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important question since ur from scotland: is it considered weird for someone who lives there to be named scott

aye it is weird cos there’s actually only one scot named scott born every 500 years like? and he’s always a right proper bawbag. always ravin about world domination and shit like that. always gotta get the theater kids in their ugly elf outfits to seal his ass away in some magic crystal to keep the peace or whatever whenever he shows up

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I think you once mentioned that you headcanon Jedi younglings going to the Temple at significantly younger than is portrayed in the Children of the Force arc of TCW. (I know next to nothing about babies, but having just rewatched the episodes, I'd guess the children we see are somewhere around 9 months to maybe a year old?) Would you mind going into any more detail as to how you picture it going?

Oh, jeez, this was a while ago and I think the only time I’ve addressed it explicitly was with lady!Obi-Wan in the Oxygen & Rust ‘verse though it’s always been part of my Jedi worldbuilding.  Let’s see –

I have this theory that on a lot of Republic worlds, especially the old core of the Republic like Alderaan, Chandrila, Coruscant, etc., one of the standard battery of tests done in the medcenter after birth is for midichlorian count, and if it’s high enough, then the medcenter will automatically notify the Jedi and the nearest Knight – usually the Jedi Watchman of the sector (this is something that comes in from the EU) – will turn up to talk to the parents.  At that age, midichlorian count isn’t always a sure sign that the kid is going to grow up to be Force-strong enough to be a Jedi, but it’s something that the Order likes to keep an eye on.  It’s actually not very common for a newborn infant to go to the Temple, since the Order would rather be pretty certain that they’re going to be Force-strong rather than just Force-sensitive and so they prefer to get them older (as in TCW), but it happens on occasion for various reasons.  While the Order itself doesn’t offer any remuneration to the families of children who get taken in for Jedi training, a lot of planetary governments do.  (Stuff like tax cuts, occasionally stipends until the child reaches the age of majority, it depends on the planet.)

Unfortunately this only works on planets that have a medcenter that will do those tests, which is not the majority of planets in the Republic, and of course all children aren’t born in medcenters, let alone one of those specific medcenters.  Probably most medcenters even on Coruscant don’t do that kind of testing, for example; it’s one of those things that’s supposed to be done but in actual practicality often isn’t.  So only a relatively small percentage of younglings are discovered through that route, rather than something else, and a lot of those found that way are simply not going to be strong enough in the Force to train as Jedi.  (I tend to assume that the holocron of records from the Children of the Force arc also includes the children who are Force-sensitive, but not strong enough to be Jedi.)

A Roman Hymn to Hercules

Vergil, Aeneid 8.285-302

Then the Salian priests come to sing
Around the altars kindled with fires,
Their temples bound with poplar branches,
On one side a chorus of youths, a chorus
Of old men on the other; and in song
They lift up the praises and deeds of Hercules-
How he squeezed and strangled with his hands
The first monsters his stepmother sent, twin snakes;
How he also cast down in war
Mighty cities, Troy and Oechalia; and how
He bore a thousand harsh labors under the yoke
Of King Eurystheus, through unjust Juno’s fates.
“With your hand you slew, unconquered one,
Hylaeus and Pholus, double-formed creatures
Born of clouds; you slew Crete’s monsters
And the tremendous lion under Nemea’s crag.
The Stygian waters trembled in fear at you,
So too did the door-keeper of Orcus, reclining
In his bloody cave atop half-eaten bones;
No sight frightened you, not even Typhoeus himself,
Tall as a mountain, gripping arms; and when
Lerna’s serpent surrounded you
With its mob of heads, you did not lose your wits.
Hail, true offspring of Jove, now added
To the gods to give them glory; come propitious,
With favoring step, to us and to your rites.”

tum Salii ad cantus incensa altaria circum
populeis adsunt evincti tempora ramis,

hic iuvenum chorus, ille senum, qui carmine laudes
Herculeas et facta ferunt: ut prima novercae
monstra manu geminosque premens eliserit anguis,
ut bello egregias idem disiecerit urbes,
Troiamque Oechaliamque, ut duros mille labores
rege sub Eurystheo fatis Iunonis iniquae
pertulerit. ‘tu nubigenas, invicte, bimembris
Hylaeumque Pholumque manu, tu Cresia mactas
prodigia et vastum Nemeae sub rupe leonem.
te Stygii tremuere lacus, te ianitor Orci
ossa super recubans antro semesa cruento;
nec te ullae facies, non terruit ipse Typhoeus
arduus arma tenens; non te rationis egentem
Lernaeus turba capitum circumstetit anguis.
salve, vera Iovis proles, decus addite divis,
et nos et tua dexter adi pede sacra secundo.’

Hercules Crowned by Glory, Martin Desjardins, 1671

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My hc on Hanzo's dragons: he was born with one, and only had one until he pseudo-murdered Genji. The internal rift caused by killing his own brother split his soul in two, in a way, giving him two dragons. Every time he summons his dragons it's a reminder of how he fucked up

I know I’ve had this sitting in my inbox for awhile now bc yeah, I basically agreed with the hc; I’ve seen a handful of people say it before as well

The big ol’ obvious thing is the one south wind dragon in the lore, but I realized just now that Hanzo never refers to his dragons as plural; all his ingame voice lines refers to a singular dragon. I know the ingame stuff isn’t considered canon, and I know how Blizz just loves having “””accuracy””” (lmao) in writing their characters, but you’d think considering how many times he references a dragon in his voices lines, there’d be at least some kind of canonical connection there.

Seems there’s still a lot of confusion on the topic of alicorn origins. I have written about this before, and I assumed a lot of it was common knowledge, but I suppose I shall need to clarify further.

One reader asks:
“So was Cadance a born alicorn, or was she a pegasus pony who earned a horn (and earth pony qualities) and not wings? I’m not sure whether the objection is factual or semantic. Also there’s this story about her defeating a witch.”

She was born a pegasus. I would have considered this a factual matter, but I suppose there may be differing views on what it is to gain something, which might make this a semantic matter. However, the original context was about doing something worthy to earn wings, and if it’s a semantic issue then is it also in question whether being born can count as doing something worthy? I would argue being born is not even something you do, but something that happens to you. Regardless, it is a fact that she was born with wings, as pegasi are.

And yes, there is a story involving a witch who Cadence defeats, and subsequently reforms, using love. That story is true and did lead to her earning her place as an alicorn. Obviously she didn’t gain wings by doing so, as she already had them since birth.

Another reader states:
“Celestia claimed Flurry Heart was the only pony to ever be born an Alicorn in Equestria.”

Indeed she did, and this is also accurate. Apart from myself, Cadence (who we’ve already covered above) and Flurry Heart (born alicorn, as mentioned), there are only two remaining alicorns: Celestia and Luna. Neither of them were born in Equestria. Perhaps there is some additional confusion regarding this since they were born in Canterlot, but they were born before Equestria was founded, thus not in Equestria. They were, however, born alicorns.

In conclusion, I am the only alicorn who has gained or earned wings, hence the previous questions were based on faulty assumptions or misinformation. (Again, this is assuming that being born with wings doesn’t count as gaining them. I would not interpret it as a gain when it’s something you start with.)

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion on this matter.

I am a loser learning to win.
You are the door that opens to let the light in, a burst of flames like your tongue licking my skin.
This is how the dreams begin.
This is how the hope gets in.

You say I always keep you warm, I choke when I try to say that you are the only one that’s ever felt like home since the day I was born.
Sometimes I worry I might make you sick because I’m so irritating.
I know you’re sick of waiting, but this is forever.
Be patient baby, I’m already yours.

Who I was is not who I am, but I wish I knew who I was supposed to be.
You never knew that my throat was full of screams, or how I still keep trying to swallow my own bones, how they stick in my lungs when I breathe.

This is not just a song about you and me,
this is a song about how you keep renewing me, and all the words I write are just costume jewellery, hanging off your limbs like ribbons on a tree.
This is a song about how you keep renewing me,
and how you brought light to the darkness that grew in me.
This is a song about how you keep renewing me.

How did you coax a fire within a heart too weary to beat?
How did you find a song within a chest too worn to speak?
This is not just a song about you and me, this is a song about how you keep renewing me.

—  giraffevader - The ballad of the bat and the wolf 🐺❤🦇
"Born to Be Free" Trailer

“Born to Be Free” is one of the newest documentaries about cetacean captivity to come to the big screen. Almost entirely funded by an indieGoGo campaign, the film centers around the true and heartbreaking story of 18 wild caught beluga whales who were placed into captivity in Russia. The animals, which were originally intended to be shipped to the Georgia Aquarium in America, were caught in a limbo of sorts for several years while legal battles raged on discussing the ethics of bringing them into the country. That’s where the director and producer, Gayane Petrosyan, picks up this story.

The team of activists managed to find the belugas living in horrible conditions, and from there the film dives right into the captivity industry in Russia and it’s effect on the world. Never before seen footage of beluga whale and seal captures offer a window into the grim reality of what is happening in the country, while giving hope that we can change things by not buying a ticket to a dolphin show. This documentary shows the true side of captivity, the one that marine park owners don’t want you to see. Watch it today on Netflix.

A Silly Idea;

Stands from Stardust re-named with musical references

The Fool: Castle of Sand

Magician’s Red: Disco Inferno

High Priestess: Iron Maiden

Empress: Fight from the Inside

Emperor: Master of War

Hierophant Green: Green River

The Lovers: Double Dealer

Silver Chariot: Neon Knight

Strength: Smooth Sailing

Hermit Purple: Deep Purple

Wheel of Fortune: Built For Speed

Justice: Master of Puppets

Hanged Man: Hangman Jury (I give up on this one)

Death XIII: Dream Warrior

Yellow Temperance: Feed my Frankenstein

Ebony Devil: Born Again

Tower of Grey: Danger Zone

Star Platinum: Stargazer

Dark Blue Moon: Moon River

The Sun: The Sun is pretty good, actually

Judgement: Money for Nothin’

Za Warudo: Holy Diver, obviously

Geb: Man of the Lake

Tohth: Gypsy

Khnum: Man Behind the Mask

Anubis: Powerslave

Sethan: Child of Mine

Bastet: Electric Funeral

Osiris: Ace of Spades

Horus: Blizzard of Ozz

Atum: Yes

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tbh i just see jimin's playlist as a dance playlist and like i imagine him staying behind after their practice then just dancing to it freestyle. people are going in too deep of his playlist when most of those have some sick sexy beats where he can just close his eyes and let lose. those songs matches his dance style 11/10

i’ve seen like 7 analysis of his playlist and it’s like…. calm down dude…. bc idk about any one else but just bc i like a song and add it to a play list it doesnt mean i personally relate to it? like one of my favorite albums is hamilton and like….. i wasnt born in the 18th century and travel to america as an immigrant and fight in a war and cheat on my wife…. but i still love the music??? like 87% of the songs i listen to i don’t personally relate to. music is something you dont HAVE to relate to. you can just ENJOY it. like idk why ppl r so pressed on analyzing things.

i agree, most of jimins playlist i can see him just dancing to, enjoying life and stuff. they’re mainly upbeat songs with a sexy under feel, which is great for jimin so…

What Are Brothers For? |Jack and Conor Maynard|

Summary -  Hey can you do one in which Jack and Conor’s parents go on holiday and Anna comes to stay with her brothers

Word Count - 1,595

Warnings - N/A

“Why are we here again?” Jack asked, as Conor rolled his eyes.

“I told you, I don’t know how many times. Mum and Dad have gone away for their anniversary and they wanted Anna to come and stay with us for a few days.”

Jack sighed and rolled his eyes. He loved his baby sister, but she was annoying. Are there any siblings that aren’t annoying though?

Whereas Conor was a bit more protective of his little sister, ever since she was born, Conor was always the one that Anna went to if she had any problems.

Both Conor and Jack are perceived as jokers, always messing around and laughing but Conor could be serious when he needed to, or when Anna needed him to.

“How long is a few days?” Jack mumbled, sitting on one of the benches in London Victoria station.

“More than a day, less than a week.” Conor rolled his eyes, sitting next to his brother as he looked up at the arrival board. “Her train should be in, in about 10 minutes.”

Conor didn’t know why he was telling Jack, because he knew Jack wasn’t interested whether his little sister got here or not.

“It’s only for a few days Jack, and it’ll be nice to see Anna again. We never get to see her anymore because we hardly go back to Brighton. And when you go back to Brighton, you only go to se that bloody cat.” Conor chuckled, gently nudging his brother in the ribs with his elbow.

Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I know we never see her but she’s actually never been to London, she’s never stayed with us. She’s never met any of the boys.”

“Well, don’t you think that because Anna has never been here, or stayed with us, that gives us a reason to make her visit a little bit more special?” Conor suggested.

Jack shrugged his shoulders.

“And about the boys, they’re not coming around that much while Anna is here.” Conor told his little brother as he sighed.

“But I said-” Jack argued before Conor cut him off.

“No, not as much as they usually do because it’s the time for us to spend time with Anna. The boys only live 10 minutes away from us, we see them all the time.”

Jack went to open his mouth to argue with his brother, but decided against it and closed his mouth once again.

“Good, and don’t give Anna any grief because the boys wont be over as much. It’s my idea, not because she’s said anything to me about them coming over.” Conor told Jack, frowning at him slightly.

Jack simply nodded, and went back to his phone.

London Victoria station was packed, as always. It was a Monday evening, what else did you expect? People were coming home from work or school or just generally running around London.

Glancing up at the arrival board again, Conor was counting down the minutes until his baby sister arrived.

“Should we take Anna out somewhere?” Conor asked, looking at Jack again.

“Like to a theme park?” Jack mumbled, not really listening to Conor

“No you dick, I meant like a meal, or do something that she actually wants to do, rather than her sitting around and watching us play video games.” Conor suggested, a smile forming on his face. He thought Anna would like that, doing something that she would actually want to do rather than watching her two older brothers screaming at a TV when their characters got shot or ran over.

Jack shrugged again, going back to scrolling through twitter as he started to reply to a few fans about his recent uploaded video.

Conor grinned and quickly stood up when he saw Anna’s train pulling into the station, the same platform as always.

He quickly shoved his phone into his pocket and walked onto the platform, leaving Jack to himself on the bench.

A wide smile formed on Conor’s face as he saw his baby sister getting off the train, phone and bag in her right hand, her suitcase in her left hand.

“Hey Anna.” Conor grinned, hugging his little sister and lifting her off the floor.

Anna laughed and wrapped her arms around Conor’s neck. “Put me down before you drop me!”

Conor chuckled and carefully placed her back on the floor, taking Anna’s suitcase off her as they both walked off the platform.

“Where’s Jack then? I’m surprised he’s actually letting me stay with you guys while mum and dad are away.” Anna smiled slightly.

Conor knew that Jack and Anna didn’t exactly get along. They loved each other, but they just preferred to spend time with other people than each other.

Whereas, Conor being the eldest, was constantly left in the middle. Anna idolised her big brother, as did Jack. That didn’t make a difference to Jack and Anna’s relationship though.

“He’s sat on that bench.” Conor told her, nodding over to the bench that Jack was still perched on, still in the same position, still with his phone in his hand.

Jack stood up as Conor and Anna walked over, smiling a bit as he gave his little sister an awkward one armed hug.

Conor smiled slightly. At least they weren’t arguing, for a change.

“So Jack thought that we should do something you like tomorrow, just spend tonight watching movies or something.” Conor suggested, giving credit for his idea to Jack, as his little brother looked at him, a confused expression on his face.

Jack smiled slightly, knowing Conor was trying to get Jack and Anna to actually act like brother and sister, and he was really hoping that it would work.

“Sounds good.” Anna nodded, smiling as Jack took her bag for her.

Once back in their flat, Anna sat on the sofa as Jack and Conor took her things into the spare room, before going back into the living room.

“What did you fancy watching then, Anna? Nothing too girly though.” Jack chuckled, shrugging his jacket off his shoulders and placing it on the arm of the sofa.

Conor smiled to himself as he sat next to his brother, happy that he was actually making an effort with their baby sister.

“Anything you guys want to watch.” Anna smiled, looking up from her phone.

Jack nodded, grabbing the remote off the table and starting searching through Netflix.

“This looks good.” Jack grinned, a horror film popping up on the screen.

“What is it about?” Anna asked, looking up at the screen.

“A clown.” Conor told her, as he had seen it before. “It’s called It.”

Anna shrugged, happy to watch it if her brothers wanted to.

They all watched the film, barely speaking as they were so interested in it; the only time they spoke was when they decided what pizza they wanted to order.

After eating, Jack and Conor said goodnight to Anna as she said she was tired, she decided to go to bed.

Jack smiled as Anna hugged them both before going to the spare room.

“You’re both getting on better.” Conor commented once he was sure that Anna was out of ear shot of the conversation.

Jack shrugged and smiled. “I’m happy she’s here, I was just being a dickhead before.”

Conor chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, I know you were.”

Jack rolled his eyes and nudged his brother in the ribs.

“Wanna watch another film?” Jack asked, putting another horror film on as Conor nodded. “You seen this one?”

Conor nodded and chuckled. “Yeah, but I won’t spoil it for you.”

After half an hour, Jack was relaxed against the sofa, his eyes starting to close before they both heard a high pitched scream.

“What the fuck was that?” Conor asked, standing up quickly.

“Was it the film?” Jack wondered, looking at the TV screen.

Conor shook his head. “I think it was Anna.”

Jack looked at the door that lead into the hallway before running upstairs with Conor, both of them bursting into the spare room, to see Anna sat on the bed with her knees pulled to her chest.

“Anna?” Jack frowned slightly, sitting on the bed next to her.

“I’m really sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you.” Anna sighed, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

Conor sighed as he sat next to his baby sister, rubbing her back with the palm of his hand. Anna had told Conor that she had been having nightmares lately, but she didn’t understand why.

“It’s alright.” Jack shrugged, his brotherly instinct finally showing as he hugged Anna to his side.

Conor smiled a bit as he watched them both, still worried about Anna.

“Why don’t we all sleep downstairs tonight on the sofas?” Conor suggested, knowing that Anna probably didn’t want to be left on her own now.

Both Jack and Anna nodded, all three of them standing up from the bed as Anna reached for her phone and one of the pillows and all three of them went back downstairs to the living room, as they all curled up on the sofa together.

“Guys?” Anna said, breaking the tension of the music from the horror film that was still playing on TV.

Both Jack and Conor looked down at their baby sister.

“Thanks for letting me stay, and looking after me.” She smiled, leaning her head against Conor’s shoulder.

“What are brothers for?” Jack grinned at Conor; wrapping his arm around his little sisters shoulders as they all sat watching the movie.


Here he is. My crowning glory. The OC I would literally die for. My anxiety robot son. A cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure. V2. (click for captions)

He’s technically a Cyborg 009 OC but I’ll smoosh him into any canon i can make him fit into because I love his concept so much. I was tired of the typical “emotionless machine” trope with robots and decided to go the opposite route and made one with too many emotions. Thus the robot-with-anxiety V2 was born.

Basically, he was made shortly after the episode Man or Machine when Albert fights that robot doppelgänger of himself and only manages to beat it because it cant process actions driven by emotion rather than logic. Instead of giving up on the concept, however, Black Ghost decided to give it one more shot and created a second version, V2. To avoid the same malfunction that befell its predecessor, they decided to give the robot a way to properly contextualize human emotions so that it could adequately respond to them. He ended up with the whole gamut of human emotions instead (theres a whole other story there that im not gonna go into atm). As usual, Black Ghost doesnt understand how to deal with people who have emotions and the plan backfired. Instead of infiltrating and killing the Cyborgs, V2 defected to their side (honestly, it took less than two seconds for Joe to get V2 to join them, the hard part was convincing the rest of the team to let him join since nothing screams “trap” more than a suspiciously friendly duplicate of your friend.)

(theres way more details and plot than what i put on here, i have like 2 arcs for this character. but thatll have to wait until it isnt 1:30 in the morning)

do you what i really fucking hate about this website

the mentality that one mistake, bad decision, or lack of understanding instantly makes someone irredeemably problematic

specficially, i’m talking about the whole auti$m $peaks deal with bill nye. he supports auti$m $peaks. he’s on their site. and now instantly everyone on this hellsite is ready to practically burn him at the stake. am i excusing the fact that he’s supporting that group? fuck no, auti$m $peaks is disgusting. but has anyone stepped back and thought “hey, maybe he genuinely doesn’t understand why it’s problematic!!!”

believe it or not, no one is born with an innate knowledge of issues of this nature and what is right. hell, a couple of years ago i would’ve supported auti$m $peaks because i didn’t know it was wrong. big word of the day: EDUCATE. if i’m wrong, so be it, but if i had to guess bill nye might not be entirely aware of the problems surrounding that organization. maybe, instead of instantly discrediting every single positive thing he’s done and reducing him to the scum of the earth, we should try to explain to him why it’s wrong.

tl;dr, nobody is born unproblematic. things like this need to be learned and explained, people need to be educated, not instantly shunned.

regarding bill nye, if it is explained to him and he continues to support them, then yeah, that’s a problem. but from what i can tell, nobody has even bothered trying to communicate with him.

disregarding bill nye, this applies to everyone. so many times have i seen people, celebrities or even just regular tumblr users, make a bad decision or support something bad and instantly they are shunned. there are people who will always stand by their shitty opinions regardless of how much it’s explained to them why their wrong, but there are also people who genuinely do not understand or know.

change will only ever come through education.

Something interesting I noticed is that nobody knows when or how Sotha Sil lost his legs. And I love everyone’s theories and I can’t just choose one. Some people think he was just born with a deformity, some people think he lost them really young and others say he didn’t lose them until the end of the first era during the sack of mournhold, and then there’s the “He just sort of showed up one day without legs like “hey Ayem look, I attached rocket feet to myself”

I love them all, pls give me your seht headcanons no matter how bad you think they are I love them all of them

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Yo i used to live in vegas, born and bred, and i remember the one time it stormed it was like a monsoon and all the tunnels were like 4 feet of flood water it was wild

Shit that sounds awesome! We only get storms once(?) a year.

#tbt #HistoryLesson 101! 1st Sending L💖ve & L💡ght in abundance this morning to @LadyKP. As a family (& extended) living under YOUR microscope for so many years we all collectively at one point or another chuckle within at the #8MillionStories and passionate fake factual posts by news outlets, bloggers, fans, groupies, haters and answer “D” all of the above about what they believe to be the Facts of our Lives. #Kimberlina aka #KimPorter & i met on the #NEHeartBreak tour in the late 80’s and the 2 young ambitious go getters fell head over heels in L💖ve. I subsequently moved Kimberly to NY from Columbus GA after receiving the blessings from her amazing mom Sarah (God Rest her Soul). Kim’s natural born ambitious nature landed her a contract with one of the major modeling agencies in NY. In a heart beat we were both #1 on the charts in our respective career fields, flying around the globe doing concerts, go-sees, photo shoots and attending all of the celebrity events we could fit on our calendar. It seemed as if we lived on the #Concord & #MGMGrand Airlines eventually winding up in #Milan #Italy for work where our son @Quincy Taylor Brown was conceived but later born in #NewYork on my birthday June 4 1991… #Quincy was named after my big bro @QuincyDJones and now #Q’s God Father. His middle name was inspired by a dear friend #TaylorMichaels at @Nike who subsequently passed away from Cancer #TaylorMichaelsFoundation! Ok, that’s enough for now. The rest of the REAL story will be shared in my upcoming book #FromMtVernon2theMoonandBack… P.S. even the Facts of how a young & imature Al B. Sure! Set it all ablaze.

This pic of Kim and Al is so cute 


Female Characters Appreciation, Villains: Part 1

“Isn’t it time to acknowledge the ugly side? I’ve grown quite weary of the spunky heroines, brave rape victims, soul-searching fashionistas that stock so many books. I particularly mourn the lack of female villains — good, potent female villains. Not ill-tempered women who scheme about landing good men and better shoes (as if we had nothing more interesting to war over), not chilly WASP mothers (emotionally distant isn’t necessarily evil), not soapy vixens (merely bitchy doesn’t qualify either). I’m talking violent, wicked women. Scary women. Don’t tell me you don’t know some. The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves — to the point of almost parodic encouragement — we’ve left no room to acknowledge our dark side. Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.”