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Hi! would you have any recommendations of anime girl's love or even hinted?

Hello cutie anon :D I can give you some of course, but it’ll depend only on my own watching experience so sorry if there aren’t a lot/////// :

- Sasameki Koto : this is my favourite one <3 I love the ambiance, the characters, the music and the romance is very well-handled and so sweet!!

- Sakura Trick : if you love very cheesy pinky girly anime xD but it was very fluffy and the girls are adorable ^v^

- Akuma no Riddle : the love between the main girls is very implied, it’s pretty dark though

- Noir : it’s mostly hinted, but there’re definitely more than just friendship between the two mains (also the anime is SO good ;p)

-  El Cazador de la Bruja : same than Noir, the MCs get so much closer through the anime, there’s definitely something going on~

- Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai : this one is pretty hinted between two of the secondary characs. Since it’s Kyoani, it’s certainly only fanservice =v= but omg how I love so much their relationship and since I heard about a next season, I hope they’ll make them a couple ;; *hope*

- Hibike Euphonium : an other Kyoani and there are A LOT of moments pretty romantic between the main girls but the light novel shows a romance between the heroine and an other guy so I doubt they’ll make them canon in the anime sadly ;^; 

- Izetta the last witch : the anime was *meh* imo but there was a lot of romance implied between the two girls in it, and their relationship was very sweet!

- Attack of Titan : that’s definitely not a GL anime lol but hey, Christa and Ymir are canonly a couple, and S2 covers an arc focused on them so…. BUT THE PAIN IS EVERYWHERE THOUGH SO BEWARE

-  Yurikuma Arashi : I admit I dropped this one, but there were a lot of girl’s relationships in it (but the anime is very creepy ><)

I don’t think I have more in mind….but I heard about some others, that I haven’t watched yet, like Revolutionary girl Utena, Aoi Hana or Maria-sama.

Also I would rec you the animated clip adapted from the manga Asagao to Kase-san, it’s so much adorable ;__; and I’d rec you even more the manga and PLS make a full adaptation of it it’s so goooood!


Guess what? Another one of my friends turned 18 last monday. I know his favorite show is Rick and Morty so I just had to draw him something like that. His favorite character is… well… Mr. Poopybutthole (this name q.q) and I just had to add a Rick too. I know some of you who know me from tumblr may think “Leo likes nasty adult shows? Didn’t expect that” But yeah I actually like Rick and Morty a lot. Also one of my favorite shows is South Park <3 X3

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A spam of kai defending, complimenting, and talking for Ksoo pleas!! ^^

Absolutely anon ;)

When CY+JD said Soo was quiet, and Nini was quick to defend him!

They happily explained how they would watch tv and movies together, since they couldn’t go out to do it.

The mc was laughing at them (rudeeeeee) but Nini was not having any of that, and Soo was agreeing with him! (don’t you insult their dates lady)

Praising him to no ends

But also worrying about him..

And then <3 


Kd’s couple talk in 2nd box was basically 10 minutes of Nini praising his hyung

We know.. ;_;

Soo was the mc for one of their interviews 

And ofc we got Nini praising Soo at any change he got (proud Nini is proud)

Even when JM was scolding Soo xD

We all know about the desire Nini has to do a duet with Soo, he really likes his voice!

Soo’s very own spokesperson: KJI


That time when the automatic doors attacked Soo

And ever since then Nini has made sure to not let it happen again!!! 

Tips To Surviving Band Camp

Hey everyone! So as the school year is coming to an end, marching season is beginning. This of course means band camp! Whether you’re a rookie or a returner, it’s always nice to know what you’re getting into and have some reminders.

1. WATER! Drink LOTS of water! This is probably the most important thing. Stay hydrated, drink water every chance you get, because you’re going to be out in the hot sun on the turf all day. Most people bring those big water jugs, make sure you drink AT LEAST one of those in a day, two would be even better. Drink a lot at night too so you’re hydrated in the morning too. 

2. Sleep! You’re gonna be exhausted at the end of each day, so make sure you take care of yourself and get the sleep you need to stay healthy during camp. I know I went to my drum major’s house and fell asleep during dinner break last year XD You want to have the energy you need, which is gonna be a lot, so don’t be staying up till 1 or 2 am watching netflix if you know you have vis block at 7 am.

3. For my trans and nonbinary friends, DO NOT bind during band camp! Trust me, I am in the same boat with this one. As much as I know you want to pass, it’s not safe or healthy to bind in those conditions. You’ll restrict your breathing at a time when it matters most. I know it’s gonna suck, but your health and safety is more important.

4. Don’t blow your chops out! Sometimes you really wanna practice, or over practice, but trust me if this happens you won’t be helping yourself. You wanna be able to come to camp every day ready to play your best, and you won’t be able to do that if you over played the day before. Know you’re limits and recovery time, especially for all you lead trumpets.

5. Eat. Whether you’re in drum corps or a high school band, you all need to eat. This goes along with sleep and water, but you need the energy. If you go jazz running around the field in 100 degrees whether with no food in your stomach, you’re gonna throw up or pass out. Stay healthy and take care of your body and make sure you’re getting the nutrients and protein your body needs for an activity like this.

6. When it comes to health and safety, just know your limits. If you’re not feeling great, sit out. You director will understand. Your health always comes first. And if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to tell someone. Also, I know a lot of people have injuries. Make sure you don’t push those. Wear the knee brace or the elbow brace, wrap your ankle, do whatever you can to help yourself and sit out if it hurts. Don’t push yourself too far.

7. Now that the health and safety stuff has been addressed, social interaction! A lot of you rookies may go in not knowing people, and I understand how scary that can be. Take it from someone who couldn’t even talk to the two girls marching next to me for the entirety of band camp, it’s so much better if you just talk to them. Talk to other freshmen, talk to your section leaders and drum majors, talk to the upperclassmen! We want to get to know you too, and we know it’s hard at first. Band camp is the beginning of a great journey and you’ll make so many friends, you have nothing to be worried about.

8. DON’T LOSE YOUR DOT SHEETS OR MUSIC!!! Seriously. If you lose them, we have to go to the band room and make copies, then you’re behind because you didn’t have all the materials. It makes it easier on everyone if you keep track of everything. It’s also good to show that you’re responsible.

9. Listen to your techs, section leaders, and drum majors. They know what they’re talking and they were put into their positions for a reason. If they tell you you need to fix something or to stop messing around, listen. They’re doing what’s best for you and the band. You learn so much from them too, take every opportunity you get when they give you tips for improvement.

10. HAVE FUN! Like I said earlier, band camp is just the beginning. Do things with your friends! Go out for lunch or dinner together, get to know everyone, have a little fun with your rehearsals. A lot of schools do games at band camp and get into it! It’s so fun to just relax and goof around with people. Do things with your section, talk to people. Just have a good time! These people are gonna become your family and give you an amazing experience.

Bonus (11). A lot of people are reblogging this and adding SUNSCREEN! I cant believe I forgot that haha but yes! Sunscreen is super important! Even if you don’t burn easily, wear it! Reapply every 1-2 hours if I’m being honest. Getting burned sucks!

Actually this part is so funny when you think about it, because can you even imagine when Grisha finally got to meet Armin and Mikasa years later? How he must have felt and reacted upon remembering Kruger’s words?

Like, he’s going home one evening and there is ? years old Eren who claims all happily that he became friend with a boy named Armin who’s super nice and knows a lot of interesting stuff and blah blah, but upon hearing the name Grisha just goes

…….But nah, maybe it’s just a coincidence, like, maybe other kids are named “Armin”, or will be in the future and it has nothing to do with Eren’s new friend. Nope

And then, he randomly meets the Ackerman parents in Shiganshina a few years later because they came to town in need of a doctor and he’s the only one who doesn’t care about them being ostracized so of course he helps them, and at some point the parents tell him about how they have a daughter at home, she’s so sweet but they worry because she can’t make any friend where they live and “oh her name is Mikasa btw” and Grisha just…

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And here we have a Pride decked woodcarving Aquarius with her psychologist Pisces girlfriend ^_^

When you wait up all night for them- Got7 Reaction

Anon: “How about a Got7 reaction to their girlfriend staying up all night just to see them because she missed 
Here you go Anonie! I hope you like it, and that it doesn’t sound like it repeats itself to much! <3

This boy would be so touched that you waited up all night just to see him. Coming in to see you struggling to fight sleep, Mark would smile and pick you up from the couch to bring you to your bed. Laying you down, he’d kiss you on your forehead and tell you to go on to sleep and that he’d join you in a few moments.
(Pretend you’re Jackson)

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Jaebum / JB:
Jaebum would be sneaking into the house, trying to make as little noise as possible, thinking you were asleep. He’d hear the TV and chuckle to himself, thinking you left it on, only to find you awake on the couch. When you got up to greet him, he’d teasingly scold you for staying up so late. But as soon as he heard your reasoning he’d melt inside and pull you close to him.

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Jackson would smile as soon as he laid eyes on your form slumped in a kitchen chair, waiting for him. If you had already started to doze off he would take a few seconds to admire you, trying to stop himself from squealing at how cute you looked. After a few moments, he’d wake you up enough to guide your stumbling figure into the bedroom.

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Jinyoung / Junior:
Jinyoung would walk into your shared apartment to be met by your arms wrapped tightly around him. Giving you a small smile he’d ask if you waited up for him. At your nod he would sigh, setting down his stuff, the proceed to walk you back to your room with your arms still wrapped around him. Once you were laying down he sat on the edge of the bed, gently moving stray hairs behind your ear as you drifted of into sleep.

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The first thing to great this boy would probably be Coco, let’s be honest. Youngjae would pick up the dog, trying to shush her before walking towards your room. On his way, he saw a figure slumped over in one of the chairs in the living room. Walking closer, he saw that it was you, obviously having failed at waiting up for him. He’d smile his precious smile and replace you for Coco in his arms as he carried you to the bedroom.

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BamBam would come home to find you lying awake on the couch watching one of their latest performances on the TV. Smiling, he’d jump over the back of the couch to sit beside you, while succeeding in scaring you. Laughing, he’d pull you close to him and ask why you hadn’t gone to bed yet. You’d reply, saying you waited up for him, and he’d hide a smile from you as he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. The two of you would cuddle on the couch and not even make it to bed before the two of you had fallen asleep.
(Imagine he’s holding you like he’s holding that trophy XD)

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I feel like Yugyeom would come home tired from practice and being with his hyung’s all day long. He’d be dragging his feet, looking forward to nothing more than curling up in bed with you by his side. It’d be a pleasant surprise when he heard your voice softly calling out to him. He’d turn to you, noting the tired look that overtook your features. Winding his arm around your waist, he’d lead you to the bedroom without a word coming from the two of you. You noted how he was practically asleep before his head even hit the pillow and smiled to yourself, kissing the top of his head and following him into dream land.

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What do you think first made kai think, wow i might acc have a crush on my hyung, vice versa x

Well, we all know the famous “I don’t want to eat with that hyung” story.. But then they became the closest the fastest ^o^

Nini has admitted that he found Soo scary/angry looking, since Soo wouldn’t look at him, but after finding out that he had astigmatism, Nini realized his mistake. 

After that, we know about the coffee dates, the cute pics from their trainee period (even intimate ones from bed *faints*) 

Their coffee date^^ (even tho coffee tastes like poison according to Nini, he still went out and drank it with his hyung hehe)

selca after their date ;)))

more cutesy selcas, safe to say that they’re comfortable with each other!

*coughs* needs no explanation. you can really tell that Nini isn’t scared of his hyung anymore xD (and Nini’s got his hand on Soo’s cheek sooooooooo O___O)

We also know that they’ve shared a room on and off (mostly on) since pre-debut days!! Kaisoo watched pororo and movies together. Soo took care of Nini all the time, gave him medicine, food and did his laundry xD And they seem to have adored each other to bits from very early on! 

It’s hard to say from exactly when kaisoo started having feelings for each other. I bet Nini’s reluctance to hang with Soo only lasted for a short while, and after clearing up the misunderstanding they bonded fast! I’m thinking that their crush started around that time and gradually grew over time (*whispers* and now they’re married sshhh….)

But I definitely think they started dating during pre debut, if that bed selca is any indication ;)




This quote often saved me in the past, because you know that all of my animations are made with a Nintendo DSi, I always got the “well … you should try something more professional, buy a tablet” or “It’s funny but it’s for kids, try another program, with “clear” lines”, When you got too much of this you ask to yourself if you are going to the wrong way, but I love my DSi and it was the only thing I got to animate so I DIDN’T QUIT ! 

If I listened to these people, who certainly don’t even remember me “lol”, this blog would never exist ! So please ! Keep doing what you make and Love it ! 

Passion is for me one of the best energy we got ! We don’t have to leave it.

Few days ago I reached 100 000 followers, you can’t imagine how shocked I was, I never excepted a number that huge ! I was afraid of thinking so many people are watching my pigeons xD (and that so many people see my English mistakes ;u;)  but now I’m fine ^^’

I’m always happy to see that many people laugh, have fun and are happy seeing my animations and I will keep going this way because now I really love doing it and knowing that it bring so much happiness is enough for me to know that I will never stop ! 

Thank you everyone for your huge support ! I’m pleased to learn you some french :D !! Never be afraid to ask me things if you want to learn some ;) ! 

I wish you the best ! Je vous souhaite tout de bon ! 

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ok its like 1am and ive been watching kpop for like 3 hrs and i just had this idea for this klance au where keith is part of this rly grungy kpop group that lance loves but wont admit bc he said that one thing to pidge the one time about thinking kpop was stupid and then keith ends up going to the same college as the squad and lance is just trying to pretend he hasnt had a crush on keith since the first music video

omg you need to sleep xD

but yes i can dig this even tho i know nothing about kpop~

  • so like lance is keeping up the appearance of not liking kpop, cool, keep lying to yourself lance
  • pidge is lowkey sure that lance has been watching music vids and secretly has a fav but they wont push him on it, let the boy wallow in his own self-judgment
  • when the squad finds out keith goes to their college, lance has an internal freakout and suddenly hes struggling to keep this all under wraps
  • pidge has a couple classes with keith and finds out that hes not nearly as grungy as his kpop group makes him out to be
    • the boy likes his memes and cryptids, let him live
  • hunk has one class with him and finds out that keiths group is still together and that they tour over the summers and are still making music
    • hunk is lowkey awed by how dedicated keith is to his education and his music
  • lance doesnt officially meet keith until pidge drags him out to one of their group study sessions since they have the same courses
  • lance promptly makes a fool of himself the whole time and he excuses himself to go to the bathroom.
    • pidge being the nosey little shit that they are, goes through lances web history and finds all the kpop - specifically keiths
    • some of his views are for his own youtube channel cuz he runs a makeup tutorial channel (which keith follows)
  • when lance comes back looking a little more put together, pidge pipes up “so about that one kpop group”
    • keith and hunk are in on this. and keith thinks its really sweet that lance likes his group that much
  • lance gets into a tizzy and is ready to just leave because hes not going to take harassment like this (its only teasing and he threatens to leave every time it happens)
  • then keith speaks up about loving lances channel and that his tips are really good
  • and the dams open: lance just starts gushing about keiths group and all of the vids. which prompts keith to start gushing about lances channel
  • its your basic gush fest and pidge and hunk are watching like these fools are going to be dating next week
  • and true to form, the next study sesh, keith and lance walk in holding hands


The Klance au NO ONE WANTED I’m shocked no one did yet. Like really go tweet Chris Tucker for giving me the idea after seeing him on TV. I will be doing more XD
I can not believe I did this… you don’t have to even ship klance at all just put them in this movie setting and watch the fun happen

Silent Treatment

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can you write an imagine were the reader applies the ice law to Peter ‘cause he has been so bad with her? End it how you want and sorry if my english is bad, im mexican. LY

Warning/s: swearing


summary: Pan says something mean so you ignore him 

Pan has been a dick to you ever since you were taken to Neverland. You didn’t know why but he’s always there to laugh at your mistakes, make fun of you or just simply make you feel awful about yourself and you will always insult him back or give a sarcastic remark. Pan enjoys seeing you annoyed so he does this every day. But today, he went too far and you didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

You were walking through the jungle, searching for dinner when Pan decided to taunt you.

“Hey Y/N! Keep up will you? No wonder your parents despise you. You’re a bit useless eh?” he chuckled, making the lost boys laugh. You opened your mouth to make a nasty remark but decided against it. What he said hit a nerve. Your parents did despise you but you always thought that it’s because they’re just one of those parents who neglects their child. You never thought that they hated you because you were useless. Are you even useless? Maybe you are. Maybe that’s why they hated you. Maybe that’s why everyone else hated you. Maybe that’s why even here in Neverland, everyone hated you. It’s because you’re useless. You looked down and ignored Pan’s remark. Pan on the other hand, raised an eyebrow. Confused because you didn’t answer his stupid remark. He brushed it off thinking that you’re just not in the mood.

You were aiming at your catch when you let go of the arrow. It hit your prey directly in the head so it’s dead by now. “Impressive” Pan appeared beside you and smirked. You ignored his presence and walked over to the dead animal and picked it up. You walked off to tell the lost boys that you caught dinner.

You sat in front of a table eating peacefully with the other lost boys. Though at the side of your eyes, you saw someone walking over. And that someone is Pan. Just as he sat down beside you, you stood up, taking your finished plate with you. You can feel Pan’s eyes burning holes at your back but you ignored it and continued walking.

You were sitting on a log, sharpening your knife. Beside you was Felix. He wasn’t someone who talked much but he’s still comforting to be around so you’re sitting with him. “Something is wrong” he stated. “What?” you asked, confused. “You’re acting different. Why?” he looked at you. You just shrugged. “Hey lads!” Pan appeared in front of you two. “Hey Pan” Felix greeted. Pan looked at you. You stood up and walked away, leaving Pan very confused. Pan sat down beside Felix. “What’s up with her? She’s been ignoring me.” Pan sighed. Felix shrugged his shoulders and continued sharpening his dagger.

It continued like that. You ignored Pan every time he tries talking to you and it agitates him. He wanted to hear your voice again. Even if it’s a stupid remark or something mean. He just wanted to hear your voice again. He can’t stand the silence anymore. He will do something about it and he will do it now.

You and the lost boys were ready to haunt again. You were about to dash into the woods when a hand stopped you. You turned around just to be faced with Pan. You went to tug your hand back but his grip tightened. “Look at me” he said. You didn’t so he gripped your hands tighter, “Look at me!” he hissed. You look at him and frowned. “What?” your voice was filled with so much hatred. “What are you playing at?” he growled. “What do you mean?” you asked. “Oh you know exactly what I’m saying! Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I don’t know. Why do you hate me so much?!” you yelled at him. He squinted his eyes at you, “What are you talking about?”. “Oh come on Pan! You’re the one who’s always there to make me feel like shit!” you tried getting out of his hand but his grip was strong. “What?” he whispered. “When you told me that my parents despised me because I was useless.. I can’t help but to think that you were right. I thought about it and I AM indeed useless! I don’t know what I did to you but ever since I set foot on this island, it’s like you just made it your mission to make me feel like shit! Well guess what? You already did. Congratulations!” you broke down crying. Peter caught you, held your crying figure and tried to hush you. “Y/N” he whispered, “I didn’t know you felt that way”. “What did you think I would feel?” you cried through his chest. “I-I just did all that because I like it when your attention was on me a-and I guess I went overboard that time. I-I’m sorry” he said, hugging you closer to his body. “So you made me feel like shit for attention?” you sobbed. “I know it sounds fucked up but that’s the only way I can think of to get your attention” he sighed, “I’m really sorry.”. “You know you should’ve just been nice to me, right?” you chuckled. Pan pulled away from the hug and caressed your face. “Yeah, I was stupid. Forgive me?” he asked. You slightly smiled and nodded. Pan jumped around “Oh thank you thank you thank you!” he caressed your face again and kissed your nose over and over.

“Okay stop” you chuckled. He stopped and chuckled too.

“Thank you” he whispered and kissed your forehead.

I just watched x-men: apocalypse and damn evan peters :3

oh yeah.. I hope you liked this one hehe

requests are open guys

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I just noticed that the writing for "Who's Laughing Now" and "He Will Set Us Free" are different. The latter is drippy, while the former is more... solid, I guess. The writing styles are different too, so I don't think they're from the same person. The latter dots their i's, while the former doesn't. I think Sammy, with his cult mentality, wrote the latter, so who wrote the former? Maybe the other staff members wrote it? Or Bendy and co, if they even existed? Sorry if this is old news to you!

Truthfully, they all look pretty similar to each other to me - though I think that has more to do with using the same font for all of the wall writings. Still, I do see some of the difference you were talking about, and this could be a useful clue to differentiate between who’s writing on the walls. With that being said, if all it takes to tell the writers apart is a few little details, then could it be possible that there’s three writers?

This one definitely seems like it could belong to Sammy. Everything from word choice, the splotches and running ink, and, as you mentioned, these are the only times we see the i’s are lowercase.

This one feels like it could be Bendy. It could also be a split between Bendy and a different toon, but I’m almost willing to bet it’s Bendy. There’s something oddly cold and vengeful about the text, whereas with Sammy, it was ominous, but seemed more hopeful. 

As I mentioned earlier, I think there’s the possibility of a third writer, and that possible 3rd is whoever wrote the text we saw at the very beginning.

Out of the others, this one is by far the neatest, and most stylized. Bendy’s writing comes pretty close, but the line-work still feels a little shaky, and the ink runs a tad in some places. Here on the other hand, the text is crisp, and the lines were accentuated in a few places, especially with the ‘E’ at the end. So far, no other wall writing has the same style as this one. This could very well change with the next chapter, but this is where we’re at so far with the text.

But that begs an uncomfortable question. If all these wall writings have different writers, then who wrote this one? At first I thought it might be Joey (and it still could be for all I know), but the way how Joey’s signature looks in the letter is written differently here.

These are about all the clues we have on this, so far. Could there be a mysterious 3rd writer? Only time will tell. Still, I must commend you for your observation. You have really good eyes, because even when watching other let’s players play through chapter 2, I didn’t notice this until you pointed it out. XD

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Epictale is like anime (even tho i never watched anime) once you read\watch one your ganna watch the hole thing

being a mangaka was once my dream

but now..

i realized how HARD that is to reach that level lmao xD

Septiishu cuteness :3

Watching yesterday’s video of Jack and Wiishu inspired me to write this fluffy little ‘mini-fic’ - if you can even call it that xD I apologise in advance if I missed any typos, and I may or may not have broken the 4th wall at one point… :p this is my first time posting any kind of fic so… please be gentle with me :3 Hope you enjoy the cuteness ^-^ 

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Banana Bus Squad!

So anyways, if you guys like the bbs squad, or just want something to watch on YouTube, I’ve got some vids on H2o Delirious’ channel for you!

‘Hide and seek - Dino edition!!!’


• Delirious adorably growling at the camera, pretending to be a dinosaur

• Nogla, Vanoss, Delirious and Basically being flirty nerds

• Many randomly sexual flirty comments, usually pertaining to Delirious’ asshole

• Delirious, as usual, being mostly completely oblivious and adorable in response to said flirts

• “hey delirious, I heard you wanted a gaping fucking asshole”

• “hey delirious, nice ass”

• All the boys being attention whores for Del’s attention, as usual

• “guys we have to be careful we might get a speeding ticket”

• Delirious finding high points on the map, using them to both mock people and try to help the other seekers

• Panicked screaming

• Lots of laughter

• Sneaky hehehehehe


• Playing shitty pranks on each other

• Everyone is very giggly, especially Delirious and Vanoss

• Always hiding together

• Marcel being super fucking adorable


• “oh no they found me :c”

• “I’M GOING AWAY ON A BUSINESS TRIP AND NEVER COMING BACK!!!” “Are you on the stupid fucking car??” “…no?”

• Lots of joking and screaming, as usual

• Overall just really gay and cute, 12/10

And, 'Finding Bigfoot - Back in the woods!!! With Cartoonz and Ohmwrecker!!’


• Cartoonz and Ohm fighting for Delirious’s attention, as usual

• Lots of flirting

• Delirious, yet again, being oblivious to 99% of said flirting

• The boys being really overexcited and acting like ten year olds

• Terrified screaming


• Delirious randomly flirts at Ohm-Ohm looses his fucking mind, Delirious giggles, and Cartoonz aggressively changes the subject

• “No supplies, we die like men”

• “You guys, put down some meat!” “Oh, I’ll put down some meat alright ;)))))”

• Lots of compliments and overexcited, giggly thank you’s

• Refusing to be separated under any cost

• Climbing trees

• Falling out of said trees

• Five million and seven sexual jokes and just jokes in general about Bigfoot

• Talking over dramatically and being extremely overprotective of each other even though it’s literally just a video game

• Delirious standing and watching Cartoonz 'pee’ as they stare at each other behind a tree

• Ohm walks two more steps before panicking and going back for them

• Cartoonz screams and gets angry when Ohm comes over; Ohm and Del make fun of the flustered demon boy

• “You just can’t find fresh dead bodies like this anymore”

• “God, we’re the real monsters here. He just wanted to come home and want Netflix and we fucking cut off his legs!”

• Ohm and Cartoonz laughing at Del’s shitty jokes even though they’re shitty just because it makes him happy

• Random huddle walking

• Getting giggly over flares

• Aggressive sharing

• “DELIRIOUS ARE YOU OKAY??” “Yeah, are you?” “Meh. Not important.”

• I think they’re scared of the dark

• Happy adventure boyos

• Very gay and wonderful, 100/10

I honestly love these videos, they’re so cute, please so give them a watch and a like, the happy boys deserve it

Oh, and at the beginning of one of the videos, there’s a really cute promo for their parts in the Monster Game where Del and Wildcat fight and it’s wonderful and hilarious XD

Ninja Warrior (Request)

“so can you please do a spencer reid x reader where the reader is short but she’s (or they if you like to gender neutral) SUPER badass like she can take down a guy super quick. BUT ANYWAYS the team teases her about it a lot and spencer defends her.”

I kinda went off script… You ish an independent person who don’t need no man! *Sassy snap* Be prepared, I can’t write fight scenes, don’t judge the implausibilities of it. XD Watch this be one of my worst fics yet -Ryan



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Have a really poorly thrown together vine edit because Hardstop Lucas is fantastic and his messages are relevant.

Will clean up and repost at a later date, most definitely.

the extent of jhopes english vocabulary
  • jhope: sorrysorrysorryaHSORRYAHSORRYSORRYSO-
  • jhope: oh my hearteu
  • jhope: i hate snakeu
  • jhope: ugh dirry waterr on my faceu
  • jhope: important businesseu
  • jhope: i love you *cough* jimin
  • jimin: what
  • jhope: what