After you, lovely” he said as he reached to open the door for you to get into the cab before him

“Wow, handsome knight knows his manners too?” you questioned as he slid into the seat next to you before directing the driver where to go. James turned to you and you both started up a natural conversation, him asking you about what you were doing in Toronto and you asking him about what his life outside of hockey was. Before you knew it, the cab pulled up outside of your apartment building.

Still feeling the after-effects of the bar, you used up what remained of your liquid-courage and asked, “Hey James, could I have your number? Y’know, in case I ever need saving again?”

“Only if I get to take you out to dinner tomorrow night.” he smiled and handed you his phone.

“Yes!” you agreed, perhaps a bit too enthusiastic by the way that JVR chuckled to himself.

You handed him back his phone before sliding out of the car, “Goodnight my knight in shining armour.”

“Good night my princess.”

And in that moment, whatever was left of your heart melted.


You know those 3am thoughts..?
Welp yesterday I had one aaand I couldnt let it go.
I never was the one to join the HAAAAPPY WHEEELS “train”.
Since I subscribed I was a picky viewer if I do say so, now I’ll watch about anything.Yesterday and today I watched 99episodes of Happy wheels.
I regret that I was SO picky xD
Even though I didn’t join the amazing hype train at the time I still loved the series! Amazing that it dragged on to 100episodes!

Every episode had a facecam so…
Now I have 100+pictures of Jacks face ;)

And yes I do know that this was late (Had to finish it today though and SPEED IS KEY!) and that there is one picture that repeats itself.
I tried fixing it but it didn’t work out, it was 3repeated or 1repeated picture.Not really my fault that I got distracted by that magnificent face and screwed one facecam shot up.

Now I’m off to see the 100th episode :)
BOOPER DOOPER AND SPIKEFALL STEVE (god, I know I have a flu but all the 99episodes within 6hours really made my brain a smoothie..don’t imagine that)

@therealjacksepticeye Hope you enjoy even though it’s not an amazing fanart ^-^

Being Negan's child would include :

(So I said I’d start this prompt after the virginity one XD but got caught up in some others as well so might as well just start XD so here it is! Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him making fun of you everyday and even going as far as to prank you 

 -You and him fighting over trivial stuff

-Your passion for ping pong and him being proud that you’re such a good player

-Him telling you to watch your mouth but by cursing at you

-Him being impressed whenever you stand up to him and call him out on his bullshit

-You reminding him of your mother and telling you about it in the most earnest tone

-Him protecting you from any harm but still letting your independence

-Him not liking it when people flirt at you and shooing them away even when you tell him that you like them

-You being the only he can listen to in a moment of anger and rage towards someone else

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how do you think iwaizumi, kuroo, bokuto, noya would react if their gf/crush (whichever you prefer) had a dog who was so overprotective over them like no one TOUCHES OWNER-CHAN and they were invited to go to her house hang out/chill and the dog basically goes answer the door barking and standing in front of them like YOU WILL NOT PASS! UNTIL I APPROVE OF YOU! or maybe they cockblock them like they're sitting in bed/couch and the dog sneaks in the middle of the two watching them. #tis my dog XD

I have a limit of three characters so I’m going to pick the three I want to do the most. :)

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Let’s be real here, everyone know who’s the alpha, even your dog. 
  • The first time Iwaizumi met your dog it tried to act intimidating and growl in warning as in to back off and not get any closer to you.
  • All it took is one glare and the pup was backing away with it’s tail between it’s legs. 
  • It still doesn’t agree with anyone getting close to you, but there’s mutual respect built up between them where he’ll stand down.
  • Although that doesn’t stop your dog from staring at you whenever you and Iwaizumi try to make out.

Bokuto Koutaro

  • But why does the dog not like me??? Did I do something wrong??? It breaks his heart overtime your dog barks or growls at him when he comes over.
  • He’s a huge animal lover so he tries his hardest to make your dog like him, but the pup is not having it. Anyone who gets too close to you is an automatic enemy.
  • It’s gotten to the point where you have to kick the dog out of the room whenever you and Bokuto hang out because your dog will take every chance to cockblock him.
  • Bout will never forget the day where he had pinned you to the couch during a heated make out session when your dog had appeared out of no where, barking like mad and trying to attack him. Now you have to do everything behind closed doors.

Nishinoya Yu

  • Everything goes right over Noya’s head. He just thinks your dog is temperamental until it starts to growl overtime he moves to put his arm around you.
  • Tries to make your dog jealous as ridiculous as it sounds. He’ll purposefully give you a peck on the cheek or hug you while staring into the eyes of your pissed off dog. Noya no.
  • Whenever you have a movie night, naturally you like to get cozy and cuddle. Nope, to on your dog’s watch. The little weasel nearly knocks Noya overtiring to get in between you two.
  • It takes months for your dog to get used to Noya, but even then they don’t see eye to eye. It doesn’t matter how many treats or toys nota brings for your dog, it’s not enough. He has to earn your dog’s trust.
Septiishu cuteness :3

Watching yesterday’s video of Jack and Wiishu inspired me to write this fluffy little ‘mini-fic’ - if you can even call it that xD I apologise in advance if I missed any typos, and I may or may not have broken the 4th wall at one point… :p this is my first time posting any kind of fic so… please be gentle with me :3 Hope you enjoy the cuteness ^-^ 

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VIXX reaction - you touching youself(..) (+18)

Ok THIS ONE waited for like a month xD 

N: Watches you with this burning eyes. “ are driving me crazy”

Leo: Looks at you and you can see his eyes getting darker.

“Oh no, you cannot tease me like that.”

Ken: “What about me? Tss ok come here I’m sure we can do something about this “big” problem.”

Ravi: *watches you* “Maybe you need some help?”

Hongbin: “So…you called me…big?” He is flustered but he joins you.. ;)

Hyuk: “You need a hand there baby? Cause I have some, even two of them.”


Screenshots from THIS WAS A BAD IDEA | True Or False #4! :D

I learned one big thing about Sean in this video guys… His face is still super expressive even with 7 clothes pins on his face, WHAT THE FUCK?! xD 

Okay but in all seriousness though I had so much fun with this video. xD Yes I was having a semi sick enjoyment out of Sean causing himself pain with adorable tiny Santa clothes pins. :P 

This is my life right now guys! This is what I did with part of my day today is watch and screenshot some silly green haired potato stick clothes pins on his face! But you know what? I enjoyed every moment of it! ;D 
Like I said before I had so much with this video I loved it. Haha! :) 

Also thanks to this game and video I figured out that my eye color is the rarest eye color around the world. Which is pretty frigan cool! Yay for having green eyes! :D 

“It was the first thing my dad taught me, you know..”

Hannibal watched him as Will approached his space, sat between his legs and basically made him his bed, just because he can. Will could feel the smile radiating off Hannibal’s face.

“..that here in the sea, the stars are your comrades.”

He lazily points a finger upward, following a train of stars.

“These two are your friends.” Will says as  he pauses and shifts to a constellation opposite. “Spring up, fall down.”

He points to one star, directly above him. “And that’s your best friend.”

“Polaris.” Hannibal supplies. “The star that would always take you home.”

Will smiled to himself. “I used to call bullshit on it. One star couldn’t just be able to miraculously substitute directions.” Hannibal felt his body getting heavier, along with an audible sigh. Will closes his eyes.

"But maybe… I take it back.”

Silence hung in the air. Will hadn’t felt this comfortable in years.

Hanniversary request for @imlostinthedream who wanted Will and Hannibal cuddling under the night sky. I’m sorry I used a stock photo for the stars (I collect too many of them ||orz||), but this one was so PRETTY.

Doing this because why not? (And because I love Ethan X3)

My name’s Gabriela (or Gabi. Whatever floats your boat :3). Im a 20 years old (five days younger than Ethan I may add) megane with autism who enjoys singing, writing, and drawing. I discovered Ethan rather recently (I think sometime in January. I kinda lost track XD) through Mark. After watching a few vids, I became hooked! He’s so hilarious and fun to watch, yet he’s also very loving and caring towards his fans. Hearing his story from how he started as a small youtuber and is now becoming bigger gives me hope for my Youtube channel. I hope I can one day meet him (along with several other Youtubers) and tell him thank you for always making happy and inspiring me to keep moving forward, even when times are tough. *sigh* Okay, I’m done. Love you all! Bye!

P.S. Ethan loves you, remember that. Stay cranky! 💙

Jack's panel at PAX East!

I just finished watching the panel! It was amazing!

- There was a prerecorded message with Anti at the beginning! *squeal!*
- Jack broke the rules eight times
- His favourite song from Twenty One Pilots is Lame Boy
- Everyone keeps giving him stuff
- Someone made BFF necklaces for him and Mark
- Everyone started arguing about pineapple on pizza (It definitely does NOT belong there! Even Mark agrees!)
- Jack is a better dabber than Robin
- If he found a new planet, he’d name it Urectum (Since Uranus is already taken)
- He met Wiishu through Tumblr (The story is absolutely adorable!)
- If you want to make a game for him, make sure it includes giant monsters, snow and a lot of voices
- Jack’s a sweetheart
- The fanbase is adorable
- Jack got invited to be someone’s Prom date XD

I should be studying for my History exam, but not now bc I had to finish this one

Ever heard of the ‘Comfort character’ concept? Sometimes, such a character helps you go through hard times in life with its story/life lessons, or it just makes you happy with its presence. In my case, it’s the second one.
I loved Big Chill since I was in middle school, when I’ve been obsessed with the Ben 10 franchise. Now, I restarted watching Ben 10 Alien Force/Ultimate Alien and I love it even more, now that I’m able to draw more decent fanarts :D
I don’t know why I did this, honestly XD but I just wanna hug this edgy alien ice-moth; I simply love his design, his personality, like it’s not Ben in there, it’s totally a different person. Also, kudos to the crew for making the episode 'Save the last dance’. It’s the least recognition he can get among the other favourite aliens of Tennyson XDDD

Anyway, enjoy this craziness! 

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hi ami. i haven't really talked to you lately and just wanted to say hi and i hope you're doing well. <3 <3 <3

Omg anon?? Who are you?? Ily <3

Hi to you too, and I’m doing… well, fine, mostly :) Studying like possessed because I procrastinated too much and I need to pass this exam before classes start again, but otherwise fine….. 

Praising Cas

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Pairing: CasxReader
Word count: 1,048
Warnings: Smut
Author: Brittiny
Request: @snow-leopardfetishist Can I request some cas smut ♡ you’ve been fantasizing about him for ever.. and one particular evening it’s so bad he can’t stand it anymore and “helps you”. Also you discover in a delicious way he has a praise!kink and a hell of a top mode? ♡
A/N: I’m sorry if there’s not much praise kink. I was honestly at a loss for that XD Google was no help. So, I hope this works :)

It’d been about a year since you first met Cas. At first, it was a simple crush. The way that he carried himself, the way that he would watch whoever was speaking with such interest, and those eyes! How could a girl not love those eyes!

A couple months passed, and you felt your fondness for the angel grow. You were glad that no one seemed to notice your effection for him, or they would never let you live it down. He seemed to have eyes for Dean, which was cool, but you couldn’t help wish it was you he looked at.

What really did it, though, was on a case where his shirt had gotten torn. Back at the motel, Dean had offered him one of his. Instead of looking away, you watched as he pulled the tattered shirt from his body and you felt your cheeks heat up. At that moment, you were thankful he was completely human at that point.

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//casually drops this here

fluffbird  asked:

i challenge you to try and write something that ISN'T sad. pure fluff. not even a bit of bittersweetness. write something that makes people smile. if you can.

I will tomorrow! I’m sorry if you guys are crying. (Mainly because I watched a tragedy tonight, and I guess it inspired me a lot) I WILL write FLUFF tomorrow! To make all of you smile! All the sweet quotes are after the angst ones. (Or the ones that made me think about angst) I accept the challenge! (If you read some of them I wrote before, you’ll probably know I’m not really good at writing fluff, so I hope they’ll come out good XD) ((Please don’t be mad at me. I’m so sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. @_@ ))

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Do you watch phil's liveshows? In his last one he mentioned how he and dan have been taking creep shots of each other and it immediately made me think of dan and phil doing that on Twitter in your fic ☺

YES ohmygosh I know, I am going to have to rename the photo war the creepshot war in the next chapter

@mecaka can you even believe it, the fic is coming true xD

Have a lovely day, lovely anon <3

drudenstein  asked:

You have more German fans than you'd think! ;D (I am one of them too! *waves* A long-time watcher too, for about 7 years now) Some of us even practiced their understanding of the English Language by watching your videos. At least I know I did. :>

Oh, sure, practice your English with the guy who pronounced roof as ruff. XD  But thanks!  ^_^

I forgot to tell you good morning today, oops xD
Also sorry for being a bit inactive, the whole day I was just thinking about meeting my friend and then when we did I wasn’t checking my socials. I don’t even know what’s been happening on YouTube!! And I won’t til tomorrow bc I’m to tired to watch anything right now.
I’ve watched Doctor Strange and also X-men Apocalypse AND the last episode of Black Mirror one after another so that got me pretty tired. Overall, a great day, I missed just hang out with her and watching stuff and having fun xD
So I won’t really be checking the dash either, sorry if u miss any of your awesome stuff, but I’ll try to recompense it tomorrow! :D

I was tagged by @sore-dake​ thank you. ^^

Da Rules: Answer all of the questions, add one question of your own at the end, and then tag as many people as there are questions!

1. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke, even if I hardly drink it nowadays. :V

2. Disney or Dreamworks?  

I love both, but in the end I have to admit that I watch more Disney than DreamWorks, so Disney.

3. Coffee or Tea?

Tea, I really, really, really, dislike coffee. I’m a huge tea person. xD

4. Books or Movies?

Movies, even if I no long read nor watch movies that much nowadays. .-.

5. Windows or Mac?

Windows all the way!

6. DC or Marvel?


7. Xbox or Playstation?

Playstation, even if I hate a lot about it. They have so many flaws compared to the XBox ahhhh, but they have nicer games…

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect?

Don’t watch nor play either. But Dragon Age just because I know more about it and it has a cool fantasy setting. .-.

9. Night Owl or Early Riser?

Night Owl.

10. Cards or Chess?

I like both, but I’ve always preferred chess. Sigh… I miss playing it.

11. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate, even if my body reacts rather bad to some of it.

12. Vans or Converse?

Vans, they’re a lot softer on my feet.

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar?

I’m guessing these are Dragon Age species/houses? .-. Adaar looks cool… But Lavellan seems nice as well. I dunno tbh. xD

14. Paragon or Renegade?

Is Renegade from Mass Effects? I dunno what these are, ahhhh. xD

15. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, all the way, childhood memories omfg.

16. One episode per week or binge watch?

Binge watch. I stop watching most series just because I don’t like waiting or it are too many episodes imo. xD

17. Gandalf or Obi-Wan?

Obi-Wan. Never actually watched LOTR, except for LOTR 3 and the Hobbit 1. Not the biggest fan of it so far, but hey, gonna watch them with my girlfriend and maybe I’ll change my mind. c:

18. Heroes or Villains?

VILLAINS! VILLAINS! VILLAINS! Heroes can be very nice too, but 9 out of 10 times, my fave character in a franchise is the villain. Kefka, Demyx (though I can’t really consider him one), Xigbar, Ardyn… And many more!

19. John Williams or Hans Zimmer?

Hans Zimmer, haven’t listened enough of John Williams.

20. Disneyland/World or Six Flags?

Disneyland, never been there before. But God, Six Flags has so many Rollercoasters and even if they’re like 20 times higher than the highest rollercoasters in the Netherlands (which frightens me tbh cause I’m afraid of heights), I want to go there too sometime, with friends and/or family!

21. Forest or Sea?

Both have given me very wonderful memories of my brother, parents and I. But in the end I think I’d have to go with the sea. It almost seems endless and holds so many secrets beyond our knowledge. Besides, look at the sea in some countries, holy shit!

22. Flying or Reading Minds?

Reading minds would be useful, after all, then I can see what people truly think about me. .-. But on the other hand, I trust people on their words, and flying, would be very useful to get to places real fast (even if I still am frightened of heights).

23. Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure?

I don’t know either but Northern Exposure seems nicer.

24. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter, definitely.

25. You’re banished to a deserted island, which Benedict Cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you?

The Imitation Game was a very good true story he played in and I loved the movie. But I guess I’d get along better with Sherlock, even if I’ve only watched one or two episodes?

26. Train or cruise ship?

Train, I use it every single day to get to school. xD

27. Brian Cox or Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Once again, I don’t know either, but in the end I have to go with Neil deGrasse Tyson because he seems cooler to me.

28. Art museum or science museum?

Art. Always been fascinated by them (even if I love history museums as well). I’ve only been to science museums twice.

29. Irish Pub or Night Club?

Irish pub, I’ve been to one several times and it has nice people. Besides, I’m not a party animal.

30. Aang or Korra?

Aang, because I’ve never been a fan of The Legend of Korra. Pleasedon’thateonmeforthat.

31. Swimming in a pool or lake?

Lake, much prettier.

32. Classic music or classic literature?

Classic music, I listen to it a lot tbh. xD

33. Oxford comma or no oxford comma?

No oxford comma.

34. Digital or Paper book?


35. Rainy or Sunny days?

Sunny, even if rainy days are nice as well sometimes. xD

36. Fantasy or Science Fiction?

 Fantasy, all the way!

37. Flowers or Succulents ?

Flowers. My room is full of succulents I forget to give water… Sorry plants.

38. Berestain or Berestein?

Berestein I guess.

39. Jazz or Blues?


40.  Love at First Sight Trope or Friends to Lovers Trope?

Friends to lovers. I’m demiromantic so I don’t really believe in love at the first sight. Besides, I love to see the whole bonding process between two people as they get to know each other more.

41. Taking care or being taken care of?

Taking care, I’ve always put other people’s feelings before mine.

42. Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts? (My question)

I tag less people because holy fuck I don’t even dare to tag 42 people: @annatard @solfreyr @jlavisant @wings-of-may @creamecream @incarniunknown @stephicness @doriardyn @smolded @rinai-romara @deafgevaardigde @plotdesigner @little-miss-pandora @swoooonamis

The amount of people I dare to tag because this are most of the peeps I interact with. ._.