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Everyone in the FFXV fandom, do me a favor:

Block @dreamsorvisions

They are a troll account spamming abuse towards writers and artists. Do not engage them, just block their ass.

Do not allow a bully to hurt you. Their words are meant to make you angry and sad. They want to kill your creativity.

No one was born a perfect writer or artist. They worked hard and made lots of art and stories. Some was good, some wasn’t. But all of it was important. Even if you feel like your creation isn’t good, I promise you that someone will love it.

Make your art. Make your stories.

Have fun.

Don’t let a sad bully win.

Prompt #194

anjalicarsten submitted: 

You’re in a world where the population is on a really strict sorta quota so if one person is born, another person has to die. You receive a letter in the mail saying that you are to die so your mother can give birth…

// DUDE //

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you're old enough to be gregs dad?

Yes. My daughter was born 10/17/1994, one day after Lainey was born.

The age of someone does not invalidate any evidence proving how much of a piece of shit Onision is. Just like that Tallvideo guy, he may only be 16 but if he has some evidence showing how much of a piece of shit Onision is, it’s still evidence regardless of where it came from.

So someone just tagged my Stucky Big Bang art with:
#bucky looks like garrett borns in the last one and I’M HERE FOR IT CAUSE THAT MAN’S BEAUTY

It wasn’t intentional, I swear. It appears my BØRNS obsession has affected my art even at the subconscious level. But mostly, I’m just squeeing over the fact that someone else appreciates Garrett’s beauty as much as I do.

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Morpheus why are you so cute? :> <3

I am the son of Hecate.  A sacrificed soul reborn to a goddess whom even the angels approach in awe.  I have spent centuries in her service, fought and won wars by her side, and protected the children my Mother deemed in need.

There are some who would take offense to such a question.

However, Morpheus rolls his tiny body across the cool grass, relishing the warmth of the sun on his belly, I am not one of those stick-in-the-muds!  I was born cute, I died cute, and Mother knew better than to waste such perfection.  But I’m more than cute!!  I’m an adorable delight.  A precious masterpiece of slendid divinity!  

A butterfly distracts him, and he takes chase for a minute before padding back over and flopping down in a breathless huff. 

Of course, I use my cuteness to my advantage.  The children I care for are often wary–they are hurt and scared and don’t know how to trust.  It is why I am called in.  My smaller size allows them the chance to be bigger than someone for once, and I usually connect with a new child in this form. 

Morpheus stands and gives a full-body shake.  The air shimmers with magic as his form expands until the tiny, cotton-ball looms massive and imposing.  A canine of epic porportions. 

But it is my large form that makes them feel safe.   Some are intimidated at first. But the realization that I stand between them and their nightmares is a profound reassurance.  Like this, I can protect them.  I can carry them away from danger, or curl around them until their anxiety and sadness fades back to memory. 

So, why am I so cute?  His mouth slowly forms a wide, wolfish grin.  Because it serves my greater purpose.

Ask a Character from BTGOG a Question

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Everyone deserves the same equal opportunities, we're all humans born and raised on the same planet, no one should have it better than others based on where you are born

I wish more white, straight men used their privilege to help, not to hate.

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do you think spiridon ever worries about about becoming like the nevarran reavers that cassandra warns about? becoming greedy, drinking more and more blood every time, losing oneself to rage?

Not particularly. He was born a reaver, he didn’t become one through forced rituals. He doesn’t need to imbibe dragon blood to access his abilities, much like Sten of the Beresaad and the Iron Bull don’t. It’s a trait the Qunari and Helai elves tend to share (being dragon-blooded).

 He did learn new techniques from Breaker Thram, seeing as so far his reaver abilities had been entirely passive. Breaker Thram did initially enhance his reaver abilities with wyvernblood and rashvine potion, to teach him how to use reaver powers actively, not just latently.

If one does believe that the Qunari who are a dragon-blooded race only adhere to the Qun because without it they’d be inherently uncontrollable, then sure, the stories of Nevarran reavers becoming corrupt and mad can be true. He also realises that there’s a certain rage in him, and recognises that it especially tends to bubble to the surface when in heat of a battle. But he refuses to worry that eventually he might not have control over it. 

Else all Theirins of Ferelden should worry about the same things because Calenhad Theirin gulped down some dragon’s blood and apparently it was so potent that even Alistair Theirin is still (canonically) dragon-blooded.

He doesn’t worry. He’s in control.


Female Characters Appreciation, Villains: Part 1

“Isn’t it time to acknowledge the ugly side? I’ve grown quite weary of the spunky heroines, brave rape victims, soul-searching fashionistas that stock so many books. I particularly mourn the lack of female villains — good, potent female villains. Not ill-tempered women who scheme about landing good men and better shoes (as if we had nothing more interesting to war over), not chilly WASP mothers (emotionally distant isn’t necessarily evil), not soapy vixens (merely bitchy doesn’t qualify either). I’m talking violent, wicked women. Scary women. Don’t tell me you don’t know some. The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves — to the point of almost parodic encouragement — we’ve left no room to acknowledge our dark side. Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.”


Happy birthday to the smol and precious birb and Karasuno’s loud No.10, Hinata Shouyou. ^^

June 21, 2017

film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation

Keith: (slowly and a little too loud) Hey, It’s me Keith. I am your fa-ther. We are bonding? Yes?

Lance: Keith, no. Just no. You know, she can’t talk, right? Try again. Just talk to her, like a normal person and not, I don’t know, like you are a robot who works with the elderly, maybe? 

Keith: Hi, I’m your dad.

Lance: Better.

Keith: Well, one of your dads. You have two dads. Your other dad, Lance, he is going to be a great dad. You’re a lucky little girl. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll love you. I love you now, more than I thought I could ever love someone I just met. And I promise I will always protect you. In fact, I’d slaughter-

Lance: Uh, I’m gonna stop you there, Keith. Up until the slaughtering, you were doing great. Can I have our baby back, now? 

(Lance looks like a man who regrets his life choices and it cracks me up. He doesn’t. Just the fact that Keith really has no clue about babies is dawning on him.)